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					                 apply as soon as possible!
                 For more info please visit www.maersktankers.com/Career

What does it take?                  As our corporate language is          expanding and improving our
As a Charterer one has to have      English we expect your English        fleet to meet changing cus-
a good nose for business and        skills to be impeccable.              tomer needs ever since. Today,
be able to act as a sales person,   If you recognize these qualifi-       the Maersk Tankers fleet is one

whereas an Operator should          cations and if you believe you        of the largest, most modern and
have a good sense of perspec-       have what it takes to join us, our    most diversified independent
tive, be able to juggle sev-        Trainee Programme may be just         fleets in the world.
eral balls and possess strong       the right stepping stone for your
organizational skills. Common       future within shipping.               At Maersk Tankers, safety and

to both is a keen enthusiasm                                              environmental protection are
and interest in shipping, as        How do I apply?                       always our top concern. To en-
well as flair for building strong   Maersk Tankers is looking to          sure safety, our state-of-the-art
customer relationships and a        recruit the first batch of Trainees   tankers are all double hulled and
commercial mindset.                 with commencement in Sep-             comply with the latest industry
                                    tember 2012. We only accept           standards and demands.
To qualify as a Trainee in Maersk   applications through our job por-
Tankers we expect you to have:      tal. For details on the application   Driven by our innovative spirit         Join our Trainee Programme and become part of the
                                    process visit www.maersk.com.         and commitment to first-class
•	 A	bachelor’s	degree	or                                                 service, we never stop striving to
                                                                                                                  world’s largest and most reliable ocean carrier.
•	 	A	degree	at	upper	secondary	    Should you have any questions         offer safer, more environmental-
    level supplemented with         about the programme or recruit-       ly friendly and more cost-effec-
    perhaps an HG, experience       ment process you may contact          tive transport solutions for our
    from the sea or similar         HR Partner Lillian Klinghoffer,       customers around the world.
                                    +45 33635164, or HR Part-
Your personal qualifications are    ner Emma Jane Yabsley, +45            Maersk Tankers is a business
almost as important as your         33634928.                             unit within the Maersk Group.
educational background;                                                   The Maersk Group is a worldwide
                                    Who are we?                           conglomerate operating in some
	 	 are enterprising; quick
 	You                               Maersk Tankers owns and               130 countries with a workforce
   at adapting to new things        operates a large fleet of crude       of approximately 108,000
	 	 have the courage to
 	You                               oil carriers, product tankers,        employees. In addition to owning
   challenge yourself in a          and gas carriers – all built and      one	of	the	world’s	largest	ship-
   dynamic and fast paced           operated in accordance with the       ping companies, the Group is
   environment                      highest standards for quality         involved in a wide range of activi-
	 	 have an international
 	You                               and reliability.                      ties in the energy, logistics, retail
   mindset, you work well                                                 and manufacturing industries.
   with with people from            We acquired our first dedicated
   various cultures                 tanker	in	1928,	and	we’ve	been	
Maersk Tankers                        “In Maersk Tankers                    You will get unique knowledge of     Programme overview:                        This will be supplemented by            vessels take place and how
– why settle for less?                                                      the tanker market through tailor-    During the two year programme              an introduction to both the             we co-operate with authori-
Maersk Tankers is a leading
                                      we make sure that                     made Maersk Tankers tuition          subjects such as:                          Mærsk Group and our values              ties and other partners in
independent tanker company            people are empow-                                                                                                     as well as in-depth insight             practice. Furthermore you
with a modern and diversified         ered to do their                      Whether you join the Pro-            •	   Ship	Knowledge                        to Maersk Tankers and the               will spend a month in the
fleet. Our standards are high; we                                           gramme as a Charterer or             •	   Maritime	Law                          tanker industry.                        other track, i.e as an Opera-
                                      job well”
are reliable and never compro-                                              Operator, your work will have a      •	   Maritime	Economics,                                                           tor, you will swap into a Char-
mise quality. If you want to join                                           significant impact on the bot-       •	   Presentation	Technique                As part of the education, you           tering role and vice versa, to
                                      As a Trainee in Maersk Tankers
our dedicated team and form                                                 tom line.                            •	   Cultural	Awareness                    will be going on a vessel visit,        understand the synergies be-
                                      you will get responsibility from
the next winning Maersk Tank-                                                                                    •	   Negotiation	Technique	                which will grant you good               tween the two roles better.
                                      the day you commence.
ers generation, then our Trainee                                            “The tanker busi-                    •	   	Etiquette	seminar	                   insight into how loading and
Programme might be just the                                                                                            will be part of your tuition.        discharging operations of
opportunity for you!                  You will be provided with a           ness is fast paced
                                      proper toolkit enabling you to        – no two days in
                                      take on a “real” job through:
The Trainee Programme will                                                  Maersk Tankers
provide you with solid and broad
shipping knowledge. By joining        •	 		Structured	education,	           are alike”
                                                                                                                             Module I                              Module II                              Module III
Maersk Tankers you will sup-               combining e-learning with
                                                                            We are looking for energetic and          10 days in September 2012                  6 days in June 2013                    6 days in june 2014
plement this knowledge with                residential tuition                                                               Copenhagen
                                                                            driven individuals, eager to learn                                                      Copenhagen                             Copenhagen
specific and particular insight       •	 	A	mentoring	programme	
                                      •	 	On-the-job	training               and passionate about shipping
into a tanker business active in
                                                                            to join us as either Chartering           MT SPECIFIC              E-learning/            MT SPECIFIC                 E-learning/            GROUP
8 segments within five markets.
                                      You will get a broad network in       Trainees or Operation Trainees.            TRAINING                Webinars;               TRAINING                   Case study              CASE
You will be part of a business rep-
                                      the industry through joint mod-                                                                       Total: 48 hours of                                    Webinars;              STUDY
resented in 7 different countries
                                                                                                                                           Shipping & Economy                                  Total: 20 hours of
operating more than 300 vessels       ules with Trainees from other
                                                                                                                      VESSEL VISIT           & Maritime Law                                      Maritime Law
and with 3900 employees.              Shipping Companies.

                                                                                                                                        1st rotation                                             2nd rotation

          CharTerIng                                                operaTIon
          TraInee                                                   TraInee
                                                                                                                 The purpose of the Trainee              Tankers we do not settle less; if       or operation and perhaps send
   As Chartering Trainee you will be respon-                As an operation Trainee you will be                  Programme is to become a                you prove yourself as a strong          you to one of our offices abroad
   sible for fixing vessels and cargos. You are             responsible for ensuring the safe and ef-            full-blown Charterer or Operator        performer, our ambition is to           upon graduation.
   to ensure that the vessels sail with the                 ficient operation of vessels. You will among         in Maersk Tankers. In Maersk            offer you a role within chartering
   right cargo:                                             other things be:

   •	 	Through	negotiation	of	spot	and	time	                •	   Issuing	voyage	instructions
       charter fixtures                                     •	   Appointing	agents
   •	 	By	monitoring	market	trends	and	pos-                 •	   Planning	bunkering
       sible business opportunities.                        •	   Making	voyage	analysis
                                                            •	   	Handling	insurance	&		legal	matters
   You will have wide interface and daily inter-
   act with operators, shipbrokers and various              You will have a broad number of stakehold-
   customers via chat, phone and e-mail.                    ers both internally as well as externally
                                                            including agents, port captains, ship man-
                                                            agers and charterers.

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