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									                                                                               OLDER WOMEN’S LEAGUE OF CALIFORNIA
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                                                                                 1230 N Street, Suite 201, Sacramento, CA 95814 PH: (916) 444-2526
                                                                                FAX: (916) 441-1881 E-mail: owlcalif@gmail.com Web: www.owlca.org
 Evie Kosower, San Diego
 Ruth Kletzing, Sacramento                                                      OWL-CA NEWSLETTER                                       FALL, 2009
Vice-President, South
 Ernestine Beare, San Diego         PRESIDENTS MESSAGE
Vice-President, North
 Rochelle Goldman, San Mateo
Treasurer                           The efforts we are making to attract new members are working – slowly
  Glenda Cheesman, Sacramento
 Associate Treasurer
                                    perhaps, but some of our chapters are seeing new members join. And
 Janet Vandre, Sacramento           wonderfully, several of those new members have pitched in and are
Recording Secretary                 helping us greatly in the work of our chapters, and of course, for OWL. The
 Rosemary Bacy, Los Gatos
 BJ Bryan, Santa Clara              MEDIC grant has benefited us! We will have the usual amount added to
 Joyce Miller, Sacramento
Corresponding Secretary
                                    our program this year very soon, but the final grant will be considerably
 Audrey Barth, Sacramento           less next year. At times it seemed like we weren’t using the help that was
Public Policy Director              being offered, but things take time to penetrate. The membership
 Betty Perry, Sacramento
Nat’l Public Policy Liaison         committee along with Roberta, Betty and the MedicD committee have been
                                    working hard, and we all have tried to put some of their suggestions to
 Joyce Kamian, Lafayette            practice. We should keep up the efforts; I know we will. This will be the last
Website Manager                     year to take full advantage of the MedicD's helpfulness
 Roberta Battle, Sacramento
Website Consultant
  Margie Metzler, Sacramento
Chapter Presidents (P)
                                    In May of this year OWL-CA received a bequest from the trust of a Beryll
and Representatives (R)             Deming as part of her will. We were one of a number of organizations to be
Sacramento Capitol                  so named, and though we did not know her, we are delighted that she
 Eunice Lycke (P)
 Kathleen Lane (P))                 thought our organization was one to support. At the June CA Council
 Ida Curtice (R)
 Martha Millhone (R)
                                    meeting a committee was formed, existing of a representative from each
Ohlone/East Bay                     active chapter, to decide on the disposition of the funds, totaling
  Diane Latko (P)                   $68,900.00. The chapters are represented as follows: Ohlone, Joyce
  Eleanor Luce (P)
  Joyce Kamian R)                   Kamian; Sacramento, Jan Vandre; San Diego, Evie Kosower (Chair); San
  Mary Lembke (R)                   Francisco, Nan McGuire; Santa Clara, Rosemary Bacy; Placer County,
 Bea Graham (P)                     Bea Graham. The Committee has been working to decide the processes
 Marion Faustman (R)
San Diego Co.
                                    and areas for allocation of the funds. In October we will have one of the
 Evie Kowoser (P)                   National Consultant’s meet with us and help us with building membership.
 Ernestine Beare (R)
San Francisco
                                    We are hoping that all of you will attend that meeting. With the background
 Allyson Washburn (P)               of these efforts, we should be able to put to good use the wonderful
 Nan McGuire (R)
Santa Clara
                                    bequest left to us. If you have suggestions for chapter or Council needs,
 BJ Bryan (P)                       please contact a member of the Committee. We are anxious to disperse
 Pearl Caldwell (R)
At-Large Representatives
                                    funds to strengthen and expand our education and advocacy.
 Mary Lou Anthony, Santa Rosa
 Shirley Harlan, San Bernardino
 Rochelle Goldman, San Mateo
                                                                                             Ruth and Evie
Newsletter Editor
 Ellen Doerfer, Walnut Creek                         WHAT'S INSIDE:
National Board                                       Page 2 Upcoming events            Page 8 Chapter Reports
 Shirley Harlan, SW Regional Rep. San Bernardino
 Kathie Piccagli, At-Large Rep. San Francisco               CA Public Policy Report    Page 10 Ginkgo Study
                                                                                          Page 3 Elder Abuse
                                                                                                  SW Regional Report            Page 11 Donors
                                                                                          Page 4 Treasurer's Report                      Silent Auction
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                                                                                                 Summary-June Council Meeting   Enclosures:
                                                                                          Page 7 Endowment Fund                 Council flyer
                                                                                                 Women In Prison                Endowment Brochure

                                                  serious problem.
    UPCOMING EVENTS                               Now we are learning about tax cuts they
    OWL-CA ANNUAL COUNCIL MEETING                 have made, and they are aimed at our
    October 2-4/2009 Mercy Center                 richest California businesses. But with
    2300 Adeline Drive Burlingame CA.             their know-how, these businesses should
    See enclosed flyer for details                be better able to weather the economic
    OWL NATIONAL CONFERENCE CALL                  storm we are facing than people needing
    Tuesday, Sept. 8 @ 11 AM PST.                 food, students needing tuition, disabled
    1-270-696-1555 and follow directions to       people needing home care. Profitable
    enter the pass code.                          companies should be able to meet their
    CARA CONVENTION OCT. 20-21                    responsibilities without taking money
    Hacienda Hotel, 525 N. Sepulveda Blvd.        needed by the neediest of our citizens.
    El Segundo, Ca 800-421-6900
    Register online: www.californiaalliance.org   The changes -- which allow corporations
                                                  to choose between two methods of
                                                  determining their taxable income, to
ALERT: THE NOMINATING                             share tax credits and to claim refunds on
COMMITTEE WILL BE SENDING THE                     previous years' taxes -- were enacted
SLATE OF NEW OFFICERS IN A                        without any public hearings or public
SEPARATE MAILING, ALONG WITH                      testimony. At this time these cuts should
THE AGENDA FOR THE ANNUAL                         be reviewed and consideration given to
COUNCIL MEETING                                   using this money to help those most in

PUBLIC POLICY REPORT FOR                          We have urged the legislature to review
OWL-CA                                            their earlier actions and show the strength
                                                  we expect by taking a position that will be
This report will appear in the newsletter         very hard for the governor to overturn.
that is being sent in August. Writing this
on July 8, 2009, requires faith and hope          As I write this, I am particularly concerned
at a time that both are in short supply in        about AB392 Feuer, the bill for
Sacramento.                                       ombudsmen in nursing homes, which we
Following are some remarks we sent to             advocated for on Mother’s Day. I will try
our legislators:                                  to put in the outcome of this action when
                                                  we do the final proof reading of the
The Older Women’s League has come to              newsletter.
this legislature for many years. We do not
get termed out. We have great concern             When OWL members read this, we hope
about the well being of all Californians.         the budget problems will be settled in a
 This year we have been almost                    fair way, and we can continue our efforts
speechless as we observe all of the               to improve the way women are treated in
problems the legislature is facing.               our state. We see real value in promoting
                                                  the way wealth is developed, but we do
The “No New Taxes” mantra is flawed.              not think this is in opposition to being fair
 Almost all of the cuts have come to              to people with low incomes. One of the
programs helping people who have                  OWL mottos is “When one has a lemon,
economic needs: home care, schools,               one can make lemonade.” We will be
university students, etc. The list is so          toasting you with many glasses of
long. The Governor is making additional           lemonade before this is over, I fear.
cuts in the pay of state workers. For the                Betty Perry, Public Policy Director
rank and file worker, this is becoming a
Elder Abuse: A Women’s Issue –                is no one agency or person in the federal
It’s Time to Protect All Elders!              government that is coordinating the
                                              prevention of elder abuse, thereby giving
                                              the issue the attention it demands.
Once again we’ve passed the Mothers’
Day, Fathers’ Day cycle. We’ve gone to
                                              I’m not advocating we abandon the
brunches, hosted barbeques and sent
                                              traditional observations of these
bouquets, all in an effort to honor,
                                              “Hallmark” days; but if we are truly
commend, and celebrate our parents. If
                                              grateful to the “greatest generation,” we
our parents have died, we remember the
                                              should show its members our gratitude in
“olden days.” Perhaps we miss our
                                              profound ways. We need to remember
parents all the more as we anticipate our
                                              them more than two days out of the year.
own aging.                                                  Mary Lembke, Ohlone East Bay Rep.

I can’t help but wonder: are brunches
and barbeques really the greatest gifts we    OWL NATIONAL SOUTHWEST
have to give our mothers and fathers? I       REGIONAL REPRESENTATIVE
suggest that there are more worthwhile        REPORT
“monuments,” more lasting
“commemoratives.” I suggest we                Our voice in Washington DC is loud and
consider lobbying our legislators to pass     clear as our President Donna Wagner
some bills that can make a significant        represents us and Executive Director
difference in the lives of our elders.        Ashley Carson chairs prestigious task
                                              forces where our OWL agenda on
What if we passed AB 392, which would         healthcare, mental health and social
allow dollars to be taken from nursing        security move forward in coalition with
home fines to continue to pay for the all     other organizations. During the summer,
important ombudsman program? This             intern Simone Johnson of University CA
program trains volunteers to serve            at Riverside will join our small
persons in residential care facilities and    Washington DC staff to carry out
nursing homes who might have no one           numerous tasks in this busy legislative
else to represent their interests. In an      period.
age of ever increasing elder abuse, the
ombudsman provides for needed                 Natale Zimmer, OWL Health Policy
oversight between the cared for and the       Director is very visible in DC at healthcare
caregivers.                                   meetings. You can join in the interactive
                                              telephone conference monthly on our
What if we passed SB 32, which would          progress. Natale continues to advocate
establish a Silver Alert to protect persons   for Single Payer.
with Alzheimer's or dementia who roam
from home, similar to the Amber Alert we      Our Mother’s Day Report on Elder Abuse
use for missing children?                     was released very successfully. I hope
                                              you have read it. As you know it is
What if we passed AB 810, (Leno) which        available as a PDF file on OWL National's
provides for single payer health care,        website. You can request a hard copy
thereby guaranteeing that no person,          too. As a valuable resource for training,
older and younger in our state will have to   every OWL member who visits a nursing
live in fear if they become ill?              home or senior center could present a
                                              copy and include our new brochure. Our
What if we lobbied our representatives at     organization was founded on care giving
the federal level to pass the Elder Justice   and with boomers aging      cont. next page
Act (S.795, H.R. 2006)? Presently there
this information is vital to their quality of   TREASURER'S Report May 31,
life. The website has an article on the         2009
Elder Justice Act. We must be vigilant to
pass the Elder Justice Act that is the most     General Fund: At the end of May, we
comprehensive bill to fight against elder       had a balance in our General Fund of
abuse, neglect and exploitation.                $17,008. Our expenses were $16,464.
                                                MedicD Fund: This grant will be over in
At this board meeting we worked out a           July 2010. In July 2009 we will receive
way to be in compliance with the new 990        $20,000. To make this grant last into
audit policies for non-profit organizations     2010, we had to change our thinking
required by the IRS. All OWL chapters           regarding the grant money. Our budget is
flourish under the umbrella of OWL’s non-       from January 1 through December 31.
profit designation. Chapter presidents will     We receive the grant money in July or
soon receive a simple form that is              August each year. Therefore, in the first
required to report their financial status.      six months of each year we are spending
                                                grant money we won’t receive until July or
This board meeting focused on                   August of that year.
membership. Hopefully the new dues              To make the grant cover proper expenses
structure will bring OWL voices hooting to      for 2009 and 2010, we took 2008 MedicD
our issues: health, economic security and       expenses covering mostly hotel, travel,
quality of life. We have a new chapter in       and scholarships and applied these
Central Oregon called COCO (Central             expenses to General Fund expenses.
Oregon Chapter of OWL). In Montana              The balance of the fund on 12/31/08 was
where distances are great they are trying       $1,201. The expenditures from 1/1/09
to form a virtual chapter.                      through 5/31/09 were $11,751. We will
                                                receive $20,000 in July or
We spent board time on funding issues.          August 2009. This leaves a balance
Our spending is within budget at this time      available through 12/31/09 of $9,450.
and our Executive Director is commended
for her resourcefulness and savings.            Laurie Shields Fund: The scholarship
OWL is in competition with other                expenses came from the Laurie Shields
organizations for the limited grants and        Fund, bringing the balance of that fund to
funding available in this economic              $1,724 as of May 31, 2009.
downturn. We do need operational                Endowment Fund: This fund has a
monies to continue the OWL national             balance of $21,242. This is my first report
organization. It is important to be visible     as your new treasurer, and I’m happy to
on the local grassroots level. Our              say we are doing fine.
collective vision on Single Payer                                 Glenda Cheesman, Treasurer
Healthcare, Social Security, Mental
Health, Age and Gender Discrimination
and more demands our hooting at our             SUMMARY OF MINUTES OF OWL-CA
legislators at the door step where they         COUNCIL MEETING—JUNE 6 and 7,
vote even as we are at their door step in       2009 Park Plaza Hotel, Oakland,
their local offices. This strategy is called    California Present: Nan McGuire, Jonee Levy,
                                                Kathie Piccagli, Evie Kosower, Ruth Kletzing,
the inside and outside. Please let me           Nancy Sampson, Diane Latko, Cleo Berkun, Ellen
know what action you are committed to           Doerfer, Eleanor Luce, Josephine Rivas Conley,
doing and how I can help support your           Joyce Klein Kamian, Audrey Barth, Mary Lembke,
efforts.                                        Christine Shield, Shirley Harlan, Jerry Stout,
Shirley Harlan, Southwest Representative        Glenda Cheesman, Martha Millhone, Joyce Miller,
contact: vldy@aol.com or 909-882-4057           Eunice Lycke, Betty Perry, Jan Vandre, Ida
                                                Curtice, Edie Hedgecock, Joanne Selby and
                                                Rosemary Bacy.

                                                   need the exact number of participants by
MedicD Grant Report: June 7.                       the end of August. Friday and Sunday
Mother's Day Event: Betty Perry reported           will be business meetings; Saturday
on the Mothers Day event, which urged              morning will have presentations on health
support for restoring some of the state            issues for midlife and older women and
funds cut from the ombudsman program.              managing money in the current economic
She also summarized the devastating                situation. The Saturday afternoon
cuts proposed by the Governor, which               program will be developed by OWL-CA
would affect elderly, sick and low-income          and the MedicD consultants, and will
people.                                            focus on chapter building. Some
Ruth Kletzing suggested that OWL                   questions were asked about
publicize other sources of funds for the           accommodations and costs, which Nan
state, such as closing tax loopholes and           and Rosemary will get answered.
raising fees. Jonee Levy was appointed             Betty Perry reviewed the activities for
chair of a committee to develop a positive         which MedicD funds can be awarded,
response to the budget cuts.                       including distribution of OWL information
Nan McGuire asked about the status of              ($100), letter to a newspaper editor
the MedicD grant funds and what the                ($100) and a chapter newsletter article
funds had been spent on. OWL-CA has                ($100). Betty asked for reports from the
received $95,000 for 2005 through 2008.            chapters on what they have done with the
We will receive $20,000 in July 2009.              MedicD money.
However, costs of about $11,000 have               Nominations for the Golden Owl award
already been incurred in 2009.                     should be sent to Evie and Ruth.
Approximately $9,000 is uncommitted for            Joyce Kamian, Nan McGuire and Ruth
the rest of 2009. (The MedicD grants run           Kletzing were named to the nominating
from July through June, but the OWL-CA             committee for next year’s officers.
budget runs from January through
December.)                                         Minutes of the Council Meeting
                                                   Sunday 7/9
                                                   Minutes of February council meeting were
Executive Board Meeting June 7                     Shirley Harlan gave the National Board
Present: Joyce Klein Kamian, Ellen Doerfer,        Report: She distributed copies of her
Diane Latko, Joyce Miller, Ruth Kletzing, Evie
Kosower, Shirley Harlan, Kathie Piccagli, Audrey
                                                   report on her activities in the
Barth, Jan Vandre, Betty Perry, Glenda             Riverside/San Bernardino area,
Cheesman and Rosemary Bacy.                        particularly with coalitions addressing
                                                   California budget issues, IHSS and health
Ruth Kletzing announced that OWL has               care. The National Board will meet
received a $68,000 bequest to benefit              6/12&13. She will try to get a link
OWL. A committee was formed to make                between the National OWL website and
recommendations on how to use this                 the OWL-CA website. She reminded
money. Evie Kosower was named                      members about National's Health Policy
chairperson, with chapter representatives          Director Natale Zimmer’s conference
Nan McGuire (San Francisco), Joyce                 calls, with next Tuesday’s call on
Kamian (Ohlone), Jan Vandre (Capitol)              financing health care and cost
and Rosemary Bacy (Santa Clara).                   containment.                  Cont. next page
Ellen announced that the newsletter                Kathie Piccagli noted that OWL National
would be available on line and by email.           has not been aggressive enough in
Nan and Rosemary reviewed the plans                supporting Single Payer.
for the Annual Meeting at Mercy Center in          Diane Latko said she was frustrated by
Burlingame. They stressed that we will             the timing of an op-ed from National on its
Mothers Day report on elder abuse—it           approved that OWL-CA will consider on a
was too late to be used in local               case-by-case basis whether to accept or
newspapers. There were also conflicts          solicit grants or donations.
on the timing of the report and mental         Finance and Treasurer’s Report by
health week.                                   Glenda Cheesman: Glenda distributed a
Carolyn Negrete reported on an SB 810          report, which shows total cash balances
(Single Payer Health Insurance)                of $41,132 and Total Fund Balances of
workshop she attended and a conference         $41,235. She will resolve the difference
call with Obama staff. If SB 810 passes,       of $103. Anticipating the final MedicD
it is not clear whether Obama would            grant on July 1, 2009, there will be $9,450
support the changes the Federal                available through December 31, 2009.
government would need to make in order         The report does not include the $68,000
for SB810 to work. Carolyn urged us to         Beryl Deming bequest, since that was
promote Single Payer wherever we can           received after May 31, the final day of the
and to get the stories of those who have       Treasurer’s Report. The Treasurer’s
been devastated by the lack of adequate        Report was approved.
medical insurance. Following a                 Editorial Committee: Ellen Doerfer said
discussion of how to get OWL National          that July 1 is the deadline for material for
committed to Single Payer, it was M/S/P        the fall newsletter. Chapter reports
that a resolution be sent to National          should stress what was done for MedicD
urging their support. See resolution, page 7   grants and be one-quarter of a page in
Public Policy Betty Perry distributed a        Arial 12. The newsletter can be e-mailed
list of the bills, which OWL supports,         to those who want that format.
based on the policies, which were              Endowment Committee: Ruth Kletzing
adopted at the February Council meeting.       said that Marty Millhone and Glenda
She reported on Assemblyman Feuer’s            Cheesman had been added to the
bill to restore partially the funds needed     committee. The Endowment Fund
for the ombudsman program. Without the         pamphlet is being revised with help from
interventions of nursing homes by              a grant-writing expert.
ombudsmen, elders are more subject to          Resolutions: Joyce Kamian: None
abuse. Funding for In Home Support             CARA Report (California Alliance of
Services, which help elders and disabled       Retired Americans): Kathie Piccagli said
people stay in their homes, also needs to      the website
be maintained. OWL members can                 at www.Californiaalliance.org has good
support needed legislation by writing and      information on legislation. She asked for
visiting their legislators and local           clarification of the policy on using OWL-
newspapers and by working in coalition         CA funds for training. The next CARA
with other like-minded organizations.          convention will be October 20-21 in El
Bylaws Joyce Kamian reported no                Segundo. There is a $100 fee. OWL can
changes.                                       have three voting delegates, but
The Policy Review Committee                    individual OWLs need to join CARA at
discussed whether OWL should accept            $10 in order to use one of these votes. It
money from                                     was agreed that OWL-CA would pay for a
organizations that don’t support OWL’s         $200 ad in the CARA newsletter. The
goals. It was agreed if OWL does take          question of whether and how to pay for
money from such organizations, that            OWLs to attend was discussed.
there should be no strings attached and        Membership Committee: Kathie Piccagli
that there should be no advertising of the     said that visibility is the key issue in
organization’s support in OWL material.        publicizing OWL. She was encouraged
OWL will continue to stand for Single          by the activities, which the chapters are
Payer. It was moved, seconded and              carrying out. Nonetheless, OWL in
California has lost half it membership       chapters be asked whether they want to
since 2000. Chapters are gaining             adopt a similar resolution.
members, but this is offset by those who     Rosemary Bacy, Recording Secretary
are “aging out”. (There are 439 total
members in California, including 135 at      A Resolution to the Board of National
large. There were 892 in 2000.) The          OWL about Universal Single Payer
Membership Committee found that              Health Care Reform
coalitions with likeminded groups helped     WHEREAS: the free market health
with visibility. OWL needs diversity of      insurance industry is unable to provide
ethnic and economic groups. The              healthcare for individuals, families and
website is the major outreach tool for       workers, or for business and government
younger people and for age diversity.        responsibilities; control costs, and meet
Jonee Levy described the peer groups,        their fiduciary responsibilities to their
which San Francisco OWL has formed.          shareholders; and
San Diego OWL is doing a “Chapter            WHEREAS: the Older Women's League
Blitz”, with publicity and distribution of   was founded on the need to protect
pamphlets. Roberta Battle of OWL-CA          health access for the older woman and
has made up folders with information         recognizing her access was dependent
about OWL and other sources useful to        on healthcare access for everyone; and
older women. Each chapter can use            WHEREAS: the pressing need for health
these for recruiting new members.            reform is under attack by compromises
Folders can be tailored to fit individual    rendering it unable to sustain universal,
chapters. Eunice Lycke suggested             quality care for everyone;
contacting gerontology students as           THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED: that
possible members. Nan McGuire said           the Older Women's League of California
that San Francisco Chapter members           reaffirms its support for universal access
who are delinquent are contacted             to healthcare based on a single payer
personally by the Membership Committee       health system; and
and encouraged to renew their                BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED: that the
membership. Dues are reduced in cases        Older Women's League of California
of financial hardship. Evie Kosower said     request National OWL to immediately
that the new brochure from OWL National      launch an active campaign in our nations'
could be tailored to fit each chapter.       Senate and House of Representatives in
Website Committee: Renamed this the          support of HR 676, Conyers and S 703,
Communications Committee. Members            Sanders, both single payer reform
are: Roberta Battle, Margie Metzler,         legislation; and this resolution should be
Shirley Harlan, Kathie Piccagli and Ellen    available on the National OWL website;
Doerfer. They are working to get chapter     and
websites more like OWL National’s.           BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED: That a
Kathie Piccagli urged more use of the        copy of this Resolution be provided to the
Web for outreach.                            OWL California Chapters, to the
Old Business: None                           California Congressional Caucus, to
NewBusiness:                                 Senators Feinstein and Boxer.
Nominating Committee is Joyce Klein
Kamian, Nan McGuire and Ruth Kletzing.       ENDOWMENT FUND
Nominations for the Golden OWL award
need to be sent to Ruth and Evie. Ruth       The Endowment Fund was established in
will send out an email of past recipients.   2001 and already we have just about
-The final wording of the resolution about   reached the halfway mark of $25.000. I’d
National OWL supporting Single Payer         say that is pretty remarkable for an
was adopted. Ruth suggested that             organization of our size. . We should be
very proud of this growth. The purpose of       AT-LARGE MEMBER REPORT
the Endowment Fund is to provide OWL-
CA with a secure amount of money,               Our OWL member in Corona Institution
which will always yield an interest income      for Women needs your wise words to
for the running of the necessities, such as     help her in this crisis. Daisy Jane Benson
rent, to keep us going. It is possible to get   who was found suitable for parole by the
grants, but grants usually have a purpose       Governor’s appointed Parole Board
and only cover the office needs                 appealed his denial. Her appeal now
associated with that purpose.                   denied parole for three more years. She
An endowment fund has no strings                has already served 10 years past her
attached, thus enabling us to keep things       time for the crime. She feels hopeless
running. We still need grants for specific      Please write her at:
tasks and the endowment fund for                      Daisy Jane Benson,
security.                                             W28860 CIW EB517L
Therefore, the Endowment Fund is not to               16756 Chino-Corona Road
be touched until it reaches $50,000                   Corona, CA 92880-9508
unless there is an emergency when there         I have a list of women who have been
seems no other way to keep OWL-CA               found suitable for parole and need letters
going. Such an emergency could be               sent to the governor. Crossroads
helped after the Fund reaches $25,000           Advocacy Project, PO BOX 15,
(and we’ll soon be there). However, the         CLAREMONT CA 91711, prepares this
hope is to go to $50,000 or more so that        list. Letters have been successful in the
the interest will be a significant amount.      release of two women. I can email or
The higher it goes, the better the interest.    send you a copy. As individuals, we need
The Endowment Fund can grow by                  to urge the release of these women that
various contributions – perhaps in              the Parole Board, after a stringent review
memory of someone or perhaps to honor           finds are no longer a threat. We need to
someone as a living tribute. Our                reduce the prison population and the high
corresponding secretary always notifies         cost of aging in prison.
the people who should know of any honor                       Shirley Harlan, Member At-Large
or remembrance. An important thing to
consider is remembering OWL-CA in
                                                CHAPTER REPORTS
your will either by a specified amount
or a percentage of your estate. Wording
                                                SANTA CLARA COUNTY CHAPTER
for use in making up a will can be
obtained from the Endowment Fund
                                                The Shared Leadership program
brochure. We plan to include that
                                                presented by Meg Bowman was helpful.
brochure with this newsletter.
                                                 Our chapter does not have a president
Checks for remembrances of someone or
                                                and is currently sharing the job among
for a special occasion can be sent to the
                                                various folks who are taking responsibility
OWL-CA office at 1230 N Street, Suite
                                                for individual programs. We had a
201, Sacramento, CA 95814. If you would
                                                program on the Hunger       cont. next page
like help with your will or living trust, see
                                                Project, which caused a thoughtful
the Endowment brochure. Please
                                                discussion on world hunger. Our June
consider this carefully as a way of
                                                meeting is always a potluck and we had a
showing your concern for the continuance
                                                storyteller with humorous stories on older
of OWL and OWL-CA. Efforts for aiding
midlife and older women is always going                       B.J. Bryan, Representative
to be needed and OWL is the only
grassroots organization emphasizing
these concerns!        Ruth Kletzing, Chair

SACRAMENTO CAPITOL CHAPTER                      older women as well as their financial
                                                security and quality of life; Irma
Roberta Battle is now chairperson of our        Zuckerman and Diane Latko participated
chapter membership committee. She               in a training program about trends in the
designed and prepared the welcome               health of Older Californians at the UCLA
packets to be used by OWL-CA. We                Center for Health Policy Research. Info
have had four new members this year.            for advocacy is available online at
We continue to table, have speakers and         http://www.chis.ucla.edu;
OWL Chapter newspaper articles.                 Osteoporosis awareness month was
In March, 2009, members attended a              promoted by Ellen Doerfer as members
Gray Panthers meeting to hear Lenny             were encouraged to join 10,000 women
Goldberg discuss California’s crisis and        taking the online test to determine risk of
give some common sense solutions.               fracture in the next ten years at
Many attended the April 15 hearing on SB        www.americanbonehealth.org Ellen is
810 at the Capitol. We tabled at a Health       one of the operators for the American
Faire at a local park on May 1 and              Bone Health Hotline. 888-843-9391 toll
passed out literature about OWL and             free M-F, 9-4; Ohlone’s chapter
asked visitors to sign Mother’s Day Event       newsletter returned (after a respite of
cards.                                          more than a year) thanks to the efforts of
Betty Perry was again the driving force for     Mary Lembke! Several members car-
the Mother's Day Event with Roberta             pooled to Sacramento to hand deliver to
Battle as her able assistant. Members           various legislators the mothers day cards
had earlier organized the thousands of          for nursing home reform and to advocate
cards to go; to the different legislators       against elder abuse. Four members met
and the governor. There were new faces          with state Senator Loni Hancock to
there. It was great to see those attending      advocate against further budget cuts of
from different chapters.                        programs which affect older women; In
Carolyn Negrete and Ruth Kletzing               Oakland immigrants who had just
participated in the Wrinkle Run on May 27       become American citizens were
for CARA. Martie Millhone, vice president,      registered to vote by five members; OWL
and Kathy Lane, a co-president, is on the       co-founder’s daughter Christine Shields
Sacramento County Mental Health                 received the Wonderful Older Woman
Committee.                                      award at the Ohlone East Bay summer
                  Ida Curtice, Representative   party held at the home of Joyce Klein
                                                Kamian.              Diane Latko, Co-President
                                                SAN DIEGO CHAPTER
At our APRIL chapter meeting Georgia
Burke, elder law attorney from the              OWL San Diego has been focusing on being
National Senior Citizens Law Center in          more visible in the community.
Oakland, shared advocacy stories related        Presentations have been made to the
to injustices to seniors. She also told us      local San Diego Community Action
about The Baby Boomer’s Guide to                Network and the Aging and Independent
Nursing Home Care which is available at         Services Senior Advisory Council.
http://www.nsclc/org> for $13.45 + s/h.         We work with other organizations and
                                                have tabled with the San Diego Women's
Activities of our chapter members: Diane        History Museum and Education Center at
Larko spoke with community leaders of           a large Women's Expo, and at the county-
the North Oakland Senior Center                 sponsored biannual Vital Aging
Advisory Board about OWL and how it             Conference. A proposal is being prepared
advocates for the health and well being of
for a major Community Outreach                      MAJOR STUDY FAILS TO SHOW
Campaign to keep the chapter viable.                GINKGO BILOBA AIDS MEMORY
                  Evie Kosower, President           Long promoted as an aid to improving
                                                    memory and preventing dementia and
SAN FRANCISCO CHAPTER                               Alzheimer’s disease, gingko biloba was
                                                    not shown to produce these results. It is
In the spring of this year, our chapter             estimated that Americans spent about
initiated two peer groups as a way to               $100 million in 2007 on gingko biloba
provide support for members who are                 This was the finding of a major study
looking for sociability with others of their age.   conducted partly in Sacramento by the
We chose two areas of the City and invited all      University of California, Davis from 2000-
members in the zip codes within those areas.        2008. The study, funded federally by The
Ten people responded in one area and 15 in          National Center for Complementary and
another. The meetings were hosted by the
                                                    Alternative Medicine, utilized over 3000
member/leader of each group. One meets on
Mondays from 4-6 pm, the other on Sundays           volunteer subjects aged 75 and older who
from 11-1 pm. One group has participants            took part for an average of 6.1 years, at
bring potluck snacks; the other does not            six United States universities.
serve snacks. There have been three
meetings since early April.                         At least two OWL members, the late
                                                    Sacramento Chapter president Beverlee
As participants introduced themselves to            Filloy and Vince Vandre, took part in this
their group, an interest was expressed for          double-blind study at UC Davis. The
getting together on a monthly basis. It             subjects were assigned to either the
reminds me of the women’s support                   experimental group, who took 60 mg of
groups that were held in the sixties but            gingko biloba twice a day, and the control
with participants of a younger age. Some            group taking an identical appearing
participants wanted to bring friends to a           placebo. The subjects were not told
future meeting whom we hope will                    which group they were in. They
become members of our chapter. In my                underwent extensive testing every six
group I can see that some participants              months, including mental and physical
could become more active members of                 exams. Each subject also had a proctor,
the chapter and their may                           a family member or close friend, who was
even be a potential board member for the            interviewed twice a year about the
next election to our the board.                     participant's current mental condition.

The initial reason for starting the peer            The study ended in April 2008 and the
groups was an outgrowth of our interest             results were published in November 2008
in helping member's age in place rather             in the Journal of the American Medical
than be forced to move to an assisted               Association.
living or nursing home. It is too early to          In a letter to the participants, Dr. John A.
tell if they can provide this kind of network       Robbins, Principal Investigator for the
for support of others. By the time of our           study at UC Davis, detailed the primary
Annual meeting in October, we should                result, that Gingko biloba did not lower
have a better sense of that. This is an             the risk of developing Alzheimer’s
exciting project that looks like a great way        disease nor a heart attack nor being
to increase membership.                             hospitalized for an acute coronary event.
     Nan McGuire, SF Chapter Representative         He did emphasize that much was learned
                                                    about how memory does or does not
                                                    change with age in persons over age75.
                                                    Examination of the data collected in this
                                                    study continues. Blood collected from the
study subjects may provide clues to who
will eventually develop, or not develop,
memory loss in the future, according to             OWL-CA WEBSITE
Dr. Robbins.
     Janet Vandre, Sacramento Capitol Chapter       Roberta Battle is our Website Manager,
                                                    and Margie Metzler is the Website
OWL-CA DONORS                                       consultant. We will post the newsletter
                                                    on the website at: www.owlca.org at the
A SPECIAL THANK YOU TO OUR                          time of submitting it to the printer, so you
GENEROUS DONORS TO OWL-CA                           can get it sooner, and not have to wait for
                                                    bulk mailing to arrive.
Your donations help us to further the work
of OWL and to advance the quality of life           AMERICAN BONE HEALTH HAS A
for mid-life and older women. We                    NEW SERVICE
received $225 for this reporting period.
                                                    American Bone Health (ABH), located at
         GENERAL FUND                               1814 Franklin St., Ste 620, Oakland, CA
                                                    has gone national - they now have a
         Janice A. Wright                           National Board of Directors and their
         Jacqui Snowden                             Medical & Scientific Advisory Board is
         Allen Evenson and Joseph Henson            also national in scope. They have
         Vickie Wilson                              implemented a national HOTLINE for the
         Melody Amaral                              public to call for information about bone
         Nancy White                                health. The number is 888-843-9391 and
         Kathy Best                                 is available from 9-4 PST on weekdays.
         Liz Harlan                                 On most Wednesdays, Ellen Doerfer will
         Shirley Harlan                             be answering the hotline. They do bone
                                                    density testing and do a free monthly
       Thank you, Shirley for your fund             class ""All About Bones". 510-832-2663.
                                                                  Ellen Doerfer, Ohlone Chapter
raising at the theater. You are an
example for all of us.
           Audrey Barth, Corresponding Secretary.


We'll be having our usual once a year
silent auction on Saturday, Oct 3rd.
Please bring your trove of treasures that                               QuickTime™ an d a
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you no longer find use for, and are taking
up precious space in your closets and
drawers. It's all in fun, and
raises a bit of cash for our treasury.
We'll set it up on Saturday AM; you can
peruse it all day, and will close the
bidding before the banquet on Saturday
         Ellen Doerfer, Newsletter Editor

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