Do You Know

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Do You Know
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ying here beside you in the darkI feel the steady rhythm of your heartFeel your faceagainst my shoulderBreath upon my skinAmbers barely smolderedI make love to you againNothing in this world compares to thisThe way our bodies fitThe way we kissPassion beneath your nails just answer my desireSeems that I am more less consumed here in your fireDo you know how much I love youDo you know how much it means to meThe interest that you showDo you know how beautiful you are here in the afterglowDo you now I'd walk

through hell for youBarefoot in burning coal1000 ways I love you and I need to know you knowDo you know do know do knowOh do you know Do you know how much I love youDo you know how much it means to me the way you make me feelLike I could soar the heavens gathering shooting starsLace them in a bouquet in a rainboEverything that's happening to me is what you areDo you know do you knowDo you know how much I love youSomething deep inside me tells me that you almost know.

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