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The Biggest Loser is a new daytime show on ITV 1 where each weekday
Kate Garraway follows the progress of 16 seriously overweight contestants
competing to change their lives forever.

The Biggest Loser challenges the 16 contestants to undergo dramatic
physical change without any kind of surgery – just sheer sweat and hard work.

The contestants weigh from 15 stone to an incredible 28 stone and are made
up of eight couples, including combinations of mums and daughters, best
friends, dad and son, husband and wife, sisters and two single men who’ve
never met before.

For eight weeks they live together in a house in Leicestershire where they
face intense physical challenges and exercises in a battle to lose weight,
transform their bodies, their health and, ultimately, their lives.

Help comes in the form of two amazing trainers, Angie Dowds and Richard
Callender. Each week Angie and Richard must put the contestants through a
gruelling weight loss programme, which includes a split of three hours of
cardio a day and two hours of resistance training.

Their fitness programme and gym visits are in preparation for the all important
weekly ‘Weigh In’ where Kate reveals just how well they have all done. At this
stage the two couples who have lost the least amount of weight are put up for
elimination and the remaining contestants must vote out the couple that they
want to leave the house.

After four weeks the teams’ change and the competition intensifies when the
remaining pairs are divided into two teams – Black and Blue. The contestants’
individual weight loss forms part of their teams’ total weight loss. The team
with the lowest percentage faces elimination with each member of the losing
team voting on whom they want to be eliminated.

As well as the overall weight loss, the contestants must endure tough
challenges which see them face a range of tasks including: pulling themselves
along on rafts in a swimming pool, tobogganing down a snow slope and then
race up it, returning to an old-school sports lesson, digging strawberry plants
on a farm, running with hay bales, pumping a hand cart down a quarter of a
mile track on an old steam railway, building and climbing on top of a tower of
milk crates, pulling a 7 ½ tonne truck and then facing the final challenge of
completing a triathlon under the expert supervision of Darren Campbell, Jamie
Staff and Mark Foster.
Contestants are also wickedly enticed by a series of temptation challenges to
see if they have found a new born strength to resist what has previously
helped them pile on the pounds.

During their time on the show they must adhere to the rules of the house,
which clearly state no alcohol, cigarettes or food not supplied by the approved

They are only allowed books and music as entertainment and there is no
television, newspapers or indeed any contact without the outside world.

At the end of the gruelling eight weeks the remaining contestants are weighed
and the finalists chosen. They are then sent home where they must continue
training and maintaining their new lifestyle. Two months later they are brought
back for the final weigh in and the contestant who has battled the bulge the
best will win a cash prize of £10,000 and the title of The Biggest Loser.

Kate Garraway said: “On top of the cash prize for the winner, the real reward
is the life-changing - and maybe even life saving - achievement of finally
reaching their goal weight.

“Every contestant has a different reason for wanting to take part, some are
longing to have a baby, but their weight is preventing them, some are looking
for love and others have been told that if they don't shed the pounds they
could die, so for them the show really is a last chance, literally a matter of life
and death. I have been so moved and often completely inspired by many of
the contestant’s stories and I know people watching at home will be gripped

For further information please contact Sally Skinner at ITV1 Press Office on or Louise Plank on

For Pictures please contact Peter Gray on

Carol and Katey

Relationship:     Mother and daughter
From:             Liverpool

Age:              Carol is 45 and Katey is 21.

Weight:           Carol is 15 stone 11lbs.
                  Katey is 22 stone 3lbs.

Occupation:       Carol is a researcher and Katey is a trainee teacher.

Motivation:       Carol wants to lose weight for herself primarily, and then
                  for Katey, to inspire her. She feels like she’s let her
                  daughter down.

                  Katey has been overweight for as long as she can remember. Her
                  weight gain was triggered by bullying at school. She used to have
                  footprints on her skirt when she came home from people kicking her.

Katey says:       “Every day’s a battle with myself, I hate looking in the mirror. It’s
                  horrible being the way I am. I don’t think anyone knows how bad it is
                  for me. Who wants to weigh more than their age?

                  “I have a lot of dreams that I want to fulfil that I can’t do like travelling
                  round the world, it’s hard to fit in a plane. That’s my main goal really.”

Carol says:       “I’m nearly 46 and I feel that if I don’t lose it now, I’m never going to
                  lose it. I want to live. I have a great life, I’m really happy and well
                  loved and I want that to continue. I want to grow old with my husband
                  and I want to see my kids have my grand kids and be around for
                  them. That’s not going to happen while I’m so fat.”
Lisa Marie and Raz

Relationship: Mother and daughter

From:                Plymouth

Age:                 Lisa Marie is 22 years old.
                     Raz is 45 years old.

Weight:              Lisa Marie weighs 25 stone 10lbs.
                     Raz weighs 15 stone 1lb.

Occupation:          Lisa Marie and Raz are petrol station cashiers.

Motivation:          Lisa Marie was advised by her doctor that she could die within a year
                     because of her weight. Raz wants to lose weight primarily to help her

Lisa Marie says:     “I got told that if I didn’t do something about my weight that I could
                     die. I’ve always said that I needed a boot camp. I’m fed up, it’s now
                     or never.

                     “I want to go on holiday and not be worried about asking for an
                     extension to the seat belt for the plane. I get taxi’s everywhere so I
                     don’t have to sit on a bus because the seats aren’t big enough. This
                     is my last chance. I just want to be able to be what everyone calls

Raz says:            “I’m doing this to help Lisa and I want to do it for myself. Next year
                     myself and my husband are renewing our wedding vows because
                     we’ve been married 25 years and I don’t want to wear fat clothes. I’m
                     looking forward to getting to wear a pair of heels again.

                     “I’ve got a granddaughter now, she’s two nearly and she’s running
                     around. I want to be able to say let’s go to the park and to be around
                     when my kids are old, to see them grow up and get married.”
Jennifer and Sadie

Relationship:        Mother and daughter

From:                Nottingham

Age:                 Jennifer is 45 years old.
                     Sadie is 21 years old.

Weight:              Jennifer weighs 23 stone 5lbs.
                     Sadie weighs 21 stone 5lbs.

Occupation:          Jennifer is a part time student and social worker. Sadie is a recent

Motivation:          Jennifer wants to inspire her daughter and doesn’t want her to have
                     the battle with her weight that she’s had.

Sadie says:          “I don’t want to die fat. I want to get healthy quickly and I figure if I
                     don’t do it now while I’m 21, it will be a lot harder. I’ve never been
                     mature and a healthy size. Since I was five I’ve been putting on
                     weight steadily. That was the last time I weighed the right weight for
                     my height. I want to know what it’s like to be a woman and healthy.”

Jennifer says:       “I’m doing this because I want to support my daughter. I’ve been on
                     every diet you can mention and I’ve always slowly regained the
                     weight that I’ve lost. I don’t want Sadie to go through that. I want her
                     to know how to get rid of it and keep it off. I also have a little boy who
                     is seven and is autistic. He has enough challenges in life without
                     having to worry and I want to set the right example for him. I want to
                     be able to play football with him.”
Jamie and David

Relationship:     Father and son

From:             Luton

Age:              David is 49 years old.
                  Jamie is 22 years old.

Weight:           David weighs 23 stone 3lbs.
                  Jamie weighs 28 stone 8lbs.

Occupation:       David is a full-time carer and Jamie is unemployed.

Motivation:       Jamie has put on 10 stone in four years and wants to lose weight to
                  become a better person. David is a full-time carer for his wife who
                  has a respiratory disease. He’s doing Biggest Loser to help his son
                  lose weight.

David says:       “The main reason for doing the show was to get my son to lose
                  weight to prove to him that if I could do it, he could do it. No parent
                  wants to bury their child. If he stays this weight he will have a heart

                  “I’m doing it for my wife as well – she’s just come out of hospital, she
                  was gasping for breath but she still told us we had to come and do

Jamie says:       “I want to lose the weight and build up my self confidence. If I did
                  lose the weight one of the things I want to do is marry my other half
                  who I’ve been with for four-and-a-half years. I want to have children
                  but I can’t do that at the moment because I’m 28 stone. I want to lose
                  ten stone at least.”
Eunice and Miriam

Relationship:       Sisters

From:               Eunice is from Banbury.
                    Miriam lives in Bristol.

Age:                Eunice is 34 years old.
                    Miriam is 31 years old.

Weight:             Eunice weighs 23 stone 8lbs.
                    Miriam weighs 15 stone 2lbs.

Occupation:         Eunice is a Pharmacy Technician and Miriam is an HR Manager.

Motivation:         Eunice is too heavy to have children which she
                    desperately wants to do.

                    Miriam is doing this for her own self-confidence but primarily to help
                    her sister.

Eunice says:        “I’m doing this for myself because I’m very, very heavy, but also for
                    my husband because he wants to start a family. I have a specific
                    reason in that I’ve been refused fertility treatment on the NHS unless
                    I drop five stone. But I want to lose more than half my body weight
                    ultimately but my target at the moment is five stone. With this place
                    or not, I’ll do it – this is just the start.”

Miriam says:        “I’m doing this firstly for my sister, secondly for me and my self
                    confidence. I’m looking forward to seeing my thighs reduce but I’m
                    dreading the trainers. I’m terrified.”
Rick and Michelle

Relationship:       Husband and wife

From:               York but work in Spain.

Age:                Rick is 43 years old.
                    Michelle is 30 years old.

Weight:             Rick weighs 21 stone 5lbs.
                    Michelle weighs 16 stone 3lbs.

Occupations:        Rick is a stage hypnotist in Spain.
                    Michelle is a photographer.

Motivation:         They have been married for ten years and Michelle wants children
                    but Rick has a low sperm count so they can’t conceive. He knows his
                    weight is the cause. Doctors have told them they need to lose at
                    least 10% of their body weight to conceive.

Rick says:          “Obviously for health issues but my main reason originally is I do a lot
                    of Scuba diving and I hate being out of breath when I get out off the
                    boat. I’m looking forward to getting into my dive suit without spending
                    half an hour on the quay side to pull it on because it’s too tight.

                    “Also we’re trying for children and if I lose weight it’s going to help
                    increase our chances of having a child.”

Michelle says:      “We’re doing this obviously for ourselves and also we want to have
                    children. I’m looking forward to losing the weight.”
Michaela and Maria

Relationship:    Best friends for 16 years

From:            Essex

Age:             Michaela is 38 years old.
                 Maria is 44 years old.

Weight:          Michaela weighs 15 stone 9lbs.
                 Maria weighs 15 stone 11lbs.

Occupation:      Michaela is Managing Director of a golfing publication and Maria is a

Motivation:      They both want to lose weight to feel healthier and enjoy a fuller life.

Maria says:      “I wanted to get these experts to help me. My weight has gone up
                 and down and I just feel here I can focus 100% on myself and not on
                 my family and I feel that I can achieve it here. I don’t really exercise.
                 I’m absolutely terrified of working with the trainers.”

Michaela says:   “I want to be able to buy a lot nicer clothes. I want to be able to buy
                 all the modern things. We have to go to the outsize shops and they
                 tend to be really frumpy. I have to go to America to get my clothes.
                 There’s just nothing over here.

                 “I’m so fussy with my food. I don’t eat salad or vegetables. All I eat is
                 chips and roast potatoes, Chinese or Indian. I would rather pick
                 throughout the day than have a dinner.”
Kevin and Mark

Relationship:    Strangers before the show

From:            Kevin is from South London.
                 Mark is from Hull.

Age:             Kevin is 35 years old.
                 Mark is 40 years old.

Occupation:      Kevin is a mobile DJ and Mark is an HGV Driver.

Weight:          Kevin weighs 23 stone 8lbs.
                 Mark weighs 25 stone 13lbs.

Motivation:      Kevin has an autistic son and wants to lose weight to be around for
                 as long as possible to look after him. Mark is looking for love.

Mark says:       “I’ve recently turned 40 and I’ve been overweight most of my adult
                 life and it’s time for a change. I’m single and I’d really like to settle
                 down with a family. I think that until I get my weight under control and
                 find some happiness within myself, I won’t find happiness with
                 anyone else. To me it’s like a life changing thing that I’m going
                 through and I’m completely changing my life in every aspect. I’m
                 becoming a new person and hopefully being in Biggest Loser will
                 give me the tools and the knowledge I need to take this back home
                 with me and live my life in a healthy way and live life to the full.”

Kevin says:      “My son’s autistic and he’s 11 years old. The main reasons I want to
                 do this is I want to be around for a long time for my son and I don’t
                 know how long I’m going to have to care for him. I know the job I’ve
                 got to do and I know the reason I’m doing it.”


Angie discovered her passion for training over fifteen years ago and
committed herself to becoming a personal trainer of the highest standard.
Since then she has consistently been building and adding to her repertoire of
training methods, knowledge of nutrition and even mind coaching in order to
keep herself in the best shape and deliver the highest standard of health and
fitness to her clients. Angie is the Personal Training Advisor to Fitness First,
the largest health chain in the world, and is part of their expert panel, along
with Dr Hilary Jones.
Angie is an innovative trainer, who has studied with the best international
coaches, in order to bring cutting edge training concepts into the UK. Her
unique training system is about using your body in a functional dynamic way.
Angie pioneered the kettlebell movement in the UK and now has a nationally
accredited REPS endorsed certification course that trains other trainers. She
is also now running tailor made kettlebell courses for the Military and Special
ops and for world-class athletes.

Her clients range from top athletes, celebrities, the RAF, footballers, city
workers, housewives, the young people and those challenged by obesity.
Angie is on a mission to inspire the nation to fitness, proving with her no
nonsense approach that she can teach anyone how to train effectively and get
transformational results. Her enthusiasm and passion for health and fitness is
contagious, motivating people not only to change their bodies, but also to
change their lives.
Angie's philosophy is not just about having a beautiful body it's about having a
beautiful body that works! With her motto ‘Never Give Up’’ and her “no-
nonsense, get the job done” approach, Angie has been an inspiration to all
those she has worked with.

Angie worked on the two previous series of Biggest Loser which were
broadcast on Living TV, where she was personal trainer to the first female
winner in the programme’s global history, Jodie Prenger, and helped her to
lose a total of 9 ½ stone.

Richard Callender

Richard Callender has been a fitness trainer for 15 years and has a
competitive athletic background. He became one of the youngest General
Managers to run a health club in the UK, and it led to him moving through the
ranks of regional management to eventually becoming Managing Director of
Urban Funk Ltd - the hiphop dance company.

He has worked with numerous people over the years both as a personal
trainer and choreographer. This together with his background and love of
fitness and dance led him to choreograph and present the highly successful
Jordan Workout alongside Katie Price in 2005. It went on to become one of
the biggest selling fitness DVDs of the year.

He then worked with Vicky Entwistle (Coronation Street) in 2006 on the No.1
selling WOW Workout DVD which sold in excess of 220,000 copies and still
features in charts today.

Before starting filming with The Biggest Loser, Richard presented 2008’s
Dancing on Ice: Dancercise fitness DVD produced for ITV.

Richard maintains his personal training business and Urban Funk alongside
his television work.

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