A-z of Authors by zhaonedx


									 Cressrelles: A-Z of Authors and their Works – www.cressrelles.co.uk – 12th
                               October 2010

                            Alphabetical Index of Authors and Their Works

 Over the years, pressure on space has meant that many of the titles we publish have been removed from our
catalogues. This is a list of all our plays and theatre books. Every attempt has been made to ensure the accuracy
 of this list, but there may be some omissions and some titles may no longer be in copyright or handled by us.
                    However, we will be able to point you in the right direction if this is the case.

Abernethy, Margaret                     Edge Of Doom
Abrahall, Clare H.                      Butler In A Box
Ackland, Rodney                         Dance With No Music
Adamson, Jean                           Open Today
Agg, Howard                             Come to the Ball
                                        Happily Ever After
 “ with Johnson, Philip                 New School for Scandal
 “ with Constanduros, Mabel             And So They Were Married
                                        Goose Chase
                                        Sentimental Ladies
                                        Shadow Passes
                                        Tonight We Present (Collected Plays)
Agnew, F.E.M.                           Happy Families
Aickman, Robert Fordyce                 Bathwater
Ainsworth, Florence                     Jilted Pair
Airton, Noel                            Behind the Shop
Aldrich, Arthur                         Sitting In With Nellie
Allen, Janet                            Crooked Road
                                        Kind Cousin
                                        Man Outside
                                        Moment in Time
Allen, Vera                             Mysterious Way
                                        With Thunder In Places
Allen, Vera with
       Verity, Elma                     Appointment In Eden
                                        Good Night, Marcia
                                        Uncertain Glory
Anderson, Clement                       Angel Called Jeremy
Anderson, Hilda                         Arm Of The Law
                                        Golden Wedding Day
                                        Pastoral Fantasia
Anderson, James                         Animals’ Christmas
Anderson, Kenneth                       Admiral Benbow
                                        Mountain Ash
                                        North Wind
                                        Twilight Tale
Anderson, John-Stuart                   Llanwrtyd Cycle
                                        Tyndale’s Dream
Andrews, W. H. with
       Dearmer, Geoffrey                Referee
Angwin, Fiona                           Beryllium
Anstruther, G. M.                       On Such A Night
 Cressrelles: A-Z of Authors and their Works – www.cressrelles.co.uk – 12th
                               October 2010

Appleford, David           Bargaining Point
                           Ladies of Iniquity
Arlett, Vera               And Yet I Live
                           First Time I Saw Paris
                           Gentle Heart
                           Midnight to Dawn
                           Sunset On Illyria
                           Way To His Heart
Arlett, Vera with
         Verity, Elma      Castle on the Moor
                           Deep Thatch
                           Haste To The Wedding
                           Ladies In Danger
                           Mother Of The Bride
                           Operation Horace
                           Portrait Of A Gentleman
                           Portrait Of A Lady
                           Under The Clock
                           Yours to Command (No copy)
Armstrong, Anthony         At “The Coach and Horses”
Armstrong, G.              Handcuffs
Armstrong, G. K.           Walk Into My Parlour
Armstrong, Joseph          Mother Earth
Arnot, B. Douglas          Sometimes In October
Arthur, Frank              Twenty Minutes With Mrs Oakentubb
Asgold, S.                 At The Brig End
Ashdowne, Olivia           Cupboard
                           How Could You Forget?
                           Something To Live For
Ashhurst, Cyril L.         Anniversary
Ashmore, Basil             Quintet in A Flat
                           (From the Russian ”Squaring the Circle” by Kataev, Valentin)
Ashton, E. Bruce           Daughter Of Dreams
                           Many Happy Returns
                           Silk For Her Wedding
                           Truant Bride
Ashworth, Margaret         Maid’s Judgement
                           Sale By Auction
Assinder, Peter            Christmas With A Difference
                           Find The Lady
                           For Fear Of Strangers
                           Help Committee
                           Help Committee Try Again
                           Hidden Frontiers
                           Other Door
                           Paying Guest
                           Proof Of The Pudding
 Cressrelles: A-Z of Authors and their Works – www.cressrelles.co.uk – 12th
                               October 2010

Assinder, Peter with
       James, Stella Wyn        All Concerned
 “ with Sinclair, Naomi         Present Mirth (+ Music)
Assinder with Various Authors   Excursions In French
                                Playtime Plays
                                Two Nativities
Atkinson, M. E.                 Beginner’s Luck
                                Can The Leopard?
                                Chimney Corner
                                Crab-Apple Harvest
                                Day’s Good Cause
                                Going Rustic
                                Here Lies Matilda
                                Lights Go Up
                                Little White Jumbo
                                Spring Song
Austin, Brian                   Arthur’s Big Day
                                Beecher File

Bacon, Charlotte                Created He Them
Bains, Lynn                     Day For Killing Daffodils
Baker, Ethel                    After The Auction
                                Pills From A Stranger
                                Pot And Kettle
Baker, Hendrik                  Stage Management and Theatrecraft
Baker, Loveday Goldie           Conspiracy At “The Crayfish”
Baker, Ralph                    Happy Birthday
Baldry, Cherith                 Where Late The Sweet Birds Sang
Bamford, Simon                  Answer
                                Just A Loving Touch
                                No Roses Around The Door
                                Who’s A Pretty Boy Then?
Banister, Eve                   Margaret
Banks, Lynne Reid               All In A Row
                                It Never Rains
                                Killer Dies Twice
Banks, Lynne Reid with
        Maddern, Victor         Miss Pringle Plays Portia
Bannisdale, V.E.                Village Jumble
Barne, Kitty                    Adventurers (+ Score)
                                Days Of Glory
                                Shilling Tea
                                They Made The Royal Arms
Barnett, Stephen                300th Performance
 Cressrelles: A-Z of Authors and their Works – www.cressrelles.co.uk – 12th
                               October 2010

Barnsdale, Sheila          Fact or Fiction
                           House Of Women
Barringer, Michael         Inquest!
Barritt, E. Lloyd          Captivity
Barron, Charles            Mannie
Barron, Ray                A-Hunting We Will Go
Barrow, William            End Of Term
                           One Valentine Day
                           Peaceful Evening
Bartle, Arthur             Bill Breaks Out
                           Buying Biddy
                           Yes! John
Bartram, Frances           Tiddley Pum
Bate, Sam                  Anniversary Day
                           Apple And Eve
                           Black Tulip
                           Christmas Cheer
                           Christmas Crackers
                           Christmas Spirit
                           Crisis In Clover
                           End Of The Honeymoon
                           Escape To Fear
                           Flora MacDonald’s Mission
                           Granny Takes The Helm
                           Her Husband’s Harem
                           Hit Or A Miss
                           Holiday Haunts
                           Honeymoon For One
                           Legacy of Ladies
                           Love And Lavender
                           Madness In May
                           Monday’s Washing Day
                           Motive For Murder
                           Mrs Dooley’s Table
                           Pickle In Paradise
                           Quiet Places
                           Raising The Roof
                           Right Of Way
                           Royal Carpet
                           Rugs And Pewter
                           Shelley And Mary
                           Someone Else’s Pretty Toys
                           South Seas Sighting
                           Stage Door Murder
                           Tarzan’s Mother
                           These Ghoulish Things
                           They Wanted A Leader
                           Washing Day Welcome
                           Wedding Crisis
                           Well! Well!
  Cressrelles: A-Z of Authors and their Works – www.cressrelles.co.uk – 12th
                                October 2010

Bax, Clifford                    Circe
Bax, Clifford with
         Lion, Leon M.           Hemlock For Eight
Bayley, Hilda                    Suicide Deferred
Beale, George C.                 Late Extra
Beard, Linda                     Sauce For The Goose
Beddington, Harry                Footing The Bill
Bedford, Tom                     Bridge
Bednarczyk, Yvonne               Marriage A La Mode
Beech, Marjorie                  Mrs Wilton’s Friends
                                 Young Mr Dickens
Beeche, Marjorie                 Help From Sweden
                                 Lemon Curd
Beeson, Jane                     Cuckoo
Behan, Brendan                   Quare Fellow (Amateur Rights Only)
Bell, A. Craig                   Charades

Bell, J.J.                       Relapse In “Consols”
                                 Wee MacGregor’s Party
Bell, Marjorie                   S For Susan
Bell, Stanley with
         Marshall, Norman and
         Southern, Richard       Essentials of Stage Planning
Benfield, Derek                  Champagne For Breakfast
                                 Down To Brass Tacks
                                 Out Of Thin Air
                                 Way The Wind Blows
                                 Young In Heart
Bennett, Arnold                  Good Woman
Bennett, Charles                 Blackmail (Amateur Rights Only)
                                 Last Hour
Bennett, Margaretta              Ladies In Jeopardy
Benoliel, M.H                    Stage Make-Up Made Easy
Bensusan, S.L.                   Joshua
                                 Tea-Time Gossip
                                 Village Tragedy
                                 Wise Woman
Bere De La, Wendy                Rural Britannia
Beresford, Hugh                  Five Characters In Search Of A Change
                                 Flash In the Dark
                                 Late Lamented
                                 Man Upstairs
                                 Out Of The Night
                                 Up The Garden Path
Beresford, Hugh with
        Searle, C. St. Brelade   Coming Of Simon Eval
                                 Second Guest
Berkeley, Reginald               Dweller In The Darkness
                                 Queen Of Moturea
Bernard, Averil                  Lost Heir (+ Music)
Berrill, Frances                 King’s Gift
 Cressrelles: A-Z of Authors and their Works – www.cressrelles.co.uk – 12th
                               October 2010

Berry, Arthur               Miss Cardell’s School Days
                            Olive Goes To Town
Best, Joseph with
         Cranmore, Walton   Kindled Flame
Betts, Ron                  Benjamin Goodright’s Bedtime Story
                            Bennetto – His Life And Crimes
                            Clumpeter And The Dragon
                            Dawson’s Folly
                            Packet Of Trouble
Bingham, Jack               Nine To Five
                            Take A Leaf Out Of Gregory’s Book
                            To Father With Love
Binyon, Laurence            Godstow Nunnery
Bishop, Eleanor             Their Majesties’ Theatre
Bishop, Margaret            Parlez-vous Francais?
Bisson, Pat                 Is There Anybody There?
                            Little Red Riding Hood
                            Merry Widows
                            Princess And The Frog
                            Simple Simon
                            When the Clock Strikes
Blackmore, Peter            Down Came A Blackbird
                            Mad About Men
                            Mock Orange
Blaikley, Editha            Hat
                            Up Against Mrs Cooper
Blair                       For Home – Or Country?
Blair, E.M.                 London House
Blandford, Steven           From Whence He Came
                            Their Town
Block, Toni                 Flowers For The Living
Blomfield, Richard          Get Well Soon, Darling
Blow, Sydney                Mrs Biddlecombe and a Jumble Sale
                            Mrs Biddlecombe’s Outing
                            Mrs Biddlecombe’s Trip To Australia
Bollans, G.E.               Crooked Courtship
                            Jobs For The Girls
                            Shadow Of Fear
                            Sleeping Dogs
                            Unhappy Wanderers
                            Wedding Bells For Clara?
Bond, Christopher           Food Of Love
Bond, Pat                   Magic Tractor
Bone, Florence              Cousin Sarah’s Quilt
                            Time Ticks On
 Cressrelles: A-Z of Authors and their Works – www.cressrelles.co.uk – 12th
                               October 2010

Booth, Anthony             First Stop Paris
                           Sherri Dawson
                           This Isn’t My Scene Man!
                           Who’s Kidding Who?
Booth, Jack                Bit On The Other Side
                           Both Worlds
                           By Whose Hand?
                           Charley’s Uncle
                           Dead On Time
                           Death Of A Hero
                           Dirty Weekend
                           Echo of Applause
                           Face Of Evil
                           Fifty … and Counting
                           Friendly Affair
                           Little White Lies
                           Loved One
                           Mirror Mirror On The Wall
                           Neighs, Neighbours And Naivety
                           No Stairs To Climb
                           Or Was He Pushed?
                           Over His Dead Body
                           Question Of Identity
                           Season Of Goodwill
                           Seeing Double
                           Sleeping Arrangements
                           Something On His Mind
                           Tangled Web
                           Two Sides Of A Square
                           Your Place Or Mine?
Boothe, Clare              Women
Boswell, Jack              Death and Nellie Miller
                           Drunkard’s Lament or Time Gentlemen Please
                           Low Comedy Woman
                           Time Of Departure
                           Walrus And The Carpenter
Bowen, Jennie with
       Burgoyne, Steve     Jack And The Beanstalk
Bowen, Terence             Sunday Tea
                           We Do It For Love
Bower, Margaret            Do You Believe In Fairy Tales?
                           Fitting Finish
                           Pictures At An Exhibition
                           Running Past
                           Such A Jolly Christmas
                           What Is To Become Of Mama?
Bowskill, Derek            Gilgamesh: Hero Of Babylon
                           Maker Of Love
 Cressrelles: A-Z of Authors and their Works – www.cressrelles.co.uk – 12th
                               October 2010

Box, Sydney                 Fantastic Flight
                            Symphonie Pathetique
Box, Sydney with
        Box, Muriel         Truth About Scotsmen
                            Truth About The Russians
                            Truth About Women
Boyd, A.K.                  Where Three Ways Meet
Boylan, John                Horizons: Saga Of Captain Cook
Bradbury, A.J.              And Never Let Him Go
                            Quiet March
                            Weapon In Wax
Bradbury, Parnell           Come Back
                            Fallen Angel
                            Judgement of Harris
                            Man Of No Experience
                            Off The Camden Road
Bramley-Moore, Z. with
       Gattey, C. Neilson   Colour of Anger
                            Eleventh Hour
                            Fair Cops
                            In the Maze
                            Mrs Adams and Eve
                            Mrs Griggs Loses Her Bed
                            Treasure From France
Brampton, Joan              Bedside Manner + Oh, Romeo!
                            Bride Unknown
                            Chance and Mrs Buffington
                            King’s Way
                            Man in the Mirror
                            Matters Arising
                            Penny Plain
                            Something Attempted
                            What’s Cooking?
                            What’s Hatching?
                            Woman Upstairs
                            Younger Greysmith
Brandane, John              Man of Uz
Brandon, Eileen             Bricks and Clay
                            Driver’s Seat
                            Home at Last
                            Party Time
                            Seconds Out
Bratt, Elizabeth            Cinderella
Breton Le, Andrew           Mind of Orion
Brett, Michael              This Happy Home
Briant, Keith               Pyschologist
Bricewhite, Gordon          Black Uniform
 Cressrelles: A-Z of Authors and their Works – www.cressrelles.co.uk – 12th
                               October 2010

Brides, Ivory                Frozen Heart
                             Goats and Crooks and Caravans
                             Jam Session
                             Love and Marriage
                             Rosemary and Rue
                             Roses for Freda
Bridge, F. Maynard           Baron’s Holiday
                             Bey of Bamra
                             Daffodil Grange
                             Don of Aquadulce
                             Doria’s Birthday
                             Happy Farm
                             Iron Band
                             Many Happy Returns
Bridge, F. Maynard cont’d    Merry Mayfield
                             Pirate of Panora
                             Pride of Bergenbond
                             What Luck!
Bridges, Victor              Green Monkey
        With Bridges, T.C.   Deadman’s Pool
Briggs, Robert               In On The Act
Brockbank, Stuart            Chasm
Broderick, Mary              Professional Assistance
Brokenshire, John            Gaolbird
Brooks, Jo                   Magic Snowflake
Brooks, Patricia             Celestial Error
                             Crisis in the Rag Trade
                             Find the Tiger
                             His Other Love
                             Light We Know
                             Meet George
                             Missing Person
                             Only Prison
                             Our Pleasant Vices
                             Prodigal Daughter
                             Return of the Rat
                             Venture All
Brown, Lionel                Brother Henry
                             Cut for Partners
                             For Dear Life
                             Here and Now
                             Not Proven
                             Square Pegs
                             Stolen Waters
                             This Land of Ours
                             This Year Next Year
                             To Have and to Hold
Brown, Margaret              Miss Lockhart Stoops to Conquer
Browne, E. Martin            Beginnings in Drama
 Cressrelles: A-Z of Authors and their Works – www.cressrelles.co.uk – 12th
                               October 2010

Brunton, F. Carmichael     Door on t’ Chain
                           Who Did It?
Bryan, Mary                You Gotta Be Dynamic …!
Bryce, Frank               Do-Gooders
                           500th W.A.C.
Buckley, Donald F.         Man Who Kissed His Wife
Burgoyne, Steve with
         Bowen, Jennie     Jack And The Beanstalk
Burke, Dominic             Four Marys
Burnet, Regula             Ladies Only
Burrell, Everan M.         Wager
Burton, Cyril J.           Crime By Persuasion
Butler, Hubert             Cherry Orchard
Butler, Ivan               Columbine in Camberwell
Byrd, Colin B.             Bathroom Tap
                           Discovering Charles

Callard, Maurice           Night In October
                           Sweet Nelly
                           Will You Take This Woman?
Cammiade, Audrey           OK, Aunt Em!
Campion, Cyril             This Monkey Business
Campton, David             Alison and Others
                           Boys and the Girls
                           Cactus Garden
                           Change Partners
                           Come Back Tomorrow
                           Dead and Alive
                           Funeral Dance
                           Going Home
                           Honeymoon Express
                           Ladies’ Night
                           More Sketches
                           Now and Then
                           On Stage
                           On Stage Again
                           Passport to Florence
                           Point of View
                           Ripple in the Pool
                           Roses Round the Door
                           Roses Round the Door and Other Plays
                           Silence on the Battlefiled
                           Soldier From the Wars Returning
 Cressrelles: A-Z of Authors and their Works – www.cressrelles.co.uk – 12th
                               October 2010

Campton, David cont’d      Split Down the Middle
                           Ten Sketches
                           Three Gothic Plays
                           Two Leaves and a Stalk
Capell, Iris               Hopeful Travellers
                           Professional Touch
Carlton, Glenise           C’Est Genial
                           Zut Alors
Carlton, John              King’s Leisure
Carr, Dorothy              Come Away Death
Carr, Leonora              Opportunity
Carr, Muriel A.            Sea Dust
Carroll, Don               Alice in Wonderland
                           Halfway Up the Wall
                           Too Much of A Good Thing
                           Wilfred Slept Here
Carroll, N. M.             Bell
                           Talking Point
Carswell, Donald           Count Albany
Carter, Beatrix            Afternoon Theatre
                           All Set for Murder
                           Bowl of Roses
                           Cabbages and Roses
                           Happy Xmas
                           Matter of Fiction!
                           Poor George
                           Red Book for Rosemary
                           Stranger on the Road
                           That’s Your Lot (Last Minute Sketches)
                           Thousand Pound Question
                           Three In Hand
                           To See Ourselves
                           Witch Hunt
Carter, F. A.              Fine Romance
                           Neighbourly Love
                           Turn for the Better
                           War When Its Over
Carter, Josephine          Rave No More
                           Twisted Mirror
Carver, Sidney             Royal Adventurer
Cassera, Nora              Oh, Theodore!
                           Spring Souffle
 Cressrelles: A-Z of Authors and their Works – www.cressrelles.co.uk – 12th
                               October 2010

Cassidy, Maud with
       Coke, Peter              Cure for Cold Feet
                                Food for Thought
                                She Laughs Last
                                Vacant Possession
Cassidy, Maud with
       Ghisalberti, Mario       New Liberties
Causley, Charles                Benedict
                                How Pleasant to Know Mrs Lear
Caws, Joan                      Hope Springs
                                Oliver’s Twist
                                Out of His Mind
Chambers, John                  Who Cares
Charles, Vernon                 Girl Who Came Back
Chenery, M.                     Lesson for Today
Chesterman, Hugh                Crock, the Cock and the Candle
                                On Ludgate Hill
                                Pie and the Tart
Chetham-Strode, Warren          Day Is Gone
                                Heart’s Content
                                Play for Ronnie
                                Stranger’s Road
Childs, F. T.                   Two Truths
Chisman, Isabel with
        Raven-Hart, Hester E.   Manners and Movement in Costume Plays
Chorpenning, Charlotte          Radio Rescue
 “ with Nicholson, Ann          Three Plays of Adventure
Chown, Patricia                 Beyond the Mirror
                                Miss Haffner
Christian, Mona                 Dancing Primcesses (+ Music)
Churcher, S. V. M.              At the Sign of the Blue Bell
Clare, Nora                     Surprise Packet
Clare, Nora with
        Assinder, Peter         Two Nativities – Light of the World
Clark, Eileen                   Dead End
                                Vacant Possession
Clarke, Mollie                  Gifts
Clarke, Stella M.               Everyman
Clarke-Smith, D. A.             Fourth Floor
Clewes, Lorraine with
         Liggat, James          Happy Ever After
Clift, Barbara                  Touch of the East
Clive, Lesley                   Daisy Chain
Coalbran, A. E. W.              Hot and Cold Running Water
Coates, Albert                  Strictly Doctor’s Orders
Coates, John                    Moonshine
Coe, David                      Promise Is a Promise
                                Seven Cream Jugs
                                Wife for Mr Watts
 Cressrelles: A-Z of Authors and their Works – www.cressrelles.co.uk – 12th
                               October 2010

Coke, Peter with
 “     Cassidy, Maud                 Cure for Cold Feet
                                     Food for Thought
                                     She Laughs Last
                                     Vacant Possession
 “       with Tyrrell, Mabel L.      Isle of Umbrellas
Coleman, Martyn                      How Now, Hecate?
Coles, Enid                          Nearly Four
Colings, John                        Kelly and Donald
Collins, Freda                       Angels at Bethlehem
                                     Children in the Marketplace: Stepping Stones to Playmaking
                                     Fortieth Man
                                     Let’s Prepare A Nativity Play
    “ with Graham-Campbell, Alison   No Room
  “      with Stephenson, Anne and
         Stevens, H. C. G.           Brevity’s the Soul
Collister, Terry                     Bottled Up
                                     Nothing on Tonight
Conningham, John                     Satan in Technicolour
Connolly, H.                         Snakes and Ladders
Constanduros, Mabel                  Life and Soul of the Party
                                     Poor Old Snell
                                     Poor Polly
                                     Sad Affair in Mangel Street
  “ with Agg, Howard                 And So They Were Married
                                     Goose Chase
                                     Sentimental Ladies
                                     Shadow Passes
                                     Tonight We Present (Collected Plays)
Conway, Steve with
       Trevern, Douglas              Case Against Mrs Dane
Conway, Sylvia                       Female Jungle
Cooke, Christine                     Threat
Cookson, Freda                       Happy Haunting!
Cooper, Colin                        Riches and Rags
Cooper, J. B.                        Branching Out
                                     Ground Plans
                                     Picnic Time
                                     Removal Man
Corder, Nicholas                     Bingo Royale
                                     Cash and Carrie
                                     Jacobson’s Organ
                                     Midsummer Night’s Travesty
                                     Nigel’s Wrist
                                     Star Struck
Corlett, K. Ranee                    Every Inch A Gnottem!
 Cressrelles: A-Z of Authors and their Works – www.cressrelles.co.uk – 12th
                               October 2010

Corrie, Joe                After All Those Years
                           Children of Darkness
                           Hewers of Coal
                           John Grumlie
                           Lives o’ Men
                           Maid of Domremy
Cosens, Monica with
        Girvin, Brenda     Headline Family
                           Miss Black Sheep
Cotton, S. F.              Legend of Baboushka
Coyle, Michael             Research
Cox, Constance             Jane Eyre
                           Pride and Prejudice
Cox, Patricia              Myself When Young
                           No Sunset
Cox, William               Law Relies
Crabb, Lynn                All’s Well …
Craig, Kathleen            Salestalk
Cranmore, Walton with
        Best, Joseph       Kindled Flame
Crawhall, T. L.            Palace Footman
Croft-Cooke, Rupert with   Banquo’s Chair
        Stern, G. B.       Gala Night at the Willows
Crompton, Margaret         Shadows of Villette
Crompton, Richmal          William and the Artist’s Model
Cropper, Margaret          Country Cottage
                           Dose of Physic
Cross, Marjorie            Two Leaves and a Bud
Crozier, Eric              Christmas in the Marketplace
                           Noah Gives Thanks
                           Rab the Rhymer
                           “Wash Tub” and “Willy and the Tailor”
Crum, Rev. J. M. C.        Play of Saint George
Cumberland, Marten         Climbing
Cummins, P. D.             Time to be Born
Curing, Peter              Cottage Pie
Curran, Peter with
        Sawyer, Douglas    Hushed October
Curry, Jennifer            Blonde on the Bonnet
                           Lovers and Ladies
Curtis, Philip             Sword to the Rescue
Cusack, Dymphna            Golden Girls
 Cressrelles: A-Z of Authors and their Works – www.cressrelles.co.uk – 12th
                               October 2010

Dallman, Jean                    Inside Sory of Dr Crippen
                                 Three Little Pigs
Daniels, A. Frederick            Deadly Date
                                 Fourth Man
                                 High Tide
                                 Night To Remember
                                 Patient in 4B
Darling, Diana                   Mother Superior
Darlington, W. A.                Carpet Slippers
                                 Key of the House
Davenport, E. V. with
      Stuart, Dorothy Margaret   Interlude In Porcelain
Davidson, Sylvia                 Day to Remember
                                 Friend in Need
                                 Mary’s Son
                                 Our Emmie
Davies, Cecil                    Night Is Far Spent
Davies, D. T.                    Pancakes
Davies, David                    City Riots
Davies, Martin                   Moonset Over Zeron
Davies, Walford                  What Luck! Music
Davis, Wyn                       Mademoiselle Rousset
Davison, John                    Brontes of Haworth Parsonage
                                 When Did You Last See Your Father?
                                 Wuthering Heights
Day, Doris M.                    Close
                                 Possession Is …
                                 Who Would Be An Adjudicator?
Deans, Harris                    Death in the Dark
                                 Husbands Are So Jealous
Deans, Harris with
       O’Farrell, Philip         Doubt
Dearden, Christine               Crystal and the Golden Heart
                                 Ha’porth of Difference
                                 Story Maker (+ Vocal Score)
Dearmer, Geoffrey                Man With A Cane
      With Andrews, W. H.        Referee
Debenham, A. H.                  Good Will Toward Men
                                 Judas My Friend!
                                 Little Mouse
 Cressrelles: A-Z of Authors and their Works – www.cressrelles.co.uk – 12th
                               October 2010

Delderfield, R. F.           Guinea-Pigs
                             Offending Hand
                             Old Lady of Cheadle
                             Queen Came By
                             Rounderlay Tradition
                             Sailors Beware
                             Spark In Judea
                             Waggonload O’ Monkeys
Dell, Jeffrey with
         Merivale, Bernard   Strange Case of Blondie White
Delmar, Anton                Command Performance
Demaine, Phyllis             Day It Rained
Denham, Lilian               Umbrellas
Denham, Reginald with
       Percy, Edward         Dressing Gown
Dennys, Joyce                Fall Out
                             Joanna and the Candles
                             Lear of Albion Crescent
                             Now We Shall Never Know
Dickens, Stafford            Freddy Steps Out
Diericx, Walter              Sign
Dines, Michael               Busy-Body
                             Out of the Darkness
                             Trial of Harry Mann
Dinner, William              Logic Upside Down
  “ with Morum, William      All My Juliets
                             All This and Jumble Too
                             Breaking the Ice
                             Front Page Girl
                             Gentle Comedy
                             Ladies’ Bar
                             Poisonous Miss Zephyr
                             Too Soon for Daisies
Dixon, Winifred              John’s Wife
Dobbs, Margaret              Popular Move
Dobson, Albert               Dangerous Silence
                             Too Late for Grace
                             Touch of Whitewash
Donald, Douglas              Harmony Sweet Harmony
    Cressrelles: A-Z of Authors and their Works – www.cressrelles.co.uk – 12th
                                  October 2010

Doran, Thomas                 Behold Your King
                              Innocent Blood
    “   with Martin, Arthur   Binns Comes A Cropper
                              Birds of a Feather
                              Eileen Plays a Hand
                              Lacey Lashes Out
                              Lacey Lashes Out & Other Plays
                              Man Next Door
                              Night Out
                              Sadie Scores
                              Underneath the Arches
 “ with Mueller, Don          Three Plays for Easter
Dorien, Ray                   At the School Concert
                              Big Sister
                              Cinderella’s Slippers
                              In Her Dressing-Room
                              Knight of the Road
                              Maid’s Stratagem + Pair of Diamond Buckles
                              Miniature + Lavinia Goes to the Ball
                              Old Actress
                              She Goes to the Theatre
Douglass, Archie              Flower of Youth
Dover, Mic with
        Jarvis, Graham        Seconds
Drew, Elizabeth               Genius at Home
Duce, Joan                    Man and Boy
                              Ring Out the Bells
Duce, Robert                  Road to Calvary
Duke, Gwladys                 Never Again
Dukes, Ashley                 One Can But Try
                              (From the French “Au Petit Bonheur” by Anatole France)
Duncombe, Peta                Robin Hood
Durrant, William Scott        Red Cross Knight
Dyer, Stanley                 White Lie

Eagle, Jo                     Musical Tails and Dirty Deeds
Earnest, Robert               Come Now to Be Joined
                              Within Eyeshot
East, Donald F.               Design for Murder
Eastwood, K. Arnold           What Beckoning Ghost?
Edmund, Keith                 Power Cut
                              Reality Dreamt
Edwardes, Pauline             Legends of the Seasons
                              Powers of the Earth
Edwards, Florence             Charity Begins at Christmas
Edwards, Tony                 Babes In the Wood
                              Day They Lost Raggety Ruth
Egan, Michael                 Dominant Sex
Elder, Eleanor                Laughter
 Cressrelles: A-Z of Authors and their Works – www.cressrelles.co.uk – 12th
                               October 2010

Ellis, Terry                 Cruise for Two
Elsna, Hebe                  Season’s Greetings
Elton, George                Confession + Miss Ryan Explains
                             Rose Cottage
Elwell, Anthony              Exit Maximilian
Emmett, Alfred with
         Hutchins, Barbara   Portrait of a Mother
English, Peter               Colour of the Wind
Ensor, Aubrey                Perfect Plot
Entwhistle, Elsie            Life’s Day
Ervine, St. John G.          Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary
Essex, John                  10.5 Never Stops
Etheridge, Ken               Lamp
Evans, Audrey                As Short As Any Dream
                             White Satin
Evans, Charles               Fool Among Foes
                             Legend of the Crockford Treasure
Evans, Linda                 Gran

Facey, Mabel                 Fair Chance
                             Salbvation Corner
                             Sweep of the Axe
Farnell, Barrie W.           From A Distance
                             Goodbye, My Darling
Faulkner, Alistair           For England and King George
Feist, Aubrey                Crime at the Cedars
Fernald, John                Play Produced
Ferris, Frederick            Object All Sublime
Fisher, N. H.                Lamb of God
                             Terll Me the Story of Jesus
Fisk, Bruce                  Strawberry Jam
Fisk, Dorothy M.             Secondary Wife
Fitch, Hilda A.              Auction
                             First Catch Your Poacher
                             In 1330
                             Meeting at Zoyland
                             My Herbert Says
Fitton, Neil                 Conscience Stricken
                             Picture Framed
                             Rose King of Gisors
Fitzgerald, Eleanor          Candle
                             Sun Goes Down
Fitzjohn, Donald             Exercise Conflict
Flather, Horace              Jonathan’s Day
Fletcher-Lee, H.             At The Cross-Roads
                             Love Has Wings
Flower, Martha with
        Follows, Sonia       Robin’s Last Stand
 Cressrelles: A-Z of Authors and their Works – www.cressrelles.co.uk – 12th
                               October 2010

Follows, Sonia with
        Flower, Martha         Robin’s Last Stand
Fone, Stefanie                 Irish Miracle
                               La Strega
Forman, Joan                   Ding-Dong-Belle
                               Guests of Honour
                               Old Girls
                               Portrait of the Late …
Forrester, Anne                Beric
                               Sally Sees It Through
Forsyth, James                 Emmanuel
                               Road to Emmaus
Forwood, M. E.                 At “The Snob Court” Hotel
                               Coffee Stall
                               No Smoke Without Fire
Fossey, Eleanor                Blood Ties
                               New Woman
                               Playing With Daisy
                               Responsible Adults
                               Snow White
Foster, George Cecil           Rift in the Loot
Foxton, David                  After the Picnic
Foyle, Gwendoline              Substitute
Fraine de, Joan                Saturday Sensation
Francquen de, Leonard          Alas, Poor Yorick!
                               Cat and the Fiddle
                               Continental Customs
                               Mild Oats
                               Three Bags Full
                               Whip Hand
Franks, Margaret               In A Country Churchyard
                               Woman at the Well
Franks, Richard                Pieces of Hate
                               Tick, Tock, Tick
Frankson, D. J.                Got to Get Away
Fraser, Jessica                Author In Search of Eight Characters
                               Beggar’s Blight
                               Bodenham Bogey
                               Onion Seller
                               Party Piece
Fraser, Winifred               Roses and Rue
Freeman, Kathleen              Philoctetes of Sophocles
Freeman-Wills, Reverend with
        Langridge, Canon       Only Way

Freer, Patricia with
         Moran, Barbara        Alex in Blunderland
Frith, John Leslie             Martine
                               Unquiet Spirit
Frome, Shelley                 Last of the Good Guys
 Cressrelles: A-Z of Authors and their Works – www.cressrelles.co.uk – 12th
                               October 2010

Fry, Christopher               Boy With A Cart
Furse, John                    Old Rust Bucket

Gaffikin, Nancy                New Chairman
                               Ship’s Company
Galbraith, Dorothy             Hen Party
Gallagher, Jeff                Castle
Gandy, Ida                     Come to the Fair
                               He Boxed Her Ears
                               Lardy Cake
                               When the Queen Passed By
Ganly, Andrew                  Dear Queen
Garde Peach du, L.             Crooks’ Christmas
                               Meet Mrs Beeton
                               Mrs Grundy Comes to Tea
                               Path of Glory
Garrett, Simon                 In the Soup
Garstang, Jean                 Do Me A Favour
                               First Time For Everything
                               Happy Christmas, Dear Edward
                               Japanese Doll
                               Marriage Disarranged
                               Seven Monologues for Women
                               Twilight Song
Garth, Caswell                 Anyone At Home?
Gattey, C. Neilson with
        Bramley-Moore, Z.      Colour of Anger
                               Eleventh Hour
                               Fair Cops
                               In the Maze
                               Mrs Adams and Eve
                               Mrs Griggs Loses Her Bed
                               Treasure from France
 “     with Lawrence, Jordan   Queen’s Night
                               White Falcon
Gedge, Paul                    Four Simple Parish Plays: Brownies of Bethlehem,
                               Desert Star, Little Maid, Mother of Consolation
Geesewell de, Peter            Murder at The Asylum
Ghisalberti, Mario with
        Cassidy, Maud          New Liberties
Gibbs, Margaret                Inheritance
                               Storm In A Paint Pot
Giddins, Kathleen              Law My Enemy
                               Officials Always Know Best
                               Quick Return
Gielgud, Val                   Chinese White
 “ with King-Hall, Stephen     Fours Into Seven Won’t Go
 Cressrelles: A-Z of Authors and their Works – www.cressrelles.co.uk – 12th
                               October 2010

Gilmorgan, Ed                 Twenty Candles
Gilmour, Gordon               Hallowe’en Party
Girvin, Brenda with
        Cosens, Monica        Headline Family
                              Miss Black Sheep
Gittins, Anthony              In The Mist
Glaser, Eleanor D.            Parish Pump
                              Up the Brook
Glover, Gertrude F.           False Note
Goffin, Peter                 Art and Science of Stage Management
                              Stage Lighting for Amateurs
Gonne, Francis                Unto Us a Son Is Given
Goodchild, Peter              Secretary Trouble
Goodyear, R. A. H.            Plain English
Gordon, Clive with
       Massey, Wilfred        Time of Your Life
Gordon, Gilbert               Stage Fights
Gordon, Leon                  White Cargo
Gordon, Patricia              Snow Cakes
                              Tangled Web
                              Thought For the Morrow
Gough, Jill                   My Son John
Gould, Amy Kennedy with
       Russell, Eileen        Retreat from Folly
Gow, Ronald                   Compromise
                              Grannie’s A Hundred
                              Lawyer of Springfield
                              Ma’s Bit of Brass
                              O.H.M.S. (Welsh Translation also available: “Gwifrau’r Gyfraith”)
Graham, Joe                   Actually Moving
                              Best Man Faller
                              Dancing to the Sound of Crunching Snails
                              Getting Dark
                              Goldfish Bowl
                              Hunchback of Notre Dame
                              Joined at the Hip
                              Mind the Gap
                              Oranges on the Brain
                              Robin Hoodwinked
                              Sherbet Lemon
                              Sinbad and the Voyage of the Seven Souls
                              Spare Prick
                              Witches of Prestwick
Graham-Campbell, Alison
        With Collins, Freda   No Room
Grainger, Cyril               Family Coach
Grant, Neil                   Unseen Company
Gray, John                    Orders
 Cressrelles: A-Z of Authors and their Works – www.cressrelles.co.uk – 12th
                               October 2010

Gray, Clifford             Shaken Reed
                           Three Strings
Green, Mark                One Little Duck
                           Outward Bound
                           Spring the King
                           Walk in the Park
Greenbaum, Avrom           Bread of Affliction
                           Children of Dreams
                           Ecce Homo
Greenwood, B. T.           Parcel
Griffith, Hubert           People’s Court
Griffiths, Alan            Figments
                           Meadows End
                           Sea View and Balcony
                           Sleepers Awake
Griffiths, Jean            Aladdin
Grimaldi, George H.        Behind the Schemes!
                           Blessed Illusion
                           Circumstantial Evidence
Guitry, Sacha              New Will (Translated by Stirling)

Hale, Lionel               Festival Time
                           Mocking Bird
                           She Passed Through Lorraine
Halifax, Peggy             Five Short Sketches
                           Something Special
                           Ten-Minute Sketches
                           Wait for It
Hall, Barnett              Towards Autumn
Hall, Irene                Calf Love
                           Lover’s Meeting
Hall, Willis with
        Jones, Lewis       Poet and Pheasant
Harcourt, Dudley           Wake Up and Woo!
Hardy, Gordon              Half an Hour To Go
                           St Anthony’s Eve
Harris, Jose               Eldorado
Harris, Richard            Abigail
Harrison, Vivienne         By Sun and Candlelight
                           Heaven and All This Too
                           Postcards Please
Hartley, Peter             One Bad Apple
                           Sherlock Holmes Solution
Harvey, Ethel F.           Neighbours
Harvey, Frank              Elizabeth of Ladymead
                           Saloon Bar
 Cressrelles: A-Z of Authors and their Works – www.cressrelles.co.uk – 12th
                               October 2010

Harvey, Joan M.              Mask of Truth
                             Waters of Doria
Hatton, Charles              Bingo for Beginners
                             Machine Maid
                             Rose Garth
                             Six of a Kind
                             Tax on Marriage
Havers, Lydia                Seven for Sylvia
Hawkins, C. H.               Shadow of the Valley
Hayes, Juanita               Impromptu Magazine
                             King’s Daughters
Haywood, Dennis              Major Defeat
                             Twisted Tape
Healey, John                 Sad World of a Barren Heifer
Heayes, Neil                 Morning Air
Heijermans, Herman           Rising Sun
 (Heyermans)                 Wise Cat
Helsby, Arnold               Spider’s Web
Hendrick, Barbara            If I Can’t Take It With Me … I’m Not Going to Go
Hepenstall, W. D.            Airy Castles
                             Today and Yesterday
                             Two On A String
Heriot, Adelaide             Who Steals My Purse
Herzog, Michael with
        Pickering, Kenneth   Adventure of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
                             Sir Gawain and the Green Knight (2-act)
                             Troilus and Criseyde
Hessayon, Arthur             Glass Of Marsala
                             Hearing at Eleven
                             Pearls of the Poor
Hewitt, Tony                 School Gilbert and Sullivan
Hewlett, Dorothy             Ozymandias the King
Hill, Don                    Act Now … And Improvise!
                             Below the Belt
                             Dead Man Talking
                             Goodbye, Casey Burnside
                             One and One Is Two
                             Would You Adam ‘n’ Eve It?
Hill, Ruby K.                Light O’ My Life
Hill, Warren                 His Neighbour
Hillman, Barry L.            Beyond Necessity
                             Queen and the Axe
                             Six for the Charleston
Hinds, Anthony               Adventures of Mr Pickwick
                             Hound of the Baskervilles
                             Let’s Kill Agatha Christie
 Cressrelles: A-Z of Authors and their Works – www.cressrelles.co.uk – 12th
                               October 2010

Hines, Leonard J.          Creditors
                           It’s Hard To Grow Old
  “ with King, Frank       Birds of Passage
                           Calling the Tune
                           Fire Below
Hiscott, Gillian           Wuthering Heights
Hoare, William             Musical Director
Hoddinott, Derek           Ducks and Mr Drake
                           Murder in Style
Hodgkinson, Constance      Beggarman’s Bluff
                           Right Hand Man
Hodgkinson, Margaret       Alex of Maratania
                           One of These Five
Hoile, Edward V. with
        Hoile, Helen       Gardener’s Cottage
 “    with Paxton, Guy     Love’s A Luxury
                           Maiden Ladies
                           Merely Murder
                           Painted Sparrows
Holland, Norman            Day of Reckoning
                           Fool of Creation
                           Man Among Women
                           My Name Is Oscar Wilde
                           My Own, My Native Land
                           Prattling Prentice
                           Queen’s Token
                           Young Queen
                           Young Victoria Reigns
Hollins, Enid              Mother Is A Darling!
Holme, Constance           Trumpet in the Dust
Holme, E. R.               Orlander
Holme, H. E.               High-Tea
                           Little Drop of Comfort
                           Saint Aelred’s Day
Hope, Adam                 Portrait of Terror
Hope, Aicey                Pockets Full of Money
Hope, Courtney             Footlight Fun Encore
                           Fun for the Footlights
                           Further Fun for the Footlights
                           More Footlight Fun
                           Still More Fun for the Footlights
Horler, Sydney             Man Who Mislaid the War
Horne, David               Prodigal Wife
Horsfield, Gwen            Homecoming
Horspool, Robert           Camborough Folk
                           Silver Plate
                           Wreckers of Auburnswick
    Cressrelles: A-Z of Authors and their Works – www.cressrelles.co.uk – 12th
                                  October 2010

Housman, Laurence             Ways and Means: 5 One-act Plays: Prize Pigeon,
                              Called and the chosen, Mint O’ Money,
                              Snow Man, Likely Story
Howard, F. E.                 Bit of Tact
                              Trampled Roses
Howell, Florence              Sentence
Hoys, Dudley                  They Found a Handkerchief
                              Women of the World
Hudd, Walter                  Good Blood, Bad Blood
                              In Vino Veritas
                              Lights Out!
                              Smiling at Grief
Hunt, Anthony                 Bronte Seasons
                              There You Are – Gone
                              Time for Maggie
Hunt, Charlotte               Cross Fire
Husband, Neville A.           Prisoner
Hutchins, Barbara
        With Emmett, Alfred   Portrait of a Mother
Hutchinson, Ross              Navy at Sea
Hutton, Michael Clayton       Happy Family
Huxley, David                 Johnny’s Girl
Hyde, F. Austin               After Marston Moor
                              Bit of Help
                              First Aid
                              Four White Socks
                              Home Cured
                              Honest Folk
                              Maker of Highways
                              Safe Custody
                              Ship Comes In
                              Spanish Wine
Hyem, Jill                    Post Mortems

Ibbetson, E. F.               Dais
Ibbotson, Machon              Black Dogs
Ingrams, Michael              Boy and the Ballerina
Irwin, Leonard                Bubble

Jackson, Barry                Farce of the Devil’s Bridge
Jackson, Douglas              Episode
Jackson, George               Eva St Claire
James, John                   Nightmare’s End
 Cressrelles: A-Z of Authors and their Works – www.cressrelles.co.uk – 12th
                               October 2010

James, Stella Wyn                   All Right on the Night
                                    Charade Number 1
                                    Five Mimes for Women
                                    Pick of the Bunch from 5 More Mimes for Women
                                    Nightmare’s End
                                    Right Spirit
                                    Show Must Go On
James, S. W. with Assinder, Peter   All Concerned
Janes, Kenneth                      Love on a Matchstick Spent
Jarvis, Graham with
         Dover, Mic                 Seconds
Jarvis, Nina                        Where Is Bohemia?
Jeans, Ronald                       Ghost for Sale
Jeayes, Allan                       Three Duologues for Women: Piccadilly Circus,
                                    Mother and Daughter, All the World’s A Stage
Jeffrey, C. F.                      Quiet Heart
Jenkinson, Maysel                   Flood
                                    Plenty of Time
Johns, Blair                        Prickly Cactus
Johnson, Peter                      Cause and Effect
                                    Long Shadow
                                    One of the Family
                                    Set Piece
                                    Travellers Rest
Johnson, Peter R.                   End of Term
Johnson, Philip                              Derelict
   “ with Agg, Howard               New School for Scandal
Jones, G. O. M.                     First Lady of England
Jones, Graham                       Escargots
                                    Mission Accomplished
Jones, Gwenyth                      Julia
Jones, Jeremiah                     Dyfodiad Seimon Belial (Welsh Translation of Coming of Simon Eval
                                             by Beresford, Hugh & Seale, C. St Brelade
Jones, Lewis with
        Hall, Willis                Poet and Pheasant
Jones, Raymond                      Memory and Patience
Jones, Selwyn                       Gwifrau’r Gyfraith (O.H.M.S. by Gow, Ronald)
Jonson, Marian                      Beauty of the Dreaming Wood
                                    Island of the Winds
                                    Timblewit and Other Plays
Jordan, Roy                         In the Tunnel
Judd, Joy with
        Rogers, Betty                      Travellers
 Cressrelles: A-Z of Authors and their Works – www.cressrelles.co.uk – 12th
                               October 2010

Kampen van, Barbara         Dr Elizabeth
                            Dutch Treat
                            Gaiety Girls
                            Good Form
                            Her Majesty’s Pleasure
                            Mad Hatters in Mayfair
                            Make Mine Mayfair
                            Man Maid Mischief
                            Not To Worry
                            Plane Sailing (Last Minute Sketches)
                            Teatime Tactics
                            Two for a Laugh: Going Places and Char-Char
                            Waltzing Matilda
                            Way to a Man’s Heart
                            What a Sell
                            Without Candles (From Dutch by Straub)
Kay, Maxine A.              Elephant Girl
                            Loop of String
Kaye, S. N.                 Murder at the WI
                            Venom in Ink
Kelly, Mary                 Cross-Roads
                            Gipsy Laddie
                            I Turn My Glass
                            On English Costume
                            Simple Sketch
Kelly, Norah                Lustre Jug
                            Nothing But His Due
                            On Such A Night
Kelly, Thomas               Green Field
                            Twisted Smile
Kemp, Marion                Foiling of Festus
Kemp, Wylbert               Dark Roads
                            Green Alders
                            Joe Badger’s E’en
                            On Tenterhooks
Kennett, Agnes              Just the Job
Kershaw, Ernest             Ante-Room
Kilpatrick, Florence A.     Easy Living
                            Marriage Is Marvellous
King, Frank with
        Hines, Leonard J.   Birds of Passage
                            Calling the Tune
                            Fire Below
King, Philip                As Black As She’s Painted
                            Our Family
    Cressrelles: A-Z of Authors and their Works – www.cressrelles.co.uk – 12th
                                  October 2010

King, Rolf                       Sea Tower
  “ with Thatcher, Billy         And Her Mother Came Too
                                 Lion in the Lighthouse
King-Hall, Stephen with
        Gielgud, Val             Fours Into Seven Won’t Go
Kinghorn, James                  Kirk O’ Field
Kingswood, Evelyn                Tempest
Kirk, Alfred B.                  Above the Law
        With Portman, K          Double Crossed
                                 Gadgetomania & In Safe Keeping
Kirk, David                      Love Locked Out
Kitchen, Barry                   Halfway Up the M3 on the Way to Basingstoke
Knight, Alanna                   Girl on an Empty Swing
Knowles, David                   Under Grave Threat
Komlosy, Mary                    Georgian
Koste, Virginia Glasgow          Wonderful Wizard of Oz
Kuhn, Donald                     Bird Songs at Eventide

Laird, Jenny                     Man I Marry
Lally, Soinbhe                   Donalbain
                                 Othello- The A4 Edition
Lamb, Evelyn                     Approaching Storm
Lambe, Michael                   All Right on the Night
                                 Private Lives of Sherlock Holmes
                                 Royal Ructions
Lambert, Robert                  Ebb-Tide
Landstone, Charles with
       Williamson, Audrey        Bristol Old Vic
Lang, Christine                  Amelia and the Man
Lang, Louisa                     Charade Number 2
Lang, Matheson with
       Osmond, Marion            Chinese Bungalow
Langbridge, Canon with
       Freeman-Wills, Reverend   Only Way
Langhorn, Frances                Murder at Midday
Lanyon, Angela                   Bat in the Belfry
                                 Magic Snowman
                                 Ozzie and the Secret Forest
                                 Stodge and Podge Go Mountaineering
Last, Jack                       Advancement of Mr Simpkin
                                 Any Body For Tennis?
                                 Make It Murder
                                 Matron Takes An Early Bath
                                 Mr Mason
                                 Scribblers Three
                                 Two Black Sheep
 “ with Verity, Elma             Coffee for One
                                 Cove Cottage
                                 Two of Us
 Cressrelles: A-Z of Authors and their Works – www.cressrelles.co.uk – 12th
                               October 2010

Latter, M. B.                  Ghosts on Christmas Eve
Laughlin, P. S.                Smiths
Laurie, Rona                   Actor’s Art and Craft
                               Auditioning: A Practical Guide
Law, Maggie                    Advertising Arnold
                               Cry Wolf
                               My Johnny
Lawrence, Colin                Disturbance
                               Harry Simson, Where Are You?
                               Last Time
 “ with Lawrence, Jennifer     Nightwatch
Lawrence, Jordan with
        Gattey, C. Nielson     Queen’s Night
                               White Falcon
Lea, Geoffrey                  Lady to Let
Lea, Gordon                    Aunt Martha
                               Pontius Pilate
Leach, Patricia with
        Waterhouse, John       Frank’s Feathered Friend
                               Nest of Cuckoos
Leaf, Claudia                  Radical Will
Leather, Judy                  Change of Name
Lee, John with
        Steele, Ida            Maids to Measure
Lee, Mary                      Shock Tactics
Lees, Harold P.                Vertical Relativity
Leon de, Rosa                  Beyond the Verdict
Leven, Norman                  John Brown’s Body
                               Odds All Even
Leyin, John                    Last In – First Out
Levy, Emmanuel                 Altar-piece
Lewis, Edwin                   Between the Tides
Liddiard, A. M.                Man With a Newspaper
Liddiard, Jane                 Nuclear Family
Liggat, James with
         Clewes, Lorraine      Happy Ever After
Lindley, Valrose               Easy Exit
                               Open Door
Lindsay, Kate                  Five Monologue Sketches
Lindsay, Walter                Chances
Lion, Leon M. with
         Bax, Clifford         Hemlock For Eight
Lister, Laurier with
         Massingham, Dorothy   Soldier and the Gentlewoman
Llewelyn, Pamela               Each Wind That Blows
Lockhart, Howard M.            Story of Madeline Smith
Logan, Eric                    Liquidation
                               Mark Time
 Cressrelles: A-Z of Authors and their Works – www.cressrelles.co.uk – 12th
                               October 2010

Lomas, Derek               Are You All Decent?
                           As Flies to Wanton Boys
Long, P. A. M.             Queen
                           Wraith of Wrath
Love, Margaret             Girdle Round the Earth
Lovering, Taylor           Closing Day
                           Face of the Angel
                           Johnny, PM
                           Love Lies Creaking
                           No Flowers From the Duchess
                           Protective Custody
                           Single Fare Only
                           Time for Hating
                           Twilight and Roses
                           Wild and Hungry
Lucas, Ken                 High Heeled Achilles
                           Iron Voice
                           Siege of Circa Castle
Lynch, Michael             Cross Petition
Lyons, F. E. G.            Behind the Times

Macardle, Dorothy          Witch’s Brew
Macauliffe, Kay            All Sir Garnet
                           Be My Guest
                           Behind the Curtain
                           Bowled Over
                           Double Bill: Christmas Carol + Cinderella
                           Five More Mimes for Women: Accidents Will Happen +
                                    One Touch of Nature
                           Little Foundling
                           Little Heir
                           Price of Pride (Last Minute Sketches)
                           Something To Celebrate
                           You Can’t Be Too Careful (Last Minute Sketches)
Macdowell, Dorothy         Bargain Booth
Macgregor, Elaine          And Women Must Wait
Macgregor, R. J.           Sense of Humour

Mack, Hugh                 Siller in the Stocking (Scots dialect version of “Tyranny
                                     and Tea Cakes)
Mackenzie, Frances         Amateur Actor
                           Noise of His Boots
                           Platform Six and 2 Other Sketches
                           Plays and Pleasure
Mackenzie, V. G.           Nella Bells the Cat
Maclean, David             Fire Brigade Sketches
Macleod, Robert            Kate
                           Ladies of Camelot
 Cressrelles: A-Z of Authors and their Works – www.cressrelles.co.uk – 12th
                               October 2010

Macowan, Norman             Jacob’s Ladder
                            New Tenant
MacPhail, Andrea            Dead Nice
                            That Old Black Magic
Maddern, Victor with
        Reid-Banks, Lynne   Miss Pringle Plays Portia
Maddock, Llywelyn W.        Honey and Vinegar
Maeterlinck, Maurice        Blue Bird
Major, Frederick J.         More Than Just A Game
                            Requiem For a Robot
Mander, C.harles H.. R.     Request Stop
                            You Ain’t Going Nowhere
March, Olave                King of Barbazon
Markham, F. Ellinor         Janet Conway
Marshall, Carol             Artoban: The Fourth Wise Man
Marshall, Hazel A.          Busy Morning
Marshall, Norman with
        Bell, Stanley and
        Southern, Richard   Essentials of Stage Planning
Marsden, Frances            Junior Textbook of Stagecraft
Martin, Arthur with
        Doran, Thomas       Binns Comes A Cropper
                            Birds of a Feather
                            Eileen Plays a Hand
                            Lacey Lashes Out
                            Lacey Lashes Out & Other Plays
                            Man Next Door
                            Night Out
                            Sadie Scores
                            Underneath the Arches
Martin, Edouard             37 Sous of Monsieur Montaudoin
Martindale, C. C.           Journey of the Three Kings
Massey, Wilfred             Christmas Rose
                            Feminine Touch
                            Isn’t Life Dull?
                            Lady Unknown
                            Leap in the Dark
                            Long Shot
                            Murder No Object
                            Star Comes Home
                            Such Things Happen
                            Till Further Orders
                            Younger End
“ with Gordon, Clive        Time of Your Life
Massingham, Dorothy with
       Lister, Laurier      Soldier and the Gentlewoman
May, Mary                   Supper Dance
May, Patricia A.            Party Plan
                            Wimbledon Fortnight
McCandlish, David           Jack and the Beanstalk
McCaw, Archil               Key
McColvin, Lionel R.         Quartet Ensemble
 Cressrelles: A-Z of Authors and their Works – www.cressrelles.co.uk – 12th
                               October 2010

McConnell, Jean                  Blush Pink
                                 Haul for the Shore
                                 Look Out For the Catch
                                 Money’s No Object
                                 One Man Banned
                                 Pick of the Season
                                 Red Cloak
                                 Wine In A Venetian Goblet
McLaren, Bruce                   Zoe White and the Ugly Queen
McLoughlin, Maurice              Boys Will Be Men
                                 It Won’t Be Long Now
McManus, Kay                     Dear Diary …
McMaster, Alison                 Morning on the Pier
                                 Ready-Made Man
                                 Shame the Devil
                                 Upstairs and Downstairs
McNair, John                     Happy Prisoner
McPherson, Nancy                 Camouflage
Medley, June                     Midnight Tide
Mercer, Peter                    Red Box
Merivale, Bernard                All Night Service
                                 By Popular Request
                                 Fancy Dress
                                 Five-Pound Piece
                                 Get It At Denbys
                                 Happy Landings
                                 I Saw A Star
                                 Mystery Cottage
                                 Wives and Mothers
“ with           Dell, Jeffrey            Strange Case of Blondie White
Metcalfe, M. G.                  Where There’s A Will, There’s A Way
Michell, Christian               Crescent Moon
                                 Golden Harvest
                                 Red Earth
Millard, Evelyn                  Flight Delayed
                                 Men For Pieces
                                 Mr Falcon
                                 Mute Witness
                                 O Valiant Heart
                                 Return of Margaret Wyndham
                                 Royal Occasion
Miller, Stanley                  Tragedy of Salome
 Cressrelles: A-Z of Authors and their Works – www.cressrelles.co.uk – 12th
                               October 2010

Mills, Osbert              Charlie’s Back
                           Goose in the Kitchen
                           In the Soot
                           Piece of Cake
                           Queer Customer
                           School for Wives
                           Up A Tree
                           Was Albert Present?
                           Widow’s Plight
Milne, Elizabeth           Displaced Persons
                           Happy Exit
Milroy, Gavin              Relapse
Moffatt, Margaret          All Risks
Monroe, Janet              Bare Facts
Montgomery, S.             Fools All Four
Moore, Barry               Smuggler
Moran, Evelyn M.           Such a Nice Girl
Morgan, Charles            Burning Glass
                           Flashing Stream
                           River Line (Amateur rights only)
Morley, Bea                Poor Fred (in Two in One)
Morley, Leonard            Harpy and the Slob
                           Hell and Damnation
                           Hell and High Water
                           Looking for Rosy
                           Sit Vac
                           Uncle Jasper
Morley, Robert             Short Story
Morris, T. B.              Aurora Smith
                           Crooked Tree
                           Druid’s Ring
                           End of Courage
                           Even This Evening
                           Fair Youth and Dark Lady
                           I Will Arise!
                           I Will Arise + Other Plays
                           If Imagination Amend Them
                           Light In Darkness
                           Maid Was In The Parlour
                           Mine Enemy My Friend
                           Rain In Majorca
                           Red Cap
                           Ribs of Argo
                           Secret of the Years
                           Song of the Morning
                           Spanish Rhapsody
                           Tale of Two Swans
                           Very New Order
                           White Horseman
                           Women Are Wonderful
 Cressrelles: A-Z of Authors and their Works – www.cressrelles.co.uk – 12th
                               October 2010

Morrison, J. Strang        Shot
Morton, Albert W.          Early Closing
                           March To A Different Drum
Morton, Moira              Date A Mate
Morum, William with
       Dinner, William     All My Juliets
                           All This And Jumble Too
                           Breaking the Ice
                           Front Page Girl
                           Gentle Comedy
                           Ladies’ Bar
                           Poisonous Miss Zephyr
                           Too Soon for Daisies
Moruzzi, Ros               Full Circle
                           Love’s Young Dream
                           Our James
                           Paradise Park
                           Park Hotel
                           Thanks For Having Me
Mueller, Don A.            Eyes Upon the Cross
                           Look Back to the Hill
 “ with Doran, Thomas      Three Plays for Easter
Muir, J. K.                Lady Middletower and the Red Dagger
Munro, Noel                Evening on Dartmoor
Murch, Edward              Beggars of Bordeaux
                           Bethlehem Boy
                           Five Minutes from the Sea
                           Journey of the Star
                           Last Blue Mountain
                           Morning, Noon and Night
                           On the Hill
                           Parting Shot
                           Saint Germaine
                           Spring Flowers for Marguerite
                           Tell It to the Wind
                           Thin Red Line
                           Things That Go Bump
                           Trials of Captain Savage
Murray, L. C. L.           Wi’ A Hundred Pipers
Myring, Dorothy            Sorrow Into Joy
 Cressrelles: A-Z of Authors and their Works – www.cressrelles.co.uk – 12th
                               October 2010

Nankivell, Agnes                 Cherry Stones and Other Plays for Children
Napier, Frank                    Curtains for Stage Settings
                                 Noises Off
Napier, Margaret                 Equestris
Neild, Mary                      Cloudburst
                                 Horrible Thing in the Garden
                                 Sweet Death
                                 They Came To A Cottage
 “ with Nield, Tom               Man In The Lane
Nelson, Eileen                   Baby Talk
Newman, Frank                    Producer and the Actor
Newmeir. John H.                 Contrary to Belief
                                 Festival Rites
                                 Simply the Best
Newton, Robert                   Creative Approach to Theatre
                                 Exercise Improvisation
                                 Improvisation: Project andPractice
                                 Improvisation Steps Out
                                 Led By the Beard
                                 Madonna of the Golden Hart
                                 Mourning for Little Nestings
                                 Together in Theatre
Nicholson, Ann with
        Chorpenning, Charlotte   Three Plays of Adventure
Nicholson, Jeff                  Needing Space
Nield, Maureen                   Kill Me A Dragon
                                 Passing of Cleverclogs
Noel-Paton, M. H.                Hidden People
Norbury, Peter                   Valparaiso
Norris, Lal                      Alice Blue Gown
                                 Forty Years On
                                 My Lady’s Arms
                                 Old School
                                 Some Person Unknown
Norbury, Peter                   Valparaiso
Northe, Maggie                   House In Paris
  “ with Taylor, George                   Lady and the Char
Norwood, Robert F.               Interrupted
Nugent, Margery                  Hikers
                                 Silver Plane
                                 To Shottery with Anne
    Cressrelles: A-Z of Authors and their Works – www.cressrelles.co.uk – 12th
                                  October 2010

O’Brien, Terry                Mak the Sheep-Stealer
O’Farrell, Philip with
        Deans, Harris         Doubt
O’Neill, Norman               To Meet the King Music score
Oakley, Iris                  Forgetful Ghost
Odams, John                   Desperate Remedies
                              Hearts of Oak
                              Pastures New
  “ with Statham, Arthur      Law’s Delay
Ogden, Alan                   Better Halves
Ogram, Pat                    Fag-Ash Ellie
Oldfield, Mary                Please Communicate
Openshaw, Charles Elton       Acquitted
Osmond, Marion with
        Lang, Matheson        Chinese Bungalow
Ottey, Elma                   Ghosts Walked
Ould, Hermon                  Ada Wodderspoon
                              Domestic Interior
                              Miser of Rogafjord
Ouless, E. U.                 Charm for the Devil
                              Children of Eve
                              Dame Truth
                              Death in the Tree
                              Five Poor Travellers
                              Happy as a King
                              Horse Thief
                              Old Game
                              Wandering Scholar
                              Way With Surly Husbands
Owen, Collinson               Object Lesson
Owen, Ken                     Black, Green, White and Gold
Oxenford, Lyn                 Design for Movement
                              Playing Period Plays, Parts I-IV
                              Playing Period Plays in One Volume

Pakington, Mary               All Camouflage
                              Time and Mrs Podbury
Parish, James                 St Michael Comes To Shepherd’s Bush
Park, Michael                 Hint of Old World Charm
Parker, Anthony               Three Daughters
Parker, Norman                Easter Story
Parkes, Derek                 Poles Apart
Parkes, Michael Derek         Inside Story
Parr, Ronald                  Bath of Venus
                              Happily Ever After
                              House of Character
                              Lucky Ladies
 Cressrelles: A-Z of Authors and their Works – www.cressrelles.co.uk – 12th
                               October 2010

Parratt, Walter                Don of Aqualduce (Music)
  ” with Akerman, Martin       Baron’s Holiday (Music)
                               Pirate of Panora (Music)
Parry, C. Hubert H.            England: John O’Gaunt’s Verse (Music)
Parsons, Dollond               Friends of Valerie Lane
Partos, Glyn                   Life Of My Own
                               Monkey Business
                               Not Tonight Josephine
                               September Storm
Partridge, Fred                Men of Letters
                               Sweet Emotion
Patmore, Derek with
        Steen, Marguerite      French For Love
Patterson, Ross                Last Post
Pattinson, James               Peace and Quiet
                               Picture Business
Paxton, Guy with
        Hoile, Edward V.       Love’s A Luxury
                               Maiden Ladies
                               Merely Murder
                               Painted Sparrows
Payne, Dorothy M.              Winning Post (Two-in-One)
Peake, C. M. A.                Women Will Gossip
Pearmain, John                 Hims Ancient and Modern
Pearson, Chris                 Divergent Lines
                               Scruples, Agents and Wilfred
Pearson, Gwendolen             Folly Bergere
Pearson, Ken                   Barnji and the Bear
Pedder-Smith, George with
       Watson, Andrew          Little Moses Goes A Long Way
Pemberton, Madge               Querolous Queens
Pemberton, Max                 Pressing Engagement
Pemberton, Sue with
       Sadler, Coleen          Christmas Balls
Penmaen, Marian                Noddfa (Welsh translation of “Sanctuary” by Rees, Phoebe M.,
                                      under pen-name of Williams, A.L. Phillips)
                               Y Twb Golchi (Welsh translation of Crozier, Eric’s
                                      The Wash Tub)
Penson, Harry                  Garden Party
                               Here Comes the King
                               Love and Aunt Louise
                               Love and Cousin Albert
                               Love and Uncle Ben
                               Love and Uncle Henry
                               These Women!
                               Unknown Dimension
Percy, Edward                  Lost Hat
                               Red Wax
  “    with Denham, Reginald   Dressing Gown
 Cressrelles: A-Z of Authors and their Works – www.cressrelles.co.uk – 12th
                               October 2010

Perkins, Andrew               Oh, Mother!
                              What Is It Now, Mother?
Perugini, Mark E.             Plays for Dancers: Rose, Violin
                                       And Flame
Phillips, Howard L.           Bleessed Are the Meek
Philp, Peter                  Castle of Deception
                              Love and Lunacy
Philpott, A. R.               Eight Plays for Hand Puppets
Pickering, Kenneth            Drama Improvised
                              Drama in the Cathedral
                              Ingoldsby Legends
                              Inside Story
                              One Child at a Time
                              Parting of Friends
  “ with Herzog, Michael      Adventure of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight (One-act)
                              Sir Gawain and the Green Knight (Two-act)
                              Troilus and Criseyde
  “ with Sugano, Douglas      Midlands’ Mysteries
  “ with Sunderland, Margot   Choreographing the Stage Musical
Pickup, Lawrence              Of Tea and Milk
Pierce, Gwen                  Child in the House
                              Chinese Crystal
                              Deep Waters
                              Eighth Wonder of Wales
                              Home of One’s Own
                              Lend Me Your Ears
                              Lordly James
                              Magic at “The Dragon”
                              Mary’s Child
                              One of the Lucky Ones
                              Robert Resolves
                              When the Cat’s Away
Pilgrim, Frank                Skeleton at the Party
Piggott, Tom                  Here We Go Again!
Pitt, Myril                   Puppet Show
Pitt, Peter                   Play’s the Thing
Plant, Beatrice M.            Storm in a Cauldron
Plomley, Roy                  Award of Merit
                              Curtsey to the King
                              Gentlewomen’s Relish
                              Hurrah for Mrs Hickson!
                              There’s A Fortune In It!
Plowman, Gillian              Amy On A Tuesday
                              Improper Appointment
                              Primrose Path
                              Wooden Pear
Plymouth, W. S.               Roundabout
Pollard, Dorothy              Bringing Home the Ashes
Pope, Rena                    Amazing Grace
                              Most Perfect Daughter
 Cressrelles: A-Z of Authors and their Works – www.cressrelles.co.uk – 12th
                               October 2010

Popplewell, Olive M.         Mr Mistle
                             Mrs Snagg – Detective
                             Red Tie
                             Ride Through Coventry
                             This Bondage
                             Tyranny and Teacakes (Done in Scots dialect also by
                                      Mack, Hugh as Siller in the Stocking)
Porter, George W. Y.         In My Time
Portman, K with
        Kirk, Alfred         Double-Crossed
                             Gadgetomania & In Safe Keeping
Potts, Barbara               Out of the Night
Powe, E. S.                  Masterpiece and Other Plays Volume I
                                     “                       Vol. II
                                     “                       Vol. III
                                     “ – Complete Volume
Powell, B.                   One Day, Summer’s Day
Preston, Mary P.             Who Sups with the Devil
Preston, Peter S.            Divided Councils
Prynne, Catherine            Paddock
Pugh, Michael                Transitional Stage
Purcell, H. V.               Mr Hacket’s Alibi
                             Mr Hacket’s Bank Holiday Boots
                             Mr Hacket’s Prize
                             Mr Hacket’s Whatsisnames

Quant, V. Hedley             Brown-Paper Parcel
Quayle, Tom                  Bein Lochaber
Quin, Betty                  Miss Pilgrim’s Progress
                             Romantic Journey
Quinn, Susan                 Luck of the Draw
                             Night Watch

Radford, Cecily              King and the Farmer
Railton, Bernard             Letter for Alfred
                             Mr Clayton Calls
Ratcliff, Nora               Midnight Flood
Raven-Hart, Hester E. with
        Chisman, Isabel      Manners and Movement in Costume Plays
Raw, Steve                   Old Dogs
Rayne, Michael               Ladies In the South
                             Men Are Missing
                             Tied With Blue Ribbon
 Cressrelles: A-Z of Authors and their Works – www.cressrelles.co.uk – 12th
                               October 2010

Ready, Stuart              Apron For My Lady
                           Back Stage
                           Bonny Earl O’ Moray
                           Captain Cook and the Widow
                           Cherry Brandy
                           Danger Line
                           Dark Return
                           Find the Girl
                           Five at “The George”
                           Five Freaks A’ Fiddling
                           Foolish Cobbler
                           It’s A Job To Keep Married
                           Ladies At Sea
                           Lady Going Abroad
                           Lady Rides to Beaulieu
                           Legend of Raikes Cross
                           Love On Easy Terms
                           Mr Pottinger
                           Mr Vickers Takes Charge
                           Mrs Tyler’s Rival
                           Nest For Her Eggs
                           Nice Cup of Tea
                           Night’s Black Agents
                           Old Man of the Sea
                           On With the Motley
                           Peril at the Post Office
                           Senior Partner
                           Seven Shoppers Snooping
                           Seven Widows Of Hampstead
                           Sister Craven
                           Six Maids A’ Mopping
                           Summer Vacation
                           Thus Far
                           To Settle for Murder
                           Tomorrow’s Vengeance
Reakes, Paul               Act of Murder
                           False Pretences
                           Night Intruder
Reason, John               Cat
                           Death of a Dummy
                           Wives’ Play
Reavy, James               In Your Cup
Redmayne, C. M.            Shall We Join the Others?
 Cressrelles: A-Z of Authors and their Works – www.cressrelles.co.uk – 12th
                               October 2010

Redmond, Peter             Richard Wellington and His Cat With No Boots
Reed, Graham               Grey Monk Walks
                           Long Time Ago
                           When Thieves Fall Out
Rees, Edward               Beast Has Claws
Rees, Phoebe M.            Answer
                           Blinds Up
                           Hide and Seek
                           Incorruptible or The First Dictator
                           Last Straw
                           Marriages Are Made In Heaven
                           Miraculous Year or Dorothy Wordsworth in Somerset
                           Miraculous Year and Other Plays: Miraculous, Incorruptible,
                                    Tell Mother – The Butterflies, New Jerusalem
                           New Jerusalem
                           Pushion and Pests
                           Sanctuary ( Welsh translation – Noddfa by Williams, A. L.
                                    Phillips = Penmaen, Marian)
                           Second Wedding
                           Six One-act Plays for Women
                           Tell Mother – The Butterflies
                           That Freedom
                           That There Dog
                           Trumpet Shall Sound
                           TV Thriller
                           White Dove of Bardon
Reeve, Monica              Baby-Sitter (Last Minute Sketches)
Regnis, Louise             Arising Out of the Minutes
                           French Knots
Reid, Arthur               People In Love
Reid, Georgina             Bachelors of Art
                           Crying Shame
                           Family Pride
                           Joy Ride
                           Mr Ulysses
Reid-Jamieson, Marion      Brill’s
                           Eleven A.M.
                           Rim of the World
                           What Would You Do?
                           Whist Drive
Rensten, Mary              Village Days
Reyland, Richard C.        Out of Hours
Reynolds, Mary             Bequest
Rhodes, Hardold W.         Play of Saint George (Music)
 Cressrelles: A-Z of Authors and their Works – www.cressrelles.co.uk – 12th
                               October 2010

Richards, Elizabeth             Guilty Ones
Richards, H. M.                 Fine Linen
Richards, Martyn                Branwell Bronte
Richardson, Alan                Pair of Feet
Richardson, Elizabeth           Apple Tree
Richmond, Susan                 At the Gate
                                Down Our Street
                                Further Steps In Stagecraft
                                Textbook of Stagecraft
                                Treasure Island
Riddall, John                   Path Through Intake Farm
Ridley, Arnold                  Recipe for Murder
Rietty, Robert                  Faithfully Yours …?
Roach, J. Barry                 Gaye Affair
Roberts, Cyril                  Flaw
                                Mrs Craddock
                                Quiet One
                                Wings Over Hampstead
Roberts, Eric                   Murder By Arrangement
                                Ring for Hartley
                                Whose Deal?
Robertson, Colin                Bride For Sale
                                She Came At Night
Robertson, Jane                 Fast – And Lose
Robinson, Dennis F.             Salt Winds
Robinson, Martha                Just One Thing On Top Of Another
Robinson, Rith                  Set A Thief …
Roche, Dominic                  My Wife’s Lodger
Rock, Andrew                    Answers On A Postcard
Rocliffe, Jan                   Very Small Turkey
Roe, Alison                     Worlds Apart
Rogers, Betty with
         Judd, Joy              Travellers
Rogers, Leonard                 Poppy
Rose, Cecil with
         Tighe, Harry           Atonment
Rose, Kenneth                   Breaking the News
Roskruge, Ethel                 Them Buns
Roskruge, Francis               Tale of a Royal Vest
Ross, Kathleen                  Trap
Ross-Mackenzie, Constamce       How to Mime
  “ with Scott, Dorothy M. D.   Mimes for Everyone Book I
        “                                “       “         II
Rossi, Heddy E.                 Vienna Legend
Rowe, Tony                      Devil’s Own
                                Roundabouts and Swings
Rowland, Dorothy A.             Bit O’ Laikin’
Rowlands, Avril                 Mrs Shakespeare – The Poet’s Wife
                                Second Best Bed
Roworth, Norman                 Flat Race
Roy, Archie E.                  Pandora’s Box
    Cressrelles: A-Z of Authors and their Works – www.cressrelles.co.uk – 12th
                                  October 2010

Rubinstein, H. F.             First Corinthians
                              Prelude to a Tragedy
Rumsey, H. St John            Speech Training for Children
                              Your Speaking Voice and Its Possibilities
Russell, Anne with
         Russell, Arthur      In Need of Support
                              Last Victory
                              Really Isabella!
                              Wedding at Pemberley
Russell, Eileen with
         Gould, Amy Kennedy   Retreat from Folly
Russell, Elizabeth            Adaptable Stage Costume for Women
Russell, Ivy                  Second Thoughts
   “ with Russell, Jacquie    Tasks of Ming Lo
Russell, Marion Countess      Matchmakers
Russell, Roy                  Chez Claudine
                              Return to Bedlam
                              Rope Enough
                              Sawdust and Shuttlecocks
Rutherford, Edward            She Shall Dance at the Opera
Rutherford, Ward              Fingers
Rutter, Violet                And So It Goes On
                              Drummer of Shawn
                              End of a Fairy Tale
Ryan, George                  Seaside Storm
Rye, Elizabeth                Three-fold Path

Sachon, Susan                 Beauty and the Beast
Sadler, Coleen with
         Pemberton, Sue       Christmas Balls
Sadler, Joan                  House of Strangers
Saint John, Christopher       Good Hope
Salaman, Dora Clement         Always A Prisoner
                              Chance Of a Lifetime
                              Flood Time
                              Haunted Road or Dead Woman’s Ditch
                              Pottle O’ Brains
                              Tale of a Cat
                              Three Sillies
Salmon, Edward                Checkmate
                              Picking Up the Pieces
                              Piece of Paper
Salter, Olive                 Note Out of Tune
Sandys, Hilaire               Twenty Nests and a Cuckoo
Santer, Pat                   Little Red Riding Hood
Saunders, Edith               Cabbages and Culture
Sawyer, Douglas with
         Curran, Peter        Hushed October
Sayce, Lilian I.              Toby Jug
 Cressrelles: A-Z of Authors and their Works – www.cressrelles.co.uk – 12th
                               October 2010

Scanlon, Bob                         Horns of an Alibi
                                     What Does Peace Mean?
Schilling, Gerry                     Little Secrets
                                     Look Ma – No Hands!
Schofield, Stephen                   Old Master
Scott, Aimee                         Deaf Man
Scott, Dorothy M. D. with
         Ross-Mackenzie, Constance   Mimes For Everyone Book I and II
Scott, Lesbia                        That Fell Arrest
Scott, St Clair with
         Stayton, Frank              Baggage Royal
Searle, C. St Brelade with
         Beresford, Hugh             Coming of Simon Eval
                                     Second Guest
Selby, Kathlyn                       R.I.P.
Self, David                          Single Source of All Filth
Sennocke, T. J. R.                   Mrs Holly’s Husband
Sequeira, Horace                     Pageant Rehearsal and Other Monologues for Women
Sergeant, Michael                    Mr Paterson’s Lunch
                                     Slice of Battenberg
Sharp, Anthony                       All On A Summer’s Day
Sharpe, Ted                          Pitch Pine and Brass Handles
                                     Roll Over – Play Dead!
                                     Somebody for Dinner
                                     Too Many Pebbles
                                     When We Practise to Deceive
Sharrocks, Monica                    Calling In
                                     Sweet Rose of Old Aldgate
Shaughnessy, Alfred                  Release
Shaw, Barbara                        Tunnel
Shelley, Gordon                      Darling, Where Am I?
Shephard, John                       Dumb Husbands
Shephard, Rona                       Kadins
Shepherd, Martin                     Abdul-Hassan, the Wag
                                     Ali the Cobbler
                                     Whirlwind Passeth By
Sherratt, D. A.                      Crazy Pavements
Sherry, Gordon                       Darling, Where Am I?
Sherwen, Russell                     Idyll in Ithaca
Shipp, Horace                        Little Boy Lost
Shirley, Rae                         Time the Sad Jester
Shone, Judith                        Rumplestiltskin
Simpson, Harold                      In Port
Simpson, Ian J.                      Idle Hands
Sinclair, Naomi                      Acting Peculiar
                                     Bows and Bells (Last Minute Sketches)
                                     Star Dusters
  “ with Assinder, Peter             Present Mirth (+ Music)
Skelton, Geoffrey                    Have You Seen My Lady?
 Cressrelles: A-Z of Authors and their Works – www.cressrelles.co.uk – 12th
                               October 2010

Sladen-Smith, Frank             All Change for Peterborough
                                Any Little Good – in “Twenty Minute Theatre”
                                Diminutive Comedies for Women
                                Spring On Wyn Hill
                                Surprise in the Portico
                                Waters of Lethe
Sly, L. Ashton                  Schoolboy’s Tale
Smalley, Henry                  Weekend at Stormes
                                What A Treasure
Smee, Lilian                    Bit of the Road Between
                                No Thoroughfare
Smith, C. Denison               High Tide at Whitehall
Smith, Linda                    Moon On Your Back
Smith, Mavis                    Nightmare
Smith, Muriel                   Hunger
Smith, Stuart G.                Lashings of Ginger Ale
Snowball, A.                    Charity Begins At Home
Sonley, Peter                   Hunter Home
Southern Richard with
        Bell, Stanley and
        Marshall, Norman        Essentials of Stage Planning
Spencer, C. M.                  Thresher
Spencer, Peter A.               Musicals: Guide to Amateur Production
Spoor, Keith                    Everything Under the Sun
Spring-Rice, Anthony            Star Under the Moon
Sproston, S.                    Midsummer Fairies
                                Sword in the Stone
Stafford, T. H.                 Fisherman’s Wife
Stagg, Philip                   Last Time I Saw Paris
                                Love All
                                Milton’s Paradise
                                Where the Brass Bands Play
Standen, Charles                Market Day
Stanley-Wrench, Margaret        Harlequin’s Revenge and Other Plays for Puppets
Stannard, Nigel                 All Along the Line
Stant, David                    Here I Am Girls
                                Lady’s Bicycle
                                Redville Wanderer
Stanton, Mary with
        White, Hester           Fugitive
                                Harmony Hall
Starr, John with
         Vose, John D.          Murderous Concept
Statham, Arthur with
         Odams, John            Law’s Delay
Stayton, Frank with
         Scott, St Clair with   Baggage Royal
Steele, Ida with
         Lee, John              Maids to Measure
 Cressrelles: A-Z of Authors and their Works – www.cressrelles.co.uk – 12th
                               October 2010

Steen, Marguerite with
        Patmore, Derek          French For Love
Stephenson, Anne with
        Collins, Freda and
        Stevens, H. C. G.       Brevity’s the Soul
  “ with Whitehead, Gordon      Shall We Say Grace
Stern, G. B. with
        Croft-Cooke, Rupert     Gala Night at “The Willows”
Steven, Phyl                    Devil’s Own
                                Grouse In August
                                Perfect Casting
                                Potter’s Field
                                Ward Four
Stevens, H. C. G.               High-Speed Shakespeare: Hamlet,
                                         Julius Caesar and Romeo and Juliet
                                Immortal Garden
                                Man at the Door
                                Nothing Wrong With Bluebell & Other Sketches
                                Sir Herbert Is Deeply Touched
                                  “ and Other Plays: This Marathon Business
                                         and Hamlet in Modern Rush
                                Tea Time Yesterday
                                To Meet The King and Other Plays: Release,
                                         House on the Hill and Captain
   “ with Collins, Freda and
         Stephenson, Anne       Brevity’s the Soul
Steward, B. D.                  Almighty Waiter
Stewart, Donald Ogden           Kidders
Stewart, Hal D.                 County Calls
Stewart, Hugh                   Lake of Wonder
Stewart, Malcolm                Return of Peggy Atherton
Stirling, Edward                New Will
Stocks, Bryan                   After You’ve Gone
Stong, M. R.                    Yaller Squares
Straub, Manuel                  Without Candles
Street, Dorothea                Traveller’s Joy
Street, Sean                    Tea, Set and Match
Stringer, M. Helen              Superstition
Strong, L. A. G.                It’s Not Very Nice
Stuart, Aimee                   Gentleman’s Daughter
Stuart, Dorothy Margaret with
         Davenport, E. V.       Interlude In Porcelain
Sturgess, Bob                   Marius’s Mule
Stygall, Terence Colin          Bones of Contention
Sugano, Douglas with
        Pickering, Kenneth      Midlands’ Mysteries
Sutton, Nina                    Sporting Chance
Sumner, Jill                    Murder at the Mill
Sunderland, Margot with
        Pickering, Kenneth      Choreographing the Stage Musical
 Cressrelles: A-Z of Authors and their Works – www.cressrelles.co.uk – 12th
                               October 2010

Swinburne, Sonia           Parting Gift
Swinnerton, Frank          Authors I Never Met
Swinson, Arthur            Bridge of Estaban
Sylvaine, Vernon           Bite of the Apple
                           Cards on the Table
                           Not What They Seem
                           Road of Poplars

Taggart, Andrew            Jesus of Nazareth – This Is Your Life
Tait-Reid, E.              Gossip
Talbot, A. J.              Bailey’s Crowded Hour
                           Chez Boguskovsky or Stolen Vermeer
                           Tarnish or How Would It Seem To You?
Tanner, Beryl              At The Half-Moon Inn
                           Tyrant of Twinyeo Farm
Tanner, Guy                Safe At Last
Tayleur, W. St John        Reunion
Taylor, Alec               Candy-Floss Man
                           Green-Eyed Monster Comic Strip
Taylor, E. N.              Man Who Thought of Everything
Taylor, George             Born Comedian
                           Bringing T’Chap In
                           Happy the Bride
                           Kill or Cure
                           Money for Nothing
                           New Play
                           Old Fiddle
                           Rocking Chair
                           Second Time of Asking
“ with Northe, Maggi       Lady and the Char
Taylor, Matt               By Popular Request
Teagarden, Jay             Birds
                           Letting Lucinda Down
Terry, Doris L.            White Magic
Thatcher, Billy with
        King, Rolf         And Her Mother Came Too
                           Lion in the Lighthouse
Thomas, Basil              Shooting Star
                           This Blessed Plot
                           Two of Everything
Thomas, Charles            Enoch in Arden
Thomas, Charles            Make-Up: Dramatic Student’s Approach
Thomas, L. E.              Dark Noel
Thomas, T. C.              Davy Jones’s Clock
                           Davy Jones’s Dinner
                           Davy Jones’s Locker
                           Lonely Road
    Cressrelles: A-Z of Authors and their Works – www.cressrelles.co.uk – 12th
                                  October 2010

Thompson, Brenda              Our Charade
Thomson, David Cleghorn       Our Father
Thorn, Ronald Scott           Bed of Roses
Thornber, Geoffrey            Pied Piper of Hamelin
                              Quest For A Golden Key
                              Rumpus In Regalia
                              Witch and the Wiffler
Tibbetts, Mike                Funny – You Don’t Laugh Jewish!
Tidmarsh, E. V.               Is Your Honeymoon Really Necessary
Tighe, Harry with
         Rose, Cecil          Atonement
Tims, Margaret                Many Happy Returns
Tonkonogy, Gertrude           Three Cornered Moon
Tracy, H. E. H.               Understudy
Traill, Peter                 French Dressing
Trease, Geoffrey              After the Tempest
                              Dragon Who Was Different and Other Plays for Children
Trenholme, Hilary             Fell Blow
Trentham, Winifride           Black Velvet
                              In The Morning
                              Island of the Mice
                              Island of Mice and Other Plays
                              March Evening
                              Merlin Limited
                              Snakes and Ladders
                              Ward D
Trevern, Douglas with
         Conway, Steve        Case Against Mrs Dane
Trevor, Pat                   But With a Whimper
Tully, John                   Tony
Turnbull, Doreen              Clinging Vine
Turner, Joseph W.             Just Like It Was
Turner, Margaret              Beginners Please
                              City Not Forsaken
Turner, Thomas                You Have Your Choice
Turnock, Dorothy              Happy Return
Tuson, Neil                   Doubtful Misfortune of Li Sing
Twinn, Steve                  Stress Fracture
Tyrrell, Mabel L. with
         Coke, Peter          Isle of Umbrellas

Underhill, John Garrett       Lover
Underwood, Dorothy            By Whose Hand …?
Uren, Rhona                   Last Post
 Cressrelles: A-Z of Authors and their Works – www.cressrelles.co.uk – 12th
                               October 2010

Vacher, Gwyneth             Happy Families
Vaughan, Sylvia             Bella, Bella
                            Wedding Days
Verity, Elma                Across the Lawn
                            Amanda Story
  “ with Allen, Vera        Appointment In Eden
                            Good Night, Marcia
                            Uncertain Glory
 “ with Arlett, Vera        Castle On the Moor
                            Deep Thatch
                            Haste To the Wedding
                            Ladies In Danger
                            Mother of the Bride
                            Operation Horace
                            Portrait of a Gentleman
                            Portrait of a Lady
                            Under the Clock
                            Yours To Command
Verity, E with Last, Jack   Coffee For One
                            Cove Cottage
                            Two of Us
Vickers, Michael            Palace Footman Music
Vickery, Frank              See You Tomorrow
Victor, Terry               Perplexing Puzzle of the Pedigree Pet
                                     And the Policeman
Voller, H. C.               Mare O’ My Dreams
                            Me and Me Roses
Vose, John D.               Desireable Residence
                            Night Shelter
  “ with Starr, John        Murderous Concept
Vosper, Frank               All Is Not Gold

Waldegrave, George          Border Ballad
Walker, David               Affairs of Dilys Willis
                            Quiet Night In
Walker, Les                 Barraclough’s Bounty
                            Willie Conker’s Downfall and Other Dramas
Walker, Leslie              Certain Man
Walker, Roger               Baths of Borcovicus
Walker, Sylvia              Come On Up
Walker, T. C.               Charles – By the Grace of God
Walker, Tom                 After Hours
Wall, A. L.                 Pinocchio
Wallace, Edgar              Forest of Happy Dreams
Walpole, Hugh               Haxtons
 Cressrelles: A-Z of Authors and their Works – www.cressrelles.co.uk – 12th
                               October 2010

Walsh, Luella                 Jackpot (Last Minute Sketches)
                              Jinx at the Johnson’s
                              Treble Chance
Walton, Thomas                Italian Straw Hat
                              Monsieur Perrichon Goes Abroad
Warburton, N. J.              Music Lovers
                              Waiting for Nesbitt
Ward, C. Dudley               Tea Tangle
Ward, Evelyne                 Crisis At The Gates
                              Veil Between
Warner, Victor                Cannon
Warner-Hooke, Nina            Dead Ernest
                              Sugar Bowl
Warhurst, Melvin              Ferlippity’s Folly
                              Magic Christmas Tree
                              Peter and the Princess
Waterhouse, John              Between Ourselves
                              Cardboard Cavaliers
                              Hazel’s Nuts
                              Heaven to Betsy
                              I Spy
                              In the Doghouse
                              Jump Off
                              Mayhem at Mudlark Manor
                              Miss Clithold’s Class of ’58
                              Mother Came Too
                              Murder In Mind
                              No Crime Like the Present
                              Off the Rails
                              Siege of Sevastopol Terrace
                              Significant Others
                              Talk of the Devil
 “ with Leach, Patricia       Frank’s Feathered Friend
                              Nest of Cuckoos
                              Strictly For the Birds
Waterhouse, Steve             Shades of Reckoning
Watkins, Ieuan                Maggie’s Children
Watkins, M.                   George Marries
Watkinson, Ivy                Lady Sarah’s Bounty
Watson, Andrew with
       Pedder-Smith, George   Little Moses Goes A Long Way
Watson, T. M.                 Prelude to Prayers
                              When Peacocks Sing
Watts, Barbara                Son
Weale, Edith                  ‘Twas On A Sunday Morning
                              When Feathers Fly
Weatherley, E. V.             Butter for the King + Music
Webb, Mary with
       Assinder, Peter        Excursions in French
 Cressrelles: A-Z of Authors and their Works – www.cressrelles.co.uk – 12th
                               October 2010

Welch, Sue                 Both Sides
                           Common Denominator
                           Driving Force
                           Fallen Angels
Wellman, Derek             Gannets
Wells, Mike                Mephisto Rock
Welsh, David               Best Laid Plans
                           Death By Murderous Means
                           Give Me A Chance
                           Happy Man
                           Make It Happen
                           Mellow Drama
West, Don                  Moving Day
                           Only the Bull Can Lose!
                           Ticket to Ride
West, Donald E.            Three Faces
Westcott, Frederic         Bach
Whatmore, A. R.            Mother Knows Best
                           She Wanted A Cream Front Door
Wheeler, Mary              Ravens Retreat
Whelan, Marion             Personal Call
White, George              Royal Gambit
White, Hester with
        Stanton, Mary      Fugitive
                           Harmony Hall
White, Joan K.             Laughing Cavalier
White, Leonard             Greater Law
Whitehead, Gordon with
        Stephenson, Anne   Shall We Say Grace?
Whitelaw, Rudolph          Between Two Prayers
Whitfield, Jack            Dead Secret
Whitworth, Geoffrey        Father Noah
Whybrow, Marion            OAP Rules, OK!
Widdows, Cecil             From This Place
Wilkes, Vivienne           Right Royal Pack of Nonsense
Wilkinson, Hilda           Ring O’ Bells
Wilkinson, J. C. F.        It Can’t Happen Here!
                           Lend Me Your Ears
Wilkinson, M. E.           Two Fairy Plays: The Changeling
                                    And The Golden Goose
Willard, Barbara           Brother Ass and Brother Lion
                           Fit For A King
Williams, A. L. Phillips   Noddfa (Sanctuary by Rees, Phoebe in Welsh)
       (Penmaen, Marian)
Williams, Antonia          Fairy Plays for Fairy People: Five Short
                                    Plays for Children
Williams, Emlyn            Pepper and Sand
Williams, G. Mountford     Play of the Weather
Williams, Herbert          Lethal Kind of Love
Williams, Joyce            Phoebe’s Shining Knight
 Cressrelles: A-Z of Authors and their Works – www.cressrelles.co.uk – 12th
                               October 2010

Williams, Keith             Army of Innocents
                            Gran Webster’s War
Williams, Myra              On TV
Williamson, Audrey with
       Landstone, Charles   Bristol Old Vic
Williamson, Hugh Ross       After the Event
                            Cinderella’s Grandchild
Willis, Ted                 Lady Purrs
Wilned                      Our Thirty Shilling Suits
Wilson, Angus               Homemade Lighting Apparatus for the Amateur Stage
Wilson, Clarice             Every-woman
Wilson, Edward              First-Born Son
Wilson, Kathleen T.         Three Christmas Plays for Juniors
Wimbury, Harold             Broken Bridges
Windwick, Norman D.         Father’s Daughter
Wise, Rob                   Bit of Three By One
                            Food for Thought
                            Some Do, Some Don’t
Witham, Marjorie            Five of Diamonds
                            To Catch a Mackerel
Wood, M. Paige              Good Biders
Woodford, Peggy             Mozart
Woods, Don                  Crying Out Loud
                            Death Threat
Woods, Donald               Children
Woods, Jill                 Mum’s the Word
                            Prodigal Son
Woollard, Mary              Illustrated Guide to Staging History – Book I:
                                     - Egyptian, Greek, Roman and Medieval Theatre
Woollcombe, Carol           Women of Bethlehem
Worner, Philip              His Star Returns
Worsley, Eleanor            Mute
Wright, Anthony             Date Blind
Wright, D. Gordon           Bar Sinister
Wyatt, Leo                  Beat the Piper

Youngman, Betty             Sunset Home

Zglinitzki de, H.           Mother of Judas
Zonik, Eleanor D.           We’re All Equal, Aren’t We?

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