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									          Stay Fit and Healthy with the Help of The Bootcamp Pilates

People around the globe really wanted to stay fit and healthy but they do not have any idea on how to
start their fitness program. Well, if you think that full body work out will not be good for your program;
you can check out the benefits offered by The Bootcamp Pilates.

Bootcamp Pilates: The Express Class has arrived!

On their blog last September, they announced the arrival of the much awaited Express Class. So what
will be the part of this class on your fitness program and what are the benefits? This can be a great
option for people who are too busy on their work or those who do not have time for their fitness
program. All you need is 25 minutes to complete a high intensity training (HIT) that will showcase all the
benefits that you can get from participating on traditional pilates classes. However, you must keep in
mind that the classes are a bit different since it is done on a much quicker pace so there will only be
short breaks in between.

Bootcamp Pilates: A Breakfast Fit for Bootcamp!

A lot of experts believe that breakfast is the most important meal of the day because it helps you kick-
start your metabolism for the whole day. Bootcamp recently offered a new super food breakfast that
will help people in providing the right nutrients for the body especially for their fitness sessions. They
made a healthy breakfast that will support you on your fitness program.

Snack Attack - What to Eat Post Work Out!

Jo Emma Larvin is a known as a model, a nutritionist and a fan of Bootcamp Pilates and also known as
the person who provided a post workout snack. She said that aside from breakfast, eating after your
workout is also a very important thing to consider. Your muscles and your energy are already exhausted
after your workout so you have to replenish them by considering a meal that is rich with protein,
carbohydrates and beneficial oils.

Have You Found Your Pelvic Floor Yet?

The blog site of Bootcamp provided some information about the use of pelvic floor muscles and how to
engage them. They also provide some simple explanations about its benefits through their website.

Pamper yourself at Aquarius Spa

Bootcamp Pilates does not only focus on the fitness program but also on the relaxation of the muscles
on the body. This is the main reason why they teamed up with Aquarius Spa in Richmond and
Hampstead. They want their customers to feel relaxed after their workout.

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