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									Amendments and Additions to the Diocesan Cycle of Prayer                            DIOCESAN CYCLE of PRAYER for May 2004
                                                                                    KENSINGTON AREA/ARCHDEACONRY OF MIDDLESEX/HAMMERSMITH &
Amendments                                                                          FULHAM DEANERY
The information in this document was checked and updated as near as
possible to the time of printing. If you have any amendments to suggest, or         Saturday 1 May—Ss Philip and James
any other comments or queries regarding the Diocesan Cycle of Prayer,               Central Buganda (Uganda): Jackson Matovu (Bishop)
please contact the Editor, The Revd Peter McGeary, at St Mary’s Clergy              All Saints, Fulham: Joe Hawes (Vicar), Lesley Perry, Elisabeth Morse
House, 68 Johnson Street, London E1 0BQ (Tel & Fax: 020 7790 0973; E-               All Saints Primary School
mail:                                                    St Andrew, Fulham Fields: Gavin Knight (Priest-in-Charge, and Area
                                                                                    Ecumenical Adviser)
Additions to future issues                                                          Sunday 2 May—4th Sunday of Easter
The June Cycle of Prayer will include the parishes in Deanery No 10                 Give thanks for the Province of the Indian Ocean: Remi Rabenirina
(Hounslow). If any parish or other institution in that deanery has a specific       (Archbishop, and Bishop of Antananarivo)
request for prayer, or other information it wishes to add, every attempt will       Visby (Sweden): Biörn Fjärstedt (Bishop)
be made to include this with the appropriate entry in the Cycle of Prayer.          Pray for the Old Catholic Church of Switzerland: Hans Gerny (Bishop)
Please forward details to the Editor no later than 30th April. Similarly,           Theological Education Sunday: pray for seminaries and schools of theology
details for July (Deaneries Nos 11-13) should be forwarded by 31st May.             that train clergy and laity in the Christian faith
                                                                                    Red Cross Week begins
Alternatively, if there is a special event in your deanery, parish or institution   Hammersmith & Fulham Deanery: Stephan Welch (Area Dean), Mark
on a specific date in a month when it would not normally come up for                Osborne (Chapter Clerk)
prayer, this may also be included in the Cycle of Prayer if space permits. In       Deanery Synod: Rowland Mynors (Lay Chairman), Nicholas Beale
such a case, please forward details to the Editor, using copy dates                 (Secretary)
as above.                                                                           Give thanks for the continuing response of the Deanery Synod to the
                                                                                    ‘Resourcing Mission and Ministry’ document
Extra copies
Please feel free to photocopy this document should you be asked for further         Monday 3 May
copies.                                                                             Central Ecuador: Jose Neptali Larrea (Bishop)
                                                                                    St Alban with St Augustine, Margravine Road:
                                                                                    Jack Maple (Priest-in-Charge)
                                                                                    Queen Charlotte’s, Charing Cross, Ravenscourt Park and Hammersmith
                                                                                    Hospitals: Edward Morris (Chaplain, and Area Hospitals Adviser),
                                                                                    Christopher Guinness (Chaplain)
                                                                                    Tuesday 4 May
                                                                                    Central Florida (USA): John Howe (Bishop), Hugo Pina-Lopez (Assistant)
                                                                                    Christ Church, Fulham: Stuart Lees (Priest-in-Charge), Patrick Malone;
                                                                                    John Griffiths (Reader),

8                                                                                                                                                          1
HM Prison Wormwood Scrubs: Alison Tyler (Chaplain); Sr Gina Pizzey          St Mary with St Alban, Teddington: John Cleaver (Vicar, and Area
CSF (Assistant Chaplain)                                                    Chaplain for the Mothers’ Union); Mel Barker (Reader)
                                                                            St Mark, Teddington and St John the Baptist, Hampton Wick: David Lund
Wednesday 5 May
                                                                            (Vicar), Vernon Fray
Central Gulf Coast (USA): Philip Duncan (Bishop)
                                                                            St John the Baptist Primary School
ALMA (Lebombo): pray for the District of Maciene: The Venerable Lucas
Macie (Archdeacon)                                                          Saturday 29 May
St Dionis, Parsons Green: Shaun Atkins (Vicar); Maggie Eames (Lay           Chichester: Wallace Benn (Bishop of Lewes)
Worker)                                                                     SS Peter and Paul, Teddington and SS Michael and George, Fulwell:
                                                                            Shane Wood (Vicar), Paul Topham
Thursday 6 May
                                                                            SS Mary and Peter Primary School
Central New York (USA): Gladstone Adams (Bishop)
                                                                            Teddington Memorial Hospital: Shane Wood (Chaplain)
St Etheldreda with St Clement, Fulham Palace Road: John Henley (Priest-
in-Charge)                                                                  Sunday 30 May—Pentecost
                                                                            Anglican Communications Sunday: pray for the communication of the
Friday 7 May
                                                                            Gospel to all the world
Central Pennsylvania (USA): Michael Creighton (Bishop)
                                                                            Oslo (Norway): Gunnar Stålsett (Bishop)
St John, Walham Green: Mark Osborne (Priest-in-Charge), John Hunter
                                                                            Pray for all the Old Catholic clergy and lay people in the 41 parishes and
St John Primary School
                                                                            mission stations of the Church of Switzerland
Saturday 8 May                                                              Pray for the work of the Stewardship Adviser for the Two Cities and
Central Philippines: Benjamin Botengan (Bishop), Dixie Taclobao             Kensington Areas, Mary Spredbury
(Coadjutor Bishop)
                                                                            Monday 31 May—The Visit of the BVM to Elizabeth
Red Cross Week ends
St Mary, Hammersmith Road: Dr Roger Curl (Vicar); Peter Makower             Chile: Hector Zavala (Bishop), Abelino Apeleo (Assistant)
                                                                            St Richard of Chichester, Hanworth: Alan Jackson (Vicar), Luke Taylor;
                                                                            Brenda Small, Roger Casson and John Baggs (Readers)
St Matthew, Wandsworth Bridge Road: Gary Piper (Vicar), Ben Hughes,
                                                                            Chapel Royal, Hampton Court Palace: Dennis Mulliner (Chaplain)
Deaconess Sue Pierson
Sunday 9 May—5th Sunday of Easter
Give thanks for the Church of Ireland: Robert Eames (Primate, and
Archbishop of Armagh)
Pray for the members of the Synod and of the Synodal Council of the Old
Catholic Church of Switzerland: Urs Stolz (Chairman)
Christian Aid Week begins
Pray for the Bishop of Kensington, the Rt Revd Michael Colclough, and for
his staff

2                                                                                                                                                        7
                                                                             Monday 10 May
Monday 24 May
                                                                             Central Solomons (Melanesia): Charles Koete (Bishop)
Chester: Nigel Stock (Bishop of Stockport)
                                                                             St Peter, St Peter’s Terrace: Jeremy Ganga (Priest-in-Charge)
Holy Trinity, Twickenham: Mike Starkey (Vicar), Lynn Hellmuth
                                                                             St Paul, Hammersmith: Simon Downham (Priest-in-Charge), Tim Stilwell;
Archdeacon Cambridge Primary School and Nursery
                                                                             Captain Robert Read CA (Lay Minister), Katrina Stevenson (Children’s
All Saints, Twickenham: Peter Bustin (Priest-in-Charge); David Dore
                                                                             Worker), Tom Holbird (Youth Pastor)
                                                                             St Paul Primary School
Tuesday 25 May
Chicago (USA): William Persell (Bishop), Victor Scantlebury (Assistant)      Tuesday 11 May
                                                                             Central Tanganyika (Tanzania): Godfrey Mhogolo (Bishop)
St Stephen, Richmond Road: Andrew Watson (Vicar), Adrian Beavis,
                                                                             Holy Innocents, Paddenswick Road: David Matthews (Priest-in-Charge,
Richard Penistan; Philip Cobb, David Wilson and Dr Antony Wing
                                                                             and Area Homelessness Adviser)
(Readers), Bernie French (Children’s Worker), Ginny Cox (Director of
                                                                             St John the Evangelist, Glenthorne Road: Hugh Mead
                                                                             Your prayers are asked for the future use of this building as a Deanery
St Stephen Primary School
                                                                             Mission Project and for the development of the area as a united benefice
Wednesday 26 May— St Augustine of Canterbury                                 with Holy Innocents
Pray for the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams
Give thanks for St Augustine, first Archbishop of Canterbury, and pray for   Wednesday 12 May
                                                                             Central Zambia (Central Africa): Derek Kamukwamba (Bishop)
Anglican missionaries throughout the world
                                                                             ALMA (Lebombo): pray for St Peter and St Paul, Nhanpfunwine: Isaias
ALMA (Lebombo): pray for St Michael of Nhacutse: João Cumbe, and St
                                                                             Sele, the congregation at Chilumbele: Pedro Mahumane, and All Saints,
John Mark, Manganhelene: Gabriel Tamele
                                                                             Nhamavila: Raul Nhantumbo
St Augustine of Canterbury, Whitton: Lyn Phillips (Vicar), Graham Dale
                                                                             St Luke, Uxbridge Road: Ian Rogers (Priest-in-Charge)
                                                                             St Katherine, Westway: James Tate (Priest-in-Charge)
Bishop Perrin Primary School
                                                                             St Paul’s Girls’ School: Lindsay Collins (Chaplain)
St Augustine’s Day Respite Care Centre
                                                                             Thursday 13 May
Thursday 27 May
                                                                             Central Zimbabwe (Central Africa): Ishmael Mukuwanda (Bishop)
Chichester: John Hind (Bishop)
                                                                             St Matthew, Sinclair Road: Huw Chiplin (Vicar)
Your prayers are requested for a group visiting St Petersburg this week to
                                                                             Burlington Danes Secondary School
foster the relationship between the Diocese of London and the Russian
                                                                             St Peter, Black Lion Lane: Stephan Welch (Priest-in-Charge)
Orthodox Diocese of St Petersburg and Ladoga
                                                                             St Peter Primary School and Nursery
SS Philip and James, Kneller Road: Elizabeth Greenwood; David Loftus
(Reader)                                                                     Friday 14 May—St Matthias
Your prayers are requested for a parish in interregnum                       Chandigarh (India): Joel Mal (Bishop)
Royal Military School of Music: David Loftus (Chaplain)                      St Saviour with St Mary, Cobbold Road: Nabil Shehadi; Dennis Sommers
Friday 28 May
                                                                             Your prayers are asked for the future leadership of St Saviour’s, and for
Chichester: Lindsay Urwin (Bishop of Horsham)
                                                                             Madi Bulman in her new work in the Canterbury area
6                                                                                                                                                        3
                                                                               ALMA (Lebombo): pray for The Saviour of the World, Xai-Xai: The Ven
Saturday 15 May
                                                                               Lucas Macie, the congregation at Chiduque/ Chidenguele: Juvêncio
Chelmsford: John Gladwin (Bishop)
                                                                               Manique, and St John the Baptist, Buquene: Manuel Cumbe
Christian Aid Week ends
                                                                               All Saints, Hampton: Prebendary David Vanstone (Vicar), Leanne Roberts,
St Simon, Rockley Road: Sonja Arnold (Area Dean of Women’s Ministry);
                                                                               Murray Thomsett;
Michael Coates (Reader)
                                                                               Anne Walker and Ted Smith (Readers)
Your prayers are requested for the future ministry at St Simon’s
                                                                               Richmond-upon-Thames College: Prebendary David Vanstone (Chaplain)
Sunday 16 May—6th Sunday of Easter (Rogation Sunday)
                                                                               Thursday 20 May—Ascension Day
Give thanks for the Church of Nippon Sei Ko Kai (The Holy Catholic
                                                                               Chennai (India): V Devasahayam (Bishop)
Church in Japan): David Shoji Tani (Acting Archbishop, and Bishop of
                                                                               St James, Hampton Hill: Dr Brian Leathard (Vicar, and Area Director of
                                                                               Ordinands), Julie Gittoes, Betty Stewart
Pray for the Old Catholic faculty of the University of Bern: Dr Urs von Arx
(Dean), the candidates for the ordained ministry and the students of Old       Friday 21 May
Catholic theology at the university                                            Chester: Peter Forster (Bishop)
Industrial Sunday: pray for all those involved in the world of industry, for   St Mary the Virgin, Twickenham: Jeff Hopkin Williams (Vicar), Canon
the Industrial Chaplains who minister to them, and for the work of the         John Martin, Georgina Byrne (Bishop’s Chaplain)
Industrial Christian Fellowship                                                St Mary Primary School
Pray for the work of the Area Warden of Readers, Sue Martin
                                                                               Saturday 22 May
Monday 17 May—Rogation Day                                                     Chester: David Urquhart (Bishop of Birkenhead)
Chelmsford: David Hawkins (Bishop of Barking)                                  As the clergy and people of the diocese gather at the Cathedral for a
St Stephen and St Thomas, Uxbridge Road with St Michael and St                 Diocesan Eucharist today, we continue to give thanks for St Mellitus, and
George, Commonwealth Avenue: Donald Reece (Vicar, and Area                     for those who have served the mission of the church in London through 1400
Ecumenical Adviser), Dr Sarah Archer                                           years
St Stephen Primary School                                                      All Hallows, Chertsey Road: Neil Evans (Vicar, and Area CME Officer);
Christian Healing Mission: John Ryeland (Director, and Area Healing            Brian Dudley, Debbie Evans and Andrew Green (Readers)
                                                                               Sunday 23 May—7th Sunday of Easter (Sunday after Ascension)
KENSINGTON AREA/ARCHDEACONRY OF MIDDLESEX/HAMPTON DEANERY                      Anglican Communion Sunday: pray for the Anglican Communion, the
Tuesday 18 May—Rogation Day                                                    Anglican Consultative Council, for the Secretary General, Canon John
Chelmsford: Laurie Green (Bishop of Bradwell)                                  Peterson, and the Anglican Communion Office staff
St Mary, Hampton: Derek Winterburn (Vicar), Geoffrey Clarkson; Pat             Nord-Hålogaland (Norway): Per Oskar Kjølaas (Bishop)
Felstead and Susan McCoulough (Readers)                                        Pray for the work of the diocesan commissions, institutions and
St Mary’s Lodge: Derek Winterburn (Chaplain)                                   organisations of the Old Catholic Church of Switzerland
                                                                               Hampton Deanery: Andrew Watson (Area Dean), Murray Thomsett
Wednesday 19 May—Rogation Day                                                  (Chapter Clerk)
Chelmsford: Christopher Morgan (Bishop of Colchester)                          Deanery Synod: David Loftus (Lay Chairman), Anne Walker (Secretary)

4                                                                                                                                                       5

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