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									                         muhlenberg college

                                  Travel is an important component of the Muhlenberg
                                  College volleyball program. Every other year the team

             Travel Log           takes a long trip to play an in-season tournament.

                                                                Destinations under
                                                                coach Jenny Warmack-
                                                                Chipman have included
                                                                 Daytona Beach in 2002,
                                                                 Texas in 2005 and the
                                                                 Los Angeles area in
                                                                 2007. The team is plan-
                                                                  ning another trip to
                                                                  Texas in 2009.

2007 - Califo

In addition, many volleyball
players have taken advantage of
Muhlenberg’s outstanding study-
abroad program to broaden their         2005 - Alamo
 educational experiences:

player	            semester	       destination(s)
Dana Ferrelli      spring 2002     Rome, Italy
Jennifer Leigh     spring 2002     London, England
Julie Lauro        spring 2005     Sydney, Australia
Julia Lamborn      spring 2006     Rome, Italy
Kate Haggerty      summer 2006     Spain/Costa Rica
Jess Anselmi       spring 2007     Seville, Spain
Megan Young        spring 2007     Alicante, Spain
Danielle Losonci   spring 2008     Alicante, Spain
Liz Dean           summer 2008     Florence, Italy
Amy Cohen          2008-09 year    Edinburgh, Scotland

                                                         Jess Anselmi
                                                         in Morocco
volleyball 2008
                                                                                 Quick Facts

                                                                                        muhlenberg college
                                                                       Location....................... Allentown, PA 18104
                                                                       Founded ...................... 1848
                                                                       Enrollment ................... 2,150
                                                                       Web Site ...................... www.muhlenberg.edu
                                                                       Affiliations ................... NCAA Division III, ECAC
                                                                       Conference .................. Centennial Conference
                                                                       Nickname .................... Mules
                                                                       Colors .......................... Cardinal Red & Grey
                                                                       Home Court................. Memorial Hall
                                                                       Capacity ...................... 3,529
                                                                       Year Built ..................... 1954

                      CONTENTS                                                               management
                                       introduction                    President ..................... Peyton Randolph Helm
 Muhlenberg College .................................. 2-3             Dean of Students ......... Karen Green
                                                                       Athletic Director........... Sam Beidleman
 College Management.....................................4
                                                                       Associate Director ........ Corey Goff
 Athletics Management ...................................5             Assistant Director ......... Jenny Warmack-Chipman
 Muhlenberg Athletics ....................................6            Athletics Phone ............ (484) 664-3380
 Centennial Conference ..................................6             Athletics Fax ................ (484) 664-3035
 Volleyball Facilities ........................................7       Head Athletic Trainer.... Steve Nemes
                                                                       Asst. Athletic Trainers ... Lindsay Weiss
                                     the 2008 mules                                                    Brian Perez
 Coaching Staff ...............................................8                                        Mike Richardson
 Team Photo ...................................................9                                   volleyball
                                                                       Head Coach .................. Jenny Warmack-Chipman
 Seniors .................................................. 10-11
                                                                       Alma Mater .................. Texas ‘96
 Returning Players .................................. 12-15            Record at Muhlenberg .. 105-129 (eight seasons)
 Newcomers .................................................15         Overall Record .............. same
 Schedule ......................................... back cover         Office Phone ................. (484) 664-3669
                                                                       Fax................................ (484) 664-3035
                                                  history              E-mail ........................... jchipman@muhlenberg.edu
 Individual Records ................................ 16-17             Assistant Coaches ......... Meghan Godorov
 Team Records ..............................................18                                             Allen Cerullo
 Honor Roll..................................................19        Student Assistant ......... David Alter
 Buttermaker Tournament ..... inside back cover                        Manager ....................... Ashley Porter
                                                                       2007 Record ................. 11-19 (3-7 Centennial)
                         credits                                       Letters Returning/Lost ... 7/4
The 2008 volleyball yearbook was produced
by the Muhlenberg College Sports Information                                              sports information
Office. Editor, Mike Falk; Assistant Editor, Kelley                     Director ........................ Mike Falk
Freund; Photography, Amico Studios, billjohn-                          Office Phone ................. (484) 664-3232
sonphotos.com and 7designpro.com; Printing,                            Home Phone ................. (610) 432-8953
Gillespie Printing of Catasauqua, Pa. (610-264-                        Fax................................ (484) 664-3477
1863).                                                                 E-mail ........................... falk@muhlenberg.edu
                                                                       Assistant Director .......... Kelley Freund
On the Cover: Seniors Danielle Losonci and Me-                         Office Phone ................. (484) 664-3168
gan Eiser (left to right).                                             E-mail ........................... kfreund@muhlenberg.edu
                                                                       Mule Hotline (voice) ...... (484) 664-3474

MAJORS                                Founded: 1848.
Accounting *                          Named for Henry Mel-
American Studies                      chior Muhlenberg, pa-
Anthropology *
Art *                                 triarch of the Lutheran
   (concentrations in Art History     Church in the American
   and Art Studio)                    Colonies.
Biochemistry                          Affiliation: Private,
Business Administration *             affiliated with Lutheran
   (concentrations in Entrepre-       Church.
   neurial Studies, Human             Location: Allentown,
   Resources Management,              Pa.; 55 miles north
   Management & Organization
   Studies, Management Science &      of Philadelphia and
   Info Science, Managerial           90 miles west of New
   Finance and Marketing)             York.
Chemistry *                           Academic Emphasis:
Computer Science *
Dance *                               Liberal arts and prepro-
Economics *                           fessional studies.
   (concentrations in International   Full-Time Enrollment: 2,125; 43% men, 57% women.
   and Public Policy)                 Student-Faculty Ratio: 12-1.
English *
   (concentration in Writing)
                                      Admission: Highly selective. Over 4,200 applicants for
Environmental Science                 a class of 580. The single most important factor is high
Film Studies                          school record. Entering freshmen are strong performers
Finance                               academically and give evidence of the potential for posi-
French *                              tive impact on the college community as extracurricular
German Studies *                      contributors as well.
History *                             Application Deadlines: Early Decision, February 1.
History/Government                    Regular Decision, February 15. Muhlenberg values the
International Studies                 energy and enthusiasm Early Decision candidates bring to
Mathematics *
Media and Communication               the campus.
Music *                               Personal Interview: Strongly recommended.
   (concentrations in Perfor-         Financial Aid: Approximately 65% of students receive
   mance, Music Theory/               some form of financial aid. Both need-based and merit
   Composition and Music
   History)                                                                 aid are available.
Natural Science                         “Muhlenberg has a lot to            Students: Muhlen-
Neuroscience                                                                berg students are
Philosophy *                            offer for an institution with
                                                                            drawn largely from
Philosophy/Political Thought            less than 3,000 students.
Physical Science                                                            the Middle Atlantic
                                        Undergrads appreciate how           and New England
Physics *
Political Economy                       ‘the small student body             states, although 35
Political Science *                     allows the professors to            states and over a
Psychology                              tailor the education to each
Religion *                                                                  dozen foreign coun-
Russian Studies *                       student.’”                          tries are represented.
Sociology *                                     2004 Princeton Review       Faculty: 161 full-
Spanish *                                        The Best 351 Colleges      time, 109 part-time.
   (concentrations in Acting,                                               Faculty are drawn
   Design, Directing, Perfor-                                               from America’s finest
   mance Studies and Stage            universities. Their primary focus is excellence in teaching.
   Management)                        85% hold the Ph.D. or terminal degree.

Library Resources: Trexler Library resources include over        MINORS
213,000 volumes and 360,000 microforms. An interli-              African American Studies
brary loan program makes over 1.75 million books avail-          Asian Traditions
                                                                 Environmental Studies
able to students with daily delivery to campus.                  Jewish Studies
Campus Life: More than 100 clubs and student organi-             Public Health
zations, from United Student Government to Habitat for           Women’s Studies
Humanity.                                                        majors designated with an
                                                                 asterisk at left are also available
Active Learning: Many of Muhlenberg’s classes are                as minors
taught seminar style, with an emphasis on discussion and
classroom interaction. Science labs are hands-on, with           CONCENTRATIONS
                                        the opportunity to       Latin American Studies
  “Muhlenberg holds its stu-            do real science in a     Non-science Medical Studies
  dents to rigorous academic            small college set-
                                        ting. Independent
  standards, and they know it.                                   Elementary Education
  From its solid Lutheran roots         study, mentored          Secondary Education
  to its current standing as a top      research, internships
  premed school, Muhlenberg             and field experience      PREPROFESSIONAL
  shows students it really does         all are encour-          PROGRAMS
                                        aged. The goal is to     Health professions
  care. ‘Academic excellence                                     Prelaw
                                        promote an active,       Religious vocation preparation
  is, by far, the top priority,’
                                        participatory learn-
  says a junior, ‘but the people        ing style.               COOPERATIVE
  are warm, friendly, compas-              That commitment       PROGRAMS
  sionate, and truly care about         to first-rate teach-ing   AROTC
  making Muhlenberg the best            and active learn-ing       Army Reserve Officer Training
                                                                   Corps (AROTC) Program
  possible place for everyone.’”        means that Muhlen-       Dentistry
             Fiske Guide to Colleges    berg strives always        University of Pennsylvania
                      2004 Edition      to provide learning        School of Dental Medicine
                                        experiences that are     Engineering
                                                                   3-2 or 4-2 combined degree
                                        not simply informa-        program (Columbia University
tional, but interesting, even inspirational. It means looking      or Washington University)
for teaching approaches where students are not passive           Environmental Science or
but rather engaged, active learners. The result has been         Forestry
                                                                   3-2 or 4-2 combined degree
an academic program widely recognized for educational              program (Duke University)
excellence based on both rigor and nurture.                      Medicine
Positive Outcomes: A Muhlenberg education provides a               Drexel University and the
powerful launching pad to graduate school and entry-               Lehigh Valley Hospital
                                                                 Music Education
level careers. The College’s success rates with both law           Moravian College
school and medical school placement are regularly over           Occupational Therapy
90%. In addition, many Muhlenberg students go on to                5½-year combined degree
master’s and doctoral programs each year. Muhlenberg               program (Thomas Jefferson
grads also go on to a full range of employment oppor-            Optometry
tunities, from America’s largest banks and accounting              7-year combined degree pro-
firms to its “blue chip” business concerns, from the most           gram (State University of New
prominent social and helping agencies to schools, govern-          York College of Optometry)
                                                                 Physical Therapy
ment and family-owned businesses, and from a variety of            6-year combined degree
media, writing and advertising positions to work in the            program (Thomas Jefferson
performing and fine arts.                                           University)
                   08                                               — COLLEGE MANAGEMENT —
 Peyton R. Helm                                           Karen Green
                                                          Vice President for Student Affairs/
                          President of the College                Dean of Students

                         Peyton Randolph Helm            Karen Green began her
                      took office as president of       duties as vice president for
                      Muhlenberg College July 1,      student affairs/dean of stu-
                      2003. He holds the faculty      dents at Muhlenberg College
                      rank of professor of history.   on June 15, 2006, following
                         Immediately prior to         more than four years as dean
                      joining the Muhlenberg          of students at Wells College
community, Helm served as vice president for          in Aurora, N.Y.
college relations and professor of classical stud-       At Muhlenberg, Green oversees more than
ies at Colby College in Waterville, Maine.            70 full-time employees and several departments,
   Helm began his career in academic admin-           including athletics and recreation.
istration at the University of Pennsylvania,             “The athletic programs are an integral part of
where he was named coordinator of College             a liberal arts education,” said Green. “The les-
House Programs in 1981. He served as associate        sons learned from participation in our programs
director of development and then director of          will sustain our students throughout their lives.
development for Penn’s School of Arts and Sci-        The opportunity to be involved in intramural
ences. From 1981-1988 he was also an adjunct          and recreational programs provides balance
assistant professor of ancient history and urban      from the rigors of a challenging academic
studies at Penn.                                      experience.
   In 1988, Helm was named vice president for             “My predecessor as dean of students, Rudy
development and alumni relations at Colby,            Ehrenberg, said it best, ‘We must provide our
where he was promoted to vice president for           students with outstanding coaches, superb facil-
college relations in 2001.                            ities and a commitment to excellent programs.
   The Council for Advancement and Support            These are the ingredients for a quality program
of Education (CASE) has awarded Helm its              and Muhlenberg College is committed to such
Steuben Apple, given to advancement profes-           excellence.’ I strongly support these words and
sionals who have been rated as a top speaker          will be fully committed to the College’s athletic
at 10 or more national conferences. Helm has          programs.”
delivered addresses and conducted seminars on            Green received her baccalaureate degree from
ethics, stewardship, writing, capital campaigns,      Agnes Scott College in Atlanta in 1986, where
market research and volunteer management at           the Karen Green Human Relations Award was
more than 30 conferences across the coun-             created in her honor. She went on to earn her
try and internationally. His writing has been         master’s of divinity from the Candler School of
published in CASE Currents and Successful Fund        Theology at Emory University in 1997.
Raising, as well as various scholarly publications       Green began her administrative career as
in the field of ancient history.                       a resident director at Spelman College, later
   Helm earned his bachelor’s degree in ar-           served in the admissions office at Agnes Scott
chaeology, with magna cum laude and Phi Beta          and subsequently became director of orienta-
Kappa distinction, from Yale University. He           tion, residence life and student activities at her
earned his doctoral degree in ancient history,        alma mater before leaving Atlanta to accept the
specializing in ancient Greek and Near Eastern        position of director of multicultural affairs at
history and literature, from the University of        Hamilton College in Clinton, N.Y.
Pennsylvania.                                            She held additional leadership positions in
                                                      student life at Agnes Scott, Emory and Ham-
                                                      ilton before assuming the position of dean of
                                                      students at Wells in September 2001.

            Muhlenberg College Volleyball             4             www.muhlenberg.edu/sports
— ATHLETIC MANAGEMENT —                                                                            08
 Sam Beidleman                                             Corey Goff
                            Director of Athletics                                 Associate Director of Athletics

                        Following a national                                         Corey Goff was promoted
                     search, Muhlenberg College                                   to associate director of
                     named Sam Beidleman                                          athletics in 2008 after five
                     director of athletics in July                                years as an assistant director
                     2003. He had been serving                                    of athletics. In addition to
                     as interim director of athlet-                               his administrative duties, he
                     ics since April 1, 2003.                                     serves as head baseball coach
   As director of athletics, Beidleman supervises      and summer camp coordinator.
Muhlenberg’s 22-sport varsity intercollegiate
program, as well as the intramural and recre-
ation programs.
                                                         Jenny Warmack-Chipman
   “Muhlenberg College is proud of its long-                Assistant Director of Athletics
standing tradition of academic and athletic
excellence,” said Beidleman. “While we strive to           Jenny Warmack-Chipman
win on the field or court, we measure our suc-          is in her eighth year as an
cess in many other ways including the develop-         assistant director of athletics.
ment of character, leadership, scholarship and         In addition to her adminis-
ethical behavior.”                                     trative duties, she serves as
   Beidleman returned to Muhlenberg after a            senior woman administrator,
prior 35-year association with the College, dur-       advisor to the Student-Ath-
ing which he held responsibilities in every area       lete Advisory Committee and head volleyball
of athletics programming – as a student, coach,        coach.
faculty member and administrator. He was a
varsity letterwinner in football and track and spent 13 seasons as an assistant football coach following
his graduation in 1963.
   It was as a baseball coach that Beidleman truly made his mark, coaching the Mules from 1970
to 1992 and winning 255 games. His teams captured five Middle Atlantic Conference Southwest
League titles and three Southern Division championships.
   Beidleman, who held the academic rank of associate professor of physical education from 1965 to
1992, also served as men’s intramural director and director of recreation. After retiring from coach-
ing, he was the full-time athletic business and facilities manager until August 2000.
   A 2006 inductee into the Muhlenberg Athletic Hall of Fame, Beidleman earned his master’s
degree in counseling and guidance from Kutztown University in 1970.

   ATHLETIC SUPPORT STAFF                                                        Athletic Business
                           Athletic Trainers

    Steve              Brian             Lindsay             Mike
    Nemes              Perez              Weiss        Richardson                     Ray Ramella

        Muhlenberg College Volleyball
                                                      5        www.muhlenberg.edu/sports
                08                                       — MUHLENBERG ATHLETICS —
                                  Muhlenberg College sponsors a comprehensive 22-sport inter-
CENTENNIAL                     collegiate athletics program. The Mules compete in the Centen-
                               nial Conference in all sports and are members of the National
CONFERENCE                     Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Division III and Eastern
                               College Athletic Conference (ECAC).
                                  Muhlenberg’s sports program is designed to offer quality com-
                               petitive experiences for the serious athlete, with opportunities for
                               outstanding teams and individuals to advance to national Divi-
                               sion III
                               given the
    In its 16th year of all-
sports competition, the
                               of the
Centennial Conference has
taken its place among the
nation’s elite small-college   oppor-
conferences.                   tunities
    Founded in 1983 as         also exist
                                           During the 2007-08 school year, Muhlenberg won the Cen-
the Centennial Football        for the
                                           tennial Conference championship in football and women’s
Conference and expanded        unre-       basketball, and Mule teams or individuals earned bids to
to an all-sports league        cruited     the NCAA Division III Championships in men’s soccer and
in 1992, the Centen-           athlete to men’s and women’s cross country.
nial Conference encour-        participate in varsity sports.
ages athletic competition         Muhlenberg has excellent on-campus athletic facilities. Opened
among national liberal arts    in 1982, the Life Sports Center is a building designed for athlet-
colleges and universities      ics, intramurals and “sports for life” as primary uses. The original
that share similar academic    solar-heated building, a series of three additions to the Memo-
aspirations and a commit-      rial Hall gymnasium, includes the spacious John Deitrich Field
ment to the importance         House, featuring basketball and tennis courts and a 160-meter
of the total educational
                               running track; the 25-meter Alumni Pool; and the Levering Tyson
experience of students en-
                               wing, containing racquetball and squash courts and rooms for
gaged in sports. Intercol-
legiate athletics programs
                               sports medicine, weight training, wrestling, dance, instruction
are an integral part of        and equipment distribution. Memorial Hall, the original facility
the life of the member         built in 1954, seats 3,529 and is an excellent facility for viewing
institutions and flow           indoor sports.
from their educational            The Life Sports Center recently underwent a significant renova-
objectives. Each institution   tion that further improved the Mules’ facilities. The three-level,
provides a comprehensive,      40,000-square foot addition was built directly west of the Deit-
broad-based athletics          rich Field House and opened in the fall of 2004. The new facility
program. All varsity sports    includes additional locker rooms and office space, new recreation
are treated equitably, and     and fitness areas and a new health and counseling center.
every sport is important.         Outdoors, the Mules have a grass field used by the men’s and
    The CC volleyball cham-    women’s soccer teams, constructed in 1997, and a stadium for use
pion receives an automatic     by football, field hockey and lacrosse surrounded by an eight-
bid to the NCAA Division       lane, all-weather track, constructed in 1998 and resurfaced with
III Tournament.                AstroTurf GameDay Grass™ 3D in 2008.

         Muhlenberg College Volleyball       6             www.muhlenberg.edu/sports
— VOLLEYBALL FACILITIES —                                                               08
                                                                  On Saturday, February 6, 1954,
       Memorial Hall
                                                               the dream of each Muhlenberg
                                                               alumnus was realized when Memo-
                                                               rial Hall, the new physical educa-
                                                               tion building, was dedicated in a
                                                               brief program.
                                                                   In the 54 years since, Memorial
                                                               Hall has been the site of numerous
                                                               basketball games, wrestling meets,
                                                               concerts and, of course, volleyball
                                                               matches. In 2008, Democratic cam-
                                                               paigners Bill Clinton and Barack
                                                               Obama paid Memorial Hall a visit.
                                                                  Although it is 54 years old,
Memorial Hall remains a thoroughly modern facility. Recent improvements have included the addi-
tion of an overhead scoreboard and the 2004 repainting of the floor. Since 1998, Memorial Hall has
been home to the Buttermaker Tournament. The Mule volleyball team has enjoyed playing at home,
compiling a 113-57 (.665) record in Memorial Hall since 1991.

     Life Sports Center                                                              A three-level,
                                                                                  addition to the Life
                                                                                  Sports Center opened
                                                                                  in August 2004,
                                                                                  further improving
                                                                                  Muhlenberg College’s
                                                                                  athletic facilities.
                                                                                   The addition, built
directly west of the John Deitrich Field House, includes a large weight facility, an expanded cardio-
fitness area, a snack bar, new facilities for health service and counseling, training rooms, locker
rooms and coaches’ offices. The structure offers a spectacular view of the College’s outdoor facilities
and is joined to the original Life Sports Center by a large indoor corridor on the main level. A new
main entrance faces the campus.
  The project also entailed renovations in the Field House, including installation of a new floor and
track, new netting, new lighting and painting.

       Muhlenberg College Volleyball
                                                  7       www.muhlenberg.edu/sports
                    08                                                             — COACHING STAFF —
 Jenny Warmack-Chipman                                     Meghan Godorov
                                 Head Coach                           Assistant Coach
                          Texas ‘96 • Ninth Season         Franklin & Marshall ‘06 • First Season

                      Muhlenberg College hired            Meghan Godorov is in
                      Jenny Warmack-Chipman, a         her first year as an assistant
                      former star outside hitter for   coach for Muhlenberg. She
                      the top-ranked University        played locally at Parkland
                      of Texas Longhorns, as head      High School and went on
                      volleyball coach in April        to play libero at Centennial
                      2000. In seven seasons, she      Conference rival Franklin &
has a record of 105-129.                               Marshall College.
   Warmack-Chipman is second all-time in the              During her college career, Godorov was a
Mule coaching record books in wins, reaching           nationally ranked libero and achieved all-con-
the century mark with a 3-0 shutout of Em-             ference honors three years in a row. At 2,181
manuel last year. She has coached the program’s        digs, Godorov is both Franklin & Marshall’s
all-time leaders in kills, digs and assists.           and the Centennial Conference’s career digs
   In 2001, Warmack-Chipman led the Mules              leader. She also set school records for digs in a
to 20 wins, a share of their first Centennial           season and match and helped her team appear
Conference regular-season championship and             four consecutive times in the CC tournament,
a second-place finish in the CC Tournament.             leading the team to the finals in two of those
Muhlenberg players have earned All-CC honors           appearances.
12 times in her eight seasons, and one became             Since graduating from Franklin & Marshall
the first All-American in program history in            in 2006, Godorov has been working for a non-
2004.                                                  profit reunification and preservation service that
   Warmack-Chipman, who also serves as                 assists families in the Lehigh Valley. Beginning
assistant athletic director and senior woman ad-       in the fall of 2008, she will be pursuing her
ministrator at Muhlenberg, spent the previous          master’s degree in education in College Coun-
three seasons as an assistant coach at Southern        seling Licensure at Kutztown University.
Methodist, where she helped the Mustangs
record their first 20-win season ever in 1999.              Allen Cerullo
She was an assistant at Wichita State during the
                                                                                                Assistant Coach
1996 season.                                                                               DeSales ’89 • Third Season
   Warmack-Chipman is chair of the Mid-
                                                                                Allen Cerullo joined the
Atlantic Region on the NCAA Division III
                                                                              Muhlenberg coaching staff
Women’s Volleyball Committee. She has served
                                                                              in 2006 after spending the
on the committee for the past four years.
                                                                              previous four years as coach
   Warmack-Chipman played her college ball at
                                                                              of the Lehigh Valley Chris-
Texas from 1991-94, where she was team MVP
                                                                              tian High School volleyball
and a second-team All-Southwest Conference
                                                                              team and the William Allen
selection in 1994. With Warmack-Chipman on
                                                           High School junior varsity squad.
the roster, Texas was ranked first in the nation
                                                             He has also coached club volleyball, including
before losing to Florida in the 1993 NCAA
                                                           the Court Authority Volleyball Academy, since
Regional final.
                                                           1999 while holding a Level II coaching certifica-
                                                           tion from the Coaching Accreditation Program.
                                                             Cerullo, who earned his bachelor’s degree
                                                           from DeSales, has worked at PPL for the last
                                                           30 years.

            Muhlenberg College Volleyball              8               www.muhlenberg.edu/sports
No Name                     Cl    Pos      Ht   Hometown/High School (Club Team)
 1 Phylicia Lee **          Jr    OH       5-10 Bloomfield, N.J./Lacordaire Academy
 2 Brooke McQueen           Fr OH/DS       5-7 Bryn Athyn, Pa./Academy of the New Church
                                                (Del Val Lightning)
 6 Caitlin Dombkowski * So         M       5-10 Dumont, N.J./Dumont
 9 Danielle Losonci **+ Sr         DS      5-7 New Hyde Park, N.Y./Herricks
                                                (Long Island Juniors)
10 Davi Gordon              Fr    OH       5-9 Pickerington, Ohio/Pickerington North
                                                (Columbus Volleyball Academy)
11 Jackie Price             Fr     M       5-11 Medway, Mass./Medway
                                                (Central Mass)
12 Megan Eiser ***+         Sr     S       5-8 Doylestown, Pa./Central Bucks West
                                                (Valley Forge)
17 Liz Dean *                Jr    RS      5-10 Potomac, Md./Winston Churchill
                                                (Metro American)
33 Brittany Williams *+      Jr   OH       5-9 Nazareth, Pa./Nazareth
                                                (Court Authority)
51 Christina Cangelosi ** Jr       DS      5-8 Bethlehem, Pa./Notre Dame

    * letters won    + captain

    Head Coach            Jenny Warmack-Chipman (Texas ’96)
    Assistant Coaches     Meghan Godorov (Franklin & Marshall ’06), Allen Cerullo (DeSales ’89)
    Student Assistant     David Alter ’09
    Manager               Ashley Porter ’11

                                                                                 Mule seniors
                                                                                 Meghan Eiser
                                                                                 and Danielle

      Muhlenberg College Volleyball
                                              9       www.muhlenberg.edu/sports
                      08                                                                     — SENIORS —
 12 Megan Eiser
                                     Senior • S • 5-8 • 3VL
                              Doylestown, Pa./Central Bucks West

                       At Muhlenberg: Will lead the team
                       again in the setting position ...
                       Primed to have a fantastic senior year
                       ... In her second year as team captain
                       ... Has great court presence ... Looked
                       to for leadership ... Fifth on program’s
                       all-time list with 1,487 career assists
... 2007: Had an outstanding all-around season ... Led
team in assists, tied for second in blocks, tied for third in
digs and was fourth in kills ... Total of 798 assists was the
fourth-best in Mule history ... Named Centennial Con-
ference player of the week after recording triple-double
(37 assists, 11 digs, career-high 11 kills) vs. Delaware
Valley ... Selected to all-tournament teams at Moravian’s
Greyhound Premiere Classic and Muhlenberg’s But-
termaker Tournament ... Notched at least 40 assists five
times, with highs of 45 (in five sets) vs. Susquehanna and
44 (in four sets) vs. Widener ... Added season-high 21
digs in Widener match ... 2006: Led the team in assists,
ranked second in digs and finished third in service aces
and blocks ... Posted career highs of 40 assists and 31
digs to go with three blocks vs. Swarthmore ... Had 18
assists, 21 digs and five blocks against Mary Washington
... Tallied 25 assists, 17 digs and five blocks in a win
over Albright ... 2005: Finished ninth in the Centennial
Conference in service aces per set ... Ranked second on
the team in assists, third in blocks and tied for third in
digs ... Led the team in aces per game and was second
in total aces ... Achieved season highs of 28 assists and
15 digs and a career-high seven kills vs. St. Edward’s ...
Recorded nine double-digit assist and seven double-digit
dig matches ... Totaled six service aces on two occasions
... Personal: Two-year captain of the Central Bucks High
School team ... All-league first team and all-district third
team pick in 2004 ... Parents are Jay and Jonna Eiser ...
Sister, Krista, and brother, Kenny, played volleyball at
McDaniel and Juniata, respectively ... Born April 16,
1987 ... A computer science major and business admin-
istration minor.
Career Statistics
                         ------Attack------             ---Set---    ---Digs---  -------Blocks-------   ---Service---
         MP SP      Att Kill      E Pct       KPS     Ast APS       Dig DPS Solo Ast Tot BPS            Ace APS
2005     27 80      107 26 16 .093            0.32    176 2.20      192 2.40     1      7    8 0.10       41 0.51
2006     22 83      332 85 52 .099            1.02    513 6.18      281 3.39    13 25 38 0.46             25 0.30
2007     29 102     395 117 58 .149           1.15    798 7.82      277 2.72    12 29 41 0.40             25 0.25
Totals   78 265     834 228 126 .122          0.86   1487 5.61      750 2.83    26 61 87 0.33             91 0.34

             Muhlenberg College Volleyball               10             www.muhlenberg.edu/sports
— SENIORS —                                                                                       08
                                                                   9 Danielle Losonci
                                                                     Senior • DS • 5-7 • 1VL
                                                                   New Hyde Park, N.Y./Herricks

                                                        At Muhlenberg: Key
                                                        back row player for the
                                                        Mules ... Expected to
                                                        continue her leadership
                                                        on the court this season
                                                        by being more of a pres-
                                                        ence verbally ... Second
                                                        year as a team captain ... Leader by example
                                                        ... Brings good energy to the game and is
                                                        very positive ... Named to Centennial Con-
                                                        ference Academic Honor Roll the last two
                                                        years ... 2007: Served as a team captain ...
                                                        Tied for third on Mules in digs and fourth in
                                                        service aces ... Had 12 matches with double
                                                        figures in digs ... Season highs of 19 digs
                                                        and six aces came against Susquehanna and
                                                        Moravian, respectively ... 2006: Ranked fifth
                                                        on the team in digs … Had a career-high
21 digs vs. Swarthmore and Bryn Mawr ... Made a personal-best eight kills vs. Centenary ... Posted
double-digit digs in 10 matches ... 2005: Sidelined with injury entire season ... Personal: Four-year
letterwinner in volleyball at Herricks High School ... Two-year captain and MVP ... Earned all-
county accolades as a senior ... Parents are George Losonci and Donna Tamborino ... Born April 27,
1987 ... A Spanish major and business administration minor.
Career Statistics
                         ------Attack------            ---Set---    ---Digs--- -------Blocks-------   ---Service---
       MP SP        Att Kill      E Pct       KPS    Ast APS       Dig DPS Solo Ast Tot BPS           Ace APS
2006 21 64          103 24        9 .146      0.38    10 0.16      193 3.02    0      0    0 0.00       18 0.28
2007 30 105         199 23 27           —     0.22    26 0.25      277 2.64    1      0    1 0.01       31 0.30
Totals 51 169       302 47 36 .036            0.28    36 0.21      470 2.78    1      0    1 0.01       49 0.29

                     Mules serve aces in the classroom
                                       The Muhlenberg volleyball team was honored by the American
                                    Volleyball Coaches Association (AVCA), earning the AVCA Team
                                    Academic Award for the 2007-08 season.
                                       The award recognizes collegiate and high school volleyball
                                    teams that have maintained at least a 3.30 cumulative team grade-
                                    point average (out of 4.0) during the school year.
                                       Muhlenberg was one of only two schools from the Centennial
                                    Conference to be honored.

        Muhlenberg College Volleyball
                                                        11         www.muhlenberg.edu/sports
                       08                                                             — RETURNING PLAYERS —
                                                                  School ... Captain of the volleyball team ...
 51 Christina Cangelosi                                           2005 all-area second team pick after garnering
                                Junior • DS • 5-8 • 2VL
                              Bethlehem, Pa./Notre Dame           honorable mention recognition the previous
                                                                  year ... Helped Notre Dame to four District
                     At Muhlenberg: A key back                    XI championship games and the 2004 title ...
                     row player for the Mules ...                 Parents are Dominic and Cynthia Cangelosi ...
                     Perfect example of an athlete                Born Nov. 20, 1987 ... A media and communi-
                     leading by example ... Very                  cation major.
                     focused and determined
                     ... Quiet but gets the job
                     done ... Ranks 16th in team                    17 Liz Dean
                                                                            Junior • RS • 5-10 • 1VL
history with 544 career digs … 2007: Second                             Potomac, Md./Winston Churchill
on team in digs and third in digs per set ... Also
third in service aces ... Reached double digits in                 At Muhlenberg: The Mules’
digs 14 times in 30 matches ... Recorded career-                   top returning hitter ...
high 30 digs in four sets vs. Widener ... Served                   Major part of the offense
seven aces – the most by a Mule all season – vs.                   ... Offseason efforts should
Delaware Valley ... 2006: Saw plenty of time                       pay off this year ... Coming
as a freshman ... Tied for team lead with 93                       off a breakthrough season
games played ... Third on squad in digs and                        ... 2007: Led Muhlenberg
tied for fourth in aces ... Posted season highs of                 in hitting percentage and second in kills and
20 digs and two service aces, plus one kill and                    kills per set ... Tied for second in total blocks
one assist in a five-set victory over Bates ... Had                 ... Had 10 double-figure kill matches ... Hit
10 or more digs in 17 matches ... Personal:                        for a .424 percentage with career-high 15 kills
Four-year letterwinner at Notre Dame High                          and only one error vs. Widener ... Recorded
                                                                                           14 kills with just two
                                                                                           errors in King’s match ...
                                                                                           Achieved high of six blocks
                                                                                           twice ... 2006: Played in
                                                                                           five games her freshman
                                                                                           season, accumulating six
                                                                                           kills, one dig and one block
                                                                                           ... Posted all six kills in a
                                                                                           four-game loss to Franklin
                                                                                           & Marshall ... Personal:
                                                                                           Two-year letterwinner at
                                                                                           Winston Churchill High
                                                                                           School ... Named to county
                                                                                           all-star team ... Parents
                                                                                           are Gregory Dean and
                                                                                           Kathleen McGettigan ...
                                                                                           Born June 13, 1988 ... An
                                                                                           undeclared major.

Career Statistics - Christina Cangelosi
                           ------Attack------               ---Set---       ---Digs--- -------Blocks-------   ---Service---
       MP SP        Att Kill        E Pct       KPS       Ast APS          Dig DPS Solo Ast Tot BPS           Ace    APS
2006 25 93           81 11 18             —     0.12       12 0.13         259 2.78    0      0    0 0.00      18    0.19
2007 30 106 108             9 26          —     0.08         8 0.08        285 2.69    2      0    2 0.02      33    0.31
Totals 55 199 189 20 44                   —     0.10       20 0.10         544 2.73    2      0    2 0.01      51    0.26

               Muhlenberg College Volleyball                 12                  www.muhlenberg.edu/sports
— RETURNING PLAYERS —                                                                             08
                                                              ... Third on Mules with 0.42 blocks per set ...
                                                              Averaged 0.44 kills in 64 set ... Recorded four
                                                              blocks in three-set sweep of Ursinus … High of
                                                              six kills came in four-set victory against Wid-
                                                              ener ... Personal: Team captain and two-year
                                                              letterwinner in both volleyball and basketball at
                                                              Dumont High School ... Second-team all-league
                                                              and best defensive player for volleyball ... MVP
                                                              of basketball team ... Parents are Edward and
                                                              Maureen Dombkowski ... Born Feb. 5, 1989 ...
                                                              A psychology major.

 6 Caitlin Dombkowski
                             Sophomore • M • 5-10 • 1VL
                                Dumont, N.J./Dumont

                    At Muhlenberg: Expected
                    to compete for a starting
                    position in the middle ...
                    One of the most improved
                    players on the team ...
                    Worked hard on timing and
                    footwork in offseason ...
Has great attitude and work ethic ... Played in
26 matches after walking on to team last year

Career Statistics - Liz Dean
                          ------Attack------           ---Set---    ---Digs---  -------Blocks-------   ---Service---
       MP SP        Att Kill       E Pct       KPS    Ast APS      Dig DPS Solo Ast Tot BPS            Ace APS
2006     3    5      23    6       4 .087      1.20     0 0.00        1 0.20    0      1    1 0.20        0 0.00
2007 30 102 749 238 91 .196                    2.33     7 0.07      31 0.30    11 30 41 0.40              0 0.00
Totals 33 107 772 244 95 .193                  2.28     7 0.07      32 0.30    11 31 42 0.39              0 0.00

         Muhlenberg College Volleyball
                                                          13       www.muhlenberg.edu/sports
                      08                                                      — RETURNING PLAYERS —
 1 Phylicia Lee
                              Junior • OH • 5-10 • 2VL
                         Bloomfield, N.J./Lacordaire Academy

                      At Muhlenberg: Couples
                      outstanding ball control
                      – offensive and defensive
                      – with ability to evaluate the
                      game ... Demonstrates natu-
                      ral leadership skills ... Has
                      played a variety of roles for
the Mules but expected to step into the outside
hitter position this year ... 2007: Led team in
service aces ... Fifth in kills and digs ... Recorded
34 of her 83 kills in back-to-back matches vs.
Widener and Moravian ... Career-high 20 kills
(in only three sets) in Moravian match were
the most by a Mule player in 2007 ... Notched
season-high 21 digs against both Widener and
Franklin & Marshall ... Served six aces vs. Em-
manuel ... 2006: Ranked fourth on squad in
digs and finished fifth in kills ... Her 16 blocks
tied for fifth on the team ... Had a season-high
22 digs in a five-set win against Bates ... Posted
season-high 13 kills in first match of season vs.
Albright ... Had nine double-digit dig matches
... Personal: Named 2005 Essex County player
of the year at Lacordaire Academy ... Selected
to Star-Ledger all-state first team ... Played five
years of Junior Olympic volleyball with DIGS
Volleyball, helping club to two regional titles ...
Parents are Bill and Greta Lee ... Born March
13, 1989 … A psychology major.

Career Statistics
                         ------Attack------              ---Set---    ---Digs--- -------Blocks-------   ---Service---
       MP SP        Att Kill      E Pct       KPS      Ast APS       Dig DPS Solo Ast Tot BPS           Ace APS
2006 23 75          464 124 75 .106           1.65      36 0.48      196 2.61    2 14 16 0.21             14 0.19
2007 29 99          314 83 35 .153            0.84      24 0.24      235 2.37    1      3    4 0.04       38 0.38
Totals 52 174       778 207 110 .125          1.19      60 0.34      431 2.48    3 17 20 0.11             52 0.30

             Muhlenberg College Volleyball                14             www.muhlenberg.edu/sports
— RETURNING PLAYERS —                                                                                         08
                                                                       33 Brittany Williams
                                                                             Junior • OH • 5-9 • 1VL
                                                                              Nazareth, Pa./Nazareth

                                                                      At Muhlenberg: Worked
                                                                      extremely hard in offseason
                                                                      to be prepared to take on
                                                                      a larger role this season ...
                                                                      Expected to be a major player
                                                                      on the left side ... Team co-
                                                                      captain ... 2007: Earned first
                                                                      varsity letter ... Totaled 33 kills in Buttermaker
                                                                      Tournament, including career-high 14 (with
                                                                      only two errors) vs. York ... Registered 21 digs in
                                                                      Swarthmore match and served as setter vs. Bryn
                                                                      Mawr, recording 17 assists ... 2006: Appeared
                                                                      in 23 games her first collegiate season ... Had
                                                                      season highs of five kills and 13 digs in a four-set
                                                                      loss to Johns Hopkins ... Personal: Lettered
                                                                      three years in volleyball at Nazareth Area High
                                                                      School ... Captained volleyball team ... All-area
                                                                      honorable mention selection ... Recipient of U.S.
                                                                      Marine Corps Distinguished Athlete Award ...
                                                                      Lettered twice as a shortstop on softball team ...
                                                                      Parents are Alan Williams III and Janice Lahr
                                                                      Williams, both Muhlenberg alumni ... Father
                                                                      competed with cross country and track and field
                                                                      squads ... Sister Courtney, a 2007 Muhlenberg
                                                                      graduate, lettered with track and field and vol-
                                                                      leyball teams ... Born Oct. 4, 1987 ... A history
Career Statistics
                            ------Attack------                ---Set---      ---Digs--- -------Blocks-------   ---Service---
       MP     SP       Att Kill      E Pct         KPS      Ast APS         Dig DPS Solo Ast Tot BPS           Ace APS
2006 11       23        92 20 20 .000              0.87        7 0.30        30 1.30    2      3    5 0.22        0 0.00
2007 25       52       238 76 41 .147              1.46      20 0.38         42 0.81    2      3    5 0.10        8 0.15
Totals 36     75       330 96 61 .106              1.28      27 0.36         72 0.96    4      6 10 0.13          8 0.11


    10                                              2                                         11
 Davi                                            Brooke                                    Jackie
 Gordon                                          McQueen                                   Price
   Freshman • OH                                  Freshman • OH/DS                           Freshman • M
         5-9                                             5-7                                      5-11
 Pickerington, Ohio/                               Bryn Athyn, Pa./                          Medway, Mass./
 Pickerington North                              Academy of the New                             Medway

        Muhlenberg College Volleyball
                                                               15           www.muhlenberg.edu/sports
                   08                hitting percentage
                                                                      — INDIVIDUAL RECORDS —
              Career                             Career                             Career
1,793   Julie Lauro, 2002-05        .313   Jenny Sherwood, 1991-94      3,071 Laura Funsten, 1998-01
1,336   Allison Verduin, 1996-99    .241   Meaghan Billie, 1999-01      2,360 Mary Henning, 2002-05
1,314   Meaghan Billie, 1999-02     .236   Julie Lauro, 2002-05         1,729 Milena Negrao, 1996-99
1,146   L. Buyyounouski, 1994-97    .230   Kate Haggerty, 2003-06       1,524 H. Stahlnecker, 1992-95
  969   Kate Haggerty, 2003-06      .219   Allison Verduin, 1996-99     1,487 Megan Eiser, 2005-07
  934   Dana Ferrelli, 1999-02                                          1,213 Julie Fogt, 1990-92
  794   Linda Hicks, 1990-93                     Season                 1,096 Emily Reardon, 2002-03
  747   Jess Anselmi, 2004-07       .352   Jenny Sherwood, 1994               Career Per Game
  688   Lisa Giammalvo, 1999-02     .275   Meredith Cole, 1995           7.55 Laura Funsten, 1998-01
  643   Kirsten Weber, 1990-93      .274   Sally Fosdick, 1994           6.74 Mary Henning, 2002-05
        Career Per Game             .263   Allison Verduin, 1999         6.57 H. Stahlnecker, 1992-95
 4.18   Julie Lauro, 2002-05        .262   Meaghan Billie, 2002
 3.53   Allison Verduin, 1996-99                                                   Season
 3.33   L. Buyyounouski, 1994-97                                         1050 Laura Funsten, 2001
                                                                          993 Laura Funsten, 1999
            Season                                                        823 Laura Funsten, 2000
 635  Allison Verduin, 1999                                               798 Megan Eiser, 2007
 507  Julie Lauro, 2003                                                   769 Mary Henning, 2004
 446  Julie Lauro, 2002                                                   679 Mary Henning, 2005
 439  Julie Lauro, 2004                                                   675 Emily Reardon, 2002
 401  Julie Lauro, 2005                                                       Season Per Game
 368  Meaghan Billie, 2002                                               9.46 Laura Funsten, 2001
 348  Meaghan Billie, 2001                                               8.93 Mary Henning, 2005
 344  Meaghan Billie, 2000                                               8.88 Emily Reardon, 2002
 338  Lauren Buyyounouski, 1996
 328  Allison Verduin, 1998                                                     5-Set Match
      Season Per Game                                                     63 Heather Stahlnecker vs.
 4.99 Julie Lauro, 2004                                                      Albright, 1994
 4.60 Allison Verduin, 1999                                                     4-Set Match
 4.30 Julie Lauro, 2003                                                   54 Emily Reardon vs.
                                                                             McDaniel, 2002
        5-Set Match                                                             3-Set Match
  33 Allison Verduin vs.                                                  48 Laura Funsten vs.
     Swarthmore, 1999                                                        Washington, 1998
        4-Set Match                                                             2-Set Match
  31 Julie Lauro vs.                                                      30 Julie Fogt vs.
     William Paterson, 2003                                                  King’s, 1992
        3-Set Match
  22 Allison Verduin vs.
     Washington, 1998
        2-Set Match
  15 Lauren Buyyounouski vs.
     Albright, 1995                Allison Verduin, Meaghan Billie
                                   and Lauren Buyyounouski (top
                                   to bottom) all recorded at least
                                   1,000 kills for the Mules.

            Muhlenberg College Volleyball       16             www.muhlenberg.edu/sports
             digs                            blocks
                                                                           service aces
              Career                            Career                          Career
1,385   Jen Weist, 2002-05         487    Linda Hicks, 1990-93       181  L. Buyyounouski, 1994-97
1,342   Megan Young, 2004-07       331    Meaghan Billie, 1999-02    175  Laura Funsten, 1998-01
1,326   Julie Lauro, 2002-05       257    Meredith Cole, 1995-98     172  Kate Haggerty, 2003-06
1,227   Dana Ferrelli, 1999-02     241    Monica Sella, 2003-06      150  Dana Ferrelli, 1999-02
1,213   Kimberly Maurer, 1995-98   210    Julie Lauro, 2002-05       148  Julie Lauro, 2002-05
1,142   Allison Verduin, 1996-99   196    Kate Haggerty, 2003-06     146  Jennifer Leigh, 1999-02
1,137   L. Buyyounouski, 1994-97   186    Allison Verduin, 1996-99   137  Lisa Giammalvo, 1999-02
1,054   Lisa Giammalvo, 1999-02    186    Kristen Conboy, 1995-98    122  Megan Young, 2004-07
1,041   Laura Funsten, 1998-01     166    Lisa Giammalvo, 1999-02    122  Mary Henning, 2002-05
  976   Jennifer Leigh, 1999-02    155    Jen Morgan, 1995-98        119  Meredith Zawacki, 1990-93
        Career Per Game                   Career Per Game                 Career Per Game
 4.01   Jen Weist, 2002-05         1.61   Linda Hicks, 1990-93       0.53 L. Buyyounouski, 1994-97
 3.76   Megan Young, 2004-07       0.99   Jenny Sherwood, 1991-94    0.45 Kate Haggerty, 2003-06
 3.39   Kimberly Maurer, 1995-98   0.77   Meredith Cole, 1995-98     0.43 Laura Funsten, 1998-01

            Season                           Season                             Season
 538  Jen Weist, 2003              172  Linda Hicks, 1992             69  Jennifer Leigh, 2001
 517  Megan Young, 2007            151  Linda Hicks, 1991             69  Lauren Buyyounouski, 1994
 481  Megan Young, 2006             99  Meaghan Billie, 1999          67  Dana Ferrelli, 2001
 471  Allison Verduin, 1999         94  Meaghan Billie, 2002          66  Kate Haggerty, 2003
 464  Kimberly Maurer, 1998         88  Meredith Cole, 1997           56  Laura Funsten, 1999
 435  Julie Lauro, 2003             88  Linda Hicks, 1993             54  Laura Funsten, 2001
 405  Jen Weist, 2005               81  Amy Albright, 1992            52  Dana Ferrelli, 2002
 405  Jen Weist, 2004               78  Monica Sella, 2003            50  Courtney Williams, 2003
 368  Maria Poluka, 2001            76  Meaghan Billie, 2000          46  Julie Lauro, 2003
 366  Jennifer Leigh, 199           76  Linda Hicks, 1990             46  Jenny Sherwood, 1994
      Season Per Game                   Season Per Game                   Season Per Game
 5.23 Megan Young, 2006            1.94 Linda Hicks, 1991            0.79 Lauren Buyyounouski, 1994
 5.07 Megan Young, 2007            1.87 Linda Hicks, 1992            0.64 Jennifer Leigh, 2001
 4.83 Kimberly Maurer, 1998        1.26 Linda Hicks, 1993            0.63 Dana Ferrelli, 2001

       5-Set Match                        5-Set Match                       5-Set Match
  45 Megan Young vs.                18 Linda Hicks vs.                 8 Lauren Buyyounouski vs.
     McDaniel, 2006                    Swarthmore, 1992                  Messiah, 1996
       4-Set Match                        4-Set Match                       4-Set Match
  44 Megan Young vs.                14 Linda Hicks vs.                 8 Kate Haggerty vs.
     Bryn Mawr, 2006                   Franklin & Marshall,              Catholic, 2003
       3-Set Match                     1992                            8 Laura Funsten vs.
  35 Kimberly Maurer vs.                  3-Set Match                    Dickinson, 2001
     Moravian, 1998                 14 Amy Albright vs.                8 Heather Stahlnecker vs.
       2-Set Match                     Moravian, 1992                    Skidmore, 1994
  11 Michele Borg vs.                     2-Set Match                       3-Set Match
     Moravian and William            7 Linda Hicks vs.                11 Jennifer Leigh vs.
     Paterson, 1994                    Upsala, 1991                      Bryn Mawr, 2001
                                                                            2-Set Match
                                                                      10 Meredith Zawacki vs.
                                                                         Delaware Valley, 1993

        Muhlenberg College Volleyball
                                               17        www.muhlenberg.edu/sports
• Wins and Losses
                  08                              • Digs
                                                                         — TEAM RECORDS —
Season Wins       27 1992 (27-6)                  Season          2,628 1999
Season Losses      4 1993 (20-4), 1980 (7-4)      Season per game 21.81 1996
Consecutive Wins                                  Match
       Games      20 2001                                5 sets     148 vs. Allentown, 1998
       Matches    11 1993                                4 sets     129 vs. Scranton, 1996
                                                         3 sets     115 vs. Scranton, 1998
• Kills                                                             115 vs. Washington, 1998
Season          1,584 1999                               2 sets      46 vs. Wm. Paterson, 1994
Season per game 12.32 2001
Match                                             • Blocks
        5 sets     86 vs. Allentown, 1998         Season              309 1991
        4 sets     68 vs. Swarthmore, 2006        Season per game     3.64 1991
        3 sets     58 vs. Washington, 1998        Match
        2 sets     39 vs. King’s, 1992                   5 sets       31.5 vs. Swarthmore, 1992
                                                         4 sets         20 vs. E. Connecticut, 2002
• Hitting Percentage                                                       vs. Frank. & Marsh., 1992
Season            .233   1994                             3 sets       23 vs. Moravian, 1992
Match                                                     2 sets       15 vs. Lycoming, 1991
       5 sets     .307   vs. DeSales, 2003
       4 sets     .363   vs. Wesleyan, 1994       • Service Aces
       3 sets     .448   vs. Farmingdale, 2002    Season              320 2001
       2 sets     .522   vs. Wilkes, 1993         Season per game     3.12 1994
• Assists                                                5 sets         19 vs. Ursinus, 2002
Season          1,294 1999                               4 sets         24 vs. Bryn Mawr, 2003
Season per game 10.33 2005                               3 sets         20 vs. Neumann, 2003
Match                                                                      vs. Misericordia, 2001
        5 sets     75 vs. Allentown, 1998                 2 sets        16 vs. Hood, 1995
        4 sets     58 vs. Swarthmore, 2006
                      vs. Misericordia, 2002
        3 sets     50 vs. Washington, 1998
        2 sets     31 vs. King’s, 1992

                                                      The 1992 team (left) set a Muhlenberg Col-
                                                      lege record (still standing) for all sports with
                                                      27 wins. The Mules won the Middle Atlantic
                                                      Conference Southeast Division title and
                                                      hosted a playoff match.

The 2001 team (right) tied for first place
in the Centennial Conference during the
regular season and hosted the CC playoffs,
advancing to the championship match.

           Muhlenberg College Volleyball         18          www.muhlenberg.edu/sports
               all-america                             academic all-district
2004 Julie Lauro (honorable mention)        2007 Jess Anselmi (third team)
                                            1993 Kirsten Weber (first team)
2004 Julie Lauro (first team)                                player’s player
2002 Julie Lauro (honorable mention)        The most valuable player, as decided upon by a team
                                            vote. In addition to athletic performance, the spirit of
             all-conference                 the award encompasses qualities of leadership, loyalty
Centennial Conference                       and support of teammates.
2006 Kate Haggerty (second team)            2007 Megan Young
2005 Julie Lauro (first team)                2006 Megan Eiser/Megan Young
2004 Julie Lauro (first team)                2005 Jen Weist
2003 Julie Lauro (first team)                2004 Jen Weist
       Kate Haggerty (honorable mention)    2003 Jen Weist
2002 Julie Lauro (first team)                2002 Jessica Walsh
       Meaghan Billie (second team)         2001 Maria Poluka
       Dana Ferrelli (honorable mention)    2000 Laura Funsten
2001 Meaghan Billie (first team)             1999 Milena Negrao
       Dana Ferrelli (first team)            1998 Jen Morgan
       Laura Funsten (second team)          1997 Kimberly Maurer
2000 Meaghan Billie (second team)           1996 Lauren Buyyounouski
1999 Allison Verduin (first team)            1995 Michele Borg
1998 Allison Verduin (second team)          1994 Sally Fosdick
1997 Lauren Buyyounouski (first team)        1993 Kirsten Weber
1996 Lauren Buyyounouski (first team)        1992 Julie Fogt
1995 Michele Borg (first team)               1991 Julie Fogt
       Heather Stahlnecker (second team)    1990 Julie Fogt
       Lauren Buyyounouski (second team)    1989 unknown
1994 Lauren Buyyounouski (second team)      1988 unknown
       Jenny Sherwood (second team)         1987 Sue Vuolo
1993 Linda Hicks (second team)                                                     All-time kills
       Kirsten Weber (honorable mention)                                           leader Julie
Middle Atlantic Conference Southeast                                               Lauro became
1992 Julie Fogt (first team)                                                        the program’s
       Linda Hicks (first team)                                                     first All-Ameri-
1991 Julie Fogt (first team)                                                        can in 2004.
1990 Julie Fogt (first team)                                                        She is one of
1986 Laura Lemole (first team)                                                      three players
1985 Allison Casparian (first team)                                                 in Centennial
1983 Diane Reppa (first team)                                                       Conference
1982 Diane Reppa (first team)                                                       history to earn
Middle Atlantic Conference Southeast                                               first-team
1981 Diane Reppa (honorable mention)                                               honors all four

      Muhlenberg College Volleyball
                                           19     www.muhlenberg.edu/sports
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 and Courtney ’07
                            The 1990 Muhlenberg volleyball team was a very 
                          young but promising group. Comprised mostly of fresh-
                          men, they worked extremely hard but met with lots of 
                            frustration and disappointments during the early part 
                              of the season.
                               In an effort to keep their morale up, and to point 
                                  out the necessity of continuing to work hard and 
                                  thus ultimately achieve success, Coach Frank 
                                  Marino told them the following story:

     There was once a group of frogs who happened upon a large vat of milk. 
   Seeing an opportunity for fun, they jumped into the vat and began to frolic. 
   Unfortunately, the edge of the vat was shaped in a curved way that allowed for 
   easy entry but impossible exit.
     The frogs swam frantically about and tried hard to escape from the vat. Even-
   tually all but one frog grew exhausted, sank to the bottom and perished.
     The remaining frog continued to kick and kick until the milk solidified and 
   was turned to butter. The frog was therefore able to climb out of the vat and 

     The obvious moral of the story was if you keep kicking and trying, you will 
   eventually succeed.
     That group of freshmen went on to set the College record for wins, and their 
   record still stands. Further, of the seven who were freshmen at that time, five 
   made Deans’ List every semester and three were Phi Beta Kappa.
     The group came to be known as the “Buttermakers” and established traditions 
   of excellence and pride which succeeding teams strive to maintain. The program 
   holds a tournament every year named in their honor.

    2008 Buttermaker Tournament Field
   King’s                       DeSales                  FDU-Florham
  Medaille                    Susquehanna                  Moravian
MUHLENBERG                        York                      Stevens
   Buttermaker Tournament Champions
1998 Muhlenberg          2001 Muhlenberg             2005 Muhlenberg
1999 Muhlenberg          2002 King’s                 2006 MIT
2000 Muhlenberg          2003 Catholic               2007 York
                         2004 FDU-Florham

                                  2008 SCHEDULE
 Fri-Sat	 29-30	 	 Greyhound	Premiere	Invitational	(Moravian)
 WED	        10	 	 DeSALES	.............................................................7:00
 Fri-Sat	 12-13	 	 Scranton	Invitational
 Sat	        20	*	at	McDaniel	with	Mary	Washington	................... 12:00
 WED	        24	*	JOHNS	HOPKINS..............................................7:30
 WED	         1	*	HAVERFORD	.....................................................7:00
 Sat	                            .
              4	*	at	Dickinson	......................................................... 1:00
 Tue	         7	*	at	Swarthmore	....................................................... 7:00
 THR	         9	*	WASHINGTON	(MD.)	.......................................7:00
 Wed	        15	 	 at	Moravian	........................................................... 7:00
 Sat	        18	 	 at	Albright	with	Wilkes	....................................... 10:00
 WED	        22	*	BRYN	MAWR	......................................................7:00
 SAT	        25	*	FRANKLIN	&	MARSHALL	.............................12:00
 Wed	        29	*	at	Ursinus	.............................................................. 7:00
 Sat	         1	*	at	Gettysburg	........................................................ 1:00
                                                     * Centennial Conference match

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