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									                               Humanities Final Exam

!. What philosopher wrote the allegory of the cave?
        a. Plato       b. Socrates c. Aristotle d. Phil Jackson
2. In the Allegory of the Cave and The Truman Show what are people of Truman looking
to find?
        a. Food        b. Religion c. Reality        d. Marriage
3. In The Truman Show what was the characters name who represented the creator of the
        a. Jesus       b. Christof c. Allah          d. Thomas Edison
4. Which of the following is not a characteristic element in fairy tales?
        a. wishgranter        b. lost item c. happy ending           d. fast cars

Use the following to answer the questions below regarding Pioneers of TV
a. Steve Allen        b. Jack Paar          c. Johnny Carson     d. Merv Griffin

   5. Highest rated late night TV host
   6. Invented the talk show monologue
   7. Allowed more African Americans on his show
   8. Started creating game shows
   9. Quit his show because of the government censoring his show
   10. Physical comedy prominent on his show

Use the following to answer the questions regarding early television
               a. Hogan’s Heroes b. I Love Lucy
               c. Honeymooners         d. Dick Van Dyke Show
                              Lead Actors/Actresses
   11. Starred Jackie Gleason
   12. Starred Lucile Ball
   13. Starred Desi Arnaz
   14. Starred Bob Crane
   15. Starred Mary Tyler Moore
   16. Starred Dick Van Dyke (you should get this one…)
                              Plot or Story Lines
   17. Main character was a TV producer and his wife tried to get on the show
   18. German POW camp
   19. Lead actor was a writer for a TV show
   20. Main character is attempting to come up with a way to make money to get out of
       his current home
                              Characters / Innovations / Etc…
   21. 3 Of the actors had close ties to German concentration camps during WWII
   22. Lead actor was a bus driver
   23. All scenes were in the apartment and one other set
   24. Had separate beds in all bedroom scenes
   25. Couple on show as actually married in real life as well
   26. Husband yelling at wife telling her to shut up and waving a fist
Use the following to answer the questions regarding Sitcoms
a. Andy Griffith Show          b. MASH                c. All in the Family
                d. Cosby Show                  e. Growing Pains
                               Lead Actors/Actresses
   27. Starred Bill Cosby
   28. Starred Tempest Bledsoe
   29. Starred Alan Thicke
   30. Starred Ron Howard
   31. Starred Don Knotts
   32. Starred Kirk Cameron
   33. Starred Alan Alda
   34. Starred Jim Nabors
                               Plot or Story Lines
   35. Sheriff Andy Taylor and Deputy are policemen in the town of Mayberry
   36. Seaver family whose Dad works at home and Mom is a reporter
   37. Mobile hospital unit in Korean War
   38. Huxtable family living in NY – upper middle class African American family
   39. Bigoted family who daughter and son in law have moved in with him
                               Characters/Innovations/Other information…
   40. It’s lead actor gave a controversial speech before the NAACP
   41. The lead actor created the cartoon Fat Albert
   42. The lead actor was a Dr and the mother was a lawyer
   43. This show had a warning at the beginning because of its language and storyline
   44. Series finale is the highest rated sitcom episode ever
   45. First show to have nudity
   46. Which show had no mother present in the family
   47. This shows actor helped make the 2008 film Fireproof become the highest
       grossing independent film
   48. Opening theme song is entitled “Suicide is Painless”
   49. This show was filmed and produced by DesiLu productions
   50. Show addressed real life problems such as dyslexia and teen pregnancy

Use the following to answer the questions regarding modern sitcoms
a. Friends             b. Seinfeld          c. The Office        d. 30 Rock
                               Lead Actors/Actresses
    51. Starred Jason Alexander
    52. Starred Lisa Kudrow
    53. Starred Steve Carell
    54. Starred Tina Fey
    55. Starred Alec Baldwin
    56. Starred Jennifer Aniston
    57. Starred Michael Richards
    58. Starred Cortney Cox
    59. Starred Rainn Wilson
    60. Starred Jerry Seinfeld
 Use the following to answer the questions regarding modern sitcoms
a. Friends             b. Seinfeld            c. The Office         d. 30 Rock
                               Plot or Story Lines
    61. Show based of insignificant life events (nothing)
    62. Six young individuals who live in NYC
    63. Everyday life of employees in a Scranton Pennsylvania paper company
    64. TV Producer and her relationship with her stars and boss
                               Characters/Innovations/Other Information…
    65. Show is a mockumentary
    66. First show to feature an ensemble cast
    67. All the shows main actors were paid the same for each episode
    68. Used the story arc of Pam and Jim’s relationship
    69. Was rated as the 3rd best show to watch in 2008
    70. 3rd most watched finale next to MASH and Cheers
    71. 4th most watched finale
    72. Nominated for 22 Emmy’s in one season – most ever
    73. Ricky Gervais created the show
    74. Featured a stand up comedy act to start the show
    75. Main actress was the first female lead writer on Saturday Night Live

Plot Lines to Films
    76. Which of the following not one of the basic plot lines of films as discussed in
            a. Overcoming the Monster                  b. Rags to Riches
            c. Comedy                                  d. Gangster
77. The movies Die Hard and Independence Day can be grouped under which plot line?
        a. Overcoming the Monster                      b. Comedy
        c. Tragedy                                     d. Voyage and Return
78. The movies Alice in Wonderland and Gone With the Wind can be grouped under
which plot line?
        a. Comedy                                      b. Voyage and Return
        c. Epic                                        d. Overcoming the Monster
79. In this plot line the hero learns of a priceless object and goes on a pursuit to achieve
the item.
        a. Comedy                                      b. Quest
        c. Tragedy                                     d. Voyage and Return
80. In this plot line the main character is a commoner who turns into an exceptional
person in the end.
        a. Comedy                                      b. Overcoming the Monster
        c. Rags to Riches                              d. Epic
Match the following plot lines to examples that we discussed in class
a. The Quest         b. Rebirth      c. Tragedy d. Rags to Riches        e. Comedy

   81.   Trading Places
   82.   Indiana Jones
   83.   O Brother Where Art Thou
   84.   Annie
   85.   Bonnie and Clyde
   86.   Schindlers List
   87.   It’s a Beautiful Life
   88.   Monty Python’s In Search of the Holy Grail
   89.   Gladiator
   90.   Dead Poets Society

Match the film with the correct information
a. Modern Times        b. Stagecoach         c. Psycho      d. Bonnie and Clyde
       91. Starred Charlie Chaplin
       92. Starred Warren Beatty
       93. Starred John Wayne
       94. Directed by Alfred Hitchcock
       95. Starred Andy Devine
       96. Lead Actress Claire Trevor
       97. Directed by Charlie Chaplin
                       Character Names to Film
       98. Norman Bates
       99. Ringo
       101.CW Moss
       102.Sheriff Frank Hamer
       104.Blanche Barrow
       105.Marion Crane
                       Plot Lines / Famous Quotes / Facts…
       106.Only voices were machines
       107.“We’re bank robbers!”
       108.“A boys best friend is his mother”
       109.Man just released from jail going to get revenge for his family being killed
       110.A women steal $40,000 from a rich man buying a home
       111.Set in the 1920’s
       112.Even though they are breaking the law they are portrayed as heroes
       113.Hey, Curly, do you think I oughta charge Mrs. Mallory's baby half fare?”
       114.Workers go on strike because of conditions
       115.Sure I can find another wife. But she take my rifle and my horse. Oh, I'll
            never sell her. I love her so much. I beat her with a whip and she never get
       116.“Oh, we have 12 vacancies. 12 cabins, 12 vacancies.”

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