What is Super Hybrid Art by dkkauwe


									What is Super Hybrid Art? Hybrid: This is a tough one to answer in a short essay format, but here goes. I chose “Hybrid” because my work and I are hybrids of sorts. My work involves multiple mediums, mostly oil pastels, watercolors, acrylics, and oil-based markers. I’d like to get back into oil paints, but they’re a little too messy at the moment. As it is, I’ve already trashed the brand-new living room carpet with my oil pastels. Buy some paintings and help me replace the living room carpet! Anyway – back to the discussion of “hybrid.” I’m constantly trying to combine new mediums as well as styles, recently I’ve tried using digital photos as seeds for paintings and I’m also playing with collages plus paintings. As for myself, I’m also a hybrid. Culturally I’m at home in Asian, Polynesian, or American cultures. My father is Hawaiian-Chinese-Filipino, and my mom is ScottishAmerican. I grew up in Hawaii, attend college in Western Massachusetts at Amherst College, and went to graduate school at Brown University. I also lived in Japan for 3 years and I’m fluent in Japanese. I’m also spiritually a hybrid, feeling more akin to Zen, but also still fascinated with the idea of God and destiny and stuff like that. I find myself thinking that everyone possesses some kind of magic, but perhaps it’s just an artistic magic that few manage to express. Who knows? Finally I’m a mental hybrid because I’m a high functioning sufferer of a serious mental disorder. Different medical experts have told me different things, but the bottom line is that I need serious meds to keep out of the Looney bin. My current diagnosis is bi-polar or manic depression, although I’ve been told I might be schizo affective. I have issues with feelings and emotions that are excessively strong. I also have strange thoughts and racing thoughts. You could say that I have crazy moments. I’ve also been diagnosed with some severe learning disorders (basically I have no arithmetic fluency, i.e. I can’t add or subtract to save my life). As you can probably tell, I’m also weak in terms of internal organization. In other words, my mental state is pretty messed up. However, I manage to get by, I have a pretty stable relationship, a job, etc. etc. For now things are good. Super: Super because everything is super. You could say I’m manic, but then I could say you’re depressed. Or maybe it’s just a matter of perception. I want my worldview to be one in which everything is super. I don’t mean a rose-colored filter. There are definitely bad things in the world, I just want to be focused on the great things, while trying to correct or change the less great things. I believe that everyone and everything can progress towards a better state. I’m currently lacking in any serious religion, but if I were to have a religion, I’d say that it would be a religion of universal improvement. I think that everything can improve, and I don’t believe in entropy.

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