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					                  Promal Vacations EZ Pay Vacation Layaway Program

Promal Vacations can assist you with planning and paying for a vacation with our EZ Pay
Vacation Layaway Plan. This plan is based on booking a vacation at least six months in
advance from the day you sign up for one of our plans.

All vacations require a deposit to book your trip. If you are traveling more than 45 days
after you make your initial deposit, you will have a final payment date anywhere from
60-75 days before your travel date. Promal Vacations will act as your savings plan
administrator by accepting a check or money order from you monthly in an amount that
ensures you have enough in your account plan to make your final payment by your final
payment due date. We make that final payment for you from the monies you have saved.

There are two ways this plan works. If you have a trip in mind and you can make the
required trip deposit with a credit card and want to pay down the balance by your due
date, you will work with one of our travel counselors to determine how much money you
would need to send us monthly to ensure your final payment can be made by the final
payment due date. You mail us your monthly payment and we put it into an escrow
account to make your final payment on the due date.

The second way our plan works is if you do not have enough to make the required full
deposit on a vacation, or you don’t know where you want to go and want to begin saving
for a vacation at least a year in advance. In this case, you can mail us a check in any
amount of at least $75 or more per month. When you have enough saved to make a
deposit on a trip, you tell us where you want to go and we will search through our vast
network of suppliers to find the best priced vacation for you. When you decide on a
vacation, we use the funds you have in your account for your deposit and we work with
you to determine how much you need to send us monthly to pay your final balance by the
final due date. This plan works best if you are traveling a year or more after you begin
saving. The further out you travel, the lower your monthly payments will be.

Your funds are put into an escrow account and you will be sent a statement four times a
year showing your balance – Jan. 1, April 1, July 1 and Oct. 1. Once you book and pay in
full for your vacation, if there are any funds left over in your account, we will mail you a
check for the excess funds. There are no administration fees for sending the excess
balance to you.
The fine print:
   - Your vacation MUST be booked by Promal Vacations.
   - We do not book vacations through Expedia, Orbitz, Travelocity or any of the
       large online travel agencies. Your vacation will be booked through one of our
       preferred suppliers at the best price we can obtain.
   - There is a one time $50 non-refundable administration fee for us to begin your
       vacation account that will be deducted from your first payment.
   - Your vacation must be either a cruise or a resort package of three nights or more,
       and can include air. We do not book airline tickets alone – air will only be
       booked as part of a vacation package. We do not book one or two night hotel
   - Layaway payments can be made by check or money order only. A credit card can
       be used for your initial deposit only.
   - If you close your account without booking any travel with us, a penalty of $100 or
       10% of the amount in your account will be charged (whichever is greater). You
       will be mailed a check for the remaining funds.
   - If you close your account after you have traveled, or if there are excess funds in
       your account after you travel, we will mail you a check for the balance in your
       account with no administration fees charged. You must send us a written request
       to close your account.
   - We cannot make partial withdrawals from your account. If this occurs, your
       account will be closed, closing penalties will be applied and we will mail you a
       check for your remaining balance 14 days from the date we receive your written
       request to close your account.
   - If your personal check or money order is returned unpaid to us for any reason, a
       $30 bounced check fee will be applied.
   - Trip prices are not guaranteed until your trip is paid in full. Government taxes and
       fees can change from the time a deposit is made until it is paid in full.
   - If there is a price drop before your final payment date that you may be entitled to
       and the price drop is not for new bookings only, we will obtain the price drop for
   - You will receive a statement quarterly showing all transactions on your account.
       These will be prepared and sent on approximately the 1st of Jan., April, July and
       October of each calendar year.
   - All EZ Pay Layaway funds will be placed in a client escrow account separate
       from Promal Vacations operating funds.
   - The layaway plan is interest free and there are no monthly fees.
   - You are responsible to ensure your payments reach us on a timely basis to pay for
       your vacation in full by the final due date. If you miss a payment or do not have
       enough for your final payment when it is due, your vacation can be canceled by
       the supplier and supplier penalties applied. We are not responsible if you don’t
       have enough in your account by the final payment date.

Ready to begin saving for your vacation? Contact us for a contract. 516-608-0568 or

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