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									             Paso Del Norte ECI Program
             An Affiliate of Texas Early Childhood Intervention

             1101 E. Schuster Ave.   Phone: (915) 544-8484   www.pdnchildrens.org
             El Paso, Texas 79902    Fax: (915) 496-0751     www.elpasoeci.org

                                     POSITION VACANCY

JOB TITLE:                    Child Development Specialist

WORK HOURS:                   Permanent Full-time

JOB SUMMARY:                  Interdisciplinary team member responsible for providing early
                              intervention and case management services for children birth to
                              three years of age. Services are provided in the child’s natural
                              environment (home, daycare, etc.) where the child lives, learns and


       1. Must have a Bachelors degree from an accredited university with specialization in:
          Child Development, Special Education, Psychology, Social Work, Sociology, Nursing,
          Rehabilitation Counseling or Human Development.

       2. Must have three hours of semester course credit in Early Childhood Development or
          Early Childhood Special Education.

       3. Pediatric Experience preferred

       4. Must have reliable vehicle to perform job responsibilities.

       5. Fluency in English and Spanish Preferred.

STARTING SALARY: $36,000 - $38,000 (Depending on Experience)

BENEFITS: 14 paid holidays, 2 weeks paid vacation, paid health insurance, sick leave
accrual, plus other benefits.

CLOSING DATE:          September 14, 2012

If interested please apply in person or send resume to:
                             Paso Del Norte Children’s Development Center
                             Attn: Carlos Gomez, ECI Program Director
                             1101 E. Schuster Ave.
                             El Paso, Texas 79902

If interested please apply in person with copy of college transcript and resume.      Job
applications are available on our website at www.pdnchildrens.org. Click on
“Employment Info” and scroll down to “Employment Opportunities”.

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