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									           How New Jersey Title Insurance is Related to a New Jersey Home Mortgage

A lot of people who are buying homes in New Jersey or elsewhere are completely unaware of what New
Jersey title insurance is and whether they need to go in for New Jersey title insurance when they are
going in for a home mortgage.

What more and more homeowners need to realize is that title insurance is an important thing when
considering a home mortgage. The truth is that titles do turn out to be defective and is might be best to
have a title insurance cover.

When you buy a New Jersey home mortgage, title companies typically carry out a search of all public
records to uncover any matters that might relate to or have a bearing on the title of the property.
Sometimes, however, the best searches cannot find out absolutely everything about the title. This is
because there is no completely fool proof system of doing the search and public records mostly show
changes in the title as the property passed from one hand to another.

Every title in the market has many "rights", usually owned by different people. It is mostly the owners of
the property that have the rights, but in some cases, some rights may in fact be owned by other entities
such as utilities or even easements.

In events when properties are changing hands, it is crucial for the homeowner to know what rights will
be passed on to him or her. It is also important for them to know who else will have any manner if rights
in the property.

Technically, the title search should uncover all of these things. However, the problem with record
keeping is that all public records are kept in various offices and records related to land are typically kept
separately from records related to marriage, divorce and insanity proceedings as well as other lawsuits.
It often becomes impossible to search all of these records thoroughly and some interests in the titles
sometimes remain hidden.

The trouble arises when these hidden defects come to the front after the home mortgage has been
closed. To iron out any difficulties arising from situations such as these, it is imperative that you buy title
insurance when going in for a home mortgage. In doing so, you receive the protection of the title
insurance company, only for a single, one-time premium. Further, the title insurance protects not just
the buyer of the property but the heirs as well as long as they hold the property.

Keeping all of this in mind, it makes great financial sense to of in for Nj title insurance when looking at a
home mortgage. This will protect you from unnecessary lawsuits and financial losses and keep your
property intact for years to come. The best thing about title insurance is that in case of any lawsuit, it
will also cover the expenses pf the court proceedings and any damages that you might have to pay.
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