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A Russia Blood to the Head - Ipswich School


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									                                                                                                             Number 619 Monday 8th November 2010

A Russia
Blood to the

                                                                                                                   Trekking in Ethiopa
                                                                                                                   Sixteen Sixth Formers, accompanied by Ms Walker
                                                                                                                   and Mr Ross, travelled to Ethiopia during half
                                                                                                                   term. A trek (see account, below left) in the
                                                                                                                   Simien Mountains culminated in the ascent of the
                                                                                                                   fourth highest mountain in Africa, Ras Dashen,
Head of Russian Dr Liddy Reeves-Croft, Deputy Head Adrian Brown, Mrs Brown and Matron Masser accompanied thirty-
                                                                                                                   and enabled them to see at close proximity the
five students on the half term trip to Russia.
                                                                                                                   Gelada Baboon, Walia Ibex and very rare Ethiopian
                                                                                                                   Wolf. After the trek the party spent two days in
Day One of the trip, as recounted by Felix White-          the large cannon, that nothing in England could
                                                                                                                   Lalibella, visiting the rock-hewn early Christian
Thomson (who is also responsible for the titles).          hold a candle to Moscow’s architecture. Next we
                                                                                                                   churches, often described as the eighth wonder
                                                           visited Red Square and (briefly) GUM, the massive
                                                                                                                   of the world.
                                                           shopping centre, which was abundant in crystal,
Borscht, Banter and Black                                  marble and clothes shops. Then we travelled up to
                                                                                                                   A day was spent at a local school near the village
BMWs                                                       the Moscow State University where we practised
                                                           our haggling skills on the numerous souvenir
                                                                                                                   of Chenek, joining in with the lessons and giving
                                                                                                                   gifts of pens, pencils and sports equipment. The
Breakfast on the first day was followed by a               stalls there. Some of our number clearly weren’t
                                                                                                                   teaching staff were presented with funds to
bus tour of Moscow, first stop Red Square and              over-endowed in this area – someone managed to
                                                                                                                   purchase a whiteboard and other items for the
the Kremlin. It was quickly decided, on seeing             buy a fur hat for 2000 roubles (about £47) which
                                                                                                                   basic classrooms. The money had been raised by
the amazing golden domes of the churches and               others had bought for a fiver!
                                                                                                                   organising School discos and selling ice creams to
                                                                                                                   older pupils.
An extract from the Ethiopian expedition                   night receded, we each realised how far we had
diary, written by Adam Gardiner, future                    climbed out of the valley in which we had camped.
travel writer?                                             The views were never less than breathtaking and
                                                           were a just reward for enduring a gruelling twelve
Silent upon a peak                                         hour day. As the road steepened the group pulled
                                                           together in defiance of the physical hardship. We
It is little wonder that Homer granted Ethiopia            all knew that the conquering of Ras Dashen would
the accolade of entertaining the gods, as the land         take time and a Herculean effort on the part of
is immeasurably beautiful. However it was not              the group. Despite constant struggle and a real
without a certain amount of trepidation that we            scramble up the almost sheer rock face we finally
set off at 4.30 in the morning, bathed in the light        surmounted the peak which stood sentinel over
of a full moon. Ethiopia is a country of strange           the rest of the Simien Mountain range. As the
symbiosis, the heat of the sun in turn extinguished        sense of achievement in climbing such a height
by the cold air, the towering peaks dwarfed by the         increased between each frantic breath, the reality
vastness of the sky. It was into this extraordinary        of the day strongly transfixed us all. Standing on
mix of elements that we slowly trekked ever                                                                        Accounts of the other half term activities,
                                                           the pinnacle of this extraordinary land it was the
higher, greeting the approaching dawn. As                                                                          including the Chapel tour residency at Wells
                                                           culmination of the experiences of the past week.
                                                                                                                   Cathedral, and rugby tour to Italy, will be
visibility improved and the darkening effect of the
                                                                                                                   included in next week’s Occasional.

                                                        Hockey: HiPAC
Sport                                                   A High Performance Assessment Camp (HiPAC)
                                                        is a residential three-day camp which forms part
                                                        of Junior Regional Performance Centre ( JRPC)
continued from page 4                                   Tier 2 activity and just before half term I went to
                                                        Lilleshall National Sports Centre to attend one.
                                                        The camp is made up of four different squads:
                                                        the Saxon Tigers, the Pennine Pumas, the Wessex
                                                        Leopards and the Mercia Lynx. At the camps you
                                                        are coached by England Hockey appointed coaches
                                                        and are given lectures on anti-doping, injury
                                                        management, nutrition and video assessment,
                                                                                                               Ipswich School novice team
                                                        ending with a tournament between the squads.
                                                        The camp improved my hockey knowledge and I
                                                        really enjoyed it.
                                                                               Monty Fynn, Year 10             Equestrian Eventers
                                                        Tennis: Copleston Cup
                                                                                                               The annual qualifier for Interschools Jumping with
                                                        Gabriel Watson, seeded number 2, won the U12           Style competition was held at Towerlands, Essex
                                                        section of the tournament, despite nursing a           on 11th October, run by Woodbridge School. This
                                                        wrist injury. He beat fellow Academy player Jake       event has grown in popularity, and this year there
SAINTS GO MARCHING ON: Ipswich School rugby players     Simpson 6-0, 6-1, and then met Scott Hamber            were over 260 entries from all over East Anglia
play for the U15 Saints, who beat the Saracens 38-19.   from Essex in the semi-final, a strong player who      hoping to qualify for the prestigious National
                                                        he had a very tough match against, winning the         Championships at Buckinghamshire in December.
                                                        first set 6-4, losing the second heavily 1-6, then
                                                        battling through a tough tiebreak third set to win     The competition involves teams of three or four
BSDRA Sailing                                           it 10-7, having been 5-7 down. In the final he         jumping a complicated course of jumps, half show
Championships                                           played Tom Belton, another Academy player who
                                                        is a year older and a big hitter, and beat him 6-0,
                                                                                                               jumping, half cross country and also judged on style
                                                                                                               and time. Ipswich School were well represented,
Ipswich School’s sailing team, comprising John          6-2 in difficult windy conditions.                     with one team in the Novice class, two teams in
Page, helm (Year 11), James Head, helm (Year                                                                   the Intermediate class, and one team in the Open
10), Jack Beckett (Year 13), George Finch (Year         He also made it to the final of the U14s doubles       class. The classes started at 8am and our Open
13), Freddie Chiddicks (Year 10), Henry Mills, helm     with his brother Milo and the final of the U14s        team finished their class at 8pm, needing torches
(Year 11) and Jonny Watkins (Year 9), went up           plate (consolation event) singles, but had to          to find their way back to the lorry park.
against nine other teams in the BSDRA Autumn            withdraw due to the wrist injury.
Team Racing Championship at Westbere Sailing                                           Michela Parkin          The Novice team (80 cm): Abbi Aird, Hana Prosser,
Club, where they secured a 1st, 2nd and 3rd in                                                                 Sophia Richards were triumphant in winning this
the first race. Over the next six races, Ipswich                                                               class out of 23 teams and qualifying, with Hana
maintained strong positions, coming 3rd equal                                                                  placed 8th as an individual out of 99 entries. She
out of the ten participating teams. “Everyone           Football: 1st XI v Norwich                             was also the only person in the class with zero
shared the triumphant feeling of coming first over                                                             style penalties. An excellent result for both the
the line at least once,” said George Finch. “I’d like   Following a battling performance against               team and Hana and a great start to the day.
to particularly congratulate Jonny Watkins, who         Northgate High School in the previous fixture,
joined Ipswich School this year.”                       Ipswich welcomed Norwich School for a                  The Intermediate Team (90 cm): Chloe Browne,
                                                        competitive derby. The visitors were far superior      Helen Chambers, Amy Gould and Sophia Richards
                       Alex Johnson, Year 11            in the opening exchanges, and Ipswich found            all rode well, with clear rounds from Chloe and
                                                        themselves two goals down after 10 minutes.            Sophia. They came 3rd out of 18 teams and only
                                                        After a period of increased possession for the         narrowly missed qualifying in this class as only
                                                        home team, a Gareth Nicholas free kick was met         the first two teams go forward.
                                                        superbly by the head of Jacob Milner to reduce
                                                        the deficit by half time. Despite changes of tactics   The Open team (1m-1.05m): The course was big
                                                        and personnel in the second period, the Norwich        and very technical. The course builder and style
                                                        defence stood firm to inflict a home defeat. Many      judge, international trainer John Bowen, had
                                                        thanks to Mr Marion for stepping in to referee.        really created a huge test especially as none of
EDITOR: Cathy Shelbourne,                                                     Lewis Catlow, Year 13            the team had competed at this height before.
Press and Publications Officer                                                                                 After our team of Chloe Browne, Helen Chambers,                                                                                     Amy Gould and Sophia Richards watched at least
Contributions very welcome; please e-mail by            Football: Ist XI v RHS                                 three riders fall off in the first few competitors
Wednesday 12 noon.                                                                                             to go, concerns mounted, but the team put up
                                                        Several illnesses necessitated calling on emerging     a great performance over a difficult course and
EDITORIAL TEAM:                                         players from the squad. Mr East was the match          after other teams failed to complete the course
Alex Albon, Year 10                                     official and he awarded a deserved penalty, which      our team won, amid lots of cheers, and qualified.
Kip Campbell, Year 10                                   was taken by centre back Ed Brooks, leaving us         Chloe and Sophia were also placed as individuals.
Emily Cashen, Year 12                                   1-0 up at half time. At the break, a change of
Rosie Dyvig, Year 11                                    formation resulted in a much improved second           Thanks to the team manager Karen Richards, and
Monty Fynn, Year 10                                     half performance. Captain Lewis Catlow hit the         to the parents for their endless support; also to
Figgy Guyver, Year 12                                   post with a rasping shot early on and in the final     Saskia Carter-Armitage for being chief groom and
Sophie Hogan, Year 10                                   ten minutes we took a 2-0 lead with a goal from        good luck mascot.
Alex Johnson, Year 11                                   one of our substitutes Tom Rees, scoring his first                                  Frances Browne
Tim Morris, Year 10                                     goal ever in competitive football! Ipswich School
James Norrington Hughes Stanton, Year 12                2 RHS 0                                                Girls’ hockey reports will appear in the
Patrick Young, Year 10                                                                                 SJB     next Occasional

Roll over Beethoven
On 12th October 2010, Mr Andrew Leach, Director
of Music, delivered a lecture on Tippett and
                                                     Lunchtime Careers talks
                                                     Mondays 1.40-2.15pm in the Pavilion

                                                     8th November: Law, by Prettys
                                                                                                         Diary dates
Beethoven to an audience in Great School. As well    15th November: Construction and Surveying,by
as speaking to us about his subject, Mr Leach also   Edge Consult                                        The Friends of Ipswich School invite you to their
played excerpts of pieces of music to accompany      22nd November: Life at Cambridge, by Annabel        Christmas Gift Fayre
his talk.                                            Griffiths
                                                     29th November: Veterinary Medicine, by Orwell       Friday 19 November
Sir Michael Tippett (1905-1998) was heavily          Vets                                                12 noon - 4 pm
influenced by the works of Ludwig Van Beethoven      6th December: Barristers, by East Anglian
(1770-1827) and this shows in his music which        Chambers                                            Great School and Little School, entrance via Ivry
reflects some of the revolutionary ideas that        13th December: Economics, by James Hughes           Street. Admission £2
Beethoven used. Mr Leach played a piece of music
for the piano by Tippett which demonstrated this.    Further details from the Careers Office             Browse through our many regional exhibitors
Tippet, like Beethoven, used different tempos                                                            offering quality and originality - jewellery,
and textures in sections to mirror the mood of the                                                       stylish items for your home, original crafts, toys,
music, and these sections all fit neatly together    Evening Lectures                                    books, elegant fashion accessories plus fine
like a mosaic.                                       Wednesday 10th November 2010 at 7pm                 foods and treats - not forgetting cards, wrapping
                                                                                                         paper and decorations
On being asked the question: “What do you think      The third of our evening lectures this term is
Beethoven would have thought of Tippett?”            Wolsey and Ipswich: the great man educated          Refreshments available - tea, coffee, filled rolls,
Mr Leach replied that Beethoven would have           and planning his legacy, a talk by Dr John          cakes and mince pies
approved of Tippett, and of the way in which he      Blatchly, former Headmaster of Ipswich School and
composed music, and would have probably been         now the School’s archivist, about Thomas Wolsey     For all your Christmas gifts and a chance to spoil
composing in the same style!                         and his links with the School. Refreshments         yourself too!
                                                     will be provided and parents are also welcome.
Mr Leach ended the lecture by performing             Please see ADB or email SMT secretary Mrs Dunlop
Beethoven’s Sonata No. 31, to demonstrate a          ( if you would like to                             Christmas
composer trying new things, a trait of Beethoven’s   attend.
which Tippett mirrors. The piece was beautifully                                                ADB                                shoebox
executed and the lecture was both entertaining
and thoroughly enlightening.
                    Kip Campbell, Year 10
                                                     Chamber Orchestra Concert                                                     The            Christmas
                                                     Sunday 21st November at 3pm                                                   Shoeboxes are now
                                                                                                                                   beginning to pile up in
                                                     This year’s annual Chamber Music Concert features   Room 1 – forming a colourful distraction to normal

Vox Pop                                              the Chamber Orchestra and soloists performing at    Maths lessons! The official deadline is Monday
                                                     St Mary’s Church, Market Hill, Woodbridge.          15th November, giving us time to check the boxes
                                                                                                         over and send them on their way at the end of the
                                                     The concert includes Telemann’s Double Viola        week. So if you have not yet brought in your boxes,
                                                                                                         please bring them in as soon as possible! Leaflets
What era would you like                              Concerto in G, Thomas Arne’s The Morning, and
                                                     two pieces by the French organist and composer,     are still available from Reception, the School
to have been part of, and                            Guilmant; March Elegiaque and Adoration.            Office or Room 1. Many thanks to everyone who
                                                                                                         has donated an individual item, a whole shoebox
                                                     There will also be a number of instrumental and
why?                                                 vocal solos.                                        or the money to cover the transport costs.
Dr Fred: “I’d would go back to the                                                                                                                      FCL
1920s, and be a Jazz Flapper!”                       All proceeds go to the NSPCC. Tickets are £8 and
Matron: “I’d go back to the 1800s, but               include tea and cake, obtainable by calling Mrs     Where’s Wally?
                                                     George in the Music Office (01473 408310), or
only if I was rich with servants.”                   by emailing: musicenquiries@ipswich.suffolk.sch.    Each week Wally will be hiding somewhere around
Ms Uren: “The 1900s. They were the                   uk .                                                the School. A prize awaits the person who takes
Golden Age!”                                                                                    WRS      him to the School Office.
Miss Hutton: “Roman times, and
Boudica’s rebellion. I want to know                  Desert Island Desires
what happened to her.”
Mr Thurtle: “1944, I’d be a scientist and            Imagine you’re on a desert island and
take part in nuclear research.”                      you are only allowed certain items.
                                                     What would you take?
Mr H-T: “I’m miffed that I missed the
Michael Jackson BAD tour, so I’d go                  This week it’s the turn of Matron
back to 1988!”                                       (Masser)
Mr Taylor: “1966, to re-live the World
Cup!”                                                FILM: Forrest Gump
                                                     BOOK: Tess of the D’Urbervilles
Dr Reeves-Croft: “I’d like to go back to
                                                     CD: Rolling Stones – Forty Licks
the 16th century.”                                   LUXURY ITEM: Blue waterproof mascara
Mrs Khalyaeva: “I’d go back to the                   PERSON: Rod Stewart
times of King Richard III.”                          FOOD: Kettle Chips – sea salt and
                                                     balsamic vinegar flavour
                              Sophie Hogan,
                                     Year 10                       Kip Campbell, Year 10

                                                           Ipswich School netball
                                                           teams shoot to success
                                                           The Under 14A, Under 14B, Under 16A,
                                                           Under 16B, and Under 19 girls’ netball
                                                           teams have won all five tournaments in
                                                           the recent round of South Suffolk, and
                                                                                                                     continued on page 2
                                                           National Schools, contests.
                                                           They now go forward to the County tournament              On 13th October the U16B netball team took
                                                           on 13th November in Southwold.                            part in the B League Tournament at Chantry High
                                                                                                                     School. The eight teams were placed in two groups
                                                                                                                     and Ipswich School faced Chantry in their first
                                                           U19 South Suffolk Tournament                              match. After a strong start Ipswich beat Chantry
Class act                                                  On 14th October the U19s competed in the first
                                                           round of the National Schools Netball Competition
                                                                                                                     13-2 with some excellent shooting and went
Harry Martin, England hockey player, and Ipswich                                                                     on to beat Copleston 8-1 in the next match. The
School Sixth Former, was presented with a special          at Copleston. With seven schools entering, the            folllowing match against Thurleston High School
award by Headmaster Nicholas Weaver during                 tournament was run on a round robin basis.                was closer but Ipswich remained focussed and
the Assembly for the Middle and Lower School, in           Ipswich’s first game against Kesgrave was easier          won 7-3. Ipswich then faced Claydon High, the
recognition of his sporting skills.                        than usual, winning 8-4, and after winning their          runners-up of group A, in the semi-final. This was
                                                           second game against Northgate 10-0, Ipswich               a low scoring match but Ipswich kept possession
This follows the Suffolk Sports ceremony at                faced their hardest opponents and after a very            and secured a 4-2 win. Ipswich School went into
which he was proclaimed the Larking Gowen                  close game Ipswich beat Copleston 11-9. They              the final against Claydon determined to win from
Young Sports Personality of the Year, and the              won their three remaining games, against Ipswich          start to finish and this resulted in a 9-0 victory.
Daily Telegraph and Aviva ‘School Sport Matters’           High 6-4, Woodbridge 7-4, and St Joseph’s 16-3,           The Ipswich squad went undefeated to win the
ceremony at Wembley Stadium, where he was                  and became South Suffolk Champions, going on              tournament!
the runner-up in the Male Student of the Year              to the County round.
category.                                                                     Abi Thompson, Year 13

Harry has been shortlisted for SportsAid’s One-            U16A South Suffolk Tournament                             U14A
to-Watch award, to be announced on 25th                    On 13th October Ipswich U16s competed in the              The Under 14A netball team travelled to Copleston
November.                                                  first round of the National Schools Competition.          High School to take part in the first round of
                                                           Playing seven schools on a round robin basis, their       the South Suffolk Schools Tournament on 12th
                                                           first game was against Kesgrave. Ipswich got off          October. Ipswich School started well with an
                                                           to a good start, going into a four goal lead, only        11-1 win against Copleston. In the next match
                                                           to be pegged back to lead 6-5 at half time. In the        the score was fairly even in the first half against
                                                           second half, Ipswich extended their lead to win           Kesgrave but Ipswich School worked hard to
                                                           14-6. Their second game saw a different start             secure a 12-4 win. Ipswich faced Woodbridge
                                                           going down by four goals, only to bring it back           School next and defended superbly to gain an
                                                           to win 13-7. After two inconsistent performances          11-1 win. The shooters continued to shoot well in
                                                           Ipswich faced their hardest opposition – Copleston.       the next match against Farlingaye and although
                                                           After a hard-fought and physical game, they had           the Ipswich squad temporarily lost focus, still
                                                           their first loss 7-12. Ipswich won their remaining        managed to stay in the lead throughout and
                                                           games: Ipswich High B 13-10, Ipswich High A               finish with a 13-4 win. In the final match Ipswich
                                                           10-1, Woodbridge 10-7 and Northgate 15-4.                 faced Ipswich High School and both schools were
                                                           With both Ipswich and Copleston losing one                fighting for the winning position. Ipswich School
                                                           game they ended level in points, with Ipswich             outplayed the High School from start to finish
Monaco Kart Cup                                            eventful winners on goal difference. Both teams           and secured a 13-4 win to go through to the next
It was the 9th November and I was racing in                go through to the County round, Ipswich as South          round as tournament winners. Well done for an
the Monaco kart cup. This was a single race                Suffolk Champions.                                        outstanding result!
championship where the best drivers take part in                                                           BKD                                                          MS
a race through the streets of Monte Carlo, which
includes part of the F1 circuit. I started 18th in the
pre-final due to a crash in one of the heats, I got                                                                  South Suffolk U14B Tournament
up to 9th and my team-mate crashed, resulting                                                                                   On 12th October Ipswich U14B travelled
in a road block, causing me to hit him and have                                                                                 to Hadleigh to compete in the South
a DNF (Did Not Finish). I started 28th in the main                                                                              Suffolk B tournament, with the four
final and finished 4th.                                                                                                         teams on a round robin basis. With very
                           Alex Albon, Year 10                                                                                  little practice as a team it took time to
                                                                                                                                settle, although they beat St Joseph’s
“This was another amazing drive from Alex,                                                                                      7-3 in their first game. They got off to
passing 24 drivers on the way to 4th in really                                                                                  a confident start in their second game
tough conditions,” said his manager, Rod Vickery.                                                                               against Northgate going into a 4-0 lead
                                                                                                                                at half time, and won 6-5. Their last
                                                                                                                                game against Hadleigh was close from
                                                                                                                                the start, with Ipswich eventful winners
                                                                                                                                8-6, to win the tournament.
Right: THE WINNERS of the Under 19 South Suffolk netball
                                                                           PUBLISHED BY IPSWICH SCHOOL, 25 HENLEY ROAD, IPSWICH, SUFFOLK IP1 3SG   WWW.IPSWICH.SUFFOLK.SCH.UK

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