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					     Port Macquarie Yacht Club Limited
                                  ABN 21 002 547 293
                                     P.O. Box 281
                               Port Macquarie NSW 2444
                              Commodore: Peter Finnegan

                       NOTICE OF RACE
                      INSHORE REGATTA
               Inshore Regatta 26th & 27th May 2012
            ORGANISED By: PMYC Ltd (Port Macquarie Yacht Club Ltd)
1. Rules:
   Races in the Hastings River will be governed by the current rules as defined in The
   Racing Rules of Sailing, the special regulation of the YA, and the rules of the PMYC Ltd,
   except as any of these are altered by the sailing instructions.
2. Eligibility and Entry:
   Entry is open to all boats having a current valid Equipment Compliance Form for;
               •   Inshore: (river) race category 7
   Eligible boats shall confirm their entry with the race committee no later than 30 minutes
   prior to the advertised starting time of their entry in that event.
   All skippers and crew shall be members of the YA.
3. Fees: Race entry fees $35 on the day or $30 early entry before 26th May 2012
4. Handicapping: Boats shall be handicapped at the discretion of the Race Committee for
   the event. Races will reflect the PMYC performance handicapping. Trophy or
   championship races will be handicapped according to established benchmark rating for
   the individual entrants.
5. Sailing Instructions: Sailing instructions will be made available prior to each event.
   Unless otherwise specified race briefings will be held via Radio (27.96 MHz) at a time
   specified on the race program.

6. Racing area: The racing area will be shown as in the race chart available for all skippers.
               a. Inshore: The area will be locally known as River Short or River Long
7. Courses: The course shall be set within the racing area generally and be advised
   specifically during the pre-race briefing.
8. Scoring: The scoring systems allocated for club events shall require that there be at least
   three starters for any event for which points are to be allocated. Points shall be allocated
   as follows:
               •   1st place allocated as per no. of boats that start the race (+ 1 point )
               •   Each successive placing will be one less for each placing through to last
               •   Any DNF scores will be 0.5 multiplied by the last boat's placing score
               •   All DNS boats will be 0.
               •   Place will be determined by cumulative points during the Regatta
9. Radio Communication: A 27MHz radio is compulsory for race entry. The radio
   communication channel shall be 27.96 MHz, unless otherwise specified. A boat shall
   neither make radio transmissions while racing nor receive radio communications not
   available to other boats.
10. PRIZES: Trophies will be awarded for individual yachts – 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place for the
    Inshore event.
11. Conditions of Entry for the PMYC Inshore Regatta:
   Each yacht shall have;
             a. A current Public Liability insurance, current for racing, with a sum
                 insured not less than AUD$10,000,000 covering the owner or charterer as
             b. Current valid Equipment Audit Compliance form for Category 7 (Inshore).
             c. Written evidence of this insurance cover & the Equipment Audit
                 Compliance form must be provided to the Race Committee no later than
                 1600 hours on 4th May 2011
             d. Agrees to be bound by all the rules and conditions of the races.
12. By lodging an entry the owner/charterer acknowledges the possibility of and accepts
    the risks associated with;
               a. the perils of the sea
               b. the seaworthiness or otherwise of any yacht participating in the Regatta
               c. the participation, including negligent participation, by all persons in the
                   Regatta including participation as owner, charterer, crew person, official,
                   race organiser or otherwise;
               d. the defaults, acts and omissions, of PMYC Ltd and its officers, and the
                   crews of all yachts.

13. By lodging an entry the owner/charterer acknowledges that PMYC Ltd does not;
              a. control, diminish or affect the perils of the sea
              b. certify, or carry out inspections with respect to the seaworthiness or
                 suitability to race of any yacht;
              c. offer or provide advice, assistance or support to yachts and crews during
                 the course of a race.
14. By lodging an entry, the owner/charterer agrees;
   That it is a fundamental condition of entry that he, she or it releases, holds harmless and
   indemnifies PMYC Ltd, its office bearers, servants, agents and members and the sponsors
   of the Regatta from all liability any of those persons has to the owner/charterer or any
   crew member on the owner/charterer’s yacht, or to any person claiming through or under
   any such person arising from loss or damage howsoever caused, including negligent act
   or omission, arising out of or relating to:
                a. Participation by the owner/charterer’s yacht or any other yacht in a race;
                b. The conduct or course of the race in any respect including, without
                   limitation, any act or omission (whether reasonably foreseeable or not)
                   causing or relating to loss of or damage to any yacht or the death or injury
                   of any person; or
                c. Any of the matters referred to in the paragraphs above;
                d. Participation by the yacht and by the crew in the Regatta is agreed by
                   PMYC Ltd on the basis that participation is entirely at the risk of the
                   owner/charterer and each member of the crew on the owner/charterer’s
                e. Continued participation in the Regatta by the yacht and by the crew is
                   entirely the responsibility of the owner/charterer and not the PMYC Ltd.
                f. The seaworthiness of the yacht is entirely the responsibility of the
                   owner/charterer and not the PMYC Ltd.
                g. The owner/charterer will provide each crew member or proposed crew
                   member with a copy of this Entry Form including these Conditions of
15. Further Information: please contact the Race Committee;
   Inshore Race Coordinator:
   John Freeman Vice Commodore                   6582 7377 (H)
   Kim Dament                                    0458 715 302
   Equipment Auditors:
   John Freeman                                  6582 7377 (H)
   Gordon Southwell                              6582 3775 (H)


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