Chamba Is A Magical Hill Station Of India

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                                                              Chamba, the beautiful valley looks spectacular with its vivid                        Ezine notifications
                                                              wild flowers and stunning sunset’s views. This picturesque hill                      Article RSS feeds
                                                              station is said to be founded by Raja Varman who named his                           Terms of service
                                                              newly found kingdom after his dear daughter Champavati.
                                                              Thus the town came to be known as Chamba. Here you will                             Everyone:
                                                              find number of architectural design. This architectural design
                                                              are unique in their design & style and you will hardly find                          New stuff
                                                                                                                                                   About us
                                                              anywhere in any other part of India. This picturesque hill                           Link to us
                                                              stations is tucked at an altitude of 926 m and at distance of                        C ontact us
                                                              56 km from Mussoorie the ideal holiday destination of Delhi.                         Privacy policy

                                                      Chamba, the charming hill station of India is a small hill lit of,
                                                      Uttarakhand. It is one of those destinations that are still alien
                                                      to most tourists, so spoiled unlearn and fresh as a daisy for
                                                      the lucky few who venture out looking for new places to
                                                      explore and enjoy the view from an altitude of 1600 meters
 above sea level. Unlike Mussoorie, the place is very calm and charming and a great place to relax and rest, away
 from the hectic busy city life. It takes 7 to 8 hours. Total distance from Delhi via Hardwar, Rishikesh and
 Narendranagar is 290 km.

 Aside from its captivating beauty, it also contains many magnificent temples and old, they are a source of
 attraction for all tourists. Laxmi Narayan Temple draws attention of many tourists. It has six temples here, three
 of which are dedicated to Lord Vishnu and three to Lord Shiva. This temple is designed in shikharas style. But you
 also find local flavor is unique in design and makes the temple unique carvings here. The temple was built in the
 10th century and was restored in the 16th century. To the northeast of the temple of Laxmi Narayan temple and
 puts small Brajreshwari SURRA Devi temple, dedicated to Goddess Durga.

 Then comes Chamunda Devi Temple is, which is located on a hill overlooking the town of Chamba and is an
 increase of 30 minutes. This temple is dedicated to Chamunda, the furious form of Goddess Durga. The roof of
 this temple crafted out from wood with unique design with various floral motifs and different deities. In this very
 temple you will get another temple called Sui Mata Temple, which is tucked between the Chamunda Devi temple
 and Brajreshwari Devi temple. The temple is dedicated to Sui Mata. She is believed to be a local princess, who
 gave her life for the people of Chamba. In the wall of the temple you will find colorful paintings in the temple
 showcasing the life of Sui.

 Another most important place to visit during your tour is Rangmahal. Raja Umed Singh built this majestic palace.
 This majestic palace is a mixture of British and Mughal architecture design. Now the palace is turned into an
 Emporium, where you will find local handicrafts. These are some of the most prominent places to visit during your
 trip. And regarding hotels in Chamba ( you need not worry for
 there are number of lodges, guest houses and hotels where you can comfortable put up.

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Description: Chamba, the beautiful valley looks spectacular with its vivid wild flowers and stunning sunset’s views.