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									       2011 ANNUAL REPORT

KSD pRofile

Korea Securities Depository (hereinafter referred to as “KSD”) is the only central securities depository of Korea, providing a va-
riety of securities-related services including issuance, deposit, settlement, and exercise of rights. KSD is a special corporation of
a public nature, with securities on deposit worth KRW 2,563 trillion (USD 2.3 trillion) as of the end of 2011. The number of par-
ticipants totals 1,148, most of which consist of financial institutions. KSD’s head office is located in Seoul, and it also maintains
Ilsan Center, housing a vault and Securities Museum, along with three branch offices and two subbranches nationwide. Since
KSD directly influences financial and stock markets, it provides a range of mechanisms to ensure the fairness and transparency
of its activities. KSD is under the supervision of regulatory bodies such as the Ministry of Strategy and Finance, Financial Ser-
vices Commission and Financial Supervisory Service.

                    KSD’s activities are classified as:
                    ·Centralized deposit of securities;
                    ·Book-entry transfer of securities;
                    ·Settlement of securities transactions conducted within or outside stock markets;
                    · eposit, book-entry transfer of securities and settlement of transactions thereof, through opening accounts
                      with foreign entities engaging in similar business;
                    · ransfer agent service related to securities (including payment of dividends, interests and principal
                      repayments with respect to securities and issuance thereof, on behalf of customers);
                    ·Separate custody of securities;
                    ·Bond registration service;
                    ·Administration of uniform securities certificate forms;
                    ·Intermediary service related to securities lending and borrowing;
                    ·Substitute securities management service in relation to futures (including options) transactions;
                    ·Precious metal deposit service in relation to futures (including options) transactions;
                    · ther services assigned by the provisions of the Financial Investment Services and Capital Markets Act
                      (FSCMA) and other applicable laws, in addition to the services listed above;
                    ·Information provision service;
                    ·Consulting service related to each of the services listed above;
                    ·Real estate renting and leasing; and
                    ·Other services incidental to each of the services listed above


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