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Requisition Purchase Order Process


									                                                                                                          Quick Reference Guide
Requisition / Purchase Order Process                                                                          IT Learning Series

      1.	 Purchase	Initiation	Form - online tool used to communicate specification of purchase to the
          Purchasing Department -	
          You can expect an acknowldgement from Purchasing within one (1) business day.
      2.	 Create	Online	Requisition (see associated Quick Reference Guide) and email supporting docu-
          mentation to approvers and Purchasing Department
      3.   Process all required approvals
      4.   Track your Requisition and Purchase Order (PO) in My.Emich
      5.   Receive the Good or Service

1. Purchase Initiation Form -

  •   Used to communicate specification of purchase to the Purchasing Department, before you create a
  •   You will receive acknowledement of your submission within one (1) business day 	
  •   Your submission will result in one of the following three documents:

      •	   Quote	- 2-3 business days
           This is used for a simple purchase where a contract is not required. Allow 2-3 business days for
      •	   RFI	(Request	for	Information) 1-2 weeks
           This is used when a department needs more information from a vendor, such as a written pro-
           posal for service. It can also be used when buying a physical good that requires additional support,
           such as a warranty or maintenance contract.
      •	   RFP	(Request	for	Proposal) 8-12 weeks
           This is used for more complex purchases that require a complete scope of work. Allow 8-12
           Purchasing will contact you to review your specification and make sure you have the appropriate
           documentation to accompany your order. Contact Purchasing at 487-1200.

2. Create Online Requisition after receiving quote from Purchasing
Once you have received a quote from Purchasing, you can create your online requisition. Include the exact
commodity information found on the quote provided by Purchasing.
      1.   Refer to the Req/PO Quick Reference Guide (QRG) for all details on creating online requisitions.
           QRG can be found here:
      2.   Email supporting documentation to your approvers and cc: Purchasing on the message.
      3.   Contact Purchasing at or 487-1200

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3. Approvals in My.Emich
      1.   Click the Employee tab in My.Emich.
      2.   In the Services	Main	Menu channel, click the Expand	Self 	Service	Channel	to	fill	screen
           button in the upper right-hand corner of the channel.
      3.   Click the Finance link in the Services Main Menu.
      4.   Click the Approve	Documents link in the Finance Menu. The Approve Documents Menu will
           appear. The default view is “Documents for which you are the next approver”.
           Note: Clicking “All documents which you may approve” will show all your documents currently
           in the approval process.
      5.   Click the Submit	Query button. A list of the requisitions requiring your approval will appear. If
           there are no documents listed, there are no requisitions requiring your approval.
Note:	For	Req	Creators	
      1.   you can type your approver’s Banner username into the User	ID field to view their list of docu-
      2.   You can also Disapprove your own requisition if you have to make a change after submitting it.
      3.   Contact Purchasing at or 487-1200

4. Track Req and PO in My.Emich
To view an individual document:
      1.   Click the View	Document link in the Finance menu.
      2.   To view a Requisition, type the requisition number (Rxxxxxxx) in the Document Number field.
      3.   Click the View	Document button in the lower left-hand corner of the screen. The requisition
           will be displayed. Note:	Scroll down to “Related Documents” to see the PO, Invoice and Check
To view a list of documents:
      1.   Click the View	Document link in the Finance menu.
      2.   Click the Document	Number button in the middle of the screen. The Document Code Lookup
           screen will appear.
      3.   Your username will default into the User ID field.
      4.   Click the Execute	Query button. A list of requisitions that you created will be displayed. You can
           modify this query by:
           •   Choose a month and year for the Activity	Date field, or the Transaction	Date field. This
               will limit the list to that time period.
           •   Type a valid Vendor ID in the Vendor	ID field. This will limit the list to requisitions for that
               particular vendor.

5. Receive the Good or Service
•   Physical Good - Sign for your delivery, whether it’s Central Receiving, or an off-campus delivery service.
•   Service - Indicate receipt of service via email. Subject line should include PO number, body of message
    should indicate what service has been received by department.
•   Contact Central Receiving at or 487-4386
Note: Invoice must go to Accounts Payable to get paid

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