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					             Logging on to the DTCC Online Help Desk

Click on the link for DTCC Help Desk or type http://ist-
64/helpdesk/logon.asp?URL=/Helpdesk/Default.asp in your web browser address
window and press Enter.

This brings up the Help Desk Logon screen.

If you already have an account created for the Help Desk, type in your User
Name and Password and click the Logon button. If you are a new user hover
your mouse over the New User link and click the left mouse button.
This will bring up the new user registration screen as seen below.

Fill in all the information, all the items with a red * are mandatory.

Note the User Name field. This is usually your network logon ID. (Generally it is
the first part of your DTCC email address, i.e. usere@durhamtech.edu or
smithj@durhamtech.edu. Take note of what you type in this field; it cannot be
modified later. Other fields such as First and Last Name can be changed later.
Here is an example of someone named End User filling out the registration page.

In this case the fields were filled out with the following information:
User Name: usere
First Name: End
Last Name: User
E-Mail Address: usere@durhamtech.edu
Phone Number: 686-1234
Location: Building code + room number
Click on the drop down arrow to add your Department.
Language: No action required.
Password – Enter in a password that you will use to access the helpdesk.
Notice that the password filed is all stars *********** and that you must enter it in a
second time to confirm the password.
Here is the next screen that will appear once you have successfully entered in all
the information.

Next hover your mouse over the Help Desk Logon and click once. This will bring
you to the Help Desk Logon screen. Enter in your user name and password. In
this case we are using usere (for End User) and password for the Password.
This will bring you to the Durham Technical Community College Help Desk page
and this is where you may submit a computer problem or work order through the
Online Help Desk.

Note that the User Name listed is usere and that a Normal User is logged in.

At this screen you may submit a new problem or view an existing one you
submitted. You can search the knowledge base in case anyone else had a
similar computer problem or issue. You can also edit and update your personal
information for the Online Help Desk.
Here is the screen that appears when you click on Edit Information.

Note that you cannot change the User Name field.
Fields that can be changed are:
First Name
Last Name
E-Mail Address
Phone Number
Department – Use the drop down arrow to select the department.
Language – No action required

Password changes:
Use the Edit Information to change your password for the Online Help Desk.
First type in your old password and then enter in the new password twice.
If you do not know your password, it can be sent to you via your DTCC email
address. Simply go to the Help Desk homepage and click on the link for Email
My Password.

Enter your Help Desk User Name and click on Email Password.
Submit a New Problem screen. Note that the User Name, E-Mail and Phone
fields are already filled in.

Click on the dropdown arrow for Department and select the appropriate
department. Then click on the dropdown arrow for the Category and select the
appropriate category for the computer problem.
In this case we selected Bookstore as the Department and a Category of Printer
for the computer problem. Enter in a title for the computer problem. In this case
the title is “Cannot print”. Next enter in a description of the computer problem.
See the details below; this is the information the technician will receive regarding
the computer problem or work order.

Then click on Submit Problem and the computer issue or work order will be
routed to a technician.

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