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					                                                                                            PRESS RELEASE


                                 WOOD BURNING OVEN ADDS ZING TO
                                 HOMEOWNERS KITCHENS AND PATIOS

       Homeowners can now purchase the definitive in cooking apparatus - ageless yet modern, high-quality
wood-burning ovens.

       The timeless technique of cooking delectable food in wood-burning ovens has been around for centuries in
Europe. Helping blaze the way for the contemporary, U.S. home chef to outfit or retrofit their kitchen or backyard
patio with these multi-purpose devices is Maurice Yotnegparian, owner of EarthStone Wood-Fire Ovens, Los
Angeles, California.

       EarthStone's contemporary, modular and pre-assembled wood-burning ovens are cast from high quality
refractory material with an 80% alumina content. The hearth floor tiles, “Pierre de Boulanger”, are industrial
baking stones which are designed to create an exceptionally, long-wearing floor surface. EarthStone's insulation
methods increase the heat reserve capacity of the units resulting is an oven that is extremely fuel efficient without
temperature fluctuations. Additionally, the oven walls are cast twice as thick as other oven manufactures.

       Unlike conventional gas or electric ovens, wood-burning ovens achieve a combination of roasting, baking,
barbecue and smoking techniques that work wonders with a wide range of food.

       The ovens are ideally fueled by seasoned hardwoods such as oak or almond. These woods produce the
concentrated heat necessary to maximize the efficiency of the oven. Adding wood chips such as alder or fruit wood
creates a mild smoky flavor to the food.

        6717 San Fernando Rd. Glendale CA 91201 Tel: 800-840-4915 - 818-553-1134 Fax: 818-553-1133
        "Just smell and taste the flavor" remarks Yotnegparian, a native of Marseilles, France, commenting on the
fresh roasted Chinook salmon marinated with Pastis (Pernod) that has been removed from the oven. "The intense
heat created by the hardwood fire quickly sears in the flavor of the food being prepared and seals the juices, thus
preventing the food from dehydrating."

        A broad extent of menu items, ranging from appetizers to desserts can be prepared in the ovens.
Yotnegparian's Mediterranean influence is evident in the diverse repertoire of recipes he occasionally demonstrates
and prepares for potential customers in his upscale Los Angeles showroom.

        Imagine the rich aroma of Rosemary Chicken with garlic, baked to perfection or any number of thin crusted
gourmet pizzas including Fresh grilled vegetable with thyme and Smoked Gouda or, Prosciutto and fig with
arugula. A popular dessert is an apple tart, thinly sliced apples fanned atop a pastry dough, sprinkled with
cinnamon and sugar. The bread bakes right on the hearth of the hot oven. The intense heat stored in the walls and
floor will make an exceptionally crisp crust.

        The popularity of EarthStone's line of ovens for the home is evident by the long list of noteworthy
customers including famous personalities and chefs.

        The ovens are designed and manufactured with the end user in mind. The pre-assembled ovens are
constructed in the Los Angeles facility. EarthStone prides itself on both high quality standards and customer
service satisfaction. Maurice Yotnegparian explains, "Our client feedback has dictated our ability to integrate many
special design features which enhance the performance and operation of the ovens.” The home units are simple to
install, U.L. listed and are backed by a five year limited warranty.

        Currently, EarthStone offers three models ideally suited for the homeowner. Models 60, 90, and 110 are the
most popular for application in the home kitchen or backyard patio. The basic difference between the three models
is the interior cooking area. Prices for the ovens range from $2,6750.00 for the Model 60 to $4,500.00 for Model
110. Shipping costs vary depending upon size and destination. An example - a Model 90 shipped from Los
Angeles to San Diego runs about $200.00. The same oven shipped to New Jersey would cost about $500.00.
Installation costs from masons vary, hinging on the extent of the work.

        6717 San Fernando Rd. Glendale CA 91201 Tel: 800-840-4915 - 818-553-1134 Fax: 818-553-1133
        Commercial popularity of the wood-burning ovens, in the United States, did not begin until the early
1980's. A prominent West Hollywood California restaurant Spago’s, took the lead, showcasing designer pizza's.
Since then, the enormous acceptance has caught the eye of forward-looking restaurants from coast-to-coast.

        EarthStone offers an extensive commercial line of wood-burning ovens for the food service industry. The
company has provided hundreds of ovens to many of the nations important, multi-unit and independent food
service operators.

        In fact, some culinary schools realized how popular the wood-burning oven craze was spreading across the
country. Both New England's Culinary Institute in Montpelier, Vermont and Johnson and Wales University in
North Miami, Florida, have incorporated the ovens into their program's production kitchens. Students are
instructed in the operation of the wood-burning ovens in a "classroom" environment before working with them in a

        Yotnegparian cautions potential homeowner customers not to be intimidated with the start-up or operation
of the oven once they are installed in the home. As a matter of fact, he will even offer training in his Los Angeles
showroom. He contends, "The market potential for these unique ovens is still wide open and extremely viable."

        All EarthStone units include an installation book and a 30 min installation video showing installation
techniques. Additionally, EarthStone offers for $39.95, a 140 page cookbook and DVD titled “Cooking with

        6717 San Fernando Rd. Glendale CA 91201 Tel: 800-840-4915 - 818-553-1134 Fax: 818-553-1133

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