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									        This Book has been prepared with LOVE, HOPE and PRAYERS. LOVE for the
Lord and all brethren in Christ, HOPE that the heritage of Forrest Burdette Memorial
Methodist Church will continue throughout the years to come and with PRAYERS
that there is a "challenge for the FUTURE" from the "commitment of the PAST".
      The 75th Anniversary Task Force takes this opportunity to THANK all who
have contributed to this project. We offer our sincere appreciation to Carl and
Agnes Henderson for their loving care of records and memories which have assisted
in compiling the history of our church.

                                    Karen Lilly, Chairperson

           ABOUT THE COVER: "The FUTURE is NOW" by Garnett McCann
                   "See the Vision,....Explore the Possibilities!"

    The artist is a talented, faithful supporter of Forrest Burdette Memorial United
Methodist Church and a member of JOY Fellowship. She designed the artwork for the 75th
Anniversary quilt and recently completed the painting of the three views of Forrest
Burdette Memorial Methodist Church since it's construction in 1915. The edged frame
allows one to use the imagination in determining the future of Forrest Burdette Memorial
United Methodist Church.
                  A Rich Heritage—A Promising Future

                      To Bring God's Love To Many

                       75 Years of Caring Ministry

                        Thomas J. Bickerton, Pastor

                  Rev. Charles Thompson, Associate Pastor

   The 75th Anniversary Task Force: Karen Lilly, David Bobbitt, Grace
Boggess, Harold Crawford, Kim Dunlap, Linda Gibson, Carl and Agnes
Henderson, Joe McMillion, Earl Miller, Billie Saunders, Steve and Barbara
                   TABLE OF CONTENTS

The Character of a Methodist                           I

Our Roots, Our Heritage                               1

Local Beginnings                                       4

75th Anniversary                                      32

Pastors                                               40

Sunday School Ministry of Forrest Burdette            40

United Methodist Women Ministry of Forrest Burdette   43

United Methodist Men Ministry of Forrest Burdette     48

United Methodist Youth Ministry of Forrest Burdette   49

Boy Scout Ministry of Forrest Burdette                51

Music Ministry of Forrest Burdette                    52

Personal Witnesses of Members of Forrest Burdette     55
                                                                    But to all opinions which do not strike at the root of
                                                                Christianity, we thank and let think. This means that
                                                                whether or not these secondary opinions are right
                                                                or wrong, they are not the distinguishing marks of a
THE CHARACTER OF A METHODIST                                        Neither are words or phrases of any sort. For our
                                                                religion does not depend on any particular way of
                 by John Wesley                                 speaking. We do not rely upon any quaint or
                                                                uncommon expressions. The most obvious, easy
                 TO THE READER                                  words which convey the truth most effectively—
                                                                these we Methodist prefer, in daily speech and when
   Since the name (Methodist) first came abroad                 we speak about the things of God.
into the world, many have been at a loss to know                     We never depart from the most common ordinary
what a Methodist is; what are the principles and the            way of speaking—unless it be to express Scriptural
practice of those who are commonly called by that               truths in the words of Scripture. And we don't suppose
name; and the distinguishing marks.                             any Christian will condemn us for this!
   And it being generally believed that I was able to                We don't put on airs by repeating certain Scriptural
give the clearest account of these things...! have              expressions—unless these are used by the
been called upon, in all manner of ways, and with               inspired writers themselves.
the utmost earnestness, so to do.                                    Our religion does not consist of doing those things
   I yield at last to the continued importunity...and           which God has not forbidden. It is not a matter of our
now give the clearest account I can...of the principles         clothes or the way we walk; whether our heads are
and practice whereby those who are called Methodist             covered; or in abstaining from marriage or from food
are distinguished from other men.....                           and drink (all these things can be good if they are
   Let us not always be fighting in the dark. Come and          received gratefully and used reverently as
let us look one another in the face. And perhaps                blessings given us by God). Nobody who knows the
some of you who hate what I am called may love what             truth will try to identify a Methodist by any of these
I am by the grace of God; or rather what "I follow              outward appearances.
after, if that I may apprehend that which also I am                  Nor is a Methodist identified because he bases
apprehended of Christ Jesus."                                    his religion on any particular part of God's truth. By
                      John Wesley                                "salvation", the Methodist means holiness of heart and
                                                                 life. This springs from true faith, and nothing else.
(From: A Great Methodist Classic Paraphrased for                 Can even a nominal Christian deny this?
Today)                                                               There are toomany people who make a religion out
                                                                 of (1) doing no harm, or (2) doing good. (And often
                                                                 these two together.) God knows, we Methodists do not
                                                                 fall into this mistaken way of defining our
     THE CHARACTER OF A METHODIST                                Christianity! Experience proves that many people
                                                                 struggle vainly for a long, long time with this false
   The distinguishing marks of a Methodist are not his           idea of religion consisting of good works (or no bad
opinions of any sort... his accepting this or that scheme        works)! In the end, these deluded people have no
of religion...his embracing any particular set of                religion at all; they are no better off than when they
notions...or mouthing the judgments of one man or                started!
another. All these are quite wide of the point.
   Therefore, whoever imagines that a Methodist is a                   Then What Is The Distinguishing
man of such and such opinion is sadly ignorant. We do                       Mark OfA Methodist?
believe that "all Scripture is given by inspiration of
God." This distinguishes us from all non-Christians.                          Who Is A Methodist?
We believe that the written word of God is the only
and sufficient rule both of Christian faith and practice           A Methodist is a person who has the love of God in
in our lives. And this distinguishes us from the Roman          his heart. This is a gift of God's Holy Spirit. And the
Catholic Church.                                                same Spirit causes a Methodist to love the Lord
   We believe that Christ is the eternal, supreme God.          his God with all his soul, with all his mind, with all
This distinguishes us from those who consider                   his strength.
Jesus Christ to be less than divine.

    God is the joy of a Methodist's heart; the desire of           testifying to the Methodist of his adoption into God's
his soul, which cries out constantly, "whom have I in              own family.
Heaven but you, Lord?" There is nothing on earth that                The Methodist rejoices because he looks forward
I desire but you, my God and my All! You are the                 confidently to serving the glory of Christ fully revealed
strength of my life, you Lord, are all I need."                  one day. This expectation is a source of great joy, and
     Naturally, the Methodist is happy in God. Yes, he           the Methodist exacts, "Blessed be the God and Father
is always happy because the Methodist has within him             of our Lord Jesus Christ! According to the Father's
that "well of water" which Christ promised. It floods            abundant mercy, He has caused me to be re-born
up to overflowing, bringing glorious assurance of the            so I can enjoy this eternal hope which never fades
life that never ends. Therefore, the Methodist is a              or tarnishes. This is an inheritance of faith. It cannot
person in whom God's peace and joy are                           be stolen, lost, or destroyed in anyway. It is a pure
constantly evident.                                              and permanent hope. God has reserved its
    The Methodist does not fear God's wrath for himself.         fulfillment in eternity for me!"
Perfect love has banished fear of God's                               Having this great hope, the Methodist gives thanks
punishment from the Methodist's heart. For this                   to God at all times and in all circumstances. For the
reason, he is able to rejoice evermore. He does not               Methodist knows that God expects His children to be
rejoice in himself or in his achievements. Instead, the           always grateful.
Methodist rejoices in God, who is his Lord and his                    The Methodist receives every happening cheerfully,
Savior.                                                           declaring "God is the will of the Lord". Whether the
     The Methodist acknowledges God as his Father.                Lord gives or takes away, the Methodist blesses
 Why? Because the Methodist has received from                     the name of the Lord.
 Jesus Christ the power to become a glad and grateful                 Another characteristic of the Methodist: He has
 son of the Father.                                               learned to be content, whether he has much or little.
    The Methodist is one who realizes that he belongs             When humiliation comes, the Methodist accepts this
 to God instead of satan. This is redemption. It is               gladly as the Father's will. When prosperity and good
 possible only because Jesus gave His Life on the                 fortune come, the Methodist likewise gives God the
 cross. He shed His blood to make atonement for                   credit. The Methodist accepts all circumstances
 the sins of all who believe in Him. The Methodist                gladly, knowing that these are God's doing intended
 trusts in Christ alone for his salvation. The Methodist          for his ultimate good.
 knows that the blood of Jesus has cleansed him from                  Whether he is in leisure or suffering pain...whether
 all sin. Through Christ and Christ alone, the                    he is sick or in good health...whether he lives or dies,
 Methodist has received forgiveness for his sins.                 the Methodist gives thanks to God from the very
     The Methodist never forgets this. And the                    depths of his heart. For the Methodist trusts that
 Methodist shudders as he considers the eternal                   God's ways are always good...that every wonderful
 punishment from which he has been delivered by                   and perfect gift comes to us from God, into whose
 Jesus Christ. The Methodist gives thanks that God                providential hand the Methodist has committed his
 loved him enough to spare him—to beat out his                    body and soul.
 transgressions and atone for them with              The Methodist never stops praying. It is second
 shed blood and broken body of His beloved Son.                   nature for him to pray and not be discouraged. This
     Having personally experienced deliverance from               does NOT mean that the Methodist is always praying
 God's wrath, the Methodist cannot keep from rejoicing.           in a church building! (Though it goes without saying
 He rejoices everytime he thinks of his narrow escape             that the Methodist misses no opportunity for public
 from eternal destruction. He rejoices that by God's              worship.) The Methodist is often on his knees in
 kindness, he, a sinner, has been placed in a new                 humility before God, but he does not spend all his time
 relationship with his Creator. This miracle has been             in contemplation.
 accomplished through Jesus Christ, the Methodist's                   Nor does the Methodist try to beat God's ears with
 beloved Savior.                                                   many words. For the Holy Spirit speaks to God on
     Whoever thus believes experiences the assurance               behalf of the Methodist, expressing his innermost
  of God's love and forgiveness. This clear and                    hopes and longings which human words cannot
  certain inner recognition is witness that the Methodist          articulate. This alone is true prayer; the language of
  is a son of God by faith. This truth is made known               the heart which overflows with joy which sometimes is
  to the Methodist as God sends His own Spirit to bear             best expressed in holy silence before God.
  witness deep within the mind and soul of the                         The Methodist whole self is tuned to God's will-at
  Methodist, enabling him to cry out "Father, My                   all times, and in all circumstances. Nothing can sever
  Father!" This is the inner view of God's Holy Spirit,            the bond that unites the Methodist and his God. This

  constant sense of closeness and communion cannot                    his body and his mind. Now having died to the
  be broken by business, leisure or conversation. This                authority of sin, and having risen with Christ to a new
  closeness to God is the true sign of the                            and holy life, the Methodist has given himself over to
  Methodist's love for His Creator and Redeemer.                      God's control.
  Therefore, the Methodist walks with God, being                        Not only does the Methodist AIM at complete
  constantly aware of Him who is invisible and immortal.             dedication to God, he achieves this! His business, his
    Inscribed indelibly on the Methodist heart is the                recreation, his social life all serve this great purpose:
truth that "he who loves God loves his brother also."                "Whatever you do, in word or in deed, do all in the
This means that the Methodist cares about his neighbor               name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the
as much as the Methodist cares about himself!                        Father through Him."
    His heart is full of love-for everyone! This love                  The customs of this world don't prevent the
does not stop with the Methodist's personal                          Methodist from full dedication to God. He runs the
acquaintances; it encircles all mankind. Even those                  race of daily life, knowing that God has ordained this
who hate the Methodist receive love in return. For like              as his calling. The Methodist knows that wickedness is
Jesus, the Methodist loves his enemies. And the                      wrong in the sight of God, even though society may
Methodist loves even God's enemies, the evil and the                 consider it perfectly acceptable. The Methodist never
unthankful.                                                          forgets that someday, everybody will have to account
    There is one great desire which motivates the                    to God for every thought and every action.
Methodist: to do not his own will, but God's. The                        Therefore, the Methodist cannot follow the crowd,
Methodist's single intention is to please God. T         his         when the crowd chooses to do evil. He cannot devote
absorption with God fills the Methodist's life with                  himself to selfish indulgence. The Methodist can no
radiance, joy and peace at all times. Because the                    more be preoccupied with making money than he
Methodist is focused on God to the exclusion of all                  could swallow red hot embers! Nor can the Methodist
else, the light which is God fills the Methodist's whole             waste money on fancy clothes, or jewelry, which
being. Thus, he is a "child of light".                               feathers the senses, but do not glorify God at all.
    So God reigns alone and supreme within the                           Another mark of a Methodist: he will not take part
Methodist. No motion of the Methodist's mind or                      in any amusement which has the least possibility of
conscience is out of tune with God's gracious,                       causing harm to others. He cannot speak evil of his
sovereign will. A Methodist's every thought and                      neighbor anymore than the Methodist can lie for God
action points to the Lord!                                           or any man. Love keeps guard over the Methodist's
    Anybody can identify a tree by its fruit. So also the            lips, so he cannot speak evil of anybody. Nor is God's
Methodist is known because his life bears the fruit of               precious gift of speech wasted with useless, inane
God: keeping of all the commandments from the                        chatter which does not keep people in some
greatest to the very least. The Methodist conscience                 constructive way.
is clear before God. Whatever God forbids; that the                      Whatever things are pure and noble, on these
Methodist avoids. Whatever God has commanded, the                    the Methodist fixes attention. Also, on things that
Methodist does, whether this invokes joy or grief, ease              are lovely, just and of good reputation. Thus, all that
or great difficulty, gain or loss. Because the Methodist             the Methodist says or does somehow furthers the
has been set at liberty by God's Spirit, he finds his                Gospel of Jesus Christ.
deepest satisfaction in doing God's will, on earth even                  As time permits, the Methodist does good to all, his
as it is in heaven.                                                  neighbors and strangers; his friends and enemies.
    The Methodist keeps ALL God's commandments                       This includes every kind of good. Naturally, the
 -not half-heartedly, but with enthusiasm and gladness.              Methodist provides food for the hungry, clothing to
 The Methodist's obedience to God is in direct                       the naked. He visits people who are sick and in
 proportion to his love for God. And this "perfect love"             prison. But even more important than this, the
 is the source of the Methodist's desire to obey God's               Methodist labors to do good to the souls of men-
 Law 100 percent.                                                    according to the ability which God has given him,
     All this means that the Methodist is continually                the Methodist labors to awaken those who have
 offering his whole self to God...holding back nothing,              never known God, and therefore sleep the slumber
 but giving all to increase the glory of God in the world.           of eternal death. And when men are awakened to
    The Methodist knows that every single ability has                God, the Methodist helps them to realize that the
 come from God. So the Methodist g          ladly dedicates          atoning blood of Jesus has power to cleanse away
 these talents to the Lord. The Methodist withholds                  their sins. The greatest good work a Methodist can
 nothing from God...nothing. Before he became a                      do is to help somebody get into right relationship with
 Christian, the Methodist allowed evil to take control of            God.

    When the Methodist meets somebody who has                    one baptism, one God and Father of us all. He is
not yet found peace with God, the Methodist stirs                above all things, through all things, and in you as well.
them up in the hope that he may be set free to do
the good works which God intends for every person to               Few Methodists Today are aware that
do.                                                              Methodism's founder wrote a profound
    The Methodist is willing to spend his time and               definition of the Methodist character. We have
energies in doing this important work for God. His               preserved the ideas of Wesley but tried to
time and his talents are given as a loving sacrifice to          express them in 20th century language. Editor,
God in order that the people round him may grow into             Good News, Wilmore, Kentucky.
the fullness of Christ.
    These are the principles and practices of a
Methodist. These are the makings of a true Methodist.
By these things alone does the Methodist wish to be                 In reference to John Wesley's Aldersgate
distinguished from other men.                                    Experience mentioned on page 1 of OUR
    Somebody may say: —-———— "Why these are                      ROOTS, OUR HERITAGE in this publication, the
 only the common basic principles of Christianity!"              following is a detailed description from Out of the
 This is what Methodism is, nothing more or less. We,            Deep.
 Methodists, refuse to be distinguished from other
 men, by any other than the common principles of                            ALDERSGATE EXPERIENCE
 Christianity- the plain old Christianity that I teach
 renouncing and detesting all other marks of
 distinction. Any person who fits this pattern is a                At 3 p.m., May 24, 1738, the day his soul lifting
 Christian no matter what you call him! It is not a              experience came to John Wesley at Aldersgate, he
 matter of denominational label, but of being inwardly           heard an anthem in London's famous St. Paul's
 and outwardly conformed to the word of God as                   Cathedral. This is that anthem, as abridged by Dr.
 revealed in the Bible.                                          Austin C. Lovelace. The original was written by Dr.
     The Christian thinks, speaks, and lives according to        William Croft (1678-1727), and was one of 30
 the pattern set by Jesus, and his soul is renewed               anthems published in 1724. The words are drawn from
 in righteousness and holiness, after God's own image.           Psalms 130:
    By these marks, Methodists labor to distinguish
 ourselves from the unbelieving world; from all whose                         Out of the depths I cry to thee,
 minds and lives are not ruled according to the Gospel                                     OLord!
 of Christ. Methodists do not wish to be distinguished                              Lord, hear my voice!
 at all from real Christians of any denomination. Like                            Let thy ears be attentive
 them, we are seeking that perfection of Christ which                        to the voice of my supplications!
 we have not yet attained. As Jesus said, "whoever
 does the will of the Heavenly Father is our brother,                        If thou, O Lord, shouldst mark
 sister, and mother."                                                                     iniquities,
     And so I beg you, let all true Christians remain                             Lord, who could stand?
 united; let us not be divided among ourselves. Is your                     But there is forgiveness with thee,
 heart right as my heart is with yours? I ask no further                       that thou mayest be feared.
 question; give me your hand. For the sake of mere
 opinions or terms, let us not destroy the work of God.                     I wait for the Lord, my soul waits,
     Do you love God? This is enough. I give you the
                                                                                   and in His word I hope;
 right hand of fellowship.
                                                                                 my soul waits for the Lord
     If there is any consolation in Christian comfort in
                                                                           more than watchmen for the morning,
  love...any fellowship in the Spirit...any affection and
                                                                           more than watchmen for the morning.
  sympathy, then let us work together on behalf of the
  Gospel. Let us walk in a way that is worthy of the
                                                                                 O, Israel hope in the Lord!
  vocation in which we are called. Let us walk in
                                                                         For with the Lord there is steadfast Love,
  lowliness and meekness with long-suffering, kindly
                                                                          and with Him is plentious redemption.
  sparing one another in love, trying always to keep the
  unity of the Spirit in the bound of peace. For we                              and He will redeem Israel
  remember, always, that there is one body, and one                                 from all his iniquities.
  Spirit, one hope to our calling; one Lord, one faith,
                                                                               From Together, May, 1963

   Before Aldersgate, Wesley had been very
ambitious to make much of John Wesley; but, he had
made too little of Christ...As a result, he had been
through some humiliating experiences in the thirteen
years of his priesthood.                                                         We must realize that every life
   But out of these years of his f ilures, he was to learn                                belongs to God
that God must be "All and in All."                                                      and is His concern.
        From "After Aldersgate-A Victorious Life" by                We should think of what an Aldersgate experience
        Bishop Ralph Spaulding Cushman                                           would do for the neighborhood
                                                                                  in which a church is located.
                                                                                    William Temple said that
                                                                               the only organization in the world
   The heart of Methodism's heritage is the                                     which exists primarily for those
prayer group. Local congregations may omit it, but it                                who do not belong to it,
can never be eliminated from the history and heritage                                is the Christian Church.
of Methodism.                                                                 The church with such an experience
       From: "Aldersgate Can Happen to You"                         will find endless ways to minister to those who often
       by Asbury Lenox                                                         feel that the church doesn't care.

                                                                       From: "Wesley's Aldersgate and Ours"
                                                                       by Bishop James K. Mathews

                                                                       From: The Book 20th Century Aldersgate
                 "In Christ Persons"                                   by Ten Methodist Bishops.

   At Aldersgate he (Wesley) finally found salvation in
Christ by a simple faith which he felt. This came from
the heart and not from the mind.

       He became an "in Christ" person rather than
               an "in scholarship" person.                           Aldersgate is a witness for all the ages that
        Christ, thereafter, used the mind and the                religious belief is made real through experienc e. All
             knowledge of John Wesley as                         other beliefs stem from the fact of Christian experience.
                       never before.
                                                                            Repentance is the preparation for—
       He became an "in Christ" person rather than                              Conversion is the way to—
                  an "in church" person.                                  The Witness of the Spirit is the seal of—
        Christ used him to try to bring a new birth                             Perfection is the fruit of—
                to the church of which he                                   The Social Gospel is the result of—
                      was a priest....                                            Christian Experience.

       He became an "in Christ" person rather than                      From: "Abundant Life Through Aldersgate"
                                                                        by G. Ernst Thomas
                   an "in social reform" person.
         Christ used him as never before to reform
                                                                 These pages of preface to the History for Forrest
                  the nation and the new on
                                                                 Burdette Memorial United Methodist Church have
                which (His Spirit) was loosed.
                                                                 been prepared in order that we, as Methodists, may
                                                                 receive an insight to John Wesley, the founder of
We Methodists need to be "in Christ" persons. From:
                                                                 Methodism, and the profound meaning his experience at
  "What Aldersgate Means To Me"
                                                                 Aldersgate made upon his life.
  by Harry Denman, Together, May, 1963

                                                                   Whitefield and the Wesleys were too much afire to
            OUR ROOTS, OUR HERITAGE                            remain within the Church of England. When its doors
                                                               were closed to them, they took to the open air, John
   Someone once said "We are unable to see where               preaching and Charles writing the hymns of the revival
we are, nor can we see where we are going if we do             in streets, barns and private homes and in the mining
not know from whence we came". Therefore, here                 pits of Cornwell, preaching repentance, regeneration,
follows a few paragraphs concerning the roots or               justification, holiness and sanctification. The upper
heritage of a people called United Methodist                   classes laughed and the lower classes listened to
according to Frank S. Mead. ---                                the first words of hope they had heard in many a
    It all began in England's formal old Oxford                year. Converts came thick and fast and it became
University which has been called "the cradle of lost           necessary to organize them into societies. The first
causes ", but at least one cause born there was not            "Methodist Society " was attached to a Moravian
lost. This was "Methodism", known and ridiculed                congregation in London in 1739 and later became
at Oxford in 1729, but claiming today, in the 90's,            self-sustaining in their own quarters in an abandoned
8,940,836 lay members in the United States and                 government building known as the Foundry in 1740.
9,672,839 around the world.                                         Between 1739 and 1744, the organizational
    In 1729, the Oxford Methodist, also dubbed the             elements of Methodism were instituted. We read of a
"Bible Bigots" and the "Holy Club", were a tiny group of       "circuit system" and of an "itinerant ministry", of class
students who gave stated time to prayer and Bible              leaders, of lay preachers and annual conferences.
reading. Prominent among them were John and                    There was phenomenal growth in membership, more
Charles Wesley and George Whitefield. They were                that 26,000 Methodists worshipping in England,
methodically religious, talking of the necessity of            Ireland, Scotland and Wales in 1767. Their impact
being justified before they could be sanctified and of         upon British society was startling; the cruelties and
the need of holiness in human living, reading and              barbarisms of the times were alleviated and a
discussing Millam Low's, A Serious Call to a Devout            "French revolution" averted. It was primarily because
and Holy Life and A Treatise on Christian Perfection.          of the lay movement.
The Wesleys, sons of a clergyman of the Church of                   Wesley did his best to keep the movement within
England, along with other members of the "Holy Club"            the Church of England. An Evangelical Party grew
stood their ground against jeering students and                 within the church, but the greater numbers recruited
went out to preach and pray with the poor and                   from among the unchurched made a separate
desperate commoners of England, prisoners in jail,              organization imperative. In 1739, Wesley drew up a
paupers in homes and homeless, "underdogs of a                  set of general rules which are still held by modern
British society that was perilously close to moral and          Methodists and an ideal definition of Bible rules and
spiritual collapse". Methodism started on a campus              conduct. A Deed of Declaration in 1784 gave legal
and reached for the masses                                      status to the yearly Methodist Conference, but John
    The Wesleys came to Georgia in 1736. Charles                Wesley was dead in 1791 before Methodism in
 came as secretary to General Oglethorpe and John               England had the name of a recognized church, the
 was sent by the Society for the Propagation of the             Wesleyan Methodist Connection.
 Gospel as a missionary to the Indians. It was an                   Meanwhile, the movement had invaded the
 unsuccessful and unhappy two years for John Wesley.            American colonies. In 1766, three lay Methodists,
     In crossing to the colonies, John had met a group          Philip Embury, Robert Strawbridge and Barbara Hick
 of Moravians and became deeply impressed by their              began missionary work in the American colonies.
 piety and humble Christian living Later, when he               Embury, an Irish lay leader preached in New York and
 returned to London, he attended a meeting on                   inspired the organization in 1766, of the first Methodist
 Aldersgate Street and heard Luther's preface to the            Society overseas. Wesley sent Richard Bardman and
 Epistle to the Romans and felt his heart "strangely            Joseph Phumore to the colonies and in 1777, he
 warmed" as the meaning of the reformer's doctrine,             sent Francis Asbury who was destined to become
 "justification by faith", sank into his soul. The              the Father of American Methodism. In 1769, the New
 evangelistic spark energized his life and started the          York Methodists had built Wesley Chapel, today,
 flame of the Wesleyan revival in England. From the             known as John Street Methodist Church.
 pious Moravians, via Wesley, came the emphasis                     To the south, Captain Thomas Webb, a veteran
 upon conversion and holiness which are still the                of Braddock's ill-fated army established societies in
 central themes of Methodism.

Philadelphia and Robert Strawbridge started a revival              Wetters and Freeborn Garrettson were circuit riders,
in Maryland and built a log cabin church at Sam's                  ministers on horseback, riding the expanding frontier
Creek. Deveraux Jarratt, a transplanted evangelical                and preaching far up along the Potomac, called New
Anglican minister, led a revival in Virginia which won             Virginia. The message was free grace, individual
thousands.                                                         responsibility and the need of conversion and
    The true center of Methodism , in those days,                  regeneration. Their itinerant ministry was perfectly
did indeed lie in the South. Out of 3,148 Methodists in            adapted to the democratic society of the frontier.
the colonies, in 1775, about 2,384 lived south of the                The first circuit within West Virginia, Berkeley,
Mason-Dixon line.                                                 was formed in 1778. About 1784, Methodism began
    Wesley, aware of the rapid spread of the movement             to cross the mountains, into regions of "westward
in America, sent other missionaries to the colonies,              flowing waters". The Redstone circuit embraced the
among them, Thomas Rankin, later the first                        area of the Monongahela Valley and by 1787, the
"superintendent of the entire work of Methodism in                Ohio circuit (the Northern panhandle) and the
America". Rankin presided over the first conference in            Clarksburg circuit (North Central West Virginia) were
America, attended by ten ministers, at Philadelphia in            formed.
1773. There were about 1,160 Methodists                              Settlers in Monroe County organized a "society"
represented in the conference of 1773.                            near Union in 1784 and Rehobeth Church,
   When the Liberty Bell rang in 1776, there were less            completed in 1786, is still standing and is the oldest
than 7,000 in all the colonies, and they seemed                   Methodist Church building west of the Alleghenies
doomed to disappear as quickly as they had been                   John Smith organized the Greenbrier circuit in 1787
gathered. The majority of the preachers had come                  and was later ordained at Rehobeth by Bishop
from England and were incurably British and they                  Asbury in 1788 (the first ordination west of the
were so roughly handled by the patriots that by 1779,             Alleghenies).
every one of them had fled to Canada or home to
England. Wesley's pro-British attitude aroused
resentment, and Francis Ashury, working almost
single-handed, had a difficult time keeping some of
the churches alive. But a miracle occurred' Of all the
religious groups in the colonies, the Methodists alone
prospered during the revolution. When the surrender
came at Yorktown, membership had grown to 14,000
with nearly 80 preachers. Wesley accepted the
inevitable and ordained ministers for the colonies and
appointed Asbury and Thomas Coke as bishops.
    The formation of the Methodist Episcopal Church is
 inseparably connected with three famous old
 buildings, two of them still standing: Barratt's Chapel in
 Delaware, Perry Hall near Baltimore, and Lovely
 Lane Meeting House in downtown Baltimore. The
 third, in which the organizing conference took place, is          “Old Rehobeth Church" The logs were “scutched", or
 long since gone, its location marked by a bronze                  roughly hewn, while the cracks were “chinked and
 plaque fixed on a modern business wall. Barratt's                 daubed." Long after it was built the worshipers carried their
 Chapel was the scene of the historic meeting of                   guns to church with them, that they might be prepared in
 Thomas Coke and Francis Asbury shortly after the                  case of an attack from the Indians. A late r log structured
 former arrived in America. The fine brick building                church is still standing. (Hardesty’s History of W. Va.’s
 takes its name from Philip Barratt, who gave the land             Counties)
 and, with the help of Waitman Sipple, built it in 1780.
     Methodism not only swept through the cities, it
 developed an amazing strength in small towns and                     The Methodist Book of Concern was established in
 rural areas. Richard Owings and John Hagerty were                1789, providing the circuit riders with a religious
 probably the first preachers bringing Methodism into             literature which followed the march of the American
 the eastern panhandle of West Virginia. William                  empire south and west. The camp meeting, born

 among the Presbyterians, was adopted by the                    black preacher who sometimes traveled with Francis
 Methodists and exploited to the limit. Its revivalistic        Asbury, apparently preached in West Virginia as early
 flavor and method were made to order for the followers         as 1781. In 1786, the minutes of the Methodist
 of Wesley and Whitefield.                                      Conference began listing membership by "white and
     The Methodist Protestant Church was formed in              colored". The first West Virginia circuits recorded
1830 and the first Methodist Protestant Church in West          black members. By 1788, Methodists in America
Virginia was at Hacker's Creek in Lewis County. Old             numbered 30,809 whites and 6,545 blacks.
Harmony Church, erected in 1819, also, became                   Throughout its history, the Methodist Episcopal Church
Methodist Protestant at that time.                              included black members.
     Further divisions occurred, when objections were               The United Brethren in Christ were spreading the
made of the abuses of the system. In 1844, a                    Gospel in West Virginia as early as 1836 when two
devastating split came over the issue of slavery.               preachers, Jacob Rinehart, presiding elder, and
From this division, came the Methodist Episcopal                Moses Michall were sent from the Virginia Conference.
Church and the Methodist Episcopal Church,                          West Virginia Evangelical Brethren have direct
South. It was a split that concerned neither doctrine            relationship with the work of Bishop Philip Otterbein. In
nor policy. It was purely political and social and it was        1840, a colony of Germans came into Braxton
a wound that waited until 1939 for healing. In that              County from Otterbein's church in Baltimore, Maryland
year, the three branches were re-united at Kansas                   On June 11, 1969, at West Virginia Wesleyan
City, Missouri.                                                  College, the Service of Union created the West
     The Episcopal Church split had a tremendous effect          Virginia Conference of the United Methodist Church
on border areas such as West Virginia. Much of the               which included the former Methodist and former
region became a no-man's land, which each                        United Brethren Churches as well as that part of the
denomination tried to make its own. Probably the                 former EUB Virginia Conference within the state of
most controversial was the Kanawha District which                West Virginia.
included most of the western part of the State. (The                The bishops, boards and committees of the United
last conference of the three separate branches and               Methodist Church administer a fast growing global
the first meeting of the West Virginia Conference                mission as well as the work in the United States.
was held in Fairmont in September, 1939.)
    The Methodist Episcopal Church, South, organize
at Louisville, Kentucky in 1845, held its first
conference a year later in Petersburg, Virginia under
the presidency of Bishop James O. Andrew and
Joshua Soule. The Southern Church brought to the                United Methodism Is……
1939 merger, three universities, 26 colleges, 20                In Fact
secondary schools and a membership of 3,000,000.
This branch of Methodism, as do all other branches,             In the United States and Puerto Rico——
preach and teach doctrines of the Trinity, the natural
sinfulness of mankind, man's fall and need of                      8,940,886 lay members
conversion and repentance, freedom of the will,                       38,177 ministerial members
justification by faith, sanctification and holiness,               1,367,114 preparatory members
future rewards and punishments, the sufficiency of                    37,514 local churches
the Scriptures for salvation, perfection and the                      25,796 pastoral charges
enabling grace of God. Two sacraments, baptism                           540 districts
and the Lord's Supper, are observed.                                      72 annual conferences
     Historically, Methodists have never built                            49 episcopal areas
 theological fences or walls to keep anyone out                            5 jurisdictions
 Methodists have stressed the great foundation                     3,873,654 persons enrolled in church
 beliefs of Protestantism and offered common ground                          schools
 acceptable to those uninterested in theological                   1,197,609 United Methodist Women
     Black persons were early associated with the
                                                                     255,269 United Methodist Men
Methodist movement in West Virginia. Harry Hosier, a

In the Central Conferences———                                      LOCAL BEGINNINGS

                                                     In 1848, (fifteen years before West Virginia became a
   732,003   lay members                           State) Putnam County was carved from portions of
     2,742     ordained ministers                  Cabell, Mason and Kanawha Counties. Although settlers
   247,959   preparatory members                   were recorded in the Hurricane area as early as 1771 , it
     4,863   organized churches                    was not until 1815, when a small community began to
        38   conferences                           form near the present eastern corporate limits of Hurricane
        17   episcopal areas                       on Old Route 60, that records indicate that both Baptists
   592,932   persons enrolled in church            and Methodists held services in a log building used also
             schools                               as a school house and public meeting place. (This
                                                   structure burned sometime around 1863 when a Civil War
                                                   Skirmish was fought in the area.)
In Mission——

      729 international missionaries
      350 national mission workers
      333 short-term volunteers in
       13 schools of theology
       15 colleges
       11 hospitals
      234 retirement & aging facilities
       55 pre-school & child care
      650 missionaries in 40 countries

                                                   The License of J. Mynes, an exhorter in the M. E.
                                                   Church South is hereby renewed by order of the
                                                   Quarterly Conference of Coal’s Mouth, Circuit of the
                                                   Charleston Dist. held at Hurricane Bridge, July 17th,
  The influence of Methodism can hardly            1869. M. Briscoe P. E., P. M. Martin, Sect.
be measured by its size and spread. The              The document above was discovered in a book,
                                                   Moses & The Prophets, Christ & The Apostles, Fathers
May 10, 1949, issue of NEWSWEEK said               & Martyrs by J. E. Stebbins, published in 1867, owned
that: "Methodist strength lives not so             by Carl & Agnes Henderson (which may have been in
much in figures as in the vitality of the          the library of Forrest Burdette).
church itself......(its members) emphasize
brotherhood and friendliness in their
religion, unhampered by a strict theology,
they lead with their hearts instead of their          In 1871, Collis P. Huntington began construction of
heads.                                             a rail line from the waters of the Chesapeake to the
                                                   Ohio River. Hurricane Station grew up around the
   With evangelistic passion for conversion        local depot and railroad line. In the census of 1850,
and righteous living in the individual, on         there were 455 farms, 4704 free inhabitants and 632
one hand, and a social passion matched by          slave inhabitants in Putnam County. The Town of
few other Protestant bodies on the other.          Hurricane was incorporated in 1888.
The Methodist Church has had an effect                The first Methodist Society in the community was
upon the individual and upon society               organized in the home of one of the members in 1890 and
which cannot be read in its statistics."           theand

the present church emerged from that society. The
churches in the area were visited by circuit riders
and young preachers from Morris Harvey College in
   Following the organization of the first society, the
congregation worshipped in the Hurricane Baptist
Church for a number of years--each congregation
having part-time ministers. When special services
and events were held, members from both
congregations usually attended.
   The Methodist Church, North, worshipped in a
building on Main Street on one of the lots now used                             From Hurricane Breeze
as a parking lot for the A-Z grocery store. The
church was later moved about one mile east in
Teays Valley and was known as the Rock Cut Church.               Quarterly church conferences were held among all
   The Liberty Methodist Episcopal Church, South,              the churches that were in the charge under one serving
was located on upper Cow Creek.                                pastor. In 1911-12, the Hurricane charge included
  Mr. and Mrs. Thomas (Vaturia Conner) Harbour                 Hurricane, Liberty, Mt. Salem and Mt. Olive led by M. C.
deeded the lot on Putnam Avenue to the Methodist               Johnson, pastor. The following are excerpts from the
Church, South in November, 1899. Thomas Harbour                minutes of the meetings held during the following years.
was born in 1845 and spent his entire life in Hurricane.
He was a lay minister of the Methodist Episcopal                 Huntington       District,    Western       Virginia
Church, South for over 20 years (known affectionately          Conference, December 23, 1911, B. M. Keith,
as Squire and Preacher.) Thomas and Vaturia were               Presiding Elder in the Chair. Religious services were
the grandparents of Forrest Gordon Burdette.                   conducted by M. C. Johnson, Pastor of Charge.
                                                               Hurricane members present: T. M. Harbour, W. A. Bias
                                                               and I. Lipscomb.
                                                                  E. C. Neumeyer from Liberty was appointed to
                                                               examine the church registers and records of Church
                                                                  W. A. Bias, I. Lipscomb, Scott Taylor were elected
                                                               Stewards of Hurricane.

                                                                 Amount raised for the support of the ministry
                                                               and how it has been applied:
                                                                     Hurricane P. C.        1.30 P. E. 2.00
                                                                     Liberty                1.95       1.00
                                                                     Mt. Salem               .00        .00
                                                                     Mt. Olive               .00        .00
                                                                                            3.25       3.00

                                                                  April 15, 1912, B. M. Keith, Presiding Elder in the
                                                               Chair. Religious services conducted by M. C. Johnson,
                                                               Pastor of the Charge. Hurricane members present: T.
              Thomas and Vaturia Harbour
                                                               M. Harbour, F. G. Burdette and W. A.. Bias.
                                                                  F. G. Burdette made application for license to
   Records show that in 1906, the M. E. Church, South          exhort. F. G. Burdette and E. C. Neumeyer were
was meeting the first Sunday night of each month at            elected delegates to the District Conference. J. F.
the Baptist Church, Prayer meeting every Thursday              Mynes and Edgar Chapman were elected attendants.
night and Sunday School at 10:00 a.m. each week with
B. M. Keith, Pastor

    Amount raised in support of ministry and how it                Scott is a new addition to the charge at this time.
was applied                                                        Funds raised in support of the ministry this
    Hurricane P. C 11.25      P. E.       3.67                 quarter:
    Liberty          4.40                 1.00                          Hurricane                 7.40
    Mt. Salem        3.29                  .00                          Mt. Olive                 3.45
    Mt. Olive       15.20                  .00                          Mt. Salem                  .00
                    34.14                 4.67                          Scott                     4.10
                                                                        Liberty                  15.24
 Pastor of the Charge Report:                                                                    31.59
    April 14,1912, for the president and members of
the Second Quarterly Conference from M. C.
Johnson, Pastor in Charge:                                        August 17, 1912, B. M. Keith, Presiding Elder in
    Dear Bret hren:                                            the chair. M. C. Johnson, Pastor of the Charge, held
     "The entire Charge seems to be on the                     religious service. Hurricane members present: W. A
upgrade and the spiritual state of the Church has              Bias, Steward, F. G. Burdette, Steward, T. M. Harbour,
very much improved.                                            Lay Pastor.
     The people are hungry for the word and
response to it's truth. I have held our revival at Mt.            Funds reported raised in support of the ministry:
Olive and have received the following named                          Hurricane                 27.34
persons into the church: A. Rupe by church vow.                      Liberty                    1.35
Pearl Searls by baptism and vow, Lola Talman by                      Mt. Olive                  4.89
baptism and vow, John W. Lucas by vow, C. W.                                                   33.58
Rupe by baptism and vow, Sophania Rupe by vow
and Lucy Rupe by baptism and vow. At Mt. Salem,                    Mt. Olive spent $24.78 for seating.
C. E. Ellis, baptism and vow, W. M. Ellis, vow, T. O.              Stewards were elected for the two ensuing years:
Ellis, baptism and vow, Ora Mynes, baptism and                          F. G. Burdette and W. A.. Bias
vow, Dena Mynes, baptism and vow.                                  Trustee: W. S. Lassie
      If the Charge could be made self-supporting for a
while so as to enable the pastor to devote more time             A very important committee was elected at the
to the work, we feel encouraged to believe that a              conference for building a church at Hurricane:
good charge could be built up in a year or two."                       T. M. Harbour
                                                                       F. G. Burdette
  July 6, 1912, B. M. Keith, Presiding Elder in the                    W. C. Harrison
chair. Religious services by M. C. Johnson, Pastor of
Charge. From M. C. Johnson:                                      T. M. Harbour of Hurricane was Lay Pastor for the
                                                               charge. He rode his horse to the other churches
Pastor of the Charge Report:                                   when the preacher in charge could not be present.
   Dear Brethren:
  "I submit the following report and general state of
the church.                                                       During 1912-13, J. J. McKinnon served as the
    The people are very attentive to the preached              Pastor of the Charge. The quarterly conference
word. We find throughout this territory there are              reports were submitted as follows:
quite a number of people who are friendly toward our
Church, and by careful work the charge could be built            November 9, 1912, the First Quarterly Conference
up.                                                            was held with B. M. Keith, Presiding Elder, in the
     The people seem to be enjoying a portion of the           Chair. Religious services held by J. J. McKinnon,
Spirit in all our meetings. Have received twelve               Pastor of Charge.
members into the church at Hurricane appointment
and feel that the outlook for our church there is better          Roll was called:
than ever before in its history."                                       W. M. Searls, Mt. Olive
      Solicitors are now at work gathering funds to be                  A.. Rupe, Mt. Olive
used in the erection of a new church at that place.                     Albert White, Mt. Olive

  Total amount raised for support of ministry was:               Dear Brethren:
            Hurricane            6.48                              We are sorry we have no Sunday School or
            Liberty              6.05                        Leagues, but hope to be able to organize some in the
            Mt. Salem            1.00                        near future. We trust that the people of the circuit will
            Mt. Olive           12.92                        become aroused on the subject of Sunday School
            Scary                1.00                        work, it is very important.
            Lone Oak             1.74                            The spiritual state of the church on the circuit is
                                29.19                        much improved at Hurricane. We held a meeting last
  Lone Oak being a new church added to the Charge            winter with Brother Carder helping us. There were
made six churches.                                           fifteen conversions. We have not received any
  Trustees elected: Albert White, Mt.. Olive                 members this quarter. No baptisms The interest in
                    Rev T. M.. Harbour, Hurricane            general is very good. We expect to hold meetings at
                    E. C. Neumeyer, Liberty                  other places soon, and trust that we shall have good
                    John Harris, Scary                       success.
                    Lon Ellis, Mt. Salem

                                                                April 12,1913, conference held at Scary with B. M.
    I. Lipscomb and Charles Leake were elected               Keith, Presiding Elder, in the Chair. Religious
additional members of the Board of Stewards at               services conducted by B. M. Keith.
                                                                   J. J. McKinnon, Pastor of Charge The
                                                               amount raised in support of the ministry:
  (The quarterly conference was held in the country                   Hurricane              1.81
church at Mt. Olive. Members from the Hurricane                       Mt. Olive              1.00
church were unable to attend (not many of them had                    Mt. Salem               .00
horses to ride), however, the members from t e   h                    Scary                  1.05
country churches had their own horses and attended                    Scott                   .00
in good number when the conference was held at                        Liberty                2.10
the Hurricane Church.)                                                                       5.96
                                                               Elected delegates to District Conference.
                                                                      E. C. Neumeyer
    March 8, 1913, the Second Quarterly Conference                    Forrest Burdette
of the Hurricane Charge was held with J. J. McKinnon,
                                                                There is no record of a Fourth Quarterly Conference
Pastor of Charge in the Chair. Religious service was
held and roll was taken.                                     for 1912-13.
        Edgar Chapman, Liberty, .Steward
        E. C. Neumeyer, Liberty, S. S. Supt.                   Edgar P. Billups was the Pastor of the Charge in
        Davis Black, Class Leader                            1913-14.
                                                                October 13, 1913, First Quarterly Conference held
  Amount raised      in   support of   the   ministry:       at Hurricane, J. K. Moore, Presiding Elder, in the
     Hurricane              20.46                            Chair. Religious services held by J K. Moore. Roll was
     Liberty                12.15                            called:
     Mt. Olive              12.84                                     E. P. Billups, Pastor of Charge
     Mt. Salem               2.75                                     J. R. Neumeyer, Liberty, Trustee
     Scary                   7.70                                     F. G. Burdette, Hurricane, Steward
                                                                Amount raised      in   support    of the   ministry:
  Pastor of the Charge Report:                                      Hurricane                     2.37
 To the Chairman and Members of the Second                          Mt.Olive                      1.60
Quarterly Conference of the Hurricane Circuit                       Liberty                       2.00
Methodist Episcopal Church, South in session at                     Scary                          .25
Hurricane, March 8, 1913:                                                                         6.22

   Pastor of Charge report:                                     League at the country appointments because of
   Dear Brethren:                                               the distance some have to go to reach the church.
    We own one church building at Mt. Salem and                 The Sunday Schools are not running now because
half interest in one at Mt. Olive (Baptist owned one            of the winter. As soon as weather permits, we intend
half). At Hurricane, we worship in the Baptist Church.          to open them.
    "While the Baptist people are very kind to us,                We have no Sunday School at all at Hurricane.
we do not feel as free as if we were in our own                There is one school there and that is conducted by
church. We own a lot in Hurricane and by God's                 the Baptist people. We, however, have three or four
graces, we expe ct to build a church there this year."         teachers and several children who attend this
   The spiritual state of the church is very good at           school. We have bright prospects for a Sunday
Hurricane, at the other appointments, it is not what it        School and Epworth League when we get our own
could be, by far.                                              church.
   The prospects are bright for good meetings                      Supplement (B)
(revivals) at all appointments. There has not been a               The spiritual state of the church is better than at
meeting for four years. It is my intention to begin a          this time last year. We have received and baptized
meeting at Liberty, if God wills, on the third Sunday in       five during the last quarter.
November.                                                          Those baptized were, Lola Burdette and Donald
                                                               ElIis at Hurricane; Mrs. Saunders, Miss Grace
                                                               Saunders and Miss Beulah Craft at Scary. We, also,
   Epworth Leagues and Sunday Schools:                         lost one member, Virginia Keesaer of Hurricane, who
   With the exception of Mt. Salem, the Sunday                 moved her membership to the Roan Street M. E.
Schools were kept up during the summer at                      Church, South at Charleston.
all the appointments, but were closed on the first of              We have a u   nion church at Scary and a school
October for the winter.                                        house at Liberty. We expect to commence on our
   It is my understanding that the Sunday School at            church at Hurricane soon. The Ladies Aide have
Hurricane is a union school (both Baptist and                  organized and have raised over one hundred
Methodist together) and is kept up all year. There is          ($100.00) on the church. Everyone is anxious for a
no reason for these other charge schools closing               church and willing to help. I think we can easily build
so early. They could run until Christmas, at least.            a church there.
   It is our aim to get the people to see the importance
of the Sunday Schools, that the schools might be run
the year round.                                                   Members were quoted in the Hurricane Breeze
                                                               saying: "If we pray enough and work enough we
   June 31, 1914, Second Quarterly Conference held             can, with God's help, have our church..." “The
at Mt. Olive. H. K. Moore, Presiding Elder in the              founders and supporters did pray enough and work
Chair. Religious services held by H. K.. Moore. Roll           enough and the result was one of the most beautiful
was called as follows:                                         and sound churches in the community. The church
        Edgar Billups, Pastor of Charge                        was built in troublesome times right before and during
        Alonzo Rupe, Mt. Olive                                 World War I. It was not done with ease, but with great
        Albert White, Mt. Olive                                sacrifice in the beginning and also, in later years,
        William Searls, Mt. Olive                              when the church was remodeled and improved."

  Total members reported for the charge was 86, two             Money was raised for the churcb la Many ways.
houses of worship valued at $1,600.00. Two Sunday              Mr. and Mrs. Ct. M. Woodworth hosted a "Sock
Schools numbering 120. $6.00 was raised by the                 Social" IN JANUARY . 1914. Socks were given out
Sunday Schools.                                                and the person was asked to Multiply their sock
  Pastor's Salary collected $28.06.                            size by two and place tbe cents inside the sock.
  Forrest Burdette was elected Church Leader.                  The Ladies Aid pieced and quilted quilts, tacked
                                                               and wove rugs, had dinners and sold bottles of
  Pastor of Charge Report: Supplement (A)                      flavoring to raise their “share” for the new
  We have no Epworth Leagues on the work. It would             building.
hardly be possible to conduct an Epworth

                  “A SOCK SOCIAL                                 Supplement (B)
              This little sock I give to you                    The church is in very good condition. The spiritual
                  Is not for you to wear;                     condition of the church is not as good as it could be. I
             Just multiply your size by two                   have been sick the greater part of the last quarter
               And place therein with care                    and have not been able to go to all of my
               In pennies or in cents, just                   appointments. We have taken in one member, Ida
           Twice the number that you wear                     Burton in profession of faith, and have dismissed one
                (We hope it is immense)                       by letter, Mrs. Virginia Harbour Kessaer. We have a
                 So if you wear a NO. 10,                     Ladies Aide Society at Hurricane. The Society has
              You owe us twenty-—see?                         about thirty members who are doing fine work. They
            Which dropped within the sock,                    have raised about seventy-five dollars in the past
               Will fill our hearts with glee.                quarter.
             Tis' all we ask---it isn't much
                 And hardly any trouble;                        July 9, 1914, Fourth Quarterly Conference held at
            But if you have good sized feet,                  Hurricane, H. K. Moore, Presiding Elder in the Chair.
            We'll surely charge you double!                   Religious services conducted by H. K.. Moore.
         Now if you have a friend quite dear                  Following members were present: Edgar Billups,
              You'd like to bring with you                    Pastor of Charge and T. M. Harbour.
       Or if you know someone who'd come                         $25.17 had been raised for support of the ministry
               We'll gladly give you two; So                  and $200.00 for church extension.
          don't forget the place and date                       The following Stewards were elected:
            We'll answer when you knock, And                             Forrest Burdette, Hurricane
        welcome you with open arms,                                      Dr. G. C. Roberson, Hurricane
       BUT DONT FORGET THE SOCK.                                         Albert White, Mt. Olive
                                                                         J. T. Mynes, Mt. Salem
   "The Sock Social proved to be an interesting affair.                  E. C. Neumeyer, Liberty
Many people from this town and other cities and towns                    B. O. Saunders, Scary
attended. After many interesting games were played,
refreshments were served. About $65.04 was made."                Forrest Burdette was elected Recording Steward.
                                                                 G. C. Roberson was elected District Steward.
  April 16, 1914, Third Quarterly Conference held at             C. H. Kent was elected Sunday School
Hurricane H. C. Britner in the Chair. Religious               Superintendent at Hurricane. George Roberts at Mt.
services conducted by H. C. Britner. Roll was called:         Olive, Edgar Chapman at Liberty and Samuel Specht
                                                              (location not listed).
           E. P. Billups, Pastor of Charge                       Trustees elected were: Thorton Ellis at Mt. Salem
           T. M. Harbour, Hurricane                           and Billy Searls at Mt. Olive.
           C. W. Leake, Hurricane
           F. G. Burdette, Hurricane                             Pastor of Charge Report: Supplement (A):
  A total of $22.81 was reported raised this quarter in          We have three Sunday Schools on the charge.
support of the ministry. $75.00 was raised for the            The enrollment numbers about 125 and they are all
church extension.                                             doing effective work. We have no Epworth Leagues.
   F. G. Burdette and G. W. Roberts were elected              (Youth group)
delegates to the District Conference.
                                                                 Supplement (B):
   Pastor of Charge Report: Supplement (A)                       The spiritual state of the church is very good. We
   The Sunday Schools, which have been dormant                have received four members during the past quarter:
during the winter, have just opened up for work. We           Miss Erma McCann by baptism; Mrs. George Ellis by
have four Sunday Schools on the work and will be a            letter; and Miss Nell Wise and B. D. Saunders by
credit to the church. It is our aim to encourage the          vows.
young people, get them interested in the work and                We raised $1400.00 by subscription for the new
keep the Sunday Schools running during the winter             church at Hurricane, and now have the plans in
months.                                                       hand of the contractors. We expect to begin the
                                                              church as soon as we receive the bids.

   Post Script: After reading this report, don’t you            of property in the town limits.
just feel like shouting “PRAISE GOD”! Can’t you                      This church has been a great burden to its members,
feel the JOY? Praise God in Thanksgiving for                    but it will stand here, and its influence will live when its
those who worked so hard, made real Sacrifice to                builders have ceased to exist here, and will ever be a
prepare a place to worship for the p   eople called             living monument to their sacred memory. Hurricane now
Methodist. TODAY, we have the same obligation                   has two churches, one in the South, and one in the East
to work bard and make sacrifices for future                     end of town, and if people do not give praises to the
Methodists to worship.                                          great Creator, it will be their own fault. Let it be hoped
                                                                that the members of both churches may help each
Hurricane Breeze: Saturday, May 29, 1915: “The                  other and strive to enter in the Last Great Day, at the
M. E. Church South, which was begun several months              same Gate."
ago is completed, and the first services in the new                 This church was built in the conference year of
building will be held tomorrow, Sunday.                         1915 and 1916. Rev. Bruce B. Lambert was the pastor.
   This is one of the most complete churches in this                 The stewards were: T. M. Harbour, G. C. Roberson, C.
section and its members deserve much praise for the             H. Kent, C. W. Leake and F. G. Burdette.
noble work of undertaking such a structure, there not                Sunday School Officers: F. G. Burdette, Supt., G. N.
being such a large number of members of this                    Dean, Sec., Dakota Rice, Treas., Mrs. C. M.
denomination in this immediate section. The Ladies              Woodworth, Cradle Roll Supt.
Aid Society has been a great factor in helping to raise              This church, costing about $4,000, with a
money for the building, and the people of all                    membership of seventy-six, was built by faith, zeal
denominations helped liberally in this as they do for            and perseverance of its members.
every good that comes along in this community.
Hurricane people should be proud of this new church               Charter members of the Hurricane Methodist
situated on Putnam Avenue just south of the Breeze              Church, South were:
Office and should send up their thanks for this                   T. M. Harbour, Vaturia Harbour, W. A.. Bias, Forrest
building, which is only one more large link in a greater        G. Burdette, Scott C. Taylor, Mrs J. H. Conner, Charles
Hurricane, and has helped to increase the value                 W. Leake, Mrs. Charles W. Leake, Warner Leake,
ofelped                                                         Frank Bias, I. Lipscomb, Mrs. I. Lipscomb, Mabel
                                                                Musgrave, Hilda Rumbaugh, Dymie Conner, Alva
                                                                Taylor, Bryan Conner, Lisle Peyton, Mrs. E. D.
                                                                Rumbaugh, E. D. Rumbaugh, Allie Taylor.

                                                                  Garland Harbour, Stella Sharp, Mrs. Sarah E. Losee,
                                                                Lola Burdette, Donald Ellis, Mrs. Ida Burton, Mrs.
                                                                George Welker, Erma T. McCann, Mrs. George Ellis,
                                                                Susie Hall, Mollie Coffman, Clayo Lipscomb, James A.
                                                                Gary, Mrs. James Gary, Dr. G. C. Roberson, Mrs G. C.
                                                                Roberson, C. H. Kent, Mrs. C. H. Kent, Mr. Charles
                                                                Searls, Garland H. Dean, Dakota Tay lor, Mrs. L. V.
                                                                Rose, Virginia Grobe, Mrs. Kate Burdette, C. N.
                                                                Rogers, J. B. Thompson, John Ford, Mrs. John Ford,
                                                                Opie C. Searls, Anna L.. Bias, S. D. Wise.

   The first Hurricane Methodist Episcopal Church                 Mrs. C. H. Hall. Marie Kinder, Mrs. C. E. Whitten,
South. The architecture was of the period with a                Ouida Ellis, Marie McCallister, Mrs. Bertha Searls,
steeple and belfry in which hung the cast iron bell             Mable Searls, Mrs. Callie Bridgeman, Mrs. A. M.
which is now rung at the beginning of our services,             McCallister, C. M. Woodworth, Mrs. C. M. Woodworth,
75 years later. The exterior was concrete block with            C. H. Hall, William Wallace, Herbert Burton, Belma
a copper roof. The interior finished with plaster               Hall, Harvey Wood, B. L. Bias, Ethel Caldwell, Mabel
walls, oak wainscoting, oak trim and floors, The                Kinder, Ceber Alford, and Zelma Williamson.
furnishings included oak pews and a beautiful
circular oak chancel rail altar. Stained glass windows
depicting the church symbols (anchor, lamb, dove)
were donated by members of the congregation.

Hurricane Breeze:      Friday, March 24, 1916:                 Hurricane Breeze: Saturday, February 9,1918:
Hurricane, W. Va.
                                                                              REVIVAL MEETING
 Sunday School 10:00 A..M.
                                                                   The Revival Meeting which has been in progress at
                                                               the M. E. Church South here for several days is
  Preaching services 2nd Sunday of each month at
7:30 P. M. and 4th Sunday of each month 11:00 A. M.            meeting with much success, and the church is filled to
and 7:30 P. M.                                                 its capacity each evening.
                                                                   Much interest has been shown in the afternoon and
 Prayer Meeting every Thursday 7:30.                           evening services, and people have been coming
 Workers Council Friday 7:30 P. M.                             from the country regardless of the bad weather.
                                                               Evangelist Hanes has been delivering some masterly
 Ladies Aid every Thursday afternoon.
                                                               sermons, and the instructions to the choir from Chorus
                                                               leader, Lifsey will be beneficial long after the
  Special invitations are hereby extended to all to
                                                               meeting has been closed.
attend our services.
                                                                   Many have been converted and the great good that
                                                               has been accomplished in the community, can no
          B. B. Lambert. Pastor
                                                               doubt be seen for many months. Sunday marks the
          F. G. Burdette, S. S. Supt.
                                                               closing days of the great revival, and a big day is
                                                               expected Sunday. To get a seat no doubt one will have
                                                               to get in early. The many friends that have been made
Hurricane Breeze: Friday, April 28, 1916: "Last
                                                               by Evangelist Hanes and Director Lifsey during their
Monday night, the " W illing Workers" Sunday                   short stay here will regret to see them go away Sunday.
School class of the M. E. Sunday School, South, was            On account of the pressing call elsewhere for the
entertained by their teacher, Mrs. George Ellis, at the        evangelist and his singer, they will be unable to stay
home of her sister, Marguerite Wise. The jolly girls           here longer than Sunday.
and boys had all gathered at 8 p.m. and fun and                    A large crowd attended the Special Home Service
music ran high for two hours, then all made a charge           Thursday evening. The solo sung by Director Lifsey
on the refreshment table and did ample justice to the          "Will the Circle be Unbroken", was highly appreciated
dainties served. Violets and cherry blossoms were              by the large audience."
used for decorations. Flash light pictures were taken
of the sixteen girls and boys, whom Mrs. Ellis declare
are the best looking girls and boys Putnam furnishes.
Several members of the class could not be present,
but when the hour for leaving came, all expressed
pleasure in the evening, and hoped to help celebrate
more "Easter" festives with their teacher. An Eye

Hurricane Breeze: Saturday, February 2,1918:


    "A big Revival meeting begun Thursday evening
at the Hurricane M. E. Church, South. Evangelist, J
O. Hanes, of Birmingham, Ala., and Choir Director, M.
L. Lifsey are in charge of this revival. They came
here from Ashland, Ky. where they held a meeting
where they had one hundred and thirty conversions.
   There will be four sermons in M. E. Church Sunday               Forrest Burdette, teacher, of a one -room school
At 2:30, Evangelist Hanes will deliver a sermon to
men only, and ask all men to be present."

                                                                 Hurricane Breeze: August, 1918:

                                                                                   A LETTER
                                                                               From: F. G. Burdette

                                                                             Tr. Det. Co. B.
                                                                             State Fair Grounds,
                                                                             Richmond, Va.
                                                                             July 30,1918

                                                                    To my many friends of the town of Hurricane and
                                                                 the surrounding vicinity:

                                                                     As time is the dearest thing in army life, I am using
                                                                 this method of writing my many friends which
                                                                 otherwise would be impossible.
                                                                     In the first place I shall say this is a beautiful
                                                                 country, there being quite a bit of level ground,
                                                                 although very poor farming land but, strange to say
                                                                 under these conditions, all the farmers have beautiful
                                                                     This training detachment which gives mechanical
               Forrest Gordon Burdette                           training and radio only, is situated on the State Fair
                                                                 Grounds and we use the Exhibit Hall to eat and
   Was born December 23, 1895, died October 3,                   sleep in, there being only eight hundred of us and we
1918. After receiving his early education at Hurricane,          are all West Virginians too.
Forrest attended Morris Harvey College and taught                    Not wanting to boast, but, I must say that no
school in and around Hurricane. Some of his students             Virginian is prouder of his state than we are of the
have shared with us some of Forrest's qualities: he              rugged hills and valleys of old West Virginia. The
loved his family, especially his grandparents, and               historic James is not to be compared with the beautiful
devoted so much of his time and talents to his                   Kanawha and Ohio, on whose bosoms have been
church. One of Forrest's friends wrote: he was a                 transported the many products that are blessings to
loyal Christian, a polished and cultured gentleman, a            the whole world.
leader of men while yet a boy. He died at the age of                 While we love our state yet we love the "Stars and
22 years, 9 months, 19 days on the battleground                   Stripes" and are safe in saying that if we were given
where his grandfathers, Harbour and Burdette, fought              the privilege to go home that the majority would refuse
during the Civil War. In a telegram sent to his                   until after this war is over. It is true that the soldier
parents by his commanding officer notifying them of               boy has his dark days and we do not find things as they
his death, he said, "Forrest possessed qualities that             are at home, most assuredly--but who can say that
made strangers respect him and friends love him".                 any man, woman, boy or girl doesn't have their dark
    Another friend wrote: We first met him in prayer              days in civilian life There are so many nice boys
 meeting. We knew him as a Christian, visiting the                here and as in civilian life, each boy finds his crowd
 orphans and the widows, the first to the bedside of the          for, "Birds of a feather flock together." We boys
 sick, the first to appear upon a scene of death, the             appreciate the good wishes, prayers, kind words, etc.
 last to leave when anything was yet to be done.                  from those who are at home but I want to emphasize
    On November 10, 1918, when the church was                     the fact that we do not want your sympathy, for, an
 dedicated to his memory by Bishop U. W. V.                       American soldier is a man and does not need
 Darlington, the Bishop said, " I feel that I am a better         sympathy. Our "Fathers" sacrificed their service and
 man by having known Forrest Gordon Burdette."                    some even their lives, that we might have our
 submitted by Forrest Wellman for publication in the              existence, and, how much better are we than they We
 Hurricane Centennial Book.                                       place ourselves upon the altar of service for you who
                                                                  are at home and, that the un-born generation might
                                                                  enjoy the liberties which we have had the pleasure of

enjoying and if it need be we will spill our blood and             Note: C. H. Rayl was known as the "singing
permit our bones to sleep beneath the sod of war-               pastor". With a wonderful voice, he encouraged
ridden France for their great principles. I am sure that        more singing and giving of skits and plays.
your editor will get tired of setting up so much type             The Epworth Leagues were reported to be
so I will close. I want each one of you to consider             growing and the Junior League growth required
this letter to you personally and I shall appreciate an         dividing into two groups, the Junior and Primary
answer from any of you. Would love to write to all of           Leagues with very good leaders.
you individually but, time will not permit but I want              $100.00 was raised for repair of the church.
you to rest assured that I think of you often and
remember you when I talk to HIM who doeth all things


             Forrest G. Burdette

   Forrest Burdette played a most important part in
the history of the church. He worked tirelessly in
every project connected with the church. The
Methodist Messenger said of him in April, 1939:
"The most influential member was Forrest Burdette.
The church stands today as a memorial to the life of
that fine Christian man who died while young in years
but did so much for the building of the Kingdom of                             An early Congregation Meeting
God while he lived."
                                                                  In 1928-29, B. Elmo Kelly served as Pastor of the
   On November 10, 1918, the church was                                         .
                                                                Charge; W. H Withrow, Lay Leader; W. M. Black,
dedicated to the memory of Forrest Gordon Burdette              Sunday School Superintendent; C. M. Woodworth,
who died on October 3, 1918. At the dedication.                 Gladys Henderson, Mrs. C. H Hall, C. M. Woodworth,
Bishop U. V. W. Darlington said: "I feel I am a better          M. H. Withrow, and W. M. Black, Stewards; W. P.
man by having known Forrest Burdette".                          Davis, C. A Henderson, and C. M. Woodworth,
                                                                Trustees; Mrs. C. M. Woodworth, President of
                                                                Missionary Society; and Irene Hamilton, President of
   Records are not available for the following years            Epworth League.
until 1927-28 when C. H. Rayl was the Pastor of the                The Pastor's salary was raised to $600.00 for
Charge.                                                         the year.
   C. A. Henderson was the District Steward, Church                (From the Pastor's Report) The general state
Steward and President of the Epworth League; C. M.              of the church is good. There is a spirit of worship
Woodworlh, Steward; Ben Kiff, Sunday School Supt.;              and sincerity manifested.
C. W. Leake, W. H. Leake, and B. L. Burdette,                      Four separate Church Conferences were held with
Trustees; W. H. Withrow, Lay Leader; and Mrs. C. M.             a fair attendance and good interest shown.
Woodworth, President of the Women's Missionary                     General plans for the future are:
Society.                                                           1. To work for better attendance in all departments.
  The Sunday School classes were reported to be                    2. We feel the need of a revival of religion in the
growing under the leadership of fine Christian leaders.         church and community.
                                                                   3. We hope to strengthen our deficiency in
                                                                organization and work.
   During the first quarterly conference, Ben Kiff,                4. To draw nearer to and do greater work for GOD.
C. M. Woodworlh and C. A. Henderson were                           Note: And we still strive for these same goals
appointed to consider a new parsonage.                          TODAY!

                                                               was the beginning of the "Great Depression”.
                                                               Many of our members had lost t h e i r jobs, and
                                                               it was really a struggle to meet the bills as they
                                                               came due. God provided a way even though
                                                               thoughts and plans for building new Sunday
                                                               School rooms had to be put "on hold" and it
                                                               would be ten vears before this was

                                                                 In 1929-30, E. B. Spears was Pastor of the
                                                               Charge;    W.     M.    Black,  Sunday      School
                                                               Superintendent; W. H. Withrow, Lay Leader; H C.
                                                               Graham, Epworth League President; Mrs. L. W.
                                                               Easter. President Missionary Society; W. P Davis,
                                                               C. W. Leake, C. A. Henderson, C.. M. Woodworth,
                                                               and W. H. Leake, Trustees; H. C. Graham, G. S.
                                                               Sowards, W. H. Withrow, Mrs. B. Burdette, and C. M.
               Early Church Gathering                          Woodworth, Stewards.

                                                                  Note: In the early days, most of the reports of
                                                               the various departments were oral, therefore, we
    The flu epidemic raged in the community during the         do not have a record or a clear picture of the
first quarter of this year. However, during the                activities of the church. Some of the pastors
remainder of the year, Sunday School attendance                insisted on written reports from heads of the
increased.                                                     departments, but not many.
    The church held revival, 23 members were recorded
during the second quarter, Sunday School
attendance doubled.

  Note: Two members of this revival remain
active and loyal TODAY, Ruby Conner Pullen
and Agnes Burns Henderson.

    H. C. Graham was confirmed as president of the
Senior Epworth League. The pastor reported great
interest in the prayer services and commended the
young people as responsible in the Christian activities
of the church.

   The pastor noted the present physical equipment
"barred" doing the work. The Missionary Society
pledged to raise the finances of the church.                   S. S. members include:     Opal Leake, Faye Miller.
   The goal for the year was to raise in full the              Mrs. C. M. Woodworth, Iva Faulkner. Iris Leake, Laura
conference claims as well as salaries.                         Lovet & others.

   Lay Leader, W. H. Withrow, reported 30 to 35 at
prayer meetings. Young converts were enthusiastic to
help all grow in the faith.
                                                                  The Sunday School membership was listed at 130
  Note: Pastor Elmo Kelly was a very fine                      with average attendance about 75. The church
young pastor just out of Morris Harvey College,                membership was 118, the Epworth League, 35, and
a Methodist supported college at Barboursville.                Missionary Society, 9.
He worked very hard and the people loved him as
a person and for h i s leadership. The church
was experiencing low financial support as this

   The parsonage committee stated: "That upon                  Trustees elected for the Hurricane church were:
investigation, advice, and opinion of the church                    C. M. Woodworth
membership, and those interested in the                             W. P. Davis
church, the opinion of this committee is that                       W. H. Leake
the church building should have the necessary                       C. A.. Henderson
repairs, now very much needed, and an addition to                   W. H. Withrow
the church in the way of Sunday School rooms
before considering the purchasing of or erection of               The Pastors Report stated: During a revival in
a parsonage." N. R. Rupe, Chairman, C. A. Henderson,           the third quarter, "ten souls" were saved with prayers
W. P. Davis, W. H. Withrow, and Mrs. C. E. Whitten.            for many more to accept the Lord.
                                                                   We wish to express our thanks for the Pulpit Bible
                                                               which was presented to our church by the Willing
   Note: N. R. Rupe family came from Mt. Olive,                Workers Class, also for the hundred new song books
still known as M. E. South even though the                     donated by the various organizations.
Hurricane Church was known as Forrest Burdette
Memorial.                                                         Note: Although at the first quarterly
  The parsonage committee was discharged and                   conference the pastor's salary was set at $600.
a committee to repair and enlarge the church                   for the year, he was not always paid the full
and build Sunday School rooms was appointed:                   amount. First quarter, $100., second quarter,
C. A. Henderson, W. M. Bailey, W. H. Withrow, Mrs.             $30. plus $32.62 for incidentals, third quarter,
C. E. Whitten, W. P. Davis, and Mrs. Nannie McCann.            $79.50, and fourth quarter, there was no report.

  Note: Merrits Creek Church in Cabell County                     W. H. Withrow was elected Lay Leader, Mrs. N. R.
added to the charge this year.                                 Rupe, Director of Golden Cross and Edith Easter
                                                               (Roberts) was confirmed as President of Senior
   In 1930-31, Okey Summers was the Pastor of
the Charge. The charge had a membership of 156
at the beginning of this term. Two churches were                  In 1931-32, Fred Oxendale was the Pastor of the
valued at $4,500. The pastor's salary was set at               Charge which was called the Bethesda-Hurricane
$600.; $60. for the Presiding Elder; $600. for                 Charge.
Conference work, $320. for general work and                      The Board of Stewards estimated the budget: $1,000
$100. for extension of the kingdom.                            for support of the preacher in charge, $125. for his
   W. M. Black was serving as Sunday School                    assistant, $70. for the Presiding Elder, General
Superintendent who reported an average attendance of 87        Conference, $400, District work, $1000. (Bethesda,
during the second quarter of the conference year.              $400 and Hurricane, $600).
                                                                   Mrs. Ed Bowyer and Mrs. Easter were confirmed as
                                                               the Temperance & Social Service Committee.
                                                                  A revival service was held during the third quarter
                                                               and five persons were added to the church by
                                                               baptism and vows.

                                                                 The Pastor's Report: Brethren: As a review of
                                                               the year, let me state that the charge has received
                                                               by baptism and vows ten members and by vow,
                                                               one- a total of eleven members.
                                                                  The Epworth League at Hurricane has before it a
                                                               better prospect of life than it had at the beginning of
                                                               the year.
   Wm. M. Black. S. S. Supt. & song leader for                    The Sunday School at Hurricane has increased
                 many years                                    during the year, one third in attendance.
                                                                  The Missionary Society at Hurricane, wholesome in

membership (12), is an active missionary spirited                 Note: "He Huffed & He Puffed" discouragement,
group.                                                         but God's people held fast to their faith, sacrificed
   We have marked with great pleasure among                    and loved their God and each other through the
these people this year, we have seen that unselfish            dark days of the Dig Bad Wolf" (The Great
Christian spirit prevailing among some of our                  Depression). Forrest Burdette Memorial United
people.                                                        Methodist was alive and well! (Many members who
   While finances of the church are not as we                  had gardens contributed vegetables, fruit, and other
would like to see them, yet our prayers are that               food stuff to the minister and to each other during
God will keep to see, and to find, as time goes by,            these trying times.)
that greater Christ like spirit.

  Churches in the Hurricane Charge, at this time.                Since efforts to continue with year to year data
were:                                                          have been hindered, the history continues thus ----
        Bryant Chapel
        l,ower Creek                                              In 1936, the former Liberty Methodist Church,
                                                               (located on Cow Creek) was moved from the country,
         The Years of the “Big Bad Wolf”                       repaired and joined to the main building of the church.
          (The 1930’s Great Depression)                        Rev. I. N. Fannin was the Pastor. That building was
                                                               named Epworth Hall and served as Sunday School
            Collections for November. 1935                     classrooms and a small kitchen for church dinners
    Forrest Burdette Memorial, M. E. Church South              The building was later sold and moved to another
                                                               location on Virginia Avenue.
      Bayliss, Mrs. M. E. ……………                   $2.00
      Billups, Iris .............................  1.00
      Coyner, Mrs. G. W. ………….                     1.00
      Easter, L. W. …………………...                     1.00         Hurricane Breeze: Friday, February 27, 1936:
      Fannin, Mrs. I. N. …………….                    1.00                    YOUNG PEOPLE’S DAY
      Harbour, Garland F. ……… ……                   5.00
      Hedrick, Lula M. ...................         5.00                 Sunday, March 1, 1936, 7:30 P.M.
      Henderson, Carl ......................       5.00                       M. E. Church, South
      Neal, Mrs. W. S. .....................        .25
      Ramsev, Miss Irene .................. 1.00               Prelude, "Take Time to be Holy"
      Rice, Mrs. H.E. ..................... 1.00               Call to Worship
      Sowards, G. C. ..................            7.00        Prayer
      Smith, Hannah F. ……………… 1.00                             Hymn, "Jesus Calls Us"
      Woodworth, Albert …………                       2.00        Scripture Reading, Isa. 6:1-8;
      Woodworth, C.M. ...........                  8.00                      Psalm 1
      Woodworth, Mrs. C. M. …….                    3.00        Announcements Offertory
      Woodworth, Mary L. ………...                     .25        Introduction of Theme, “Discovering God’s
                                                  44.50             Plan for my Ijfe
                                                               Special music, "My Task" -- Virginia Handley
     Balance on hand November 1st $10.75                          Geka and Gail Stover
     Col lections as above         44.50                       Talk, "God's law with us" -- Jimmie Turner Poem,
                                                               "Obedience" -- Opal Martin
                                               55.25           Talk, "How do we find God's plan for our
     Paid to I. N. Fannin                     $55. 00                  1
                                                                  lives " Clarice Smith
                                                               Challenge. "Are ye able" -- William Black
     Balance on hand                            $.25           Benediction
                                                                   Everyone is cordially invited to attend.
     December 2nd 1935

     G. C. Sowards, Treas.

Hurricane Breeze: March 6,1936:                                  Hurricane Breeze: Friday, December 25,1936:

       FORREST BURDETTE MEMORIAL                                   Christmas entertainment will be given at both the
           METHODIST CHURCH                                      Baptist and M. E. Church, South, here Thursday
                                                                 evening at 7:30 o'clock.
                 I. N. Fannin, Pastor
                                                                              Forrest Burdette Memorial
   Church School at 10:00 a.m. Mr. J. E. Billups,                                 M. E. Church, South
genera] superintendent.
   We are trying to bring our attendance up to normal.                 "The Little Church With A Big Heart"
To this end, we trust that every one will be present
next Sunday.
                                                                             Owen E. Mercer, Pastor
      The pastor will preach Sunday morning at 11:00
o'clock and Sunday evening at 7:30. Morning theme,
                                                                   Sunday School at 10 a.m. J. E. Billups, general
"Seeing the Unseen", and evening theme, "The City
that voted Jesus In." Young People's meeting,                    superintendent.
Epworth League at 6:30. Prayer meeting eac h
                                                                    Morning worship 11 o'clock. Sermon subject:
Wednesday evening at 7:30, special program. I have
often wondered how people calling themselves                     "Transformed By Grace."
Christian can get along in their Christian life and never           Intermediate League 5:30 p.m., Miss Agnes Burns,
go to prayer meeting and rarely ever attend church               counselor.
unless it is a funeral service. It is observed that they            Young People's League 6:30 p.m., Miss Gail Stover,
can go anywhere else they want to go. President                  leader.
Harding said, "I should like to see America a religious             Evening Worship 7:30 o'clock, Theme for pastor's
nation. I wish every man in America would attend                 message: "Christ's Call To Youth."
church.                                                             A trio composed of Misses Gail and Jeka Stover and
                                                                 Miss Laeuna Rumbaugh will sing "Transformed" at the
                                                                 morning service.
Hurricane Breeze: Friday, May 29,1936:
                                                                 The evening service will be dedicated to the
                                                                 children and the young people of the church. A
                                                                 candlelight installation service will be conducted for
                                                                 the officers of the new organized Intermediate League.
                  I. N. Fannin, Pastor

   Church School at 10:00 a.m. Mr. J. E. Billups,
general superintendent. Please let everybody be in
their class with a friend or a visitor, we should have a
hundred and twenty-five present. The Young people
meeting, Epworth League, will meet at 6:45 p.m. The
pastor will preach at 7:45 p.m. Theme, "The
significance of Memorial Day."

   Prayer meeting each Wednesday evening at 7:45.

   We are glad to announce to the people of Hurricane,
the coming of Miss Olive Gentry, a dramatic artist, of
Los Angeles, California. Miss Gentry will be at the
Forrest Memorial church for one of her great
entertainments Friday evening, June 5th. She is a
nationally known artist, and all of our people should
hear her. Tickets will be sold in advance at very
                                                                                   Rock Cut Church
reasonable price.

   In 1938, The Rock Cut Church (located on                                                                            At first, we felt that this was an impossible
property across from the Hurricane High School,                                                                       undertaking. But by some very generous
today) was destroyed totally from the foundation by                                                                   contributions and assistance from our official board,
a freak twist of nature (possible tornado). It was                                                                    we raised our quota.
during this same time period that the "North" and                                                                       The Personal Home Visitation Evangelistic
"South" factions were becoming the united                                                                             Campaign       was       assigned   us    from  Area
Methodist Church. Many members of the                                                                                 headquarters. We worked on this more or less
congregations of the Rock Cut and Liberty                                                                             according to suggestions given us. We experienced
Churches joined Forrest Burdette Memorial                                                                             some great blessings. I believe it greatly helped our
Methodist Church.                                                                                                     workers, and it also increased our attendance. But
                                                                                                                      as to results in numerically adding new members
                                                                                                                      by conversions etc, I cannot feel it was a success.
  In 1939-40, a new addition containing                                                                                  We observed the Week of Dedication and made
classrooms and a choir loft was added to the west                                                                     a follow-up of same with our revival meeting. Our
side of the former sanctuary. Concrete blocks were                                                                    revival was well attended and we experienced
sold to members and friends of the congregation to                                                                    unusual success. All told, we had fifty-one accept
pay for the new addition. Rev. H. L. Phillips was                                                                     Christ for their first time or re-dedicate themselves
Pastor.                                                                                                               anew to Him. Many of these joined our church.
                                                                                                                      Several were of Baptist constituency and joined the
                                                                                                                      Baptist Church.
  In 1940 to 1945, Rev. Holly O Shamblin served                                                                          Our vacation Church school averaged 65 for a
as Pastor. The Pastor's Report in 1943 states:                                                                        two week period. This is the first year Hurricane
"Last Fall, we were asked at Hurricane to raise                                                                       has ever attempted to conduct more than a week of
$150 to go to the West Virginia Wesleyan College                                                                      such school."
State Bond liquidation.

          riTTVU tat UHiltm •inl^ •• thM* fa *r *t*M E I rTMft A >M, Mr »*4 •«*«•   G**rj.   Inp.r     t.M «Mrf». «n Ml SMrto
                                                                                                     •VI *»#- C«n*f. fc^ Mrf Mi aittrr. Hn MR. !>•• KM A •*» JOT *•»*•». Nn Hrrtb «*vta>   Mn C

                                                                                                                                                                                              I* TV turn by !*•• €»)••*, Jr.

                                                                  The church membership was 233 and church school
                                                               enrollment, 218.

                                                                   In response to ministers and their families
                                                               for the 75th Anniversary, Darrell Shamblin sent
                                                               the following response:
                                                                   The Shamblins spent five happy years in Hurricane,
                                                               during the World War II years. In fact, I can recall
                                                               sitting in the living room of our home—the church's
                                                               parsonage—as our family heard the news on the radio
                                                               about the attack on Pearl Harbor. Our first thoughts
                                                               were, "Will Dad have to go to war?" Had the war
                                                               continued a bit longer, I would have been drafted
                                                                   We moved from Hurricane to Point Pleasant in the
                                                               Fall of 1945, just after I had begun my senior year at
                                                               Hurricane High School and it was with mixed
                                                               emotions that I moved with the family to graduate in
                                                               Point Pleasant. (Some of the members there
                                                               volunteered to let me remain in their homes to
                                                               complete that final year of high school, and although I
Brother Irvin Conner, one of our finest young men,
                                                               decided to move with the family, I felt this gesture
has answered the call of the Master to preach the
                                                               showed real appreciation for our family.)
Gospel of our Lord. Brother Irvin's call brings us to
                                                                   I would like to be there with you to celebrate. But I
the climax of a joyous year in God's work.
                                                               think my Mother, Claris, who lives in Ohio, will be
(Ruby Pullen's brother).
                                                               there, along with my sister, Geraldine, and her husband
                                                               who live in an Indianapolis suburb. Others of our
    In 1944-45, Pastor Shamblin was active in
                                                               family are Donald (and family) who live in Cherry
religious instruction both in the elementary school and
                                                               Valley, California, where he teaches languages in high
junior and high schools. In cooperation with the other         school and college and Marlin (and family) who live in
churches of town, a union Thanksgiving service was             Sidney, Ohio, where Marlin teaches languages in high
held and offering taken. "There being no known                 school.
needy people in our immediate vicinity, we                         My mind races back to the five great years where
saved the money until Christmas time and                       we were active in Methodist Youth Fellowship (at the
purchased flowers for the shut-ins." The Methodist             local church, district, and West Virginia Conference
and Baptist ministers, assisted by some interested             levels). Names come to mind include Billy Hall,
laymen went from house to house and presented                  George Coyner, Joe Coyner, Elizabeth and Connie
these shut-ins with a well selected and wrapped potted         Banks, Marion Sovine, Charles Duke, Irvin Conner,
flower.                                                        Lillian and Mae Rose Sowards and Neva, etc, etc.
                                                               Many adults also are remembered from Sunday
                                                               School, church, and mid-week prayer meeting. Some
                                                               of these folk are deceased now, I would gather, and
                                                               many of the younger ones no doubt have scattered in
                                                               their professions.
                                                                    My own adult life took me to Korea (in the U.S.
                                                               Army) and in communications work for our church in
                                                               Pittsburgh, Chicago, Evanston, 111., Dayton, Ohio, and
                                                               since October, 1986, Nashville, Tenn. Suzanne and I
                                                               have three children—two boys and a girl. One of the
                                                               boys will be getting married in late October. Both
                                                               boys are college graduates and the daughter, Holly
                                                               (named for her grandfather
1945 Bible School Class include: Alice Gibson, Thelma
Sovine, Faye Miller, Opal Coyner, Mae Smith, Claris

  (named for her grandfather), is half-way through               group that is cooperative and willing to do anything
 college. As for myself, I am three years from                   the pastor asks them to do. They have the church at
 retirement age and can't believe that the years                 heart in every respect. Their financial contributions
 have gone by so rapidly. As I said earlier, our last            are above the average in the church as a whole.
 year in Hurricane was in 1945—forty-five years ago
 this year!                                                         A considerable amount of money was raised
    I don't know if this will be read or summarized , but        for necessary repairs and equipment. The
however the words are shared, please consider                    balance of the parsonage debt, which was
this letter a heart-felt appreciation to all for your            around $240 was paid off. A new Hammond
friendship with the Shamblin family. Sept. 20,1990.              organ was purchased, boug ht equipment for
                                                                 the parsonage and had money on hand to build
                                                                 a garage.

                                                                    Church membership in 1952 totaled 271.
                                                                 Sunday School membership was 225 with an
                                                                 average attendance of 183. With a 23% increase in
                                                                 attendance, the greatest need expressed was
                                                                 adequate class rooms for the Primary Department.

           The Rev. Holly O. Shamblin Family

   From 1945 to 1948, Rev. Ralph T. McCord
served as Pastor. In 1946, $1,000 was borrowed
from M. E. Bayliss to purchase a house on the
corner of Virginia Avenue and Conner Street to
be used as the church parsonage . (That
property was sold in 1962.)
   The general state of the church, at this time                                  The Mentz Family
was expressed as being "rather low". The pastor
attributed concern about members and their feelings
toward one another. But, by June, 1948, the pastor                 During the pastorate of Rev. Ira Mentz in 1953, an
related an increase in attendance in all phases of               educational addition was begun. A Building
work.                                                            Committee was elected: E. A. DeFrehn, W. M. Litton,
   After a two week revival, eight new members were              D. O. Gibson, W. L. Clark and Clarence VanDyke. A
received into the church: five by profession of faith            Building Fund Committee was also appointed: Basil
included Jane Graham, Arlene Pullen, Laura Jo                    O'Dell, Herbert Gibson, W. H. Miller, Carl Henderson
Neely, Judith Gibson, and Lowell G. Wise.                        and Joseph Ridler.
   The church was valued at $8,000 and the                          In July, Albert F. Tucker, Architect of Huntington
parsonage at $4,000. Total members 240, church                   was retained to draw plans for the new proposed
school, 212 with average attendance 108.                         educational building. In January of 1954, a campaign
                                                                 was held to raise $30,000 for the construction.
                                                                 Pledges totaling $43,291. were made for the
   In the Pastor's Report of 1949-50, by O. S.                   new structure. The addition provided classrooms,
Donohoe, "We have among our Active Members a                     multi-purpose hall, and kitchen.

                                                                              Rev. Tom and Mrs. Peggy Schuler

                                                                   Rev. Tom Schuler served Forrest Burdette
                                                                 Church from 1957 to 1961.

Loyalty Dinner: Front: Rev. Morman Parker, Basil O'Dell,            In 1962, additional classrooms were added, new
Rev. Ira Mentz, Faye Miller; Back: Carl Henderson, Dr.           heating system installed, and a new parsonage at
William Knox, Dist.. Supt., S. W. Thomas, C. M.                  304 Ada Dell Avenue was purchased. Rev. Alien
Woodworth                                                        Parrish was Pastor. During the week of September
                                                                 16-20 the Church engaged in a campaign to raise
   Building for a Century was the campaign for                   $50,000. On this goal, more than $45,000 was
this expansion of Forrest Burdette Church. Church                raised in cash and pledges. (The project was
leaders expressed the nation's problem as the                    completed and in 1965, the indebtedness totaled only
"religious education of the youth of America.                    $24,000. The committee for fund raising included:
The future of the church, home and state is                      Basil O'Dell, General Chairman, Mrs. C. M.
dependent upon the present generation's ability                  Woodworth, Honorary Chairman, Ransford Ransom,
to anchor successfully the minds of the future                   Mrs. Donald Rowsey, Alien Parrish, Mrs. Harry
generations into moorings of basic religious                     Shanklin, C. A.. Henderson, W. L. Clark, J. B. King, W.
fundamentals. This can be done only by                           M. Litton, W. R. Durham, Charles Duke, E. E.
impressing in the child's mind today, Christian                  Valentine, D. O. Gibson, Homer Canterbury, C. J.
ideals. The literature continued to say: "Only                   Van Dyke, Ronnie Bennett, Jack Burdette, Jack
occasionally do we experience the exhilaration which             Kessler, Jack Saunders, Kenneth Fisher, Mrs. Betty
comes from engaging in a really ennobling                        Newsome, and Gordon Wise.
undertaking. Surely the provision of suitable religious
facilities for ourselves, our children and our children's
children challenges the best there is in us. This is

   Note: "What shall we render unto the Lord for all
His benefits?"

                                                                        The New Parsonage on Ada Dell Avenue

                                                                 (Note:) Each time the church experienced a need
                                                                 for expansion and improvements, the congregation
                                                                 attended organized Loyalty Dinners to hear the
                                                                 plans and to pledge a commitment to the funds for
                                                                 the project. Usually, the conference sent an
                                                                 origanizational chairman to assist with the
                                                                 campaign. There were Division Majors assigned to
                                                                 designated family units in the church.

Laura Jo Smith, Wanda Allen, Opal Leake, Thelma Wise
               McElroy, Mary Ann Wise

Loyalty Dinner: Carol Rowsey, Morman Parker, Basil        Charles Duke, Dennis Gibson, Homer Canterbury,
O'Dell, Anna Woodworth, Back row: E. E. Valentine,        Ronnie Bennett, E. E. (Boots) Valentine, Bob Beaver
Alien Parish, Ransford Ransom, Jack King, Carl

                                                          Cooks & Servers, loyally Dinner: Front: Virginia
                                                          Valentine, Gusta Burns, Dorotha Black, Alice Hall, Billie
                                                          Saunders, ?, Opal Ransom, Bertha Krenzin. Back: Mary
                                                          Hill, Carol Rowsey, Hilda O'Dell, Bonnie Parrish, Jo
                                                          Anne Sovine, Roberta Abbott, Deloris Breedlove, Sybil

                                                             Note: Forrest Burdette United Methodists:
Jack Burdette, Jack Kessler, Betty Newsome,
Billie Saunders, Gorden Wise, Don Garrett                 proclaiming grace and freedom; claiming the
                                                          past, celebrating the present, challenging the
                                                          future. A congregation always looking to the
                                                          possibilities for ministry.

  The 50th Anniversary of the building of the church
was held on June 6,1965.


   Greetings to you as we close our first fifty years of
service to Christ and the Hurricane community.
Beginning with a few faithful members, we have
grown to more than four hundred members. There
have been wars and a great depression, good times
and bad times, and days of discouragement, and
days of spiritual refreshing. God has been good to us
and our church.
   Faithful ministers have stood at the sacred pulpit and
proclaimed the Gospel of Christ. Good laymen have
carried the responsibility of the church in matters of            Summer Class Get-Together: Ivan Coyner, Rev. Alan
finance, teaching, and organization. Many of them                 Fairish, Bonnie Parish, Allie Coyner, ?, Anna
have claimed their heavenly reward. In the wake of                Woodworth, Bertha Krenzin, Mrs. Withrow, ?, Alice Hall,
their going, we who remain share the challenge of a               ?, Mrs. Roach, Mrs. Black, Sallie Burns, Mrs. Williams,
great heritage. It is no small thing to share the heritage        Mrs. Goldschmidt
of the people who call themselves Methodist.
    Set today in a growing community, we face our next
half-century with hope and confidence. Knowing that
the God of our fathers has aided those who have
gone before, we know that He is able to sustain us,
and to make us profitable servants in His Eternal
Kingdom.; In the name of Christ, we bid you
welcome to our church, its services and its varied
activities. "Come with us and we will do thee good."

                                                                  Easter Sunday Worshipers i clude: Mrs. Fred Hypes,
                                                                  Paul Lane & girls, Mabel Burdelte, Judy Grass, Mae
                                                                  Smith, Mildred Graham, Hilda O'Dell, Janet Fisher

          A Welcoming Church in Hurricane

 Forrest Burdette Memorial Methodist Church                              Order of Worship 11:00 AM
     2848 Putnam Avenue Phone 562-6418
           Hurricane, West Virginia
                  June 6,1965
               FIFTIETH ANNIVERSARY                           * Call To Worship
                                                              * Hymn                                       176
            AND HOMECOMING 1915-1965                          * Responsive Reading "The Way of Good Men"   589
                                                              * Gloria Patri
              Order of Worship 8:30 AM                        * Affirmation Of Faith
Prelude                                                       Scripture Lesson From Acts 2
Call To Worship                                               Prayer
*Hymn 162                                                     The Lord's Prayer
* Responsive Reading "The New Covenant"       589             Choral Response
* Gloria Patri                                                Announcements
* Affirmation Of Faith                                        Offeratory
Anthem                                                        * Presentation Of Offering
Scripture Lesson and Prayer - Choral Response                 * Hymn                                       179
Announcements                                                 Sermon          Rev. Sherwood W. Funk
Offeratory                                                                Retired Minister from Kentucky
* Presentation Of Offering                                              Annual Conference
* Hymn                                       381              * Hymn                                       286
Sermon          Rev. Ira Mentz                                * Benediction
Associate Minister                                            * Choral Postlude
          Highlawn Methodist Church
          Huntington, West Virginia
* Hymn                                       402
* Benediction
* Choral Response
* Postlude

 ___________________________________________                  ___________________________________________
              * Congregation Stands                                          * Congregation Stands

We welcome former members and friends who
worship with us today. You are invited to join us for         West Virginia Annual Conference convenes
all the activities of the day. After the 11:00 o'clock        Wednesday morning at 10:00 o' clock on the campus
service, dinner will be served.                               of West Virginia Wesleyan College in Buckhannon.
                                                               A year book for the fiftieth anniversary has been
                                                              prepared and you are welcome to your copy today.

   Rev. Joseph and Mrs.fRuth) Byrd served the                provide much needed additional parking. Those
church from 1965 to 1971. Their dedication and               serving on the committee were: James Matthews, Mrs.
service to the Lord's ministry in Hurricane is still         J. P. Byrd, Mrs. C. M. Woodworth, K. M. Lowe,
remembered by many. Mrs. Byrd could be seen                  Joseph P. Byrd, Mrs. Dennis Gibson, Charles Duke,
working around the church day and night, sweeping,           Kenneth Fisher, Mrs. Tom Hall, Albert Woodworth, R.
singing, visiting, babysitting for circle meetings or        W. Ransom, Robert Beaver, Dr. J. B. King, Everett
cleaning up. Byrd Hall and Ruth Byrd Circle will             Carter, Dr. W. R. Durham, Mayo Lester, Mrs. Iris
continue to remind us of their faithfulness.                 Billups, Webster Counts, Rollie Hill, Jack Gibson,
                                                             Gerald Leadman, Phil Hyre, Norvall Mallory, Floyd
                                                             Ramsey, E. E. Valentine, Darrell Alien, Homer
                                                             Canterbury, Frank Barberine, Dennis Gibson, and
                                                             Harry Shanklin.

            The New Parsonage, Putnam Avenue

   In 1967, the Ada Dell Avenue parsonage was sold.
The Dr. Erwin property, one of the oldest houses in
town, adjacent to the church property, was
purchased to provide additional parking and to
serve as a parsonage. (The property was originally
a part of the Conner family farm.)
                                                             Loyalty Dinner: Alice Hall, Alice Gibson, Anna
   Note: A man named Max Conner began                        Woodworth, Second Row: Red Lowe, Morman Parker,
construction of "Asbury House" in the late 1870's            Ransford Ransom, Charles Duke, Jim Matthews, Rev.
to become the future home for his bride-to-be.               Joseph Byrd, Robert Beaver, Mrs. Ruth Byrd.
The bricks were hand-fired on the Henderson
property on Main Street. Mr. Conner fell ill just
after the framework was finished and work
completely stopped on the house. The house was
not finished until about the late 1890's. A family by
the name of McGhee provided room and board
from this house in 1906,for the workers
building the second track of the Chesapeake &
Ohio Railway. Mr. William McCallister secured the
property and his son, Cline made extensive
improvements in the early 1920's. Dr. H. A.
Erwin purchased the property for his residence.

   From November 27 to November 30, 1967, the
church raised $40,000 to pay off the indebtedness
of $15,000, to purchase the additional property and          loyally Dinner: W. R. "Bud" Counts, Jack King,
                                                             Mayo Lester, Everette Carter, 1967

                                                              Parking lot Dedication, Choir Directed by loAnne
Loyally Dinner: lack Gibson. Floyd Ramsey, Bud                Adkins, Rev. Joseph Byrd. Pastor. Members: Betty
Leadman. Rollie Mill. Phil Hyre, 1967                         Newsome. Peggy McClanahan. Phyllis Lovely
                                                              Collins, Janet King, Jackie Craigo, Norval Mallory,
                                                              Charles Duke. Allen Parrish. Ransford Ransom. Hilda
                                                              O’Dell. Eileen Holdren

Loyalty Dinner: E E. "Boots” Valentine. Dennis Gibson.
Darrell Allen, Harry Shanklin, Homer Canterbury. 1967.

                                                                            Kindergarten Graduation 1971

                                                                A kindergarten for five year olds was established and
                                                              taught by Mrs. Evelyn Hatfield, assisted by Mrs. Connie
                                                              Dawson, community residents. Graduation 1971.
          Parking Lot Dedication May, 1970

                                                                          Construction pictures follow:

NEW SANCTUARY GOING UP -- The congregation of
the Forrest Burdette Memorial United Methodist
Church in Hurricane h   opes to worship for the first
time in their new sanctuary in May -- certainly by mid-
year. Talking it over under the huge laminated
beams with construction foreman James Prince:
Mayo Lester, chairman of the church building
committee, John W. Chapman, who was present
when the first cornerstone was laid 60 years ago, and
the pastor, the Rev. Charles W. Hinkle. -- Daily Mail
Photo by Adrian Gwin.

   Rev. Charles Hinkle came to Hurricane in 1971
to "build a Church". The community was growing
and the church conference recognized that
leadership would be required to raise funds to build                      Dedication Held July 1,1974
a new sanctuary which would accommodate the                    modern life.
expected growth for the Hurricane church.
   In 1973, The original Forrest Burdette United                 The Building Committee was Mayo Lester, Burl
Methodist Church sanctuary was razed. The new                  Neely, Co-Chairmen, Robert P. Gregory, Samuel H.
construction included the church, a nursery, offices,          Holdren, Norval Mallory, R. Lyle Smith, Howard C.
narthex, basement with social hall, kitchen and                Smith and Clarence J. VanDyke.
restrooms. Estimated cost, $286,000. The Building
Fund Committee resigned to ask the 286 family
units for a $1,000 pledge.
   The contemporary design for the new sanctuary
speaks to all who enter and all who pass by that God
in Christ is at the heart of our contemporary society.
He remains the answer to the deepest needs of our

  In 1974-75, 415 members were reported on the               building fund. We are encouraged by what we see
minutes of the Charge Conference (December 30,               happening in our Church School. We can be
1974). Rev. Samuel Starling, Jr. was the Pastor.             thankful for the wealth of leadership potential we
                                                             have among our people, and for their willingness to
    From the Pastor's report: a volunteer secretarial        accept responsibilities of leadership. We do not sec
pool was established to assist with communications to        the numbers we remember from the "good old
the congregation.                                            days". However, we have a staff of dedicated
    Pastorial calls, visitation and counseling were          workers committed to Christ as well as to the
listed as priorities. Community religious survey was         children and adults of our church. That, coupled
conducted in co-operation with the Baptist and               with the power of the Spirit, must result in quality
Nazerene churches.                                           Christian education and spiritual growth.
    The 1975 (December 30) report listed 429                     Response to the cause of world hunger
members, an active Council on Ministries, church             continues to be most gratifying. The Council on
renewal seminar and a growing commitment in the              Ministries and the United Methodist Women are
congregation.                                                developing plans for dialogue with the people of
                                                             Ebenezer United Methodist Church which ministers
                                                             to many.

                                                                In 1978, the former Quails     -Hodges properly
                                                             located on Virginia Avenue was purchased with
                                                             five "Faith Partner Pledges" received for down
                                                             payment. The home became the parsonage. (The
                                                             property was originally a part of the Conner Family
                                                             farm. The house was built by Mr. and Mrs. Judd
                                                             Quails in 1906. Mr. and Mrs. Warren Hodges
                                                             purchased the property and house and remodeled
                                                             before selling to Forrest Burdette Church.)

              Rev. William D. Slates

                                                                      The New Parsonage on Virginia Avenue

Children's Time became “Very Special.” Included are:
David Danner, Holly Ferris, Tiffany Bennett, Bill
Alexander, Lee Simmons, Brian Andrews.

   From January, 1976 to December, 1978,
church membership grew to 469. Rev. William D.                           The Cross - A Special Memory
Slates was the Pastor.
   From the Pastor's report: Giving showed an
increase of 36% on the budget and 62% on the


    Reflecting on my ministry while at Forrest
Burdette, I will always be thankful for one of the
most unique times in my ministry. Serving in West
Virginia where we continue to experience a
declining economy with loss of population, it was
an opportunity to be a part of a situation where
there was phenomenal growth. New people were
moving into the community everyday. I often said
that all one needed to do was open the church
doors and the people rolled in. What a great
challenge and opportunity for evangelism and
proclaiming the Good News. There is none other
                                                                                 Rev. Bill Deel
like it in the West Virginia Conference.
    What was so rewarding to me was that the
                                                               In 1979, from the Charge Conference report,
people of Forrest Burdette were anxious and                  "Exciting is the word that describes my feelings
committed to meeting that challenge. I felt
                                                             about this church. All we need to do is raise our
surrounded and supported by a host of lay persons
                                                             visibility, continue to visit, and show people that we
equipped with a host of talents, gifts, and graces to        are a caring church, offer them programs that meet
meet, with effectiveness, the great opportunity that
                                                             their needs, and involve new members in the life of
God had placed in their midst.
                                                             the church."
   All that was symbolized for me one day when the             During these six years, the music ministry was
cross that hangs over the chancel of your
                                                             superb, the sanctuary debt was retired, additional
sanctuary arrived. It had been ordered for some
                                                             property for expansion was purchased and the
time, and the people had been anxiously awaiting             community was very much aware of the ministry of
its delivery. When it came, the church secretary
                                                             Forrest Burdette from the beginning of the
called some folks to tell them. As I remember the
                                                             Community Cupboard and a service to assist the
situation, that very day several came to the church,         jobless.
and what a thrill and a blessing we had as we
hoisted that beautifully crafted contemporary cross
into the air. There it hung, seemingly suspended in
air, speaking to us of our Christ who has been the
hope of all ages past, but is as contemporary as
the growing community where we were called to
minister in His name. I often think of that day!
    May God's richest blessings continue to be with
 you and the good people of Forrest Burdette
 Church. March 10,1991

   Note: The Bronze Cross which is hanging in the
Sanctuary was purchased by an insurance
endowment from Wade F. Hill, son of Mrs. Erma
McCann Hill, grandson of Mrs. Nannie McCann and
nephew of Mrs. Garnet McCann who regularly
attends Forrest Burdette Church today.
                                                                 Rev. Jan Oldham Tbornton, Associate Pastor
    From 1979 to 1985, Rev. Bill Deel served as
Pastor. Membership grew from 469 to 537 not                     Jan Oldham was hired as Director of Visitation
including preparatory members. Records were                  in 1980 and later served as Associate Pastor (in
updated to have an accurate accounting of member             1981). She later became a Pastor of the United
                                                             Methodist Church. A pre-school was opened for
                                                             three and four year-old children. Teachers and aids
                                                             were employed and a Board of Directors was

   In 1981, the budget increased 30%. The shepherding           of the Master Plan, renovation of the Christian
program was established and support for missionaries            Education Building and Asbury House, were
was initiated by the United Methodist Women. The                completed. (Phase I I , an addition to the
church received recognition from the United Methodist           sanctuary, and Phase I I I , administrative offices ,
Conference of West Virginia, Conference Church of               multipurpose building and prayer chapel were put
the Year.                                                       on hold.) Just Older Youth, JOY, (a retired person's
   A "Year 2000 Committee" was formed to                        fellowship) was inaugurated. Financial plight was
evaluate the future needs and direction of our                  recorded, suggesting leaders institute a serious
church. This committee evaluate d the many                      stewardship program.
possibilities for our future and developed a
consensus along with the congregation. This                       In the Pastor's report: The church has the
consensus was to remain at our present site,                    potential for becoming one of the great leaders of
secure additional property, and expand the                      this conference. All that is required is dedication and
facilities to meet future growth. The property                  hard work on the part of the congregation and
of Dakota Rice, to the east of the sanctuary,                   guidance and support by the district and the annual
was purchased for additional parking.                           conference. Given that support and reinforcement,
                                                                Forrest Burdette will move forward in God's Kingdom."
   Cris Wagoner was hired as Christian Education
Director in 1982. The church doubled its budget from
the previous four years.

   In 1983, Sunday School attendance increased due
to the excellent leadership in terms of resourcing and
training provided by Chris Wagoner." Additional
property, owned by Dr. Samuel Henson, was
purchased to be used for parking. The church hired
an architectural firm, Gandee, Thomas and Sprouse,                               1986 Cherub Choir
to prepare a 20-year master plan for development of
our facilities.

                                                                1986 Youth Choir: Leigh Anne & Bill Alexander, ?,
                                                                Susan Hyre, Robyn Marcum, Jennifer Litton, JoAlan
                                                                Erwin, Angela Ogle, Cynthia Hyre, Mitch Clendenin

The Samuel Henson property, owned previously by
Postmaster Griffith was purchased and retained as rental
property until October, 1987 when it was demolished.

    In 1984, Stewardship and reactivation of inactive
 membership were the emphasis programs. Sunday
 school attendance averaged 186, among the top six              JOY Fellowship: Carl & Mae Smith, Maxine Hunt, Sam
                                                                Holdren, Ruby Pullen, Harry & Margaret Shanklin
 in the conference. Renovation of the education
 facilities and Ashury House was undertaken.
   In 1985, Forrest Burdette was 50th in size in the
West Virginia Annual Conference but was 10th in
average attendance at Sunday Morning worship. Phase I

   From 1986 to 1989, Rev. Robert P. Johnson was                  A New Life Mission and an Adventure in
Ihc Pastor of the Charge. Membership increased from            Discipleship were conducted through the Board of
537 to 590. The Sunday School recorded over 200                Discipleship.
in average attendance.                                            A new church sign with the church's full name was
   The missionary support, early child education, JOY          made for the main church building.
program and Community Cupboard programs were                      Wednesday Night Live, a family program that
stressed.                                                      averaged about 100 in attendance, was begun and
   In 1987, "Flood Relief assistance was a priority.           much enjoyed.
The Age-Family Ministries group promoted                          Much of my ministry was spent in pastoral calling
Wednesday Night services for all age groups. A                 and counseling, 5,408 calls.
Singles Ministry, open to the community, was                      We are glad that God permitted us to pass that
organized                                                      way and to know some of the finest people in the world.
                                                                  My community involvement was the ministerial
                                                               association, the bicentennial steering committee, the
                                                               Adopt-A-Highway program, and the Hurricane
                                                               Planning Commission.
                                                                  May the CHURCH be blessed in its years to come.
                                                               August, 1990

Forrest Burdette Church Welcomed Bishop and Mrs.
William Boyd Grove and District Supt. and Mrs. loan
Bowyer in 1988 with a reception hosted by Rev. and
Mrs. Robert lohnson and the congregation.


  Alma and I were pleased to be a part of the history
                                                                               Alma and Robert P. Johnson
of Forrest Burdette Church. We felt that we were there
during a very significant part of the growth of the
church. Some say that the church was at the right
place at the right time. The church had a ministry                1989 to the present with Thomas J. Bickerton
focused on people. Forrest Burdette is a caring                as Pastor. In the 1989 Pastor's report, the
church that ministers to the community through the             estimated value of the church, Asbury House,
members.                                                       furnishings, land and equipment was $1,344,300;
   While we were there, 26 weddings and 25                     parsonage and property, $115,678. The total of full
funerals were conducted. There were 45 children,               and associate members was 645. The Year 2000
youth, and adults baptized. 165 persons were                   Committee was dissolved. The theme of the Church
received as members.                                           Conference was "What Would Christ Have Us to Do?"
   The church acquired the properties on either side
of the church, contributing greatly to its appearance             In 1990, membership totaled 693. From the Fall
and also its future possibilities. A van was purchased.        Planning Retreat, church leadership stressed the
A new heating & cooling system was installed at                statement, "The Mission of Forrest Burdette Memorial
the church and parsonage, making both much more                United Methodist Church is to unite the Body of Christ
comfortable. The pre-school playground was                     in a way that fulfills the spiritual needs of the
completed and the plans were well on the way for the           household of faith and leads others into the fellowship
garage to house the van and pastor's car.                      of God's love by: invitation and example, worship and
                                                               sharing, prayer and obedience, learning and nurturing,
                                                               and outreach to all."

  Members of the congregation celebrated 75                      A commemorative service to recognize long
years of caring ministry since the construction               standing members was held on the organizational first
of the Hurricane Methodist Episcopal Church,                  Sunday in June. From the 1920 and 30’s, Carl
South.                                                        Henderson, Gladys Henderson, Edith Easter Roberts,
                                                              Agnes Henderson, Hubert Ellis, Albert Woodworth,
   The 75th Anniversary Task Force, Karen Lilly,              Ruby Pullen, Alice Gibson, Beulah Kerns, Midge and
Chairperson, David Bobbitt, Grace Boggess, Harold             Chester Mynes were listed.
Crawford, Kim Dunlap, Linda Gihson, Carl and Agnes               Ladies of the church, Doris Clark, Garnet McCann,
Henderson, Joe McMillion, Earl Miller, Barbara and            designed a quilt with the first sanctuary and present
Steve Morrison, and Billie Saunders earnestly planned         sanctuary and the cross and flame, symbol of the
with the many work area committees to make the year           United Methodist Church. Jean Herman, Alice Gibson,
of 1990 a joyous Celebration of the past, present and         Evelyn Warner, and JoAnne Sovine helped with the
future.                                                       quilting of the outstanding wall hanging which was
                                                              presented to the church for display throughout the
   A local artist, Tony McCallister, was commissioned         year.
to design a commemorative seal which would depict
the church's growth since 1915. Tony McCallister
chose pictures of the church buildings during those
years and combined the structures within the logo to
impress the image upon the mind's eye, not only of the
physical growth but the spiritual growth within the

                                                              75 Years: Garnet McCann (left), JoAnne Sovine,
               75th Anniversary Logo                          Evelyn Warner, lean Herman, Alice Gibson and Doris
                                                              Clark bold the commemorative quilt.
    "Blasts from the Past" were written to inform the
congregation of the rich heritage of Forrest Burdette
Church and the community became aware of the
Celebration when the children's department planted a
marigold garden in the shape of 75 on the front lawn
of the church.                                                   Brenda Duke McBrayer wrote a drama presentation
                                                              for the combined Sunday School Classes and on
                                                              the week end of September 22-23, 1990,
                                                              members, friends, former pastors, favorite sons and
                                                              daughters and community well-wishers joined in a
                                                              celebration of games, music, food, stories, praying and
                                                                 Sunday morning services were led by Rev. Tomas J.
                                                              Bickerton, pastor, William D. Slates, Thomas W.
                                                              Schuler, Bill Donohoe, Harold Crawford, James
                                                              Burdette, former ministers and friends and Leo C.
                                                              Farley, Charleston District Superintendent.

                                                        Supt. Leo C. Farley          Rev. William D. Slater

   Rev. Thomas W. Schuler

                                            James Burdette

                                                             Tom Conley, Sherman Burlingame, David Shanklin,
                                                                             Pat McBrayer

“Tom in Jail”               “Tom in Pies”

Jean Herman, Bernice Sovine, Roberta Abbott,        Tom Davis, Darrell Black, Don Rowsey and
        Joan Bancroft, Edith Mangus                                Ted Black

                Carl Henderson
                 “Memories”               Agnes Henderson, Linda Swann,
                                         Alice Gibson “Happy 75th Birthday”

                                                        520 attended the services and dinner on the
                                                     grounds was served to 325 joyous persons
                                                     who were entertained by Don Rowsey and
                                                     Friends. After sharing cake and ice cream,
                                                     those present shared memories and witness of
                                                     75 years of loving and caring ministry.
                                        ORDER OF CELEBRATION
Sunday, September 23, 1990                                      The Sixteenth Sunday after Pentecost
                                                                                           11:00 a.m.
"God has been good to us and our church. Faithful ministers have stood at the sacred pulpit and
proclaimed the Gospel of Christ. Good laymen have carried the responsibility of the church in
matters of finance, teaching, and organization. Many of them have claimed their heavenly reward. In
the wake of their going, we who remain share the challenge of a great heritage. It is no small thing
to share the heritage of the people who call themselves Methodist." -Rev. Allen Parish (reprinted
from the Fiftieth Anniversary Yearbook, June 1965)
The Ringing of the Church Bell                                                             Bob Litton
The Prelude                                                                              Barbara Cole
The Lighting of the Altar Candles                                                            Acolytes
The Greetings and announcements
      -The Registration of Attendance
The Introit                                     "This is the Day"                                Choir
*The Call to Worship                                                                   Leader and People
(L): We have come today to celebrate the birthday of our church!
(P): We have gathered to celebrate the gift of ministry that has been ours for seventy-five years.
(L): We have come to celebrate God's grace that has guided us and to open ourselves to God's Spirit
        that it might fill us for our future.
(All): O God, help us to put our selfish desires aside and direct our thoughts to you, that your power
       might fill this church and our lives fully, just as it has filled churches and people throughout the
       ages. Teach us today to be YOUR church and YOUR people. Amen.
 The Opening Hymn of Praise              "O For a Thousand Tongues to Sing"                    No. 57
 The Prayer of Celebration (In Unison)
        Gracious God, the excitement and joy of this day surrounds us. How long we have prepared
  for this hour! Help us to remember that it is not our own doing that brings us here, but only your
  grace and love. Your love surrounded us in 1915 when our ministry in this place began. Your love
  has been present in your word and in the words and acts of others for seventy-five years now.
  Your love will guide us into our future as a church family. For this we give you thanks. Teach us
  to walk gently in your path of love, seeking justice, making peace, cherishing one another, and
  nurturing faith in all who enter our doors. Enliven our imagination that we might see through
  present challenges to future newness. Remind us of your presence, that we may truly celebrate
  this special occasion and, in turn, renew our commitment for our future in ministry. In joy we offer
  you our praise. Amen.
 The Children's Moments (as the Children come forward, let us sing "Jesus Loves Me")
 The Anthem                                    "Let Us Celebrate"                             Choir
                                            (Nancy Price & Don Besig)
There are roads that each of us must travel, though we may not be sure where they lead. But our Lord is
always there to guide us He will give us the confidence we need. We are bound together in His spirit, and
we know we are never alone. We have share His love and understanding, and our faith and fellowship have
grown. Let us celebrate, let us celebrate and give thanks to the Lord for showing us the way. Let us
celebrate let us celebrate, let us celebrate the journey which has led us here today. Though at times we
may have been discouraged, we have known that our god was always near. He has kept us strong in times
of trouble; He has helped us keep our purpose clear. From a dream we shared with one another, we have
traveled together to this place where God's love is everywhere around us, and we rest securely in His
grace. Let us celebrate, let us celebrate and give thanks to the Lord for showing us the way. Let us
celebrate, let us celebrate, let us celebrate the journey which has led us here today. But we know the
journey is not over, for the work of the Lord is never done. We will meet the challenge of tomorrow with our
hearts and voices joined as one! Let us celebrate, let us celebrate and give thanks to the Lord for showing
us the way. Let us celebrate, let us celebrate, let us celebrate the journey which has has led us here today!
Come, let us celebrate!

*The Gospel Lesson                                  Luke 24:44-55
*The Ritual of Friendship
The Epistle Lesson                                Philippians 1:3-27
The Sermon                           "Precious Memories and Heartfelt Dreams"           Rev. Bickerton
The Litany of Commitment                                                                 Leader and People
(L): Lord, you have never waited for us to become perfect before showing us the measure of your love, or     commissioning
(P): We dare to believe you are always calling us to a new venture; pointing us to new
        horizons in ministry, and will never cease to do so.
(L): This is a task Lord, we cannot do alone; we need you as our guide, and the love of each other.
(P): On this occasion of our seventy-fifth anniversary as a church family, we therefore claim
       the privilege of committing ourse lves anew to your service.
(L): With your help we will hear one another's burdens, and love our neighbor as ourself.
(P): We will accept disappointment and frustration, opposition and rejection, and not lose
(L): We will love your world as you love it, bring friendship into our work, and courage into our
(P): We will bring freshness into our homes, excitement into our studies, and adventure into
         our church.
(L): Create in us a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within us. Stir into flame the gifts you
         have given, and the faith to use them without reserve.
(P): As your disciples make us know the freedom to move into the unknown and the
         untried, to see the opportunities of the new day, and to serve our present age with
         compassion, imagination, and courage.
*The Hymn                                   "Blessed Assurance"                           No. 369
The Baptismal Covenant                                                                     No. 33
The Reception of New Members
The Joys and Concerns of the Community
The Pastoral Prayer
The Lord's Prayer (In Unison)
The Sharing of Our Gifts
The Offertory Bill Warden
*The Doxology                   "Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow"                   No. 95
*The Invitation to Christian Discipleship
*The Hymn of Invitation                 "God of the Ages”                                   No. 698
*The Benediction                                                          Tune: EDELWEIS
  May the Lord, mighty God, bless and keep you forever. Grant you peace, perfect peace, courage
  in every endeavor. Lift up your eyes and seek his face, and his grace forever. May the lord,
  mighty God, bless and keep you forever.
  Bless, O Lord, as we part, f i l l us with joy and thanksgiving. May our hearts, flow with peace,
  ready to serve and obey you. Friendship and peace may they bloom and grow, bloom and grow
  forever. Bless us now, bless our friends, bless a l l people forever. Amen.
*The Postlude                                                     Barbara Cole
                                            (* - Congregation Standing)

                                          OUR LEADERSHIP TEAM
       The Accompanist: Barbara Cole
       The Special Music: Bill Warden
       The Acolytes: Heather Wyatt & Mary Casey O'Dell
       The Greeters: Don & Carol Rowsey, Joanne & Bob Sovine, & Jan Rowsey (Backdoor)
       The Infant Nursery: Laura Tarvin
       The Toddler Nursery: Debbie Cunningham
       The Lay Leader: Harold Crawford
       The Secretary: Carol Kessler
       The Liturgists: Former Pastors and Friends
       The District Superintendent: Rev. Leo C. Farley
       The Pastor: Reverend Thomas J. Bickerton
       The Ministers: The Congregation

                                              OUR ATTENDANCE
                                                (Week Of August 19)
        Early Worship (8:30): 58
        Mid-morning Worship (11:00): 316
        Sunday School: 198
        Sunday Night Worship: 48
        Wednesday Study: 55

                                           ABOUT TODAY'S HYMNS
No. 57 O For a Thousand Tongues to Sing
  Among the most celebrated of Charles Wesley's texts, traditionally the first hymn in our hymnals, it has
become Methodism's "anthem." It proclaims God's saving grace and invitation to Christian disciple-ship, and it
is Charles Wesley's personal testimony, written on the first anniversary of his own heartwarming experience in
No. 369 Blessed Assurance
   Fanny Crosby, the blind nineteenth century gospel hymn writer, wrote over 8,000 texts. One day Fanny's
friend, Phoebe P. Knapp, composed a tune and played it for Fanny. Immediately Crosby said that the tune
suggested the words "Blessed Assurance, Jesus is mine" and within a short time she had completed the text.
Blessed Assurance is one of the ten most popular hymns among United Methodists. It was written in 1873.
No. 698 God of the Ages
   Written for the centennial of the United States on July 4, 1876, Daniel C. Robert's text, originally with the first
line "God of our Fathers" has become one of the most loved national hymns. It is a prayer for safekeeping
and righteousness with the beginning and ending notably acknowledging God as leader.

If you are a visitor at Forrest Burdette Church today, we greet you in Christian joy and love.
Thank you for coming to worship with us t h i s morning. As we continue to share the joy of
God's love each week, we invite you to journey with us! As sisters and brothers in the faith,
WELCOME to God's house and our home of worship!

                                                 THANK YOU!
  There are always many appropriate occasions for the church to celebrate jobs that are well done. This is
one of those days. Special thanks are expressed to Karen Lilly, Chairperson of the 75th Anniversary Task
Force for her tireless efforts and special attention to the smallest of details. Sincere thanks is also expressed
to the each of the 75th Anniversary Task Force Members for their faithful participation and suggestions. Also,
a special thank you goes to Nancy Connelly, Chairperson, and all the members of the Age-Level & Family
Ministries Committee who organized yesterday's activities. We also express thanks to our United Methodist
Women for coordinating today's meal. Last, but not least by any means, we wish to thank all of you who made
significant contributions to make today's service and celebration a success. From table setters to stage toters,

from actors to singers, from grass cutters to hedge trimmers, from cleaners to musicians, from bulletin stuffers
to door knockers, we simply say thank you from the bottom of our heart. There are quite simply, too many of
you to mention for fear of leaving someone out. But please accept our heartfelt thanks for a super job and a
terrific contribution to a very memorable day.

                The Future of Forrest Burdette

   From the Pastor's report in 1991, over 100
persons were involved in a DISCIPLE weekly Bible
Study, two additional staff persons were hired. Rev.
Charlie Thompson, Associate Pastor, and Becky
Bickerton, Program Director. A second morning
service was initiated at 8:30 a.m. Average attendance
for morning worship was over 400 and Sunday School,
235. Church membership grew to 772. Forrest
Burdette Memorial Church was suffering from "growing
pains". Pastor Tom stated. "I don't ever want any of our
growing pains to stand in the way of our wonderful
opportunity to be the church that God called us to
be,...not any of them! All I pray for daily is that Forrest
Burdette Church might focus itself not on the minor
issues, but on the BIG picture and to become the kind                                Thomas J. Bickerton
of church that was present in the days of the New
Testament, a church that "with great Power.....gave their          experienced twelve presidents and literally thousands of
testimony to the resurrection of the Lord Jesus, and great         innovations and developments. As a church, over the
grace was upon them all." (Acts 3:33)".                            past seventy-five years, we have experienced three
                                                                   different buildings, thirty-two pastors, and hundreds of
                                                                   fellow Christians. Seventy-five years is truly quite a long
   In 1992, a committee, Vision 2020, was appointed to             time.
discuss the growth of the church, the programming and                  And yet, it's really only a beginning. Much has been
future expansion required for the ongoing of the                   accomplished in the name of Jesus Christ in this place.
ministry of Forrest Burdette Memorial United Methodist             Converts have been won, buildings have been built,
Church. The Vision 2020 committee includes: Merrild                programs have been established. Yet, the Holy Spirit
Hoover (1994), Chairperson; Clarence Woodworth                     continues to blow it's mighty breath of life into this
(1993), Facilities Sub-committee Chairperson; John                 place, calling us to win new souls, build new
Call, James Martin, John Giles, Joe McMillion (1993),              buildings, and continue reaching out with programs
Leonard McCoy, Lea Ann Hunt, Jennie Counts (1994);                 that minister to the people of this wonderful area. One of
Becky B i c k e r t o n (1993) Program Sub-committee               the greatest gifts our Lord has given us is the gift of
Chairperson, Debbie Rexrode, Gloria McCane, Monty                  looking back and learning from our history. One of the
Vickers, Carol Miller (1993); Nathan McBrayer (1993)               greatest challenges before us as disciples is to use that
Philosophy/Goals Sub-committee Chairperson, Joe                    history as we walk boldly into the future in Christ's
Schock (1993), Rob Proffitt, Don Kinneer, Betty Wilson,            name. This book represents the heart of Forrest
Suzy Richardson, E. E. Valentine, Julie Cramer, Jack H.            Burdette Memorial United Methodist Church: it's people.
Gibson, Larry Wagner (1994).                                       Through the faith, witness, and hard work of it's people,
                                                                   Forrest Burdette continues to be a vital, growing
                                                                   church. Through the presence of the Holy Spirit that
  The goals of t hi s committee include a
                                                                   binds us together in Christian love, we call ourselves a
comprehensive plan for the ministry of Forrest Burdette
                                                                   church family. Through the commitment and dedication
Memorial United Methodist Church into the twenty-first
                                                                   of the people of Forrest Burdette, we will continue our
                                                                   call to be a faithful community of word and witness.
                                                                       I'm proud to have the opportunity to be your pastor.
FROM REV. TOM                                                      More than that though, I'm thrilled to have the
                                                                   opportunity to continue our journey together as
Seventy-five years is quite a long time when you                   Christians into the twenty-first century in the name of
begin to think about it. It encompasses two World                  Jesus Christ our Lord.
Wars and at least three other military conflicts. It has               The journey continues.....

    HURRICANE METHODIST EPISCOPAL                            Entering the Ministry, by way of Forrest
            CHURCH SOUTH                                 Burdette United Methodist Church are the
Sept.         Sept.1906    B. M. Keith
Sept.1908     Sept.1909    J. B. F. Yoak                       Francis Kiff, early 1940's, United Brethren
Sept.1909     Sept.1910    Arden P. Keyser
Sept.1910     Sept.1911    Subscribed                              Irvin Conner, 1942, United Methodist
Sept.1911     Sept.1912    M. C. Johnson
Sept.1912     Sept.1913     J. J. McKinnin                      Darrell Sovine, during 1950*s, Church of God
Sept.1913     Sept.1914    Edgar P. Billups
Sept.1914     Sept.1917    B. B. Lambert                      Jan Oldham Thornton, 1982, United Methodist
Sept.1917     Sept.1918    Orpha R. Casto
Sept.1918     Nov. 1918    O. M. Ball                               Leo Pauley, 1983, United Methodist

     FORREST BURDETTE MEMORIAL                                      Mike Amory, 1983, United Methodist
          CHURCH SOUTH                                           James Burdette, 1986, United Methodist

Nov. 1918     Sept. 1920   O. M. Ball                             James Dumire, 1987, United Methodist
Sept. 1920    Sept. 1921   Harry F. King
Sept. 1921    May 1922     A. L. Burgreene
May 1922      Sept. 1922   Sherwood W. Funk
Sept. 1922    Nov. 1923    Austin A. Hollister                         The Sunday School Ministry
Nov. 1923     Sept. 1924   J. E. Wright and                              of Forrest Burdette
                           C. D. Harsh
Sept. 1924    Sept. 1925   Sherwood W. Funk                  John Wesley was a constant and determined enemy
 Sept. 1925   Sept. 1926   J. L. Layne                   of ignorance. Long before his experience of the warm
Sept. 1926    Sept. 1927   Wilbert A. O'Dell             heart, he knew the meaning of a trained mind. The
Sept. 1927    Sept. 1928   C. H. Rayl                    first eleven years of his life were spent in a school his
Sept. 1928    Sept. 1929   B. Elmo Kelly                 mother established in their home for her many children.
Sept. 1929    Sept. 1930   E. B. Spears                      Not only did Susanna Wesley teach her children the
Sept. 1930    Sept. 1931   Okey Summers                  educational subjects, she also set apart an hour each
Sept. 1931    Sept. 1934   Fred Oxendale                 week when she would meet with each child alone for
Sept. 1934    Sept. 1936   Isaac N. Fannin               prayer and religious instruction. Thus, John Wesley
Sept. 1936    Sept. 1937   Owen E. Mercer                grew up relating religion and education. For him,
Sept. 1937    Sept. 1939   H. L. Phillips                there was never any conflict between the two.
Sept. 1939    Sept. 1940   James D. Bell                     Wesley promoted and planned studies for his
                                                         preachers, literature for the masses of people and the
                                                         development of the Sunday School.
      FORREST BURDETTE MEMORIAL                              In 1983, in United Methodist Churches, there were
       UNITED METHODIST CHURCH                           138,730 Sunday Schools with 4,068,179 enrolled. This
                                                         constitutes both teaching and evangelistic
Sept. 1940 Sept. 1945      Holly O. Shamblin             opportunities. Many Methodists were carried to
Sept. 1945    Sept. 1948   Ralph T. McCord               Sunday School as (Cradle Roll) babies. Children grew up
Sept. 1948    June 1952    Ottie S. Donahoe              with the feeling of belonging. Before learning to read,
June 1952     June 1957    Ira M. Mentz                  the basic principles of the Christian faith were instilled
June 1957     June 1961    Thomas W. Schuler, Jr.        and children considered themselves to be Christian,
June 1961     June 1965    Allen H. Parrish              never questioning any other way.
June 1965      June 1971   Joseph P. Byrd                    The educational process goes on throughout one's
June 1971     June 1974    Charles Hinkle                life in the Methodist Church. The church school is
June 1974     June 1976    Samuel Starling               concerned about every age, not only children.
June 1976     June 1979    William D. Slates
June 1979     June 1986    Bill Deel
June 1986     June 1989    Robert P. Johnson
June 1989     June         Thomas J. Bickerton

    Methodism has a very effective program for Youth,            were recognized for the week. The children would give a
(M.Y.F.) Methodist Youth Fellowship, formerly known as           penny for each year in the offering plate on the alter
Epworth League.                                                  and the "Ladies" usually dropped in a dollar, safe-
   An important emphasis today is on "Singles",                  guarding the telling of their age. The members
especially in metropolitan areas, where there are very           would share reports of sickness or need within the
large numbers of single young adults. This group is an           church or community.
important part of any church program. Couples'                        There were "special" events throughout the year:
classes, for both younger and older couples, are given                1. The Children's Day program held one Sunday in
much attention. There are inter-generational                     June. (The children and teachers held the worship
groupings. And in United Methodist Church Schools                service.)
loving attention is given to Senior Citizens' groups.                 2. The annual Summer Picnic attended by all of the
The educational process covers the entire lifespan and           classes in one of the nearby fields under the shade of
the United Methodist Church never gives up on the                the beautiful trees. After filling the body with fried
impossible task—the perfection of human character.               chicken, country ham, potato salad, deviled eggs,
   Charles L. Allen: "Meet The Methodist"                        pickles, rolls, green beans, com on cob, custard, apple
                                                                 and raisin pie, chocolate and coconut cake and
                                                                 lemonade (sometimes watermelon); then participating in
     From the 1911 records, the Sunday School was                games and stories for all ages; the soul was satisfied
mentioned as being active in the Hurricane Methodist             with prayer and songs (from "Farmer In The Dell",
Episcopal Church South Charge; however, not having a             "My Bonnie" to "Amazing Grace").
church building, the Sunday School met with the                       3. The Easter Egg Hunt for the Children.
Baptists as a "Union Sunday School".                                  4. The Christmas program and a treat from Santa
     After the Methodist Church was completed in 1915, an        was always a special time. Each class presented a
 organized Sunday School was held weekly.                        little play or musical celebrating Christmas. The young
     Many of the members remember, as children, being            people and adults would present a "special play".
lifted up to grasp the bell rope and "riding" down to            Santa would visit, call each child's name to come
the floor of the vestibule entrance of the little white          forward with eyes sparkling. One Superintendent was
church, hearing the bell call the hour for worship.              remembered remarking that he would like to be
Cards with the picture of Jesus on the front and a Bible         Superintendent all of the days of his life, just for the
story on the back were given to the smaller children. A          moments of Christmas.
"study quarterly" was presented to the children as                    In 1923-24, enrollment reached 100 in Sunday
they became older and were promoted. Memories                    School and by 1929-1930, the enrollment was 130,
have been shared of the "Young Peoples Class", the               with average attendance of 75.
"Young Married Class" and the "Ladies" or the "Mens"                 Some of the earliest teachers were: Mr. Tom
Bible Class which signified the "Golden Years". Each             Harbour, Forrest Burdette, Mrs. C. H. Kent, Mrs. Gene
week, of each year, was significant and an event                 Ford, Mrs. Harriet Roberson, Mrs. Edith Hall, Mrs.
"looked forward to".                                             Elizabeth Roberman, Mrs. Edith Easter Roberts, Mr.
     From 1915 until 1936, Sunday School classes were            Ed Rappold, Mrs. C. M. Woodworth, Mrs. Ora Faulkner
 held in the one room church. A typical service was as           and Rev. Mitchell (a Baptist but loved as Methodist).
 follows: The Superintendent opened the service by
 ringing the church bell. The Song Leader announced
 the opening hymn which was followed by prayer. The
 subject of the lesson was announced and classes were
 dismissed to their appointed class section within the
      Primary Class—2 to 6 year olds—left front pew
               6 to 9 year olds—next pews behind
               10 to 12 years old—back pew on left
               12 to 14 years old—right front pews
               15 to 20 years old—next pews behind
               Young Marrieds——center pews
               Bible Classes— rear of church
     The arrangement was changed from time to time.
     At about 10:45, the Superintendent would ring a               1920’s, Erma McCann Hill, Mrs. Ford with Son, Nannie
little bell to call all the classes together for closing           McCann, Lynn “Buck:: McCann, Mrs. Stover. Front:
exercise at which time, the Secretary would announce               Georgie Ellis, Tom Harbour.
the attendance, the offering and the weather. Birthdays

   In 1936, the congregation of Liberty Methodist
Church united with Hurricane and the Liberty
church was moved into town to provide more class
room space for the Sunday School. One side of the
building was "curtained off". There was a kitchen
stove for church dinners, even though water had to
be carried from Mrs. Taylor's next door. The class
meetings and Epworth League meetings were also
held in the new addition.
   Through the years, the Sunday School of Forrest
Burdette Church has continued to grow. The
message has been "Tell Them of Jesus". The
Educational Building was constructed in 1954 to
provide additional class rooms and activity space.
  Today, in the '90's, attendance has reached 298
in 19 Sunday School Classes. The cry is heard for
"More Room". God will not leave His "believing"
people without "provision". Did he not provide Israel
with manna?
  The following have served as Sunday School
Superintendents: (Note that records have not been
                                                                     Circuit-Riding Preacher Visits Hurricane
available to substantiate all the time span.)
                                                                        Hurricane Breeze, March 31,1966

    1914-1915          C. H. Hunt
                                                                The Twentieth Century Circuit Rider, the Rev.
    1915-1917          Forrest G. Burdette
                                                             Sidney Dillinger, will be riding horseback through
    1918-1919          Ben Kiff
                                                             Hurricane on Friday, April 8, on his way to Baltimore,
    1920               Susie Hall
                                                             Maryland, and the celebration of the 200th anniversary of
    1921-1924          Carl A. Henderson
                                                             the founding of American Methodism. His schedule will
    1925-1926          George C. Sowards
                                                             include a speaking engagement at a family covered
    1927-1928          Ben Kiff
                                                             dish dinner at 6:30 p.m. at the Forrest Burdette Memorial
    1929-1934          William Black
                                                             Methodist Church. At 7:45 a.m. he will deliver a brief
    1935-1938          J. E. Billups
                                                             Holy Communion Meditation and participate in
    1939-1943          Carl A. Henderson
                                                             administration of the Lord's Supper.
    1944               K. O. Judy
                                                                  "Saddlebags East" is the theme designated for this
    1947-195?          Buryl Neeley
                                                             project involving a group of 12 Methodist ministers
    1963-1965          Homer Canterbury
                                                             selected from 128 volunteers who are riding horseback
    1975-1977          Tene Barcroft
                                                             from different Methodist historical points in the United
    1979               Lois Brewer
                                                             States to the celebration to be held April 21-24 in
    1980               Joan Henson
                                                             Baltimore, Maryland. The theme will be "Forever
    1981               Clarence Woodworth
                                                             Beginning," which will include some Methodist history
    1982-1983          Tene Barcroft
                                                             but will also consider the Vital Issues Facing the
    1984-1986          Cynthia Woodworth
                                                             Christian Church Today.
    1987               Gale Thompson/Joe Wyatt
                                                                  Mr. Sidney Dillinger, a Methodist minister from
    1988-1989          Gale Thompson
                                                              McCracken, Kansas, began his travel from McKendree
    1990-1992          James Swann
                                                              Chapel near Cape Girardeau, Missouri, leaving there
                                                              on March 18 with his arrival schedule in Baltimore on
                                                              April 20. The 1,000 mile trip is being made on his
                                                              four-year-old pure-blood Morgan gelding, "Chester." He
                                                              will be the guest of Rev. and Mrs. Byrd and his horse
                                                              will be cared for by Jack Saunders.

The History of Women of Forrest Burdette                      missionary service. Throughout the world, wherever
                                                              there is a United Methodist Church, you may be sure
    Our heritage goes back to the Women o the       f         the women are there too. Caring for the entire
Tomb. To those grieving, yet believing women, to              population, especially the women and children,
those frightened, yet hope-filled women, who found            missionaries are building schools, teaching, nursing,
the risen Lord and became the first witnesses of              doctoring, instructing the women of the tribes and
the resurrection.                                             villages in new and better methods in caring for their
    Our heritage includes women who founded and               families, improvements for their diets, sanitation,
led Christian communities in the first centuries of           conservation of water and producing food from their
the church, who nurtured the faith and the faithful in        own gardens.
their homes, who left country and culture and                     The early women had "Bible Readers". Women
language to bring the Gospel to far-away places.              went into the homes and read to the family and taught
    Our heritage includes women of faith who lived            them to read the Bible.
and still live in the strength of the resurrection.               Women's Home Missionary Society of the Methodist
   Our overseas missions were one of the                      Episcopal Church was organized in 1880. (In 1878,
strongest factors leading to the formation of the             the Women's Foreign Missionary Society was
Woman's Foreign Missionary Society. The country               organized by the Methodist Episcopal Church, South
which stands out in the early history of this                 and in 1890, the Women's Home Missionary Society.)
movement is India. India, in southeast Asia, has                 The Methodist Protestant Church organized the
been linked intimately with the United States United          Women's Foreign Missionary Society in 1879 and in
Methodist Church for about a century and a half.              1893, they, too, organized a Women's Home
   The first missionaries in the Methodist Episcopal          Missionary Society.
 Church who arrived in India in 1857, were Dr.                    In 1910, the two Societies of the Southern Church
 William Butler and his wife, Clementina Rowe                 became known as Women's Missionary Council. ln
 Butler. Mrs. Butler played an outstanding role in            1939, upon unification of the three branches of the
 taking up the cause of the deprived women of                 Methodist Church, the women's mission group became
 India. Clementina Butler was one of the light                the Woman's Society of Christian Service Wesleyan
 courageous women who founded the Women's                     Service Guild.
 Foreign Missionary Society in 1869]

   Two other pioneer women followed: Miss Isabella               In 1968, the name was changed to the Women's
Thoburn and Dr. Clara Swain. The Power of God led             Society of Christian Service Wesleyan Service Guild
three    women and a great many others in                     United Methodist Church. And, in 1972, with the
missionar                                                     unification

unification of the United Methodist Church and
Evangelical United Brethren Church, the name was
changed to United Methodist Women.
    The earliest date which would indicate organized
women's work in our area, is a program bulletin of the
Twenty-seventh Annual Session of the Women's
Missionary Society of the Methodist Church, South
held at the Nighbert Memorial Church, Logan, West
Virginia in 1938.
    Before that time, the women's group was known as
"The Ladies Aid Society". The Hurricane Church also,
had a little club called the "Stitch and Chatter" club.
The members were: from the two churches, Baptist and
Methodist. Among the members remembered were:
Lena Stover, Jean Wilkerson, Lula Withrow, Anna
Woodworth, Edith Easter Roberts, Wilmoth Rumbaugh,
Annie Erwin, Elizabeth Roberman, Armazetta Hodge,                 Departing for Jackson's Mill, 1985, Brenda McBrayer,
Laura Riddle, Artie Sovine, Grace Burdette, Mary Kirtley,         Chris Wagoner, Helen King, Malinda Shanklin (1992
                                                                  President). Second row: Hilda O’Dell, Karen Lilly, Jennie
Marie Easter, Flora Fannin and Nannie Conner. These
                                                                  Counts, Diana Skeens, Helen Crawford, Charlene Carter,
ladies would meet to make quilts, tack rug strips to be           JoAnne Sovine, Vicki Jarvis. Third row: Carol Rowsey,
loomed into rugs to be sold to help meet the churches'            Marion Howell Cottrell. In van: Mary Hill, Billie Saunders.
expenses. They, also, repaired donated clothing to be
given to those families in the community who might be in
    The quarterly conference reports indicate that the                The women have followed the examples of those
Hurricane Church had a very active Ladies Missionary              early women in that they used their time and talents to
Society as early as 1913-1914, reporting their great              further the cause of Christ. Following the example of
efforts in raising money for the church to be built.              Priscilla, of the first century church, they have used
After it's completion in 1915, they worked tirelessly to          their gifts for writing and witnessing and like Phoebe,
help "pay off the debt", to develop their Society to be an        whose ministry of service was an inspiration for all
outreach branch of the Church in the Community, the               deaconesses, have used the gift of teaching, singing
Conference, and to contribute to the Foreign Mission              and nurturing through the ages to further God's
Program.                                                          kingdom, making a great experience in walking with
    The women of Forrest Burdette United Methodist                Christ.
Women have, from their beginning, played a great role in              As early as 1910 the Ladies Aid Society has been
the life of the church, teaching the children's and               mentioned as "doing fine work". No record as been
adult Sunday School classes, planning projects to raise           found about the leaders of these women but the
money for the needs of the church, (purchasing                    Pastor's Reports acknowledged the "outstanding
literature, study books, kitchen equipment, sound                 efforts" in raising money for the church building
equipment for the sanctuary, hymnals, carpet, paving              completed in 1915.
for the alley, alter furnishings, parsonage furnishings,             In 1940-41, minutes verify the organization of the
and much more), or sending food and clothing to the               Women's Society of Christian Service under the
coal fields of West Virginia during the coal field war of         direction of Rev. Holly O. Shamblin with Mrs.
the 1920's, contributing to Amherst Settlement in the             William Black serving as president.
1930's, as well as, to Scott's Run Settlement in the                  From 1941 to 1945, Mrs. C. M. Woodworth,
1970's and 80's, the Beckley Child Care Center and                president, led the women in an "unusual amount of
around the world, supporting students and missionaries.           work for the Red Cross war effort", collecting relief
    The women have attended Schools of Missions,                  items for displaced persons and sending boxes of
 Spiritual Life Retreats and workshops to better prepare          supplies to Amherstdale.
 themselves to bring the message of our Lord to the
 congregation of the church and to those who are met in
 the daily walk of this Life.

   From that time, the following women have served as                 8. Christmas gifts for Scotts Run.
president: (Again, as record allows.)                                 9. Collected bedding and clothes for the
                                                                         Welfare Department.
     1945-46         Mrs. Carl Smith                                  10. 8 patients at Barboursville State Hospital
     1946-48         Mrs. Thelma Sovine Wise                              were remember on special days.
     1948-49         Mrs. Edith Easter Roberts                        11. $1,370.00 spent on local church projects.
     1949-51         Mrs. Thomas Hall                                 12. 100% in the 9 points of Giving for Dist.
     1962-63         Mrs. Carol Rowsey
     1965-66         Mrs. Bertha Krenzin
     1969-70         Mrs. Karen Lilly
     1971-72         Mrs. Janet Fisher
     1973-74         Mrs. Helen King
     1976-77         Mrs. Gertrude Graham
     1977-78         Mrs. Ann Durham
     1980-81         Mrs. Ginger Davis
     1981-82         Mrs. Opal Ransom
     1983-84         Mrs. Vicki Jarvis
     1984-85         Mrs. Pat Burlingame
     1985-86         Mrs. Diana Harkins
     1986-89         Mrs. Helen Crawford
     1990-91         Mrs. Linda Gibson
     1992            Mrs. Malinda Shank lin

   NOTE: A letter dated June 2, 1957, from Mrs. C.
                                                                Christmas Meeting, Circle #3, 1988, at the home of
M. Woodworth to Mrs. Thelma Sovine stated that:
                                                                Mrs. Edith Mangus. Front: Helen King, Alma
"The circles, to empty their treasuries, bought four new        Johnson. Linda Gibson, Charlene Carter, Joey Crace.
tables for the social hall and a dozen each, knives,
                                                                Back row: Edith Mangus, Frances Capp, Delores
forks and tables poons. (Queen Bess pattern) We save
                                                                Price, Myrtle McCane, Marion Howell Cottrell, Hilda
General Mills coupons. Over a thousand dollars                  O’Dell, Carol Rowsey, Alice Gibson, Frances Gibson,
passed through my accounts for missions and local
                                                                Helen Crawford, President, United Methodist Women.
activities the past year. Please do not think I am
bragging but humbly think it is grand for our 75
                                                                  1991:1. Increased membership to 84 members.
                                                                     2. 2 women attended School of Missions.
                                                                     3. 28 women attended Spiritual Life Retreat.
   In order that future members will know of the
                                                                     4. Increased reading program & purchased new
work of the United Methodist Women in the recent
past, examples of two years follow:
                                                                     5. Supported Lucy Gray, student from Liberia,
                                                                        sending her $50.00 per month for expenses.
   1976: 1. Pledged $600.00 to Conference Missions,
                                                                     6. Sent $1,200.00 through Conference for relief in
          paid $767.46.
       2. $100.00 Emergency Fund was established and                    Liberia in name of Lucy Gray.
          made available to Dept. of Welfare.                        7. Clothes and additional $300.00 to Lucy Gray for
      3. 15 shawls made and delivered to Morris                         college supplies.
          Memorial Nursing Home.                                     8. Supported W Va Conference of United
      4. 100 toboggans made for needy children.                         Methodist Women through pledges, special
      5. Filled 100 Christmas stockings for needy                       mission recognitions, gifts in memory and World
         children.                                                      Thank Offering.
      6. Christmas gifts for 22 needy children.                      9. Supported Church Women United.
      7. $175.00 for layette items for Scotts Run                    10. Filled food baskets for needy at Thanksgiving.
         Settlement House.                                           11. Purchased books throughout the year for
                                                                        needy children at Christmas.

       12. Filled Christinas bags with persona] items for
         Dept. of Human Services elderly shut-ins.
       13. Christmas party for foster care persons.
       14. Supported minister in training with financial
   Through the years, the women have established
annual projects (Easter Eggs, Craft Fairs, and the
famous Turkey Dinner) as well as special events in
support of the local church, community and world

                                                                  1988 Turkey Dinner.   Frances Gibson, Karen Lilly,
                                                                  JoAnne Sovine

1989 Easter Eggs: Opal Ransom (above), Alma
Johnson & Linda Gibson (below.

                                                                          1986 Christmas Bazaar, Joan Mullins

                                                                    The United Methodist Women have as their purpose:
                                                                 "That they shall be m community of women whose
                                                                 purpose is to know God and to experience freedom
                                                                 as whole persons through Jesus Christ; to develop a
                                                                 creative, supportive fellowship; and to expand
                                                                 concepts of mission through participation in the
                                                                 global ministries of the church."

   The United Methodist Women of Forrest Burdette
United Methodist Church will, in a few short yean, be
celebrating their first century. There are women in our            Elizabeth Roberman: As you left your room this
midst, with immeasurable reservoirs of potential that             morning, did you think to pray..........
have barely been touched. Our responsibility is to
support and encourage their rightful places in life.                Hazel Racer "Give thanks for all things unto God."
                                                                  Ephesians 5:20

                                                                    Susie Goldschmidt: The fear of the Lord is the
                                                                  beginning of knowledge.....".Proverbs 1:7

                                                                    Mae Smith: Train up a child in the way he should go:
                                                                  and when he is old, he will not depart from it." Proverbs

                                                                    Annie Cremeans: "Let us hold fast the profession of
                                                                  our faith without wavering....." Hebrews 10:22

                                                                    Alice Hall. Opal Leake. Wilma Bush: The Lord is My
                                                                  Shepherd; I shall not want .."Psalm 23

1958 Mission Study Program. Front: Opal Ransom, Babe                Beulah Kerns: "Let your light so shine before men, that
Bennett, Back: Clarice Bayliss, Joann Sovine, Billie              they may see your good works, and glorify your Father
Saunders, JoAnn Adkins.
                                                                  which is in heaven." Matthew 5:16

    The future education of our children and youth lies in          Laveda Coyner: "Blessed are the pure in heart, for
our hands. As teachers, parents, educators,                       they shall see God." Matthew 5:8
counselors, principals, concerned individuals, we must
be committed to the philosophy that education of the
mind , heart and spirit enables all persons to become
all they are capable of becoming.
   We, United Methodist Women, pray God will give the
gift of imagination and the courage to truly live, to help
us see the immeasurable possibilities in one another
and realize the potentials within ourselves. As we
commit ourselves to His service, may we also
commit our lives anew to each other.

   On May 17, 1977, the ANNA WOODWORTH
CIRCLE prepared the program for the annual Mother-
Daughter Banquet. The following is a Potpourri of
Verse which was called the "spiritual food",
sustaining the members of this circle down through the
years:                                                            1967, Circle #1, Row #1: Suzie Goldschmidt, Nancy
  Anna Woodworth: Break Thou the bread of life,                   Allen, Anna Woodworth, Sally Burns, Dortha Black, Mrs.
                Dear Lord, to Me,                                 C. O. Smith. Row 2: Ruth Byrd, Laveda Coyner,
                As Thou didst break the loaves                    Augusta Burns, Douglas Coyner, Alice Hall, Opal Leake,
                Beside the sea;                                   Mrs. Bush. Row 3: Hazel Racer, Rev. Joseph Byrd, Mae
                Beyond the sacred page                            Smith, child, Debbie Browning.
                I seek Thee, Lord;
                My spirit pants for Thee,
                O Living Word.

  Allie Coyner: I think when I read the sweet story
               of old.                                                         The History of Methodist Men
             When Jesus was here among men,
             How He called little children as                           The United Methodist Men have been an active part of
                lambs to His fold,                                  the church for many years, however, records are not
             I should like to have been with                        available to give a date of it's beginning. It is known that
                them then.                                          the United Methodist Men sponsored the Boy Scouts
(Miss Allie was the Cradle Roll Lady.)                              in 1955. Dennis Gibson and Kinsman E. Boso were two
                                                                    of the early Presidents.
  Maude Deskins: "In all thy ways acknowledge him, and
 He shall direct thy paths." Proverbs 3:6

  Sallie Bums: Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and
lean not unto thine own understanding." Proverbs 3:5

  Nannie Sowards: These things I command you, that
 ye love one another." John 15:17

  Dorothy Black: "Oh, what peace, we oft en forfeit.
  Oh, what needless pain we bear,
  All because we do not carry,
  Everything to God in Prayer."

  Nancy Allien: "For God so loved the world, that                   1980 Charter Meeting. Front: Jim Matthews, Leo
 He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever                      Pauley, Jim Fisher, Steve Cousins, Herb Gibson, Bill
 believeth in Him should not perish, but have                       Deel. Back: Coy Mullins, Clarence Woodworth, Herb
 everlasting Life." John 3:16                                       Alexander, Corky Martin, Orin McCallister.

   Lorraine Melton: For whosoever will save his life, shall            The United Methodist Men have been attending
 lose it; but whosoever shall lose his life for my sake and         the Men's Fellowship Retreat at Jackson's Mill
 the Gospels, shall save it." Mark 8:35                             since the early 1970’s. In 1991, twenty-eight men
                                                                    attended. A special award, the Palmer Award, is
   Nannie Colwell: "I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills,        given each year for the most men from one church
 from whence cometh my help. My help cometh from the                attending. Forrest Burdette Church received this
 Lord, which made heaven and earth...." Psalm 121:1-2               award in 1991.
                                                                       During Lent, the United Methodist Men
  Bertha Krenzin: An old Chinese Proverb:                           presented a drama. “The Living Last Supper",
    If there is righteousness in the heart. There                   created and developed from a program using
 will be beauty in the character.                                   Leonardo da Vinci's painting. The Last Supper.
    If there is beauty in the character,                            Many persons from the church and community
 There will be harmony i n the home,                                have enjoyed the performances in 1990 and 1991.
    If there is harmony in the home, There                             The men's group has also been responsible for
 will be order in the nation                                        many major building repairs including roofing the
    There will be peace in the world.                               educational building and construction of a two-car
                                                                    garage for the church van and parsonage storage.
  AND REMEMBER: TAKE TIME TO SMELL THE                              They have been committed to a community project,
 ROSES--as you go through life                                      cleaning two miles of highway along Route 60 two
  For it is written: THAT MAN (NOR                                  or three times a year.

   The annual Christmas Tree Sale is also another                Mary Lou Woodworth, Gale and Geka Stover,
on-going project of the group.                                   Raymond Peak, Jack Saunders, Hilda O'Dell.
   Records show that the following have served as                   In the 1930's, the pastor would rotate to all the
president in recent years:                                       churches on the charge and the youth would
       1979-80             Ed Davis                              sometimes lead the Sunday Evening Services.
       1980-81             Jim Swann                                One Easter Sunday in the absence of the pastor, the
       1985-88             Tim Landin                            youth presented the program using material taken from
       1988-90             Joe McMillion                         Mrs.    Woodworth's       "Methodist      Women".    The
       1990-91             Coy Mullins                           congregation declared it to be the "finest service".
       1991-92             Bill Donahoe                             Another time, at Christmas, a program was planned
                                                                 by the teachers for the young children to present and
                                                                 the youth made costumes and portrayed scenes as
           The History of Youth Ministry                         the reader read the Christmas Story from Luke. (Mary
               of Forrest Burdette                               Lou Woodworth played the piano).
                                                                    The story of Jesus can best be told by the children
  It was after the Hurricane Methodist Episcopal                 and young people. Adults seem to open their hearts to
Church South had their own church building that                  the message and blessings received especially at Easter
the youth groups were organized. The Epworth                     and Christmas.
League evidently came into being about the year
1918 after the dedication of the new name of
Forrest Burdette Methodist Episcopal Church
South. Records are not available, except from the
memories of two or three of the persons who were
members of the League in the 1920's
   A revival was held in 1920, lasting four weeks.
The youth continued the services for two more
weeks after the Evangelist moved on to the next
   The record lists presidents: 1927-28, C. A.
Henderson, 1928-29, Irene Hamilton, 1929-30, H.
C. Graham. Among other leaders were: Mrs. W. H.
Miller,  Elizabeth   Roberman,      Agnes    Burns
                                                                 Christmas in the SO's. Included are: Mark Adkins, Charlie
                                                                 and & Debbie Canterbury, Paul Boyles, Scott Beaver, Nancy
                                                                 Skidmore, Jan Rowsey, David Boyles, Steve Garrett, Sue
                                                                 Ann Stephenson, Santa, and Billie Saunders.

Bible School in the 40's included: Front: Donald
Leadman, Ned Easter, Lowell Gene Wise, Jack Gibson,
?, Denzil Newmeyer, ?. Second: ?, ?, ?, ?, Jack Clark,           Christmas in the 60's. Included are: Devin Beaver, Becky
Judy Gibson, Kay Turner, Mabel Smith. Third: Patty Ellis,        Hart, Steve Fisher, ? Keener, Timmy Lewis, Pam
?, Sue Smith, Mary Lou Ellis, Geraldine Shamblin, Carol          Taylor, Scott Dehainaut, Santa,Jackie Kessler Chaney.
Sue Chapman, ?, Lois Sovine, Mary Lou Turner. Last:
Carol Sovine, Doris Smith, Wanda Allen, Rev. Holly
Shamblin, K. O. Judy.

                                                                Throughout the years, the young people and leaders have
                                                             been faithful to the commitment of serving the Lord and
                                                             enjoying the fellowship such as picnics, camping week
                                                             ends, youth retreats (held in early years at Morris-Harvey
                                                             College, a Methodist supported school in Barboursville
                                                             and later at Spring Heights), Youth Congress at W. Va.
                                                             Wesleyan, and beach trips.

                                                            1984 Youth Program participants included: Front: Kristi
                                                            Easter, Cathy Swann, Chris Wagoner, Jennifer Litton,

Christmas, 1970. Left to right: ?, Tom Fisher, Billy
Joe Grass, ?, Jerri Jo Bailey, Cheri Gibson, Donnie
Hart, Brian Bailey, Mark Dunlap

                                                            Holly Ferres, Alysia Deskins. Back: Stephanie Fisher,
                                                            Chris Landers, John Martin, Tom & Nancy Connelly, Scott
                                                            White, Jason Swann.

                                                               1985 Fall Ralley. The smallest 'banner carrier", Angie

                                                               The work continues today, in 1992, as the Middlers
                                                            (20 7th and 8th graders) meet and participate in
                                                            studying life situations and using the teachings of the
                                                            Bible for every day application and the Senior High
                                                            Youth (25) learn and share in a structured study group.
                Easter program, 1971

                                                                 was sponsored by various organizations. The Lions
                                                                 Club, the Lodges, and the Methodist Men. Parents and
                                                                 citizens supported the total program of scouting.
                                                                     From 1945-1948, when Rev. Ralph McCord was
                                                                 pastor, the youth of the church were encouraged to
                                                                 become a part of the scouting program.
                                                                     In 1955, Troop 236 was organized and sponsored by
                                                                 the Men's Fellowship of Forrest Burdette Memorial
                                                                 United Methodist Church. Since that time, until
                                                                 January, 1991, some of the Scoutmasters have been:
                                                                 George Spangler, Richard Rehinhart, Harold McKinny,
                                                                 Bill Keener, Richard Holcomb, Charles Graham.
                                                                     In 1970, Charles Graham organized the Cub Scouts
                                                                 and for 20 years plus, "Scouting" was a "family" word. (At
 Always Helpers! Jennifer Litton, Michelle Maynard,              one time, there were 94 boys in the total church
    Andrea Litton and Young Harold Crawford.                     program.) "Charlie", wife, Gertrude, and Bill Keener
                                                                 have been "mentors" to many, many young boys. The
                                                                 church has been a sponsoring organization and the
                                                                 pastors and congregation and the many youngsters and
                                                                 parents who participated in the program helped to
                                                                 make Troop 236 a leader within the Buckskin Council.

                 1991 Youth Beach Trip

Plans to attend the Youth Celebration at W. Va. Wesleyan           1990 Scouts in Forrest Burdette Troop 236 include Jon
and several recreational trips are underway.                                               Fisher.
   United Methodists have always considered the children
and youth their greatest concern and each adult member
of Forrest Burdette Church should remember to live the
example of our Lord as the eyes of the children and youth           Today, Pack 236 is very active under the
are upon them.                                                   leadership of Gail Lovejoy, Scoutmaster and Cindy
   Never underestimate the youth. They are a product of          High, Assistant.
the teaching, guiding, loving and nurturing of the HOME
and the CHURCH.                                                  Note: Jo Ann (Ellis) Adkins and Billie Saunders
                                                                 established the first Girl Scout Brownie Troop about
                The Boy Scout Ministry
                 of Forrest Burdette

   In the year 1913, scouting came to Hurricane when
Troop No. 36 was organized with Louis Wilson as the first
Scoutmaster. The troop, down through the years, was

  The Music Ministry of Forrest Burdette                              Charles Wesley wrote six thousand, seven thousand
                                                                   hymns, maybe more. He inspired Methodists to sing.
  Music enriches man's religious life. This was true                  On Easter Morning, we sing with joyous enthusiasm
when the Jewish people worshiped Jehovah in the                    the hymn Charles Wesley gave us——"Christ the Lord is
tabernacle and temples. It was true during the early               Risen Today!"
centuries of the Christian Church. The music of the                   Many believe that had not Methodism been a
church was the wind that spread the flame of the                   singing church, it would never have grown and
Protestant Reformation. The rise of pietism and                    expanded as it did. Singing is a vital part of our
evangelism in the 17th and 18th centuries, with the                church, and today, we remember John Wesley's
emphasis on individual conversion and holy living,                 Directions for Singing (Book of Hymns, p. VII):
was promoted through hymns by writers such as Isaac
Watts and Charles Wesley.                                              I. Learn these tunes before you learn any others;
   Excerpt from: Preface of "The Endless                           afterwards, learn as many as you please.
        Song", Kenneth W. Osbeck                                      II. Sing them exactly as they are printed here,
                                                                   without altering or mending them at all; and if you
                                                                   have learned to sing them otherwise, unlearn it as soon
    UNITED METHODISTS—A SINGING CHURCH                             as you can.
                                                                     III. Sing All. See that you join with the congregation
   We Methodists speak often of John Wesley, but we                as frequently as you can. Let not a slight degree of
sometimes forget Charles Wesley. After John                        weakness or weariness hinder you. If it is a cross to
Wesley's heart had been "strangely warmed", he first               you, take it up, and you will find it a blessing.
went to Charles, and it was to him he first said "I                   IV. Sing lustily and of good courage. Beware of
believe". Later, when they faced the question of                   singing as if you were half dead, or half asleep; but lift up
whether or not the Methodist Societies should sever                your voice with strength. Be no more afraid of your voice
the connection with the Church of England, it was                  now, nor more ashamed of its being heard, than when
Charles who said, "Church or no church, we must                    you sung the songs of Satan.
attend to the work of saving souls", though he was                     V. Sing modestly. Do not bawl, so as to be heard
opposed to leaving the Church of England. It was                   above or distinct from the rest of the congregation that
Charles who, so faithfully, recorded the Christian                 you may not destroy the harmony; but strive to unite
experiences of those early Methodists as he wrote the              your voices together, so as to make one clear
hymns they sang.                                                   melodious sound.
    Through the years, Charles Wesley's hymns have                    VI. Sing in Time. Whatever times is sung, be sure to
been the binding cord of all Methodism. His hymns                  keep with it. Do not run, before, nor stay behind it; but
gave the Methodist movement life and warmth and                    attend close to the leading voices, and move
heart. It was said of many a Methodist preacher: "He               therewith, as exactly as you can; take care not to sing
gathered a congregation about him by singing, and,                 too slow. This drawling may naturally steal on all who are
after prayer, began to preach."                                    lazy; and it is high time to drive it out from us, and sing all
    We can never measure the influence of hymns on                 our tunes just as quick as we did at first.
 Methodism. It has been said over and over that where                VII. Above all sing spiritually. Have an eye to God in
 one reads the sermon of John, a thousand sing the                 every word you sing. Aim at pleasing Him more than
 hymns of Charles. The first hymns in The Book of                  yourself, or any other creature. In order to do this,
 Hymns of our Church is Charles' "O For a Thousand                 attend strictly to the sense of what you sing with the
 Tongues to Sing"———indeed, that hymn is the                       sound, but offered to God continually; so shall your
 keynote of Methodism.                                             singing be such as the Lord will approve here, and
            O, for a thousand tongues to sing,                     reward you when He cometh in the clouds of
               my great redeemer's praise,                         heaven.

           My gracious Master and My God,                                Charles L, Allen—Meet the Methodist
               assist me to proclaim.....

   There we have it——praise and proclaim. Those are
the foundation stones of evangelistic faith. Charles Wesley
had wonderful poetic gifts which he used to do the work of
an evangelist.

    The music of the church should involve everyone—                 Mrs. Mildred Graham joyously played the first
not just a few elitist musicians. Worship and praise are         organ purchased in the Spring of 1949. She faithfully
predominant throughout the Scriptures. The voice lifted          gave the congregation the great music of her God
in praise is one of the most sublime ways to honor the           given talent for forty years.
Almighty God.                                                        Mrs. Faye Miller and Mrs. Doris Clark organized the
    We, at Forrest Burdette, have, down through the              first full time choir in the early 1940’s. Mrs. Clark, having
years, been blessed with an ample supply of musical              great "energies and fortitude," (a testimony from Mrs.
talent. We have enjoyed congregational singing, using            JoAnne Sovine) also organized a very fine youth choir
the little green Cokesbury hymnal and a special choir at         with 16 young people. Today, she remembers them as
revival times only.                                              being "Just Great!"
                                                                     To be remembered is another "Just Great" youth
   Note: Members have recalled numerous times when               choir, “The New Minds", directed by Laura Jo Smith in
the congregational singing during revivals would draw            the 1960's and 70’s. Guitar's were played by Jeff Hunt,
crowds of listeners along the street and across the              Billy Ashworth, and Rick Smith; piano by Pam Lester; and
overhead railroad bridge.                                        drums by Jan Rowsey. There were, sometimes, as
                                                                 many as 60 young people attending practice and they
    Lola Burdette, sister of Forrest Burdette, was a very        often took their "message" on the road to many
talented young lady of our early church history. She was         churches. The music and presentation was new but the
a student of piano at Cincinnati Conservatory of Music           story of God's Love was always the same and Forrest
in the early 1920’s, at the time the famed Evangelist,           Burdette Memorial Methodist Church was proud to
Billy Sunday, was holding meetings in that same town.            send these witnesses out into the world! Among them
One evening the pianist was unable to take her place             were: Susan Ward, Beverly Hunt, Cathy Elswick, Debbie
in the service, Homer Rodahaver, the director of music           Sovine, Pam Hall, Jolene Ward, Kirn Kessler, Teresa
for Rev. Sunday, sent a call to the Conservatory                 Carter, Kathy Lewis, Debbie Atkins , Anita King, Cathy
requesting a pianist for the evening. The school chose           Adkins, Cindy Pauley, Nancy Lowe, Elice Breedlove,
Lola and as a result, Mr. Rodahaver became a visitor             Carol King, Debbie Carter, Bridget Edwards, Jan
of the Burdette family in Hurricane. One of the                  Rowsey, Sara Graham, Susan Graham, Bobby Slack,
greatest events of the church was the privilege of               Pam Lester, Vicky Grass, Karen Lester, Becky Adkins,
hearing Mr. Homer Rodahaver sing during a church                 Anita Brannon, Donna Thompson, Maxie Foley, Lynn
service on two different occasions.                              Grace, Darlene Searls, Mary Newsome, Pam Roberts,
    Mr. William Black was song leader for many years.            Mary Ruth Gregory, John Hill, Tom Slack, David
Many members played the piano for the services:                  Keener, Marshall Adkins, Richard Smith, Victor Smith,
Reba Whitten, Iris Billups, Opal Leake, Marion Sovine,           Billy Ashworth, Joe Fisher, John Fisher, Sammy
                                                                 Holdren, Ray Vanater, Howard Rowsey, David Atkins,
Darrell Shamblin, Leonore Coulter, Mary Lou Woodworth,
                                                                 J. B. Burdette, Jeff Hunt, Brett Bailey, Phil Gregory,
Hilda O'Dell, Mae Rose Sowards, Brenda Duke
                                                                 Frank Johnson.
McBrayer, Alma Thompson, and Barbara Simmons
                                                                     Over the years, the children's choirs have always
among them.
                                                                 been an inspiration to keep the scripture before us,
                                                                 "And a little child shall lead them". So many faithful
                                                                 people have assisted with the practices and
                                                                 presentations, but Hilda O'Dell and Eileen Holdren
                                                                 have been outstanding in leading those "little voices" to
                                                                     There were volunteer directors for the adult choirs
                                                                 from 1953 to 1960. Among them were: Jo Ann
                                                                 Adkins, John Rumbaugh, Mr. Parkhurst, Frank Jones,
                                                                 James Andrews.

                     Mrs. Mildred Graham

                                                                  Mrs. Barbara Cole became the full-time organist
                                                                upon the retirement of Mrs. Graham. She continues
                                                                the rich heritage of special music for the worship
                                                                services and other special occasions.
                                                                  Today, the music ministry includes: Chancel Choir,
                                                                Gerry Simmons, Director; Youth Choir, Karen
                                                                Campbell, Director; Angelica Choir, Barbara Simmons,
                                                                Director; Cherub Choir, Dcbbie McCoy & Tracey
                                                                Patterson, Directors; The Goodtimes Choir, Eileen
                                                                Holdren, Director and comprehensive Bell Choirs for
                                                                many occasions.
                                                                   The congregation of Forrest Burdette has been, in
Children in the Christmas Cantata. 1971. First Row:             the past, and, at the present, led in true Methodism —
?, Richie Brewer, Scott Cole, Shannon Ferres                    "Don't Neglect The Singing!"
Warden, Jamie Michaels Jones, Kim Cole. Second
Row: Cheryl Dunlap Foster, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, Michael
Kennedy. Third Row: David Lovely, Jamie Hill, ?,
Cheryl Gibson Rollyson, Mike Lester, Janette
Neumeyer, Teresa Melton, Belinda Cole, Andrea
Hinkle. Forth Row: Andy Lovely, Fred Fisher, Jerri
Bailey, Jane Garrett Held, ?, ?, Joyce King. Agnes
Henderson, Narrator.

                                                                1980 Youth Choir. Front: Elizabeth Mitter. Alicia
                                                                Simmons. David McCane. Shannon Ferres Warden.
                                                                Middle. Nicki Raynes. Kim Cole. Corky Mitter. Karen
First Row: Peggy McClanahan, Jackie Craigo, Phyllis             McCane, Nancy Simmons. Back: Wayne Magaw, Brad
Lovely Collins, Betty Newsome, Pam Lester, Laura Jo             Deel, Doug Henson. Terry Floyd.
Smith, Janet King, and Nancy Lowe Adkins. Second
Row: Billie Saunders, Debbie Adkins Russell, Joann
Adkins, Virginia Edwards, Mary Newsome G    regory,
Mary Adkins, Nannie Colwell, Carol King Proffitt,
Jane Duke. Third Row: Clyde Sampson, Charles
Duke, Norval Mallory, David Adkins, Kay Adams,
John Rumbaugh, Hilda O’Dell, Ransford Ransom,
Eileen Holdren, Mildred Graham, Accompanist.

   Seventeen years ago, the music ministry required so
many hours for the music selection and preparation
time that a director, Gerry Simmons, was hired. Gerry,
his wife, Barbara, and their entire family have been
involved in the total music program of Forrest Burdette.        Niki Raynes Horner, Alicia Siimmons. Joy Manson Browne,
Truly, they have taken Psalm 100 as their dedication            Shannon Ferres Warden, Todd Masmon, Karen McCane
theme, "Make a Joyful noise unto the Lord," and to              Clatworthy, Nancy Simmons Freese, ?.
"enter unto His Presence with singing."

                                                                 Throughout these pages, there has been a
                                                              witness of the many loving caring persons who
                                                              have kept the Faith, shared the Word and brought
                                                              the ministry of Forrest Burdette Memorial United
                                                              Methodist Church into the 1990’s. The following
                                                              persons have responded to a call to give witness to
                                                              the church TODAY!

                                                                        A FAMILY THAT PRAYS TOGETHER

                                                              The Alexander Family (Cornelia, Herb, Leigh Anne
                                                              and Bill)

                                                                   Although Cornelia is from Princeton (Mercer County)
                                                              and Herb is from Fayette County, Hurricane is the only
                                                              home our two children have ever known. And Forrest
                                                              Burdette United Methodist Church is the only church we,
                                                              all four, have belonged to together.
1990 Adult 75th Anniversary Choir. Front: Sue                      Floyd and Vada Ramsey were the reasons the
Bennett, Judy Clendenin, Barbara Martin, Gloria               Alexander family started attending Forrest Burdette.
McCane, Vickj Jarvis, T   ene Barcroft, Joan Heaton,
                                                              We had been their neighbors on Buff Creek (Lake
Cathy Ellison, Laura Jo Smith, Barbara Simmons.
                                                              Washington) for several years and they were always
Back: David Shanklin, Clarence Woodworth, Tom
                                                              very special to us. So, because of their friendship and
Connelly, Sherman Burlingame, Sam Cole, Betty
                                                              encouragement, we began attending church regularly.
Ferris, Hilda O’Dell, Helen King, Priscilla Deskins.
                                                                   In 1978, when Bill Slates was our minister, we
                                                              joined the church. Active in the Stewards of
                                                              Fellowship Sunday School class. Herb was also an
                                                              usher and Cornelia sang in the Choir, played in the bell
                                                              choir, and was also a member of Ruth Byrd Circle.
                                                                    Leigh Anne and Bill were also active in their
                                                              Sunday school classes (Joan Henson being their
                                                              favorite teacher), participating in the many different
                                                              programs, also singing in the various choirs and
                                                              playing in the bell choir too. When they were small,
                                                              Leigh Anne always watched over Bill like a "good
                                                              little mother.” Leigh Anne graduated in June, 1991,
                                                              from Hurricane High School and Bill is a senior.
                                                                   In August 1983, when Bill Deel was our minister.
                                                              Cornelia became church secretary and treasurer. She
                                                              remained at this position until October, 1987, when she
                                                              moved to the Cultural Center in Charleston to become
1959-60 4th grade S. S. Class: First Row: Sarah               editorial assistant for GOLDENSEAL magazine.
Boggess, Shelia Lipscomb, Penny Oliver. Second                     During the years, at Forrest Burdette, we have made
Row: LaDonna Rowsey, Diana Beaver, Joyce Kerns,               many good and lasting friendships which we shall
Debbie Evans, Betty Welker. Third Row: Jane Duke,             cherish always.
Cheryl Bullock, Angie Neumyer, Jill Ramsey, Jane
Saunders, ?. Fourth Row: Jimmy Lewis, Steve
Cyrus, ?, Vickie Valentine, ?. Fifth Row: Fred Fisher,
Donna Beaver, ?. Back Row: Eddie Sampson, Jan

                                                                             A FAMILY GROWS
                 CARING CHURCH
                                                               The Blankensbips (Bob, Mary Ruth, Kelly, Rachel and
                     Becky Bailey                              Robbie)

    I moved to Hurricane in 1990 and Anne Fulwjder                 In the Summer of 1966, Mary Ruth moved to
invited me to Forrest Burdette Church. I liked the             Hurricane with her parents, Robert and Evelyn
friendliness and the excitement which I felt amidst the        Gregory, when her father was transferred on his job.
congregation and became a member in January, 1991.                 She was baptized and joined Forrest Burdette in
    Forrest Burdette Memorial United Methodist Church          1967. She married a childhood friend, Bob Blankenship,
is one of the most active, caring churches I have ever         on November 1, 1981.
attended. I am impressed with the on-going ministries              Now, there are three children, Kelly, Robbie and
and the insight of members to look to the future.              Rachel, who also attend church and are becoming
                                                               active in the children's activities.
                                                                   There are many memories from Sunday School and
                                                               youth groups and now they are brought to mind
               FIRST SUNDAY SCHOOL                             watching the children in the same activities.
                                                                   Some of the most inspiring people have been Hilda
                   Iris Leake Billups
                                                               O'Dell who teaches us all lessons constantly and shows
                                                               people how caring we must be and loving parents who
    I was enrolled in the first Sunday school of the
                                                               have set such an example to follow, making the church
Hurricane Methodist Church. Mrs. Myrtle Robinson (wife         such an active part in growing up.
of Dr. Robinson) was my first Sunday school teacher.               The Blankenship family hopes to follow the traditions
   Mr. Forrest Burdette was my first grade school              of making the relationship with Forrest Burdette
teacher.                                                       strong and steadfast one with many more memories
    I joined the church about 1921 when my father,             for Kelly, Robbie, Rachel and their children to come.
Charles W. Leake, was one of the first trustees of the
church and his faith influenced my decision to become a
part of the congregation.
   On December 18. 1929, I married Edward L                                CHANGE, CONVERSION, CALLING
Billups. We now spend most of our time in Florida but I
am still a member and still support the Forrest                               Jim and Glenna Burdette
Burdette Memorial United Methodist Church.
                                                                  Ten years ago, in February, 1982, a man, recently
                                                               divorced, and four of his children walked in the front
                                                               door of your church to be greeted by Rev. Jan Oldham
                                                               and Rev. Bill Deel. After introductions that were warm
                                                               and caring, we took our seats among your
                                                                  Today, ten years later, I am near graduation from
                                                               Asbury Theological Seminary in Wilmore, Kentucky. I
                                                               have been accepted by the Board of Ordained
                                                               Ministry of the West Virginia Conference of the
                                                               United Methodist Church and look forward to
                                                               appointment as an ordained deacon in June, 1992.
                                                                  You, Forrest Burdette Church, displayed the Love of
                                                               Christ to us in the very beginning. You helped us begin
                                                               our healing process and nourished us in faith, mercy
                                                               and grace. All of you became our friends in Jesus
              Ed and Iris Leake Billups                           You opened the door to me to minister in my broken-
                                                                  brokenness that

ness that others may be forewarned of the pain of sin.
Yet, the result was the overwhelming forgiveness of
God to a contrite heart. Oceans of joy flooded my being
and strengthened me for the battles that lay ahead
although obsure. Many of you watched and listened in
grace as the battles were incurred. You ministered again
and again!
    Then one day, on Interstate 64, God worked His
work within me. He turned my life around at a
phenominal pace!
    Before I could realize what was h    appening, your                              Mrs. Sallie Burns
prayers brought Glenna, Greg and I together with my
children. We were soon married and God blessed us                    TO THE CONGREGATION OF MY CHURCH:
with Jessica and Joshua. That made a total of eleven
children and since the old adage “That they're cheaper                            Mrs. Sallie Burns
by the dozen" came to mind. World Vision provided our
12th child.                                                          Dear Ones:
    In the meantime, there was serving the Lord                      I am so sorry I am unable to attend our church's
through many various boards and offices in the church.           75th birthday. I am afflicted with something they call
Your involvement in the community expanded our                   "Advanced Age" which has slowed me down and has
outreach through Literacy Volunteers and The Gideons             robbed me of the ability to do many things.
International and Auxiliary.                                         I miss the people of my church, especially my
    During this time, God was laying the call of                 friends who have gone home to be with Jesus, Mrs.
pastoral ministry upon hearts. We sold most of what we           Woodworth, Mrs. Hall, Mrs. Bush, Mrs. Goldsmith and so
had and followed Him to seminary.                                many more. I remember the "happy times" of the Circle
    At this writing, I am again humbled by the                   and Women's Society.
countless number of lives you have affected for Jesus                My "Advanced Age" has given me more time to
Christ and your support while in seminary.                       remember places, people and things. More time to
     We will always remember you, both those who live            read the Word of God. Oh, how I love it! I can pray with
and those who have gone to their glory in the Lord.              more time for my family, my church and for those I read
That's not looking back: That's knowing where we                 about in the paper, suffering from illness,
have been and how God the Father, Son and Holy                   earthquakes, hurricanes and wars.
Spirit has been faithful to us through you. Thank you for            Our praying church has witnessed many miracles in
loving us in Christ Jesus! We love you! Shalom, our              answered prayer. I remember the young man needing a
Friends!                                                         kidney transplant, a young lady named Sue and the
                      Jim & Glenna Burdette                          I rejoice everyday in God's great love. Please pray for
                      Greg Turley, Jessica, and                  me and those of my children who are not walking in the
                      Joshua                                     light of God's love and for my grandchildren.
  Jim Jr. & Terah Burdette & Dana Renae                              Pray for our church, our Pastor Tom and our boys
  Jeff & Patty Burdette                                          and girls in the service of our Country.
  Richard & Terrie Burdette                                          If you should be afflicted with "Advanced Age", it's not
  Steve & Kay Burdette                                           so bad, don’t give up just because you can’t hear or see
  Scott & Patty Carroll, Nathan & Andrew                         so well, and maybe need someone to help you to your
  George & Susan McPhail                                         feet. There are many things you can do to still serve our
  Jeff & Mary Beth Neal & ? (Due November, 1992)                 Lord.
  John & Marianne Burdette & ? (Due June, 1992)                      Have a Happy Day, a Happy Life, and most of all
                                                                 Trust in the Lord. Love, Sallie E. Burns

                                                                   Note: Ms. S a l l i e was age 98 years 6 months
                                                                 when she prepared this message for her church
                                                                 family. She returned HOME to her Heavenly
                                                                 Father on January 14, 1992 just weeks short of her
                                                                 100th birthday.

             DIFFERENT BUT THE SAME                                beautiful buildings but they are still serving the
                                                                   purposes for which they were dedicated.
                      Grace Boggess                                   During the past forty years that we have lived in
                                                                   Hurricane, our family has increased with a son and
     Arnold and I lived in Ripley, W. Va. until 1951. I was        another daughter, two granddaughters, two
a teacher at Ripley High School and a member of                    grandsons, and two sons-in-law; but I still recall
Epworth Methodist Church. Our first child was on the               vividly our beginning in Hurricane. DIFFERENT
Cradle Roll there.                                                 BUT THE SAME!
     We moved to 118 Taylor Street, Hurricane, June 2,
1951, a Saturday, to be closer to Arnold's employment.                Note: Grace Boggess served as a member of
We didn't have Interstate highways then but he                     the 75th Anniversary Committee. She retired
eventually worked on many of them.                                 from teaching and has been an active member
     Our next-door neighbor, Mrs. Allie Coyner, took me            of the United Methodist Women, their historian of
under her wing and went with me to the stores in town              TODAY. Her keepsakes and treasures have added
and introduced me to many people. Mrs. Doris Clark                 much to this publication.
owned the Five to Dollar Store, Denver Hodges had just
opened his A Store, Raines Drug Store had a soda
fountain and booths for the high school crowd after
school. Several grocery stores, dress shops, shoe repair                       OUR HOME CHURCH
shops and furniture stores flourished downtown and, of
course, the C&O depot was located in the heart of town.                             Thelma Carter
     Mrs. Coyner, also, went with me to the Forrest
Burdette Memorial Met hodist Church on Putnam                           Family members: Everette, Thelma, Pam and
Avenue. She was a charter member of the church. The                Teresa.
church was a small building of gray blocks, and some                    Everette and I moved to Hurricane from Sandusky,
people said it looked like a doll house. Rev. Donahoe,             Ohio, in 1956, where Everette did watch repair.
Bill's grandfather, was the pastor. Charles Duke was                   At this time, we had one daughter, Pam. We opened a
the teacher of the Wesley Pioneers Sunday School                   grocery store and watch repair shop on Teays Valley
Class. When the old sanctuary was razed, the Loyal                 Road. A short time later, we had another daughter,
Service, Progressive Bible, and Wesley Pioneer                     Teresa.
classes merged into one class, the Loyal Pioneers.                     When we came to Hurricane, we visited a few
    The first time I took my young daughter to Sunday
                                                                   different churches before we united with Forrest
School, Alice Gibson was the teacher of the nursery
                                                                   Burdette. I was raised a Methodist and we had a few
class. Dennis Gibson and Rev. Donahoe were the first
                                                                   friends at Forrest Burdette so, we felt more at home.
people from the church to visit us.
                                                                        Everette, Pam, and I became members in 1963 and
     The day I walked in the Church, I was shocked.
                                                                   Teresa in 1968.
The sanctuary looked exactly like the one I had just
                                                                        Rev. Joseph Byrd married Pam and Keith Smith in
left in Ripley. The stained glass windows, the red
                                                                   the old sanctuary before it was razed. Teresa is
carpet, the choirloft, and the Alter were all in the same
                                                                   married to Gary Janeway and they live in Tennessee,
     I transferred my membership from Epworth                      where she has transferred her membership.
Methodist to Forrest Burdette Memorial in 1952. Two                     While we have been at Forrest Burdette, Hilda
others transferred membership: Clarence and Lottie                 O'Dell has been an inspiration to my family. We feel
VanDyke.                                                           truly blessed by the congregation, lasting friendships
    The following year, I began teaching at Hurricane              and good memories while we have been in OUR
 High School. Again, I entered a building just like the one        HOME CHURCH, Forrest Burdette.
 I left in the Spring. Hurricane High School was an exact
 twin of the school building in Ripley. The only
 difference was red brick on one and buff brick on the
     Both the church and school have been replaced with

             NEW IN MANY RESPECTS                                  the drug store for "Doc" and Edna Raines for a few
The Cole Family:        Sam,      Barbara, DeWayne,                  I was married to Howard Cook on June 15, 1962.
Belinda, Scott, and Kimberly                                     He came to Forrest Burdette Memorial by letter from
                                                                 Mullens, WV.
   Because a fire destroyed our home in February,                    Mom died December 23, 1969, and Howard died
1971, we felt the need for a new environment. Sam                October 18,1976.
accepted a position with the radio station being built in            Until the Lord calls me Home, I hope to continue to
Hurricane and we moved from Elkview in May. The                  live here where my Church friends can find m          e
children were enrolled in school: DeWayne was in                 anytime.
seventh grade; Belinda, second grade; Scott, first
grade (Hilda O'Dell's class); and K  imberly had not yet
started to school. It was a traumatic time for our
family and we needed a church home.
   Having met Reverend Byrd, only once, we were
disappointed to learn that he w  ould be moving and that
another minister would be coming to Forrest Burdette.
   The "new" minister, Charles Hinkle, his wife,
Virginia, and daughter, Andrea, soon became very dear
to our hearts. It was during Reverend Hinkle's
ministry that construction began on the present
sanctuary, and Sam worked actively with "Charlie" in
this effort. We became members of Forrest Burdette
during this time.
    In 1972, I began playing the piano, along with
                                                                 Wedding of Erma Patterson to Howard Cook. Miss
Mildred Graham on the organ, for church services and,
                                                                 Alice Pall, Hobert Pall, Wilda Williams, Mr. Pizeno,
except for a couple of years, have continued to be
active in that role. Sam loves to sing. Singing with a           Opal Shannon, Howard Cook, Erma Patterson Cook,
quartet has prevented him from full-time participation in        Arthur R. Patterson, Sarah Patterson, U. J. Shannon,
the choir, but he does occasionally sing during a                Isabel Knight, Rev. Tom Schuler.
worship service.
    The children were graduated from Hurricane High
School and have all moved out of state in search of
careers. The memories they have of attending Sunday                               FULL CIRCLE
School and participating in youth activities at Forrest
Burdette will remain with them throughout their lives.                        Marion Sovine Howell Cottrell

                                                                       I grew up in Forrest Burdette Church and joined on
                                                                 my own in 1940, at the age of 12. My membership was
         ROCKED IN A METHODIST CRADLE                            taken to Milton Methodist in 1961, and then to Wesley
                                                                 Methodist when we moved to Vienna in 1966. I moved
                                                                 back to Hurricane, bringing my membership to Forrest
                Erma Patterson Cook
                                                                 Burdette, in 1987, following the death of my husband,
                                                                 Gene Howell.
   In April of 1942, my parents, Donald and Sarah
                                                                     Our son, Stan, was baptized at Forrest Burdette in
Patterson, and I moved to the Hurricane area, one mile
                                                                 1958 and our daughter, Beth, in 1960, both by Rev.
down Hurricane Creek Road.
                                                                 Thomas Schuler. Beth Howell Montgomery was
   We had always been Methodists. We attended the
                                                                 married at the church in 1990 to John Harvey by Rev.
church here, for about two years. At that time, we
                                                                 Herman Hayes. My grandchildren, Shaun and Shannon
came by letter of transfer from Chelyan Methodist to
                                                                 Montgomery, attend church with me faithfully and now,
Forrest Burdette Methodist Church.
                                                                 my newest granddaughter, Charlotte Harvey, is coming
   Dad died in September, 1954. In the Spring of 1955,
                                                                 with Beth occasionally.
Mom and I moved to 2626 Virginia Avenue. I worked in

    Stan, with his wife, Carrie, and son, Adam, now live                           SERVING GOD
nearby and are coming to Forrest Burdette.
   On January 24, 1992, Forest Cottrell and I were                The Cunninghams: Debby, John, Margaret and
married at the church by Rev. Tom. Even though                    Catherine
Forest is a member of First Baptist Church, he also
attends some special services with me.                               Debby Cunningham was raised in a Methodist
   When I came to Christ as an adult, it was at the altar         Church. When she and her family moved into the
of Forrest Burdette on April 7, 1957—the very same                community, she came to Forrest Burdette and was
day my sister, Lois, did. Inspiring individuals include my        greeted by warm and friendly members. Helen Craw-
parents and grandparents: my sister, Carol Rowsey;                ford extended a welcome and invitation to return. They
Clarence and Anna Woodworth; Basil and Hilda O'Dell,              became members in November, 1987.
and many, many others.                                               Debby has been active in the church ministry seeing
   It seems I have come full circle—for once again my life        caring people serve God by helping people in need, as
revolves around the activities of Forrest Burdette                well as by spreading the Gospel.
Church where I have very much appreciated the
ministries of Rev. Robert Johnson, Rev. Thomas
Bickerton and Rev. Charles Thompson.
                                                                              BAPTIST TO METHODIST

                                                                                       Kim Dunlap
                                                                     I was raised a Baptist on Hurricane Creek but when I
The Graces: Jim, Joey, Lynn, Jimmy, Kerry,                        began dating Mark, he invited me to the Methodist
and Phillip                                                       Youth Fellowship. We traveled with the group to an
                                                                  event in Virginia called FISHNET.
    Jim and I and our three children, Lynn, 8, Jimmy, 6,             Mark and I continued dating and I loved the church so
and Kerry, 2 1/2, moved to Hurricane from St. Albans in           much that I joined on Easter Sunday, 1980. Mark and I
1962. Phillip was born two months later.                          were married by Rev. Bill Deel and I still remember
    We had been members of the First Christian Church             the kindness the church showed me when my mother
(Disciples of Christ) for four years, so we decided to            passed away five months later.
make the drive back and forth to St. Albans because                  It wasn't until after Josh and Cody were born that I
there wasn’t a Disciples Church in Hurricane The trip             became more involved in the church. I love seeing the
seemed to get longer and longer during the next three             kids on Sunday rooming and watching them grow, not
years, so we reluctantly decided to find a church in              only physically but spiritually. Our family has been
Hurricane.                                                        blessed by the congregation and helping serve God at
    The little white Methodist Church looked inviting, so         Forrest Burdette is truly a pleasure.
we went in. Reverend Byrd was the minister then. The
preaching was good and the people were friendly, so we
stayed, finally joining the church in 1967.
    Through the years, our family had enjoyed many                           THE CHURCH IS A FAMILY
fellowship dinners, Sunday School, Bible studies, and
worshipping with our Christian friends. The church is             The Ferreses:          John,     Betty,      Shannon
much larger now, but it is also more friendly and                 (Warden), Erin, April (Robinson), Holly
caring. The children are grown, but we still feel that
Forrest Burdette is our church home.                                Eileen Holdren invited me to attend church when
                                                                  our family had moved to the area from St. Albans.
                                                                     I transferred membership from Morris Memorial in
                                                                  Kanawha City on June 25, 1978. John and I have
                                                                  always felt love and concern of our Church Family
                                                                  whenever we have had family illnesses or crisis.
                                                                  Prayers, cards, and visits have uplifted us and
                                                                  supported us. Rev. Tom, Hilda O'Dell, and Ransford

                                                                   his wife, Penny Summers Fisher, and Jonathan II, live
Ransom have been so inspiring during these times.                in Winfield where Penny is assistant principal at
   Shannon Ferres Warden and Holly Beth have been                Winfield Middle School. They are active members of
baptized and April Dawn was married to Eric Dean                 Winfield United Methodist Church.
Robinson at Forrest Burdette. (And now Shannon and                   Joe is pastor of Kanawha Valley Baptist Church in
Bill have a precious daughter who is a part of this              Eleanor. He is employed by the Board of Education. He
Family.)                                                         and his wife, Teresa Higginbotham Fisher, live in
    I see a great ministry at Forrest Burdette Church led        Winfield with their two sons, Timothy and Stephen.
by the Holy Spirit. I thank God for my Church Family.            Their sons attend Winfield schools.
                                                                     Tom is owner of Fisher Construction Co. He is
                                                                 married to Mary Jo Lincolnogger Fisher. They live on Rt.
                                                                 34 near the Putnam County Library. Mary Jo is a
I             STORY BOOK CHURCH                                  student at West Virginia State College.
                                                                     Jeff is married to Rose Ellen Bird Fisher. He is a full
The Fishers:     Janet, Kenneth, Fred, Jon, Joe,                 time member of the 130th unit of the Air National Guard
Tom, Jeff                                                        at Yeager Airport. Rose is an employee of Standard
                                                                 Food. They live in Eleanor.
    One warm sunny morning in August 1           958, the            We still love the Lord and the new contemporary
Fishers moved into their home on Helen Drive where               Forrest Burdette Memorial United Methodist Church.
they still live. Both the Methodist and the Baptist              After all, that's where our children grew up!!
pastors had been there and left a calling card. We
chose to attend Forrest Burdette Memorial Methodist
Church because we both were Methodists.                                               WITNESSING
    We were delighted! The little white country church
with a steeple looked like something from a story                                Nancy Simmons Freese
book. Everyone was friendly. Kenny and I attended
Basil O'Dell's young adult class in the social room                 I was a child growing up in Christ's family at
(now Byrd Hall). We had three sons, at that time.                Forrest Burdette Memorial Methodist Church
Fred attended Billie Saunders' kindergarten class.               because this was the church my parents chose.
Jonathan and Joe Timothy were in the nursery. We                 (I'm glad.)
united with the church in January, 1959.                            I joined the church in 1976 by profession of faith
    Ken joined the church choir and became a member              and was married to Kevin David Freese in May of
in the late 50’s and 60’s. Carol Rowsey invited me to the        1987.
Women's Society. I was a member for many years. In                  Hilda O'Dell has had a very strong influence on
fact, I am a past president. Ken was a member of the             my life. Her prayers and example led me to Christ
Official Board and the Board of Trustees.                        over 15 years ago. I will always be thankful for her.
    Kenneth and I lost a son in 1964 to SID's. I will
never forget the support our church family gave us
when this happened. We can never thank them
    Nine great pastors have served this church since we
moved here. We have seen many families come and
go through transfer. All of them are very good people.
    We now have two more sons, Tom and Jeff. Three
of our children, Joe, Tom and Jeff, were christened at
Forrest Burdette. All of our children are married and we
have five daughters-in-law and four grandchildren.
    Fred, Carolyn and Natalie live in Hurricane. Fred is
an independent electrician. Carolyn works for John
Amos Power Co. Natalie attends Hurricane Town
    Jon is a math teacher at Hurricane Middle School. He,        Lay Women’s Sunday, 1980.      Malinda Shanklin,
his                                                              Nancy Simmons Freese, Alica Simmons.

             A NEW CHURCH HOME                                      go to Sunday School and Church with them.
                                                                        Then in 1939,1 started coming most of the time to
                  Anne A. Fulwider                                  Forrest Burdette.
                                                                       Our son, Jack, and daughter, Judith both were
   Bill Deel invited Bill and I to make Forrest Burdette our        christened and Dennis, who had attended Bethel
"Church Home" in June of 1981. We transferred our                   Baptist Church, came to Forrest Burdette. S         ince that
membership from Christ Church in Charleston.                        time, we have tried very hard to be faithful members.
   One of our most memorable occasions was the                          I remember very well when the North and South
celebration of our 50th wedding anniversary on April 12,            Methodist Churches united together. Then the United
1986. The entire Fulwider family attended Forrest                   Brethren also came into the Methodist Church and we
Burdette for worship together, the first time ever.                 became Forrest Burdette Memorial United Methodist
   I have been very happy as a member at Forrest                    Church.
Burdette. I was welcomed into the Family and am no                     (The following is a memory which still lives vividly in my
longer a "newcomer". (Ann is a very vital part of the               mind.) It was during Rev. Holly Shamblin's pastorate
ministry to welcome visiting newcomers to Forrest                   here, one of the greatest revivals was held in our
Burdette Church.)                                                   church. I will never forget one night during the revival.
                                                                    The Holy Spirit descended on the congregation like a
                                                                    "great wind". It seemed to come in through the double
                   COMING HOME                                      doors and settle on the congregation. It was such a
                                                                    feeling of great peace. That night, no one wanted to go
                 Sue and Don Garrett                                home. I know God was there and I feel it was partly
                                                                    due to the cooperation of the many different
   The first Sunday we attended Forrest Burdette after              denominations taking part in the meeting. There were
moving to Hurricane with four children, Dennis, Jeff,               Catholics, Baptists, Nazarenes, Seven Day Adventists,
Steve and Jane (Held), we knew we had found a                       Presbyterians, and Methodists, all working together for the
church for us. By the time the service was over, we                 upbuilding of Cod's Kingdom. What a wonderful
had met all of the friendly congregation.                           experience it was. One a person could never forget.....
    I joined on August 20, 1959 and Don followed on
April 24, 1960. Steve and Jane were baptized and we                 (Note: Alice and Dennis are faithful members of
became active with our children.                                    Forrest Burdette Church. Whether there is a call for
    When we were re-located to Roanoke, Virginia, for               cooking, cleaning, re-modeling, baking, visiting, Alice will
two and one-half years, our church family and friends               answer the call.)
became one of the main reasons for our decision to
return to Hurricane.


                 Alice Hayes Gibson

    Forrest Burdette United Methodist Church has
always been a part of my l i f e ever since I can
remember. My family moved just five houses below the
church when I was very small, but my parents
attended the Rock Cut Church which was about a mile
up Teays Valley Road (in fact, across the road from
Hurricane High School) and I attended church with
them. Most of the time we walked to church. When I
didn't have to go to Rock Cut, I had friends who
attended Forrest Burdette Methodist Church and I would
                                                                    75th Anniversary preparations:   Alice & Linda
                                                                    Gibson, Jack Gibson, Marvin Thompson, Bob Litton,
                                                                    Chuck McCane.

            JOYS OF CONCERN                                                    THE BEAUTIFUL LITTLE
                                                                              WHITE METHODIST CHURCH
            Linda and Jack Glbson
                                                                  The Gregory Family: Bob, Evelyn, Barbara
   Jack attended Forrest Burdette Church as a child               (Karastury), Phil, Mary Ruth (Blankenship), John
with his parents, AJice and Dennis, and younger sister,
.Judv. Rev. Holly Shamblin baptized him when he was 12                 Our family was transferred to West Virginia in
years old.                                                        August, 1966, from Alexandria, Virginia.
   I attended St. Paul's United Methodist Church in                    The first Sunday we lived here, we came to the
Nitro, where I was baptized by Rev. L           loyd Myers        beautiful little white Methodist Church, with a very
when I was 12.                                                    warm greeting. Rev. Byrd was the pastor.
    Being very active in church as MYF President,                      With Mrs. Byrd’s insisting, Evelyn attended the
youth representative on the Administrative Board and a            September meeting of the Susanna Wesley Circle and
“regular" in Sunday School with 14 years perfect                  she still attends today.
attendance, I guess I was destined to be an active                     In September, 1966, Bob and Evelyn joined Forrest
participant of ministry at Forrest Burdette. I transferred        Burdette by transfer from Heaters United Methodist
my membership from St. Paul's after marriage to Jack              Church of Heater, West Virginia, along with Barbara
on July 2, 1959.                                                  and Phil by transfer from St. Paul Methodist of
    We have raised three daughters, Cheri, Beth and               Woodbridge, Virginia.
 Jan, in the church and they all have been active in                  In 1967, Mary Ruth was baptized and joined and in
 youth activities throughout their young lives.                    1972, John was baptized and joined Forrest Burdette.
   Some of our most memorable occasions have been                      Bob was on the building committee with Mayo
the christening and baptism of our daughters; the                 Lester, Howard Smith, Burl Neeley, Lyle Smith for the
marriage ceremonies of Beth and Scott (Krall) and                 new church sanctuary. The pastor was Rev. Charlie
Cheri and Mike (Rollyson); and the christening of our             Hinkle. Bob, with experience in foundations on his job.
grandchildren, Derek and Rachel Krall.                            was over the foundation for the new building.
   We are members of the Loyal Pioneer Sunday                          In 1981, we had two weddings in our church.
School Class of which Jack serves as class president.             Barbara to Gary Karastury from Pennsylvania (Rev.
Jack had been active as a trustee and now serves on the           Bill Deel) and Phil to Mary Newsome (Rev. Slates).
parsonage committee and is a member of the Methodist                   Mary Ruth married Bob Blankenship in 1981, and in
Men.                                                              1989, John married Debbie Hebere of Bastrgs,
   I have served as president of the United Methodist             Louisiana.
Women and am a member of the Loyal Pioneers and                       There are six grandchildren, Jamie and Anthony
Dorothy Anderson Circle.                                          Gregory, Davi d Karastury, Kelly, Rachel and Robbie
   We have been coordinators of the Memorial Day                  Blankenship (three attending this church).
Partners in Mission Project at the I-64 Rest Area. This is             It has been a wonderful church for the entire family as
probably one of the most rewarding projects in                    there was a place for everyone, from Junior Choir
which we are involved because we are able to witness to           through MYF and more beginning again with the
others the "Good News" of Jesus Christ our Savior and             grandchildren.
show others that Forrest Burdette United Methodist
Church is a caring and sharing congregation.

 (Note: At age 11, Jack's JOY was so great when WW II                                 "MEMORABLE"
was declared ended, that he ran all the way to the
Church to ring the bell!)                                                              Jo Anne Gyke

                                                                     My husband, daughter and I moved to Hurricane
                                                                  from Beckley in June 1970.               Paul was a State
                                                                  Policeman and we were transferred to Charleston. He is
                                                                  a now retired after serving thirty years.

    Three days after we moved in, Reverend and Mrs.                            A LIFETIME OF MEMORIES
Byrd came for a visit, so choosing Forrest Burdette                                    135 years
was not a hard decision. The following week, while at                       Carl Henderson - member 72 years
Girl Scout Camp, I met Helen King. Helen invited me to
attend church with her and Jack and they would pick me                At a very early age, when my mother's parents
up Sunday. I graciously accepted and found                        died, she and a younger sister were taken to live with
everyone to be very receptive and friendly. I had my              their grandparents, Joseph A. Pratt, Sr. near Pulaski,
membership moved from St. Mary's Methodist in                     Virginia. It was in this part of the state of Virginia that the
Beckley to Forrest Burdette shortly after.                        famous Methodist "Preacher Sheffy" held his great
    During this same summer, Hilda O'Dell asked me to             revivals and my mother became very interested in
teach Bible School and Sunday School and I have been              Methodism.
teaching since then. I taught the three-year-olds for                 Mother returned to Hurricane for a visit about 1895,
several years and later moved upstairs to teach the               met and married my father. They lived a distance
third grade.                                                      southwest of Hurricane. My father died just a little past
    I have had many memorable experiences while                   his 25th birthday when I was not quite two years of age.
being a member at Forrest Burdette. They began right              Mother and we three children continued to live on the
after we moved here working with the different Girl               farm until November 12, 1918, when we moved to
Scout Troops we had years ago. I served as a                      Hurricane.
leader-trainer and Senior Advisor for the troops at                   My aunt, Edith Hall, had returned to Hurricane from
Forrest Burdette. Perhaps my most memorable                       Virginia sometime earlier, and she and her family were
experiences will be those I have had working with                 active members of Forrest Burdette Memorial Church.
children, helping the Methodist Women with projects,                  I enrolled in the Sunday School on November 24,
and serving on the Education Committee.                           1918. Our family looked forward to walking to prayer
    Paul and I will always remember April 9, 1983,                meeting on Wednesday evenings, to Sunday School
when Reverend Bill Deel married our daughter, Shelia, to          and church on Sunday mornings and evenings.
Steve Skinner in our beautiful sanctuary.                         Methodism and the church became a constant subject
    I love my church family. It has been a great joy and a
                                                                  in our home.
blessing watching our church grow spiritually and in
                                                                      During the early years, Forrest Burdette Memorial
number over the last twenty years.
                                                                  was a part of a "charge" which meant we only had a
                                                                  minister one or two Sundays a month. I would like to
                                                                  state that we have had very fine ministers all down
                                                                  through the years. There was a great revival in 1918,
              THREE GENERATIONS                                   before we came to live in Hurricane; however, it was
                                                                  during the great and glorious revival of 1920, that I
          Jane and William Gregory Held                           was saved and became a member of the church. (My
                                                                  sister, Gladys Henderson and I, along with a dear
   I was baptized as an infant and was brought to
                                                                  friend, Edith Roberts, are the only converts left from
Forrest Burdette Church by my parents, Sue and
                                                                  that revival.)
Don Garrett.
                                                                       We have had many great revivals. It has been
   Greg was brought up in the Baptist faith, but
                                                                  stated that, as a result of one of them, there were more
after our marriage, we made the decision to unite
                                                                  Baptist Converts than Methodist!
with Forrest Burdette and brought our new son,
                                                                      I graduated from Curry District High School (now
William Gregory Held, Jr., for baptism both on
                                                                  Hurricane High School) on June 5, 1923, the first
October 29, 1989.
                                                                  graduating class in Hurricane and in Putnam County.
   I have many fond memories of Sunday School,
                                                                  The Baccalaureate Service was held in our church.
roaming the classrooms upstairs with friends and
                                                                       It has been my privilege to serve in almost all the
the combined classes singing with Brenda Duke
                                                                  offices of the church and to be associated with some of
McBrayer, our teacher.
                                                                  the finest and caring people on earth. I enjoyed so
   We see Forrest Burdette Memorial United
                                                                  much being Sunday School Superintendent, especially
Methodist Church as a fast growing church with a
                                                                  working with the little children. The Lord has blessed
caring ministry which has become truly a "church
                                                                  me mightily down through the years of my life in so
family" for us.
                                                                  many ways I can't begin to count them. There are many

persons of the church who have been so kind and                    movie theater. We raised money for activities with
caring toward me and my family these many years.                   ice cream suppers in the summer or with each
One of the greatest blessings of my life, that came                youngster earning dimes and quarters doing chores
through the church, was the meeting of the girl who                for the local merchants or weeding gardens. The
became my wife, Agnes.                                             group also assisted with the Sunday evening
                                                                   services in the absence of the pastor. Those were
    Agnes Burns Henderson-member 63 years                          such happy and fruitful days at Forrest Burdette
   My earliest memories of church was as a tiny little                 In 1940, I found employment in Charleston and
girl. My mother took me to Sunday School at a little               had to leave my beloved church. However, with the
Methodist Church upon the corner from our home in                  aid of C&P Telephone yellow pages, I found
Huntington, West Virginia. My daddy gave me                        Humphries Memorial Methodist Church, a
pennies for Sunday School. I recited my first "piece" at           congregation very much like Forrest Burdette. I
the age of three at the Christmas program and I                    spent several years at this fine church working in
remember taking a quarter to Sunday School to be                   the Women's Society of Christian Service and
sent across the ocean to buy food for the starving                 teaching a young adult Sunday School class. I
children of Europe after World War I. I cherished the              returned home to Forrest Burdette in 1968.
little picture card given me by my teacher each                        In the meantime, I had met and married the
Sunday. Mommie would read the story of Jesus on the                "greatest" young man, I had ever known. We had
back until I learned to read.                                      worked together in the 30’s at Forrest Burdette and
    It was in 1921 or 22, that my Dad purchased a small            were married in 1949. The Lord has been so good
farm in Teays Valley, although he continued to work                to both of us!
lights at the C&O railway shops in Huntington. We                      There have been so many people of the church
were without a church, the nearest being two miles                 who have helped me "along the way". If I tried to
down a dirt road, but Mommie continued our Bible                   name them, I would leave someone out. The
stories from "Aunt Charlotte's Bible Reader." We did               influence of the scriptures and daily prayer have
move into town several winters so the smallest                     been the source of my strength.
children could attend school from September to May. It                 The singing of hymns at Forrest Burdette have
was a bit far to walk the mile or mile and a half to the           been such comforting joy for roe. I remember when
one room school! The winters, we came to town, we                  at the age of eleven, my little friend, Enid, and I
attended Forrest Burdette Memorial. As we grew older,              were allowed to attend the Methodist revival down
we attended Rock Cut Methodist in the summer time and              the street, from our home, on Putnam Avenue. The
later, Forrest Burdette Memorial.                                  weather was warm, the church windows and doors
    In 1929, Forrest Burdette had another of it's great            were open, and Enid’s dad would come to the
revivals, and it was then, I gave my heart to the Lord             overhead bridge to await dismissal of service to
Jesus Christ. Oh! What joy it has been to walk with                walk us home. He so enjoyed the closing hymn
Him these many years. He has guided my stumbling                   "Love Lifted Me, when nothing else could help,
steps, forgiven me when I have failed Him and                      LOVE Lifted Me" or "Since Jesus Came into My
comforted me in time of trouble.                                   Heart, Since Jesus Came into My Heart, Floods of
    Rev. Elmo Kelly was pastor, at that time. Every                Joy o'er my Soul, Like sea billows ROLL, Since
time, today, when I meet Ruby Pullen in church, the                Jesus Came into My Heart". The little church roof
memories of those days return so vividly as she                    just about lifted as the Methodists sang and the
became a part of Forrest Burdette, at that same time.              people passing on Main Street would pause to
(We are the only ones left of the twenty-three converts of         listen. We no longer open our windows, but
that meeting, unless others live elsewhere.)                       wouldn't it be wonderful if our church could have
    I had the privilege of being youth counselor during the        chimes to bring the hymns of the church to our
1930’s. We had Bible lessons from "Hurlbert's Story of             community, maybe at noontime and evening?
the Bible", the only available material, at that time. We          (These are wonderful Dreams!)
also participated in the special church celebrations                   There are many verses from the scriptures
at Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas. We had                      learned at Forrest Burdette. I don't think we really
picnics in the summer and parties at members' homes in             have a favorite. God gives His words to us for our
the winter or attended a movie at the local movie                  needs. Those coming to mind are from Mary's
                                                                   song: "My soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord
                                                                   and my Spirit exults in God, my Savior." Luke 1: 46-

   And from the ancient prophet: "Although the fig                    In 1962, James was born into our family. Mrs.
tree shall not blossom neither shall fruit be in the Vine!        Anna Woodworth was one of his favorite persons.
The labor of the olive shall fail, and the fields shall           She saved all the treasures from the cereal boxes
yield no meat; the flock shall be cut off from the fold           and he collected them when we visited her at her
and there shall be no herd in the stalls. Yet, I shall            home. Vada Ramsey was his nursery teacher. All
rejoice in the Lord, I will joy in the God of my                  three of our sons grew up in Forrest Burdette,
salvation, The Lord is my Strength." Habakkuk                     attended Sunday School, Church Services, MYF and
3:17-19                                                           Scouts.
   And the greatest promise given to all of us,                      We have many memories from Forrest
"......Where I am there you may be also." Jesus                   Burdette, especially a revival which was held by
John 14:3       SHALOM!                                           Rev. Barnette that was inspiring. We are thankful for
                                                                  the souls saved in the church over the years.
                                                                      Rollie was chairman of the Building Committee
                                                                  when the new Sunday School Rooms were added
                                                                  to the old Sanctuary. Both he and I had the privilege
                                                                  of teaching children and youth in the Sunday School
                                                                  and MYF.
                                                                     John and Jolene Ward were to be married in our
                                                                  church in May of 1974. We were in the process of
                                                                  building the new sanctuary which, to our dismay, was
                                                                  not completed. The carpet and pews were yet to be
                                                                  installed. We were determined to have the wedding
                                                                  there and we swept the floor and set up folding
                                                                  chairs. Rev. Charles Hinkle performed the ceremony
                                                                  on May 4.
                                                                      In August of 1974, Jeffrey was united in marriage
                                                                  with Terry Burks in a completed sanctuary.
                                                                      There are so many friends and people who
             Carl and Agnes Henderson, 1988                       inspired us in our 26 years at Forrest Burdette, it is
                                                                  not feasible to list them all, but we are thankful for
                                                                  each one of them.
              FROM THERE TO HERE                                      We are no longer members due to our move to
                                                                  Jackson County in 1985. We are now part of a small
                      Mary K. Hill                                Methodist Church Family here. We keep in touch with
                                                                  the church through our friends and on occasion,
    Rollie, Jeffrey, John and I moved to Hurricane in             we visit there. We think many times of Hilda O'Dell
the Summer of 1959. Rollie and I were members of St.              and how when there was a problem she would say,
Andrews Methodist Church and we had heard of                      "Well, we will just have to pray about that". And
Forrest Burdette from Mrs. Ethel Litton, who was a                that, we think, is the secret of a ministering church.
member also. She spoke of her family who attended
there and her nephew, Ellis Boso, who was the
Sunday School Superintendent, at that time. She
assured us we would be welcome in the fellowship                                 THE JOY OF MUSIC
of Forrest Burdette Church.
    Our home was not completed yet and we were                                      Eileen Holdren
living in the basement with a mess all around us. The
first Sunday we were there it was pouring the rain. To               Forrest Burdette Memorial Methodist Church has
the surprise of our neighbors, we made ready and                  been the family church for Sam, Barbara, Sam, Jr.,
braved the mud and elements to go out to church.                  and myself since the ministry of Rev. Byrd.
Basil O'Dell was the teacher of the Loyal Pioneer                    Barbara Ann was married to Richard Adkins on
Class and he soon visited us in our home. Rev.                    September 9,1978, and was a very special occasion
Thomas Schuler was the Pastor and he invited us                   in our lives.
to join or transfer our membership, which we did.

                                                                               HOME FOR 27 YEARS
   Working with the children's choirs and Christmas
presentations have been some of the highlights of the                            Karen and Phil Hyre
past years. Watching these children grow and become
aduJts is very rewarding. Many, who came to choir,                 The Hyre family chose Forrest Burdette Church in
were so shy and could not sing out or perform a solo.           1964 when they moved to Culloden. Karen came from
   I have enjoyed singing in the Adult Choir and                the Otterbein EUB Church in Huntington and Phil had
working with the many adults interested in singing for          belonged to Darlington Methodist in So. Charleston.
“fun".                                                              Basil O'Dell was the Sunday school teacher, Allan
   When I went to Cleveland, for open heart surgery,(I          Parish was the minister.
didn't have to have it), the little singing group of                Karen sang in the choir and was active in the
women all went to the alter to pray for me.                     Women's Society. She remembers making Easter eggs
    I remember when the new sanctuary was being                 the first year they were sold.
built. We left on vacation and when we returned and                 Teaching a course to knit slippers in Bible School
attended Sunday morning service in the new sanctuary, I         was also a memorable occasion——some job that
cried for joy.                                                  was!!!
    Music and the concern of the caring congregation of             Phil and Karen have two daughters, Cynthia and
Forrest Burdette have shown the Lord's Love.                    Susan. Susan was born the day after the first service in
                                                                the new sanctuary and was the first baby christened.
                                                                Both girls have always loved working in the nursery.
                                                                (That's generally where you will find Susan.)
                                                                    We have lived here during the service of several
                                                                ministers, seen families move away and good friends
                                                                pass away. Our fondest memories are of new people
                                                                seen weekly from the vantage point of the choir loft.
                                                                    We pray that the growth never ceases and the Spirit
                                                                will always be our guide.

                                                                                SCOUTING MINISTRY
           Eileen and the Goodtime Singers
                                                                                 Linda and Bill Keener

                     THANKS                                       Bill has been active in the scouting program for
                                                                many years working with Charles Graham and many
                  Utauka M. Hughes                              others. It has been a rewarding experience and a
                                                                worthwhile ministry for many.
    My husband, Howard, and I joined Forrest                      Bill (a member since 1962) and Linda (joined in
Burdette in November, 1988, when we knew this                   1981) were united in marriage by Rev. Deel.
church would fulfill our needs.                                   Bill and Linda see Forrest Burdette as a caring
    Since the death of my husband, this church group            church with continued growth for years to come.
has truly become my "family". This gives me an
opportunity to thank all of you who have truly become mv


                                                               The Landers Family: Okey, Carol, Chris, Amy

                                                                   The e nthusiasm of the congregation, the ministry,
                                                               the warmth of fellowship and community involvement led
                                                               the Landers family to unite with Forrest Burdette in 1977.
                                                                   Carol explained that she had known Hilda O'Dell's
                                                               family since her childhood and was delighted that
                                                               Chris and Amy would also come to value her
                                                                   Since there were few actual family members present
                                                               in the immediate area, the Lander's family adopted
                                                               their church family and cherish their memories of the
              Scott and Beth Gibson Krall                      youth choirs, holiday activities and friendships made
                   Derek and Rachel                            among the congregation.
                                                                   The Landers family miss Forrest Burdette Church
                                                               and send a God Bless You everyday!!

                     Beth Krall
                                                                          A CHURCH AND A FAMILY
    I thank God for the opportunity of being raised in
the church here at Forrest Burdette. Over the years,                           Karen and Jerry Lilly
I've had so many people touch my life and help
influence my Christian walk.                                     Choosing a church in Hurricane was not a difficult
    I have had so many beautiful experiences. It was in        task for the Lilly family in 1968. Forrest Burdette
Byrd Hall that I had my first moment of salvation,             Memorial Methodist was a small, quaint, friendly
when I nailed a list of my sins to a cross that                church providing us with a new family in our new
symbolized Christ dying to take away my sins.                  home.
    In our sanctuary, Richard Scott Krall and I were              Throughout my early childhood, I was always the
married on September 17, 1983, and began a new                 youngest member of the adult Sunday School class,
chapter in our lives. Also, we have celebrated the             WSCS, WCTU, and my mother's circle. Setting a table for
baptism of our children, Derek Scott and Rachel                a dinner was second nature to me!!
Nicole, in two of the most meaningful services to us.             I was baptized, an infant, at Christ Church United
    Along my Christian journey, I've also experienced          Methodist in Clarksburg , at age 12, joined the church
some very low times in my faith here at Forrest                by profession of faith and remained active in youth
Burdette, but God has always provided someone with a           activities until August 19, 1962, when Jerry and I
kind word, a smile or a hug to help me.                        shared the vows of commitment in marriage.
    My prayer for my f mily and my church family is               Jerry had been raised in the Baptist faith and
that we may continue to grow closer to one another in          participated in BYF activities.
Christ, so we can help each other through our Christian           Our children, Jerry Alan was christened at my home
journey.                                                       church in Clarksburg, while Timothy, and Kristin were
                                                               baptized, as babies, at St. Peters United Methodist
                                                               Church in St. Albans.
                                                                  Upon joining Forrest Burdette, involvement in
                                                               witnessing and ministry was very important. Although
                                                               Jerry was not active early in our membership, he has
                                                               served on the Finance Committee, Board of Trustees
                                                               and Administrative Board since the early 80's.

      The Landers Family: Okey, Carol, Chris, Amy

                                                                 thank every one for this.
    Through the years, participating in church activities            I am happy for this church which has served me, my
have afforded us the opportunities to make long and              husband, my daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren
lasting friendships which have sustained us through              for many years.
our sorrows and uplifted us in the joyous occasions of a
25th wedding anniversary, the marriages of Timothy &
Sherry (Greene) and Kristin & Darryl Bowers and the
birth of two beautiful grandchildren, Jesse & Jacob.
   The memories of our church in 1968 are so vivid and
pleasant. It was indeed sad for many when the lovely
quaint sanctuary was razed and new construction
began. But excitement prevailed and grew as the
months passed and we saw the beautiful stained glass
window and the construction completed.
    During the months of building, the congregation
met in Byrd Hall for all services and activities. I can
remember when we joined together for our first
services in the new sanctuary. Our congregation
seemed so small in such a large room, but look at us
now——two Sunday morning services and still growing
in the same friendly family way as when the Ljlly Family
was welcomed so many years ago.

                                                                            Mark & Teresa Annette Barron/Frank E. McKnight

                                                                              FAITH AND INSPIRATION

                                                                                Betty and Frank McKnight

                                                                    Frank and I were married at the Sixth Street
                                                                 Methodist Church in Charleston in 1956 (celebrating 35
First Sunday in new Sanctuary, Beth Gibson Krall Kim             years in July of 1991). We lived in St. Albans and were
  Cole, Shannon Ferres Warden, Timothy Lilly, July, 1974.        members of St. Andrew United Methodist Church until we
                                                                 purchased a home in Hurricane and transferred our
                                                                 membership in 1958.
              RETIREMENT CHURCH                                     We adopted a daughter, Teresa, in March, 1963 and
                                                                 four years and three months later, a son, Frank, Jr.
                 Beulah McCallister                              They are both wonderful young people and have been
                                                                 the "lights" of our family. (Teresa was married to Mark
   Oran and I moved into our retirement home at 205              Barron at Forrest Burdette Church in July, 1986.)
Irene Circle, December, 1974. Oran served on the                    Several people have been an inspiration to me over
Official Board and was an usher. I was a member of               the years, among them Hilda O'Dell, Agnes Henderson
the United Methodist Women. We transferred our                   and Alice Gibson (wedding director for Teresa's
membership here from St. Andrew United Methodist                 wedding), all Circle friends.
Church in St. Albans, January, 1975.                                The Church has grown so much over the years and I
   We enjoyed the Wesley Pioneer Sunday School                   feel the good leadership of our Minister, Choir
class. All of the church people have been very nice to           Director and the faith of many others have helped us to be
us. When my husband was ill, the church helped me by             the inspiration in the community.
furnishing food and praying. At the time of his death,
the church family supported me in every way. I thank

               MEMORABLE TIMES                                            PRAYER IS THE ANSWER

                Carol and Earl Miller                                              Hilda O'Dell

    Carol moved to Hurricane from Charleston in                  The Basil O'Dell family moved to Hurricane in
1961, with her parents, Dorothy and James                    1947, but continued to go back to South Charleston to
Ranson. Her mother chose Forrest Burdette                    the First United Methodist Church for 4 years.
because the Methodist beliefs were so similar to                In April of 1951, we moved our membership to
those practiced in her home church, Weekley                  Forrest Burdette since it was the only Methodist
Memorial Evangelical United Brethren. After                  Church in this area. At that time, Linda was 6 1/2, E. E.
attending Sunday School and church for many                  was 4 1/2 and Bobby was born in September. (Our son,
years, Carol became a member in 1968.                        Buddy, 10 1/2, was killed in October after, we had moved
   Earl moved to the Charleston area from                    to Hurricane in August).
Carrollton, Ohio, in 1978, after graduating from                 I became active in the Children's Department and
Ohio State University. He and Carol met in 1979,             Basil in the business and administration of the church.
thru their jobs at Union Carbide and were married in         He later taught the Young Adult Class and God used
Forrest Burdette by Rev. Bill Deel on November 14,           him to help many people to become members before
1981. Although Earl had always attended church               he died in 1967.
with Carol, he did not transfer his membership from              E. E. married Jenny Lynn Pile from Dunbar and
the First Presbyterian Church in Carrollton until            their two children, Anna and Eddie, were both
December, 1989.                                              baptized in this church. (At present, they live with
   After nine years of marriage, Carol and Earl were         their mother in Dunbar.) E. E. married Michelle
blessed with the birth of a son, Keith Andrew, on            Neuman in August, 1990, in this church.
August 13, 1990. Keith attended church for the very              Linda was married to Leroy Anderson in November,
first time on the 75th Anniversary Celebration               1975. They lived away from here until December,
Sunday and was later baptized by the Rev. Thomas             1990. She had been sick with cancer since June, 1989.
J. Bickerton on December 9,1990.                             Linda died July 1, 1990, and the funeral was at Forrest
   Throughout the years, Carol and Earl have been            Burdette Church.
involved in many of the activities of Forrest                    Bobby and Rhonda were married in July of 1975, at
Burdette. Carol has taught Sunday School, served as          Kinston, NC in her home church which is Lutheran.
Treasurer of the United Methodist Women and                  They have three children, Mary Casey, Maggie and
Secretary of the Administrative Board and has                Mallory. All have been baptized in this church.
been a member of the Missions/Outreach                           I have loved this church since the first Sunday we
Workarea, Women's Softball Team and Ranson                   walked in the door. It is a praying, caring church that
Circle.                                                      tries to minister to the needs of people. I have truly
    Earl has coached the Women's Softball Team,              appreciated the support and prayer during all the years
been a member of the Age Level and Family                    of my membership.
Committee and served as a dishwasher for the                     I believe the happiest times in the church have been
United Methodist Women.                                      when I've been singing in the choir or working with the
    The most memorable experiences Carol and                 children and youth musical programs.
 Earl have had at Forrest Burdette include working
 at the annual United Methodist Women's Turkey
 Dinner and the church's Memorial Day rest stop
 ministry and portraying the Holy Family during the
 children's Christmas program in 1990. The persons
 who have inspired them the most include Carol's
 mother, Dorothy Ranson, and the Gibson and
 Rowsey families.
    Carol and Earl have experienced the highpoint
 (birth) and lowpoint (death) that can occur within a
 family. Throughout each experience, the people of
 Forrest Burdette have provided loving support. In
 Carol and Earl's opinion, the ministry of Forrest
 Burdette Memorial United Methodist Church truly is
 one of compassion.                                               In recognition of Hilda's birthday, August ,1980

   I believe we are going to grow both in numbers and in             I could write a book about my experiences in this
spiritual power if each member feels the need to pray             church. In 1987,1 had a heart operation and was in the
and work for the Kingdom of God in this place.                    hospital for 69 days. This church was with us all the
                                                                  way, praying and ministering to our needs. The
             THE RIGHT PLACE TO BE                                doctors thought I would come home in a wheelchair,
                                                                  but the Lord didn't see it that way. Men of the church
                    Terry Quentrill                               put up hand rails on my steps and back porch. I
                                                                  believe that the good Lord let me walk mostly due to
     I joined with Forrest Burdette United Methodist              prayers of my church.
Church on December 23, 1990, after Rev. Tom and                      In July, 1990, Opal got sick and was in the hospital
members of the church supported me and my family                  six times. Each time my second family really looked
through the death of my father the previous November.             after us. In February, 1991, the Lord saw fit to take
    I had attended other churches but this church "felt"          "Mother" (Opal) home. There, again, was my church.
like it was the "right place to be".                              They stood by me and my family all the way. I will
    Gene and I experienced a new meaning of Christ's              never be able to thank my "Second Family" enough or
birth when we brought our daughter, Molly, (20                    my Pastor, Tom Bickerton.
months old) to be baptized at the Christmas Eve.
Service on December 24,1990.
                                                                                 A CHURCH VOCATION

                                                                                Rex and Debbie Rexroad
                                                                            Stephanie, Travis and Christopher

                                                                      Rex and I have been in the Hurricane area almost
                                                                  two years now and we feel we have been here forever.
                                                                  Rex works for the U. S. Soil Conservation Service and
                                                                  was transferred to the Hurricane Office in July of 1990
                                                                  from Kingwood, WV. During our years of marriage, we
                                                                  have lived in the northern part of the state and
                                                                  endured the winters of Tucker and Preston Counties.
                                                                  What a change for us to be in this area! We've also
                                                                  never had the opportunity to be so close to cities as
                                                                  large as Huntington and Charleston and experience
                                                                  the great amount of activity that we find ourselves
                                                                  involved in. We have three children ranging from
Ransford & Opal Ce lebrated 50 th Golden Anniversary, 1990        Senior High School to Kindergarten and life is very
      OUR SECOND FAMILY AT FORREST                                    I feel a great joy in being employed by Forrest
               BURDETTE                                           Burdette Memorial United Methodist Church as the
                                                                  Church Secretary. It seems rather strange to consider
                Ransford Ransom                                   this as my employment because working as a volunteer
                                                                  in the church has always been a part of my life. This,
   Opal and I, with our two children, Kaven and                   sometimes, causes me to struggle with separating my
Shelia, moved to Hurricane in 1956. We started to                 role as the Church Secretary and my role as a member
Forrest Burdette because we had been going to a                   of the church. I have always had a desire to be
Methodist Church in Charleston. Robert Beaver, Don                involved in a church vocation and wondered many
and Carol Rowsey were friends and members of the                  times how God might use my gifts and graces in that
church.                                                           manner. Rex and I feel that our life together has been a
   Kaven was married in the old sanctuary. We didn't              gift from God and God has led us to new ventures
change our membership until later on.                             and new homes. I am sure that God led us to the
                                                                  Hurricane area and to Forrest Burdette Church.

   Life at Forrest Burdette totally consumes our family                 MY MEMORIES OF FORREST
many days. We have come to the conclusion, though,                     BURDETTE UNITED METHODIST
that the fellowship we receive from the friends we                              CHURCH
have here and the spiritual renewal we experience at
worship and in Disciple is worth the time and the                              Billie (Billups) Saunders
energy we give. We are sure that this church will be
here for many more years to come and we are thankful                 I moved to Hurricane with my parents, Harold &
that we will have had the opportunity to be even a              Bertha Billups from Ohio when I was four years old.
small part of its history.                                           The first memory I have of the Church is attending
                                                                with my Grandparents, "Ed" & "Fanny" Billups. The
                 EARLY MEMORIES                                 pews were wood and hard and the Pastor (I don't
                                                                remember his name) preached for a "long time". I
                   Carol S. Rowsey                              would wiggle and ask Grandmother when we could go
                                                                home. Her reply was always "Shhhhh, sit still and stop
    Forrest Burdette Church has always played an                wiggling".
important role in my life. My mother, Thelma, was                    When I was a little older, my friend, Dorothy
present the second Sunday church was held. She was              (Cremeans) Sovine, and I would talk Mr. Bill Black into
four years of age, at the time.                                 lifting us up to ring the Church bell. He would lift us up to
    Donald and I were married at Forrest Burdette in            the rope and let us swing up & down a couple of times,
1950. Our three children, LaDonna, Howard and Jan               then lift us down. To us, this was "Great".
have attended Forrest Burdette since birth and have
participated in the various children’s groups, youth
groups, choirs and adult activities of the church.
    My earliest memories are of the church and the
people associated with it. Looking back over the
years, many people come to mind such as Mae Smith,
Mrs. Roberman, Anna Woodworth, Alice Hall and
Allie Coyner. They worked with the children's
department and the Women's Society along with many
other activities of the church. They, as well as many
others, were a very important part of my early
experiences at Forrest Burdette.
                                                                     1941, Dorothy Cremeans & Billie Billups Saunders
    When the old sanctuary was torn down to make way
for the present structure, I was quite sad and couldn't
bear to look at the bare lot where it had stood. I soon              I remember the Sunday School was in a building
realized that although it held many memories for me,             back of the Church. Mrs. Roberman was the
                                                                 Children's Superintendent, Geka Stover was our
the building itself didn't make the church. God's
                                                                 teacher and Grandad was the Sunday School
people are the church and there have been, and are
                                                                 Superintendent. Once in a while, Dorothy and I would
now, many good people who will make Forrest
                                                                 keep our nickle, (for the Sunday School offering) and
Burdette Church grow and live on into the future for our
                                                                 go to Bemice Sovine's Ice Cream Parlor and hope our
grandchildren. I am both proud and thankful to have
                                                                 parents did not find out. T hey did! And we paid the
been a part of Forrest Burdette Memorial United
Methodist Church.
                                                                     I did not attend Church much through the teen
 (NOTE:) The Caldwells, neighbors of Don and Carol
                                                                 years, although, I do remember Charlie Duke taking us
 Rowsey, witnessed to the "Christian Love" the                   (MYF or Sunday School Class) to Camden Park,
 Rowsevs have shown for over thirty years in their               Roller Skating and etc.
 next-door relationship.             “Unselfishly shared            I did not plan to be married in this Church, but
 whatever they had, always ready to lend a helping              Grandmother Billups wanted me to and she was
 hand, without expecting in return, laughing in joyous          not able to go to Charleston. Jack, my fiancée, and
 times, and comforting in times of sorrow and                   I stopped at the parsonage and asked Rev.
 bereavement.”       This is the ministry of Forrest            Donahoe if he would marry us in the Church. After
 Burdette within the Community.                                 explaining I was Ed Billups’ granddaughter (he did

not know either one of us), he agreed to perform             financial campaigns, circuit rider programs, revivals
the ceremony on April 4, 1952.                               and the never ending meetings, the up times and
    After our first child Jane was born, we felt we          the down times, the good and the not so good
should get back in Church. We went to Sunday                 times, Forrest Burdette Church has become a very
School, the class was so small it was in the                 caring and friendly Church that is always there with
Pastor's Study, and the class was not friendly. But I        support, warmth, and Christian Love. I Thank all of you
have a tendency to get angry instead of hurt — I             and Love you all very much.....
went back anyway. We lost our second child and
Rev. Mentz performed the graveside service.
Jennie Counts was the only person from the
Church that came to see me. I was pretty bitter for
quite a while.
     Basil and Hilda O'Dell had moved to Hurricane
and we were told they had worked hard to build up
the Young Adult Sunday School Class. Dorothy
Sovine and Maxine Hunt came to see us and
invited us to the revival services. Rev. Barnett was
preaching at the Church. I told them I was not
interested and Dorothy said she had been praying
so hard that we would attend the services. Jack and
I talked it over (and I did not want Dorothy to think
God wasn't listening to her) so I decided to go one
night, just for her. Conversion was the last thing on
my mind, but I went back and a couple of nights
later, was converted. Jack was converted a few
days later. Rev. Mentz baptized about 20 of us at
                                                             April 24, 1953: Burl & Irsil Neeley, Laura & John E. Smith
the Baptist Church on Mother's Day.
                                                                             and Myrtle & Charles Smith.
     Joann (Ellis) Adkins and I established the i rst
 Girl Scout Brownie Troop sponsored by the Church
 about 1955. It was a lot of work, but it was a                         A CHILD SHALL LEAD THEM
 successful project.
    When our son, Mark, was about three years old, I
                                                                        John E. & Laura (Neeley) Smith
 started teaching the Kindergarten Class with
 Loretta (Wise) Beaver and continued for eleven                  The Christian example of good neighboring brought
 years with Laura (Neeley) Smith, Jennie Counts,
                                                             me to Forrest Burdette as a young child of two.
 Tene Barcroft, Jackie Kessler, Virginia Valentine           Coming from a lineage of staunch Baptists, it was
 and others. I loved every year of it, four and five         indeed a change when I began accompanying Mrs.
 year olds are special little people. Jack taught the
                                                             Alice Hall to Sunday School. My increased participation
 High School Class and we both were in the Choir             in activities at the church led my father to accompany me
 at different times. We also served on several               there. When Burl L. Neeley joined the church in 1943,
 different committees.
                                                             he began a life long commitment to service in the
     Both my Grandparents' funeral services were in          church and it's extension to the community-at-large.
 the Church. When my Mother died and Jack was                He was especially interested and involved in the
 killed ten months later, I don't know what I would          Sunday School superintendency and the work of the
 have done without the support of the Church. The            Board of Trustees where he served over the years.
 Church Family was wonderful to us. Rev. Byrd did                John E. Smith began attending and joined the
 Jack's funeral service. My daughter, Jane, was              church while we were dating in the 1950's. He taught a
 married in the Church May 13, 1989. Rev. Johnson            boy's Sunday School class and sang in the choir with
 kindly let Rev. Leo Pauley, a special friend and a          me. Our marriage in 1953 was solemized here at
 former member of the Church, come to perform the            Forrest Burdette by Rev. Holly Shamblin (1940-1945)
 ceremony.                                                   who had promised me, at age eleven, that he would
    While teaching Sunday School, attending circle           come back and marry me.
 meetings, committee meetings, loyalty dinners,

     Over the years, John and I have served the church in           Sunday School classes with a small nursery room. A
many ways and at times it seemed to be our second                   curtain was pulled to separate the classroom. Mrs.
home. For some reason, you seem to remember the                     Roberman was the Children's Superintendent and Mrs.
stressful times in your life and at these times, our                Withrow was a teacher. (When our class would get a
church family has always been there for us.                         little rowdy, Mrs. Roberman would stick her head
     The years saw our three sons, Richard, Victor &                between the curtain and remind us we were there to
Jeffrey baptized and joining us in the youth and other              study the WORD!)
church endeavors. Victor and Jeff were married here                      And Study the WORD, we did. We were expected to
and Rick served as trustee and Sunday School teacher                memorize a verse of scripture to recite each S    unday
prior to his moving with his wife to the Hurricane                  morning. These scripture verses, which I can recite
Baptist Church. In the background, during the many                  today, have given me much strength throughout the
years, was my mother, Irsil Gibson Neeley, also a                   years.
member, who, while staying home with my brother,                         When we became 12 years old, we could go to the
Bobby, supported her family's efforts with prayer and               Sunday School class in the "loft" over the choir and
pride.                                                              have Sunday School opening service with the adult
    The funeral services for my father, Burl, were made             classes. We thought we were really grown-up, then.
more comforting and meaningful due to the fact that                 Dennis Gibson and Opal Coyner were two of
they were held in a sanctuary which was built under                 teachers.
his co-chairmanship, the multiple years of service by                    When I think of my teen years at Forrest Burdette,
this extended family include work on various                        Faye Miller and Charlie Duke come to mind. They
committees and boards, singing in, directing and                    were my mentors. Always encouraging me and being
accompanying choirs, teaching, organizing, and loyally              there when I needed someone to talk to. I've always
attending services all of which demonstrates one of                 loved music and was a member of the youth choir
the major thrusts of this church-family involvement.                directed by Faye Miller and Doris Clark. The ladies
     Today, this continues to be a strength and to                  had the "patience of Job", and we tried that patience
provide countless opportunities for others, including               every week.
little children, to lead. John and I live with the hope that              The youth choir was selected to go to Buckhannon
one day Victor and Jeffery will return to Forrest                   to church camp with Illia Jayne Pullen Andrews,
Burdette with their families to continue on our family's            Lenore Coulter L      eake, George Coyner and Tommy
service to our Lord and to Forrest Burdette Memorial                Winter. It was the most meaningful experience of my
United Methodist Church.                                            youth and many of us made our decisions to follow
                                                                    Christ, at that time.
                                                                         When Bob and I married, we became a part of
          FAMILY, FRIENDS, MEMORIES                                 O'Dell's Sunday School Class. Basil & Hilda were a
                                                                    wonderful influence on the young couples in
               JoAnne and Bob Sovine                                church, always very caring and supportive. Our
                                                                    children, Robert Lee and Debbie were both christened
   Forrest Burdette United Methodist Church has                     when Rev. Mentz served as Pastor.
always been a vital part of my life. I grew up in the                    Many things come to mind as I reflect back over the
church and have many fond memories of so many                       years and many funny stories could be told, if space
wonderful people, I have worked with through the                    permitted. The people of Forrest Burdette are like
years.                                                              family. I have always felt a sense of great love and
   When I was a v small child, my parents took the                  pride for my church and am looking forward to bigger
family to Sunday School, Sunday morning church,                     and better things as we continue to grow in Spirit as
Sunday night church, Wednesday night prayer and                     well as in numbers.
revivals (which, sometimes, lasted three weeks.)
   Our educational building was a large room for

               THE SENSE OF FAMILY                                               A METHODIST HERITAGE

                   Linda Clark Swan                                                 Harriet Morgan Taylor

    The family of Forrest Burdette Memorial Methodist                   My mother and father and their families were all
Church has been my own since I was nine years old,                  Methodists and it never occurred to me to be anything
and I was invited here by my friend, Nancy Canterbury,              else. My husband, Dalton, and I have four daughters,
whose father, Homer, was Sunday School                              Carolyn P. Bowles, Linda J. Harshbarger, Nancy J.
Superintendent. The people were warm and caring and                 Williams and Pamela J. Lemaster and seven
genuinely interested in each other as they are now. I               grandchildren.
soon committed my life to Christ and was baptized by                    I have attended Forrest Burdette since 1956 and was
Rev. Ira Mentz.                                                     united with the church on August 21, 1983, at an
    During my growing up years, I learned so much                   outdoor communion service at the home of Jim and
from devoted and caring teachers in our Sunday                      Glenna Burdette. Rev. Bill Deel was our minister.
School. There was a Circle for teen-age girls lead by                   Basil and Hilda O'Dell, my sister, Mrs. Virginia
Jo Anne Sovine and Babe Bennett, who left me with a                 Valentine, Carol Rowsey and Rev. Bill Dee] have all
definite impression of what Christian women should be.              been an inspiration to me and helped me to grow in the
    Jim and I began dating while we were in high                    faith over the last several years.
school. He is a distant relative of Forrest Burdette and                I dearly love my church family at Forrest Burdette
was a member of the Milton United Methodist Church.                 who have supported me and truly shown me God's love in
Jim enjoyed coming to some of the youth activities                  the midst of my pain. I pray for God's salvation for all of
with me, and often to the Sunday School Class taught                my family and that they will know His joy soon.
by Jack Saunders. Jim and I were married by Rev.
Allen Parrish on May 15, 1965, shortly before our
congregation celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of our                     A FRIENDLY METHODIST CHURCH
church. We served as UMYF sponsors which was very
rewarding. In December 1968, Jim moved his                                       Lee, Evelyn and Jan Warner
membership to Forrest Burdette.
    Our daughter, Cathy, was born on May 28, 1970,                     We moved to Hurricane and transferred our
and was baptized by Rev. Joseph Byrd. She was                       membership from St. Lukes Methodist Church in
confirmed by Rev. Jan Oldham in May, 1982. On July                  South Charleston in 1964.
14,1976, Jason joined our family. He was baptized by                   We began attending Sunday School when Basil
Rev. William Slates in October of that year. His                    O'Dell was teaching. The people in the church were
confirmation class was taught by Teresa Daily, a                    friendly and there were many activities to become
wonderful Christian, who has since moved away. She                  involved in.
and Rev. Robert Johnson performed the ceremony.                        Jan was baptized and became a member of Forrest
    It was sad, yet exciting to witness the razing of our           Burdette when Rev. Bill Deel was minister.
lovely old sanctuary, and watch the construction of the                 We see the church continuing with a caring and
new modern one. Now, of course, the new building                    loving ministry within the community.
holds precious memories just as the previous one did.
We realize, after all, that our church is people and not
the building which houses us. The sense of family
here has been made real many times over the years
...during the joyous events such as the births of our
children, and the sorrowful time when we lost Jim's
father in 1975, and during ray father's illnesses this last
    As our congregation continues to grow in spirit as
well as numbers, the possibility of reaching others for
Christ is unlimited, and serving God here at Forrest
Burdette is a privilege and a responsibility and a pleasure.
                                                                    Conserving energy: Jan Warner, Lee Warner, Tim
                                                                    Landin, Rev. Bill Deel, David Danner and mother, Iva

    United Methodists are inheritors of a unique                  "Our forefathers planned and wrought well.
tradition...a people of assurance. It was the                  Thanks to their plans, labor and sacrifices, we
assurance that through God's grace we have                     worship in a beautiful sanctuary which is a Temple
been forgiven and restored to God. In the midst of             for god" and also a "monument to those who loved
the changing world about us, we are challenge d to             and served God ahead of us."
renew our witness as a people of the assurance.                  We, too, must plan wisely, labor diligently and give
Alan Waltz states:..."what encouraged and uplifted             sacrificially if we are to keep the faith which
those who preceded us in faith?                                characterized them."
    Our Forebearers found their purpose as a people              These are the words taken from the Building
of God in a simple yet profound task: to proclaim              Campaign of 1954 and yet they are so pertinent to
the faith, build the church, serve the world."                 1992. There is a CHALLENGE within this book of
                                                               history of Methodism and Forrest Burdette Memorial
Norman E. Dewire, “Ready for Revival”, The Interpreter,        United Methodist Church. We have a responsibility
March-April 1983                                               to see the VISION and explore the POSSIBILITIES
.                                                              and prepare for the FUTURE!!
In the tradition of Methodism, the people of Forrest
Burdette Memorial United Methodist Church have
been true to the faith, witnessing to the
unchurched, l oving the less fortunate, caring about
those within the Family and lending a "light" within
the Community.


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