Kerala to host India's first biodiversity congress by AvneetSodhi


									Kerala to host India's first biodiversity congress

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The first ever National Biodiversity Congress will be hosted by the state
capital in December, KP Laladhas, member secretary of the Kerala State Biodiversity Board ( KSBB), the
main organizer of the event, said Wednesday. This is an event that will henceforth be conducted
annually, and it is expected to be the most important meeting of academics and field activists working
on issues of biodiversity, Laladhas said.

"The objective of this event is to focus on challenges and frame strategies for protecting the unique
biodiversity of our country. An exhibition showcasing the bio-world of the country would be held, and
the National Biodiversity Students' Congress would also be held to train young people to handle the
nation's natural wealth with care," Laladhas said. The first NBC, to be held from December 27 to 30, will
be organised by the National Biodiversity Authority in collaboration with state biodiversity boards. All
other organisations involved in conservation efforts in the country would also be included, Laladhas

The focal theme of NBC 2012 would be "Biodiversity for food security". The meet will see sessions on
organic farming, the role of science and technology in access and benefit-sharing of bio resources, and
people's participation in biodiversity conservation. A special session on "Western Ghats in World
Heritage Status: Challenges and Opportunities" is also scheduled as part of the congress.

Members of the academic and research community, NGOs, policy makers, consulting firms and officials
in central and state government departments who work for conservation of nature and biodiversity are
expected to attend. "The meeting would also provide an opportunity for interaction with custodians of
traditional knowledge," said Laladhas.

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