AIESEC in Karachi- Application for Summer Internship Program 2010

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					       AIESEC in Karachi- Summer Internship Program

                           Application to AIESEC
                        Ambassadors of Pakistan 2010
Thank you for showing interest in our organization!

If you want to become the member of AIESEC and go on internship in the summer break, you have to go
through the selection process which consists of:

  1. Application
         You are supposed to email the application at latest by
            11:59 pm, 16th March. The subject of the email should be in the following format:
            ‘Application_AOP_first name_last name”
         Applications will not be accepted if we do not get the softcopy within the deadline.
         Once you have filled in the application, fill in the online form for us to know your availability
                   for the AIESEC Interview. Fill the form only after you have submitted the application
                   latest by 16th March 2010, 11:59pm. Fill in the online Interview form from:

  2. Interview with an AIESEC member
           Dates: 19th – 21st March 2010. Details will be communicated to shortlisted candidates by
             18th March 2010 on the email address provided on your application.
           The Application Processing fee is Rs.50 which is to be submitted when you are called for
             the interview.
           You have to bring your CV at the interview. This CV should be in English and it will be
             stored in out database of interns and organizations that is why it should be adjusted to the
             type of internship you are interested in. Remember to include following information:
                  i. Knowledge of foreign languages (level and | or certificates)
                 ii. Previous professional experience, including information about engagement in
                     students and your organizations. Describe the scope of your responsibilities, skills
                     and experience you gained.
                iii. Additional skills and competencies.

  3. AIESEC Induction Conference
         The AIESEC Induction Conference is tentatively on the 23rd of March 2010 for
           approximately 3 hours. Applicants are supposed to deposit the Student Review Board fee
           of Rs 450 at the induction conference.

  4. Student Review Board
          Shortlisted candidates from the AIESEC Interview will have to appear for the Student
            Review Board from 9th to 11th April 2010. Successful applicants from the SRB are
            required to pay Rs 6,500 as a administrative fee to go on the exchange internship.


                                           Application Questions

1. Personal Data

Name                                                                             Picture

Date of birth

Contact Address

Mobile Number

Passport no. And

Year Of Study

University/ Institute

Field Of Study
Hobbies and

      Why have you decided to apply to AIESEC and go on internship? What would you like to
      learn? What are your expectations towards the organization?

      Why are you interested in a Development internship?

4.    What is the earliest date for you to go on an internship and why?

5.       To which country/ region would you like to go on internship and why?

         Which area would you like to work in? Please mark 3 that are of most interest to you.
         Subject Education
         Marketing & Communication
         Human Resources
         Social work
         Information Technology
         Engineering

7.       Why do you think you will make a good ambassador of Pakistan?

         Rank from 1 to 6 the most important criteria determining your decision about going on
         internship (1 – the most important, 6 – the least important).

         Company type/name
         Salary
         Duration
         Country
         Starting date
         Job Description

     9.    What kind of obstacles can stop you from going for an internship?

  10       Please select backgrounds you have. (A) - Academic, (W) - Working or (B) - Both.

                                                A   W   B                                        A   W       B

Accounting                                                  Finance

Auditing                                                    Banking

Cost Accounting                                             Financial planning & budgeting

Financial Accounting                                        Insurance

Introductory Accounting                                     International Financial Management

Managerial Accounting                                       Introductory Finance

Social accounting                                           Investment & Security Analysis

Social and ethical auditing and reporting

Taxation                                                    Human Resources

                                                            Advanced HR management

Business Administration                                     Industrial relations

Corporate-community engagement                              International resource management

Event management                                            Introductory HR Management

Hotel & Restaurant Management                               Organisational behaviour

Industrial Management                                       Personnel evaluation

International Management                                    Recruitment and allocation

Introductory Management/Business Adm.                       Training and development

Law & Business Law

Organisational Management & Planning                        Information Technology

Project Management                                          Database management

Tourism                                            Network mgmt/data transmission

Transportation/Distribution Management             Software development/programming

                                                   System Analysis and Design

Economics                                          Web development and management

Developmental Economics

Economic Research & Forecasting                    Marketing

Environmental Economics                            Advertising & Public Relations

International Trade & Balance of Payment           Consumer & Buyer Behaviour

Introductory Economics                             Import - Export

Macroeconomics                                     International Marketing

Microeconomics                                     Introductory Marketing

Monetary Economics & Public Finance                Market Evaluation & Research

Political Science                                  Product Planning, Develop & Control

Statistics                                         Retail & Sales Marketing

Linguistics Education                              Other Studies

Advanced Education                                 Ecology and Environmental Science

Introductory Education                             Electrical Engineering

Linguistics / Languages                            Electronic Engineering

                                                   Industrial Engineering

Subjects Education                                 Introductory Engineering

Introductory Education                             Introductory Mathematics

Advanced Education                                 Journalism

                                                   Mechanical Engineering

Social Sciences

Counselling and guidance                           Other:.....Brand Management


Social Work


    11.       Please select the skills you have.
Computer User skills                                                    Professional Skills
   Internet Users skills                                                   Financial Management skills
   Mac User skills                                                         Language Teaching
   PC User Skills                                                          Leadership skills
                                                                           Marketing / Selling skills
Personal Skills & Knowledge                                                Client Servicing skills
   Drivers license                                                         Organisational Management
   First Aid                                                               Presentation skills
                                                                           Project Management
                                                                           Team Management
                                                                           Training/ Facilitating skills

                                           Additional computer skills
Development Environment (IDEs)       Databases                          Programming Skills

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)   Graphic programs                   Network standards and tools

Have you ever been abroad for more than 4 weeks?          Yes / No

If “yes”, where and for how long?

         Where?                        Why?              How long?

                                    Educational Information
University Background

                                                                       Year of
       University                     Studies         Semester       graduation

Working Background

       Company                         Tasks           Position        Year

Languages spoken and level

   Language             Native          Excellent      Good            Basic

List your professional goals:

List your personal goals:

                               AIESEC Related Information
Where have you heard of AIESEC for the first time?

University                               Friend

Television                               Internet

Posters / Flyers                         Other

Have you been involved with AIESEC before?Yes / No

If “yes”, explain how?

                                  Traineeship Information
What are your expectations towards the internship and AIESEC?

Are there any regions of the world that you do not want to visit, why?

Write down 5 countries where you would want to go, in order of priority.

                             APPLICATION DECLARATION

Please read carefully and indicate your agreement by signing the declaration.

   1. If selected I am prepared to participate in the required activities and various stages of the
      program, including learning activities in the preparation, integration and re-integration stages
      of the program.
   2. I have checked the application and it is to the best of my knowledge complete and correct,
      with all necessary attachments.
   3. I have checked the website ( and have some knowledge of AIESEC, its
      purpose, its objectives and its activities, and my reasons for wanting to participate in the
      program are in line with this vision.
   4. I have the adaptability, open-mindedness, awareness and maturity to handle the challenges
      of a traineeship in a different country and culture.
   5. I have the ability to cover travel and other related costs to the location of the traineeship (air
      fare, visa fee, insurance etc) I am matched to.
   6. In regards to the country of choice, I possess a degree of flexibility that will facilitate my
      ability to be more readily matched to a traineeship.
   7. I am willing to sit for a review board and pay the Rs.12,000 (for DTs), 17000(MTs, TTs, Ets)
      AIESEC fee. I understand AIESEC’s refund policies.
   8. I have an understanding of AIESEC’s roles & responsibilities, and my own roles and
      responsibilities throughout the exchange program.
   9. I understand that this is a traineeship program and I am expected to return back to Pakistan
      at the end of the traineeship.

Signature: ____________________________                      Date: ________________

Print Name: ___________________________

                            Thank you for your application!


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