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									Katie (Exceeding expectations) A

       In it clear that Katie enjoyed the novel study on The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. She independently and consistently
provided work that was clear, accurate, detailed and provided support. Katie’s chapter circles were exceptional, where most of her
time and effort was shown with her final product. Katie’s chapter questions and quizzes were completed with accurate information.
Katie described Narnia and the characters with vivid language and often included “between the lines” information. Katie efficiently
skims and rereads for information to add color to the chapter response. It has been a treat to challenge Katie in her writing skills, and
she has risen to the occasion every time. I am excited for when Katie will produce next!

Jackson (Fully-meeting Expectations) B

         In our novel study The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, Jackson has showed that he can work consistently when answering
chapter questions. He responds to questions accurately and all questions were completed. Jackson’s chapter circles, which was a large
component of the novel study, were accurate, complete, and provided detail and support for each chapter. Jackson was able to
accurately described the characters and events in some detail, often using exact words of the selection on the chapter quizzes. Jackson
is also able to recount events in the correct sequence and explain how they were related. Jackson is still working on answering precise,
complete, and include “between the lines” information. Jackson is learning how to consistently complete charts and webs that is clear,
accurate, and detailed. With some more time, Jackson will be able to thoroughly and accurately describe events, setting, and character.
I am sure Jackson will make these improvements soon, like he has in other areas since that start of the year.
Max (minimally Meeting Expectations) C

        Max has completed most of the work for our novel study on The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. Max has been a pleasure
to have in our class. Max has brought a flavor and energy to our discussions about Narnia. Max is still working on providing
consistent detail and clarity in his responses. From time to time Max shows accurate responses in his chapter questions and quizzes. I
was happy to see all his chapter circles and chapter questions complete. This is definitely a step in the right direction. Max is starting
to interpret literal information more accurately. He has difficulty making logical inferences about the character’s feelings and links to
overall story ideas and purpose of the author. I am including more opportunity for responses in graphic form, either web or charts in
the chapter quizzes and this has seemed to help Max’ retrieval of information. I think this will allow Max to build understanding on
how events are related. When prompted Max uses his understanding of story structure to make predictions. At home it would be
helpful to work with Max to provide more detail and clarity in his responses to chapter questions. He has trouble beginning sentences,
but once he has started he can identify many related details and ideas in his response. Max has great reading comprehension and we
will continue to work on his writing skills throughout the year.
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