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									Press Release

                    Join the Smile High Club with The Mall

Supermodel Kate Moss has recently ordered on-off rocker boyfriend Pete
Doherty to undergo a complete smile-makeover to save their romance, as
celebrity starlets like Jennifer Anniston and Hollywood heartthrobs are dazzling
us with their perfect pearly whites achieved through the magic of cosmetic
dentistry. Porcelain veneers and tooth whitening are now as common place as
hair straightening and fake tans in the A-list style stakes, with famous faces not
complete without their trademark super-smile.

Cosmetic dentists like top UK clinic The Mall, are being summoned to provide the
glossiest celebrity smiles inspired by Hollywood greats such as Tom Cruise,
Catherine Zeta-Jones and Jennifer Aniston. A recent survey revealed that an
estimated 53% of UK women would opt for smile surgery before considering any
other cosmetic improvements. So, just how do you become a member of the
celebrity smile high club? Are perfect smiles simply a Hollywood dream?

Walk into contemporary dental salon The Mall, located in the fashionable King
Street area of Manchester, and you could be on your first steps down the red
carpet towards smile stardom. With it’s bright, chic interior you could be forgiven
for thinking you had just stepped inside a fashionable hair or beauty salon. But
you don’t need A-list celeb status to receive VIP dental treatment with The Mall’s
leading dental team, headed by Phil Broughton.

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Coy about his “ celebrity” patients, Phil is resolute that all who visit The Mall get
the same supreme level of care and attention with huge importance placed on
the personal touch. “We are at the forefront of a new generation of dental
practice”, explains Phil, who launched The Mall almost three years ago. Together
with top dental ceramist Nick Simms, Phil and his highly qualified staff have
rapidly established an enviable reputation as one of the top private dental
practices in the UK.

The Mall’s revolutionary, on site dental ceramics studio is one of a kind in the UK,
meaning patients can quickly see dramatic results. “We offer a same day smile
service using the very latest in advanced dental techniques”, explains Phil. The
Mall proves that a complete smile makeover isn’t just reserved for the glamour of
tinsel town - one visit could allow you to leave the Mall ready to smile for the


For further information and images contact The Mall Public Relations Consultants
         Webster pr, Tel: 01706 230600, or email

          The Mall Advanced Dental Care surgery, Tel: 0161 830 7300

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