Call to Arms for Bloggers at Harva by charilynrevilla1


									We bloggers (or Knowledge Management or Course Management or user of whatever flavor of information system) must address the needs
that prevent valuable contributors from giving. Almost everybody from journalists to stock analysts need to be able to make a living
from their good work, and it is almost impossible to earn a red cent in blogs.

As we work out the processes and technology to support people, we will undoubtedly recapitulate the truths of both Adam Smith and Karl
Marx (who did more than anyone else to define the discussion of economics in the 20th century -Wall Street Journal).

Blogging still exhibits the shortcomings of our deep roots in paper publishing. This still predominant paradigm is not right for the
Internet. Gutenberg's printing press created economies of scale at the cost of having to fix the content. These economies created a raison
d'etre to set up relatively rigid hierarchies that still control the printed word (let's not even talk about the rest of the media yet). Domain
Centered Publication will be much better for sorting out truths. The Internet - unlike Gutenberg's printing press - makes it possible; we just
don't have very good software yet.

The next step towards DCP appears to be creditable annotatable web pages and a knowledge economics based on credits of whatever the
currency of the realm, whether that's cash, stock or just some kind of political capital. If you are interested as a developer or marketeer, you
will find a business plan draft above. If you have experience in a knowledge intensive industry, please help to fill in the marketing section. If
you want to run the show, that's just what I want. (Let me know and I'll make you an editor if I trust you.) But whatever you do, follow the
Gnu inspired "Attribution/Share Alike" licence on this page so that we can all help to make this an efficient collaborative endeavor.

You should get credit for good work. You will credit others for theirs. You will get as you give and - this is inevitable, like death, taxes and
thieves - you will eventually have to pay to play.

So enjoy the open and free space here. But just to make the licence on this page perfectly clear, while you can use anything you find here in
a derivative work you must reference this blog. And you really should post a comment with a pointer to your derived works. I know that
would be a mark of uncommon courtesy in this recent - hopefully brief - era marked by the likes of Enron and Microsoft Outlook. But do it.

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