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EnviBlu Lifestyle Concierge Offerings 2012


The official Global Concierge & Ground Transportation vertical of Envision Global Corporation

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									       The official Global Concierge and Ground Transportation vertical of Envision Global Corporation

Our Special Rate Client Offerings:

       A turnkey solutions company with trusted, knowledgeable management & staff

       Travel agents to accommodate client requests: (Commercial Flights; Luxury Fleet—Private Jets, Yachts,
        Sailboats, Sedans – full size buses; Posh Hotels, Resorts and Villas; etc.)

       Customized amenities worthy of royalty: Travel/Fleet preparation of requested amenities (including, but not
        limited to) Exquisite Wines, Preferred list of attractions, Scheduler/Executive Assistant/Logistics Manager,
        Mobile Dry cleaning, Meal delivery, Mobile car detailing, Spa services, Elegant Gifts/Deliveries

Our Target Clientele ~ For Those Who Demand Excellence:

       Corporations, C-level executives, Elite Entrepreneurs, Event/Conference Planners, Philanthropists, Athletes,
        Entertainers, Global Travelers, and all others seeking invaluable convenience and/or luxury pampering.

How to Contact Us:

       Website pending, but we are currently available to meet all of your intricate service requirements via phone at
        (678) 367.3117 or via email at, with the subject line EnviBluLC

              ~ (678) 367.3117 phone ~ (678) 534.6349 facsimile

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