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Chapter 12

                                   Judgement Day

     1) How will Judgement Day begin?


The day of Judgement will be very Terrible, Frightful and Horrific. The Heart will
tremble in the Fear of this DAY. The Earth will be Destroyed, There will be No buildings on
earth, The Sky will Crash, Stars Will LOSE their Shine, and Fall down like Snow Flakes,
Planets will clash against each Other, The Whole Universe Will be Destroyed except for ALL

     2) How will the Day of Judgement Occur?


According to ALLAH (SWT) orders the Whole World will come alive after Hazrat Israfe’el
blows the Trumpet (SOOR). Its Sound will start of LOW Gradually it will become LOUDER,
(HIGHER), The people will become Senseless and every person will die, then the Earth,
Skies, Stars, Everything including Hazrat Israfe’el and Hazrat Izrae’el will be destroyed by
the Order Of ALLAH (SWT) and there will be nothing left.

   3) Who will take the Soul out of Hazrat Izrae’el?


When the Earth and Sky are demolished, Hazrat Izrae’el will be ordered to take the Soul of
Hazrat Jibre’el, Hazrat Jibre’el will then Fall DOWN, whilst repeating the Name of ALLAH
(SWT). Then the Soul of Hazrat Michae’el and Hazrat Israfe’el and the Angels who are
lifting the ARSH, will DIE, Allah (SWT) will say to Hazrat Izrae’el “DIE” then he will Die
repeating the NAME OF ALLAH (SWT) whilst he falls.

     4) When will the Day of Judgement Occur?


Only Allah (SWT) and his Rasool      know the time of Judgement, as time passes, the day of
Resurrection is getting closer while Allah (SWT) and his Rasool are telling us the Signs of
the Day of Judgement. When these signs will appear remember the Day of Judgement is near.

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Chapter 12

     5) What are the signs of Resurrection?


There are 2 kinds of Signs of Resurrection:

      Ala’mtay Sugra: The signs that are from that are from the time of the holy Prophet
       Muhammed till the Imam Mahdi (A.S), these signs will come Continuously.
      Ala’mtay Kubra: The signs that will appear from the time of Imam Mahdi (A.S) till
       the Trumpet (SOOR) is blown, When the MAJOR signs finish the Day of Judgement
       will begin.

     6) What are the basic Signs of the Day of Judgement?


These are the Basic Signs of the Day of Judgement:

      The Knowledge of Deen will decrease and the main scholars of Islam will start to
       DIE, Ignorance will spread.

      People won’t Gain Knowledge of Islam but gain Knowledge of earning worldly

      It will be very difficult to stay on the right path of Islam as if you are holding hot
       COAL in your hand.

      Zaka’at is a very important Act in Islam, people will feel it’s a Burden to Pay

      Shamelessness will Spread,

      Disgraced people will be proud of their places.

      Worthless, Useless People will be in high respected Places.

      Men will increase an women will decrease.

      There will be dishonesty.

      People will abuse each other at the time of meeting.

      People will NOT perform Namaaz.

      People will feel ashamed to act upon the teachings of Pious People.

      People will disobey their Parents, Worship their Wife’s and Friends.

      There will be No Prosperity.

      Men Will Resemble Women and Women Will Resemble Men.
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Chapter 12

      People will make noise in Mosque and talk about worldly matters.

     7) What are the MAJOR SIGNS?


These are the MAJOR SIGNS:

      Saints of Islam will migrate towards Behtullah (Makkah and Madinah). Hazrat Mahdi
       (A.S) will appear in Makkah.

      Da’Jaal (Anti-Christ) will appear between Iran and Syria and he will mislead people
       by showing them strange things.

      When the Da’Jaal will be at it’s CLIMAX, Hazrat Isa (PBUH) will descend from the
       Sky and finish Da’Jaal.

      There will be appearance of JuuJ-Ma-JuuJ, (GOG – MA- GOG)

      The people will see smoke and because of the Smoke there will be darkness between
       the earth and Sky for 40 Days.

         Strange Shaped animals will appear on Mount Safe. This animal will be known as

      The Sun will rise from the West.

      The Door of Repentance will be closed.

      A fire will appear from the Soil of Yemen, it will take the people to the field of
       Resurrection where they will be gathered and then resurrection will begin.

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