Hiking the Northern Cascades

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                              Hiking the Northern Cascades
      TRIP AT-A-GLANCE                            Trip Highlights
                                                     •   Hiking some of the classic day hikes in the North Cascades
      Dates:        August 11 – 18, 2012
                                                     •   Visiting both the wet and dry sides of this mountain range
      Location:     North Cascades National          •   Hiking on the famed Pacific Crest Trail
                    Park, WA                         •   Learning about the amazing geology of the area
      Cost:         $ *2050                          •   Enjoying warm beds at the end of long days
      Rating:       3/4
      Activities: Hiking
                                                  Trip Overview
      Meeting                                     The alpine environment of the North Cascades, with their jagged
      Place:        our hotel in Seattle, WA      peaks, deep valleys, numerous glaciers and cascading waterfalls,
                                                  have long been the training ground for mountaineers. However, the
      Arrive:       anytime August 11, but by     day hiking here is also quite wonderful! There are countless trails
                    5pm                           leading to mountains, spectacular wildflowers, and remote lakes.
      Depart:       flights after 2pm Aug. 18th   During our week-long hiking adventure we hike some of the classic
                                                  trails, stay in different and charming accommodations, and see the
      * Deduct 5% if you are one of the first     Cascades in a way that the casual tourist never will.
        5 to register (by 05/11/12) and 3% of
        the entire trip fee when the balance is
        paid by check.                            Our Itinerary
                                                  As is true on any wilderness trip, the itinerary may change due to
                                                  weather, environmental considerations, group interest, or other
          •     experienced guides                factors.
          •     seven nights accommodation
          •     all meals from dinner the first
                night through breakfast the       Saturday: Meet at our hotel near SeaTac airport at 5:00 p.m. We'll
                last day                          get acquainted, review the trip itinerary and then go out for dinner.
          •     transportation during the trip    Many of us may be a bit jet-lagged so bed is likely to be early
                from Seattle                      tonight.
          •     park entrance fees and
                                                  Sunday: We drive north to Deception Pass State Park near
      WHAT’S NOT INCLUDED                         Anacortes for a picnic lunch, followed by a hike along the coastal
                                                  headlands. This, our only hike by the ocean, offers views of the
           •      airfare to/from SEA             San Juan Islands and all the way across the Sound to the snow-
           •      alcoholic beverages             capped Olympic Mountains. We then continue on to Concrete and
           •      guide gratuities
                                                  our cozy cabins at Ovenell's Heritage Inn, our basecamp for the
                                                  next two nights with wonderful views of Mt Baker. About 3-4 miles,
                                                  300 ft. elevation gain.

    Last Revised: 09/01/11


    CANCELLATION POLICY                         Our Itinerary Continued
    In the unfortunate event that you           Monday: Mt. Baker (an inactive volcano) is one of the most popular
    must cancel your trip, your refund          destinations in the region. Fortunately we will miss the crowds by
    will be determined by the following         visiting on a weekday! Today we have several route options, all of
    formula:                                    which take us across alpine meadows and glacial streams.
                                                Depending on our energy level and the weather, we may split up and
    Days Prior to Trip   Refund
                                                some of may continue on to the Railroad Grade, a moraine that, if
    90 + days            All but $50            you didn't know better, you would swear that it was a railroad
    90 – 61 days         50% of deposit         grade! After a full day, we head back to Ovenell's and a hearty
    60 – 30 days         50% of trip fee        dinner. (7-11 miles, 1800-3000 ft. elevation gain)
    29 days or less      No refund
                                                Tuesday: Our 7-mile hike today, the Maple Pass loop hike (2,000 ft.
                                                elevation gain), takes us through old-growth forests to open ridges
    Adventures in Good Company                  and expansive vistas of jagged peaks, including Glacier Peak. We
    reserves the right to cancel or alter a     spend the next two nights on the dry side of the Cascades in the
    trip due to unforeseen weather,             small and charming town of Winthrop at River's Edge Resort.
    unsafe conditions, low registrations
    or other circumstances.                     Wednesday: Today we hike a section of the famed Pacific Crest
                                                Trail, one of the three long trails in the US, that stretches from the
    On the rare occasion when                   Mexican to Canadian borders. The drive to the Grasshopper Pass
                                                trail head is a scenic adventure in itself, and takes us to an elevation
    Adventures in Good Company must
                                                of 6500 ft. We can choose to hike up to 11 miles (2,000 ft. elevation
    cancel a trip, all payments received
                                                gain). No matter how far we go, the views in all directions are
    to date will be refunded, including         amazing! We return to our chalets in Winthrop for a relaxing dinner,
    the non-refundable portion of your          perhaps followed by an evening stroll in search of an ice cream
    deposit.                                    cone.

    Adventures in Good Company is not           Thursday: After three days of long hikes, today we take it a bit
    responsible for expenses incurred in        easier as we head back to the Diablo Lake area, where we spend
    preparation for any canceled trips,         the last two days of our trip. Our hike today is an out and back on the
    including airplane tickets.
                                                Thunder Creek trail, a fairly flat trail with 650 feet elevation gain, that
                                                goes through the woods along a creek. Although you could hike a
                                                long distance, that would mean we would have hardly any time at the
                                                North Cascades Institute, a nonprofit educational setting in a
                                                gorgeous setting. We will arrive in time for a short tour of the Institute
    TIPPING GUIDELINES                          followed by an optional low key naturalist-led hike. Although it is
    Tipping at the end of the trip is           totally optional, the hour and a half hike will give you the chance to
    optional. If you feel your guide(s)         have all your final questions answered about the natural history of
    did an outstanding job and would            the Cascades.
    like to reward them for their efforts,
    a suggested rule of thumb is US $7          Friday: Today we hike another North Cascades classic: Cascade
    to $12 per person, per day.
                                                Pass/Sahale Arm. The hike to the pass is 7.5 miles round trip with a
                                                1,800 ft. elevation gain, and if you choose to continue on to the
    Oftentimes, trip members organize
                                                Sahale Glacier and want to give your legs a final amazing workout,
    a group envelope (this makes it             you can hike as far as 12 miles with a 3600 ft. elevation gain. In
    anonymous) and present it at the            either case, you will see waterfalls, snowfields, and alpine flowers.
    last shared meal.
                                                Saturday: This morning we return to Seattle after breakfast. We will
                                                have you back to the airport by 12 pm and you can book a flight
                                                anytime after 2:00 p.m

      Phone: 877-439-4042     Outside the US: 410-435-1965   Fax: 410-435-3084   Email:

Packing List
Please try to travel as lightly as possible. You will need to carry your baggage over short distances and you unpack
and repack every other night. Soft-sided suitcases or duffels make packing the van easier.

__ 1 pair of hiking boots: boots need to come over the ankle and be well broken in and comfortable.
__ 1 pair of comfortable athletic shoes, Crocs or Teva sandals for wearing around the hotels and in town
__ 2-3 pairs of hiking socks (wool or synthetic equivalent: Smartwool, Thorlo, Ultimax )
__ 2 pair synthetic, lightweight liner socks (not everyone prefers sock liners)

__ 1 pair of comfortable long pants/capris for hiking (Supplex, or nylon/polyester/spandex blend) Zip-offs work well.
__ 1 pair of shorts
__ 3 synthetic or lightweight wool T-shirts or short-sleeved shirts
__ 1 lightweight, long-sleeved shirts for protection from sun and bugs.
__ 1 pair lightweight long underwear top and bottoms: silk, wool or synthetic equivalent (Capilene, Thermastat,
     MTS, Polartec, or polypropylene)
__ 1 medium-weight top layer: wool shirt/pull-over or synthetic equivalent (Capilene, MTS, Thermastat, or
     Microfleece) A fleece or wool vest works well for this layer.
__ 1 warm fleece jacket
__ 1 rain parka and rain pants: a waterproof/breathable fabric like Gore-tex or Ultrex is ideal.
__ Underwear/nightwear
__ 1 pair wool, Capilene, or Polartec gloves and a warm wool or fleece hat
__ 1 wide-brimmed hat or basenball cap for protection from the sun and rain
__ swimsuit (for the hot tub)
__ comfortable clothing for wearing around our lodging and out to dinner.

__ Sunglasses (100% UV protection) w/retention strap              __ Bandana(s)
__ small headlamp (for reading at night)                          __ Tupperware sandwich box
__ trekking poles (very strongly recommended)                     __ insect repellant
__ 1 daypack large enough to hold your supplies for the day (water, snacks, sunscreen, insect repellant, raingear,
    fleece jacket, wool hat and gloves, personal patch kit, etc.) Line with a plastic trash bag or bring a pack cover.
__ capacity to carry 2 quarts of water: 2 one-quart water bottles, water in plastic bottles that you buy in a grocery
    store, or a hydration system that fits in your pack

__ Toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss, shampoo, contact lens paraphernalia, and sanitary supplies
__ Sunscreen and lip protection with sunblock of at least SPF 15
__ personal “patch kit”: bandaids, Compeed or blister bandaids, moleskin, first aid tape, ibuprofen, personal
   medications, if any. Individuals allergic to insect stings must bring an anaphylactic kit. Please consult your MD
   and tell your guide.

__ Camera (extra battery) and film/memory card
__ Book, notebook, journal, pencil/pen
__ Your favorite snack (we’ll also supply plenty of snacks)
__ Binoculars
__ Ear plugs (for a good night’s sleep!)
__ wristwatch or travel alarm clock

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    Notes on the Packing List
    Adventures in Good Company's packing list covers everything you need to assure
                                                                                                  Items on your packing list can
    your safety and comfort. Because we stay indoors every night, you may be tempted
    to skimp on the warm clothes. Don't. This time of year is quite variable. It may be          be purchased through a number
    warm and sunny, cool and drizzly, or both. It is better to not use everything you bring       of outdoor outfitters including:
    than to not have something you need. It is essential that you have the rain gear and
    clothes to stay warm during the day when you are out on the trail.                            Recreational Equip. Inc (REI)
    Packing in duffel bags or soft-sided suitcases, rather than a hard-sided suitcase,
    makes packing our van easier. There is limited space in the can so please do               
    not bring more than one duffel or suitcase.
                                                                                                 Eastern Mountain Sports (EMS)
    Daypacks: We recommend a daypack with space for all of your items (1800 to                           603-924-7231
    2600 cu in). Before you leave home check to be sure that your daypack is                   
    comfortable to wear all day. Having a daypack with a hip belt and padded shoulder
    straps will provide for much more comfortable hiking.
                                                                                                      Sierra Trading Post
    Footwear: Well-fitting, sturdy boots are very important to your safety and                           800-713-4534
    enjoyment. If you plan to buy new boots, break them in by wearing them around        
    town and taking some short hikes before your trip. For general trekking, lightweight
    cordura or leather boots work well. Leather boots may be waterproofed in various
    simple ways, and cordura boots will be waterproof if they are lined with Gore-Tex. If        Also check out the websites on
    you have weak ankles or are recovering from an ankle injury, get leather boots or            the Affiliate page of our website
    good quality cordura ones that come above your ankle – you’ll find that this will give              (under Resources)
    you more support in uneven or slippery terrain.

    Personal First Aid Kit: Small first aid kit with familiar medicine you might need for personal use, ESPECIALLY blister
    or foot remedies like toe tubes, moleskin, gelskin, blister bandages or similar. The amount and kind you bring will
    depend on your tendency to blister but many people get blisters on hiking tours. Other suggestions: remedies for
    respiratory ailments? Stomach ailments? Sore muscles or joints? We will have a first aid kit too, but if you already know
    what works for you it’s better to have it with you.

    Clothing: Layering is the most practical and efficient method of insulating the body. Several layers of varied weight
    materials provide better insulation than one thick layer of clothing. Also, adding or subtracting layers allows you to
    adjust to the temperature at your particular level of activity. While hiking you can use long underwear as your base layer,
    your sun shirt as a second layer, and your vest/midweight layer as a third layer. If it gets cold you can use your rain
    gear, warm hat and/or gloves as needed.

    Rainwear: You will need a parka or jacket made of a coated nylon or a waterproof/breathable fabric like Gore-tex,
    HellyTech, Membrane, H2No, or Ultrex. Be sure it keeps water out. Before making this important purchase, be sure
    that it fits you properly. It should be large enough to fit over all your layers. In particular, the hood needs to be effective.
    It should shield your face from the rain and turn with your head. Movement of your arms must not interfere with the
    hood. Put on your daypack; can you still raise your arms? Lastly, the wind/rain pants. They should be comfortable,
    allow enough room for your layers, and permit free movement of your legs (for example, can you crouch comfortably?).
    Partial or full- length leg zippers are useful for easily putting your pants on over your boots.

    Hydration: It is very important to your safety and enjoyment to have an independent ability for accessing your water. As
    you are hiking you will need water to be accessible in order to drink frequently. One method is to have a water bottle
    attached to your waist strap. Another option is to use a HYDRATION SYSTEM such as CamelBak, Platypus, and
    Gregory bladder bags which are simply a collapsible water bag with a hose attachment that you drink from. These fit
    inside your pack with the hose positioned over your shoulder where you can access your water without the use of your
    hands. Some models are designed to attach to the outside of your pack. Bladder bags can hold 40-100oz. of water.

        Phone: 877-439-4042    Outside the US: 410-435-1965     Fax: 410-435-3084    Email:


    Additional Trip Preparations
    HELPFUL WEBSITES                           CONDITIONING
                                               Being physically prepared for your hiking trip will assure that you have the
                                               energy to do everything you choose to. If you already exercise regularly,
    North Cascades National Park               the single most important additional preparation you can make is to spend
    Homepage:                time hiking with your daypack on and loaded with water and gear for the
    This is the official website of the        day. Consider taking your daypack to the nearest park after work twice a
    National Park Service and a good           week and walk up and down hills. Start about 4 to 6 weeks before the trip
    place to start learning about the          with an hour and work up to two. This should be in addition to your regular
    Park and surrounding area.                 aerobic exercise. If you live in the flatlands, either find a stadium and do
                                               stadium steps or a tall building and walk up flights. Stairmasters will also
    Seattle Convention and Visitors            get your uphill leg muscles in shape.
    Bureau: This
    is a great place to start to help you      If you don’t exercise regularly now, we advise you to start an exercise
    plan a visit to Seattle                    program at least three months before your trip. For example, you might start
                                               walking 4 or 5 times a week for half an hour, at a pace that is fast enough to
                                               make you breathe deeply. Hills are good for this. Gradually add time until
                                               you are comfortable hiking for two hours. Other options are working out at a
                                               health club on a stairmaster or treadmill, aerobics classes, cross country
     WEATHER                                   skiing or any activity that makes you breathe harder. The key is to exercise
     The temperature during August in          at a rate that makes you work, but not so hard that you are unable to talk or
     the region we will be visiting            gasping for breath. Alternate longer days with shorter days. Two months
                                               before the trip also incorporate day hikes as suggested above. Aerobic
     typically is in the 70s. However,
                                               conditioning is much more important than strength training.
     as is always true in the mountains,
     the weather can also change               If you want a conditioning program designed specifically for this trip, contact
     dramatically throughout the day           our partner Fit for Trips:
     and at different elevations. The          company.aspx
     dryness of the air causes
     temperatures to vary considerably
     from night to day (up to 30
                                               RECOMMENDED PRE-TRIP READING
     degrees), but this is not to say that     Leading Out: Mountaineering Stories of Adventurous Women edited by
                                               Rachel Da Silva. This anthology represents a variety of stories about
     you will not see rain. Even if it is
                                               women climbing, some of which took place in the North Cascades, a
     warm and sunny at the trailhead,          training ground for many women climbers.
     take rain gear and a sweater. You
     might need them by the time you           Geology of the North Cascades by Rowland Tabor and Ralph Haugerud.
     reach your destination.                   This non-technical description of the geology of the North Cascades will
                                               enrich the hiking experience of anyone who is interested in learning about
                                               the geology of the area. It describes key viewpoints and outcrop features
     EMERGENCY CONTACT                         along roads and trails in the region, as well as explaining how the North
     INFORMATION                               Cascades came into being.
     8/11: Hotel in Seattle                    Cascade-Olympic Natural History by Daniel Mathews. If you’re going to
     8/12 & 8/13:Ovenell Heritage Inn          buy one natural history book, this is the book to get. Not only does it
            360/853-8494                       combine several field guides into one, it is well written and a fun read.
     8/14 & 8/15: River’s Edge Resort
                                               A Seattle Guidebook. There are lots of different choices: Fodor’s,
             509/996-8000                      Frommers, Rough Guide etc. There is a ton to see and do in Seattle and if
     8/16 & 8/17: N. Cascades Institute        you’re planning to spend any time there (which we recommend), a
                                               guidebook will help you sort out the best options.
     Cell Phone reception is very
     spotty in the North Cascades.

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    Getting There

    OUR TRAVEL AGENT                           TRAVEL
                                               Seattle (SEA) is a major airport and most of the major airlines fly
    If you need assistance with making
                                               there. In order to get the best flights, we suggest either working
    your travel plans, call Sara
                                               with our travel agent or using a search engine - our favorite is
    Schuitemaker at
 Scan East West
                                      Just make sure you arrive by 4:30 pm on the first
    Travel. Her toll-free number is 800-
                                               day so you have time to get to the hotel (we’ll send out the name of
    727-2157 and her email is
                                               the hotel in the pretrip letter).

    TRAVEL INSURANCE                           You should be able to travel to Seattle on the day the trip starts, but
    We highly recommend travel                 if you need to come early, or if you want to spend some extra time in
    insurance. We know that women              the area, there are a lot of lodging options. If you have any gambling
    never want to cancel their trips, and      spirit, the cheapest way to find a hotel room is to go through Priceline
    the reasons for doing so are always        ( When you have a choice of area, choose the
    excellent. Occasionally it’s a             airport area. All, or almost all, of the hotels in this area offer an
    sudden illness; even more frequently
                                               airport shuttle.
    it’s the illness of someone they care
                                               If you prefer to know what you’re getting into, the following are a
    about. Trip insurance at least
                                               sample of the possibilities (prices are approximate and do not
    minimizes the disappointment and           include taxes):
    expense during what is often a
    difficult time. In addition insurance      DOWNTOWN AREA
    covers the cost of lost baggage;           Hosteling International - Seattle: 84 Union Street, Seattle, WA
    medical expenses during your trip,         98101, phone 206-622-5443. Desk is open 24 hours. For HI-AYH
    including emergencies, repatriation,       members, the summer rate is $16 including linen. For non-
    and evacuation; and trip delay. If         members, the rate is $19. Private rooms are available. (You can
                                               join Hostelling International when you check in; a one-year
    you decide to purchase insurance,
                                               membership is $25.)
    you can secure a policy through
    your own insurance company or              Green Tortoise Hotel: 1525 2nd Ave (between Pike & Pine)
    enroll with the company we use,            Seattle, WA. 98101 phone: (206) 340-1222 or 888/424-6783.
    Travelex Insurance. Call                   Private room $40 per night; dorms $17; 24-hr check in and
    1-800-228-9792 or visit                    information The
    location code is 20-0016.                  Executive Pacific Plaza Hotel:
                                               400 Spring Street, 98104
                                               phone 206-623-3900. Room rates range from $150-$190 per night,
                                               single or double occupancy.
                                               Amenities include: Business center, In-room wireless, Cardio
                                               Fitness center, and umbrellas.

                                               AIRPORT AREA
                                               Holiday Inn Express (206) 824-3200
                                               19621 International Blvd,
                                               Avg rate:
                                               Amenities include: airport shuttle, fitness center, convenience

      Phone: 877-439-4042    Outside the US: 410-435-1965   Fax: 410-435-3084   Email:


     Getting There Continued
    store, and complimentary, hot breakfast each morning.

    EconoLodge SeaTac Airport South
    19225 Pacific Hwy South, 98188
    phone: 206-824-1350.
    Avg rate: $70
    Amenities include: airport shuttle, continental breakfast, cable TV.

    Comfort Inn & Suites at the Sea-Tac:
    19333 International Boulevard, 98188
    phone 800-826-7875 or 206-878-1100.
    Avg. rate: $110
    Amenities include: 24-hour airport shuttle, continental breakfast, fitness center and business center

    Sleep Inn Sea-Tac
    20406 International Blvd, 98198
    Phone: 206-876-3600
    Avg Rate: $90
    Amenities include: 24-hour airport shuttle, continental breakfast, fitness center and business center

    Seattle is a great place to visit and has many unique aspects. Once you're downtown, many attractions are
    close at hand: the Pike Place Public Market, the Space Needle, Monorail, the waterfront and Aquarium,
    ferries, the International District, Pioneer Square, and Gold Rush National Historic Park, to suggest just a

    Convenient and inexpensive, Metro Transit offers your best sightseeing value. Hop a bus to the University
    of Washington, Greenlake, Woodland Park Zoo, Hiram Chittenden Locks and Salmon Ladder, or the
    Museum of Flight. Bus schedules are available at the Visitors Bureau, as well as major department stores
    and building lobbies downtown, or call 206-553-3000 for bus information.

    Because of its location, Seattle offers water sports of all kinds, year-round. Numerous parks offer jogging
    and biking trails. Hundreds of miles of hiking trails are within easy driving distance, offering spectacular
    views. Mt. Rainier National Park is a "must see" for those not going there as part of our Mt. Rainier
    backpacking trip. The park is approximately a two-hour drive south of Seattle. Gray Line (206-624-5077 or
    800-426-7532) offers guided bus tours to the park. It is at its best on a clear day.

    The heart of the CAPITOL HILL AREA is east of the freeway (Interstate 5). It encompasses Broadway,
    Pike, Pine, and Union streets and extends north to Roy Street and east to include 15th Avenue. There are
    many excellent restaurants, shops, and night spots in this area. Volunteer Park is at 14th and Prospect; it
    has an excellent conservatory with a tropical and desert flowering plant collection. It's also home to
    Seattle's superb Asian Art Museum. The Seattle Art Museum ("SAM") is downtown.

    The GREEN LAKE AREA is west of the freeway and north of Lake Union. Green Lake is a wonderful place
    to take an extended walk. The circumference is 2.75 miles and very pleasant, with shaded bike and
    jogging paths. There are places to rent in-line skates and bicycles on the east side of the lake. Woodland
    Park Zoo is within walking distance. A #26 bus will get you there from downtown; pick it up at 4th and
    Union in front of Wendy's.

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