8 - WF Albright Institute of Archaeological Research by zhouwenjuan


									            MORE THAN A CENTURY OF SERVICE

Tha W.F, AIbright I W o f Amhat#tlc@id      Ratwxwch in dbnwdem
is the oldest American res~art9-icenteT far Amknt Wear Eastern
Studies in the Mddls !&st, Founded in t8OO as the American
School of Oriental Research (ASOR), it was renamed in 1970
after its most distinQuisheddircfo.tor, William FBXWBIIAlbright.
Todey, the AlbrigM is o m d t h r ~       y inl;smt& in-
affiliated with A38R, the o t h m being in Amman m d Nicusia.
The prwntAlbrlght Wl'iw s l s m m S n 14)%5, addiins with
made in 1930and major renovations m m p k M in 1985%      L.ocated
500 meters north of the old wall$d oity d Jerusalem, it is within
easy walking distanGe of the Ecola BibQuB, the British, Gsrman,
and Spanish Schmlo of Archaeology, the Htabrew Union College-
Nelson Glueek Sc.h.ool of Biblisal Archae~logy,the Hebrew
University, the Rocbfeller Museum, and the Israel Antiquities
Authority. This grouping of scholarly facilities represents one of
the heavimt wnwntr~tions human, bibliographic, and artifact
rbsources in Ancient Pm Eastern Studies.

For the past 105 years, AlbrigWASOR ha8 provided students
and sd%lan with an unparalbled internationalculturalenvironment
and a unique program ihat spans the broad spectrum of Ancient
Nmr Eastern Slwdies, Each year, Albright Fellows, primarily from
the United States, Canada, Europe, Israel, and the Palestinian
Entity, exchange information and idms with hundreds of other
local and fomign resewchew, including t w from sthear csuntries
in the eastern Medirranean kdn. DedimW to the advancemnt
of the study of the Ilt@rature, history, and culture of the ancient
Near W,including the dit%iplinm of the Arshawleqy of Palestine
and BiblicalStwdim, theklbright continues to be a major r @ W
center and to strive for axcellence in schaiar&hip.

 Now, a$ in the past, the Albright Institute pmvides a wid$ nnge
of programs and faciliaiw for pre- and p~st.doctonlrmarch, as
well as an informatian-sharing program and fi@ld experience
for mare than 2,W persons. Th@w u d @ annud wries of
                                        M      an
Iecktm, reparts, wminass, workshop9, field trips, mcial events,
EVrd 8upp12for 26/i$f3R-affiliaW anel AlbrigM4W excavation
and publications projects. ft alsu includes a publitian~ program,
an extensive research library, workshops, and living
ammmod&ians. The Albright Institutejointly spsnmrs with the
Institute of Archaeology of the Habrew Univemity of Jerusalem
the long-term Tel Miqne-Ucronsxwvalion and pwhliwtbnsproject.
              OFFICERS OF THE ALERIGHT INSmCm                                                 THE ERNEST S. FRERICHS PROGRAM
   President, Sidnie White Crawford, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, NE                           FOR ALBRlGHT ALLOWS
Vice-President, Jodi Magness, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC
      Treasurer, J. Edward Wright, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ
      Secretary, J.P. Dessel, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN
              (Comptroller, Samuel Cardillo, Philadelphia, PA)
                         BOARD OF TRUSTEES
                      Robert Blinken, New York, NY
         Joan R. Branham, Providence College, Providence, RI
 Aaron J. Brody, Bade Museum, Pacific School of Religion, Berkeley, CA
              Vivian Bull, Linfield College, McMinnville, OR
                   John Camp, Lakeland Shores, MN
                        Norma Dever, Tucson, AZ
                     Linda Feinstone, New York, NY
                   Raymond Frankel, Los Angeles, CA
          Ernest S. Frerichs, Dorot Foundation, Providence, RI
   Patty Gerstenblith, DePaul University College of Law, Chicago, IL
                      Eugene Grant, New York, NY
          Sharon Herbert, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI
                         Ross T. Kogel, Troy, MI
       Theodore Lewis, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD                                  Mihail Zahariade, National Romanian Institute of
          Peter Machinist, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA                                     Thraeology, Andrew W. Mellon Fellow, 2003
              Carol Meyers, Duke University, Durham, NC
              Shalom Paul, Hebrew University, Jerusalem                           1. Seminars. This program serves as a forum in which Albright
                   Norma Ritterspach, Indianapolis, IN
                   Jonathan P Rosen, New York, NY
                                .                                                 appointees share their research with each other and with colleagues
                   Richard J. Scheuer, Larchmont, NY                              from local institutions on a wide variety of subjects in Ancient Near
                    Lee R. Seeman, Great Neck, NY                                 Eastern Studies.
                       Lydie Shufro, New York, NY
     John Spencer, John Carroll University, University Heights, OH
            Mark Smith, New York University, New York, NY                         2. Workshops. In this in-house program, Albright appointees
      Ron Tappy, Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, Pittsburgh, PA                  have the opportunity to share the progress of their research with
                          Daniel Wolk, Rye, NY
        Jane Waldbaum, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, WI                     other Albright Fellows in an informal setting. It is an opportunity
                                                                                  to test theories and partial results and contributes to the atmosphere
                        HONORARY TRUSTEES                                         of collegiality at the Institute.
  Walter E. Aufrecht, University of Lethbridge, Lethbridge, AB, Canada
              Robert J. Bull, Drew University, Madison, NJ                        3. Repotts. Technical reports on the most recent archaeological
  Edward F. Campbell, McCormick Theological Seminary, Chicago, IL                 discoveries in Israel and in the Palestinian Entity are presented
                   William G. Dever, Bedford Hills, NY                            by local scholars for Albright Fellows and members of other foreign
 David Noel Freedman, University of California-SanDiego, La Jolla, CA
                   Norma Kershaw, Mission Viejo, CA                               and local archaeological institutions in Jerusalem.
          John H. Marks, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ
     George E. Mendenhall, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI                  4. Trude Dothan Lectureshipin Anclent Near Eastgm Studies.
               Eric Meyers, Duke University, Durham, NC
            Kevin O'Connell, Jesuit Center, Amman, Jordan                     I
                                                                                  Each year, a senior scholar from abroad working in the discipline
      Joe D. Seger, Mississippi State University, Drawer AR, MS                   of Ancient Near Eastern Archaeology, History, Languages and
         Lawrence Stager, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA                       Literature is invited to lecture at Al-Quds University, the Hebrew
         Paul Steinberg, Hebrew Union College, New York, NY                   I
                                                                              I   University, and the Albright Institute. This annual lectureship was
                            CONSULTANTS                                           endowed at the Albright Institute by the Dorot Foundation to
                                                                                  support and encourage the Albright's long-standing program
           Library: Scott Bennett, Former Chief Librarian,
                    Sterling Library,Yale University                              dedicated to advancing the dialogue between students and
        Library Computer Program Specialist: Avner Halpern                        scholars from the Israeli, Palestinian, and foreign academic
  Computers: Yigal Weinstein, Arthur Spichinetzky, Directors of Antcom            communities in Jerusalem.
               THE ERNEST S. FRERICHS PROGRAM                                                    THE ERNEST S. FRERICHS PROGRAM
                    FOR ALBRIGHT FELLOWS                                                              FOR ALBRlGHT FELLOWS

                                                                                      8. Conferences, Symposia, Meetings, and Spoclal Events.
5. Albdght Appolnw' Evenlngs with Guast Scholars. Each                                These are programs sponsored by the Albright or other institutions
month, a dinner and informal discussion with a guest scholar are                      in which AlAR appointees and other scholars are invited to
held at the Institute for Albright Appointees. Local and foreign                      participate.
academics are invited according to the special interests of the
AlAR Fellows. These evenings offer a unique opportunity for                           8. Ingemships In Archasdogy, Internsfrom the Rothberg School
informal discussion of the research projects of senior scholars                       for Overseas Students, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, are
within a wide range of Ancient Near Eastern Studies. They also                        supervised at the Albright by the Director and AlAR Fellows. This
contribute greatly to the integration of AlAR Fellows into the local                  provides a practicum for which students can earn four university
academic community.                                                                   credits, as well as assistance to research projects conducted at
                                                                                      the Albright.
6. Research InstituteVisits. Local research institutes are visited
to acquaint AlAR appointees with the facilities and researchers
involved in different aspects of Ancient Near Eastern Studies.                                                    AWARDS

7. Fleld Trips. More than 90 local archaeological sites and                                           GRANTSAND FELLOWSHIPS
museums are visited each year and triennial study trips are
organized to Crete, Cyprus, Egypt, Greece, Jordan, Lebanon,                           In the current academic year, the Albright awarded over $235,000
Syria or Turkey.                                                                      in grants, fellowships, and fees. These include awards for an
                                                                                      Annual Professor, appointments for two National Endowment for
                                                                                      the Humanities, three Andrew W. Mellon Foundation (East-Central
                                                                                      European), and four Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA)
                                                                                      Fellows; an E.S. Frerichs FellowIProgramCoordinator, a Samuel
                                                                                      H. Kress, a Joint Samuel H. Kress AthenslJerusalem, and a
                                                                                      George A. Barton Fellow. Thirteen ECA administrative fee grants
                                                                                      were awarded to Albright Associate Fellows. This year, the Albright
                                                                                      has 53 Fellows, including 25 with stipends and fee awards from
                                                                                      the Institute and 28Associate Senior, Post-Doctoral, and Research
                                                                                      Fellows with funding from other sources.

                                                                                                THE SEAN W. DEVER MEMORWL PREE

                                                                                      This is an annual award of $500 for the best published article or
                                                                                      paper presented at a conference by a Ph.D. candidate in Syro-
                                                                                      Palestinian and Biblical Archaeology. Authors may be of any
                                                                                      nationality, but the articles/papers must be in English. All
                                                                                      submissions should include the academic affiliation of the author
                                                                                      and hislher postal and e-mail addresses and telephone and fax
                                                                                      numbers. Submission of conference papers should also include
                                                                                      the name of the conference and the date on which the paper was
Albnght Fellows' field trip to Qumran. Standing (I-r); Edward Maher, Ha ith Sivan,
JH Baker, Eveline van der Steen.Stephen Pfann. Ala and Aleksandr ~es\ov,Ziony
 i                                                                                    presented. The deadline for submissions is December 31,2004.
 Zevit, Kyle Smith, lzabela Jaruzelska, Scott Buck~ng,   Hanan Eshel; seated (I-r):   Articleslpapers should be sent to the W. F. Albright Institute of
          Sarah Ahmed, Rebecca Martin, Jennifer Gerstenblith-Gordon
                                                                                      Archaeological Research, P.O. Box 40151, Philadelphia, PA
                                                                                      19106, USA. The award will be announced on March 1, 2005.
                                       6                                                                             7
             INFORMATION-SHARING PROGRAM                                            INFORMATION-SHARING PROGRAM
                Tel MDqneEkron fleld Reports                                           Tel MlqnbEkron Fleld Reports

The Tel Miqne-Ekron Field Reports data base and conclusions           Excavations 1984-1988 - Field INE, Areas 2,3,4,8,9,36,37
are published in the Ekron Limited Edition Series (ELES).             (the Sondage); Field INW, Areas 7,10: lron Age Iand IIby A.E.
                                                                      Killebrew, with contributions by T. Dothan and S. Gitin. ELES No.
Excavations Field INE by T. Dothan and S. Gitin. ELES Nos.            11, ed. S. Gitin, Jerusalem (in preparation).
1 and 2, ed. S. Gitin, Jerusalem, 1981 and 1982 (Iron Age 1/11).
Out of print.                                                         Excavations 1985-1996 - Field IIINE/SE, lron Age I (Early
                                                                      Philistine City) and lron Age Il (Olive Oil Industrial Zone), by
Excavations 1984 Field lllSE by B.M. Gittlen, with contributions      B.M. Gittlen, T. Dothan and S. Gitin, with contributions by A.
by T. Dothan, S. Gitin, B. Hesse, and P. Wapnish. ELES No. 3,         Zukerman and L. Mazow. ELES No. 12, ed. S. Gitin, Jerusalem
ed. S. Gitin, Jerusalem, 1985. 266 pp., 22 sections, 16 plans, 4      (in preparation).
figs., soft cover (primary emphasis on the 7th c. BCE).
                                                                      Excavations 1990-1996 - Field INE/SEhlW/SW: Late Bronze
Excavations 1984 Field INEISE by A.E. Killebrew, with                        --
                                                                      Age II lron Age II (Summit of the Upper City) by S. Gitin, T.
contributions by T. Dothan, S. Gitin, B. Hesse, and P. Wapnish.       Dothan, and D. B. MacKay, with contributions by G. Gilmour and
ELES No. 4, ed. S. Gitin, Jerusalem, 1986. 245 pp., 26 sections,
                                                                      A. Zukerman. ELES No. 13, ed. S. Gitin, Jerusalem (in preparation).
28 plans, 5 figs./photos, phasing booklet with 20 plans, soft cover
(primary emphasis on the 12thlllth c. BCE). Out of print.
                                                                      Tel Miqne-Ekron: Object and Material Culture Monograph:
Excavations 1994 - Field IISW: The Olive Oil Industrial Zone                                   -
                                                                      Middle BronzeAge II lron Age II.Altars (S. Gitin); lron ICultic
of the Late lron Age I (7th c. BCE) by D.B. MacKay. ELES No.
                        I                                             Objects (T. Dothan); Egyptian Stone Objects (T. McCullough);
5, ed. S. Gitin, Jerusalem, 1995. 283 pp., 72 sections, 22 plans,     Figurines (S. Gitin and E. Beach); Flints (A. Roshwalb-
13 figs./photos, soft cover. Out of print.                            Hurowitz); lron I.lvories (T. Dothan); lron I.Ivories (S. Gitin and
                                                                      T. Dothan); Jewelry (A. Golani); Loomweights (0. Shamir and
Excavations 1986-1987 Field INE, Areas 5,6,7: The Bronze              A. de Vincenz); Metal Objects (B. Rothenberg and M. Notis); Re-
and lron Ages by A.E. Killebrew, with contributions by T. Dothan      worked Sherds (Stoppers) (G. Arbino); Scarabs (B. Brandl);
and S. Gitin. ELES No. 6, ed. S. Gitin, Jerusalem, 1996.289 pp.,      Seals (B. M. Gittlen); Stone Tools (I. Milevski); Stone Weights
8 pottery plates, 16 photo plates, 23 sections, 25 plans, 2 figs.,    (R. Kletter); Worked Bone (D. Reese); Zoomorphic Figurines
soft cover. Out of print.                                             (D. Ben-Shlomo); Faunal Data (B. Hesse, P. Wapnish, J. Lev-Tov,
                                                                      and E. Maher); Shells (D. Reese). ELES No. 14, ed. S. Gitin,
Excavations 1995-1996 Field XNW, Areas 77,78,79,89,90,                Jerusalem (in preparation).
101,102: lmn Age Iby N. Bierling, with contributions by T. Dothan,
S. Gitin, and B. Brandl. ELES No. 7, ed. S. Gitin, Jerusalem, 1998.
327 pp., 11 pottery plates, 15 photo plates, 32 sections, 8 plans,
9 figs., soft cover.

Excavations 1995-1996 Field INE East Slope: Late Bronze
Il-Iron I-The Early Philistine City by M.W. Meehl, T. Dothan,
and S. Gitin, with contributions by A. Zukerman, J. Lev-Tov, and
0. Lemau. ELES No. 8, ed. S. Gitin, Jerusalem, 2005 (in press).

Excavations 1994-1996 - Fields IVNElNW and VSEISW: lron
Age I -The Late Philistine Temple Complex by S.M. Ortiz, S.
Gitin, and T. Dothan, with contributions by A. Golani, E. Beach, E.
Maher, 0. Lernau, and D. Reese. ELES No. 9, ed. S. Gitin,
Jerusalem, 2005 (in press).

Excavations 1985-1995 Field IVNENW (Lower): lron Age I-
ll,The Elite Zone by Y. Garfinkel, T. Dothan, and S. Gitin, with
contributions by A. Zukerman, L. Mazow, A. Golani, E. Maher, I.
Malevski, and A, de Vincenz. ELES No. 10, ed. S. Gitin, Jerusalem,
                                                                        Tel Miqne-Ekron: Carved ivory female figurine found in the room behind the
2005 (in press).                                                       cella of the Tem le Complex 650 sanctuary n the 604 BCE destmon by the
                                                                                   ~eo-IabylonianKing Nebuchadneuar (Field IV Upper).
                   INFOR~TIOKSHARINGPROGRAM                                                     The Neo-Amyrlan Empire in the 7th c. BC: A Study of the
                                                                                                         Interactions between Center and Periphery
                     Reporb on Archaeology in Israel

 "The Archaeology of Israel" by Albright Senior Fellow S. R. Wolff
 appears periodically as a newsletter in the American Journal of
 Archaeology. It includes reviews of large- and small-scale
 excavations, salvage work, surveys, research projects, new
 exhibits, and publications in Israel.

                 AlAR Feilowrr' Research and Activities

"Reports of Albright Fellows' Projects" appear annually in the
American Schools of Oriental Research Newsletter and in the
Albright Institute Newsletter. The annual Program Brochure
and Publications of Albright Appointees Based on Research at
the Albright Institute (1980-2000) are available at the Albright in
Jerusalem. Albright Fellows also share their research through
presentations at local institutions and at conferences abroad.

                            Lecture Program Abroad

The Albright Director lectures annually in NorthAmerica, Europe,
and the Middle East on Albright projects and on new developments
in the archaeology of ancient Israel, as well as on his own
archaeological research.                                                                            Tel Wine-Ekron: Ceramic figurine from theTemple Corn ex 650 sanctuary
                                                                                                     found in the 604 BCE NeeBabylonian destruction field IV Upper).
                          Modern Language Studies
                                                                                                The project is designed to investigatethe growth and development
In addition to the modern Arabic and Hebrew classes available
                                                                                                of the Neo-Assyrian Empire, which, in the 7th c. BC, stimulated
at other local institutions, Munira Said gives individual instruction
in modern Arabic at the Albright.                                                               the first "world market" in history and the extensive Phoenician
                                                                                                colonization in the Mediterranean basin. Among the key issues
                                                                                                to be examined are the development of local and regional
                                                                                                economic exchange systems, international trade, cultic
                                                                                                syncretisms, radical demographic movements, and administrative
                                                                                                systems as tools of imperial policy.

                                                                                                This innovative program incorporates archaeological, historical,
                                                                                                and environmental evidence from Bahrain, Cyprus, Egypt, Greece,
                                                                                                Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Spain, Syria, Tunisia, and Turkey. Fifty
                                                                                                scholars working in these countries, which in antiquity were part
                                                                                                of or influenced by the Neo-Assyrian Empire, will cooperate in
                                                                                                the first such international research program. The project, organized
                                                                                                by the Albright Director, is under the aegis of the Council of
                                                                                                American Overseas Research Centers (CAORC), which is based
                                                                                                at the Smithsonian Institution.
From the Archives. Khirbet el-Q6m and Jebel Qa'aqir excavation staff, 1971.
Front row (I-r): Nassar Diab Mansur (Abu 'Issa), John S. Holladay, Jr., W.G.
Dever, Ali Musa Abu Argoub, Jabber Muhammad Hasan (Abu 'Abid); back row
(If): visitors Albert and Jeffrey Glock, staff Lawrence Geraty, Seymour Gitin, James Strange.
   ASOR-AfflllaWAIAR-Asdeted Excavation, Survey, and                         ASOR-Afflllated/AIAR-AtlIstsd Excrvttlon, S u m , and
             P u b l W n s Projects (26) 2004  -                                        Publicattons Projects (26) 2004      -
Ashkelon, excavations, Leon Levy Expedition, Harvard University           Sepphoris Acropolis, publications, University of La Verne, Director
and Semitic Museum, Director L.E. Stager.                                 J.L. Reed.

Byzantine St. Stephens Project, fieldwork in USA, University of           Sepphoris Ein Zippori, publications, Duke University, Directors E.
Notre Dame, Directors S. Sheridan, R. H Haak, and M. Driscoll.            M. Meyers, C. Meyers, and J.P. Dessel.

Tell Balatah, publications, Drew-McCormick expedition, Director E.        Sepphoris Regional Project, publications, Duke University, Directors
Campbell.                                                                 E. M. Meyers and C. Meyers.

Combined Caesarea Expeditions, excavations, Universities of               Joint Sepphoris Project, publications, Duke University and Hebrew
                                                                          University, Directors E. M. Meyers, C. Meyers, E. Netzer, and Z.
Maryland and Haifa, Directors K.G. Holum, A. Raban, and J. Patrich.
Caesarea Maritima Vault Project, publications, University of Maryland,    Sepphoris, publications, University of South Florida, Director S . J.
Directors J. Blakely and J. Bennett.                                      Strange and T. McCollough.
Caesarea Maritima Promontory Palace, publications, University of          Shiqmim, publications, University of California-San Diego, Director
Pennsylvania Museum and Cornell University, Director K.L. Gleason.        T. E. Levy.

Gesher, excavations, Montana State University, Director S.L. Cohen.       Tell Taannek, publications, Palestinian lnstitute of Archaeology,
                                                                          Birzeit University, and American Schools of Oriental Research,
Khirbet Cana, excavations, University of Puget Sound, Director D.         Directors H. Salem and N. Lapp.
                                                                          Tell el-Wawiyat, publications, University of Arizona, Principal
Tell el-Hesi, publications, Joint Archaeological Expedition, Principal    Investigator W.G. Dever, Directors J.P. Dessel and B. Alpert Nakhai.
Investigator J. Blakely.
                                                                          Zayit, excavations, Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, Director R.
Tell el-Hesi Regional Survey Project, field survey, Cobb lnstitute of     T~PPY.
Archaeology, Mississippi State University, Director J. Blakely.

Tel Kedesh, publications, Universityof Michigan, Directors S. Herbert
and A. Berlin.

Lahav, publications, Phases 1-11, Cobb lnstitute of Archaeology,
Mississippi State University, Director J.D. Seger.

Lahav, publications, Phase Ill, Cobb lnstitute of Archaeology,
Mississippi State University, Directors P. Jacobs and 0. Borowski.

Meiron, publications (Nabratein), Duke University, Directors E. M.
Meyers and C. Meyers.

Tel Miqne-Ekron, publications, Albright lnstitute and lnstitute of
Archaeology, Hebrew University, Directors S. Gitin and T. Dothan.

Nahal Tillah, publications, Universityof California-San Diego, Director
T. E. Levy.

The Neo-Assyrian Empire in the Seventh Century BCE Research.
Project, publications, Albright lnstitute and CAORC, Director S. Gitin.              Tel Zayit excavations, PittsburghTheological Seminary:
                                                                                      Director Ron Tappy (I)and staff member Egon Lass.
                     W.F. Albrlght Institute of Archaeological ResearchAppointees, Residents, and Staff, 2003-2004

Back Row (I-r): Director S. Gitin and Cherie Gitin, Senior Fellow Katherina Galor, Research Fellow Baruch Brandl, Residents Pat and Tom Neu,
Miqne Architect J. Rosenberg, Miqne Staff Alexandra Drenka, Senior Fellow Shimon Gibson, Groundsman Lutfi Mussa, Library Computerization
Consultant Avner Halpern, Research Fellow Azriel Gorski, Gardener Faiz Khalaf.

Middle Row: Chef Hisham M'ffareh, MaintenanceStaff Ashraf Hanna, Assistant Librarian Diana Steigler, Senior Fellow Anna de Vincenz, Research
(Fulbright) Fellow Kyle Smith, Senior (Fulbright) Fellow Hagith Sivan, Samuel H. Kress Joint AthenslJerusalem Fellow Nicholas Hudson, Richard
J. Scheuer Fellow Eveline van der Steen, Educational and Cultural Affairs Fellows Scott Bucking and Morag M. Kersel, Senior Fellow Yorke Rowan,
Chief Librarian Sarah Sussman, Research Fellow Khader Salameh, Miqne Staff Moshe Ben-Ari, Dina Khain, and Gini Ben-Ari, Postdoctoral Fellow
Stephen Rosenberg.

Front Row: Miqne Staff Marina Zeltzer, Assistant to the Director Helena Flusfeder, Institute Manager Nadia Bandak, Guest Scholar Penelope
Mountjoy, Senior Fellow Trude Dothan, National Endowment for the Humanities Fellow Tzvi I. Abusch, Andrew W. Mellon Fellow Anna Maria Malecka,
Research Fellow Wasfi Mohammed Kailani, Post-doctoral Fellow Stephen Pfann, Administrative Consultant Munira Said, former Annual Professor
David Aune, Mary-Lou Aune.

Row on Carpet: Editorial Consultant Edna Sachar, Research Fellows A
Nawal lbtisam Rsheid, Ernest S. Frerichs FellowlProgram Coordinator
Endowment for the Humanities and Senior Fellow Samuel R. Wolff,
                                                                       Z ander Zuckerman and Elaine Myers, Kitchen and Housekeeping Staff
                                                                         njamin Saidel, Samuel H. Kress Fellow S. Rebecca Martin, National
                                                                         rch Fellow David Ben-Shlomo, Kitchen and Housekeeping Staff Nuha
Khalil Ibrahim.

Appointees and their families in residence and staff not in photo: Annual Professor Timothy S. Laniak and Maureen, Jesse and Adrienne Laniak,
National Endowment for the Humanities Fellow Aleksandr Leskov and Alia Leskov, National Endowment for the Humanities Fellow Edward F. Maher,
George A. Barton Fellow Laura Mazow, Educational and Cultural Affairs Fellows Jill Baker and Timothy Fries, Andrew W. Mellon Fellow Michael
Bieniada and Magdalena Bieniada, Andrew W. Mellon Fellow lzabela Jaruzelska, Senior Fellows Marwan Abu Khalaf, Hanswulf Bloedhorn, Jeffrey
Chadwick, Garth Gilmour, Barry Gittlen, Hani Nur-el-Din, and Hamdan Taha, Post-doctoralFellows lbrahim Abu-Ammar, Susan L. Cohen, Mohammad
Ghosheh, Salah H. Houdalieh, and Shoh Yamada, Research Fellows Omar Abed Rabo, Jamal Bargouth, Amir Golani, Wael Hamamreh, lanir Milevski,
Nava Panitz-Cohen, Hamed Salem, lssa Sarie', and Ross Voss, and Library Computerization Staff Kate Masliansky and Adel Moghrabi.
                     PRUGRAM SCHEDULE                                                             PROGRAM SCHEDULE
                                                                             Sep 23 Appointees' Tour of Albright Facility (S. Gitin).
June 7    Field Trip. Ashkelon (L. Stager).                                  (Thur)

                                                                             Sep 26 Field Trip. Mamshit, Avdat, Shivta (B. Saidel).
June 16 Field Trip. Ashdod North - Assyrian complex (S. Gitin),              (sun)
                                                                             Oct 1    Reception for Albright Appointees at the Director's home
July 9   Field Trip. Ashkelon (L. Stager).                               '   (Fri)    (C, and S. Gitin).
                                                                             Oct 6    Field Trip. Apollonia (I. Roll), Caesarea (J. Nager), Dor
July 12 Field Trip. Tel Zayit (R. Tappy).                                    (Wed)    (S.R. Martin).
                                                                             Oct 10-12 The 59th lsrael Exploration Society Annual Convention.
July 13 Lecture. S. Gitin: "Ekron of the Philistines: From Sea               (Sun- The Galilee, the Upper Jordan Valley, and the Golan.
(Tue)   Peoples to Olive Oil Industrialists" (Tell es-SafiIGath              Tue)
        Excavation Education Program).
                                                                             Oct 12 Appointees' Evening with Guest Scholar. Trude Dothan,
July 15 Lecture. S. Gitin: "Ekron of the Philistines: The Iron II            (Tue)  Professor Emerita, Institute of Archaeology, Hebrew
(Thur) Period." (Tel Zeitah Excavation Education Program).                          University.

July 30 Field Trip. Tell es-SafiIGath (A. Maeir).                            Oct 21    Report. Miriam Rosen-Ayalon, Leo A. Mayer Professor of
(Fri)                                                                        (Thur)   IslamicArt and Archaeology, Hebrew University: "Restoring
                                                                                      the Historical Sequence of the White Mosque in Ramlah."
Aug 10 Report. Jeffrey Blakely, Director, Joint Archaeological
(Tue)  Expedition to Tell el-Hesi: The Survey of the Hesi Region             Oct 25   Field Trip. Jerusalem, Western Wall Tunnel, Old City
       - Phase I."                                                           (Mon)    (D. Bahat)

Aug 25 Visit to Albright. Students of Lehrkurs, 2004, from the               Oct 28   Symposium in memory of Yigael Yadin on the 20th
(Wed) Deutsches Evangelisches lnstitut fiir Altertumswissenschaft            (Thur)   anniversary of his death, Hebrew University, lsraelAcademy
       des Heiligen Landes (S. Gitin)                                                 of Sciences and Humanities, and lsrael Exploration Society
                                                                                      (L. Stager, A. Ben-Tor, H. Cotton, T. Dothan, G. Stiebel,
Sep 5    Reception in honor of Lehrkurs, 2004. Deutsches                               J. Aviram).
(Sun)    Evangelisches lnstitut fur Altertumswissenschaft des Heiligen
         Landes (M. Heinzelmann).                                        1   Oct 28 Albright Fellows' Annual Halloween Party.

Sep 9    Field Trip. Walking tour of Islamic monuments in the Old
                                                                         1   (Thur)

(Thur)   City of Jerusalem (R. Schick).                                      Oct 29 Workshop. Marek Olszewski, Andrew W. Mellon Fellow:
                                                                             (Fri)  "Survival of Pagan Mythological Themes on Mosaics from
Sep 9 Orientation and Planning Meeting. AlAR Director, Program
(Thur) Coordinator, Appointees, and Staff.

Sep 13 Field Trip. Gezer, Beth-Shemesh,Azekah, Lachish
(Mon) (G. Barkay).
                                                                         I   Nov 3
                                                                                    the Eastern Provinces following the Abolition of Pagan Cults
                                                                                    in the 4th-7th centuries CE."

                                                                                      Institutional Visit. lsrael Museum (D. Mevorah), Shrine
                                                                                      of the BookIDead Sea Scrolls (A. Roitman).

Sep 14 Library Orientation. Ecole Biblique (C. Modras).
                     PROGRAM SCHEDULE                                                           PROGRAM SCHEDULE

Nov 4 Symposium. Music in Ancient IsraeVPalestine (Judith                  Dec 15 Field Trip. Beth Guvrin and Maresha (D. Ariel).
(Thur) Cohen, Professor of Musicology, University of Tel Aviv; Aren        (Wed)
        Maeir, Professor of Archaeology, Department of Land of
       Israel Studies, Bar-llan University; Joachim Braun, Professor   1   Dec 16 Lecture. Aliza C. Mushlin, Director, Center for Jewish Art,
       Emeritus, Department of Music, Bar-llan University).                (Thur) Hebrew University: 'The Sacrifice of Isaac in Jewish,
                                                                                  Christian, and Islamic Art."
Nov 7-8 Field Trip. The Galilee and the Golan: ScythopolisIBeth-
(Sun- Shean (D. Ariel), Belvoir (B. Saidel), Islamic Tiberias (Y.          Dec 22 Presentation of the Israel Museum's Percia Schimmel
Mon) Hirschfeld), Korazim (M. Daise), Hazor (J.M. Tebes), Nimrod$          (Wed) Award to AlAR Director S. Gitin, Israel Museum.
       Castle (B. Saidel), Banias (J. Nager), Tel Dan (J. Baker),
       Qasrin (S. Klayman), Golan Museum.                                  Dec 25 AlAR Appointees' Holiday Luncheon.
Nov 17-Annual Meeting of the American Schools of Oriental              !
20     Research, San Antonio, Texas. Presentations by Albright         I Dec 31 AlAR Appointees' New Year Festivities.
(Wed- Appointees: Miqne Research Fellow Laura Mazow: "Framing              (Fri)
Sat) the Context of Interaction:A Spatial Analysis of the
      Ceramic Assemblage at Tel Miqne-Ekron, Israel"; Albright
       Research Fellow S. Rebecca Martin: "The Persian Levant:
       Recent Archaeological Approaches"; Senior Fellow Samuel             Jan 4    Appointees' Evening with Guest Scholar. Manfred
      Wolff: "Aegean Amphoras in the Southern Levant."                     (Tue)    Bietak, Professor of Egyptology, University of Vienna.

Nov 20-Annual Meeting of the Society of Biblical Literature, San           &n 8     Report. Zecharia Kallai, Professor Emeritus, Institute of
22     Antonio, Texas. Presentation by National Endowmentfor the           (Thur)   Archaeology, Hebrew University:''The Issue of the Historicity
(Sat- Humanities Fellow Jack Lundbom: "Haplography in the                           of the Biblical Period."
Mon) Hebrew Vorlage of LXX Jeremiah."
                                                                           Jan 6-8 Annual Meeting of the Archaeological Institute of
Nov 25 AlAR Appointees' Thanksgiving Luncheon.                             (Thur- America. Presentation by Samuel H. Kress Fellow Jessica
(Thur)                                                                     Sat)    Nager: "The Interaction of Greek and Near Eastern
                                                                                   Elements in the Temple of Milk'ashtarte at Umm el-'Amed."
Dec 1 Field Trip. Qumran, Ain Feshka, Khirbet Muzin (H. Eshel)
(Wed)                                                                      Jan 9    Field Trip. Temple MountlHaram eshSharif (K. Salameh).
Dec 2 Report. Zeev Weiss, Senior Lecturer, Department of
(Thur) Archaeology, Hebrew University:"Sepphoris and Tiberias in       .   Jan 13 Visit to Albright. Students of the Hebrew University
       the 1st Century CE."                                                (Thur) (S. Gitin).

Dec 9 Report. Shimon Gibson, Director, Jerusalem Archaeological        L   Jan 13 Workshop. Juan Manuel Tebes, George A. Barton Fellow:
(Thur) Field Unit: "Excavations of the Cave of John the Baptist."      I   (Thur) "The Socioeconomic Evolution of the Negev and Southern
                                                                                  Jordan in the Iron Age."
Dec 10 Field Trip. Sataf, Cave of John the Baptist, Tzuba, Belmont,
(Fri) Moza, Abu Ghosh (S. Gibson).
                    PROGRAM SCHEDULE                                                        PROGRAM SCHEDULE

Jan 19 Field Trip. HipposJSussita, Kursi, and Sepphoris
(Wed) (J. Mlynarczyk).

Jan 26   Institutional Visit, Institute of Archaeology, Hebrew
(Wed)     University (N. Goren-lnbar, I. Sharon).

Jan 27 Workshop. Donald Ariel, Educational and Cultural Affairs
(Thur) Fellow: "A NumismaticApproach to the Reign of Herod the

Feb 2    Field Trip. Philistia: Tel Miqne-Ekron Museum, Ashkelon

Feb 3
         (R. Voss, J. Baker), Ashdod Museum, Ashdod Yam.

         Workshop. Jack Lundbom, National Endowment for the
         Humanities Fellow: "A Commentary on Deuteronomy."
Feb 8    Appointees' Evening with Guest Scholar. Michele
(Tue)    Piccirillo, Professor of Biblical History and Geography,                                 voromea Arnold
         Studium Biblicum Franciscanum, Jerusalem.
                                                                        Mar 1-3 Trude Dothan Lectureship i n Ancient Near Eastern
Feb 10 Report. Robert Mullins, National Endowment for the               (Tue-   Studies. Dorothea Arnold, Lila Acheson Wallace Curator,
(Thur) Humanities Fellow: "Recent Excavations at Tell Atchana,          Thur)   Department of Egyptian Art, Metropolitan Museum of Art,
       Turkey."                                                                 NY will give two lectures under the auspices of three
                                                                                institutions: 'The Royal Women of Amarna," Al-Quds
Feb 16 Field Trip. Jerusalem, Southern Wall Excavations, the                    University; 'The Royal Women of Amarna," Hebrew
(Wed) Cardo, and the City of David (H. Geva).                                   University; "What Did the Hyksos Look Like? Image and
                                                                                Identity,"Albright Institute.
Feb 17 Seminar. Jodi Magness, Kenan Distinguished Professor
(Thur) for Teaching Excellence in Early Judaism, University of          Mar 1     Appointees Evening with Guest Scholar. Dorothea
       North Carolina, Chapell Hill: 'The Ancient Synagogue at          (Tue)     Arnold, Lila Acheson Wallace Curator, Department of
       Sardis."                                                                   Egyptian Art, Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Feb 21 Institutional Visit. Skirball Museum (D. Packman) and            Mar 10 Irene Levi-Sala Annual Seminar. Ben-Gurion University
(Mon) the Nelson Glueck School of BiblicalArchaeology (D. Ilan).        (Thur) of the Negev. Visiting Lecturer: Serge Cleuziou, Professor
                                                                               of Archaeology, University of Paris and Centre National de
Feb 25 Workshop. Jolanta Mlynarczyk, Andrew W. Mellon Fellow:                  la Recherche Fran~aise:  "Recent Archaeological Research
(Fri)  "Between Phoenicia and Galilee: A Study of Local and                    in the Arabian Peninsula and the Persian Gulf."
       Imported Ceramics from the Hellenistic and Roman Period
       Site of Shaar Ha-Amakim, Israel."                                Mar 13-   Field Trip. Lebanon: Byblos, Majdal 'Anjar, Kamid el-
                                                                        17        Loz, Baalbek, Tell Arqa (Akkar), Faqra, Afka, Bcharre,
                                                                        (Sun-     City Center Excavations, Tell Beirut, National
                                                                        Thur)     Museum, American University of Beirut, Tyre, Sarepta,
                                                                                  Sidon, Temple of Eshmoun. (R. Mullins)
                     PROGRAM SCHEDULE                                                                 PROGRAM SCHEDULE

Mar 24 Seminar. Mahmoud Hawari, Fellow, Oriental Institute,                 May 18 Field Trip. Tel Beth-Shean, Tel Rehov (R. Mullins), Sha'ar
(Thur) Universityof Oxford: ''The Citadel of Jerusalem Revisited:           (Wed) Ha-Golan Museum.
       Archaeological and Architectural Investigation."
                                                                            May 19 Appointees' Group Photo and Workshop. Tibor Grull,
Mar 31 Workshop. Michael Daise, Annual Professor: "Ritual                   (Thur) Andrew W. Mellon Fellow: "A Prosopography of the Roman
(Thur) Systems in the Qumran Library."                                             Civil and Military Administration during the First Jewish
Apr 1    Workshop. Robert Mullins, National Endowment for the
(Fri)    Humanities Fellow: "The University Museum Excavations              May 20 Annual Appointees' Spring "Shwarmafest."
         at Beth-Shean (1927-1931): The Middle and Late Bronze              (Fri)
                                                                            May 26 Workshop. Andrew Smith, Educational and CulturalAffairs
Apr 6    Field Trip. Megiddo (N. Franklin), Crusader Akko (B.                      Fellow: "Nabataean and Palmyrene Identity, Community,
(Wed)    Saidel), Institute of Maritime Studies, University of Haifa,              and the Processes of State Formation in the Roman Near
         Hecht Museum, Ma'agan Michael Boat (M. Artzy).                            East."

Apr 7 Workshop. Seth Klayman, Educational and Cultural                      June 5 Seminar on the Archaeology of the Ottoman and Mandate
(Thur) Affairs Fellow: "Sukkot from the Bible to the Talmud."               (Sun) Periods (B. Saidel)

Apr 12 Appointees' Evenlng with Guest Scholar. Amihai Mazar,
(Tue) Professor of Archaeology, Instituteof Archaeology, Hebrew

Apr 14 Workshop. Jessica Nager, Samuel H. Kress Fellow:
(Thur) "Interaction between Near Eastern and Greek Styles in
       Phoenician Temples and Its Significance for the Study of
       Acculturation in the Near East."

Apr 19 Lecture. S. Gitin, AlAR Director, InternationalArchaeological
(Tue) Group, University of Tel Aviv: "Ekron of the Philistines: From
       Sea Peoples to Olive Oil Industrialists."

April 20 Field Trip. Beth She'arim (M. O'Brien), Nazareth Village
(Wed) (C-Pfann),Beth Alpha Synagogue (R.Duke).

May 4 Field Trip. Tel Sheva (A. Smith), Aroer (T. Grull), Tel Arad
(Wed) (B. Saidel)

May 6 Workshop. Robert Duke, Educational and Cultural Affairs           I
                                                                             Albright Fellows' field trip to Megiddo. (I-r): Norma Franklin, Hagith Sivan, Eveline
                                                                                                             van der Steen. J~llBaker
(Fri) Fellow: "Samaritan Literature at Qumran: An Assessment."

May 13 Workshop. Maureen O'Brien, Samuel H. Kress Joint
(Fri) AthendJerusalern Fellow: The SeptuagintText and Pictorial
       Sources of the Vienna Genesis."
                    2004-2005                                                                     20062005

The Art and Architecture of the Hamra Palace in Andalusian Granada
Islamic Jerusalem (Marwan Abu Khalaf)
A Corpus of Phoenician Inscriptions in Cyprus (Robert Allan)
A NumismaticApproach to the Reign of Herod the Great (Donald T. Ariel)
Mortuary and Funerary Customs of Middle Bronze IIBIC and Late Bronze
Age Palestine (Jill Baker)
Landscape of Artas (Jamal Bargouth)
Zoomorphic Terracottas from Early lron Age Philistia (David Ben-Shlomo)
The Analysis of the Egyptian Artifacts from Tel Miqne-Ekron (Baruch
Excavations at Gesher: Analysis and Publication (Susan Cohen)
Ritual Systems in the Qumran Library (Michael A. Daise)
The Philistine Ceramic Corpus of the lron Age I:Tel Miqne-Ekron (Trude
Samaritan Literature at Qumran: An Assessment (Robert R. Duke)                        Tzvi I. Abusch (I) and Samuel R. Wolff, National Endowment for the
                                                                           I                             Humanities Fellows, 200312004
The Ottoman Wall of Jerusalem (Mohammad Ghosheh)
                                                                               Competing Material Culture: Philistine Settlement at lron I Ekron
Archaeological Perspectives on the John the Baptist Tradition (Shimon          (Laura Mazow)
                                                                               Stone Tools and Vessels from Tel-Miqne Ekron (lanir Milevski)
The Gezer Object Volume (Garth Gilmour)
                                                                               Between Phoenicia and Galilee: A Study of Local and Imported Ceramics
The lron Age II Ceramic Corpus at Tel Miqne-Ekron: A Case Study for            from the Hellenistic and Roman Period Site of Shaar Ha-Amakim, Israel
Philistia (S. Gitin)                                                           (Jolanta Mlynarczyk)
                                                                               Jews and Divorce: From the Return of the Exiles to the Mishnah
lron Age Jewelry at Tel Miqne-Ekron (Amir Golani)                              (Ingrid Moen)
A Prosopography to the Roman Civil and Military Administration
during the F~rst
               Jewish War (Tibor Griill)                                       The Survival of Classical Greek Literature into the Early Islamic Period
Schedia, Alexandria's Harbour on the Canopic Nile (Michael Heinzelmann)
                                                                               The University Museum Excavations at Beth-Shean (1927-1931):
The Development of Middle Bronze II Material Culture in Palestine (Salah       The Middle and Late Bronze Ages (Robert A. Mullins)
                                                                               The lturaeans and the Cult and Stelae of Har Sena'im (Elaine Myers)
Prophets and the Political System in the Kingdom of Israel (Izabela
Jaruzelska)                                                                    Interactionbetween Near Easternand Greek Styles in Phoenician Tern les
                                                                               and Its Significance for the Study of Acculturation in the Near k s t
Identitiesof Jewish Quarter Inhabitants between Holiness and Mundane           (Jessica L. Nager)
Boundaries: A Fieldwork Project in the Old City of Jerusalem (Wasfi
Mohammed Kailani)                                                              The Early Bronze Age I Mediterranean Prototype of the 'Arad House'
                                                                               (Hani Nur-&Din)
Sukkot from the Bible to the Talmud (Seth N. Klayman)                          The Septuagint Text and Pictorial Sources of the Vienna Genesis
Commentary on Deuteronomy for Eerdmann's Critical Commentary (Jack             (Maureen R. O'Brien)
R. Lundbom)                                                                    Survival of Pagan Mytholo ical Themes on Mosaics from the Eastern
The Publication of Pottery from the Excavations of the Roman Fort of           provinces following the Abofion of Pagan C u b in the 4th-7th centuries
Yotvata (Jodi Magness)                                                         (Marek T, Olszewski)
                                                                               The Late Bronze Age Pottery Assembla e from Tel Miqne-Ekron Field
The Development and Transformation of Philistine Culture: The View             I, the North-EastAcropolis (Nava ~anitz-bohen)
from lron IIA (Aren Maeir)
                                                                               The Use of Kinship Terminology amon Second Temple Period Groups
Hellenization and the Levant: Material Evidence for the Process of
Acculturation (S. Rebecca Martin)
                                                                               for Self-Identification and Definition of roup Boundaries (Claire Pfann)

                                 24                                                                                  25
     RESEARCH PROJECTS OF ALBRIGHT APPOINTEES,                                       Assoclate Fellows
                                                                                     Senior Fellows
An Anthropological Study of the Site of Qumran and its Texts                           Marwan Abu Khalaf, Al-Quds University
(Stephen Pfann)                                                                        Trude Dothan, Hebrew University (Emerita)
Architecture and Archaeology of the Tobiad Estate at Araq al-Amir in                   Shimon Gibson, lndependent Researcher
Jordan (Stephen Rosenberg)                                                             Garth Gilmour, University of Oxford (Gezer Fellow)
The Sedentarization of the Bedouin in the Western Negev during the                     Michael Heinzelmann, German Protestant Institute of Archaeology
British Mandate (Benjamin Saidel)                                                      lzabela Jaruzelska, Warsaw University, Poland (Hebrew
The Quran Manuscripts of the Islamic Museum (Khader Salameh)                           University Visiting Scholar)
Village Life during the Early Bronze Age I in the Region Southeast of                  Aren Maeir, Bar-llan University
Marj Ibn 'Amir (Palestine):A Study of Stratigraphy and Pottery Technology              Jodi Magness, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill (Fulbright Fellow)
at Tell Jenin (Harned Salem)                                                           Hani Nur-el-Din, At-Quds University
Paleodiet and Bio-Cultural Practices of the Neoliic Ain Ghazal Inhabitants       I     Hamdan Taha, Palestinian Department of Antiquities
of Jordan (Issa Sarie')                                                                Anna de Vincenz, Independent Researcher (Miqne Fellow)
Nabataean and Palmyrene Identity, Community, and the Processes of                      Samuel R. Wolff, lsrael Antiquities Authority
State Formation in the Roman Near East (Andrew M. Smith)
The New Palestinian Department of Antiquities: The History of Its                :   Post-Doctoral Fellows
Development, 1994-2003 (Hamdan Taha)                                                   lbrahim Abu-Ammar, Al-Quds University
                                                                                       Robert Allan, Kenyon Institute, Jerusalem
The Socioeconomic Evolution of the Negev and Southern Jordan in the
lron Age (Juan M. Tebes)
                                                                                       Jill Baker, Brown University
Quantification and StatisticalAnalysis of the lron II Ceramic Corpus from        ,     Susan L. Cohen, Montana State University
Tel Miqne-Ekron (Anna de Vincenz)                                                      Mohammad Ghosheh, Al-Quds University
The Middle Bronze Age Gate at Ashkelon (Ross Voss)                               I
                                                                                       Salah H. Houdalieh, Al-Quds University
                                                                                       Stephen Pfann, University of the Holy Land
Tel Ashkelon in Its Archaeological Context: Study of Settlement Patterns
and LandscapeArchaeology in the Area of the Tel (Wiesiek Wieckowski)                   Stephen Rosenberg, University College, London

Tel Megadim, a Multi-periodSite on the Carmel Coast, Israel: Final Report            Research Fellows
(Samuel Wolff)                                                                        Jamal Bargouth, RIWAQ: Centre for Architectural Conservation, Ramallah
lron I Ceramic Typology: Tel-Miqne Ekron (Alexander Zukerman)                          David Ben-Shlomo, Hebrew University
                                                                                       Baruch Brandl, lsrael Antiquities Authorii
                                                                                      Amir Golani, lsrael Antiquities Authority
                                                                                       Wasfi Mohammed Kailani, Hebrew University
                                                                                       S. Rebecca Martin, University of California, Berkeley
                                                                                       Laura Mazow, University of Arizona (Miqne Fellow)
                                                                                       lanir Milevski, lsrael Antiquities Authority
                                                                                       Ingrid Moen, Duke University
                                                                                       Tim Moore, Kenyon Institute, Jerusalem

                                                                                       Elaine Myers, University of Toronto
                                                                                       Nava Panitz-Cohen, Hebrew University
                                                                                       Claire Pfann, University of the Holy Land
                                                                                       Khader Salameh, Islamic Museum, al-Haram al-Sharif, Jerusalem
                                                                                       Hamed J. Salem, Birzeit University
                                                                                       lssa Sarie', Al-Quds UniversityMebrew University
                                                                                       Ross Voss, Ashkelon Excavation Project
                                                                                       Wiesiek Wieckowski, Warsaw University, Poland (Ashkelon Fellow)
       Rendionof the entrance to the Albright Instituteby Linda Lundbom                Alexander Zukerman, Hebrew University
   -    Manager
                 w m
   library C     M       F staff   Anwr Halpem, KatB w i n s k y

Nathai Endovvanentfor the -H   (NEH) F d h
Jack LLbndbDITf, University of
Robert M W , UniwKsity of wmklLos jug&%

Emsst S. Freridrs FslkwrPrr3igram C c dmo
                                   oK i t r
Benjamin S M , Independent R w &

George A. h t m Fdbw

SamW H.Kress Fellow
Jessica L. Napr, Universny d WifMnia, &eliceley

Samuel H. Kreslc Saint A W -         Fdbw
Maursen R. OT(rien, UnivmQ of bbrth Carolina, Chape

E d u c a M and CulturalAffaks (ECA) btbws
Dpnakl T. A M , Tel Aviv Unbmily
Seth N. Kiayman, auke UMverslty
R r n R. Duke, Unjversity Qf C Fm ,Los Angelas
                                ar at i
Andrew M. Smith, Univetsity of l&rylend, Cdtege Prvk

A   m W. M g h Fdbws
T h GrOIl, Saint Paul Academy, Budapest, Mmgary
                   Warsaw            dish
                  , -w

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