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Successful Organizations are those that efficiently and effectively select job applicants who will make a positive contribution. Assessing work-related attitudes before you hire is critical.

MEASURES It is designed to measure specific job-relevant attitudes and experiences regarding the following: Supervision Work Habits Workplace Drug Use Workplace Theft Customer Service Safety Communication Trainability ADVANTAGES The ORION surveys: save time ensure legal adherence to hiring decisions provide disciplined hiring and management procedures raise the level of customer service by identifying serviceoriented people create a positive, nonthreatening approach to a drug-free workplace provide uniformity and objectivity to the information used by management in decision-making processes BENEFITS By using these assessments as hiring tools, your company can reap benefits in the form of: decreased turnover and absenteeism lower benefit costs increased customer service positive employee awareness and morale and reduced workplace theft IDENTIFY Job Superior Candidates: Retail Clerks Warehouse Staff Restaurant Staff Store Stocking Staff Production Workers Bank Staff

What is the ORION? The Orion is a pre-employment assessment tool to help you hire the best applicants for your job openings. This assessment provides job-relevant information crucial to the hiring decision. The Orion preemployment assessment, a comprehensive opinion survey, is a simple form that job applicants fill out. The Orion pre-employment assessments contain a series of statements that applicants are asked to agree or disagree with on a scale of one to 10 (1 totally disagrees and 10 totally agrees). Most applicants will complete the survey in 20 minutes. All applicant profiles offer a measure as to whether the applicant was attempting to disguise his/her true attitudes and behaviors.

In addition to the report profile, Orion assessments include the Post-Survey Interview section, which is based on each individual applicant's responses. Potential areas of concern can be probed indepth to determine if a true problem exists or is, in reality, insignificant. Experienced interviewers save time with this format, while less experienced interviewers enjoy the advantages of a structured interview session. Are the assessments valid? Yes. All Orion products have been subjected to rigorous scientific analysis using the most advanced techniques available. Extensive validity and accuracy studies are available upon request.
How will ORION save you money?

It will reduce wrong hiring decisions. The Orion quickly assesses applicants' attitudes toward areas important to you. Information contained in the report shows interviewers exactly where problems exist and focuses attention there

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