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									Karnataka Tourist Spots: Agumbe the Enchanting Land of
Agumbe is one of the beautiful and popular hill stations in Karnataka, India. It is famous for its
dazzling sunset, shining streams, and picturesque places. Agumbe is one of the Karnataka
Tourist Spots. Agumbe is also known as Cherrapunji of South India. It is located in Agumbe
district. Agumbe is the backdrop for Shooting of the Tele film Malgudi days by RK Narayan’s
novel. Agumbe and its surrounding places are filled with exiting trekking routes. You can see the
sunset from agumbe. It is one of the marvelous scenery. There are lot of waterfalls and temples
in agumbe. Temples are with Hoysala-style sculpture. Microwave tower is the landmark of
Agumbe. This is the place which receives highest amount of rain fall in southern India and
second highest in the country. It is very difficult to travel during rainy season. There is an
Agumbe Rainforest Research Station (ARRS) it is the only one permanent rainforest research
centre in India. Here the research activities of rainfall are done. All are looking for change in
their life. To get relaxation and make your mind fresh you can plan a long trip. It will help you to
refresh your mind. If you are planning trip to Karnataka tourist Spots it will be a great experience
in your journey of life.

The beautiful picturesque place agumbe is also called as ‘capital of king cobra’. It got this name
because the variety of species of cobra is found here. During your journey to agumbe you can
see the deep forests and slopes everywhere. Because of this many rivers, hills and streams are
hidden within the forests. If you move to these landscapes you can see birds, animals, reptiles,
plants of different species. Some of them are you cannot find in any other part and corner of the
world. In these Agumbe forest and slope regions trekking and mountaineering activities are
done. If you are looking for a peaceful break for a few days from the busy work schedules,
tensions, hectic city life, away from the crowded and commercialized attractions, then agumbe
is the place for you. Plan a tour to Karnataka Tourist Spots like Agumbe Hill station and enjoy
each and every moment of your life.

Agumbe is the one of the highest peaks of Western Ghats. Agumbe provides suitable cool and
pleasant climate for the tourists. It is a hot spot for the tourists. Other attractions of Agumbe
include Sunset points, Barkana falls, kunchikal falls, Jogi Gundi falls, Onake Abbi falls, agumbe
Gopalakrishna temple and more. If you are planning to visit any of the tourist destinations in
Karnataka include the famous hill station like agumbe in your list. Enjoy each and every second
of your life with Karnataka Tourist Spots.

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