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									                                                                       Contact: Karen Treat

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                        Local students named
01/13/03                                                     to dean’s list at TWU

       (Note to Editors: The following information is available online by going to and clicking on the “Press Releases” link.)

       DENTON — Texas Woman’s University has released its dean’s list for the fall

2002 semester.

       To qualify for the dean’s list, students must complete at least nine hours with a

minimum grade point average of 3.3, with no failing grade.

       Students are listed by their hometown and their major.

       Abernathy — Francis Lopez, nursing;

       Abilene —Mary Gregory, psychology; Sarah Gulbranson, health studies;

Amanda Truelove, nursing; Amy Williams, history;

       Addison — Brittany Ray, nursing; Karla Thompson, interdisciplinary studies;

Naureen Yousufali, interdisciplinary studies;

       Aledo — Jessica Brodie, business administration; Katie Lyon, undecided;

Deborah Pearle, family studies; Jamie St. Clair, interdisciplinary studies;

       Allen — Heather Algar, music therapy; Shauna Benoit, studio art-photography;

Stacy Copeland, interdisciplinary studies; Janet Glowicz, nursing; Krista Grava,


psychology; Sarah Jones, nursing; Leah Kaufman, interdisciplinary studies; Melissa

Mack, nursing; Danielle Mullet, child development; Loylee Philips, business

administration-marketing; Karen Smith, business administration; Teresa Tran, fashion

design; Andrea Van Wyk, music therapy;

       Alvin — Julie Arnold, mass communications; Melissa Coyle, nursing; Kristin

Peltier, nursing; Annabelle Pena, nursing; Melanie Rozycki, nursing;

       Alvord — Jamie Gayler, interdisciplinary studies;

       Amarillo — Brooke Nickerson, social work; Mary Reeve, fashion design;

       Angleton — Sarah Mudroch, nursing;

       Anna — Stacey Holmes, interdisciplinary studies; Heather Hynes, psychology;

       Argyle — Sharon Howell, mathematics; Stephanie Kimberly, English; Tammy

McClure, business administration; Christina Watson, interdisciplinary studies;

       Arlington — Myriah Anderson, communication sciences; Marchele Ayinde,

biology-human biology; Diana Cary, dental hygiene; Jaclyn Castano, business

administration; Diana Dickey, computer science; Anna Erickson, kinesiology; Karma

Gardner, interdisciplinary studies; Tania Garza, social work; Monday Gimah, computer

science; Leslie Goff, child development; Melissa Gutierrez, nursing; Lauren Guy, health

studies; Ruby Herron, undecided; Ora Holmes, undecided; Ruth Ikobe, nursing; Christy

Jack, communication sciences; Sarah Lawson, business administration; Jeraldine

Mangum, health studies; Kathleen Milligan, undecided; Sarah Morris, interdisciplinary

studies; Jessica Mowrer, food and nutrition in business and industry; Juliette Nsubuga,


nursing; Aletha Patton, social work; Jacqueline Phelps, kinesiology; Shamekqwa Reagor,

social work; Beulah Roberson, undecided; Samantha Schroer, dietetics and institution

administration; Cortnie Stevens, biology-human biology; Sarah Stevenson, undecided;

Amanda Turner, interdisciplinary studies; Ladonna Turner, interdisciplinary studies;

Zaharra Virani, psychology; Chasity Ward, social work; Robin Weedman, nursing;

       Aubrey — Melissa Bodnar, chemistry; Susan Galinski, government; Melissa

Gillespie, fashion merchandising; Tanya Hughes, interdisciplinary studies; Kasey

Lantrip, kinesiology; Leah Larman, interdisciplinary studies; Nancy McIndoe, social

work; Kara Norsworthy, business administration; Autumn Reid, interdisciplinary studies;

Michelle Thillen, nursing; Allison Turner, child development;

       Austin — Chiara Fiallos-Mitchell, health studies; Crystal Gonzales, dental

hygiene; Monica Haule, sociology; Mario Herrera, music therapy; Rebecca Hopkins,

nursing; Tara Peteet, mass communications; Joy Thompson, psychology; Stephanie

Welton, nursing;

       Azle — Katheren Baccus, nursing; Rebecca Jernigan, interdisciplinary studies;

Amy Knight, biology-human biology; Lisa Lindsey, interdisciplinary studies; Barbara

Morris, undecided; Rebecca Pittman, interdisciplinary studies; Christina Shen, business


       Bartonville — Kristin Weber, drama;

       Bedford — Kristen Blaisure, child development; Alicia Blood, nursing;

Stephanie Cato, kinesiology; Cortney Cox, music; Patricia Etheridge, undecided; Nicole


Fuquay, dance; Yvonne Rivera, undecided; Lindsey Stewart, business administration;

       Bells — Angela Youree, nursing;

       Blue Mound — Katherine Leath, psychology;

       Boerne — Michelle Bondanza, music therapy;

       Bonham — Casey Franklin, dental hygiene; Kelly Franklin, nursing; Darrell

Russ, biology;

       Borger — Kate Amorella, computer science;

       Boyd — Celia Miller, kinesiology; Aubyn Wood, music therapy;

       Brenham — Sarah Blum, music therapy; Ilona Hood, nursing; Latoya Lewis,


       Bridgeport —Cleo Cortez, business administration; Cheryl Greiner,

interdisciplinary studies; Candice Hines-Reasoner, English; Angela May, nursing;

Kimberly Raby, dental hygiene; Lara Tedder, business administration-accounting; Debra

Zachary, interdisciplinary studies;

       Briscoe — Celeste Huff, family studies;

       Brookston — Staci Yorkson, kinesiology;

       Brownsville — Monica Chapa, music therapy; Miriam Vera, dance;

       Bryan — Ashley Phillips, nursing;

       Burkburnett — Arikka Fears, dance;

       Burleson — Debra Glass, nursing;

       Burnet — Meredith Fry, kinesiology;


       Caddo Mills — Lacey Ferrell, family and consumer sciences;

       Cameron — Bess Foster, social work;

       Camp Wood — Sara Wells, government-legal studies;

       Carrollton — Liana Alvarez, interdisciplinary studies; Mary Aven, design-

advertising; Magdoleen Awad, nursing; Cindy Baxley, biology; Joseph Belle, nursing;

Allison Block, music-music education; Robin Boyer, psychology; Emily Carter, nursing;

Adrianne Clark, psychology; Marilyn Cuba, fashion merchandising; Sarah Cunningham,

nursing; Sarah Deblanc, interdisciplinary studies; Jessica Devore, kinesiology; Beverly

Dougherty, biology; Virginia Duarte, interdisciplinary studies; Marisol Espinal, social

work; Marianela Flores, undecided; Jennifer France, nursing; Cara Gatewood, nursing;

Diane Gholson, interdisciplinary studies; Jennifer Hall, social work; Michelle Hanson,

interdisciplinary studies; Larry Huynh, nursing; Amara Idimogu, nursing; Teresa Jenkins,

mathematics; Melissa Jones, nursing, Shannon Jones, history; Jolly Kuzhippil, nursing;

Naila Lalani, social work; Sabrina Martinez, sociology; Munira Meghjani, computer

science; Diana Meister, fashion merchandising; Kelly Meldrum, nursing; Lauren

Morales, psychology; Kristi Morris, interdisciplinary studies; Amanda Nelson, English;

Anita Patel, interdisciplinary studies; Poonam Patel, nursing; Anna Perkins, music;

Angelique Phillips, computer science; Ashley Roberts, family studies; Alissa Shafer,

English; Tessa Shafer, mass communications; Mariam Sultan, nursing; Melissa Taylor,

nursing; Anhdao Tran, biology-human biology; Lisley Viana, kinesiology; Maureen

Umegbogu, interdisciplinary studies; Melissa Watkins, interdisciplinary studies; Rhonda


Waites, interdisciplinary studies; Julie Yang, design; Shawna Young, psychology;

       Carthage — Michelle Pepper, dietetics and institution administration;

       Cedar Hill — Candace Adams, nursing; Adeyinka Adeboyejo, biology; Lindsay

Alidina, kinesiology; Latisha Archie, social work; Jenny Barnam, nursing; Barbara

Contreras, nursing; Tamara Jones, nursing; Kristi Tips, nursing; Latasha Williams-

Nasheed, health studies;

       Celeste — Meaghan Lewis, biology;

       Celina — Alisa Hester, computer science; Julia Needum, English;

       Chico — Jennifer O’Dell, interdisciplinary studies;

       Cleburne — Marianne Beaty, psychology; Katharin Biven, biology-human

biology; Megan Parker, government-government service; O’keysekhan Warren, nursing;

Stephanie Willing, dance;

       Cleveland — Theresa Lyons, nursing;

       Clyde — Vasha Young, nutrition;

       College Station — Andrea Hooper, business administration-management;

       Colleyville — Allyssa Noorlag, interdisciplinary studies; Carolyn Skoog, dental


       Collinsville — Darlene Cork, nursing; Katrinia Cundiff, biology-human biology;

Christina Griffith, business administration; Amber Heilman, music; Whitney Orsburn,

fashion merchandising;

       Combine — Constance Wilson, kinesiology;


       Conroe — Theresa Buntyn, nursing;

       Cooper — Brooke Stowers, kinesiology;

       Coppell — Ashley Anderson, psychology; Kellie Browne, government; Timothy

Casey, psychology; Christa Chen, dietetics and institution administration; Natasha

Chipps, computer science; Ashley Clemett, interdisciplinary studies; Patricia Deverson,

nutrition; Halee Lackey, dental hygiene; Marty Linn, business administration-accounting;

Robyn MacDonald, nutrition; Leeanna McComas, psychology; Laura Rath,

interdisciplinary studies; Rosemary Son, dietetics and institution administration; Errin

Tapp, nutrition; Melissa Warner, music therapy;

       Corinth — Alisha Butler, business administration-marketing; Danesh

Chowritmootoo, mathematics; Michelle Eggleton, nutrition; Jean Flenning, nursing;

Stacey Howell, interdisciplinary studies; Catherine Lucignani, history; Wendi McBroom,

dental hygiene; Tori McDougal, dental hygiene; Lisa Meager, interdisciplinary studies;

Crystal Parker, nursing; Stephanie Terry, child development; Christine Wayles,

interdisciplinary studies;

       Corpus Christi — Megan Back, family and consumer sciences; Noela Morales,

communication sciences; Breannon Villarreal, health studies;

       Corsicana — Marilyn McAdams, nursing;

       Crandall — Ashley York, nursing;

       Crosby — Kristin Roden, biology;


       Crowley — Valerie Reynolds, dietetics and institution administration;

       Cypress — Bobbi Evans, nursing; Kelcey Girdler, psychology; Jennifer Hebert,

health studies; Kristin Johnson, biology; Kimberly Ross, nursing;

       Dalhart — Jennifer Lang, dental hygiene;

       Dallas — Shannon Adams, social work; Diana Alonzo, nursing; Monica Alvarez,

sociology; Angela Ananti, nursing; Bethel Araya, undecided; Janie Armijo, nursing;

Jennifer Armstrong, business administration-management; Victoria Ayala, nursing;

Annie Baer, child development; Nikki Bailey, dental hygiene; Shawauna Barrett,

government; Jennifer Bates, nursing; Linda Bates, music-music education; Annie Bengio,

psychology; Kelley Berberich, nursing; Addae Boachie, nursing; Tammy Bradshaw,

music therapy; Dayner Brashear, family studies; Jennifer Bryant, nursing; Timothy

Burright, interdisciplinary studies; Cerina Calhoun, nursing; Jodie Cason, fashion design;

Matthew Chapman, music therapy; Rebecca Clemens, nursing; Diana Colbert,

interdisciplinary studies; Siobhan Cole, social work; Stephanie Collins, kinesiology; Gail

Constantine, dental hygiene; Calandria Cook, social work; Natalie Cooks, kinesiology;

Rolanda Cotton, child development; Misty Cozart, psychology; Antonia Curlin,

interdisciplinary studies; Melanie Davidson, nursing; Daria Dato, social work; Melita

Demus, health studies; Dora Diaz, business administration; Karen Dice, kinesiology;

Judith Dolan, undecided; Cornelia Dumitrache, interdisciplinary studies; Alice Dutton,

biology; Samah Elhajibrahim, dietetics and institution administration; Faith Fenderson,

nursing; Maria Fernandez, interdisciplinary studies; Amy Forrer, nursing; Janice Fowler,


English; Demetria Frazier, interdisciplinary studies; Jessica Garcia, nursing; Jennifer

Garms, interdisciplinary studies; Jamie Goodstein, biology-human biology; Quinetta

Gregory, nursing; Meredith Gropper, dietetics and institution administration; William

Grove, social work; Aime Guevara, nursing; Veronica Guzman, interdisciplinary studies;

Cynthia Haney, nursing; Shubrena Harrison, nursing; Atalie Henderson, nursing; Angeles

Hernandez, design; Erika Herridge, nursing; Andrea Jackson, chemistry; Autumn

Johnson, interdisciplinary studies; Rosie Johnson, criminal justice; Kia Jones, nursing;

Alicia Judd, business administration; Gia Kahn, business administration; Vicki Karban,

kinesiology; Anastasia Keyser, business administration-management; Rachel Korngut,

interdisciplinary studies; Lauren La Bree, interdisciplinary studies; Layna Lankford,

psychology; Kasey Leal, interdisciplinary studies; Monica Liendo, interdisciplinary

studies; Juana Lopez, business administration-accounting; Maria Lopez, interdisciplinary

studies; Dana Lovette, interdisciplinary studies; Jessie MacLean, psychology; Claudia

Madrid, interdisciplinary studies; Jasmine Manning, nursing; Marina Martinez-Garcia,

family and consumer sciences; Mercy Masenda, nursing; Ellen Mervis, music therapy;

Saba Meshesha, nursing; Queneisha Mitchell, nursing; Nita Morton, music; Claudia

Munoz, nursing; Sharon Nelms, nursing; Eberechi Nwachukwu, nursing; Justina Nweke,

nursing; Karen Obam, health studies; Ana Ochoa, interdisciplinary studies; Lindsay

Palmer, mass communications; Sonja Petrov, fashion design; Rocio Plata,

interdisciplinary studies; Vickie Poston, interdisciplinary studies; Janelice Quiroz,

interdisciplinary studies; Audra Rabroker, social work; Brianna Ray, fashion


merchandising; Sheree Reed, dental hygiene; Emma Regalado, interdisciplinary studies;

Stephanie Richardson, business administration-marketing; Jocelyn Roberson, health

studies; Claresha Robinson, health studies; Gavron Robinson, health studies; Angelita

Rodriguez, studio art-photography; Crystal Ross, kinesiology; Aurora Rubio, biology-

human biology; Adama Samba, nursing; Theresa Sanchez, interdisciplinary studies;

Jennifer Sandoval, nursing; Raya Susana Saso, nursing; Miriam Sosa, nursing; Janine

Schlette, child development; Janice Seltzer, psychology; Virginia Servin, nursing;

Chataqua Smith, mass communications; Christina Steward, dance; Corlie Storey, dental

hygiene; Cho Sung, undecided; Lydia Teague, nursing; Angela Thill, business

administration-marketing; Jennifer Thomas, fashion merchandising; Charmaine Tupue,

government; Veronica Turner, government-legal studies; Margaret Vail, nursing; Preethy

Varghese, nursing; Prigi Varghese, nursing; Antresa Weathersby, nursing; Jennifer

Whiffin, English; Courtney White, psychology; Katherine Williams, biology; Ashley

Wilson, nursing; Jamie Wolverton, nursing; Nannette Wright, nursing; Shawanda Young,

child development;

       DeSoto — Latina Dent, English; Letris James, nursing; Danielle Murphy,

interdisciplinary studies; Crystal Perkins, interdisciplinary studies;

       Decatur — Sara Addington, history; Amber Arel, dental hygiene; Dava Bailey,

interdisciplinary studies; Shanda Blount, not listed; Sonia Carrillo, interdisciplinary

studies; Stephanie Doty, interdisciplinary studies; Cindy Ford, interdisciplinary studies;

Kelli Howard, English; Carrie Pruett, criminal justice;

DEAN’S LIST/add 10

       Deer Park — Cara Moreau, biology-human biology; Erica York, nursing;

       Denison — Kathryn Knowles, fashion design;

       Denton — Karlena Adkisson, English; Albert Allen, kinesiology; Eliza Alvarado,

government; Lynda Atkins, nursing; Amy Ayalloore, kinesiology; Aida Ayyad,

chemistry; Fatima Azim, nutrition; Kateria Baggett, English; Brandee Baird, family

studies; Hussein Bajunaid, undecided; Marcelle Barker, nursing; Ashley Barton-Bowers,

dance; Krystal Baxter, fashion merchandising; Heidi Becker, business administration-

accounting; Jeanie Bernier, nursing; Joy Black, fashion merchandising; Lorin Black,

kinesiology; Katherine Boehm, health studies; David Boschee, criminal justice; Darrah

Boxberger, communication sciences; Charmin Brock, interdisciplinary studies; Dana

Brown, kinesiology; Tammie Brown, interdisciplinary studies; Kacey Bryant, dance;

Jamie Bryce, art education; Patricia Calderon, business administration-accounting; Erica

Cameron, fashion design; Eva Camiro, nursing; Amanda Campbell-Wyatt, history;

Michelle Cearley, psychology; Maria Ceren, design-advertising; Bree Chadwick,

interdisciplinary studies; Yen-Ling Chen, interdisciplinary studies: Yi-Hsin Chen, design;

Stephen Chiawa, health studies; Joa Christensen, health studies; Jenny Cicero, dance;

Candice Clark, business administration-marketing; Debra Clarke, design; Jessica Clay,

interdisciplinary studies; Stephanie Cline, communication sciences; Katie Clyburn,

design; Amanda Cochran, kinesiology; Amanda Coleman, dietetics and institution

administration; Alexandra Collumb, history; Sarah Coplan, biology; Rachel Corwin,

interdisciplinary studies; Joshua Cosimo, studio art; Melissa Costen, interdisciplinary

DEAN’S LIST/add 11

studies; Stefani Cowart, interdisciplinary studies; Inda Crawford, government; Robin

Crawford, textiles and apparel; Hailey Croissant, English; Katie Croix, interdisciplinary

studies; Ina Cunningham, kinesiology; Juaniqua Darden, government; Rachael David,

social work; Brandie Davis, business administration-accounting; Paula Davis, nursing;

Monica Dean, dietetics and institution administration; Eva Depperschmidt, nursing; Sara

Dickson, studio art; Sarah Dobinsky, interdisciplinary studies; Diane Dorn, studio art;

Kimberly Downs, biology-human biology; Cassandra Dziedzic, nursing; Phyllis Eames,

business administration; Staci Eason, family studies; Elayne Edmonson, business

administration; Jennifer Ehrhart, drama; Derrick Elliott, psychology; Kenneth Ellis,

kinesiology; Melissa Evans, nursing; Bobbye Faires, health studies; Donna Faris,

interdisciplinary studies; Stephanie Farnsworth, family studies; Donna Fields, nursing;

Lauren Fiori, nursing; Caryn Fleming, dance; Kelly Flynn, family studies; Robin Fox,

dental hygiene; Angela Fredrickson, social work; Danielle Fryer, kinesiology; Michael

Fuentes, nutrition; Marisol Garcia, social work; Delisha Garrett, nursing; Yashica

Gholston, psychology; Latesha Giddings, health studies; Sandria Gill, kinesiology;

Rachel Goddard, kinesiology; Laura Gonzales, chemistry; Elizabeth Gonzalez, history;

Courtney Graves, psychology; Jonathan Green, kinesiology; Lindsey Haesecke, nursing;

Betsy Haggard, health studies; Brook Haile, business administration; Bibi Hakimzadeh,

undecided; Emily Haley, English; Jacqueline Hall, nursing; Lisa Hammond, biology;

Christina Hanna, dental hygiene; Emily Harless, fashion design; Mary Harris, English;

Brenda Hartgraves, music therapy; Kimberly Haslam, medical technology; Elizabeth

DEAN’S LIST/add 12

Haynes, mass communications; Rocio Herrera, kinesiology; Marie Hill, dietetics and

institution administration; Elizabeth Holda, English; Thomas Hoops, music; Kristen Hott,

psychology; Lakeysha Houston-Ephram, biology; Kristen Howell, nursing; Staci Huff,

history; Jackie Hughes, fashion merchandising; Rebecca Hutchins, music therapy;

Christina Hutzel, mass communications; June Hwang, nursing; Jami Ingram, kinesiology;

Pamela Islam, computer science; Tanvi Jariwala, business administration-management;

Eilene Johnson, English; Maidie Johnson, communication sciences; Holly Johnston,

psychology; Christol Jones, business administration-management; Julie Jones,

psychology; Reed Jones, sociology; Angela Jordan, business administration-accounting;

Doryce Judd, kinesiology; Stephanie Kabat, biology-human biology; Jaclyn Karam,

dietetics and institution administration; Lemlem Kassa, business administration-

accounting; Carrie Keith, mass communications; Vanessa Kekoanui, music; Tamara

Khaindrava, undecided; Sabahat Khan, chemistry; David Kiger, computer science; Inja

Kim, music; Krista King, criminal justice; Linda Kneifl, psychology; Frances Koen, child

development; Joy Kolgushev, post-baccalaureate; Andrew Krznarich, history; Jenny

Krznarich-Hall, history; Eve Lapinski, health studies; Denise League, interdisciplinary

studies; David Lee, nutrition; Bambi Levingston, health studies; Donna Lewis,

interdisciplinary studies; Kelli Lorne, interdisciplinary studies; Jeffrey Lowrance, food

and nutrition in business and industry; Denise Lozoya, biology; Yu-Yi Ma, nursing;

Laura Maciaszek, psychology; Laina Magaya, medical technology; Melony Maloy,

nursing; Tina Mann, English; Zenobia Marshall, health studies; Bonnie Martindale,

DEAN’S LIST/add 13

English; Marian Marvin, biology; Jessica Mata, psychology; Angelina Maynard,

psychology; Cheri Mazziotta, health studies; Beth McCombs, business administration-

marketing; Summer McEvers, kinesiology; Taheerah McLennan, child development;

Harry McMaster, psychology; Stephanie McKnight, nursing; Alicia Medford,

psychology; Laurie Mejia, family studies; Ashley Melton, dietetics and institution

administration; Lucinda Migot, mathematics; Brandi Miller, nursing; Melissa Mireles,

health studies; Jennifer Mize, sociology; Christina Mobley, family studies; Carrie Morris,

communication sciences; Evelyn Morton, business administration-accounting; Monica

Mosley, health studies; Sonia Munoz, nursing; Claudia Murillo, fashion design; Michele

Murphy, dietetics and institution administration; Randi Myers, family studies; Junko

Myose, English; Djenane Narcisse, nursing; Tansey Nash, health studies; Becky Nelson,

social work; Vanessa Nelson, nursing; Crystal Nwosu, nursing; Jeong Oh,

interdisciplinary studies; Florence Olugbuyi, social work; Rebecca Ormsby,

interdisciplinary studies; Elizabeth Orosco, biology-human biology; Kasie Ostrom,

kinesiology; Katrina Ostwald, nursing; Elizabeth Owens, psychology; Elsie Owolo,

undecided; Sheri Pak, business administration; Jon Parker, government; Candice

Peacock, business administration-accounting; Amanda Pender, psychology; Tamara

Peters, dental hygiene; Amanda Peterson, business administration-marketing; Dawn

Peterson, psychology; Kimberly Peterson, dance; Karen Phillips, government; Stephanie

Pinkston, interdisciplinary studies; John Pipes, undecided; Tiffanie Pitre, interdisciplinary

studies; Tycha Pobst, history; Elizabeth Podkopova, business administration; Amy Price,

DEAN’S LIST/add 14

communication sciences; Christina Prose, kinesiology; Amanda Qualls, English; Stacy

Qualls, history; Lisa Ragsdale, sociology; Jessica Ray, studio art; Sharon Redden, design;

Kimberly Renken, health studies; Victoria Reynolds, psychology; Leah Rigg, social

work; David Rios, music therapy; Amber Robertson, dental hygiene; Laura Roseman,

English; Nancy Rosenboom, communication sciences; Jennifer Schulz, family studies;

Amy Seaton, undecided; Amber Sladecek, kinesiology; Dennis Sloan, drama; Amber

Smith, chemistry; Brandi Smith, kinesiology; Exsa Smith, business administration-

management; Heather Smith, government; Jill Smith, social work; Kristen Smith, social

work; Mica Smith, business administration-management; Misty Smith, nursing; Patricia

Sosa-Sanchez, interdisciplinary studies; Janice Southard, child development; Jimalee

Splawn, government; Rachel Stabile, psychology; Angela Story, kinesiology; Husseina

Sulemanji, biology; Margaret Sullivan, history; Kathy Summers, English; Kelley Tews,

social work; Ruby Thomas, psychology; Diana Timm, dental hygiene; Lydia Turner,

mass communications; Charlene Turnipseed, interdisciplinary studies; Sondra Uhl,

criminal justice; Cathy Underwood, dental hygiene; Megha Vansadia, health studies;

Tabitha Wandera, nursing; Kimilee Washburn, health studies; Mandon Welch, biology;

Amy Whitener, biology-human biology; Lisa Wiles, dance; Constance Williams,

business administration-accounting; Kymberly Williams, English; Lindsay Williams,

communication sciences; Monica Williams, interdisciplinary studies; Tammie Williams,

DEAN’S LIST/add 15

health studies; Carrie Williamson, psychology; Juliana Williamson, music therapy; Aziel

Wilson, mathematics; Emma Wilson, nursing; Jennifer Windham, nursing; Cheryl

Young, music therapy;

        Double Oak — Monica Culwell, communication sciences;

        Duncanville — Katrina Bradshaw, interdisciplinary studies; Paulette Hearns,

business administration; Tiffany Horn, nursing; Kasie Lawrence, interdisciplinary

studies; Laci McKinney, kinesiology; Neadra Whaley, music therapy;

        El Paso — Shala Dickerson, computer science; Diana Gutierrez, communication

sciences; Larry Hernandez, drama; Jennifer Tarin, mathematics; Tessa Tiscareno,


        Ennis — Andrea Wensowitch, business administration; Elishia Williams,


        Era – April Selby, nursing;

        Euless — Laura Alexander, music therapy; Nicole Araujo, nursing; Leoni

Carnaby, textiles and apparel; Hannah Dewhirst, dietetics and institution administration;

Regina Dimbo, chemistry; Vanessa Escamilla, communication sciences; Jennifer Horn,

family studies; Jenny Howell, kinesiology; Grace Maina, nursing; Betty Peterson, social


        Farmers Branch — Donald Bird, social work; Krystal Blow, fashion design;

DEAN’S LIST/add 16

Terri Dunn, nursing; Aubree Murray, undecided; Kendal Slaughter, interdisciplinary


       Flower Mound — Ka’ran Bailey, English; Melissa Bellevue, design; Valerie

Blackwell, dental hygiene; Catherine Blinov, nursing; Jeri Brice, drama; Tandee

Bywater, interdisciplinary studies; Courtney Carson, kinesiology; Lindsey Durham,

interdisciplinary studies; April Ellis, nursing; Kelly English, dental hygiene; Kathryn

Faxon, interdisciplinary studies; Savio Fernandes, biology; Alison Harrell, mathematics;

Lauren Hayes, dental hygiene; Ashly Howard, nursing; Susan Jimerson, child

development; Kristen Kortlang, child development; Daphne Lyons, kinesiology; Tamera

Maresh, psychology; Beth Mirabal, nursing; Elizabeth Raybuck, interdisciplinary studies;

Stephanie Sales, history; Christine Seebachan, social work; Kristen Sobeck, chemistry;

Donita Wendt, business administration-management; Brittany Whorton, kinesiology;

Tena Wright, design-advertising;

       Forney — Zoila Quintero, English; Krista Zmolik, nursing;

       Fort Worth — Deyanira Amaya, undecided; Ashlee Baker, health studies; Emma

Banda, child development; Jennifer Barker, family studies; Sara Blakley,

interdisciplinary studies; Stacy Bode, interdisciplinary studies; Mallory Bourdage,

interdisciplinary studies; Jennifer Brautigan, criminal justice; Christine Brennaman,

interdisciplinary studies; April Bryant, child development; Holly Buchanan, nursing;

Tressa Byrd, undecided; Elizabeth Cestarte, computer science; Denise Childs, social

work; Kathryn Clark, undecided; Lioneta Cornelius, undecided; Rachel Craig, dental

DEAN’S LIST/add 17

hygiene; Tekesha Davis, mass communications; D’Ann Edge, communication sciences;

Christi Eldredge, interdisciplinary studies; Teleri Evans, undecided; Mary Finley,

undecided; Michelle Franklin, psychology; Ewa Gawrylczyk-Ptak, dental hygiene;

Jacqueline Giraud, art history; Gina Glidewell, music therapy; Alexis Goldate,

government-legal studies; Olga Gonzalez, undecided; Carolyn Gordon, kinesiology;

Rebecca Govea, kinesiology; Jene Gray, nursing; Leah Gregg, communication sciences;

Eric Gumm, music; Esperanza Haas, undecided; Dietra Haliburton, undecided; Jennifer

Heath, criminal justice; Stacie Helling, nursing; Shannon Higginbotham, nursing; Debra

Huggins, social work; Kathy Jacobs, interdisciplinary studies; Alice Johnson, undecided;

Dematria Johnson, nursing; Vanessa Johnson, undecided; Telicia Jones, psychology;

Margaret Kaszynski, dental hygiene; Candace King, history; Racie Labhart,

interdisciplinary studies; Sarah Le, dental hygiene; Gina Lopez, business administration;

Dung Le, chemistry; Jesika Lewis, biology; Jennifer Lowery, nursing; Silvia Luna,

undecided; Phuong Ly, business administration; Melinda Manley, kinesiology; Candice

Mason, interdisciplinary studies; Jennifer Means, nursing; Vicki Melton, interdisciplinary

studies; Maricela Menchaca, fashion merchandising; Sheree Montanye, criminal justice;

Hester Nays, undecided; Bryan Nguyen, chemistry; Jennifer Noble, interdisciplinary

studies; Lashunda Parham, child development; Joyce Phillips, undecided; Virginia Prieto,

undecided; Amy Robertson, nursing; Letha Roblow, undecided; Mary Rodrique, biology-

human biology; Esperanza Rodriguez, interdisciplinary studies; Re Etta Roever, dance;

DEAN’S LIST/add 18

Katrina Schuenemann, food and nutrition in business and industry; Mary Seale, social

work; Rocio Serrano, interdisciplinary studies; Lindsey Shaffer, music therapy; Lashonda

Shaw, mathematics; Catherine Spharler, history; Angelia Spurgin, psychology; Melanie

Stevenson, undecided; Erica Sullivan, family studies; Sammie Summerville, undecided;

Jo Tate, undecided; Latricia Taylor, interdisciplinary studies; Victoria Thompson, drama;

Carlette Thigpen, undecided; Loan Tran, biology; Amy Ulberg, interdisciplinary studies;

Irma Uribe, dental hygiene; Sheila Visor, undecided; Kimberly Vosberg, design;

Kimberly Washington, communication sciences; Brandi Weaver, interdisciplinary

studies; Lucille White, undecided; Abigail Williams, government; Shelia Williams,

undecided; Chelsa Wooley, interdisciplinary studies; Arica Ybarra, dental hygiene; Tracy

Young, interdisciplinary studies; Traci Ziebarth, mathematics;

       Friendswood — Stevette Walton, social work;

       Frisco — Amie Alekian, dental hygiene; Linda Brown, psychology; Eun Cho,

music therapy; Rennie Chun, sociology; Susan Dunn, interdisciplinary studies; Tabitha

Foret, nursing; Abril Goforth, psychology; Pam Green, nursing; Abby Hood, nursing;

Sunny Hood, nursing; Robin Horton, psychology; Lisa Jordan, psychology; Jennifer

McCord, kinesiology; Anna Nguyen, chemistry; Mica Reck, interdisciplinary studies;

Corinne Santia-Bradshaw, child development; Jordann Stewart, kinesiology;

       Gainesville — Melissa Barnes, interdisciplinary studies; Rhonda Burrus,

psychology; Billy Clark, chemistry; Donna Dickinson, interdisciplinary studies; Lindsay

Graham, interdisciplinary studies; Sandy Haverkamp, social work; Paula Johnson,

DEAN’S LIST/add 19

interdisciplinary studies; Courtney Jones, psychology; Sarah Morrow, undecided; Debby

Nolan, nursing; Kelly Powers, interdisciplinary studies; Shelley Prather, psychology;

Sandra Richeson, interdisciplinary studies; Casey Stewart, interdisciplinary studies;

Amanda Trail, interdisciplinary studies; Nina Trofimova, business administration; Ashli

Ward, government-legal studies; Jill Woods, interdisciplinary studies;

       Galveston — Aubrey Rozan, fashion merchandising; Cynthia Walker, nursing;

       Garland — Edith Achilike, nursing; Ruby Bouie, social work; Carla Bowden,

psychology; Sarah Brenner, biology; Heather Brill, biology-human biology; Jesus

Camposeco, interdisciplinary studies; Leslie Cobb, nursing; Rhondessa Cormier, social

work; Michelle Croy, biology-human biology; Maribel Deharo, interdisciplinary studies;

Bethany Deteau, nursing; Tracy Dingman, kinesiology; Debbie Do, biology; Jessica

Drain, nursing; Stacie Entzminger, family studies; Ashley Fentress, kinesiology; Jennifer

Fielding, psychology; Rocio Flores, interdisciplinary studies; Melissa Gee, nursing;

Christina Gray, interdisciplinary studies; Tamara Hairston, nursing; Tanyel Harper,

nursing; Emily Henry, psychology; Jessica Hernandez, social work; Sandra Hernandez,

interdisciplinary studies; Maria Hinojosa, interdisciplinary studies; Bincy Jacob, nursing;

Candace Johnson, biology; Karen Jones, nursing; Erin Kessel, interdisciplinary studies;

Lisa Knieriemen, nursing; Tiffany Krueger, fashion design; Jennifer Martinez, health

studies; Kathryn McClatchy, English; Traci McGlynn, interdisciplinary studies; Ryan

Meeks, nursing; Joy Murphy, nursing; Catherine Neal, interdisciplinary studies; Janmy

Nguyen, English; Rita Nwohiri, nursing; Chelsea Pearce, biology-human biology; Kelly

DEAN’S LIST/add 20

Pogue, nursing; Jocelyn Range, nursing; Valerie Reynolds, English; Kimberly

Sappington, dental hygiene; Michele Schmidt, nursing; Stephanie Siu, dental hygiene;

Sonyta Som, biology; Deborah Sparkman, computer science; Jacqueline Stewart, nursing;

Maria Villanueva, child development; Deborah Volpi, government-legal studies; Erica

White, nursing; Phillip Wilson, nursing;

       Glen Rose — Karyn Adams, dance;

       Graham — Dawn England, communication sciences; Amity Taylor, English;

       Granbury — Shaina Porter, medical technology; Catherine Vesey,

communication sciences;

       Grand Prairie — Kristina Birch, history; Monica Bradley, nursing; Brooke

Carlisle, nursing; Lauren Carlisle, interdisciplinary studies; Bernice Good,

interdisciplinary studies; Sarah Mackie, design; Karen Nabet, nursing; Roselyne Otieno,

nursing; Xochitl Rodriguez, nursing; Jonica Scott, history; Staci Stiles, nursing; Gerry

West, business administration-management;

       Grandview — Virginia Bishop, English; Phillip Farrell, kinesiology; Andrea

Lubke, studio art-photography;

       Grapevine — Deanne Kelly, social work; Sharon Rappleye, business

administration-management; Cheryl Reed, nursing; Kristen Sharer, interdisciplinary

studies; Tiffany Weatherly, business administration-accounting;

       Greenville — Christie Hitchcock, nursing;

       Haltom City — Tamara Alexander, health studies; Veronica Bustamante,

DEAN’S LIST/add 21

interdisciplinary studies; Jaymes Gregory, drama; Mary Jolly, biology; Diane Kue,

interdisciplinary studies; Thanh Lam, fashion merchandising; Sandra McNeal, social

work; Holly Pryor, dental hygiene; Christy Stewart, social work;

       Harlingen — Jessika Alvarez, occupational therapy; Jennifer De la Cruz,

biology-human biology; Rachel Johnson, health studies; Velma Tristan, interdisciplinary


       Haslet — Sonya Breckline, government; Mary Burke, nursing; Jacklyn Miller,

interdisciplinary studies; Melissa Webb, kinesiology;

       Hewitt — Jodi White, mass communications;

       Hickory Creek — Kerensa Cummings, criminal justice; Diane Dietz,


       Highland Village — Monica Bryan, nursing; Ashley Click, business

administration-marketing; Amy Davis, health studies; Amanda Finn, interdisciplinary

studies; Vanessa Hauptmann, nutrition; Cheryl Hughes, social work; Benita Lach,

interdisciplinary studies; Kelly McLuckie, nursing; Nicole Nebe, biology; Myka Nichols,

kinesiology; Constance Schultz, not listed; Amin Tejani, design;

       Houston — Yolanda Adams, nursing; Mary Anderson, nursing; Miriam

Anderson, psychology; Nichole Asper, nursing; Valerie Bass, nursing; Suzanne Bradie-

Muller, nursing; Karen Bratovich, nursing; Jennifer Brodecki, interdisciplinary studies;

Karen Buchta, fashion merchandising; Laura Carstens, nursing; Deborah Cayton,

nursing; Sara Clesi, chemistry; Rosalinda Colonna, nursing; Danielle Comeaux, biology;

DEAN’S LIST/add 22

Jessica Davis, nursing; Camisha Dixon, dance; Karen East, nursing; Ivy Lynn Ersan,

nursing; Emily Everett, music therapy; Imelda Febryani, nursing; Yolanda Gains,

nursing; Bethel Gebrehiwot, nursing; Tia Glenn, nursing; Sarah Godding, nursing; April

Gonzales, nursing; Consuelo Hadnot, nursing; Laura Hafer, nursing; Nicole Harry,

nursing; Melissa Hebert, nursing; Nancy Henry, nursing; Lacrimioara Hurgoiu, nursing;

Lorretta Ilochi, nursing; Sherunda Jackson, government-legal studies; Carmen Jacota,

nursing; Stacey Jeffery, nursing; Kristyn Jones, fashion merchandising; Laurie Jones,

nursing; Katherin Kuper, nursing; Torina Lane, nursing; Carol Ledford, nursing;

Marvicia Martin, psychology; Chandra McCleskey, kinesiology; Pamela Metoyer,

nursing; Leighann Montieth, dance; Danielle Moss, nursing; Ruby Nebrida, nursing; Tam

Nguyen, nursing; Christine Nguyen-Moen, nursing; Lauri Noel, nursing; Afuluchi

Okeke, nursing; Njideka Okeke, nursing; Deshambra Pennie, psychology; Misa Phillips,

nursing; Ilse Prado, nursing; Paige Raabe, nursing; Angela Randolph, business

administration; Cynthia Rangel, nursing; Danielle Reed, nursing; Alice Reid, nursing;

Katie Ripstra, nursing; Griselda Rivera, nursing; Laurie Roatch, nursing; Toni Saldana,

nursing; Stacy San Lucas, nursing; Glenda Self, nursing; Cynthia Simek, nursing; Arielle

Smith, computer science; Gudrun Sykes, nursing; Sheri Thatcher, nursing; Nicole

Tompert, nursing; Courtney Watson, nursing; Blenda Webster, nursing; Leslie Williams,

nursing; Fallon Wilson, kinesiology; Chayvone Winfree, fashion design; Sheila Winston,

nursing; Jennifer Yeats, nursing; Yousu Zhao, nursing;

DEAN’S LIST/add 23

       Howe — Janida Millspaugh, interdisciplinary studies;

       Humble — Brenda Blanco, nursing; Lawana Charles, nursing; Holly Hinson,

nursing; Ma Delosanangeles Nava, nursing; Angela Patterson, nursing; Kelly Threadgill,

interdisciplinary studies;

       Huntington — Bonnie Boren, mass communications;

       Huntsville — Megan Evans, child development;

       Hurst — Whitney Alexander, child development; Carrie Bennett,

interdisciplinary studies; Lisa Berry, history; Pamela Bural, interdisciplinary studies;

Angela Hopwood, interdisciplinary studies; Amber McMeans, mass communications;

Candice Ray, studio art; Jennifer Snyder, nursing;

       Irving — Nkem Ajumobi, nursing; Shanna Brady, kinesiology; Kamesia Brown,

nursing; Sarah Butler, family and consumer sciences; Christina Byers, nursing; Lisa

Carver, communication sciences; Sally Cleaver, nursing; Melissa Cleveland, art history;

Angela Contreras, business administration; Chelsea Ellis, kinesiology; Hattie Fanning,

interdisciplinary studies; Norma Garcia, nursing; Sarah Geiser, psychology; Sussan

Hemyari, child development; Anna Johnson, dance; Heather Kelley, nursing; Amanda

Kelts, drama; Grace Kim, music therapy; Hanna Kim, music; Heather Koehn, music

therapy; Annie Koshy, English; Divya Kottolli, fashion merchandising; Devon

Lachappelle, nursing; Anissa Larkin, kinesiology; Jennifer Liles, nursing; Shieta March,

nursing; Juby Mathew, health studies; Dennis McDonald, nursing; Melissa McDonald,

nursing; Sarah McDonald, nursing; Dechelle Miller, business administration; Mauro

DEAN’S LIST/add 24

Molina, nursing; Nakita Newsome, interdisciplinary studies; Jungsook Park, fashion

merchandising; Janee Parker, biology-human biology; Brooke Parlin, interdisciplinary

studies; Malika Patel, psychology; Lea Savolainen, business administration-marketing;

Kimberly Skiles, studio art-photography; Lisa Spencer, nursing; Katherine Tbaba,

psychology; Dulce Valdez, interdisciplinary studies; Rachel Vandervort, interdisciplinary

studies; Jennifer Whaley, nursing;

       Joshua — Bonnie Schechter, nursing;

       Jourdanton — Christina English, drama;

       Justin — Beverly Boswell, social work; Laura De Witt, biology; Lori Maynard,

dental hygiene; Elizabeth McKinley, dental hygiene; Teresa Newton, nursing; Deana

Sellers, family and consumer sciences;

       Katy — Stephanie Arnold, mathematics; Kristi Hallmark, nursing; Lynette

Jackson, nursing; Tammy Koteras, nursing; Alissa Lagrone, music therapy; Destiney

Tompkins, nursing;

       Keller — Sarah Carlson, communication sciences; Lisa Edwards,

interdisciplinary studies; Penny Ledbetter, child development; Kathryn McKnight,

business administration-marketing; Heidi Powell, music; Joanna Rose, kinesiology;

Adrienne Terenzoni, music; Cecile White, psychology; Diana Wilkie, nursing; Tammy

Williams, nursing; Lindsey Young, business administration-marketing;

       Kilgore — Joshua Hancock, drama;

       Killeen — Nikaiya Mosquera, nursing;

DEAN’S LIST/add 25

         Kingwood — Heather Bertin, nursing; Heidi Gilroy, nursing;

         Kirbyville — Jessica Springer, kinesiology;

         Krugerville — Jennifer Fuller, psychology;

         Krum — Cathleen Brazile, nursing; Linda Chamberlain, social work; Jackie

Clanton, criminal justice; Danielle Grove, English;

         La Grange — Lindsay Renfro, mathematics;

         Lake Dallas — Julie Bartley, child development; Julie Burks, nursing; Michael

Cook, kinesiology; Rosa Daniels, interdisciplinary studies; Amanda Duncan, family and

consumer sciences; Kindra Kelley, interdisciplinary studies; Jessica Kelly,

interdisciplinary studies; Courtney Martin, mathematics; Nicole North, psychology;

         Lake Jackson — Stephanie Creel, nursing; Morgan Ybarra, nursing;

         Lamarque — Vera Valastro, biology-human biology;

         Lampasas — Shannon Harrington, history;

         Lancaster — Jennifer Cobb, dance; Shenequa Kelly, dance; Katherine Smith,


         Laporte — Susanne Benisch-Tolley, nursing;

         Laredo — Patricia Garza, art history; Stephanie Rogers, computer science;

         Lavon — Shelby Evans, English;

         League City — Erika Schwalenberg, nursing;

         Leonard — Amy Sims, government-legal studies;

DEAN’S LIST/add 26

       Lewisville — Lori Adams, biology-human biology; Patricia Adams, nursing;

Luana Aldrete, studio art; Heather Allen-Diederich, psychology; Kayla Barfknecht,

family and consumer sciences; Jill Beasley, interdisciplinary studies; Donna Blankenship,

nursing; Nichol Blatnik, child development; Megan Brown, nursing; Tameka Bryant,

mathematics; Katie Bunker, nursing; Stephanie Burkett, art; Sandy Celeste, business

administration-management; Sandra Correa, psychology; Anna Cox, music; Michael

Craft, history; Monica Crosby, social work; Freda Daniel, health studies; Erin Ferguson,

undecided; Leanne Ferrara, English; Peggy Fike, business administration-accounting;

Miranda Flanary, mass communications; Valerie Glenn, nursing; Melissa Greene,

mathematics; Natalie Hamilton, child development; Joanna Harrison, psychology;

Kathryn Heiman, business administration-marketing; Dawn Hernandez, nursing; Darnely

Hidalgo, undecided; Cassidy Higginbotham, health studies; Misty Houser, sociology;

Tanya Jahwar, business administration-management; Cynthia Johnson, English; Rory

Kendrick, nursing; Virginia Kimani, chemistry; Kristin King, psychology; Jessica

Kirkland, child development; Marta Kuczmanski, child development; Leslie Labonte,

nursing; Jacquelyn Le Clair, criminal justice; Laura Lyons, family studies; Lisa Mack,

nursing; Aaren Malone, biology-human biology; Kathleen McCormick, health studies;

Martha McElhanon, nursing; Kelly McFeeters, communication sciences; Andrea McGee,

nursing; Ebony McGee, computer science; Kelli McLaren, studio art-photography;

Andrea Medley, government; Monique Melara, psychology; Jessica Meroney, nursing;

Bryn Miller, psychology; Syeda Mohsinuddin, interdisciplinary studies; Laura Murff,

DEAN’S LIST/add 27

history; Tory Norred, nursing; Amanda O’Brien, design-advertising; Kristi Parr-Garms,

interdisciplinary studies; Kathleen Peasley, interdisciplinary studies; Jeanna Powell,

history; Carey Rasmussen, music; Kyndra Ray, nursing; Shanette Richins, health studies;

Madeleine Ring, interdisciplinary studies; April Roberts, family studies; Adriann

Rodriguez, criminal justice; Christina Romero, English; Christy Roy, interdisciplinary

studies; Cassandra Shockey, biology; Molly Showalter, nursing; Melissa Sleger, nursing;

Kelly Smith, nursing; Jennifer Snyder, nursing; Katherine Solomon, kinesiology; Luz

Soto-Dimas, interdisciplinary studies; Amy Stinger, family studies; Melissa Trail,

nursing; Casey Wagley, interdisciplinary studies; Yvonne Warren, interdisciplinary

studies; Kristin Whitmore, psychology; Heena Yadev, business administration;

       Liberty — Holly McClellan, business administration-marketing;

       Lindsay — Amy Arendt, communication sciences; Katie Eberhart, design-

advertising; Jo Sparkman, child development; Stephanie Stoffels, business


       Little Elm — Maria Arellano, psychology; Kimberly Baumgarth-Garza, English;

Laura Hutton, studio art-photography; Melissa Kesler, nursing; Gretchen Lindley,

government-legal studies; Nadine Raybourn, interdisciplinary studies; Michelle Sanders,

interdisciplinary studies;

       Longview — Amanda Hinson, dental hygiene; Charmyn Tumey, business


DEAN’S LIST/add 28

       Lovelady — Kristina Massingill, nursing;

       Mansfield — Bertha Madrigal, interdisciplinary studies; Tierra Moore,

kinesiology; Brenda Valenzuela, undecided;

       Maud — Rebecca Lloyd, dance;

       McAllen — Luis Canales, dance; Linda Mina, biology;

       McKinney — Diane Broderick, government; Jennifer Chudy, art history; Wendy

Commons, English; Misty Crouch, psychology; Robert Davidson, studio art-

photography; Julie Eldridge, nursing; Cindy Gamble, interdisciplinary studies; Charlotte

Gaytan, family studies; Lonea Gilbert, health studies; Evonne Healy, nursing; Lindsey

Hunt, kinesiology; Alexis Johnson, dental hygiene; Hayley Marlar, interdisciplinary

studies; Rebecca McKelvy, kinesiology; Dana McNiel, nursing; Jessica Stephens,

interdisciplinary studies; Jennifer Turner, interdisciplinary studies; Mary Warner,

nursing; Kelly Watkins, nursing;

       Melissa — Jayan Fender, government;

       Mercedes — Marisa Briones, psychology;

       Merkel — Brooke Bigbee, nutrition;

       Mesquite — Kristen Crawford, nursing; Tacorya Dowles, nursing; Christina

George, nursing; Amanda Graves, social work; Karie Gray, nursing; Sara Greathouse,

nursing; Audra Heird, nursing; Anitha John, nursing; Lauren Kondikoff, fashion

merchandising; Abigail Luyun, nursing; Stacey Maurer, music-music education; Ramona

Mendoza, psychology; Deepa Mohan, nursing; Melissa Nail, interdisciplinary studies;

DEAN’S LIST/add 29

Faith Okada, interdisciplinary studies; Melanie Piccioni, dental hygiene; Brandy

Richmond, government; Teresa Rios-Houchen, nursing; Aletha Ross, nursing; Cathy

Smith, music therapy; Laura Stallings, health studies; Heather Weaver, nursing;

       Midland — Leslie Fino, social work;

       Midlothian — Christie Henderson, kinesiology; Leticia Lucio, interdisciplinary


       Missouri City — Traci Fields, nursing; Nathalie-Nhu Ho, psychology; Larissa

Keith, nursing; Reena Philip, kinesiology; Latoi Tatum, health studies;

       Muenster — Christopher Grewing, biology; Dana Miller, biology; Darlene

Williams, mathematics;

       Murphy — Debbie Guajardo, communication sciences;

       Nacogdoches — Kelly Burrell, communication sciences;

       Nash — Kayla Hamilton, dance;

       Nevada — Margaret Daniels, history;

       New Braunfels — Sonja Soto, dance;

       Newark — Stacy Koberlein, dental hygiene; Debra Nesbitt, interdisciplinary


       Nocona — Jessica Chavez, interdisciplinary studies; Cheryl Watson,

interdisciplinary studies;

DEAN’S LIST/add 30

       North Richland Hills — Fawn Aldrich, history; Jessica Dubose, interdisciplinary

studies; Aime Enriquez, music; Lynette Gonzalez, dental hygiene; Breighton Gunther,

government; Juanita Hernandez, biology; Tara Nichols, child development; Karen

Oseguera, interdisciplinary studies; Amita Shah, business administration;

       Northlake — Rita Paul, dental hygiene;

       Oak Point — Cristina Gonzalez, dietetics and institution administration; Lisa

Morris, psychology;

       Odessa — Erica Ragsdale, interdisciplinary studies;

       Paradise — Ashley Hodges, nursing; Jessica Tankursley, social work;

       Paris — April Jones, nursing;

       Pasadena — Norma Cedillo, nursing; Vickie Davis, nursing; Dorothy Harper,


       Pearland — Chelsea Cunningham, nursing; Kristen Melcher, biology; Nicole

Price, nursing;

       Pflugerville — Stephanie Robins, dance;

       Pilot Point — Marti Cramer, nursing; Tamarae Dobbs, nursing; Leslie Etter,

English; Shatonya Sledge, nursing; Keri Sternin, drama;

       Pinehurst — Sherry McWilliams, nursing;

       Plano — Lyudmila Baron, health studies; Sarah Boylan, health studies; Kristen

Brock, nursing; Jennifer Burdeaux, health studies; Jessica Cisneros, nutrition; Sabrina

Cooley, family and consumer sciences; Aaron Cotton, music; Sharon Crespo, nursing;

DEAN’S LIST/add 31

Christina Decesare, psychology; Karen Egan, dental hygiene; Erin Gilligan, music; Karen

Graves, interdisciplinary studies; Michelle Hoak, interdisciplinary studies; Caris

Hoffpauir, interdisciplinary studies; Gina Hurth, health studies; Kimberlea Jackson,

English; Charity Katarikawe, nursing; Joelle Milstein, social work; Teri Miro,

interdisciplinary studies; Susann Montgomery, kinesiology; Jennifer Pell, kinesiology;

Jennifer Schierer, nursing; Diane St. Clair, interdisciplinary studies; Cynthia Sutton,

nursing; Karen Tam, nursing; Karyn Thomas, government; Suzanne Thompson, English;

Robin Travis, government; Julie Turner, family studies; Ashley Wards, business

administration; Marsha Weissenborn, nursing; Elizabeth Wooten, nursing; Eva Wu,


       Point — Kamesha Mitchell, interdisciplinary studies;

       Ponder — Adrienne Bordlemay, interdisciplinary studies; Heather McClendon,

mathematics; Crystal Patterson, dental hygiene; Sandra Shipman, history; Nola Smith,


       Poolville — Vickie Stone, interdisciplinary studies;

       Porter — Dayna Fontenot, kinesiology;

       Pottsboro — Tammy Chambers, dental hygiene;

       Princeton — Christy Clay, child development; Helen Lennon, child


       Quinlan — Jennifer Crouch, nursing;

DEAN’S LIST/add 32

       Quitman — Kimberly Cain, business administration-accounting;

       Red Oak — Kimberly Burleson, psychology; Elizabeth Dirk, social work;

Jennifer Mabra, communication sciences; Demetria Warren, criminal justice;

       Rhome — Lisa Camero, mass communications; Misty Potts, nursing;

       Richardson — Irene Atamah, chemistry; Kimberly Baldwin, nursing; Hollie

Bartlett, government-legal studies; Bonnie Belknap, kinesiology; Sherri Campos,

nursing; Jennifer Dempsey, nursing; Phoebe Havill, kinesiology; Margaret Hausauer,

government-legal studies; Yasmeen Iqbal, biology-human biology; Ka Jim, nutrition;

Erica Mann, interdisciplinary studies; Jennifer Mellnick, social work; Juliana

Mirmohammadi, interdisciplinary studies; Thao Nguyen, nursing; Lesley Rowley,


       Richland Hills — Sara Bruce, English; Blaire Steincamp, interdisciplinary


       Richmond — Edna Calais, nursing;

       Roanoke — Ilene Aguilera, interdisciplinary studies; Sarah Kirch,

interdisciplinary studies; Holly Niazi, interdisciplinary studies; Terri Scamardo, nursing;

Amber Smith, kinesiology; Holly Thiede, dental hygiene; Melynda Tidwell,


       Rockwall — Stephanie Ramage, nursing; Sharon Schultz, nursing;

DEAN’S LIST/add 33

       Round Rock — Michelle Cornelissens, business administration-marketing; Nakia

Westbrook, kinesiology;

       Rowlett — Kristi Benton, kinesiology; Christie Comfort, interdisciplinary

studies; Stella Irabor, health studies; Lexie Mathew, health studies; Luz Matias,

interdisciplinary studies; Roseline Onwuelezi, nursing; Carol Purser, family and

consumer sciences; Jennifer Richards, nursing; Sara Rodriguez, interdisciplinary studies;

Allyson Scarber, nursing; Katie Skipper, nursing;

       Royse City — Summer Dankowski, dance;

       Sachse — Adrianne Ingram, health studies; Ebony McCready, nursing;

       Saginaw — Joanne Morton, kinesiology; Monaca Godwin, dental hygiene; Karen

Highfill, interdisciplinary studies; Micheline Hynes, nutrition; Christine Spikes,

kinesiology; Amber Stansell, government; Jennifer Waller, interdisciplinary studies;

       Saint Jo — Shandrea Clark, not listed; Misty Frost, interdisciplinary studies;

       San Antonio — Marlene Arroyo, biology-human biology; Catherine Estrada,

design; Michele Johnson, nursing; Andrea Maestas, chemistry; Michelle Mora, family

and consumer sciences; Jeanette Rodriguez, history; Monica Romo, nursing; Jennifer

Trosclair, biology;

       San Marcos — Maria Oliva, psychology;

       San Saba — Mark Whiting, music therapy;

       Sanger — Saedah Al-Badani, nursing; Deborah Anderson, English; Vilma

Cristales, interdisciplinary studies; Sonja Garza, social work; Anamarie Kincaid, child

DEAN’S LIST/add 34

development; Amy Meurer, dental hygiene; Erika Perez, biology;

       Santa Fe — Emily Humbird, interdisciplinary studies;

       Seagoville — Karen Chambers, nursing;

       Seymour — Kimberly Beck, studio art;

       Shady Shores — Sara Gay, biology; Mary Slovacek, family studies;

       Sherman — Elaine Adams, nursing; Pablo Aleman, studio art; Rebecca Basham,

chemistry; Lindsey Brown, nursing; Lindy Davenport, studio art; Heather Fesperman,

health studies; Ashley Lake, communication sciences; Jeana Long, communication

sciences; Kristin Nevils, interdisciplinary studies; Maurita Orr, health studies; Michelle

Vance, interdisciplinary studies;

       Sinton — Traci Johnson, communication sciences;

       Southlake — Misti Barrington, studio art; Katrin Hemyari, applied music;

Michael Kurita, kinesiology; Cheryl Mart, nursing;

       Splendora — Jeffrey Woodward, nursing;

       Spring – Laura Armand, nursing; Rebecca Escobedo, nursing; Jill Habegger,

nursing; Nicole Harris, nursing; Jennifer Hatchett, biology-human biology; Lauren

Hullar, interdisciplinary studies; Rhonda Ramey, nursing; Reynalda Sanchez,

kinesiology; Destiny Sheridan, nursing;

       Springtown — Julie Underwood, applied music; Cherie White, nursing;

       Stafford — Joana Ruiz, nursing;

DEAN’S LIST/add 35

       Sugar Land — Shivani Chokshi, psychology; Forest Deaton, nursing; Karen

Hernandez, biology; Bibian Mukoro, nursing; Leslie Noble, nursing; Lilian Okolie,

nursing; Erin Steinkamp, nutrition; Lacey Steinkamp, nursing;

       Sulphur Springs — Kismit Hicks, communication sciences;

       Sunset — Jessica Bull, interdisciplinary studies;

       Taft — Melanie Cerda, mathematics;

       Temple — Bethany Clarke, kinesiology;

       Texarkana — Katherine Brunt, interdisciplinary studies; Stephanie Fullerton,

health studies;

       The Colony — Natalia Anderson, interdisciplinary studies; Amanda Arnold,

kinesiology; Carrie Chordas, government-legal studies; Laura Davis, nursing; Carrie Egg,

psychology; Carolina Galve, undecided; Amber Harkless, interdisciplinary studies;

Samantha Leatherwood, nutrition; Dayna Morgan, dance; Sheila Nayampalli, biology-

human biology; Amanda Ray, nursing; Delina Shumway, mass communications;

Abdulraham Skinner, fashion merchandising; Tara Switzer, interdisciplinary studies;

Alisha Tarwater, business administration-management; Ashley Wilson, business


       The Woodlands — Tracy Baker, history; Jennifer Johns, nursing; Lauren

McDaniel, history; Jennifer Woodley, psychology; Margie Young, nursing;

       Tioga — Amy Cooper, interdisciplinary studies;

DEAN’S LIST/add 36

       Tom Bean — Jessica Phelps, business administration-accounting;

       Trophy Club — Loretta Belanger, English; Joanne Lynch, interdisciplinary

studies; Rita Moose, interdisciplinary studies; Stephanie Nolan, interdisciplinary studies;

Pamela Norman, interdisciplinary studies; Elizabeth Robb, interdisciplinary studies;

Larissa Williams, nursing;

       Tyler — Cicely Isabell, kinesiology; Affiong Whyte, mathematics;

       Valley View — Norma Cundiff, interdisciplinary studies; Jana McGar, business

administration-accounting; Amanda Reed, business administration-marketing; Mamie

Tom, business administration-management;

       Van Alstyne — Summer Beaumont, nursing;

       Waco — Amanda Garth, interdisciplinary studies; Candace Haney, nursing;

       Watauga — Sarah Barker, nursing; Sara Cloud, psychology; Jillian Hudacko,

nursing; Amanda Jackson, kinesiology; Erin Leath, nursing; Amber Mahon,

communication sciences; Rebecca Mermis, child development; Michelle Olmstead,

English; Eieshia Overbaugh, social work; Kathryn Pierce, studio art; Sally Redd,

sociology; Bridget Rouse, music; Brandy Skarke, interdisciplinary studies;

       Waxahachie — Karen Brockman, nursing; Kindra Curry, nursing; Emily

Pickard, nursing;

       Weatherford — Chasidy Ashcraft, dental hygiene; Stacie Beauchamp, dental

hygiene; Rebekah Kimsey, nursing; Jaime Vines, nursing;

       Webster — Allison Wood, nursing;

DEAN’S LIST/add 37

       Weimar — April Hollub, psychology; Suzanne Hovis, nursing;

       Whitehouse — Lezlee O’Kelly, nursing;

       Whitesboro — Beau Bratcher, drama; Mitzi Kingma, business administration;

Katrena Mayo, interdisciplinary studies; Angela Peyrot, psychology; Sandra Taylor,


       Wichita Falls — Amber Angell, health studies; Christine Hoggard, nursing;

Libbie Neskorik, dental hygiene; Kari Schouveller, drama;

       Wills Point — Jessica Bates, drama;

       Winnsboro — Jennifer Swann, dental hygiene;

       Wolfforth — Alyssa Crow, mass communications;

       Wylie — Debra Knight, nursing; Melanie Lacy, interdisciplinary studies;

Rebecca McCasland, nursing; Amanda Painton, pscyhology.


       Ardmore, OK — Melissa Taylor, communication sciences;

       Broomfield, CO — Jessica Brozovich, undecided;

       Cortland, NY — Heather Kelemen, kinesiology;

       Davidsonville, MD — Milana May, fashion design;

       Foxfield, CO — Lucia Romberg, kinesiology;

       Issaquah, WA — Kristin Benson, biology;

       Jacksonville, AR — Rachel Townsend, kinesiology;

       New Orleans, LA — Lynnell Singleton, fashion merchandising;

DEAN’S LIST/add 38

      Oklahoma City, OK — Meredith Black, dance;

      Salt Lake City, UT — Sharon Gooch, fashion merchandising;

      Santa Fe, NM — Sarah Dennison, fashion design;

      Saxonburg, PA — Tiffany Thrower, biology-human biology;

      St. Charles, MO — Bethany Rehm, kinesiology;

      Tahlequah, OK — Meredith Rucker, dance;

      Tulsa, OK — Matthew Spears, chemistry;

      Webster, NC — Karina Magill, English.


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