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									ESTABLISHED IN 2002

            U12 Boys Team
            Spring 2008 Booklet
                                                                                                           U12 Boys

                                                  Spring 2008
                        Head Coach :Juanjo Carmona,, 853-1683
                                  Assistant Coach: Kent Barr, 841-2148
                        Pro-Coach and Goal-Keeper Coach: Angel Benito, 440-7867
                                     Team Manager: Juanjo Carmona
                                Team Treasurer: Susan Velikoff, 331-3534
                                Club Manager: Susan Velikoff, 331-3534


   1. Head Coach Note................................................................................................... 3
   2. Players update ....................................................................................................... 4
   3. Club Update........................................................................................................... 5
   4. Real Boise Levels of Training .............................................................................. 6
   5. U12/U13: Real Boise Level 1 Training Program ................................................ 7
   6. ODP Program ........................................................................................................ 9
   7. Team Building Camp ............................................................................................ 9
   8. Some notes about Practices ................................................................................ 10
   9. Playing Time ........................................................................................................ 11
   10.   Other Playing Opportunities ......................................................................... 11
   11.   Playing other Sports ....................................................................................... 12
   12.   Expected Conduct ........................................................................................... 12
   13.   U12B Coaches´ Biographies ........................................................................... 13
   14.   Program Costs for the year 2007/2008 .......................................................... 15
   15.   Payment Schedule for year 2007/2008 .......................................................... 20
   16.   Scholarships and Volunteering ...................................................................... 20
   17.   Fundraisers ...................................................................................................... 21
   APPENDIX .................................................................................................................. 22
   U12/U13 Boys Roster .................................................................................................. 30

Rev 3.3, Jan 27, 2008                                                                                                          2
     1. Head Coach Note

It is time once more to pull the boots out of the closet and start getting ready for Spring soccer! In
this coming outdoor season, tremendous challenges await us.

After futsal training and indoor soccer games, starting the second weekend of March, we will be
playing up one more time, competing in the Division I of the U13 District III league after having
earned automatic promotion last season by winning all of our league games very forcefully
(scoring 54 goals and only receiving 10 !!) and with great play:

This high level play was also displayed in the Las Vegas Mayor’s Cup last October, where we
achieved our first victory ever on Nevada soil and were close to achieving the semifinal round.

One of our goals will be to compete out of state in a tournament (TBD) right before State Cup .
This is to get ready for State Cup (U13) on May 24-26 in Coeur d’Alene. Finally we will
culminate our season participating in the US Club Regionals (U12) event in Boise during the first
week of July.

 I have no doubt that we are equipped to confront the challenges of playing older, stronger,
skillful teams in our regular season and State Cup. We have both very talented players and a
sound, calculated training program that, among other important aspects, (1) persists on training
the principles of soccer through small sided games, (2) always attends to the repetitive but
fruitful work of technical training, and (3) inculcates the necessity for a suitable strength program.
In addition, we all need, more than ever, to pull together our forces in the tough moments such as
when we play the top U13 teams in the state. Along with the coaching staff, you parents can
become mental trainers to lift and encourage our magnificent players, whether before the game at
the kitchen table or after a match in the car on your way home. Paraphrasing the words of
William Ward, adversity causes some people to break, but it will make us eventually break

This is the challenging season that we were waiting for. These are the challenges we all designed
together to make our team ready to compete in 2009 for our first State Championship in our age
bracket and to demonstrate how the game can be played cleanly, beautifully, effectively and

As I said last fall, as we grow as a team, players must continue to be truly committed to training
together with a collective sense of “team”. Our training philosophy is to emphasize creativity,
improvisation, and as I mentioned earlier, technique, dynamic play, and methodology to improve
flexibility, speed, and agility. Last season we started introducing jumping and landing exercises in
addition to the ongoing running and cutting technique exercises and executing the strength

Rev 3.3, Jan 27, 2008                                                                                3
program, to which players must be committed to following through at home if they truly desire to
reach maximum potential among this collectivity.

To be an exciting player working overtime is a must. I need you to continue helping me in re-
emphasizing and ensuring that players understand why we do the things we do, why watching
their monthly game is adding to their understanding , why doing their speed work will pay
dividends and why the work and sacrifice translates not only to soccer but to their lives.

In closing, I know game day is always a fun event we all look forward to throughout the week.
It is where our young athletes let loose their creativity and their abilities. It is the day they weave
a complex spider web of passes with a purpose. It is the time to perform moves of elegant
execution, to create pathways through seemingly impenetrable spaces, and it is the moment to
fulminate the best defended goals with laser guided shots. Our players will leave an imprinted
mark in the eyes of spectators and opponents, letting them know that with appropriate skills,
individual decision making, and collective sacrifice the whole experience acquires a different
dimension. I look forward to working hand in hand with the kids. Hasta pronto!

     2. Players update

A complete team roster is attached at the end of the document to give you an opportunity to
update your last season contact information.

Our Current Player Constellation (15):

Tyler Allumbaugh, Tyler Barr, Juanjo Carmona-deVille, Joshua Dewitt, Robert Langley, Jeffrey
Letsinger, Reagan Phillips, Akil Pleas-Atkinson, Elvis Sacirovic, Mursal Hamadi, Kevin
Valencia, Armin Mandal, Keaton Grimes (returning), Kevin Brandecker (new), Eric Walton

Player Updates:

I am very happy to announce that Keaton after a year of being involved with Track and American
football, he is returning to our team! We all remember this high level impact player! The
coaching staff is so excited about having him back!

Also, we have added two new players:

         Kevin Brandecker: Former Idaho Rush player. I coached Kevin in U11 competitive
          soccer in 2005 in Genesis, and he is not only a very decisive player up top but a very
          versatile one to have. His sister Kirsten plays in our U11 girls team. Welcome!

         Eric Walton: Just moved from California. A key player on his former team, he possesses
          great foot skills and decision making. Welcome to Idaho and to our club!

We also hope to incorporate Benjamin, a very promising African player. More news to come.

Rev 3.3, Jan 27, 2008                                                                                     4
     3. Club Update

    In regards to our U11 girls, we must highlight the tremendous league campaign by Bob
     Tikker’s team last fall. They earned a perfect 9-0-0 record, scoring 46 goals and only
     receiving 11! What an amazing season! Also congratulations to Bob in obtaining his “E”
     license last August!

    Our U17 boys have been working since the beginning of January with Coach Angelo Benito
     leading the group. I would like to mention that a lot of our U17 players got awards in their
     High Schools or special mention in the Idaho Statesmen for their contributions in the High
     School District or State competitions. Congrats to all of them!

    In the economic arena, I invite you to take a look to the approved fall budget, which is
     included in appendix A. I also have included the finances of the indoor soccer tournament we
     organized last summer and how are we using the profits. The Spring budget will be presented
     in February at the monthly coaches’ meeting, and it will be sent to you as soon as it is
     approved. If you are interested in participating in this process let us know.

    Club web site. Angelo Benito has graciously worked on the development of a club website.
     It is still in its initial stages, but very functional. Check it out at:

    Club President. At the last Coaches’ Board Meeting in November, we agreed that we need
     a president for our club to help with some necessary tasks. Kent Barr has been filling that role
     meanwhile. If you are interested in running, please communicate so to our club manager
     Susan Velikoff before Thursday January 31st. We will then vote by Thursday February 7th.
     The president’s job description was emailed to all of you in early January.

Rev 3.3, Jan 27, 2008                                                                               5
     4. Real Boise Levels of Training

There are three levels of training options in Real Boise: Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3, which are
based on the number of weekly professional training sessions and the number of included camps.

 Level 1 is the most comprehensive program. During the regular Fall and Spring seasons, 3
sessions per week are conducted by professional coach(es) (coaches who have a national soccer
license or equivalent coaching, or former professional players). A summer camp and one futsal
camp per season are also included.

With the Level 2 program, two weekly training sessions are conducted by professional coaching
staff. Two camps are included for teams up to U15 and one camp is included for U16 and up.

 In Level 3, one professional training session is conducted weekly and a second session is led by
the team coach. One camp is included in the program.

All three programs include technical training on running and cutting coupled with a
comprehensive strength program to improve speed and agility. Indoor soccer game coaching and
street soccer programs are also part of the programs.

Finally, a weekly Goal Keeping/Shooting session is included in all three programs and open to all
club players irregardless of their desire to be a goal keeper in games or not..

         What Training Program Level will our team receive?

The Real Boise U12 team is the oldest team in the club. This team has developed through out the
last 5 years. There are still players on the current team who played on our U7 boys’ team 5 years
ago and some others who have been part of it for 3 or 4 last years. We have added only top
players to our team, as needed. The team’s great performance through out the years, its fun style
of play, the observable positive ambience among players and the great attitude of families during
games, have reached the community and as an example of this, two other teams have joined us
2007 (U11 Girls and U17 Boys). Also, clubs have constantly queried us about joining them with
this terrific squad.

There is no doubt that this team has great potential and I believe it will generate top level players
and will feed the ODP (Olympic Development) program as we continue working diligently and
with the proven unconditional support of the families. I also have no doubt that this team must be
placed on the level 1 training program. Because our U12 team has directly contributed to the
addition of the two teams mentioned earlier to our club, the club is offering the same fee structure
our U12’s had last year. This is equivalent to the training fees of a team under a level 2 program
but receiving the full level 1 training. This is a 33% savings. (See all level programs pricing in

Rev 3.3, Jan 27, 2008                                                                               6
     5. U12/U13: Real Boise Level 1 Training Program

     Note: All training components below are included in club fees (except team entry fees
     for indoor soccer, which are separate). This is the program the U12-U13 boys will

      Outdoor training
Professional training, three times a week. Monday, Wednesdays and Thursdays at Joplin
Elementary (near Centennial HS) usually 5:30PM-7:30PM (exact time to be announced). The
outdoor training structure consists of 3 modules: Preparation Module (juggling, flexibility
exercises, tricks and fast work, moves), the Technical-Tactical Module, and Playing “The Game”
& Assessment Module.

Note: For the Fall season we train from the beginning of August until the beginning of
November. For the Spring season, we train from Mid February until the first week of June

      Futsal Training (Program 1) (Fall)
A 4 week skill based program in fast surface to improve technical ability and increase the speed
of play. Practices are cut from the 3 outdoor sessions per week to 2 sessions per week. This
allows players to participate in other sports.

When: Mid November – Mid December. All players should be participating.

Note: After this program, players have 5 weeks of vacation as far as training goes.
(Vacation: Mid December-3rd week of January). No training is scheduled and participation in
indoor soccer games for session 1 once a week is encouraged but it is optional.

      Indoor Soccer Play (Session 1 and Session 2)
In conjunction with the Futsal Training, the team is involved in indoor soccer league play at
the Idaho Soccer Center in Meridian. Session 1 games played during the 5 week vacation are
optional although we encourage players to come to play some games during that period. We
usually have the whole team participating in most games.

- Session 1: 8 games. From: 1st or 2nd week of November – To: end of December
These games are optional - players can take a break on the weekends for this session.

- Session 2: 8 games: From: 2nd week of January – To: end of February. All players should be
participating as this is part of our Spring preseason.

Rev 3.3, Jan 27, 2008                                                                              7
      Futsal Training (Program 2) (Winter)
February- A 4 week skill based program in fast surface to improve technical ability and increase
the speed of play. Futsal program 2 serves as pre-competitive work in preparation for Spring.
Some overlap may occur with outdoor training. All players should be participating.

Note: With only 2 training sessions, this allows players to still participate in other sports.

      Street Fútbol

June- After the Spring season concludes, players have the option of participating once a week in
this program. Players come to play fun games (fútbol tennis, soccer kick ball, Russian, World
Cup, shooting games, 3v3 and 4v4 games and soccer game/futsal). Little instruction, just games!
They decide!

      Regionals Preparation

As the team grows in age and gets involved in more meaningful and competitive soccer events,
June may become a crucial month in training since participation in USSF or US Club soccer
regionals will be one of our key choices as far as tournaments. These events take place in mid
June and first week of July respectively.

      Real Boise Summer Camp

August (1st or 2nd week of August). This is our Club Fall pre-season camp. Program varies from
year to year but it is tightly coupled with the Coerver Coaching philosophy.

      Running and Cutting Technique training and Strength training

The ability to run faster and make quicker cuts can be improved. In fact, a player’s straight ahead
speed and agility can be improved with minimal work by targeting the muscles and joints
specifically involved in these actions.

 We will continue working on a variety of specialized strength and flexibility exercises that are
specific to running and cutting. As a positive side effect, the jumping and kicking ability will also
be improved since many of the muscles and joints involved are the same.

As I mentioned earlier, last season we worked on exercises on running, cutting, jumping and
landing technique which will continue this season at a higher degree. This coupled with the
strength program should have maximum benefits.

      Watching Professional Soccer
According to Yessis, “ Upon viewing a clear demonstration, physiological changes occur in the
body, especially if you have been concentrating on the presentation. As the action is viewed,
impulses are automatically sent from the brain to the muscles involved in executing the
movement. These are very subtle signals that do not result in movement. But the activation of the

Rev 3.3, Jan 27, 2008                                                                               8
proper brain centers together with the signals going to the muscles begin. This is how you can
learn the rudiments of a skill simply form watching an athlete play.”

Periodic watching of pro-soccer games by players at home will be one of the things I will ask
players to do. They will fill a game evaluation sheet for the coaches.

      Goal Keeping Training

The club provides 1 day a week of Goal Keeping training for our teams. Topics include:

The 10 guiding principles of Goalkeeping: Hand work, Body shape, ever-ready consideration,
staying on your feet, secondary cover, set consideration, reaction factor, recovery,
decision/communication and organization, and first attacker.

Also, other concepts will be trained: Near Post considerations, Penalties, Cross Ball situations,
Defending at set plays, Back pass rule.

Attendance to these sessions does not imply players will be placed in goal during games. We
believe getting trained as a goalkeeper will make our players more insightful in other positions.
Also, players who want to get extra shooting training are encouraged to attend.

Spring 08´ Goal Keeping Training Schedule: TBD

     6. ODP Program
We encourage all our players to try out for the Olympic Development Program (administered by
IYSA). Entry year is 1995 but our 1996 players are welcome and have a great chance. Two of our
players are already in the state pool. Last year we had several of our players making it to the state
pool even so they were double year or single year play ups!

Please go to:

Click on ODP and find complete program information, including cost, and the try out registration
form. Also see next session in which players can try out (in February 08´).

     7. Team Building Camp

Note: Not included in training fees but minimal cost. (included on “Miscellaneous Fees”)

Besides the three camps included in the program, we are planning to do a YMCA low ropes
course for team building sometime in May, before state cup since we did not do it neither in
August nor October. This is a “low ropes” challenge experience customized to our soccer team to
motivate, challenge and reinforce values and lessons outside the soccer field that will transfer to
our team dynamics in the field. While working for Boise Schools, I took two groups of my
students from Riverglen Junior High to this camp twice and I feel it is a very good camp for the
benefit of our players and soccer team.

Rev 3.3, Jan 27, 2008                                                                               9
 At the individual level it will help to overcome obstacles and to increase healthy self-steam. At
the group level, it will help to further develop trust, increase communication, improve listening
skills, and instill respect and empathy for others. I feel our team is strong on these categories, still
this would be a very good experience with great effect at all levels. Cost: $20 or $40 per player
depending if we do 1 or 2 days. This is a team camp (participants are only our players).

     8. Some notes about Practices

We will be practicing at Joplin Elementary School once more. We may use the gym at times
during the season as well and we will let you know when that is the case.

         Weather Considerations

We practice in all kind of weather. We have cancelled 1 practice in 5 years due to weather
conditions. If lightning is present, we move to a safe covered spot by the South side of the school
until meteorological conditions are good, which almost always ends up being the case. If the air
pollution is high, we move practice indoors. Permission to use Joplin gym this year is being
worked out.

         A Good Soccer (Inflated) Ball

A good soccer ball is one of the bases for your boy to love working individually on technical
skills and in sum enjoying soccer. The feel of a good touch on a ball does not have price long
term. Look for best rebound characteristics, high quality materials to allow the ball to fly
exceptionally and for better touch. I recommend the Adidas Tango Pasadena, Adidas Tango
España, or the latest Nike balls some of our players have. Get a discount at the Idaho Soccer
Center. In U13, we will use size 5 but if you already have a nice size 4 ball, do not worry.

Make sure you have always a pump handy when they use the ball individually and also that they
bring the ball inflated to practice (or otherwise come early to use the coaches´ pump).

         Attendance

Only in case of an urgent medical or family issue, missing practice is justified. Have your child
call the head coach to let him know. Attendance affects playing time.

         Clothing

Please bring gloves, a hat, a wind breaker, and any other necessary items when it is cold or
windy. Also be prepared for very warm conditions during May and June practices.

Rev 3.3, Jan 27, 2008                                                                                10
     9. Playing Time

Excellent attendance and punctuality, fulfillment of the assigned individual training and
maximum effort and concentration is critical to achieve maximum playing time and to be a starter
in games. Players are expected to e-mail the head coach in advance when unable to attend a team
event. Only in case of an urgent medical or family issue, missing practice is justified. In the case
that the issue arises at the last minute, have the player call the head coach to let us know.
Attendance affects playing time.

This Spring season, we have a larger roster so coaches can make decisions about playing time and
having players starting in games based on the following:

         Excellent attendance and punctuality to all events
         Communication with the head coach when missing an event or being late
         Fulfillment of the assigned individual training
              o Strength/Speed/Agility Program
              o Watch a soccer game a month Program
         Maximum effort and concentration

Note that being sick during the week and not being fully recovered at game day, may be another
reason why a player may not play as much time as usual. This is obviously not a punishment!

Team Captain

Whereas in professional soccer the team captain is the player who has been the longest in the
team, in our team we want to give all players the opportunity to be exposed to that role. However,
certain conditions must be met to be a team captain in a given game:

         Player must know and desire to direct the team warm up during pre-competitive activities
          at the game.
         Player must have attended all events that week.
         Player must be current with assigned individual training.
         Player must have shown effort, concentration and good performance that week.

In important events, those veteran players who are in good standing on the above categories will
usually be designed as team captains.

     10.                Other Playing Opportunities

Giving players the opportunity to grow outside the team it is high in the list of the Real Boise
priorities. Being a guest player is a great way to get a player outside of their comfort zone and
simulate future situations because as players grow with the game, they will be put on these
situations more often. It could be in ODP, being a guest player in a tournament, in a camp, trying
out for another team, a high school or college team. Players must be prepared to perform in all
environments and under different stimuli. Whenever there is no conflict with any of our team´s
commitment (ask us if in doubt), we will be happy to help and encourage guest playing.

Rev 3.3, Jan 27, 2008                                                                            11
     11.                Playing other Sports

Playing other sports is important for the development of our athletes because it helps to attain a
broad all around foundation. According to Dr Yessis, “By doing this, the muscles, joints and body
systems adapt to allow for more effective learning and progress not only in the early years, but
even more importantly, in the adult years.”

Our coaching staff therefore supports our athletes participating in other sports and we believe this
can be done without interfering with the soccer responsibilities of a top competitive team as ours.

We also try to incorporate other sports in our training sometimes during the year. This last Fall
during Futsal, we have let the boys play basketball for a portion of the session and we had a
couple of basketball sessions with Angelo, who is also a basketball coach. Last year, Dan
Allumbaugh volunteered his time to do some basketball practices for the team and it was very fun
too so we will always be looking to do something similar.

Parents and players know that our team is a very competitive team immersed in a very ambitious
project of development and competition so commitment is very important to make the team work
at the level we desire. What we ask is that incorporation of other sports in the athletes life is done
creatively and considering our soccer program.

The months of July, November, December and half of the month January are the best times to do
this because in some instances we have vacation and in other instances, we cut on training days:

(1) July: No soccer activities scheduled (except US Club regionals on first week)
(2) 2nd week of November: Team Vacation
(3) November 15th – Dec 15th: Only two futsal practices per week are scheduled & weekend
games are optional.
(4) Dec 15th- Jan 15th : Team Vacation
(5) Jan 15th – Feb 15th: Only two futsal practices per week are scheduled plus indoor soccer
weekend games.

In summary, we encourage participation in other sports, and we believe there is plenty of
opportunity to do so and keep soccer as your priority. Work with us the scheduling conflicts with
other sports´ events if they arise!

     12.                Expected Conduct

Players and coaches will work together at their fullest potential to enhance the training of both the
group and themselves, committing to serve “the game”. In a professional and respectful
environment, players will work collectively for the achievement of the team.

Parents are encouraged to cheer the team during games but not to give technical or tactical
directions to players.

Rev 3.3, Jan 27, 2008                                                                               12
     13.                U12B Coaches´ Biographies

Juanjo Carmona –Head Coach

Licensure: USSF “C” National License, NSCAA Regional Diploma, and NSCAA
Goalkeeping Level I & Level II Diplomas
Playing Experience: College soccer, NSCA Division II University of Denver (Full
Scholarship), and Spain. Played in Real Madrid U12 seed team.
Club Coaching Experience: 9 years. Spain and Idaho. Currently coaches Real Boise
U12B, U11G. Coached Real Boise U16 in Spring 07´. District III ODP staff. Real Boise
Director of Coaching.
Camp Experience: Director: Coerver Coaching, 2 years (2004, 2005). Real Boise Soccer
Camps (2004-2007)
Professional: Juanjo currently teaches Computer Science Programming, Mathematics and
Spanish at Boise State University. He holds BS in Electrical Engineering (University of
Denver) and MS in Computer Science (California State University). Juanjo also worked
in 2004-2006 in Boise Schools as a youth mentor with English Language Learners from
all over the world. For 12 years and until 2004, he worked as an engineer in a local firm.
Miscellaneous: Father of three children currently playing soccer in Boise, two in Real

Kent Barr – Assistant Coach

Licensure: will be getting E license in February.
Playing experience: played just enough to know how hard it is and how easy it is to get
hurt when you get older
Club Coaching: I was a part in forming the Real Boise club and have been here coaching
since the very beginning.
Professional: Graduate of the University of Montana with a degree in Finance and
Economics. Participant of the U of M. wrestling and Handball team. Currently a
Mortgage Broker, Farmers Insurance agent, and own a property management company.
Miscellaneous: I am a father of 2 boys one playing soccer for Real Boise U13. I have
been involved in sports all my life. I started playing competitive racquetball at 13 and
was a state, regional, and national champion. Switched to Handball in college and also
became a state, regional, and national champion. Then I switched to squash winning
multiple state titles over the last 15 years.

Rev 3.3, Jan 27, 2008                                                                  13
Angel Benito– Assistant Coach and Goal-Keeping Coach

Licensure: Sports Regional Secretary (Barcelona) - Outdoor Soccer Coach, Indoor
Soccer Coach, Beginners Level, Regional Basketball Certification U-20 Level.IYSA ¨E¨
License (Feb 2008)
Playing Experience: Outdoor Soccer Regional Second Division (U.D. Can Folguera) for
7 seasons. Indoor Soccer (Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona) for 2 seasons. Indoor
Soccer (Premier Local Division-Sport Sala Santa Perpetua) for 2 seasons. Southern
Idaho Soccer League (Fossils-30) Former player, 5 seasons. BSU - Intramural Indoor
Soccer - 2006 Coed Winning Team.
Club Coaching Experience: 14 years (Boys and girls, basketball and soccer; Barcelona
regional teams, U-12 Boys CYSA--Boise 2004 season, Liberty Elem. 6th Grade Boys
Basketball 2007 season, Assistant Coach- Real Boise U16 Spring 2007-season) , Real
Boise Goal Keeping Program Director (Fall 2007- )
Miscellaneous: B.S. in Education (Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona), Idaho
Education Credential; Endorsements in Spanish K-12 and P.E. K-12, Spanish Teacher at
Kuna High School for 2007 - 2008.

Rev 3.3, Jan 27, 2008                                                             14
     14.                Program Costs for the year 2007/2008

The cost of each of these year’s seasons (Fall 07 and Spring 08) are about the same as last Spring
07 season. IYSA (Idaho Youth Soccer Association) fees will be a little higher due to the move to
the U13 league (mainly bigger fields and certified assistant referees). Club fees per season stay
the same. In addition, we have projected the total tournament fees costs. Finally, shorts and socks
were purchased in Fall and jerseys in Spring.

The following information details IYSA fees, Club fees, uniform costs, tournament fees, indoor
soccer league fees and miscellaneous expenses. After this section, we present the payment
schedule for this year 2007-08.

    i. IYSA Fees (for U13 teams)

These fees will appear in the August 07 and January 08 bills.

               IYSA Competitive Player Fee and Pass:                $38.75 per player/year
               IYSA District III League Entry: $120 per team/year  $10.91 per player/year
               IYSA Referee Fees : $780 per team/per year).         $70.91 per player/year
                   Note: for U13, Assistant Referees are provided, hence higher fees than last year.
               IYSA Field Usage: $300 per team/per year             $27.28 per player/year
               IYSA Coaches’ registration: $26/per year             $ 2.37 per player/year

          TOTAL IYSA FEES FOR 2007/2008                              $150.21 per player/year

Note: This is assuming 11 players. Adjustments will be reflected in the June 08 bill.

    ii. Club Fees

These fees are used for training fees, guest pro coaches’ pay, training equipment, coaches´
development, coaches’ apparel, and club management fees.

               SPRING 08: $400 to be collected in five $80 installments on the 15th of each
                month, January through May. Some scholarships available. As far as the training fees
                part and besides the seasonal training (3 nights of pro-coaching each week) and
                facilitating indoor soccer games, it also includes a Winter Futsal Training camp, the
                Speed/Agility Program, Goal-Keeping program and Street Fútbol.

               FALL 07: $400 to be collected in five $80 installments on the 15th of each month,
                August through December. Some scholarships available. As far as the training fees
                part and besides the seasonal training (3 nights of pro-coaching each week) and
                facilitating indoor soccer games, it also includes a Summer Camp, an Autumn Futsal
                Training Camp, the Speed/Agility Program and Goal-Keeping program.

          TOTAL TRAINING/CAMPS FEES FOR 2007/2008 (approximately 10 months of
          training and player development)            $800 per player/year

Rev 3.3, Jan 27, 2008                                                                             15
iii. Uniform Costs

All uniforms purchased through the Idaho Soccer Center in Meridian. We will buy uniforms and
warm-ups every 2 years. In 2007-08, we are purchasing uniforms.

               SPRING 08:

                 MENS or YOUTH ONORE JERSEY            $38.50 or $35.00 per player depending on size
                 MENS or YOUTH AQUILLA JERSEY          $35.00 or $31.50 per player depending on size
                 Real Boise Logo on JERSEYS (2)        $8.00
                 8" NUMBERS ON JERSEYS (2)             $8.00
                 Uniforms Tax (6%)                     $5.37 or $4.95 per player depending on size
                 Total Spring                          $94.87 or $87.45

               FALL 07: (total billed to club: $746.66)

                White Adidas Valiente Short                $16.10 per player
                Black Adidas Valiente Short                $16.10 per player
                White Adidas NCAA Elite Cooling Sock       $10.50 per player
                Black Adidas NCAA Elite Cooling Sock       $10.50 per player
                Logo Printing                              $14.22 per player
                Tax (6%)                                   $ 4.05 per player
                Total Fall                                 $71.46 per player
                Logo Printing Adjustment                   ($3.58 was credited in Dec 07)

TOTAL REQUIRED UNIFORM ITEMS FOR 2007/2008  $162.75 or $155.33 per

Rev 3.3, Jan 27, 2008                                                                          16
    iv. Tournament Fees

These are the entry fees charged by the tournaments. For most of the tournaments, we will be
competing on the U12 bracket. This list of tournaments is tentative and will be discussed with
parents in late January 08. In bold, I have signaled the minimum set recommended.

         Futsal Northwest Regionals (February 16-18th), Meridian, ID $425 per team (Opt. Event)
         Performance Cup (April 12,13th), Boise, ID                   $525 per team
         Les Bois Invitational (May 10,11th), Boise, ID               $400 per team (doubtful)
         Out of State Tournament (preferable on May 17,18th)          $500 per team
         President’s Cup (May 17th,18 ), Twin Falls, ID
                                                                       $475 per team
         IYSA STATE CUP and USSF REGIONALS                            $550 per team (State Cup)
              o WEEK 1 (May 24-26th), Coeur d´Alene, ID                (group play, round robin)
              o WEEK 2 (May 31, June1), Boise, ID                      (semi-finals and finals)
              o USSF Region IV Regionals, (June 16-22), Honolulu, Hawaii (only State Cup Champs)
         Les Bois Cup Exchange (2nd weekend of June), Boise, ID       $350 per team (maybe)
         US Club Regionals, Boise (July 5-8th), Boise, ID             $600 per team(should do it)
         Futsal National Championship, Baltimore, Maryland (Mid July) (need to win Regionals in Feb)


         DONE - Real Boise Annual Indoor Soccer Summer Cup                 $150 per team, free for us
            (August 10-12), Meridian, ID
         DONE - Nationals/NNU Jamboree (Aug 18), Nampa, ID                 $110 per team
         DONE - Las Vegas Mayor´s Cup, (Oct 27-28), Nevada                 $400 per team
         DONE – Indoor Soccer Winter I                                     $543 per team,includes refs

ESTIMATED TOTAL TOURNAMENT FEES FOR 2007/2008  $400 per player/year

Projected Yearly Tournament Portion : 10 payments of $40 per player . (See payment schedule
in next section). Note: A tournament fee adjustment entry will appear in the June 08 bill once we
know the exact amount that corresponds to each player based on the tournaments played.

NOTE: Why do we charge a portion of the total estimated tournament fees each month instead
billing the cost when the tournament takes place? :
     - To make a simpler bill
     - So a specific person (usually a team coach, the team manager, the team treasurer or the
     club manager) does not end up anticipating the whole fee for a tournament when registering
     the team.

Rev 3.3, Jan 27, 2008                                                                               17
    v. Indoor Soccer League

Winter 07 & 08
         Indoor Soccer Winter Session II (Jan and Feb 08)
              o   Real Boise Zidanes (estimated 8 players)                       $543 per team,includes refs
              o   Real Boise Maradonas (estimated 8 players)                     $543 per team,includes refs
         DONE – Indoor Soccer Winter Session I (Nov and Dec 07)                 $0
          This fee was included in the Fall 07 tournaments since we did not play the Fell Fall Frenzy so we
          will not bill this as a separate indoor soccer league fee.

Note: Fees for Indoor Soccer session II will appear in the January 08 statement. Also you need to
pay a $7 fee to get a player’s card at the Idaho Indoor Center before your player can play

    vi. Miscellaneous Expenses

               Field Maintenance and Administrative Items: Some minimal miscellaneous team
                costs initially are intended to be shared by all Real Boise families. (Paint for the
                fields, batteries for the music we use in training sessions, card laminations, handout
                copies etc). However, it is likely that the funds raised with the Real Boise tournament
                are used for this.
               Coaches’ travel expenses to out of state tournaments (accommodation and
               Rent of futsal training facilities: If we cannot train at Joplin.
               YMCA Low Ropes Course: $20 or $40 per player depending if we do 1 or 2 days.
                This is a team building camp in August or in October before we go out of state.
               Strength Equipment (new players): ~ $120 per player (yours to keep).You buy this
                through a web site.
               Strength Equipment Accessories (returning players): Returning players needing
                additional accessories or lost items, please let us know before the beginning of the
                season. Marbles for foot work will be also needed this year.
               Goal keeper gear: uniform and gloves.
               Other Player gear: Shin guards, boots, ball.
               US Club passes: To participate in the US Club Regionals in June 2008.
               Optional team apparel: A list of optional items will be available at a later time: back
                pack, sweatshirts, rain coat, hat, gloves, and under armour.
               Tournaments Team Entry Fees Adjustments: Since tournament list is tentative,
                adjustments will have to be made.
               IYSA Fees Adjustments: Referee and field fees may vary depending on games

Note: Total applicable miscellaneous expenses for 2007/2008 will be mainly billed
separately in Dec 07 and June 08. Some miscellaneous expenses maybe billed when the
expense is incurred.

    vii. Traveling Expenses

               Travel to two out of state tournaments (generally one in Fall and one in Spring)
               Travel to Idaho State Cup, if it is not held in Boise.

Rev 3.3, Jan 27, 2008                                                                                    18

     1) IYSA FEES                        $150.21
     2) Uniforms                         $162.75
     3) Club Fees                        $800.00 (scholarship may apply: $417 is average
                                                   club fee per year per player).
     4) Tournaments                      $400.00
     5) Indoor Soccer League              $67.88
     6) Miscellaneous                    ?? (depending on player, see cost (vi) above) (~$200)
     7) Traveling Expenses               ?? (depending on type of travel) (~$1200)

                TOTAL                            $1580.84+miscellaneous+ trips

                                 Projected Cost Distribution
                                  (Per U12 player per year)


                                       Avg Club

                                      IYSA fees


                “Average Club Fees” breakdown is based on Fall 07 data.

Rev 3.3, Jan 27, 2008                                                                            19
     15.                Payment Schedule for year 2007/2008

This is for a player with a scholarship. Every family will receive a customized bill.

               Aug 07: $101.12 (Part of Regist.)+$71.46 (Uniforms)+$80 (training)+$40 (tournam.)
                                                                      $292.58
               Sep 07:    $80 (club fees) + $40 (tournaments)        $120
               Oct 07:    $80 (club fees) + $40 (tournaments)        $120
               Nov 07:    $80 (club fees) + $40 (tournaments)        $120
               Dec 07 :   $80 (club fees) + $40 (tournaments)        $120 + Part of Miscellaneous

               Jan 08: $49.10 (Part of Regist.)+$86.39 (Uniforms)+$80 (training)+$40(tournam.)+
                $66.88(indoor II)                                       $322.37
               Feb 08:     $80 (club fees) + $40 (tournaments)         $120
               Mar 08:     $80 (club fees) + $40 (tournaments)         $120
               Apr 08:     $80 (club fees) + $40 (tournaments)         $120
               May 08:     $80 (club fees) + $40 (tournaments)         $120

               June 08:     Rest of Miscellaneous expenses billed    $??? (Rest of Miscellaneous)
               July 08:     $0

          TOTAL                                               $1580.84+miscellaneous+ trips

Note: Payments are due on the 15th of each month. Please send/give checks to Sue
Velikoff, our team treasurer. (3899 Pecan St., Boise ID, 83716)

     16.                Scholarships and Volunteering
Scholarship money are to help families cover part or all of the Club fees only. Club fees are used
for training fees, training equipment, coaches´ development, coaches apparel, and management
fees. Note that all players in the U12B team are already getting 33% discount off the regular club
fees applicable to teams under the training program 1. ($400 instead $600 per season).

Help for uniforms, IYSA registration, field and referees fees, tournament fees and other
miscellaneous (see team booklet) is not available. If you think of a fundraiser idea that you want
to implement to help players with these other costs, please let me know.

Note that even so you applied and were awarded with scholarship money last season, you still
need to apply each season.

A form is emailed to the team so it can be completed it and returned to Susan Velikoff, club
manager, at before the announced due date. In the application,
candidates indicate what volunteer position they would like to perform in exchange of the
scholarship money they are awarded:

Rev 3.3, Jan 27, 2008                                                                              20
    All recipients (player or/and parent) of financial assistance will be required to contribute a
     minimum of ten hours of volunteer time. This work must be completed during the season for
     which they receive the assistance. Here are some opportunities:

          o     Set up field equipment at practices (mainly goals and nets)
          o     Pick up field equipment at practices (mainly goals and nets)
          o     Giving rides to/from practice/games for players who needs them
          o     Inflate balls at practices
          o     Set up flags and nets at games
          o     Mow practice fields
          o     Paint lines at practice fields
          o     Take pictures for player cards
          o     Travel coordinator for tournaments
          o     Planning Fundraisers (car washes, pie sales etc)
          o     Filming games
          o     Auditing the club finances

The scholarship committee will review applications and will get back to applicants with the
results. Information will be kept confidential.

     17.                Fundraisers

Please bring up your team fundraiser ideas. As you already know, I have created a Real Boise
organized tournament (The Annual Indoor Soccer Summer Cup) to raise funds for our team. This
first year it has been small (8 teams) and profited $319.46. We will use these funds for field
maintenance and administrative items.

    Team parents are encouraged to organize fund-raisers to cover tournament and other costs.
    Players can also sell Real Boise Blanket Flower Seeds with 100% of sales for their individual
     accounts. If interested, please contact Sue Velikoff at 331-3534.

Rev 3.3, Jan 27, 2008                                                                            21

(U11G and U12B teams)

Below, please see allocation of Fall Club fees. This was approved on Oct 12 during monthly
Board Meeting. Actual results will be shown in Fall 08 booklet. The Spring Budget will be
presented in February’s coaches meeting and sent to you when approved.
Online version of booklet omits this info. Parents, please see hardcopy.

Rev 3.3, Jan 27, 2008                                                                        22

Here you can see the profit we made by organizing our own tournament last summer
(Aug 07). We will use this amount for Field maintenance items (paint etc) and
administrative items (booklets, batteries for music at training etc).

        TEAMS             $150.00   8 teams      $1050.00       (Real Boise U12 Boys Team - FREE)
FIELD RENTAL             $100/day   3 days       $(300.00)
    REFEREES            $20/game 12 games        $(240.00)
   TROPHEES               $135.50   2 cups       $(135.50) (Also two adidas balls donated by ISC)
 Result Boards                                     $(2.54)
  Donation for                                    $(52.50)             Without good air, no soccer!
     Better Air
  Quality (5%)
TOTAL PROFIT                                      $319.46     To be used for Field Maintenance and
         FROM                                                                  Administrative Items

Rev 3.3, Jan 27, 2008                                                                23

                        Training          Includes        Includes      Speed/     Source
                        Fees per year     Summer          Other         Agility
                                          Camp            Camps
Capitals U13-U15        $796.25           No              0             No         Gary Lions,
Premier                                                                            Capitals
Les Bois U13            $900              No              1             No         Sue Velikoff
                                                                                   (Real Boise
                                                                                   manager and
                                                                                   with a
                                                                                   daughter in
                                                                                   Les Bois)
Real Boise              $1200 (U11-U15)   Yes (U11-U15)   2 (U11-U15)   Yes
(Level 1 training)      $600 (U16-U19                     1 (U16-U19)
                        only Spring)
3 pro
Ex:Real Boise U12B
(see Note 1 below)

Real Boise              $800 (U11-U15)    Yes (U11-U15)   1 (U11-U19)   Yes
(Level 2 training)      $400 (U16-U19
                        only Spring)
2 pro practices/week
Ex:Real Boise U17B

Real Boise              $400 (U11-U15)    Yes (U11-U15)   0             Yes
(Level 3 training)
1 pro practices/week
Ex:Real Boise

Note1: Our U12 Boys team will receive Level 1 training at Level 2 cost ($800/year).

Note2: I will try to get other club data points.

Rev 3.3, Jan 27, 2008                                                                        24

Scholarship Application For Spring 2008- Page 1
A limited number of scholarships will be available to cover CLUB fees only. Club
Fees include training fees, guest pro coaches pay, training equipment, coaches´
development, coaches apparel, and management fees.

Please complete this form and send it by e-mail to Sue Velikoff at Forms must be received by Mon, Jan 14th, 2008 for Spring
season 2008 (extended to Jan 25). (Need to apply again even so you were awarded a
scholarship last Fall.)
Scholarships are awarded on the basis of need.

Player: _______________________                Parent: _________________________

Phone: _______________________                 E-mail: _________________________

# of Adults in household: ________             # of Children in household: _________

What is the total annual income for your family?
______Under $20,000          ______$20,000 – $30,000                   _____$30,000 – $40,000

Additional relevant circumstances:____________________________________________
______________________________________ (Continue in the back if needed)

SPRING 08 CLUB FEES: $400. This is used for:

          Training fees:
              o 3 nights of pro-coaching each week during regular season
              o Facilitation of indoor soccer games
              o Winter Futsal Training camp,
              o Speed/Agility Program
              o Goal-Keeping program
              o Street Fútbol
          Guest pro coaches pay
          Training equipment
          Coaches´ development (courses, books, DVDs, magazines)
          Coaches’apparel
          Management fees (club manager, president, director of operations)
 Amount Needed for Spring 08 Club Fees : $_________

(If maximum amount is requested, please provide with Tax information to club manager so the scholarship
committee can review).

Rev 3.3, Jan 27, 2008                                                                               25
Scholarship Application For Spring 2008- Page 2

    IYSA Fees per year (assuming 11 players): $150.21 per player.
    Fall uniform costs: $67.88
    Spring uniform costs: $94.87 or $87.45 depending on jersey size.
    Tournament Fees: ~ $400 per player per year (assuming 10 players).
    Indoor Soccer League Fees (2nd session) $67.88
    Traveling Expenses to 2 out of state tournaments: varies but carpooling and hotel
     room sharing available.
    Miscellaneous expenses: See Program Cost Information in team booklet.


    Team parents are encouraged to organize fund-raisers to cover tournament and other
    Players can also sell Real Boise Blanket Flower Seeds with 100% of sales for their
     individual accounts. If interested, please contact Sue Velikoff at 331-3534.
    All recipients (player or parent) of financial assistance will be required to contribute a
     minimum of ten hours of volunteer time. This work must be completed during the
     season for which they receive the assistance. Select one or more below.

          o     Set up field equipment at practices (mainly goals and nets)
          o     Pick up field equipment at practices (mainly goals and nets)
          o     Giving rides to/from practice/games for players who needs them
          o     Inflate balls at practices
          o     Set up flags and nets at games
          o     Mow practice fields
          o     Paint lines at practice fields
          o     Take pictures for player cards
          o     Travel coordinator for tournaments
          o     Planning Fundraisers (car washes, pie sales etc)
          o     Filming games
          o     Auditing Club Finances

Rev 3.3, Jan 27, 2008                                                                       26
A5. FALL 07’ HEAD COACH NOTE (From Fall 07 Team Booklet)
Welcome to the Fall 07 soccer season! Another year of development and great fun is awaiting to
all of us. The Real Boise U12/U13 boys team will compete in the IYSA District III League in Fall
2007, in the U13 league. We have been placed in Division 2 with Idaho Rush, McCall, Vallivue,
and Mountain Home. We tried to be placed in the top competitive division, division A but in the
first draft, again, we were placed in division 2. If we top the group in Fall we will be promoted to
division 1 for Spring 08.

The motivation for playing up is to challenge our players with opponents who have a faster speed
of play and are more aggressive. Then we will enter U12 tournaments locally and out of the state
with the hopes that the league exposure to more demanding game conditions produces
outstanding results.

Our team is currently ranked number 2 in the state of Idaho but I believe our style and
progression is unmatched locally. Although it may seem topical, winning is not the best measure
of success in many occasions. Many teams outside the state produce results that may be
intimidating but in my experience the way their game is played (robotically and systematically,
with one or two touch independently of the positions of the opponents) is to produce short term
results to alleviate the ferocious competition among clubs. In most cases the player is not
developed individually and those players will not be as versatile and successful as players
developed with emphasis on creativity, improvisation, technique, and dynamic play. There are
other superb teams out there and it is our pleasure to congratulate them to honor the game.

 As we grow as a team, players must continue to be truly committed to training together with a
collective sense of “team” (working toward the yearly group goals). Our training philosophy is to
emphasize creativity, technique, dynamic play, and to continue introducing to players the
methodology to improve flexibility, speed, and agility. Last season we started introducing
exercises on running and cutting technique which will continue this season at a higher degree.
This coupled with the strength program should have maximum benefits.
You probably have noticed that our team excels towards the end of Spring. Every year since U8
we have been able to conquer a tournament or a league championship in that time frame. It was
done always in a very convincing and forceful way. This is a product of the work& understanding
of our players and the passion I can see they are starting to develop for this beautiful game.

 To be a different and special player, to be the ultimate team, players have to prepare themselves
especially so following with any assigned individual training is of summon importance. Whether
is doing strength work in the solitude of a hot evening or watching a pro soccer game and filling
out a little game analysis form for the coach, each little thing counts. I need you to continue to
help me with this. It will be hard work but the fact these kids´ school performance is outstanding,
gives me a good idea that their sports homework is achievable.

Also, mental work is a key component in any sport and our players are displaying a high dose of
it. Whether is coming back from an adverse result or ignoring the opponents verbal attacks, their
hardiness shows consistently. I am, and I my staff is too, in many ways proud of these young
footballers. I have to take my hat off because I have never seen a gesture to criticize each other in
the field when an erroneous decision is made by one of our players. This is not uncommon in
other disciplines. In closing, our higher level goal is to produce play that is not going to be
unnoticed on game day. We want to produce spectacle. We want to play in a manner that creates
a connection between players and spectators. That when the families leave the fields there is a
sensation that something huge is always happening in the making of this team.

Rev 3.3, Jan 27, 2008                                                                             27
Simplot Complex                                                 Boise, ID

1.   I-84 East towards Mountain Home
2.   Exit 57, take ramp right on E. GOWEN ROAD
3.   Turn left (North) onto FEDERAL WAY
4.   Turn right (North-East) onto E. Lake Forest Dr
5.   END 2437 E Lake Forest Dr. - park entrance on your right

Rev 3.3, Jan 27, 2008                                                       28
Rev 3.3, Jan 27, 2008   29
                        U12 Boys Roster

Rev 3.3, Jan 27, 2008                                           30

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