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					                                  CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY, LONG BEACH
                                       ACADEMIC SENATE MEETING NO. 1
                                             SEPTEMBER 18, 2003


                                                   1. CALL TO ORDER

The meeting was called to order by the Chair, Wayne Dick, in the Towner Auditorium. All voting members were present
except: COTA: D. Buis, D. Levy; COE: J. Torabzadeh; CHHS: A. Henderson, J. Oliver; CLA: T. Caron, C. Piar; CNSM: C.
Kwon; STAFF: B. Myers; STUDENTS: D. Vivian; EXOFFICIO: D. Abrahamse, R. Bersi, R. Kochan. EXCUSED
ABSENCES: CLA: E. Blankley, T. Johnson, E. Klink, A. Moloi; CNSM: D. Underwood; STAFF: B. McClinton; and

                                             2. APPROVAL OF AGENDA

The Agenda for the September 18, 2003 Academic Senate meeting was approved with the following amendment: The
Time Certain for Item 6.3 changed from 2:45 P.M. to 2:50 P.M., and the Time Certain for Item 6.4 changed from 3:05 P.M.
to 3:10 P.M.

                                             3. APPROVAL OF MINUTES

The Minutes of the 2003-04 Academic Senate Organizational Meeting of May 15, 2003 were approved as distributed. The
Minutes of the Academic Senate Meeting of May 15, 2003 were approved as distributed.

                                                4. ANNOUNCEMENTS

The following announcements were distributed at the meeting:
         President Maxson concurred with the following on June 27, 2003:

       MFA in Theatre Arts, Option in Theatre Management
       Discontinuance of Certificates in Pre-Athletic Training and Community Physical Fitness
       Recommendations for Appointment to the Institutional Review Board for the Protection of Human Subjects
       Subject Matter Program for the Single-Subject Teaching Credential in Industrial and Technology Education
       Policy Promoting Access and Opportunity and Prohibiting Discrimination, Harassment, and Retaliation

       Provost Reichard concurred with the following on June 23, 2003:

       General Education Course List Supplement No. 49
       Department Name Change: Mathematics to Mathematics and Statistics
       Merger of Engineering Technology Programs into Departments of Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and
       Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

       Chancellor Reed authorized the following:

       Joint Doctorate of Education in Educational Administration and Leadership, effective Summer 2003
       Change of Degree Name to BA in Comparative World Literature, effective Spring 2003

       Laura Kingsford, Biological Sciences, has been appointed Interim Dean of the College of Natural Sciences and
       Mathematics. A national search to fill the position of Dean on a permanent basis will be conducted in 2003-2004.

       Simon Kim, Educational Psychology, Administration, and Counseling, has been appointed Interim Senior Director
       for Advising and Retention.

       Michelle Saint-Germain, Public Policy and Administration, has been appointed Director of Assessment and
       Program Review.

       Alan Miller has been appointed Interim Chair of Biological Sciences.

       Stan Olin has been appointed as the Director of Housing and Residential Life effective July 1, 2003.

       Dr. Jeane Relleve Caveness has been reassigned to the position of Assistant Dean of Students. Dr. Stu Farber
       who recently retired previously held this position.

       Kathryn Courtney has been assigned as acting Director of Student Life and Development, and Jeff Klaus as been
       assigned as Assistant Director. A search to permanently fill the director position will be initiated.

       Sam Lingrosso has been assigned as Coordinator for Greek Affairs.

       Educational Policies Council: Chair, David Huckaby, Biological Sciences, Vice Chair, Sue Stanley, Family
       &Consumer Science; Secretary, Leslely Farmer, Educational Psychology, Administration, Counseling
       Faculty Personnel Policies Council: Chair, Kelly Janousek, University Library; Vice Chair, Jalal Torabzadeh,
       Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering; Secretary, Betsy Decyk
       Financial Affairs Council: Chair, David Hood, History; Vice Chair, Eileen Klink, English; Secretary, Paul Boyd-
       Graduate Council: Chair, Praveen Soni, Marketing; Vice Chair, Paul Tang, Philosophy; Secretary, Linda
       Symcox, Teacher Education
       Program Review and Academic Planning Council: Chair, Keith Freesemann, Kinesiology & Physical
       Education; Vice Chair, Susan Luevano, University Library; Secretary, Jennifer Coots, Educational Psychology,
       Administration, & Counseling
       Assessment Committee: Chair, Susan Mulvaney, Testing and Evaluation Services; Secretary, David
       Samuelson, English
       Campus Climate Committee: Chair, Joanne Tortorici Luna, Teacher Education
       Committee on Athletics: Chair, Albie Burke, History
       Committee on Committees: Chair, Mike Walter, Information Systems
       Educational Resources Committee: Chair, Robert Berdan, Educational Psychology, Administration &
       Counseling; Recorder, Amy Bippus, Communication Studies
       Grade Appeals Committee: Chair, Stephen Mezyk, Chemistry & Biochemistry; Secretary, Ruth Knudson,
       Teacher Education
       Scholarly and Creative Activities Committee: Chair, Marilyn Potts, Social Work
       Student Affairs Committee: Chair, Thomas Krumpak, Art; Secretary, Leslie Andersen, University Library
       Teacher Preparation Committee: Chair, Lesley Farmer, Educational Psychology, Administration, & Counseling;
       Secretary, Leslie Reese, Teacher Education
       University Organization and Services Committee: Secretary, Stafford Cox, Academic Computing Services

The following announcements were made at the meeting:
a.       The Chair welcomed everyone to the 2003-04 Academic Senate.

b.     The Academic Senate Information Booklets were distributed. The roster of Councils and Standing Committees in
       the booklet is out of date already. The following items were also distributed:

       Academic Senate Minutes of May 15, 2003
       Academic Senate 2002-2003 Year-End Report
       List of Announcements
       Information re: Proposition 54

c.     David Dowell, Director of Strategic Planning and Vice Provost for Enrollment, will fill the position on the Academic
       Senate for the Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs—Dean of University Academic Programs until the
       Constitution is revised.

d.     Provost Reichard has called for the establishment of a Search Committee for Dean of the College of Natural
       Sciences and Mathematics.

e.     President Maxson has distributed a call for nominations for Principal Investigator to the CSULB Foundation Board
       of Directors. The deadline to receive nominations is October 5 .

f.     The Academic Senate Retreat will be held on September 25 , at the Long Beach Marriott hotel.

                                     5. REPORT OF THE ACADEMIC SENATE CSU

David Hood, History, and CSULB representative to the Academic Senate CSU, reported on the Academic Senate CSU
plenary session held on September 4-5, 2003. A summary of the actions taken is appended to these Minutes as Appendix

                                                 6. REPORT OF THE CFA

Mike Hassul, President, CSULB Chapter of CFA, thanked last year's officers: Martin Fiebert, Psychology, Susan Luevano,
University Library, and Jan Fisher. This year's officers for CFA are Mike Hassul, President, Computer Engineering and
Computer Science; Keith Colman, Vice President, Psychology; Susan Luevano, Secretary, University Library; and Peter
Kreysa, Treasurer, Occupational Studies. He said that we are facing hard budgetary times and that CFA will work with
the President, and the Academic Senate to minimize the impact. CFA recommends a "no" vote on Proposition 54 and the
recall. CFA is concerned with the issue of involuntary overload.

                                             7. REPORT OF THE PRESIDENT

President Maxson welcomed the new Senators and expressed his enthusiasm at the start of the Fall 2003 semester. He
said that we have a strong Senate, Staff Council, and CFA, and that the stronger these bodies are, the better shared
governance works. The beginning of the semester has been a busy one. The campus hosted the Jazz Festival, the first
week of school the computers went down, and Arnold Schwarzenegger visited the campus. The President praised all
those who work with students especially during the first week in light of the computer mess. He reported that CMS worked
well during the first week. Dr. Dot Goldish sent the President her analysis on how CMS worked the first week. He asked if
she could share her analysis with the Senate. With the advice of the Advisory Committee on Enrollment Management, the
conscious decision was made not to grow the campus. The number of students this semester is within 22 students of last
year. The President stated that he feels that the campus can get through the budget situation. This year we used our
reserve, which we will not have for next year. His advice to units is to save money. The Provost and the Vice President for
Administration and Finance has asked RPP to meet on a year-round basis. He expressed his confidence in our finance
people. President Maxson informed the Senate that several publications are coming out that were contracted for a year
ago. The campus will try to pay for these publications with non-State funds -- funds that are garnered through fundraising.
This year the campus will top $30 million in fundraising. The annual report that appears in U.S. News and World Report
has CSULB listed in Tier 2. Six public universities were in the top tier. We were hurt by our retention and graduation rates,
faculty resources, and faculty compensation. However, we did well in academic reputation. The President introduced Jack
Munsee, Professor Emeritus of Physics and Astronomy, who was on campus visiting. He also introduced Guido Piotti and
Mike Johnson, student leaders on campus. He reported that Guido Piotti organized the event bringing Arnold
Swarzenegger to campus. The other candidates running for Governor on the recall ballot had also been invited; however,
Mr. Swarzenegger was the only one who had accepted.

                                8. PROPOSITION 54, THE RACIAL PRIVACY INITIATIVE

Elena Macias, Interim Director, Equity and Diversity, presented an overview of The Racial Privacy Initiative. The CSU
Board of Trustees has passed a resolution opposing the Initiative. Luis Arroyo, Chicano and Latino Studies, and CSULB
representative to the Academic Senate reported on how Proposition 54 impacts faculty research. Keith Polakoff,
Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs -- Graduate and Undergraduate Programs, reported on the impact that the
passage of Proposition 54 would have on enrollment.

                                        9. MASTER PLAN -- CAMPUS CAPACITY

Gary Reichard, Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs, informed the Senate that campus capacity was a
very important topic and that David Dowell, Director of Strategic Planning and Vice Provost for Enrollment, would review
the master plan exercise in his presentation. Due to the current budget crisis, the short-range plan is not to grow. More
than a year ago, the CSU requested that we look at campus capacity. Several campuses, including CSULB, have reached
their capacity ceiling. Our current ceiling of 25,000 FTES was established 30 years ago. The deans will be focusing on
issues of capacity and growth at their retreat. He said that the he is committed to the growth of tenured and tenure-track
faculty. William Griffith, Vice President for Administration and Finance, reported that there are many factors to be
weighed that have direct implications for the budget. Our campus is built out. Enrollment growth is necessary for
increases in budget.

David Dowell, Director of Strategic Planning and Vice Provost for Enrollment, reported that the Board of Trustees revised
the master plan ceiling at its meeting in May 2003. Tidal Wave II is a reality, and California has a huge access problem.
We are talking about developing a 10-20 year plan. The campus needs to go through this exercise whether or not there is
a budget crisis. Task Forces have been established to address the following issues: instruction, instructional technology,
scheduling and facilities use, campus physical plan, access and equity, program growth and balance, and student
services. Enrollment growth was the main source of funding in the past and will be in the future. The task forces will report
to the Academic Senate in October.

                                10. REPORT ON DISRUPTION OF NETWORK SERVICES

Steve La, Director of Network Services, reported to the Senate on the disruption of network services during the first week
of the semester. An internet worm caused the disruption. In July, Microsoft provided information of a new vulnerability.
There were 119 computers on campus that were infected. After being closed over the summer, some computer labs were
flooded with the worm. 110 computers were pulled off the network. The Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT), a
group that meets once a month, developed an anti-virus e-mail scanning program. Approximately 75 e-mail viruses are
interrupted each month. Internet worms attack weaknesses in operating systems. He reported that the campus is stable


It was M/S/P to elect Loucine Huckabay, Nursing, as the College of Health and Human Services representative on the
Committee on Committees. The election of a College of Education and the University Library representatives will be held
at the Academic Senate meeting of October 9, 2003.

                            12. 2003-2004 ACADEMIC SENATE SCHEDULE OF MEETINGS

Item 8.1, Revision to Academic Senate Schedule of Meetings (AS-904-03/EC), came before the Senate for action.

It was M/S/P to approve the revised Schedule of Academic Senate meetings for 2003-2004.

                                           13. CAMPUS CLIMATE COMMITTEE

Item 8.2, Revision to the Charge of the Campus Climate Committee - Addition of University Ombuds (AS-905-03/CCC),
came before the Senate for a first reading.

It was M/S (Hassul/Hood) to approve the proposal to add the University Ombuds as an ex officio, non-voting member to
the Campus Climate Committee membership structure.

Joanne Tortorici Luna, Chair, Campus Climate Committee, informed the Senate that the University Ombuds has been
attending the meetings.

This item will come before the Senate at the October 9th Academic Senate meeting.

                                                   14. ADJOURNMENT

The meeting adjourned at 3:55 P.M.

                Submitted by,                                                      Approved by,

                Mary McGraa                                                        Betsy Newell Decyk
                Recording Secretary                                                Secretary of the Senate


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