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   Student Research
Please note that this is student research, and
       may contain flaws and errors!
Allstate Insurance (Property and Casualty)

Industry: Insurance – Personal Lines, Commercial Lines

Job Responsibilities:
Gather and analyze financial and statistical data, recommend and communicate
information, implement pricing changes, develop new products and programs, and
prepare for Casualty Actuarial Society (CAS) exams
Puts finance and economics knowledge to work

What sets this company apart from others?
Our new actuarial students can enjoy a world-class training program during their first few
months at Allstate. The actuarial training program has a dynamic environment where a
new student’s day consists of:
    Reviewing and analyzing mathematical data (premiums, losses, expenses, etc.) to
       determine whether the premium collected covers the associated losses, expenses
       and profit expectations.
    Analyzing rating variables to determine whether an appropriate rate is being
       charged to different segments within the market.
    Attending formal classroom training sessions.
    Working one-on-one with their manager for more in depth instruction on actuarial
       concepts, and developing camaraderie with the other members of their training
The concepts and skills learned during this time ensure that each new hire has the
knowledge necessary to help them succeed in their role as an actuarial student.

Other interesting facts about the company that students might want to know
    Fortune ranks Allstate as one of Global Top 500 companies (#198)
    Their peer insurance companies include: The Chubb Corporation, Safeco
       Corporation, Cincinnati Financial Corporation, The St. Paul Travelers Companies,
       Inc., CNA Financial Corporation, Lincoln National Corporation, The Hartford
       Financial Services Group, Inc., MetLife Inc., The Progressive Corporation,
       Prudential Financial, Inc.

The key elements of our internship program include:
    Focused skills based training curriculum
    Fourteen weeks of work experiences with one of the nation’s largest insurance
    Generous housing opportunities and subsidies
    Optional transportation to and from work
    Company-wide intern luncheons featuring company officers as keynote speakers
    Intern camaraderie through group housing opportunities and extracurricular
       activities in the evenings and on the weekends
      Consideration for future full-time employment
      Senior year tuition reimbursement incentive for interns who accept offers of full-
       time employment.
      Museums, sporting events, concerts and fine dining.

Actuarial interns at Allstate learn and use fundamental actuarial insurance techniques.
The training program balances formal classroom education, computer-based training and
an informal “mentorship” experience. Interns are responsible for a variety of work
projects including assisting with rate review activities such as implementing a new rating
plan (e.g. Good Student Discount), analyzing the adequacy of current rates, or responding
to a state insurance department request. Interns have the opportunity to interact with other
employees at varying levels both inside and outside their department. As a matter of fact,
interns work on projects typically given to full-time hires. Allstate Actuarial interns have
great opportunity for success. Typically, more than 80 percent of the interns receiving
full-time employment offers return as new hires.

Allstate is the nation’s largest publicly held personal lines casualty insurer with $36.8
billion in revenue in 2007. Allstate has a strong reputation for inspiring excellence and
embracing diversity with a commitment to strong principles and the highest ethical
standards. Allstate is extremely involved in the communities through the Helping Hands
Committee, Allstate Giving Campaign and the Allstate Foundation. We have fantastic
work/life balance, a youthful workforce, exam support, recognition outings, mentoring
programs, a Young Professionals Organization (YPO), access to senior leadership and
competitive benefits and pay.

Allstate has the best-in-class actuarial training program available to both interns and full-
time hires! We provide over 40 “just-in-time” classroom-style training sessions to
develop your actuarial skills. “Just-in-time” training refers to the fact that learning best
takes place when an individual can first obtain training in the concepts, followed closely
by the opportunity to apply the concepts in real world situations. The results have been
remarkable; a new entry level employee who spends approximately 6-9 months in the
Training Unit (TU) will perform at a level that previously took up to 2.5 years to obtain.
Our TU supervisors are fully dedicated to the development and education of our interns
and new hires and will spend their summer working with you to meet your goals. Some
of the REAL work that our actuarial interns work on include running state rate level
indications, preparing rate proposals, providing advice and making a recommendation,
obtaining insights from other business areas, filing and implementing price and product
changes, investigating reinsurance and analyzing and evaluating costs, risks and financial
conditions. Over the past few summers, the dollar value of projects begun in the TU have
amounted to more than $70 million to the organization! This is REAL work that benefits
the bottom line of Allstate; you and your work will be highly valued.

Opportunities for actuaries at Allstate are constantly expanding, providing new career
opportunities. Due to our TU excellence, we have the infrastructure to hire at the entry
level and “grow our own”. The skills that an actuary brings to the table are highly
respected within Allstate. Actuaries hold senior leadership roles in our company in a
wide array of areas, including Finance, Field Offices, Research, Product Management,

As an industry leader, Allstate has a prominent place at the table with regulators,
legislators, and many industry organizations. The work that Allstate’s actuaries perform
tends to be scrutinized more highly by regulators and other interested parties. This is in
part due to the fact that many of our competitors choose to replicate the work that we
initiate and implement in the marketplace. This then requires Allstate actuaries to be at
the forefront of new ideas and concepts that translate into maintaining and expanding our
leadership role within the industry.
Actuaries play a vital role in developing the property and casualty products that
our agents sell to customers. An actuary's role includes everything from
researching new product concepts and product enhancements to recommending
and implementing pricing changes in each state. Allstate actuaries use their
unique combination of problem solving, analytic, and communication skills to
forecast the costs, expenses and income associated with providing insurance
Who We Are
The Allstate Corporation is the nation’s largest publicly held personal lines
insurer. A Fortune 100 company, with $156.4 billion in assets, Allstate sells 13
major lines of insurance, including auto, property, life and commercial. Allstate
also offers retirement and investment products and banking services. Allstate is
widely known through the “You’re In Good Hands With Allstate ®” slogan. Allstate
was founded in 1931 and became a publicly traded company in 1993.
Our People
The Allstate Corporation encompasses more than 70,000 professionals. Of our
employees, more than 30 percent are minorities; 59.1 percent are women.
Our Customers
Allstate helps individuals in approximately 17 million households protect what
they have today and better prepare for tomorrow, and is committed to serving
customers how, when and where they choose to be served.
Corporate Governance
Allstate has always had an exemplary governance program. Our commitment to
strong principles and the highest ethical standards is critical to our goal of driving
sustained shareholder value.
As a company with a diverse population of employees, agents and customers,
Allstate embraces diversity in everything we do - not only the customers we
serve and the communities in which we invest, but also the people we hire and
the businesses we use as suppliers. It's a testament to the company's corporate
citizenship and a sound business strategy.
Our high performance work environment encourages individual accountability,
innovative thinking and continuous learning and improvement. Our work
environment is fast-paced, challenging, and collaborative. It's our goal to provide
challenging work that is interesting and meaningful and to reward employees'
efforts based on a pay for performance approach. Allstate offers
a comprehensive total compensation package.
Our Network
Allstate has approximately 14,900 exclusive agencies and financial
representatives in the United States and Canada. Customers can access Allstate
products and services such as auto insurance and homeowners insurance
through Allstate agencies, or in select states at and 1-800 Allstate®.
Encompass® and Deerbrook® Insurance brand property and casualty products
are sold exclusively through independent agents. The Allstate Financial Group
provides life insurance, supplemental accident and health insurance, annuity,
banking and retirement products designed for individual, institutional and
worksite customers that are distributed through Allstate agencies, independent
agencies, financial institutions and broker-dealers.
Aon Corporation

-Offers both Insurance (P & C) in Commercial lines and Reinsurance and Consulting
services (P & C)

-Careers: (careers offered worldwide, but positions available in the US in…) Risk
Services, Speciality Insurance Underwriting, Brokerage, Actuarial, Human Capital
Consulting, Sales/Sales Management, Reinsurance

-Special “Early Career Development Program” for recent/future college graduates. Some
criteria for program include: Must graduate in December 2008 through June 2009 to be
considered for the Early Career Development Program, Relevent work/internship
experience, Mature and professional demeanor, Involvement in extracurricular activities,
Strong communication skills, Ability to cultivate relationships, Critical thinking,
problem-solving and analytical skills, The ability to work as an integral part of a team,
fostering teamwork and cultivating relationships, as well as working independently or
with minimal direction, Adaptability – quick learner, Positive attitude, Results-oriented,
Strong PC skills including knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite, A minimum overall GPA
of 3.0 strongly preferred

-Aon Corporation provides more insurance brokerage, reinsurance brokerage and risk
management services than any other company in the world, and is a leader in human
capital management consulting. Aon has 36,000 employees in 500 offices in more than
120 countries.

Backed by broad resources, industry knowledge and technical expertise, Aon
professionals help a wide range of clients develop effective risk management and
workforce productivity solutions. Aon Corporation’s total revenue for 2007 was $7.5

Aon is the world’s largest global insurance broker:

      No. 1 global reinsurance broker
      No. 1 global manager of captive insurance companies
      No. 3 global employee benefits consultant

Human capital consulting

      #2 U.S. employee benefits consultant
      #3 global employee benefits consultant
American Family Insurance

Industry: Insurance - Personal Lines
Lines of Insurance Business: Property and Casualty, Life, Health

Company Information:
Internships -The American Family Insurance property/casualty actuarial summer
internship program is designed to involve the student in a variety of actuarial activities,
including assistance in modeling projects and development of rate indications, pricing,
valuation and model building. Depending on our needs, you could be involved in
working on life and/or health projects.. These activities will provide the student with
valuable experience in the type of work they could be involved with in their future career.

Career - Our Actuarial Analysts work with Commercial, Homeowners, Auto or Specialty
lines of insurance or research. While the lines of insurance may differ, the general job
responsibilities are quite similar. Primary responsibilities include:
     Retrieving and adjusting loss and premium experience data, which is then used to
        review the overall adequacy of our current rate levels.
     Reviewing experience that allows us to assess the reasonableness of variations in
        rates related to differences in the risk characteristics of our policyholders (e.g.,
        type of car or home).
     Based on these reviews, rates are revised and analysts prepare supporting
        information about the revisions that must be filed with state regulatory agencies.
        Actuarial also works closely with our Information Services division to install the
        new rates on our computer rating systems.
Bankers Life and Casualty

Industry: Insurance - Personal Lines
Lines of Insurance Business: Health, Employee Life, Vision and Dental plans

Company Information:
"Established in 1879, Bankers Life and Casualty Company is today one of the largest and
most respected insurance companies in the United States focused exclusively on the
needs of senior Americans.

Bankers Life and Casualty services the needs of seniors through a broad portfolio of
quality, competitive insurance products including long term care, life, annuities and
medicare supplement; a national sales force of professionally trained career agents; and a
dedicated group of highly capable home office employees."

  What Industry are the companies in?
       o Insurance
 If they are in Insurance, what type of insurance company are they? (Note: There can
   be more than one answer per company)
       o Property and Casualty
       o Life
       o Health
       o The company primarily provides commercial coverage, with such standard
           offerings as workers' compensation, general and professional liability, and
           other products for businesses and institutions.
 If they are Insurance, what type of lines do they offer? (Note: There can be more than
   one answer per company)
       o Personal Lines (insurance for individuals)
       o Commercial Lines (insurance of companies)
 What do actuaries do for this company?
       o CNA actuaries work closely with their business partners to achieve rate,
           retention and loss ratio plans, a sound balance sheet and strong reserving
           practices. Actuaries are dedicated to each business unit and line of business, in
           many cases sitting next to their underwriting or financial counterparts.
 What sets this company apart from others?
       o $10 billion in revenues
       o have more than 100 years of history
       o Large national accounts are serviced through the Risk Management division.
 Other interesting facts about the company that students might want to know
 9,400 employees
 There are approximately 145 actuaries in the CNA community. Of this number, about
   70 are credentialed, including 42 Fellows
 U.S. and international operations
“A” rated for financial strength by A.M. Best
Combined Insurance
                Personal Lines
                Supplemental A&H
         Combined Insurance is a leading provider of supplemental accident & health and
life insurance products. Combined Insurance policies are tailored to help customers
maintain their lifestyle after suffering an accident or sickness, or assist families when
coping with premature death. The company primarily distributes its products through
more than 6,500 exclusive agents serving approximately four million policyholders
worldwide. Combined Insurance is part of the ACE Group of Companies – leading global
providers of commercial property and casualty insurance and reinsurance.
         Actuaries at Combined Insurance perform traditional product management and
financial analysis functions including pricing, reserve setting and financial forcasting.
We also perform a key role in marketing initiatives and systems development.

Combined Insurance Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Doug Wendt

Combined Insurance is a leader in supplemental insurance. But more than that, we're
focused on understanding your needs and helping you find the right coverage at a good

We understand that buying supplemental insurance can be confusing. It can be hard to
determine your specific insurance needs and difficult to distinguish between the different
types of policies. That's why Combined Insurance is here ... to make this easier ... to help
you make sure your family is protected when you need it most.

Let's Make This Easy.

Combined Insurance

As a leading provider of supplemental accident and health insurance, Combined
Insurance offers products in North America (U.S. and Canada) and nine countries
internationally including the Australia, Austria, Germany, Ireland, New Zealand,
Portugal, Spain, Thailand, and the United Kingdom (U.K). We take pride in providing
supplemental insurance plans that are clearly written and easy to understand so you can
be sure you are getting the right coverage.
Read more about our history


Combined Insurance wants you and your family to be protected
Our mission is to provide personal service and exceptional products tailored to help
protect you and your family. The world of insurance can be confusing. Combined
Insurance is here to help you navigate through it by working with you to identify your
specific needs, then offering coverage options to help meet those needs.
View types of insurance


Combined Insurance founder W. Clement Stone had the desire to "make the world a
better place for this and future generations." By placing our focus on your needs, we
believe we help make the world a better place, one person at a time.

         Our values dictate the way we do business. As a company, Combined
         Insurance is:

        Customer-centric - making insurance clear and easy for you and meeting your
         needs is our number one objective
        People-driven - differentiating ourselves through the skills and service of our
        Accountable and Ethical - taking responsibility and doing the right thing because
         it is the right thing to do
        Performance-minded - always working to improve your experience and our
         people's satisfaction

History of Combined Insurance

With $100, a positive spirit and a vision to make the world a better place, W. Clement
Stone founded Combined Insurance in 1922. Mr. Stone's story is the stuff of legend. Our
rich insurance history and his legacy drives our company to this day.

Starting in 1959, with an expansion into Australia, Combined Insurance embarked on an
ambitious plan for growth. Nearly 50 years later, we've expanded to serve the global
market, offering our products in 10 countries in addition to the United States.

Today, we're still making insurance history. On April 1, 2008, Aon Corporation,
announced the closing of the sale of Combined Insurance to ACE Limited (NYSE: ACE),
parent company of the ACE Group of Companies, a global leader in insurance and
reinsurance. ACE joins Combined Insurance in a mutual commitment to outstanding
customer service and timely claims payment. Our financial strength affords us a sound
base to better serve our policyholders and pursue exciting growth opportunities in the
COUNTRY Financial

  1. What Industry are the companies in?
          o Insurance and Financial service
  2. If they are in Insurance, what type of insurance company are they? (Note: There
     can be more than one answer per company)
          o Auto insurance
          o Life
          o Retirement plan and other investment service
  3. If they are Insurance, what type of lines do they offer? (Note: There can be more
     than one answer per company)
          o Personal Lines (insurance for individuals)
  4. What do actuaries do for this company?
          o COUNTRY actuary departments help determine and set fair rates for our
             products to ensure our competitiveness and financial health
          o Under actairal positions in COUNTRY, there are three types of actuarial
             jobs: actuaries, analyst and rate tester.
          o Actuarial Researcher Analyst: Models should seek to identify and
             mathematically represent underlying relationships in the data which are
             not simply temporary anomalies
  5. What sets this company apart from others?
          o COUNTRY provides Challenging jobs Healthy and flexible work
             environments Learning, training, and development opportunities
             Competitive salaries and benefits
  6. Other interesting facts about the company that students might want to know
          o Founded in Illinois
          o COUNTRY ranked No. 1 for the seventh time in eight years with the
             lowest ratio of complaints in Illinois
Coventry Health Care, Inc.
1. What sets this company apart from others?

       a. They offer training in a variety of ways including computer based training,

          Instructor-lead classroom settings, coaching and mentors, and others to offer

          extensive job-specific training that begins with a comprehensive orientation.

       b. They provide a full range of products and services, including group and

          individual health insurance, Medicare and Medicaid programs, and coverage

          for specialty services such as workers’ compensation and behavioral health

          care. They an extensive health care plan and a job training program that you

          are allowed to design to fit your education needs.

       c. They have a 92.5% claim turn about in 15 days. They have been named in the

          following Fortune 500 (02-07), Barron’s 500 (02-07), Business Week 50 (06-

          07), and Wall Street Journal 1000 (03-07). They also have a tuition assistance


Website Used:
Note: Deloitte has office in other countries, but the information below is mainly about the
offices in the USA

Industry: Consulting
Services: Asian business, assurance, consulting, financial advisory, merger acquisition
service, risk consulting, Sarbanes Oxley and tax. Actuaries are more likely to work under
consulting and risk consulting departments.
Deloitte provides consulting service in human capital in companies that included: life and
property and casualty.

What do actuaries do for this company?
Life Actuarial Services
     Financial Performance Analyses
     Profitability and Pricing Studies
     Product Development Strategy
     Stochastic Modeling
     Enterprise Risk Management
     M&A Appraisal
Property & Casualty Actuarial & Insurance
     Actuarial Valuation Studies
     Underwriting and Claims Performance Improvement
     Process Management, Technology, & Transformation
     Financial Examinations
     Reinsurance Advisory Services
     Regulatory and Statistical Reporting
     Enterprise Risk Management
Risk Management
     Captive Feasibility Analysis and Formations
     Workers Compensation and Disability Management
     Insurance Program Design
     Claims and Risk Information Systems
     M&A Transaction Support
     Asbestos Valuation and Strategy
Advanced Quantitative Solutions
     Customer Profitability and Pricing Analytics
     Customer Retention Predictive Modeling
     HR and Employee Retention Analytics
     Underwriting and Claims Predictive Modeling
     Agent and Sales Productivity Predictive Modeling

What sets this company apart from others?
Deloitte LLP has clients from many different fields. They work with: aerospace,
automotive, banking, health care and insurance plan, media and entertainment, oil and
gas, Power and utilities, real estate, retail, technology, leisure, and the U.S government.

Other interesting facts about the company that students might want to know
    Deloitte was ranked by Business Week as the #1 place to launch a career last
       year....this year, Deloitte is ranked #2
    Deloitte is the only Big 4 Accounting firm (Big 4 is a nickname for the top 4
       accounting firms in the world- Deloitte, Pricewaterhouse Coopers, Ernst &
       Young, and KPMG) that offers consulting services, and is pretty well-known for
    Deloitte has an annual "Impact Day", where the entire USA Deloitte does not go
       to work for one day (unless emergency), but instead, does community help cleaning schools, taking students out to the zoo or other places,
       cleaning up parks, etc.
    Deloitte has approximately 165,000 employees in around 140 countries that offers
       audit, tax, consulting, risk management, and financial advisory services.
    Rated by Fortune as one of the 100 best companies to work for.
Ernst & Young
        Health and Welfare, Life
        Ernst & Young LLP’s North American Insurance and Actuarial Advisory
Services Practice is one of the leading providers of professional and actuarial services,
specializing in all segments of the property/casualty and life/health insurance industries.
Ernst & Young integrates actuarial capabilities with insurance expertise in the areas of
financial reporting, insurance risk and capital management, mergers and acquisitions,
transaction support, product development, underwriting and claims. Our actuarial
consultants deliver creative, innovative solutions to our domestic and global clients that
are designed to help them to quickly and confidently make financial decisions which
enhance their value.

How we make a difference

Ernst & Young is a global leader in assurance, tax, transaction and advisory services. We aim to
have a positive impact on businesses and markets, as well as on society as a whole.

Working with our clients

Our 130,000 people are the foundation of our success. We assemble the right multi-
disciplinary team for your business, drawing on our global network of professionals.
Working with you in a collaborative style, we gain a clear understanding of your
organization and strive to identify issues before they become problems. You get the
people you need, wherever in the world you need them, backed up by leading practices,
methodologies and tools.

Developing people

We attract talented people from diverse backgrounds. Our emphasis on inclusiveness
matters more than ever today. As business challenges become more complex, we need to
call upon the widest spectrum of views and opinions to address them. Our open culture
offers continuous personal and professional development. Because when our people grow
and succeed, your company benefits.

Strengthening communities

We help to improve regulatory regimes and company reporting models. We promote
transparency in financial reporting and use our influence to strengthen global corporate
governance. We encourage entrepreneurship, which leads to growth, jobs and prosperous
communities. And our people share their business skills and knowledge with others in
their communities.

Creating the right climate for your business success
We provide global services in four main areas: Assurance, Tax, Transactions and Advisory.
Through these services, we can help you retain the confidence of investors, manage your risk,
strengthen your controls and achieve your potential.

We are 130,000 talented people with a shared way of working and commitment to quality. This
allows us to put together a team that can give you the seamless service you need, wherever you
are in the world.

Our values

Who we are

People who demonstrate integrity, respect, and teaming.

People with energy, enthusiasm, and the courage to lead.

People who build relationships based on doing the right thing.

Our values define who we are. They are the fundamental beliefs of our global organization. They
guide our actions and behavior. They influence the way we work with each other — and the way
we serve our clients and engage with our communities.

Every day, each one of us makes choices and decisions that directly affect the way we experience
each other and the way our clients and wider communities experience us. Our values give us
confidence that we are using the same principles to help us make these decisions — throughout
our global organization.

Every year, we celebrate the way we live our values through our Chairman’s Values Award.
Through this award, we give our people the opportunity to recognize their colleagues who are
bringing our values to life every day. This is an important way in which we are building our
shared culture, founded on our strong commitment to our values

Industry: Consulting
Lines of Consulting Business: Retirement, HealthCare

Company Information:
Most companies and business units at Fidelity hire employees to work in several different
career areas. Career areas at Fidelity include retirement services, investment, support and
trading, payroll and benefits outsourcing, finance and accounting.
Fireman’s Fund Insurance
                Personal Lines, Commercial Lines
                Property & Casualty
        Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company was founded in 1863 in the San Francisco
Bay Area. Today, we are part of Allianz SE, one of the world's largest companies in both
the financial and insurance industries. With that relationship comes both the support and
the range of opportunities you would expect from a truly global leader.
        While pursuing an Actuarial career at Fireman’s Fund, you will have the
opportunity to become one of our resident experts. You'll frequently interact with
business partners in achieving our business goals. In return you'll work with the best and
brightest in the industry as well as be rewarded for your talent and effort.


Here's a real-life experience from one of our actuaries:

"In the insurance world, falling behind on Commercial state rate filings is a definite
financial concern."

"So when part of Fireman's Fund was behind in their filings, our internal business
partners came to the Actuaries to find a solution. I was able to take ownership of the
process and work with a team to find a better way.

"Basically what we needed was better communication between the departments involved.
Discovering everyone's part in the process allowed us to create a structure that worked
across the board. What I took away most from the experience was that you couldn't
accomplish anything significant without collaboration. And luckily, that's what Fireman's
Fund is all about."
Financial Strength

These financial ratings, assigned by respected independent sources, provide strong
assurances of our financial stability and long-term health.

       Excellent (A) rating from the A.M. Best Company
       Strong (A+) rating from Standard & Poor's
       Good (A2) from Moody's
Corporate & Social Responsibility

At Fireman's Fund, we have a long tradition of leadership as a socially responsible
company dating back to our founding social mission. This leadership is particularly
evident in the aftermath of catastophes, such as Hurricane Katrina and the San
Diego Wildfires.

Fireman's Fund Insurance Company has extended a helping hand to deserving
organizations since 1863 when the Company was founded.

Today, through the Fireman's Fund Heritage® program, we deliver on our founding
social mission: We support firefighters for safer communities. Our Heritage program
provides grants to local fire departments for needed equipment and training. The program
is supported by a portion of our profits.

In 1953 we established the Fireman's Fund Foundation, an independent charitable
organization, to support human needs as well as educational, cultural and community
activities. Since then the Foundation has donated more than $32 million to nonprofit

Our commitment to integrity, represented in our Code of Conduct (pdf), is a cornerstone
of our financial success. We hold our employees accountable for meeting the standards of
our Code of Conduct.

1. What Industry are the companies in?
        o Insurance
2. If they are in Insurance, what type of insurance company are they? (Note: There can
   be more than one answer per company)
        o Property and Casualty
                o      Mainly on cars and motorcycle (vehicle)
        o Life
3. If they are Insurance, what type of lines do they offer? (Note: There can be more than
   one answer per company)
        o Personal Lines (insurance for individuals)
        o Commercial Lines (insurance of companies)
4. What do actuaries do for this company?
        o Actuaries at GEICO are under Pricing and Product Management Department
        o They are concentrating in one of two areas - Pricing or Reserving.
        o Actuaries ensure that the company placement and rates for our customers are
           appropriate based on their risk profile and probability of loss.
        o In Pricing, actuaries focus on property-casualty insurance business helping to
           set our insurance rates. In order to do so, actuaries must analyze past driver
           experiences and present driver conditions, and assess related trends. Not only
           will you analyze automobile rates, but you may also get to work with
           motorcycle, RV or ATV data.
        o In Reserving, actuaries work on a team that determines the amount of money
           GEICO needs to hold in reserve in order to pay out future insurance claims
5. What sets this company apart from others?
        o Although GEICO also have product in life insurance, their main business is on
           vehicle insurance product.
6. Other interesting facts about the company that students might want to know

        The company is notable for its television advertising, with several prominent
         campaigns running simultaneously in national markets.
        Current college student can apply for paid summer internships that involve
         working on projects and interacting with management. Undergraduate seniors
         and graduate students can apply for the prestigious Emerging Leaders
         Program. Emerging Leaders are full-time employees that rotate through
         several departments while working on projects to be prepared for management
Hewitt Associates (

-Focusing on Consulting (Retirement, Health and Wellness)

-Careers: Hewitt Associates currently has openings in both our retirement and financial
management [RFM] group and our health management [HM] group.

-With more than 65 years of experience, Hewitt Associates is the world's foremost
provider of human resources outsourcing and consulting services. Hewitt consults with
more than 2,300 companies and administers human resources, health care, payroll and
retirement programs on behalf of more than 300 companies to a million employees and
retirees worldwide. Located in 35 countries, Hewitt employs approximately 20,000

Within Hewitt, actuaries fill a vital role for our clients, tackling quantitative issues such
as future pension liabilities, estimates of health care cost, and adequate reserving.
Humana Inc
             Personal Lines
  Business Units
  Humana offers a range of products and services in addition to group health insurance.
  Our business units serve the military, individuals, seniors, and many others. We also
  offer specialty products, including dental coverage.

Serving many types of consumers
Humana’s diverse business units position us to serve many types of consumers.
    Humana Military
    A subsidiary of Humana Inc., Humana Military Healthcare Services Inc. offers
    TRICARE to a population of 2.8 million military beneficiaries in the South region of
    the U.S. and Puerto Rico. In addition, Humana Military manages contracts for Patient
    Appointing Services on various military bases throughout the U.S. Humana Military
    is committed to building on its reputation of excellence by working in collaboration
    with military and civilian healthcare professionals, developing innovative health care
    solutions, and providing superb customer service.
    HumanaDental is one of the largest dental carriers in the nation, providing coverage
    to more than 2.6 million members. Our competitive product portfolio features
    network-based, traditional, and voluntary dental plans, as well as self-funded and
    wholesale arrangements. Every day, HumanaDental strives to deliver value to our
    customers through exceptional service and innovative solutions.
    Humana's individual insurance product offers financially-minded consumers peace of
    mind, greater savings, and customer care. HumanaOne offers a range of plans,
    options, and deductible levels. In addition, we make it easy for individuals to choose
    and use their benefits. Learn more about Humana’s affordable health insurance
    options at
Humana/CompBenefits, provides individual dental insurance independent of an
individual Humana health insurance plan. Benefit features include zero dollar copays for
many preventive and diagnostic procedures as well as discounts on specialty care
including endodontist, orthodontist and oral surgeries. Learn more about individual dental
insurance at
Humana Ventures
Humana Ventures is the venture capital investing operation of Humana Inc. Through
venture investments and strategic partnership arrangements, Humana Ventures seeks to
create value for our customers, partners, and shareholders by leveraging Humana's assets,
including our expertise and relationships in the healthcare industry and financial markets.
Humana Medicare Plans
Humana's plans help Medicare-eligible consumers get more from their healthcare dollars.
Members can choose plans that include both drug and medical coverage, as well as stand-
alone prescription drug coverage.
What We Stand For
People. Choice. Engagement. Innovation.

These four simple words define who we are and what we stand for as a company.
Together, these ideals give us the power to transform our industry.
Four ideals guide our business
Humana's focus on people, choice, engagement, and innovation guides our day-to-day
business activities. A commitment to these ideals, both internally and externally, drives
our behavior – individually and collectively – as a team.
We believe associates are our competitive advantage. We seek to attract, develop, and
retain talented associates in roles where they can contribute effectively to the company.
At the same time, we reward associates for their contributions by providing competitive
pay and benefit choices to help them achieve a balance in their personal lives and
professional goals.
We believe choice is the foundation for engagement and accountability. We offer our
customers, consumers, and associates choices that allow them to make the decisions that
best fit their individual and family needs.
Our associates champion the consumer. As consumers, they are in a unique position to
translate their own experiences and perspectives into the design and development of our
products and services. They understand that providing guidance to our customers, both
internal and external, means engaging them as partners, understanding their needs,
working with them to find a solution, and living up to our commitments.
We are not afraid to take risks. Our consumer-focused strategy requires us to lead,
innovate, and disrupt the industry. Both as individuals and in teams, we are responsible
for taking ownership and contributing results to our business. We support diverse
opinions and perspectives because they bring richness and creativity to our solutions and
JP Morgan
1. What do actuaries do for this company?

          All their training happens in New York. They combine professors from the

           top business schools and their own senior employers to mix the theoretical and

           the practical. They are very fast paced and want someone who shares their

           aspiration to be the best in the world, someone who is very personable and is

           ready to really get up close and personal with the clients.

2. What sets this company apart from others?

          They wish to start investing in Asia as a core strategic portfolio allocation not

           as a tactical opportunity or a diversifier. They are in over 50 countries and

           have clients in over 100. They offer Investment Banking, Sales and Trading,

           Research, and Asset Management to a wide variety of individuals and


3. Other interesting facts about the company that students might want to know

          Vault voted J.P. Morgan best training program out of all Investment and

           Commercial Banks for 2008. They have a work and life program to help their

           employees with their everyday out of work life, along with a program for paid

           time off for new parents.

Website Used:
Liberty Mutual Insurance Group
Industry: Insurance – Personal Lines, Commercial Lines, Reinsurance
Lines of Insurance Business: Auto Insurance, Home Insurance, Life Insurance.

What do actuaries do for this company?
   Actuaries are very important to the Liberty Mutual because they work on the key
      parts on companies operating healthily.
   Liberty Mutual actuary use analytical talents and understanding of human
      behavior to resolve thought-provoking business problems and bring value to
      clients. They also provide array of training and management support.
   Possibilities are endless for actuaries at Liberty.

What sets this company apart from others?
   Actuaries are part of Liberty Mutual will be rewarded with raises, increased
      responsibility, and promotions for working hard and successfully completing
      exams specific to your field.
   Liberty Mutual has a long history of promoting actuaries to senior management
      positions in many areas, such as sales, underwriting, reinsurance, and finance.
      Even the CEO of Liberty is an actuary.

Other interesting facts about the company that students might want to know
    Liberty Mutual has offices in 24 countries.
    Among top ten property/casualty companies in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Portugal,
       Singapore, Spain and Thailand.
New York Life
                Personal Lines
The actuaries at New York Life are actively involved in many aspects of the Company's
operations including the design and pricing of products, the evaluation of the Company’s
financial results, and setting the strategic vision of the company. With close to 100
Fellows of the Society of Actuaries, 35 Associates of the Society of Actuaries and
roughly 45 trainees, actuaries at New York Life make a difference. They have earned the
respect of both their fellow employees and of our agency force.

We provide our actuarial trainees with a broad background in both the theoretical and
practical applications of actuarial science by combining challenging rotating job
assignments and significant support towards the completion of the actuarial exams. We
also provide significant opportunities to improve business and leadership skills that will
enable advancement through the company and prove valuable throughout one's career.

Please visit this site for an extremely detailed description of its training program for

The First Choice Since 1845
For more than 160 years, New York Life Insurance Company’s unwavering financial
strength and time-tested investment strategies have provided consistent value and solid
financial protection for our clients and their families.

Since becoming the first American life insurance company to pay a cash dividend to
policyholders in the mid–1800s, New York Life has continued to build a history of
innovation—enhancing our existing product lines, creating new financial products, and
maintaining a diversified portfolio to best accommodate our customers’ changing needs
and lifestyles.

Central to our success are our New York Life agents, who are widely recognized as the
best-trained professionals in the industry. Our agents have the ability to understand each
customer’s objectives and draw upon New York Life’s products to best address those

As you seek financial security for yourself and your loved ones, you want the best: A
strong and vital company with a competitive product line and a superior sales force that is
committed to providing personal attention to your individual needs.

This section of the Web site is designed to provide you with a brief overview of New
York Life—our core strength, our commitment to excellence, and our people. Learn why
we’re The Company You Keep.®
Why We’re a Mutual Company
The life insurance business is unique. People pay us premiums for many years and
receive nothing in return but a promise that New York Life will be there, strong and
solvent, decades from now, to help pay a claim, fund a retirement, or meet nursing home

That’s why it’s important that we’re a mutual insurance company. A mutual insurance
company is a company that is not publicly traded. Therefore, it has no stock to be bought
and sold and no shareholders. Instead, policyholders share in the ownership of the
company. For this reason, unlike publicly traded companies that manage their business
for the short-term benefit of shareholders, we are guided by the longer-term needs and
expectations of our policyholders. This makes New York Life, essentially, a partner in
your long-term planning.

Financial Strength: Promises Kept
It all begins with financial strength, which allows us to meet our future obligations to
policyholders. Along with nearly $198 billion in consolidated assets1, New York Life
Insurance Company holds a stable and diversified portfolio and consistently receives
among the highest ratings for financial strength from the life insurance industry’s
independent rating agencies. We’ve earned these ratings: Our capital position is one of
the strongest in the industry, giving us the financial strength to weather unexpected

Our Ratings
New York Life (NYL) has received among the highest ratings for financial strength from
the life insurance industry’s principal rating agencies:

      A.M. Best (A++)
      Standard & Poor’s (AAA)
      Moody’s (Aaa)
      Fitch (AAA)

What the Rating Agencies Say

Total Surplus: Another Critical Benchmark
An insurer’s ability to maintain a high level of financial stability while meeting financial
objectives is another clear indicator of its long-term security. One way to assess an
insurer's strength in this area is to consider its total surplus.

Surplus is essentially New York Life’s net worth. It represents the accumulated earnings
over the years from our business operation after all obligations are met. It’s our safety
margin in economic downturns and can be used to fuel the Company’s growth.

Surplus is the most important single indicator of a mutual insurance company’s financial
strength. This strength ensures our ability to fulfill our long-term commitments to our
New York Life’s Surplus: Strength in Our Numbers
New York Life has a total surplus, including investment reserves, of $14.7 billion and a
surplus-to-assets ratio of 7.6%.

Capital & Surplus

      New York Life: $14.7 billion2
      Average of Top 25 Insurers: $8.6 billion3
      New York Life Surplus as a Percentage of Assets: 7.6%2
      Average of Top 25 Insurers Surplus as a Percentage of Assets: 5.3%3

Disciplined Investment Management
Wise investments and conservative balance sheet management are the foundation of New
York Life’s financial strength. Our investment portfolio is diversified and stable. In fact,
the majority of New York Life’s assets are invested in fixed income securities, and 92
percent of these securities have investment grade ratings by the National Association of
Insurance Commissioners as of 12/31/07.

Diligent expense control—reflected in New York Life’s low expense ratio (this refers to
the ratio of general expenses to net premiums written)—is further testimony to our sound
financial management and our commitment to providing the best possible value to our

Translating Strength into Value
Participating policyholders of a mutual insurance company are contractually allowed to
share in the company’s periodic distributions. In other words, they receive dividends
when they are declared by the board of directors.4

Since the mid-1800s, New York Life has paid more than $40 billion in dividends to our
participating policyholders with permanent life insurance policies. In 2007 alone, we paid
approximately $1.6 billion in dividends to our participating policyholders.

When dividends are declared, as a participating policyholder, you’ll have several options.
For example, you can use the dividend to enhance the value of an existing policy or
purchase new life insurance, if you think your family needs more protection. If you’ve
made consistent premium payments for a number of years, you can have future payments
made from current and accumulated dividends. Or you can simply spend the dividends.
It’s up to you.

Humanity is Our Cornerstone
One of New York Life’s core values is its commitment to humanity. In fact, our
charitable contributions date back to 1853, when the Company helped victims of a yellow
fever outbreak in New Orleans. Since then, New York Life has distinguished itself by
responding in times of crisis, helping to build stronger, more vibrant communities and
contributing resources to address emerging social issues.
In 1951, the Company established the first formal contributions budget. In 1979, the New
York Life Foundation—the primary vehicle through which the Company supports
charitable causes—was established. In 1998, the foundation implemented its Nurturing
the Children initiative, which focuses on education and mentoring programs. In addition,
the foundation supports a select number of programs focused on childhood bereavement
and programs helping older adults to be active and engaged in their communities.

New York Life is equally committed to serving the communities where our employees
and agents live and work – it underscores who we are a Company. The Corporate
Responsibility Unit and the New York Life Foundation provide leadership and support to
New York Life agents, employees and retirees who want to make a difference in the lives
of others.

Since the foundation's inception we've given more than $100 million in grants. For all of
these reasons, we believe that while we are known for a long history of financial strength,
our greatest strength comes from our firm belief in humanity and compassion. For more
information, please visit the foundation's website

Always Leading the Way
Life insurance is the backbone of our business, and we’re very proud of our innovations
in designing financial services for people at every income level. In addition to providing
a broad range of quality products, we offer a variety of policy riders that can tailor a
product to meet your changing needs and circumstances. For instance, such riders can
make it possible for you to skip premium payments during times of disability, provide for
a surviving spouse’s retirement, and offer small business solutions.

       The First…

      New York Life was the first U.S. life insurer to declare and pay a cash dividend to
       policyholders in America.
      New York Life was the first insurer to issue life insurance to women at the same
       rates as men at a time when women traditionally paid more for coverage.
      New York Life was the first to insure people with physical impairments or
       hazardous occupations.
      New York Life was first to offer customers a convenient direct-withdrawal
       method for paying premiums.
      New York Life was the first insurer to require its agents to pursue a formal
       continuing education program.,3254,2,00.html
Oliver Wyman Actuarial Consulting
1. What Industry are the companies in?
   Consulting companies

2. If they are consulting, what types of consulting do they do? (Note: There can be
   more than one answer per company)

   Oliver Wyman’s Actuarial Consulting Practice works with companies to manage
   property and casualty, life, and healthcare risks across a broad range of industries.
   Their three primary area are:

       o Health and Welfare
       o Life
       o Property and Casualty
3. What do actuaries do for this company?
     o Actuaries in use mathematical and statistical modeling skills to assist our
         clients in evaluating and addressing risk.
     o Actuaries mainly work under their financial service department.
4. What sets this company apart from others?
     o Actuaries in use mathematical and statistical modeling skills to assist our
         clients in evaluating and addressing risk. Oliver wyman offers solutions to
         clients may manage and prepare for the potential financial consequences of
         uncertain future events.
     o They are the consulting companies that deal with other companies’ assets and
               Personal Lines
The Phoenix Companies, Inc. is a leading provider of life insurance, annuities and
investment products for the accumulation, preservation and transfer of wealth. The
company offers a broad portfolio of products and services to help meet the needs of
affluent and high-net-worth individuals and of institutions. Our products are available
through a wide variety of third-party financial advisors and consultants.

With a history dating to 1851, Phoenix is publicly traded on the New York Stock
Exchange under the symbol PNX. The Phoenix Companies, Inc. has two principal
operating subsidiaries, Phoenix Life Insurance Company, and Phoenix Investment
Partners, Ltd. The company also offers private placement insurance products through
Philadelphia Financial Group, a wholly owned subsidiary.

Phoenix has corporate offices in Hartford, Connecticut, and two other home offices in
East Greenbush, N.Y., and Greenfield, Mass. As of May 2006, we had approximately
1,500 employees in our home offices and other locations throughout the United States.

Actuaries have the opportunity to make their mark – and make a difference – at Phoenix.
Their unique abilities are valuable strategic assets. Importantly, too, we are a people-
friendly company that helps our employees build successful careers and lead fulfilling
        Phoenix Culture

We Nurture and Respect People – now that's excellence

Phoenix is a special place where we help employees lead fulfilling lives
professionally and personally.

     Over 75% of our employees enjoy a daily flexible schedule, and over
    15% have other formal flexible arrangements. Many work regularly from
    homes or locations outside the office.
     We listen to employees and respect their opinions and new ideas. We
    conduct an annual employee survey and believe in straightforward
     Our culture of flexibility and respect is recognized by organizations like
    Working Mother magazine, where we are a Hall of Fame member.
Products Overview

Founded in 1851, Phoenix is a financially strong and stable company with a
history of keeping its promises. Our clear vision and strategic focus on life
insurance, annuities and investments make us quick to adapt to changes and
opportunities in the market and help our customers do the same.

We are committed to excellence in everything we do - from protecting people
and their loved ones and businesses with life insurance and estate planning
strategies; to helping secure their retirement dreams with annuities and
income strategies; and to preserving and growing assets of individuals and
institutions through disciplined asset allocation and professionally managed

Actuarial Student Development Program

At Phoenix, actuarial students have the opportunity to do meaningful work,
contribute to the success of the company and interact closely with colleagues
and senior management.

A personalized work rotation is designed for each student. Rotations are
typically 18 to 24 months long, and provide exposure to several of the
following areas: life and annuity product development, financial reporting,
modeling, hedging and risk management, investments, competition and

Students receive technical training, one-on-one mentoring and can develop
their leadership potential through various corporate training programs.

Phoenix provides support to active, successful students in fulfilling their
requirements to obtain Fellowship in the Society of Actuaries (FSA) by:

      Paying for the latest editions of exam materials, testing fees
     and preparation seminar expenses
      Providing generous study hours and flexible work
      Giving pay increases for passing exams and awarding
     bonuses when exams are passed on the first attempt

Compensation is competitive with the industry and students participate in
a Performance Incentive Plan that provides annual merit increases and
bonuses based on performance.

Phoenix's home office location of Hartford, Conn., provides students with a
choice of lifestyles – urban, suburban and rural, with New York, Boston, ski
slopes and beaches all nearby. Our tight-knit group of students works and
plays together.
Some of our students begin their actuarial careers at Phoenix after spending
one of their college summers in our Actuarial Internship Program.

Candidates should have:

       An undergraduate degree in actuarial science, mathematics,
     finance, engineering, statistics or economics
       A GPA of 3.0 or above
       Completed at least one SOA exam
       Strong business, mathematical and communications skills
Principal Financial Group

   What Industry are the companies in?
         o Finance and Insurance
   If they are in Insurance, what type of insurance company are they? (Note: There can
    be more than one answer per company)
         o Retirement
         o Life
         o Heath Insurance
   If they are Insurance, what type of lines do they offer? (Note: There can be more than
    one answer per company)
         o Personal Lines (insurance for individuals)
         o Commercial Lines (insurance of companies)
   What do actuaries do for this company?
         o Actuary's responsibilities include pricing, product development, financial
            analysis or research in any one of our diversified lines of business.
         o Actuaries may work under insurance or investment
   What sets this company apart from others?
         o It is not an insurance only company; instead, it provides service in retirement,
            investments, insurance and banking.
         o For interns, 10 outstanding interns will be honored with a VIP Scholarship of
            $2,500, to be used for college expenses the following academic year
         o offer international jobs in Chile, Hong Kong, India and Mexico
   Other interesting facts about the company that students might want to know
   Eddie is the lead character in the current marketing campaign of the Principal
    Financial Group.
   FORTUNE’S “100 Best Companies to Work For”
Swiss Re Life and Health North (

-Focusing on Reinsurance (Life)

-Careers: Claims Analysts, Underwriters, and other positions available in reinsurance

- Swiss Re views superior actuarial talent as a vital factor to our success. That’s why we
place great emphasis on recruiting top talent into our Actuarial Development Program

Our program helps develop actuaries in many ways – from study allowances to generous
financial rewards to mentoring and career development opportunities. When you join
Swiss Re, you join an innovative organization with solid financial strength that values
your talents and provides a proven path for your success.

Founded in 1863, Swiss Re is one of the world’s most diversified reinsurance.
Reinsurance, often called “insurance for insurance companies,” is a major risk and capital
management tool for primary insurers, who buy reinsurance for risks they cannot or do
not wish to retain fully themselves companies, with more than 70 offices in 30 countries.
The Harford
             Property & Casualty
             Personal Lines and Commercial Lines
  The Hartford Financial Services Group
  Founded in 1810, The Hartford Financial Services Group, Inc. (NYSE: HIG) is
  one of the largest investment and insurance companies based in the United States,
  with offices in Japan, Brazil, Ireland, England, Canada, and the United States.
  With 31,000 employees and $2.9 billion in net income in 2007, The Hartford was
  ranked 82nd on the 2007 Fortune 100 list.

  The Hartford is a leading provider of investment products – annuities, mutual
  funds, college savings plans – as well as life insurance, group and employee
  benefits, automobile and homeowners' insurance, and business insurance.

  The Hartford serves millions of customers worldwide – including individuals,
  institutions, and businesses – through independent agents and brokers, financial
  institutions, and online. About 11,000 independent agencies and more than
  100,000 registered broker/dealers sell The Hartford's trusted products.

  After nearly 200 years in business, The Hartford is known for its financial strength
  and stability, superior customer service, and continued operational excellence.

   The Hartford - Always Thinking Ahead.
   Career Development

  Our Career Development Philosophy:

  Employees, with the support of management and the organization, will develop,
  maintain and enhance skills and competencies in alignment with strategic business
  plans, in order to provide for both the individual's and the company's success.


  At The Hartford, we understand that the success of our company depends on our
  people. We are committed to career development and continuous learning in order
  to help our employees grow both professionally and personally.

  We encourage, and expect, our employees to take charge of their careers by
  utilizing the many development tools and opportunities including:
       Degree Development Program: tuition reimbursement for college degrees and
    job-related coursework
       Professional Designation Program: reimbursement, bonuses, on-site testing, and
    study groups for achieving professional designations
       Customizable web-based training and eLearning programs
       Leadership Development Programs
       Corporate University: various instructor-led, distance learning, application
    training and on-line offerings
       Training on core competencies such as communications skills and time
       Workshops, classes and individual counseling to help employees plan and
    develop their career
       Training on core competencies such as communications skills and time
       Workshops, classes and individual counseling to help employees plan and
    develop their career
       Microsoft office product training in the classroom and desktop tutorials
       A lending library of books, videos and audio tapes on career development, core
    competency and leadership development topics
       Access to internal job postings

Please visit this link for an more details on its actuarial program.
The Horace Mann Companies

-Focusing on Insurance (auto/life insurance + retirement annuities) for educators and
their families

-Careers: Agents, Field Marketing, Field Claims, and Home Office positions available

-They have nearly 850 agents nationwide and a corporate staff headquartered in
Springfield, Illinois, home of the Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum. Horace
Mann’s representatives have been professionally trained to help one find financial
solutions to meet one’s needs and goals. Horace Mann can provide auto, homeowners,
life, retirement annuities, long-term care and disability insurance. Additionally, they have
claim offices located across the country to handle your auto and homeowner claims.

-Today, Horace Mann is the largest multiline insurance company focusing on the nation's
educators and their families with more than $4 billion in assets. Horace Mann offers
retirement annuities, automobile, homeowner, group and life insurance to educators and
their families.
Trustmark Companies
1. Industry: Insurance - Commercial Lines

2. Lines of Insurance Business - Life, Health

3. Lines of Actuaries starting at this company are “assistant actuaries,” assisting the

   associate actuaries that have been with the company longer. There is also a rotation

   program encouraged, offering opportunities to do actuarial work in a range of fields.

4. There are many different facets to the health and life insurance lines this company

   offers, which coupled with the company’s rotation programs provides many different

   opportunities for an actuary at this company. The company has a 37.5 hour work

   week, meaning that many actuaries will have the option of working half-day Fridays

   all year long. There is also access to a mentoring program and up to 140 paid hours

   research for SOA exams a year.

5. Actuaries at Trustmark have access to the 401(k) program. Trustmark matches up to

   4% of an employee’s salary and then provides and additional 5% of eligible pay.

Website Used:
Watson Wyatt Worldwide
1. What Industry are the companies in?

      Consulting - Retirement, Health and Welfare

2. Actuaries for this company can expect to work in a fast-paced, team environment.

   They should be able to work creatively to solve analytical problems without a lot of

   direct supervision. In addition, actuaries here need to have a strong knowledge of MS

   Excel, Word, Access, and PowerPoint.

3. Watson Wyatt does consulting in a range of important issues. They advise clients on

   issues including employee benefits, human capital strategy, technology solutions, and

   investment advice. This company offers Exam Coaching and Buddy and Mentoring

   Programs for on the job training. They also have some instruction available on the


4. The company averages almost $2 billion in annual revenue and has locations in 32


Website Used:
WellCare Health Plans

   What Industry are the companies in?
         o Insurance
   If they are in Insurance, what type of insurance company are they? (Note: There can
    be more than one answer per company)
         o Health
   If they are Insurance, what type of lines do they offer? (Note: There can be more than
    one answer per company)
         o Personal Lines (insurance for individuals and families)
         o Government
   What do actuaries do for this company?
         o Manage the monthly calculation of the Corporation’s IBNR reserves.
         o Manage and develop actionable recommendations to management relative to
            all analysis.
         o Manage and perform monthly analysis identifying opportunities to reduce cost
            and utilization and provide recommendations to senior management.
         o Evaluate and assess the government reimbursement process to determine areas
            of risk and opportunity.
         o Manage the monitoring of trends and changes in the actuarial field and
            healthcare industry and communicate findings to upper management and
            appropriate associates.
   What sets this company apart from others?
         o WellCare is a leading provider of managed care services dedicated to
            government-sponsored healthcare programs, focusing on Medicaid and
         o Concentrating on Medicare
         o The WellCare Group of Companies operates plans under the WellCare,
            Staywell, HealthEase, Harmony, and PreferredOne brands.
   Other interesting facts about the company that students might want to know
         o Deal with health and Medicare and Medicaid
         o Value of WellCare: partnership, integrity, accountability and teamwork
WellPoint, Inc.
1. The company offers a rotation program for its interns or newer employees, providing

   experience with a wide range of skills for its actuaries. The company has a particular

   interest in reforming health care with respect to diversity; associates here will have to

   go through a cultural awareness workshop; most employees find it beneficial and


2. WellPoint is America’s largest publicly-traded commercial health benefits company.

   The company deals with a broad range of healthcare issues. They also tap into

   additional markets, offering specialty markets such as life and disability insurance

   benefits, pharmacy benefit management, dental, vision, behavioral health benefit


3. WellPoint has several locations in the Midwest, on the West coast, and on the East


Website Used:
Zurich North America

Industry: Insurance - Personal Lines, Commercial Lines
Lines of Insurance Business: Property and Casualty

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