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					          Vol 66 No. 3                                on the web at:                   May/June 2007

Forests Campaign Makes Progress
Towards Stopping Massive Energy Project                                                                      A Sierra Club

In The Cleveland National Forest                                                                        “Summer
By Juana Torres and John Monsen
                                                                                                        Night On
    Sunrise Powerlink isn’t the                       Most notably, in January, the
                                                                                                        the Town”
only risky energy project threaten-               Federal Energy Regulatory Commis-
ing the health and beauty of the                  sion (FERC) released its analysis of               Friday, July 20th
Cleveland National Forest. The                    the project. The analysis clearly
                                                                                                    Join old friends and make
Nevada Hydro company is seek-                     reflected the impact of project op-               new ones while enjoying an
ing a license to build a 24-story                 ponents since FERC decided not to                 evening downtown for din-
high dam and 30 miles of new                      recommend the 24-story high dam                   ner at the Luxor Café and
transmission lines in the forest                  in Morrell Canyon! Instead, the                   “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels” at
near the northern boundary of                     project was recommended in its                    the Civic Center. This evening
the San Diego Chapter. Working                    sister canyon, Decker. This new lo-               is sponsored by the Conser-
with chapter volunteers, the Sierra               cation presents a much more costly                vation Committee’s Coastal
Club’s Southern California Forests                and difficult challenge for dam                   Sa nctua r y Ca mpa ign. See
Campaign has made progress in                     construction, making the project                  page 9 for more information.
stopping the dam from drowning                    less likely to ever be built.
oak-filled Morrell Canyon at the                      This important step in stop-
gateway to the San Mateo Wilder-                                        Continued on page 4

                                                                                                    In this issue:

                                                                                                    Canyons Campaign–15
                                                                                                    Conservation Committee–8
                                                                                                    ExCom Noms Needed–28
                                                                                                    Inner City Outings–10
                                                                                                    Powerline Hype–6
                                                                                                    Remembering Royce Riggan–12
                                                                                                    Sierra Club Caliofornia–27
                                                                                                    SRPL Forest Risk–5
                                                                                                    View from the Chair–2

                                                                                                    Chapter Outings–20
                                                                                                    Desert Committee Outings–26
                                                                                                    Meetings & Activities–18
Juana Torres sends over 300 comments to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. Past comments
                                                                                                    Monthly Programs–16
have encouraged the agency to add many restrictions to the dam and transmission line project pro-   2007 Bus Trip Schedule–25
posed for the Cleveland National Forest. Photo Courtesy of Southern California Forests Campaign
                                                           PROTECT 2007 • Hi Sierran • San Diego 1
                                        EXPLORE, ENJOY AND May/JuneTHE PLANET
Sierra Club • San Diego Chapter
3820 Ray Street
San Diego, CA 92104 - 3623
                                                      View from the chair
website:                                              By Joe Zechman

Justin Lewis • (619)528-0435                                It has been over 30 years since   lead the region into an energy fu-                       Joni Mitchell first warned, “Don’t      ture that makes sense. This will be
                                                      it always seem to go, That you          an effort like you have not seen be-
ART DIRECTOR                                          don’t know what you’ve got till it’s    fore. The Club is not alone—other
Michael Coffey • (619)301-1913                        gone?”                                  conservation and community orga-                                  Deep down, we all know that is    nizations will be part of this great
                                                      the truth, whether it is a relation-    effort.                          ship or a tree. But it’s not enough         Join us in accomplishing what
                                                      to just agree with Joni.                will be a wonderful and lasting
COMMITTEE CHAIR                                             One pre-                                          achievement.
Pauline Jimenez • (619)660-9898
                                                      cious thing
                                                      that we are     The Sunrise                                 Fro m t i m e - t o -

                                                      in danger of
                                                      losing right
                                                                      Powerlink plan                          time, we will be
                                                                                                              asking members to
                                                      now is our
                                                      ability to con-
                                                                      is outmoded. It                         show up at hearings
                                                                                                              or events or send

                                                      trol, within
                                                      reason, what
                                                                      is not the best                         in postcards to sup-
                                                                                                              port smart energy
Cheryl Reiff • (619)299-1741
                                                      happens to      plan for us, and                        and protection of
                                                      our commu-                                              our backcountry and
                                                                      it probably is not
                                                      n i t i e s, o u r                                      communities. You                   backcountry
                                                      and our en-     even the best                           won’t want to miss
                                                                                                              out on the next op-
One Club Listserv
To subscribe go to
                                                      ergy future.
                                                            Yes, I am
                                                                      plan for SDG&E.                         portunity to help
                                                                                                              make a difference.
WWW.SIERRACLUB.ORG/                                   talking about                                           Just ask anyone who
MEMBERLISTS?LISTNAME=S                                SDG&E’s                                                 was at the State Park
ANDIEGO-ONECLUB-FORUM                                 Sunrise Powerlink transmission          and Recreation Hearing in Borrego
                                                      line.                                   Springs a couple of months ago.
May/June 2007                                               SDG&E and its parent com-         The level of energy in the hearing
                                                      pany, Sempra Utilities, have a plan     room could have lit up a few thou-
 The Hi Sierran (USPS 896140) is published bi-
monthly by the San Diego Chapter of the Sierra        to meet the region’s energy needs       sand households! If you are in a
Club, 3820 Ray St., San Diego, CA 92104-3623,         while maximizing their profits.         hurry, call Martha Bertles (leave a
for members in San Diego and Imperial counties.
One dollar of the annual membership fee is for a      That would be fine, except that         message if she is not there) to let us
subscription to the Hi Sierran. Periodicals Postage   their plan is a really dumb idea        know how we can contact you.
Paid at San Diego, CA. Postmaster: Send address
changes to Hi Sierran, Sierra Club Members Ser-
                                                      for the California ratepayers who           Tax-deductible donations can be
vices, PO Box 52968, Boulder CO 80322-2968.           would buy the line for SDG&E, for       made out to “The Sierra Club Foun-
                                                      the communities along the route,        dation,” and be sure to put in the
Address Correction?                                   and for all of us who would lose        memo section of the check that it
Send your current mailing label                       precious backcountry lands. The         is for the “Sierra Club’s San Diego
and your correct address to:                          Sunrise Powerlink plan is out-          Smart Energy Solutions Campaign.”
Sierra Club
PO Box 52968                                          moded. It is not the best plan for      (It is important that the check be
Boulder, Colorado 80322-2968                          us, and it probably is not even the     made out this way because of IRS
Or e-mail membership number and your correct
address to:                                           best plan for SDG&E.                    regulations.)                     So, the Sierra Club is going to       Get energized!
Please allow 4 - 6 weeks for processing.

2 May/June 2007 • Hi Sierran • San Diego
Pine Creek Wilderness: Rebirth and Renewal
By Cindy Buxton

     Does this Pine Creek photo
look familiar–sort of? If you can
place Corte Madera at the top, as
San Diego’s miniature version of
Half Dome glistening in the sun,
you are right. But if you just can’t
quite figure out which part of the
Espinosa Trail this is, have heart,
it’s not. This is part of a new trail
access to Pine Creek—sort of. This
is actually an old trail that was
nearly extinct, overgrown, and for-
gotten in the last decade or so. In
the aftermath of the Horse Fire and
rebirth of the Pine Creek Wilder-
ness, wilderness trails ranger, Dave
Volgarino, the Desanso District’s
answer to Indiana Jones and Jere-
miah Johnson all in one, has been
working diligently to give rebirth
to this marvelous southern route
to Pine Creek.
     Probably one of San Diego’s
most visited and beloved wilder-
ness hideaways, shown on the
cover of Jerry Shad’s first two ver-
sions of “Afoot and Afield in San
Diego County,” the Pine Creek
Wilderness is getting a natural
facelift. Before the fire, the sheer
rocky cliffs, green meadows, huge
old oaks, side canyons trickling
and polished granite were cov-
ered and could not be enjoyed.
Dave, a hotshot firefighter turned
hotshot trail-builder, is adding his
                                        “New” section of trail in Pine Creek Wilderness makes a delightful loop along Pine Creek.
own expert touch to manicure the
old southern trail that winds down
                                        ness hide-a-way to give the public                   hands-on opportunity to partici-
into the gorge and runs along a
                                        a tour. He will describe the Horse                   pate in maintaining the trails and
long section of Pine Creek. He has
                                        Fire rehab underway and other is-                    learn about how they are con-
also included significant rockwork,
                                        sues of managing wilderness, trails                  structed near the Foster Lodge. See
contouring and critical erosion
                                        and visitors in this spectacular                     outings section for details!
                                        treasure! On June 2nd, to celebrate
     On Saturday, May 12th, Dave
                                        National Trails Day and all that
will take a break from his wilder-
                                        trails give us, Dave will provide a

                                                               May/June 2007 • Hi Sierran • San Diego 3
Caption: As population increases around the Cleveland National Forest, it becomes ever more important to protect the beauty and health of the forest
itself. (c)2005 Andrew M. Harvey/Lighthawk.

Forest Campaign continued from page 1             ter to FERC asking that the com-                       To learn more about this proj-
                                                  mission not issue a license for the                ect or to join the campaign, please
ping the Lake Elsinore Advanced                   project anywhere in the Cleveland                  visit our website at www.sierra-
Pump Storage (LEAPS) was the re-                  National Forest. The five members         By sup-
sult of the hard work coordinated                 of the commission will be taking a                 porting the Southern California
by the Forests Campaign, the Santa                final vote later in the year on the                Forests Campaign, you can help
Ana Mountains Task Force and key                  project and we want to keep up                     protect an irreplaceable natural
allies like local Elsinore Valley ho-             the pressure. The LEAPS project                    legacy for generation to come.
meowners and Lake Elsinore hang                   also faces a State of California en-
gliders. Dave Voss of the Chapter’s               vironmental review process during
Forest & Wilderness Committee,                                                                          TAKE ACTION
                                                  which we will all have an addi-                       Join the Southern California
and many others, have been im-                    tional chance to weigh in against
portant elements in the fight.                                                                          Forests Campaign to Help Stop
                                                  it.                                                   This Dam Project
     Additionally, FERC staff rec-                    I n 20 05 , t h e Ta u m S a u k
ommended undergrounding five                      “pumped storage” dam in Mis-                          You can add your voice to the
miles of transmission lines. Un-                  souri failed catastrophically, re-                    growing chorus of opponents
dergrounding of the power lines                   leasing a billion gallons of water                    to the risky energy project that
is costly and technically complex,                in just 12 minutes. The proposed                      would add 30 miles of power
which also makes the project more                 LEAPS project is twice as large as                    lines and a massive dam to the
expensive and less practical to                   Taum Sauk, and the City of San                        Trabuco District of the Cleve-
build. The FERC staff recommenda-                 Juan Capistrano is wary of the po-                    land National Forest. Visit:
tions still leave almost 30 miles of              tential risk of flooding—and loss           
massive transmission lines which                  of life—if LEAPS were to be built                     calforests to sign up and we
could interfere with fire fighting,               in the Cleveland National For-                        will keep you up-to-date on
scar scenic vistas, and even be a                 est. Visit                   simple actions you can take to
source of wildfire ignition, so there             wiki/Taum_Sauk_pumped_stor-                           stop this terrible project.
is still more work to be done.                    age_plant for more information on
     In early March, over 300 For-                this troubling precedent.
ests campaign members sent a let-
  4 May/June 2007 • Hi Sierran • San Diego
 National Forests at Risk from
 Sunrise Powerlink
 By Dave Voss, Forest and Wilderness
 Committee Co-Chair

    The panoramic views of deep gorges, mountain-            posed to set aside as official Wilderness Areas.
tops, waterfalls and… 150-ft. tall steel power poles.            The lines would run right over the Mildred Falls. A
The sound of water cascading down the creek, wind            spectacular 100-ft. drop, it is one of the most beautiful
rustling through the trees, birds of prey circling over-     and easiest to reach waterfalls in San Diego County.
head and … the buzzing of 500,000 volt power lines.          These routes would cross some of the most beautiful
Did you know that if SDG&E fails to get its preferred        and remote areas in the Cleveland National Forest, in-
route for the Sunrise Powerlink through the Anza-Bor-        cluding the following:
rego Desert State Park, the CPUC (California Public              -San Diego River Gorge: a proposed Research Nat-
Utilities Commission) might allow SDG&E to run the                ural Area and proposed Wild and Scenic River
lines through pristine areas in the Cleveland National           -Cedar Creek: a proposed Wild and Scenic River
Forest?                                                          -Cotton Wood Creek: a proposed Wild and Scenic
    Most people know of SDG&E’s “preferred” route                 River
through ABDSP. Not as many are aware that three                  -Guatay Mountain: a proposed Research Natural
route alternatives would send the line directly through
the CNF, in some cases in pristine areas that are pro-                                         Continued on page 14

 Southern California has Hidden Treasures... We’ve got the Maps!

        A                               C
                                                       Los Angeles

   Come into Adventure 16 for                                                                            I
                                                                       Costa Mesa             San Jacinto
   a free listing on these and 74                                                             Mountains
                                                                          D                                  Idyllwild
   more of our favorite hiking
                                                                                                         Santa Rosa
   and backpacking destinations.                                                E

   A. Channel Islands                                                       F
   B. Point Magu
   C. Eagle Rock Loop
   D. Morgan Trail                                                                       Oceanside
   E. Tenaja                        H. Catalina Island                                                               J
   F. San Clemente State            I. San Jacinto
      Beach - Enterpretive Trail    J. Barker Valley Falls                                                   Laguna
   G. San Elijo State Beach/        K. Lake Poway Loop                                         Solana        Mountains
      Lagoon                        L. Sill Hill Waterfall                                     Beach                 M
                                    M. Whale Peak                                                    K       L   N
                                    N. Noble Canyon Trail

                                       Adventure 16 Store Locations in San Diego County
                                            San Diego             Solana Beach           Oceanside
   Your Southern California           4620 Alvarado Cyn. Rd. 143 South Cedros Ave. 2002 South Coast Hwy.
       Outdoor Experts                    (619) 283-2374         (858) 755-7662        (760) 966-1700

                                                           May/June 2007 • Hi Sierran • San Diego 5
Hyping new power lines: industry dresses
coal and gas in renewables’ clothing
By Bill Powers
California Energy and Climate Change Committee

     The electricity industry wants to build massive        avoids Anza-Borrego and will cost much less than
new transmission infrastructure, and it is telling us       Sunrise. Since neither LADWP or IID is regulated by
that this will bring renewable energy to California—        the California Public Utilities Commission, however,
but the truth is much less encouraging.                     the CPUC is institutionally blind to the project. Yet
     Utilities are promoting new transmission projects      Green Path North will render Sunrise redundant for
as necessary for renewable energy, but taken as a           renewables—but available for fossil power.
whole their current proposals would convey very little           Nevada Hydro Company’s Lake Elsinore Advanced
renewable energy.                                           Pump Storage (LEAPS) transmission project would
     The state generally relies on investor-owned utili-    add another interconnection between the SCE and
ties to propose transmission projects. The utilities con-   SDG&E transmission grids. The scheme is to pump
tinue to focus on transmission for gas- and coal-fired      polluted Lake Elsinore water 1,600 feet uphill every
generating plants, not renewables. The “let the market      night, store it behind a 180-foot dam located in what
decide” approach is not working.                            is now a pristine canyon in the Cleveland National
     For example, the Frontier Transmission Line would      Forest, and release it during the day to generate hydro-
run 1,000 miles from Wyoming to California. Promot-         electric power to sell at daytime peak rates. Nevada
ers speak of moving 6,000 MW of coal power and              Hydro implies that the project will use wind and solar
6,000 MW of wind power, but their primary purpose           energy to lift water, but for the foreseeable future the
is to expand production of coal power in Wyoming.           majority of the pumping power would come from fos-
The line could also move wind power, but only if            sil-fuel plants.
someone happens to develop some as an adjunct to                 One bright spot among California renewable-en-
the wave of coal power. Fortunately, in late 2006 Cali-     ergy transmission projects is the Tehachapi wind-col-
fornia passed legislation prohibiting California utili-     lector transmission system, designed to access up to
ties from contracting for large amounts of power from       4,000 MW of additional wind power. SCE will develop
low-efficiency power plants, with the specific intent of    this project. The system will serve only the Tehachapi
excluding conventional coal-fired plants. The future of     wind fields, which are in effect a transmission cul-de-
the Frontier Line is now uncertain.                         sac, eliminating the industry temptation to game the
     Sunrise Powerlink would run from the Mexican           line and use it to access power from pet fossil proj-
border near El Centro via San Diego County to tie in        ects.
to the Southern California Edison (SCE) grid in the Los          The federal Energy Policy Act of 2005 gives the De-
Angeles area. The line is being hyped by San Diego          partment of Energy two years to designate critical en-
Gas and Electric (SDG&E) as critical to maximizing re-      ergy corridors, essentially energy superhighways. The
newable-energy development in Imperial County, but          intent was to shut out critical review at the state and
SDG&E is proposing a flawed solar technology. In real-      local levels. California regulators have fought this fed-
ity, the primary purpose of the Sunrise Powerlink is        eral power grab in what has historically been a state
to allow SDG&E’s unregulated parent Sempra to sell          concern, but the state’s own laissez-faire approach to
to SCE electricity generated in Mexico using imported       transmission is doing little to accelerate renewable-en-
gas from Sempra’s Baja California LNG terminal.             ergy development at remote sites.
     Sunrise would pass through the heart of the Anza-           To genuinely maximize renewables development,
Borrego State Park, damaging the park and setting an        the state needs transmission-access regulations that
ominous precedent for other state parks.                    prioritize access for remote high-value solar, wind,
     A major transmission line known as the Green           and geothermal resources and assure that the lines are
Path North, scheduled for completion by 2010 by             not co-opted in favor of conventional power plants.
the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power               The purpose of the lines—renewable energy transmis-
(LADWP) and the Imperial Irrigation District (IID) to       sion—must be clear, simple, and nonnegotiable.
move Imperial Valley renewable energy to the coast,

  6 May/June 2007 • Hi Sierran • San Diego
Conservation Committee

Advocating for Mission Valley
By Ellen Shively and Randy Berkman

    To our knowledge, environmen-       Frye did express disappointment          a victory for AAA. It is now Mu-
tal organizations have waged four       over the loss of recreational fa-        nicipal law that any such decisions
battles since 2002 for the environ-     cilities such as tennis and roller       must win by a five-vote majority
mental integrity of Mission Valley.     hockey.                                  for the CEQA document to be ap-
The first involved an extension of           The victory was not exactly as      proved. City Council representa-
a parking lot for the Mission Valley    we had envisioned, but better than       tive Donna Frye championed the
YMCA on Friar’s Road followed by        the original plan.                       outcome on all of the above issues,
the expansion of the Y’s offices fur-        Another case was won on May         as Mission Valley is in her district.
ther south into the floodplain. This    28, 2002, when Sierra Club, Audu-        Last year, a medical office building
area is particularly sensitive, as it   bon, RVPP, Mission Valley Com-           that exceeded the steep slope ordi-
makes an incursion into the San         munity Council (MVCC), and Bay           nance and Mission Valley Commu-
Diego River’s northern bank. In         Council won a surprise 8-0 Appeal        nity Plan’s 150-ft. elevation limit
an appeal, Randy Berkman of the         of the Mission City Parkway Bridge       by 50 vertical feet, was the focus
River Valley Preservation Project       located southwest of the Qual-           of another battle. The project pro-
(RVPP), Eric Bowlby, Sierra Club        comm stadium and through some            posed a ten thousand square foot
(SC) and Jim Peugh from the San         of the most pristine wetlands in         office above leased retail stores. A
Diego Audubon (SDA) argued that         the valley. The endangered Bell’s        1600-ft. retaining wall was to but-
the runoff from the asphalt would       Vireos had been sighted here. Pre-       tress the steep slopes behind the
contaminate the river waters, that      vailing wisdom was that the bridge       building—possibly the longest
floodplain expansion is contrary        would be approved, especially            “private use” of retaining walls in
to Council Policy 600-14, that it       since it was an integral factor in       San Diego. Coupled with brush fire
is an unwise move for the City to       the transportation pattern for the       clearance requirements and the
approve this project on free-rent       2004 Super Bowl.                         unsightly back walls, the project
public land, and that recreational           In 2003, RVPP, we appealed          went on appeal by members of the
losses for office and parking were      a Mitigated Negatie Declaration          MVCC and the Normal Height’s
unwise designated uses.                 (MND) by the owners of the AAA           Citizen’s Group, Randy, Eric,
    We won the first appeal June 4,     office building in the San Diego         Ellen, Lynne Mulholland and Jim
2002, by a 5-4 vote. The YMCA re-       River floodplain. AAA had done il-       Peugh. This time we prevailed in
vised the original plans for a park-    legal demolition to a known Bell’s       an 8-0 decision, as the Mitigated
ing lot in the floodway to an adja-     Vireo habitat during the nesting         Negative Declaration (MND) was
cent place on Friar’s Road, which       season. The site is adjacent to the      deemed inadequate compared to
was opposed by then Mayor Mur-          West Mission Valley Light Rail           the impacts and multiple excep-
phy. This plan kept the office ex-      Transit’s wetlands mitigation site       tions to environmental codes.
pansion in the floodplain and was       near the Taylor St. exit off I-8. This       We relate these stories to en-
approved in November 2003. The          was the first time in San Diego          courage those among you to “speak
area that was to be the floodway        that a new state law was used            out” if a development proposal in
parking lot was to be turfed for        which applied an appeal of the           your neighborhood seems inappro-
kids; and a riparian buffer on the      California Environmental Quality         priate. Joining with an established
banks of the San Diego River was        Act (CEQA) document to elected           pro-environmental organization
to be planted. There was also a         officials. The vote was a 4-4 tie,       has the advantage of many voices
concern for noise impacts to local      and had previous California case         shared with those more experienced
birds, such as the Bell’s Vireo.        law been followed —the MND               in working the process through the
There were no direct Coastal            would not have been approved.            system. You win some and you lose
Sage Scrub or wetland impacts,          Casey Gwinn, the acting City At-         some - but you’ll never win if you
although Councilmember Donna            torney, ruled that the tie vote was      don’t speak up!

  8 May/June 2007 • Hi Sierran • San Diego
“Summer Night On the Town”
                                                Sierra Club presents

                                       Friday, July 20th
                 Dinner at the Luxor Café – 6 p.m.
        Dirty Rotten Scoundrels at the Civic Center – 8 p.m.
Join old friends and make new ones while enjoying an evening downtown for dinner at the
newly-remodeled Luxor Café, specializing in Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine (5th
Ave. and “B”). Then we’ll stroll to the Civic Theater (3rd Ave. and “B”) for the delicious mu-
sical comedy, “Dirty Rotten Scroundrels.” The play follows two con artists as they take on the
lifestyles of the rich and shameless on the glamorous Riviera, but end up with a lot more than
they bargain for.

This evening is sponsored by the Conservation Committee’s Coastal Sanctuary Campaign.
Please clip and mail the coupon below to reserve your space!

        “A Summer Night On the Town”
                   Entrée: vegan or vegetarian plate, mixed grill or gourmet pizza
                                           (PLEASE CIRCLE ONE)
                             All choices include long grain basmati rice.
                                      Desert: baklava or bassam
                        Beverage: tea, coffee or soda (no host bar available)

    ________     Dinner only - $28 per person
    ________     Theater only - $28 per person
    ________     Dinner and Theater - $56 per person
    ________     Total

    NAME(S) _________________________________________________________
    EMAIL ___________________________________________________________
    PHONE ___________________________________________________________

    Please make out your check to “Sierra Club ConsCom,” and include “Coastal Sanctuary Campaign” in the memo
    section. For credit cards, please provide type of card, expiration date, your name as it appears on the card and the total
    amount to be charged. Contact Ellen at ellenshively@sbcglobal for any questions about the campaign.

    Mail to: San Diego Chapter, Sierra Club, 3820 Ray Street, San Diego, CA 92104-3623
Inner City Outings                                                      Inner City Outings (ICO) is a
                                                                        community outreach program of
Thanks You!                                                             the Sierra Club dedicated to pro-
                                                                        viding positive experiences in
                                                                        the wilderness to underserved
By Sean Voisen                                                          youth. Our goal is to open the
                                                                        minds of youth, helping them to
                                                                        appreciate the wilderness, and
                                                                        develop a desire to protect it.
    Your recent generous sup-                                           Please visit our website at http://
port of Inner City Outings will                               
bring many smiles and won-
derful memories to San Diego-                                           New Volunteer Orientations:
area kids. In the words of one                                          May 17, 2007 or June 21, 2007
of our after-school program                                             We hold New Volunteer Orienta-
staff, “ICO has improved our                                            tion Meetings to help interested
youths’ lives by providing safe,                                        parties learn more about San Diego
fun, and adventurous activities.                                        ICO. Everyone is welcome! Our
We have used the ICO trips as                                           next ICO New Volunteer Orienta-
an incentive. Our children’s                                            tions will be held at 6:30 pm at the
grades have improved because                                            San Diego Chapter’s Sierra Club
they want to be included on fu-                                         office (3820 Ray Street in North
ture trips. The ICO volunteers
                                  Courtesy Sean Voisen.                 Park). Or, contact us to learn
have created a special bond with the kids and gained their trust when   more about spending time with
                                                                        ICO: Jim Davis, ICO Volunteer
most of the adults in their lives have abandoned them or let them
down. The ICO volunteers have been the most valuable resource we
have obtained over the years of our program.”
                                                                        Upcoming Outings
Special Thanks To:                                                      We have several outings coming
North County Sierra Club Wilderness Basics Course                       up for the Spring Season! For more
Scripps Assists Employee Volunteer Club                                 information take a look at the ICO
BD Biosciences                                                          outings calendar at http://sandi-
The Fusenot Foundation                                        
Jimbo’s Natural Foods
REI                                                                     How to Donate
Soroptomists of Coronado                                                San Diego ICO trips are provided at
Julie Hocking & James Baross                                            no cost to our youth participants.
Frank & Lois Day Bonamassa                                              However, we do have expenses.
Patrick & Patricia Diedrich                                             As a non-profit organization, San
Zoe Herald                                                              Diego ICO accepts donations.
Pauline Jimenez                                                         Monies are used to fund group
Jayne & David Moulton Evelyn Noderer                                    outings as well as leadership train-
Cynthia Perry                                                           ing initiatives. Outing costs gen-
                                                                        erally include transportation, park
Ellen Warner Scott
                                                                        entry fees, food, and supplies. All
Ellen Shively
                                                                        cash donations are tax deductible
John Seileman, Jr.                                                      through the Sierra Club Founda-
Melvin Winestock                                                        tion under section 501(c)(3) of the
Richard & Elaine Woodward                                               Internal Revenue Code. To donate
                                                                        funds, make a check out to “Sierra
                                                                        Club Foundation/San Diego ICO”
                                                                        and send to: Jim Davis, ICO Do-
                                                                        nations, 841 W. 2nd Ave., Escon-
                                                                        dido, CA 92025, jimdavis77@cox.
                                                                        net 760-739-8407.

  10 May/June 2007 • Hi Sierran • San Diego
Letter to                               Friday Potluck Mixers
the Editor                              May: Green Investing
                                        June: Global Warming
     The March/April 2007 issue
of The Hi SierranHi Sierra in-
cludes a birthday message to John
Muir written by Paul Hormick.
                                        You are invited to a Friday evening of fun, good conversation
Apparently, the author has revised      and an interesting speaker. Bring a snack to share. Wine,
Muir into what he thinks Muir           soda, juice and popcorn are provided. We will start at 6pm
would stand for NOW, given the          at the Sierra Club chapter office located at 3820 Ray Street
current ubiquitousness of automo-       in North Park. For more information contact Justin Martello
biles. The thing is, during Muir’s      at 619-698-4330 or
life, cars were not so prevalent, and
some thought they would not catch
                                        Friday, May 18 – Blue Summit Financial Group, “Green Investing.”
on, since they made horses spook. I
                                        Learn how to align your investments with your environmental and
haven’t read all of his writings, but
                                        social values.
I am unaware of any strong stand
taken by Muir against the encroach-
                                        Friday, June 15 – HOME International, “Global Warming” featuring
ment of the automobile into wilder-
                                        Leonardo DiCaprio and other short films. Join the discussion about
ness, as Mr. Hormick suggests. On
                                        what can be done to address climate change in San Diego.
the contrary, in at least some of his
writings, Muir embraced and en-
couraged the use of cars as a means
to transport people to some of the
remote, wild places he loved so
     Times have changed, and it is
fine for the modern Sierra Club to
take necessary stands to protect
wild places, but beware revisionist
history. We are all products of our

time and culture. The real history
is more interesting and full of nu-
ances than the one that Mr. Hor-

                                            oster Lodge
mick would invent.

Lisa Wood,
Member, Reader, Author, Horseback                      The Sierra Club Foster Lodge is in the Laguna
Rider, and yes, Automobile Driver.                     Mountains 12 mi. north of I–8 on Sunrise Highway,
                                                       across from Mt. Laguna/El Prado campground.
                                                       The small cabin is open from 10 a.m. Sat. to 2 p.m. Sun. for Sierra Club
                                                       members and their guests. The large cabin is for use by Sierra Club groups
                                                       as well as guest groups with a club sponsor. Call Steve Rotchstein
 Want to share your opinion on                         for reservations and prices for the large cabin.
 something you’ve read in The
                                        For more information go to:
 Hi Sierran? Letters to the edi-
                                                                  SMALL CABIN FEES (WITH MEMBERSHIP CARD)
 tor can be submitted by email          Due to special
                                                                              MEMBERS                           GUESTS
 to HSEditor@sierraclubsandieg          reserved events,
                                                                        ADULTS        (6–12)         ADULTS      (6–12)    (65+)
                                        the Foster Lodge or by mail to Sierra Club        will be closed
                                                               DAY USE:   $5           $4             $8           $6       $5
 San Diego, 3820 Ray Street, San        May 19–20
                                                               FAMILY:   $15        INCLUDED          $25      INCLUDED

 Diego, CA 92104. Please note,                                 OVERNIGHT: $7           $5             $12         $8         $5
                                        June 9–10, 16–17.
                                                               FAMILY:   $22        INCLUDED          $38      INCLUDED
 that all submissions are sub-
 ject to review by the Hi Sierran            Lodge Committee Chair: Randy Parrish (619) 478-5188
 Committee.                                Large Cabin Rentals/Res: Steve Rotchstein (619) 461-2919
                                                Small Cabin Info: Susan Parrish (619) 478-5188

                                                       May/June 2007 • Hi Sierran • San Diego 11
 A County Grieves for a Lost Guardian
Compiled by Cheryl Reiff

     Sierra Clubbers, as well as many other nature lov-    believe he’s gone, but he’s watching. If we flub up,
ers in our region, are mourning the passing of Royce       Royce, with a wink of his eye, will nudge us back on
Riggan. Royce, probably San Diego’s finest biologist/      the straight and narrow path. To his two kids, Andrea
naturalist, participated in many of our major activi-      and RP, I can attest that Royce was a devoted father
ties, such as the Wilderness Basics Course and the Na-     and grandfather.
ture Knowledge Workshop. He also helped out with               There is a Hebrew expression, “T’kun olam,”
speaking engagements and provided the chapter expert       which means heal the world. We surely need many
advice. Being with Royce for any reason was always a       more Royce Riggans. Rest in peace, my friend!
treat. He was loved by all who met him.
     Following are a few tributes to this wonderful and
endearing man who spent his life with a mission simi-      A Friend of Mice and Snakes
lar to the club’s–exploring, enjoying and protecting the   By Pat Klaasen
earth and her creatures.                                       In 1982, I attended my first Nature Knowledge
                                                           Workshop, and subsequently did 10 years in a row,
                                                           working as staff to “pay” my way. Royce always ar-
Remembering Royce                                          rived on Saturday morning in a cloud of dust, driving
By Lee Siegel                                              a tired-looking car that was filled with boxes, tanks
     Royce was one of those people you’d label BIG-        and tools of his trade. In 1985 Royce arrived on Satur-
GER THAN LIFE. He was a born teacher–in love with          day morning with a rosy boa which he’d picked up on
life, and excited like a young kid.                        Sunrise Highway. It was my first year on kitchen crew.
     I first met Royce when I attended Nature Knowl-       Royce entrusted me with the snake while he rushed
edge Workshop (NKW) as a participant in 1983. His          off to do his nature walk with the students who’d
passion for nature was very evident. His mammal            practically fought to get their names on his list before
workshop was always extremely
     When I took over the orga-
nizing of NKW in 1985, I got
to know Royce pretty well. He
was a jovial man of Scots-Irish
descent who had a joke for
every occasion. He loved his bi-
ology career and he loved NKW,
instructing in all 29 years of its
                                      “What a great loss,
                                     what a great man. I
existence! For diversion he en-
joyed war games and strategies.      had the pleasure of
     Royce’s dedication is borne     meeting him at the
out by the beautiful nature          20 03 N a t u re Wo r k
manual that he compiled. With        Shop and chatting at
his busy schedule I don’t know       several CBC outings.    ”
how he found the time or the         Earl Cryer.
energy, but he did! The classy
flyers were his doing, too.
     Aside from his widespread
knowledge, Royce was a hell of
a nice guy! He was generous
of heart and soul. I still can’t
  12 May/June 2007 • Hi Sierran • San Diego
it was full. I wore that rosy around my neck all morn-
ing while preparing lunch for 100 attendees. At the
workshop’s end, Royce released the rosy near where
                                                                                       Sierra Singles!
he’d found it. Another year, my husband, Larry, and I                                          For Single Adults
went out with Royce in the early evening to set have-
a-heart traps for deer mice. Unfortunately none took                                          Hikes       Concerts
the bait. In 2005 I went back to NKW as a participant,                                        Bonfires      Dancing
with my grandson in tow. Someone alerted Royce that                                           Volleyball      Picnics
a baby rattlesnake was in the parking lot, so he caught                                        And more . . .
it and put it in a tank with a similarly-sized snake of
the same species. The two bonded immediately. At the
end of the session, we walked up the path with Royce
                                                                                             619 - 708 – 8111
to release the snake far from the Lodge.
    Royce always brought snakes of his own, and his
pet tarantula, Dorothy, whom he’d owned for at least
14 years. It was a delight to see NKW students handle
a snake for the first time–usually battling great fear to
do so–or to see a student allowing a tarantula to walk
on her arm with its palpably soft feet.
    Royce’s NKW nature walks were magical, as
he would send students scrambling in all directions
with baggies to bring back something of interest. We
were never disappointed. Royce, a friend of mice and
snakes, a man of boundless and infectious enthusi-
                                                                                              20’s & 30’s Single Sierrans
asm, will be sorely missed.                                                                           For singles aged 20-39
 What’s in a Name?                                                                                a section of the San Diego Chapter

 By Paul Sellers

 Relationship Builder
 Young at Heart

 Respectful of Life
 Generous with Time
 Great Teacher

 activates your body’s own healing to get you back to what you
 would rather be doing by healing the cause and ending the cycle of
 recurring headaches.

    Ursula Dobelmann Homeopathic Practitioner                             (858) 272-5797

                                                                                  May/June 2007 • Hi Sierran • San Diego 13
Sunrise Forest continued from page 5                          power line.
                                                                   Not only can lines cause fires, they can also pre-
      Area (to protect the only known stand of Tecate         vent fire fighters from doing their job. Firefighters will
      Cypress)                                                not work under power lines unless they are de-ener-
     -Four units of the proposed Eagle Peak Wilderness:       gized, because smoke can cause the power lines to
      No Name, Cedar Creek, Sill Hill and San Diego           “flash” and electrocute the firefighter. The Forest Ser-
      River Gorge                                             vice has shown that the lines prevent air tankers from
     -Eagle Peak Preserve: hundreds of acres purchased        being able to drop fire retardant in some of the most
      by the San Diego River Foundation for habitat           fire prone areas in the county.
      protection                                                   Another problem is the on-going damage done by
     -Inventoried Roadless Areas, which should be pro-        the maintenance of the lines. SDG&E contractors have
      tected from construction of the roads that would        shown contempt for the environment as they scar the
      be needed for utility construction and mainte-          land and dump soil into our pristine creeks. The ex-
      nance.                                                  isting 69 kv line is a constant source of erosion that
     According to the SD Union Tribune, the CPUC did          has yet to be brought under control. The annual fluff-
not take into consideration the U.S. Forest Service’s         ing and rinsing of top soil on the steep line roads into
comments that criticized these routes.                        Cedar and Boulder Creek. Temporary and permanent
     One of the alternative routes would cross land do-       utility roads for this project will allow invasive species
nated by private citizens to the Forest Service to be         deep into our natural area and encourage illegal OHV
saved in perpetuity. Certainly they never thought their       activities.
precious gift would be used as a utility corridor. Do              The Forest Service describes this area as “a remote,
you think future donors would be as generous?                 primitive landscape with deep, rugged river canyons,
     These proposed Wilderness Areas and Wild and             popular waterfalls and scenic vistas…. This is one of
Scenic Rivers were recently included in a bill by Sena-       the key ecological areas within the national forests of
tor Boxer that would prevent these power lines from           southern California, containing a large number of rare
ever being built. At the same time that Senator Boxer         species and habitats.”
is trying to preserve these pristine wild areas with the           Power lines do not fit in this description. Say no
California Wild Heritage Act, SDG&E is trying to de-          to the Sunrise Powerlink and any alternative that in-
stroy them.                                                   volves transmission lines. Say “Yes” to the “No Wires”
     Besides archeological, cultural and historical sites,    alternatives!
these lines would also impact many species: Tecate
Cypress, Engleman Oak, California Gnatcatchers,
Golden Eagles, San Diego Horned Lizard, Arroyo Toad,
Steelhead Trout, California Pond Turtle, two species
of Striped Garter Snake and California Brown Newt.
As Ryan Henson of the California Wilderness Coali-
tion stated, “public lands in southern California are
more important than ever before as refuges for sensi-
tive plant and wildlife species and for maintaining the
quality of life for the area’s residents.”
     Other routes have been eliminated due to fire risk,
but the CPUC seems to have ignored the extreme fire
danger in this area. As Cindy Buxton (COL and For-
est and Wilderness Committee member) stated, “Have
they forgotten so fast that California’s largest fire raced
straight up the face of this mountain sending 100 yard
flames into the air only five hours after it started, right
where this line could be?”
     The Eagle Peak area sees very high winds, espe-
cially during Santa Ana winds. The 2003 Cedar Fire
was started just a quarter of a mile from one of the
routes. In October 2006, a 69 KV power line broke due
to high Santa Ana winds and sparked a 5-acre fire.
The 1970 Laguna fire was also started by a downed

  14 May/June 2007 • Hi Sierran • San Diego
Future Environmental Leaders
Growing out of Canyons Campaign
By Eric Bowlby, Sierra Club, San Diego Canyons
Campaign Coordinator

     The Sierra Club San Diego Can-
yons Campaign has been rolling for
seven years, and every now and then
we get a shining glimpse of the fruits
of our labor. Sometimes it’s a suc-
cessful restoration project where the
native vegetation has been reestab-
lished, a hillside of weeds are re-
placed, and an endangered song bird,
(CA Gnat Catcher) is foraging there.
But like the scarlet flowers of the
thorny gooseberry, it’s San Diego’s
youth that brings the brightest and
most profound rewards. Sometimes
it’s 100 4th graders rushing to meet
you at the trail head of their neigh-
borhood canyon -on their way to a
host of educational activities. Other
times it’s when one child comes
back to visit and care for the native
plants they put into the ground…
only weeks before.
     Samantha Quiroz, the 13 year- Samantha Quiroz gives a presentation on Chollas Creek to a group of 4th graders from Encanto
old daughter of Theresa and Pedro Elementary, March 19, 2007, Community of Chollas View, San Diego.
Quiroz, lives in a Chollas Creek
neighborhood called Ridgeview in the heart of urban        that are learning that people care about the creek.
San Diego. Samantha and her mother have worked                  Samantha has already demonstrated her commit-
with our campaign over the years in a variety of ca-       ment to wildlife and the health of the open spaces
pacities to help establish a Friends Group for Chollas     that remain in her otherwise completely urban envi-
Creek, and enthusiastically care for the area of the       ronment. Now Samantha wants to broaden her knowl-
creek that flows past her neighborhood. In addition        edge of natural ecosystems. She applied for, and won,
to participating at the creek stewardship events, Sa-      a scholarship to attend the Teton Science School in the
mantha has helped distribute flyers door-to-door invit-    Grand Tetons of Wyoming this summer.
ing people to come on guided tours or to participate in         This is a grassroots story that started four years
the cleanups and restoration work.                         ago when I was delivering flyers door-to-door and met
     In March, Samantha gave two weekday mornings          Samantha’s mother. They both enrolled in the friends
to staff an educational station to talk to 120 fourth      group for Chollas Creek. For those of us who have
grade students from the local Encanto Elementary           worked side-by-side with Samantha over the years in
School. She shared her experiences and activities as       the many educational and stewardship activities we
a Friends Group member, and explained why the re-          have organized, this is, indeed, a glowing moment.
maining natural open spaces along Chollas Creek are        When we see the eyes of youth training on their en-
important to her as well as the community at large.        vironment–thirsty to learn how they can help keep
She and the Friends Group leader, Erin Harold, told        nature healthy and vibrant in their communities and
their stories four times each day to groups of 15 stu-     their lives–we can begin to rest because we have
dents, providing a “connection” for the 4th graders        achieved our most important goal.

                                                               May/June 2007 • Hi Sierran • San Diego 15
        Monthly programs meet at the Joyce Beers Center at 3900 Vermont Street. Additional parking is
      available under Trader Joe’s and Ralphs. Free and open to the public. Program Chair Mannie Kugler.

Friday, May 25th program, 7:30 p.m.
The Osa Peninsula : Mecca of Biodiversity
A slide presentation by Roy Toft

    The Osa Peninsula is a tropi-                                                       Roy Toft chooses to focus
cal paradise situated in the remote                                                     solely on wild images
southwestern corner of Costa Rica.                                                      that convey a sense of the
Although the peninsula is only 35                                                       animal’s character and
miles long and 15 miles wide, it is                                                     spirit. His images have
home to a staggering number of                                                          been featured in National
unique animals, birds, plants and                                                       Geographic, Smithsonian,
insects. The National Geographic                                                        Audubon, Wildlife Con-
called the Osa “the most biologi-                                                       servation, Discover maga-
cally intense place on the planet”                                                      zines and other notable
because of its extremely high bio-                                                      publications to advance
diversity packed into a small geo-                                                      conservation efforts glob-
graphic location. The area hosts a                                                      ally. As a result, he has
rich array of fauna including jag-                                                      been named a founding
uar, the Central American squir-                                                        fellow of the prestigious
rel monkey, the Baird’s tapir and                                                       International League of
three species of sea turtles (olive                                                     Conservation Photogra-
ridley, Pacific green and leather-                                                      phers (ILCP). Toft’s strik-
back). More than 375 bird species                                                       ing wildlife images are
are found on the Osa Peninsula, in-                                                     also available worldwide
cluding the country’s largest popu-                                                     through the National Geo-
lation of the threatened scarlet                                                        graphic Image Collection
macaw. After several years of ru-                                                       and Getty Images. Roy
mors, the magnificent Harpy Eagle                                                       shares his love for teach-
has recently been rediscovered and                                                      ing and photography by
                                        Chestnut-mandabled Toucan
documented living in the Osa rain-                                                    regularly instructing photo-
forests. Roy Toft made his first trip   tinues to this day. Over the past 16          graphic classes, tour groups
to the Osa in 1990, and his fasci-      years, Roy has visited the Osa over    and workshops in the field. Roy’s
nation and love of this place con-      20 times and is currently finishing    popular Rainforests of Costa Rica
                                                               up a coffee     workshop was recently filmed for
                                                               table book      television. The show, Fine Living
                                                               project on      Network’s Fantasy Camp, has ap-
                                                               the natural     peared on T.V. and airline flights.
                                                               wonders of      When he is not in the field, Roy
                                                               the Penin-      offers his popular “Shoot Like the
                                                               sula.           Pros” classes from his gallery in
                                                                   Dedi-       Solana Beach, California. His home
                                                               cated to        office is in the scenic mountainous
                                                               document-       region of beautiful North County
                                                               ing our nat-    San Diego.
                                                               ural world
                                                               for future
Poison Dart Frog                                             photographer
  16 May/June 2007 • Hi Sierran • San Diego
        Monthly programs meet at the Joyce Beers Center at 3900 Vermont Street. Additional parking is
      available under Trader Joe’s and Ralphs. Free and open to the public. Program Chair Mannie Kugler.

Friday, June 22nd program, 7:30 p.m.
Peru: Machu Picchu & the Sacred Valley of the Incas
A slide presentation by Jim Cline

      Join award winning travel pho-
tographer, Jim Cline, on a journey
through the fascinating and beau-
tiful country of Peru. Jim’s pre-
sentation features his travels on
several trips to Peru to document
the ancient cultures of the Inca in-
      We’ll travel high in the Andes
to Cuzco, the Sacred Valley of the
Inca, and of course to Machu Pic-
chu. We’ll see ancient Inca ruins
at sites such as Sachsayhuaman,
Pisac and Ollantaytambo, and col-
orful markets where the modern
day descendents of the Incas still
carry on many of their ancient tra-
ditions. We’ll go high in the Andes
to visit small vil-
lages seldom                                                                              photographing
visited by out-                                                                           the indigenous
s i d e rs, w h e re                                                                      peoples and tra-
life continues                                                                            ditional cultures
on as it has for                                                                          found in develop-
centuries. We’ll                                                                          ing nations. His
then continue                                                                             work has been
on to Lake Titi-                                                                          displayed in gal-
caca, which at                                                                            leries, the San
12,600 feet is                                                                            Diego History
the highest navi-                                                                         Museum, and
gable lake in the                                                                         published in nu-
world. We’ll                                                                              merous books,
travel by boat                                                                            magazines and
to explore tra-                                                                           CD covers. Jim
ditional villages                                                                         runs photo tours
on the islands of                                                                         to destinations
the lake, includ-                                                                         throughout the
ing the famous Top: Sacred Valley Andes, bottom: Machu Picchu, courtesy Jim Cline.        world. For in-
Floating Islands.                    for compelling images has brought                    formation on the
Finally, we venture high into the    him to 30 countries around the      tours and to see some of Jim’s im-
Andes in search of the elusive       globe, but his area of special in-  ages go to
Andean Condor, the largest flying    terest is in the countries of Latin
land bird on earth.                  America. He especially enjoys
        Jim’s wanderlust and search  exploring less-traveled areas, and

                                                      May/June 2007 • Hi Sierran • San Diego 17
Meetings& Activities
Unless noted in the following descriptions, all meetings are held at the Sierra Club office, 3820 Ray St., in North
Park. For event information, see also the Activist San Diego web calendar:
ment or check the back page of this issue. Please note: Not all meetings are listed in this column. Please check
the back page. Submit meeting info to Please type “Meetings Info” in the subject
field. Submit activities info to Meetings and activities must be sponsored
by a Sierra Club chapter or committee. The deadline for submissions for the next issue of the HiSierran is
June 1, 2007.

Meetings                                   FOREST
                                                                                      HI SIERRAN
       compiled by Cheryl Reiff            1st Wednesday .............. 6:30 p.m.
                                           We need your help with our many            2nd Monday ..................... 6 p.m.
COASTAL                                    local and regional forest manage-          Please attend to find out how you
SUBCOMMITTEE                               ment issues.                               can help! Lots to do on this very
Call Joanne for time and location,         May 2 and June 6                           important committee. Ads Man-
858-459-7041.                                                                         ager & Secretary needed!
                                           FOSTER LODGE                               May 14 and June 11
CONSERVATION                               COMMITTEE
COMMITTEE                                  3rd Tuesday .................. 5:30 p.m.   INNER CITY OUTINGS
2nd Tuesday ................. 6:30 p.m.    Secretary Needed! Meets at the             3rd Thursday
This is the umbrella committee for         North Clairemont Rec Center. 4421          Orientation ................... 6:30 p.m.
our conservation issue subcommit-          Bannock Ave. For further info con-         Board Meeting .............. 7:30 p.m.
tees. Join us to find out about our        tact Mary Eggen at 858-453-1615.           See page 10, or call Jim for Meet-
local issues and how you can help.         May 15 and June 19                         ing Info 760-739-8407 or
Volunteers are always needed on                                             
our various subcommittees.                 FRIENDS OF THE SAN                         May 17 and June 21
May 8 and June 12                          DIEGO CHAPTER
                                           2nd Thursday ............... 4:30 p.m.     INTERNATIONAL
CONSERVATION ACTION                        For more information, contact              SUBCOMMITTEE
NETWORK (CAN)                              Steve Mather at (619) 437-8757 or          3rd Monday .................. 6:30 p.m.
2nd Wednesday ................ 7 p.m. Like to party and          May 21 and June 18
We are in a campaign to save the           need something to do? Bring your
harbor seal colony off the La Jolla        fun ideas and come help us with            LAND USE COMMITTEE
coast. Come join us! John Hartley:         the planning! Event planners,              4th Monday ...................... 7 p.m.
619-299-8870/             hosts, outreach & activity volun-          Help with better community plan-
May 9 and June 13                          teers needed!                              ning and help educate your com-
                                           May 10 and June 14                         munity on planning processes.
DESERT                                                                                Community Reps wanted!
SUBCOMMITTEE                               GLOBAL WARMING                             May 28 and June 25
4th Tuesday .................. 6:30 p.m.   COMMITTEE
Discussion of projects affecting our       1st Monday ...................... 6 p.m.   MEMBERSHIP
local desert. Mappers needed.              We are focusing on the Cool Cities         COMMITTEE
May 22 and June 26                         Campaign and expanding better              Volunteer opportunities available!
                                           energy choices outreach and pro-           Call Bob McDowell - 858-565-1005
EXECUTIVE                                  grams to the public. 619-299-1797          for more information.
COMMITTEE                                  or
3rd Wednesday ............. 6:30 p.m.      May 7 and June 4                           PHOTO SECTION
May 16 and June 20                                                                    2nd Thursday ................... 7 p.m.
                                                                                      New location! Wesley Palms, 2404

  18 May/June 2007 • Hi Sierran • San Diego
Loring Street, Pacific Beach 92109 .             The 7th Day Buskers (May), an          FRIDAY POTLUCK
See              acoustic band playing roots music      MIXERS
photoclub/ for current info.                     of folk, bluegrass, alternative        May 18 & Jun 15 (3rd Fri.) 6-8 p.m.
May 10 and June 14                               country, blues and Irish origin.       Sponsor: Friends of the SD Chapter
                                                 Cindy Lee Berryhill and Big            Contact: Justin Martello, 619-698-
POLITICAL COMMITTEE                              Oil (June), will delight you with      4330, justin@bluesummitinvest.
1st Thursday................. 6:30 p.m.          the folksy music they call “anti-      com
This committee may make en-                      country” or “twisted roots.” Private   Location: Chapter Office, 3820 Ray
dorsement recommendations at                     home setting provides intimate         Street in North Park.
meetings. All SC members are en-                 venue. Music starts at 8. Snacks       Join us for an evening of fun, good
couraged to attend. Call for loca-               and beverages provided. Potluck        conversation and an interesting
tion.                                            contributions optional. Cover          speaker. Please bring a snack to
May 3 and June 7                                 charge at the door. Reservations       share (finger foods please). Wine,
                                                 required. Call or e-mail for           soda and juice provided. See page
WILDLIFE COMMITTEE                               reservations and details. Limited      11 for more details.
Volunteers needed for Seals Cam-                 to 50 guests.
paign! (See CAN above) Join us                                                          MONTHLY CHAPTER
to protect local wildlife. San Diego             ORIENTATION–                           PROGRAM
is a hotspot of biodiversity that                INTRODUCTION TO                        May 25 & Jun 22 (4th Fri.) 7:30 p.m.
needs our stewardship. Help us                   YOUR LOCAL CHAPTER                     Sponsor: San Diego Chapter
plan fun and educational activities              May 7 & Jun 4 (1st Mon.) 6:30 p.m.     Coordinator and Host: Mannie Ku-
and work toward protection of our                Sponsor: Membership Committee          gler 619-585-3773
local native species. Volunteers                 Coordinator: Bob McDowell 858-
                                                                                        Location: Joyce Beers Center, 3900
needed for Seals Campaign! (See                  565-1005
                                                 Location: NEW LOCATION! Serra          Vermont St in Hillcrest
CAN above). Call Renee Owens,                                                           Join us for our outstanding
                                                 Mesa-Kearny Mesa Branch Li-
(858)538-8721, for further info.                 brary, 9005 Aero Dr., San Diego CA     monthly travelogues or lecture/
                                                 92123.                                 slide shows and chapter news. See

Activities                                       This meeting provides an over-
                                                 view and introduction to the vari-
                                                                                        page 16-17 for details. Free. Dona-
                                                                                        tions are always appreciated.
    compiled by Cheryl Reiff                     ous sections, groups and activities
                                                 that your local chapter provides. If   WHAT’S THE FUSS
POTLUCK &                                        you are looking for a way to get in-   ABOUT FREE TRADE
MOVIE FRIDAY                                                                            AGREEMENTS?
                                                 volved, or just want to know more
May 4 & Jun 1 (1st Fri.) ..... 6-9 p.m                                                  Jun 2 (1st Sat.) ................... 9 a.m.
                                                 about the chapter, this is a great
Sponsor: Chapter Coordinator                                                            Sponsor: Int’l Committee
                                                 place to start! No reservations are
Coordinator: Cheryl Reiff, 619-299-1741                                                 Location: Eaton Canyon Nature
                                                 needed, and you can come as you
Location: Chapter Bookstore,                                                            Study Center, Pasadena
                                                 are. If you have any questions,
3820 Ray Street in North Park.                                                          Please join the Sierra Club’s Re-
                                                 please call.
Join us for an evening of good                                                          sponsible Trade Committee for
food, compelling movies (May:                    RAY AT NIGHT                           this day-long event. Guided nature
The Future of Food; June: Uncov-                 May 12 & Jun 9 (2nd Sat.)..6-9 p.m.    walk at 9 a.m., followed by lunch.
ered: Whole Truth about the Iraq                 Sponsor: Chapter Bookstore             Overview of globalization and
War) and great discussion. Bring                 Location: 3820 Ray St. in North Park   trade policy at 1 p.m., followed by
a finger food to share. Please                   Our bookstore is open for this fun     a panel discussion addressing the
no disposable containers or                      art event. We’re surrounded by art     impacts of globalization on our en-
utensils. Wine, juice and popcorn                galleries and delightful shops. Our    vironment, labor, human rights and
provided. Donations and clean up                 whole street is alive with visitors,   the economy. We will also discuss
help appreciated.                                music, food and untold surprises.      how current trade policy thwarts
                                                 Please join us for this delightful     self-government. For carpooling
HOUSE CONCERTS                                   evening!                               information from San Diego, call
May 5 & Jun 30 ........................ 7 p.m.                                          Jean Costa 619-463-0721.
Host: Carol Branch, 858-452-1539,
Assts: Jeff Thayer and friends
Sponsor: Sierra Singles
                                                                  May/June 2007 • Hi Sierran • San Diego 19
                          In addition to the outings listed here, several activity sections organize outings tailored to specific interests
                     including bicycling, photography, skiing, singles, and families. For further information, see the Chapter website
                     at All participants on Sierra Club outings are required to sign a standard liability
                     waiver. If you would like to read the liability waiver before you choose to participate on any outing, please go
                     to: or contact the Sierra Club’s Outings Department at 415-977-5528.
                     Please remember that outings are intended for adults 18+ and pets are not allowed unless otherwise indicated.
                     Outings information listed in the Hi Sierran is in the public domain and may be accessed via internet searches.
                     Grading System
                           The grade is a three-part code describing the difficulty of the outing. The first part, a capital letter, refers to the
                     difficulty of the trip; the second part, a number, states the number of miles that will be traveled on the longest day;
                     and the last part, another capital letter, refers to the total elevation gain or loss for the day.
   DIFFICULTY                      MILEAGE                             ELEVATION CHANGE
   E      Easy                     The number of                       A   Less than 500 ft.
   M      Moderate                 miles, rounded to                   B   500–1,000 ft.
   H      Hard                     the nearest mile,                   C   1,001–2,000 ft.
   S      Strenuous                traveled on the                     D   2,001–3,000 ft.
   V      Very Strenous            longest day                         E   Over 3,000 ft.

Example: M8C is a moderately difficult day hike which requires going 8 miles on the longest
day, and which could climb or descend up to 2,000 ft. in any one day.

Contacts                                             GROSSMONT CAR POOL Drive                      MAY 2/WED/M9B
Outings Chair                                   east on I-8, exit Jackson Drive and                WED IN THE MTNS:
Jim Matlock • 858-748-4634
                                                turn left. At the next light, turn right           INDIAN CREEK
                                                to Murray Drive. From I-8 west, exit               Ldr Mac Downing 858-490-0583
Outings Editor                                  Jackson Drive and go straight across
Pauline Jimenez • 619-660-9898                                                           
                                                the intersection. The Park & Ride is               Asst: Needed
                                                next to the Red Lobster Restaurant (do
HS Outings Coordinator                          not park in the restaurant’s half of the           Enjoy spring in the Lagunas: see
Lynn Nebus • 619-291-8781                       lot).                                              desert view, sage and flowers,
Master Calendar Coordinator                          MIRA MESA CAR POOL From I-                    shady woodland and chaparral.
Jim McCleary • 760-294-1627                     15, go west at Mira Mesa Blvd. Take                Bring water, lunch, and hiking
Submissions                                     the first right into the Park & Ride lot.          shoes or boots. MV (S of Bank
e-mail:                              MISSION VALLEY CAR POOL
                                                                                                   America) carpool meets 7:45. Meet
                                                Take I-8 to the Qualcomm Way off-
     CAR POOL INFORMATION For                   ramp. Go west on Camino de la Reina.               9 AM Penny Pines, milepost 27.3
environmental reasons, the Sierra Club          Park on Camino del Este near Camino                on S1, Thomas 1218-A2. Adven-
strongly recommends car pooling.                de la Reina. Meet near the NE corner               ture Pass.
However, for insurance reasons, COLs            of Camino del Este and Camino de la
cannot arrange car pools, although              Reina.
members may voluntarily arrange                                                                    MAY 5/SAT/E5A
                                                     NORTH COUNTY CAR POOL                         COASTERS SATURDAY
them among themselves. The COL                  Take I-15 to Via Rancho Parkway exit,
and other trip participants may (or                                                                BEACH WALK
                                                go west toward orange-colored plaza.
may not) be present at an arranged car          The Park & Ride is behind McDon-
                                                                                                   Ldr: Mac Downing 858-490-0583
pool location. The Sierra Club and its          ald’s.                                   
leaders can assume no responsibility                 R A N C H O B E R N A R D O CA R              Asst: Needed
for the drivers or the vehicles.                                                                   Enjoy easy beautiful morning
                                                P O O L M e e t 20 0 ya rd s e a s t o f
     Please offer to help reimburse your                                                           beach hike in the Del Mar area. We
                                                Pomerado Road on Oaks North Drive.
driver. Talk to your driver in advance
for a suggested amount. Expenses to
                                                For hikes in the Cuyamaca and Laguna               will be along the ocean, with great
                                                Mountains, leave Rancho Bernardo 10                views. Wear suitable footgear and
be split among passengers should con-
                                                minutes earlier than from Mission Val-             water. Optional sack lunch at end.
sider tolls, entrance or parking fees,
insurance, wear and tear, etc. (not just                                                           To sign up, use e-mail (preferred)
gas). You should still pay your original             RANCHO PEÑASQUITOS CAR
                                                POOL Take I-15 to Rancho Peñasqui-                 or call, limited to 20.
driver if you switch cars.
     EL CAJON CAR POOL Take I-8 to              tos Blvd. The Park & Ride is on the
Los Coches Road. Exit south and then            south (left) side of the street behind
left on Camino Canada. Thomas Bros.             the Union 76 gas station.
1252, I-D, 2001.                                     CARLSBAD CAR POOL From the
                                                I-5, exit La Costa Avenue. Drive east; take
                                                the first left into the Park & Ride lot.
  20 May/June 2007 • Hi Sierran • San Diego
MAY 5/SAT/M6A                          MAY 9/WED/M6C                           wilderness environment. Call
BALBOA PARK                            THE PARK IN THE DARK                    leader for sign-up.
SINGLES HIKE                           NORTH FORTUNA LOOP
Ldr: Tina Pollock 858-675-2077         Ldr: Diane Purkey 619-865-8598          MAY 13/SUN/M8C                  Asst: Dave Driscoll                     CUYAMACA -
Asst: Needed                                                                   STONEWALL CREEK/
                                       Here’s an energetic evening con-
We will hike in and around Balboa                                              SOAPSTONE GRADE
                                       ditioning hike for you in Mis-
Park, visiting most of the beautiful                                           Ldr: John Challen 619-508-1597
                                       sion Trails Park. From Tierrasanta
gardens and through some areas                                        (pre-
                                       we’ll start out with great views of
that you probably haven’t seen                                                 ferred)
                                       the city lights, then chug along at
before. This is a socially paced,                                              Asst: Anna Schaffroth
                                       a moderate pace over the top of
6-mile hike suitable for beginners                                             Hike the valleys of Stonewall
                                       North Fortuna Mountain. VERY
in good shape. An optional dinner                                              Creek and Sweetwater River in
                                       STEEP! Very rocky and very fun!
will follow. Please contact leader                                             the Cuyamaca Mtns on this pretty
                                       We’ll finish in the dark, so wear
(email preferred) before May 3rd                                               loop trip. We’ll use trails with
                                       hiking boots and bring your flash-
for time and meeting location.                                                 such names as Cold Stream, Cold
                                       light. Call for required signup.
Rain cancels.                                                                  Spring, Stonewall Creek, Soap-
                                                                               stone, and Upper Green Valley.
                                       MAY 12/SAT/S10E
                                       AMAZON WARRIOR                          Contact John for required sign-up,
DEAD MAN’S FLAT                        WOMEN’S                                 E-MAIL PREFERRED. Limited to
CAMPOUT                                SPINES-TO-PINES                         12 enthusiastic hikers.
Ldr: Cindy Buxton 619-823-3620         HIKE, SAN JACINTO
Assts: Dave Voss, George Greer         Ldr: Diane Purkey 619-865-8598          MAY 15/TUE/M5C
Blissful night under stars, near       Asst: Lynn Nebus                        NIGHT HIKE
edge of San Diego River Gorge.         She’s pretty but she’s not easy!        COWLES MTN
We’ll hike 2.5 miles to our camp-      Climb eight THOUSAND vertical           Ldr: Christine Driscoll 858-531-3737
site in a huge meadow. Old dirt        feet in 10 miles, from the desert       christine.driscoll@hotmail.
road, easy cross-country. Optional                                             com (preferred)
                                       floor to the top tram station, at a
exploratory hike to view San Diego                                             Asst: Dave Driscoll
                                       moderate, ego-free pace. You’re
River Gorge. Strong hiker-kids                                                 Let’s hike after work in the dark
                                       ready when 4,000’ is a half-day
over 12 must have parent or legal                                              from the Big Rock side of San Di-
                                       climb for you. $15.00 tram ride
guardian present. Brief mention of                                             ego’s highest point. Hike requires
                                       down. Select men might qualify
SDG&E’s Sunrise Powerlink, pro-                                                hiking boots, a flashlight, a quick
                                       if space permits, but remember--
posed option D route for 500KV                                                 snack, water and a light jacket.
                                       Chicks Rule! Conservation study
150-foot towers nearby. Must call                                              Optional: hiking poles. E-mail and
                                       topic: Do local bighorn sheep have
leader for sign-up.                                                            leave a phone number for required
                                       lambing rights here?
                                                                               signup and details.
MAY 9/WED/M7B                          MAY 12/SAT/M5C
WED IN MTNS                            PINE CREEK NEW
                                                                               MAY 16/WED/M8B
Ldr: Pat Gifford 858-453-4595                                                  WED IN MTNS
                                       TRAIL AND BURN
Asst: Lois Day                                                                 MONUMENT
                                       REHAB TOUR
Santa Ysabel Preserve, the coun-                                               PEAK – PCT
ty’s newest open space preserve,       Ldr: Cindy Buxton 619-823-3620          Ldr: Mac Downing 858-490-0583
                                       Asst: Dave Voss               
encompasses 3800 acres between
                                       Special Guest: Forest Ranger Dave       Asst: Needed
Santa Ysabel and Julian. Home to       Volgarino                               Get Monument Peak, walk Big La-
spotted owls, golden eagles, oak       A breathtaking loop hike! Huge,         guna Trail; see diverse areas in the
and pine forests. Rain cancels.        oak-lined stream, green meadows,        Lagunas. Bring water, lunch, and
Bring lunch, water, sturdy shoes.      polished granite. Former Hot Shot       comfortable hiking shoes or boots.
Meet at the staging area (1 mile       Fire Fighter turned Hot Shot Trail      Carpool to or meet at the Horse
past Vulcan Mtn on Farmers Rd in       Builder rehabbed this nearly ex-        Heaven Road on Sunrise Hwy (S1),
Julian) at 9:30 am. Mission Valley     tinct trail. He’ll be on hand to de-    north of milepost 25.5. Hike starts
carpool leaves at 8:00 am.             scribe all aspects of the Horse Fire    at 9:00 am. Mission Valley carpool
                                       Rehab in the Pine Creek Wilder-         meets 7:45 am leaves at 8. Adven-
                                       ness and how he manages trails,         ture Pass required.
                                       fire, and us in a federally protected

                                                         May/June 2007 • Hi Sierran • San Diego 21
                                                                                the Cedar Fire, Mildred Falls, and
                                                                                the San Diego River Park’s Pre-
                                                                                serve on the drive down. Meet at
                                                                                Dudley’s at 7:45. Sturdy shoes,
                                                                                lunch, 3 qts water, lunch, jacket.

                                                                                MAY 23/WED/M8B
                                                                                WED IN MTNS
                                                                                LAGUNA LAKES LOOP
                                                                                Ldr: Dale Laney 619-574-6838
                                                                                Asst: Needed
                                                                                Meet at the trailhead at 9:00 AM
                                                                                which is 5 miles North of Hwy 8
                                                                                on S-1, mile marker 19.1, where
                                                                                the info kiosk used to be. Bring:
                                                                                warm clothes, 2 qts. of water, and
                                                                                lunch. Rain cancels. Adventure
                                                                                Pass or Golden Ages pass required
                                                                                for parking. Call leader for addi-
                                                                                tional information.

                                                                                MAY 23/WED/H8C
MAY 19/SAT/S15D                        MAY 19-20/SAT-SUN/M3C                    FORTUNA FAST BY
LAGUNA RAMBLE                          BACKPACK:                                FLASHLIGHT
Ldr: Jim Jafolla 619-295-6680          BARKER VALLEY                            Ldr: Diane Purkey 619-865-8598 (preferred)         Ldr: John Challen 619-508-1597           Asst: Dave Driscoll
Asst: Needed                           backpacker92108@yahoo.                   Fast-hike the less-traveled end of
Definitely time to smell the flow-     com (preferred)
                                                                                Long Mtn as we loop over the sum-
ers. We’ll start at Penny Pines        Asst: Lynn Nebus
                                                                                mits of South and North Fortuna
and loop hike the Big Laguna and       A crystal clear creek, just 3 miles of
                                                                                Mtns in Mission Trails Park. Steep,
Sunset trails and if we feel up to     carrying the pack, huge oak trees
                                                                                FAST and fun. Study the fire-dam-
it, head to the PCT to bag Gar-        shading camp area, and new moon
                                                                                aged area during very short breaks.
net Peak for a desert view. Bring      in remote setting provide excellent
                                                                                Call for required signup, and leave
3 quarts water, lunch and sturdy       stargazing. Deep valley cools down
                                                                                word how late in the evening I can
shoes. E-mail leader for required      at night, making for a refreshing,
                                                                                return your call.
sign-up and details. Adventure         lovely evening. Bushwhack day
Pass needed. Limit 15.                 hike downstream to waterfalls is
                                                                                MAY 26/SAT/E4A
                                       possible. The elevation gain/loss        COASTERS SATURDAY
MAY 19/SAT/E1A                         is 1,000 feet. How could you go          ENCINITAS
TRAIL BUILDING                         wrong! Contact John for required         SOUTH BEACH
MATAGUAY                               sign-up, E-MAIL PREFERRED.               Ldr: Mac Downing 858-490-0583
SCOUT RANCH                                                           
Ldr: Rob Langsdorf 858-459-1726        MAY 20/SUN/M5C                           Asst: Needed
Asst: Needed                           CEDAR CREEK                              Beautiful 9 AM beach walk, great
Join us as we construct new trail in   FALLS: SAN DIEGO                         scenes. Bring water and comfort-
Mataguay. We will be working in        RIVERPARK DAY                            able hiking shoes or boots. Op-
an oak-filled canyon. Work will in-                                             tional sack lunch at end. Limited
volve carving some new tread, dig-     Ldr: Cindy Buxton 619-823-3620
                                       Asst: Dave Voss                          to 20. Signup email (prefer) or call
ging up roots and clearing brush.                                               Mac.
                                       Hike from Saddleback around the
No experience is needed. Call Rob
                                       old Julian Road trail with views
for REQUIRED sign-up and direc-
                                       deep into the San Diego River
tions to meeting point (which will
                                       Gorge. We’ll meet up with Geoffrey
be somewhere on Thomas Guide p
                                       Smith’s group for annual “photo
409 K9).
                                       op”at the falls. Swim at your own
                                       risk. We’ll point out the origins of
  22 May/June 2007 • Hi Sierran • San Diego
MAY 30/WED/M4B                           up separately) and do San Jacinto       JUN 9/SAT/H15E
WED IN MTNS                              on Sunday, or head home. Limit          SAN GORGONIO VIA
JULIAN/WARLOCK                           12. Contact leader for signup/de-       VIVIAN CREEK
MINE                                     tails.                                  Ldr: Starla Rivers 858-874-6903
Ldr: Al Hofstatter 858-271-1242                                         (preferred)
Asst: Ken Smith                                                                  Asst: Lynn Nebus
                                         JUN 3/SUN/H14E
Old Warlock Mine in Banner Can-          MARION MTN TRAIL                        Who says 50 is nifty?!? But I have
yon. Learn about Julian history          TO DEVIL’S SLIDE                        many more hiking miles to go be-
and gold mines. Need water and           Ldr: Rachel Barsman 619-448-3128        fore I sleep so join me at the top of
sturdy boots. Lunch in Julian                      San Gorgonio as I “celebrate” this
(buy or bring). Tour historical          Asst.: COL Needed                       milestone birthday. Please be a fit
sites. Meet in Julian at the corner      We’ll set up a car shuttle and hike     hiker capable of over 5000 feet of
of Hwy 78 (Washington St.) and           to San Jacinto the steeper, shorter     elevation gain/loss.
4th Street at 9:30 AM. From I-8,         way, descending on the gentler
go north on Hwy 67. In Ramona,           route to Devil’s Slide. This trail is   JUN 9/SAT/S13C
continue on Hwy 78 to Julian. Car-       usually a lot greener than Devil’s      LYCIUM WASH
pools, Mission Valley and Los Co-        Slide because it’s on the shady side    EXPLORATORY
ches 8:00AM. Heavy rain cancels!         of the Mtn. Limit 12. Possible op-      DESERT LOOP
                                                                                 Ldr: Diane Purkey 619-865-8598
                                         tion to camp out the night before
                                                                                 Asst: Dave Driscoll
JUN 2/SAT/M2A                            near the Marion Mtn trailhead. Call
NATIONAL TRAILS DAY                                                              If you like scrambling up dry wa-
                                         or e-mail leader for more details.
TRAIL MAINTENANCE                                                                terfalls and fast, steep, rough, cac-
NEAR FOSTER LODGE                                                                tus-ridden downhill scrambling
                                         JUN 6/WED/M6B
Ldr: Cindy Buxton 619-823-3620           WED IN MTNS                             (some say plummeting) and you
Asst: Dave Voss                          REVISITING MT.                          look forward to a day of “frying
Special Guest Forest Ranger              PALOMAR                                 pan” heat, then this intermedi-
Dave Volgarino                           Ldr: Carol Murdock 619-749-2467         ate level desert hike should oblige
Celebrate, support rangers who           Asst: Needed                            you nicely. Scrambling experience
have been working so hard to             Observe the spring awakening on         required -- oh, you noticed that,
rebuild after recent fires; AND          the wettest spot in San Diego and       right? Six liters of water, hydration
“spruce up” trails near Foster           learn about the different oaks and      system, and lug soles required.
Lodge! Bring lunch, sturdy shoes,        pines. Meet at Mothers Kitchen
work gloves, 3 qts water, jacket.        Restaurant at Jct. S-6 & S-7 at         JUN 9/SAT/M6A
Tools provided. Great chance to          9:30AM. Day use fee to enter the        BANKERS HILL
meet one of Cleveland NF’s own           park. Bring lunch and water. Mis-       SINGLES HIKE
fire and trail experts, learn about      sion Valley carpool leaves at 8AM.      Ldr: Tina Pollock 858-675-2077
official national trail building. Call                                 
leader for details. Carpool meets at                                             Asst: Needed
                                         JUN 6/WED/M5B
the 79 and I-8 Park & Ride at 7:00.      COWLES MTN 6:30 HIKE                    We will hike in and around Bank-
                                         FROM MESA ROAD                          ers Hill, crossing several early 20th
JUN 2/SAT/H13D                                                                   century suspension bridges and
SAN GORGONIO                             Ldr: Diane Purkey 619-865-8598          through some areas that you prob-
WILDERNESS                               Asst: Lynn Nebus                        ably haven’t seen before. This is a
FORSEE CREEK TRAIL                       Night hike! No hat, no sunscreen.       socially paced, 6-mile hike suitable
TO 10,000 FT RIDGE                       Learn about the chaparral world         for beginners in good shape. An
Ldr: Lynn Nebus 619-291-8781             by flashlight. Bring hiking boots, a    optional dinner will follow. Please                          light jacket, flashlight, water and a   contact leader (e-mail preferred)
Asst: COL Needed                         munchie. Call for required signup.      before June 7th for time and meet-
From 6920 ft, we’ll climb 6 miles to     Leave word how late in the eve-         ing location. Rain cancels.
the junction of the San Bernardino       ning I can return your call.
Peak Divide Trail, enjoying great
views. If we feel like it we’ll bag a
couple of easy nearby HPS peaks
(Anderson and Shields) before            Check out: for programs
heading downhill. Sat eve join Ra-
chel Barsman’s group (must sign
                                         at the Sierra Club’s LeConte Memorial Lodge in Yosemite Valley.

                                                           May/June 2007 • Hi Sierran • San Diego 23
Ldr: John Challen 619-508-1597
com (preferred)
Asst: Anna Schaffroth
Marvel at the 360-degree views
from atop Stonewall Peak at 5,730
feet. Hike down the backside, then
loop around on the California Rid-
ing and Hiking Trail. Picnic follow-
ing the hike at Paso Picacho. How
can you beat a day in the moun-
tains! Contact John for required
Limited to 12 enthusiastic hikers.

FORTUNA MTN LOOP                       JUN 20/WED/H8C                          JUL 24/TUE/M5C
Ldr: Ellen Shively 619-479-3412        FORTUNA FAST BY                         NIGHT HIKE
Asst: Needed                           FLASHLIGHT                              COWLES MTN
For our end of season hike, we’ll      Ldr: Diane Purkey 619-865-8598          Ldr: Christine Driscoll 858-531-3737
take a moderately hilly path over      Asst: Dave Driscoll                     christine.driscoll@hotmail.
the north and/or south peaks, with     Fast-hike the less-traveled end of      com (preferred)
possible excursion into Shepard        Long Mountain as we loop over the       Asst: Dave Driscoll
Canyon. Bring two quarts of water,     summits of South and North For-         Let’s hike after work in the dark
sturdy shoes and lunch. We’ll dis-     tuna Mountains in Mission Trails        from the Big Rock side of San Di-
cuss current conservation topics       Park. Steep, FAST and fun. Study        ego’s highest point. Hike requires
and threats to our environment. $3     the fire-damaged area during very       hiking boots, a flashlight, a quick
donation for ConsCom requested.        short breaks. Call for required sign-   snack, water and a light jacket.
Meet at Old Dam parking lot off        up, and leave word how late in the      Optional: hiking poles. Bring a
Mission Gorge Road at 9:00 AM.         evening I can return your call.         quick snack for the stop at the top.
Carpooling recommended. Call                                                   E-mail and leave a phone number
leader for further information.        JUN 24/SUN/M7B                          for required signup and details.
                                       CUYAMACA - WEST
JUN 16/SAT/S14E                        SIDE/FERN FLAT LOOP                     JUN 30/SAT/E4A
DRURY PEAK                             Ldr: John Challen 619-508-1597          COASTERS SATURDAY
Ldr: Jim Jafolla 619-295-6680 (pre-         PEÑASQUITOS (preferred)         ferred)                                 Ldr: Mac Downing 858-490-0583
Asst: Needed                           Asst: Anna Schaffroth         
This is a exhilarating hike to Drury   Help celebrate my 50th birthday.        Asst: Needed
Peak, one of the 10,000 ft. sub-       Yikes! Picnic afterwards at Paso        Hike up canyon to the falls. Enjoy
peaks on the San Jacinto massif.       Picacho. As part of this hike, we       spring in this preserved area. Meet
The summit area is covered by a        will be looking for an awesome set      at 9 AM Sorrento Valley area, done
beautiful example of the high-al-      of morteros that not many people        about 11:45. Bring water and com-
titude pine forest, and it yields a    know about. We will pay respect         fortable hiking shoes or boots. Op-
fine view of the San Jacinto crest     to the Kumeyaay. We will clear the      tional sack lunch at end. Limited
from a unique western perspec-         leaves and dirt from this amaz-         to 20. Sign up with e-mail (pre-
tive. Bring 3 quarts water, lunch,     ing Native American site. Contact       ferred) or call Mac.
sturdy shoes and sun protection.       John for required sign-up, E-MAIL
Limit 12.                              PREFERRED.

  24 May/June 2007 • Hi Sierran • San Diego
Coordinator: Jeannine Menger 760-828-8981. Trip is completely full with a waiting list. See write-up in the March/
April 2007 HiSierran, or the bus trip webpage:

Coordinator: Rob Baum 619-460-0551 Yosemite’s Tuolumne Meadows have some of the most rugged and
sublime scenery in the Sierra. To reserve a space, send your trip preferences and a $20 deposit, or payment in full of $212, to: Rob
Baum, 808 Maria Ave, Spring Valley, CA 91977. Make checks payable to the Sierra Club. Please include your email address (or 3
SASEs) and your evening phone number.
Trip 1: GLEN AULIN BASE CAMP, M6C, Ldr: Doug Nolff 858-442-8711. A multitude of scenic wonders await you on this adven-
ture. Enjoy the fabulous domes and spires of the Cathedral Range and the amazing waterfalls in the Grand Canyon Of Tuolumne.
Trip 2: LYELL CANYON TO DONOHUE PASS, M8C, Ldr: Pauline Jimenez 619-660-9898. Beautiful Lyell canyon is the scene of our
adventure as we enjoy good trails and breathtaking views. Optional climb of Donohue Peak.
Trip 3: GRAND CANYON OF TUOLUMNE, H10E, Ldr: Mark Eckel 858-457-8006. Look forward to dramatic gushing waterfalls in
this deep impressive canyon. Optional climbs of Mt Hoffman and Tuolumne Peak. High elevation rating is a result of hiking down
Trip 4: TENAYA LAKE TO MERCED RIVER, H12D, Ldr: Mike Fry 858-566-3851 40 mile trek to explore Ansel
Adams’ favorite Sierra place: the Lyell Fork at Merced River. We will return through Vogelsang and meet the bus at Tuolumne

Coordinator: Fred Gabbard Four backpacks from Clover Meadow in the Sierra National Forest on the
southern border of Yosemite National Park. To sign up, send your $20 deposit or payment in full of $194 to Fred Gabbard, 11574
Windcrest Ln Apt 1424 San Diego CA 92128. Make checks payable to the Sierra Club. Please include your email address (or 3
SASEs) and evening phone number.
Trip 1: MADERA CREEK BASE CAMP, M5B, Leader: Mark Eckel 858-457-8006. We will base camp at Madera Creek, elevation
7,800 ft, a 4-mile hike from Clover Meadow Ranger Station with 1100 ft of gain. Day trips will include hikes to Norris Lake, Jack-
ass Lake, Vandeberg Lake and Lillian Lake.
Trip 2: VANDEBURG AND FLAT LAKES, M6C, Leader: Pauline Jimenez 619-660-9898, Hike from Clover
Meadow to Vandeberg Lake (Friday 1st night). 2nd night at Flat Lake (Saturday). 3rd day will hike either via Fernandez Trail or
cross-country along east fork of Madera Creek (camp Sunday night along the creek, somewhere west of Blue Point). Hike out to
Clover Meadow via Fernandez or Walton Trail on Monday.
Trip 3: RUTHERFORD LAKE BASE CAMP AND PEAKBAG, H10D Leader: Steve Fausset 619-865-8598. From Clover Meadow back-
pack to our beautiful Rutherford Lake base camp, then long day hikes to explore Post Peak Pass and Fernandez Pass with optional
climbs of Triple Divide (11,611’), Merced (11,726’), and Gale (10,693’) Peaks.
Trip 4: CLARK RANGE GRAND TOUR, M10D, Leader: Mike Fry 858-566-3851 23 mile backpack from Upper
Chiquito Campground, into Yosemite Nat’l Park, over Fernandez Pass, and exit at Clover Meadow. Optional 12 mile, +/- 2700’
dayhike (or layover day) to climb Red Peak and Merced Peak (both 11,700’, and 1 mile apart on a 11,200’ ridge). Backpack days
are 10.2mi +2000’, 8.3mi +1300’-1300’, and 4 mi -1800’.

    Participants board the bus in the order in which full payment is received.

REFUND POLICY: Note that sickness or injury does not play a part in refunds. You may purchase trip insurance from any travel
agent. It usually covers sickness, injury, family emergencies, lost luggage, etc. FULL REFUND: (1) We cancel the trip; (2) the
leader determines you shouldn’t be on the trip; or (3) you find your own replacement and they reimburse you. PARTIAL REFUND:
(1) We find your replacement and keep only your deposit; or (2) we can’t replace you, but we get a refund (or are not charged) by
our providers because of your absence. You get back whatever we get back.

                                                                      May/June 2007 • Hi Sierran • San Diego 25
California/Nevada Regional Conservation Committee (CNRCC)
Desert Committee Outings: May/June 2007
The CNRCC Desert Committee’s purpose is to work for the protection, preservation, and conservation of the Cali-
fornia/Nevada desert; support the same objectives in all desert areas of the Southwest; monitor and work with gov-
ernments and agencies to promote preservation of our arid lands; sponsor educational and work trips; encour -
age and support others to work for the same objectives; maintain, share and publish information about the desert.
All Desert Committee activities, unless stated otherwise, are suitable for anyone who enjoys the outdoors. Spe-
cial physical conditioning is not necessary. The average car or high clearance vehicle will be adequate for most
trips; however, many of the roads used are dirt and, as with all desert travel, you should come prepared. For a good
guide to desert travel we recommend the Sierra Club book, Adventuring in the California Desert, by Lynn Foster.
While the main intent of the outings is for participants to enjoy themselves, it is hoped that participants will come to appreciate the des-
ert and develop a desire to promote its protection. For questions about, or to sign up for a particular outing, please contact the leader
listed in the write-up. For questions about Desert Committee outings in general, or to receive the outings list by e-mail, please contact
Kate Allen at or 661-944-4056.

May 19-20/Sat-Sun
                                                                        nation. Limit 12. To sign up, contact John Wilkinson,
                                                                        (408)947-0858 or email
Lone Pine Lake, Alabama Hills & Manzanar                                June 29-July 2/Fri-Mon
Camp near Lone Pine. Saturday, hike Whitney Por-                        SF BAY CHAP/ DESERT COMMITTEE
tal to Lone Pine Lake, 6 mi rt, 1600’ gain. Happy                       8th Annual Ruby Rendezvous, Car Camp
hour, potluck, campfire. Sunday, drive through Ala-                     Visit snow-laden cirques and alpine lakes in the heart
bama Hills, visit Manzanar WWII Japanese intern-                        of the Ruby Mtns Wilderness Area in Northern Ne-
ment camp. Group size limited. Send $8 per person                       vada. Four days car camping with day hikes up vari-
(Sierra Club), 2 SASE, H&W phones, email, rideshare                     ous canyons. Evening entertainment by acclaimed
info to Ldr: Lygeia Gerard, P.O. Box 294726, Phelan,                    Cowgirl Poet, Merilee Wright and friends. Twelve
CA 92329, (310) 594-6789. Co_ldr: Jean Noud; (714)                      course Basque feast in nearby Elko. Group share of
841-8798.                                                               expenses. Information on past trips, at www.climber.
                                                                        org. For signups contact leader: Allen Tatomer,
May 26-28/Sat-Mon                                             , (925-439-0434).
BIRD SPRING PASS -                                                      June 29 - July 4 Fri-Wed
SERVICE AND HIKE                                                        CNRCC DESERT COMMITTEE
Meet 6:00 PM Saturday east of Ridgecrest and south                      Grand Staircase Escalante National
of Lake Isabella (to avoid Friday’s Memorial Week-                      Monument - Coyote Gulch Backpack
end traffic). Carcamp Saturday evening. Sunday, re-                     Backpack this National Monument, Coyote Gulch to
pair vehicle damage to the Kiavah Wilderness at Bird                    Escalante River. About 28 miles with pack, additional
Spring Pass. On Monday, we will either hike along the                   miles day hiking. Shady areas frequent along tree-
PCT or along shaded Kelso Creek to the Burning Mos-                     lined creek in deep canyon of brilliant red rock and
cow Mine in the Bright Star Wilderness. For details                     sheer walls. Enjoy waterfalls, swimming, and bright
contact leader Craig Deutsche, deutsche@earthlink.                      lights flashing after dark. To reserve, send $20 (Sierra
net, (310-477-6670).                                                    Club) refundable deposit to David Hardy, Box 99, Blue
                                                                        Diamond, NV 89004. 702 875-4549. E-mail (pre-
May 27-28/Sun-Mon                                                       ferred)
DESERT COMMITTEE                                                        Like nearly all organizations that sponsor outdoor
Lava Beds (Nevada) Backpack                                             travel, the Sierra Club is now obliged to require partici-
The Lava Beds in Pershing County, Nevada, east of                       pants to sign a standard liability waiver at the begin-
the Black Rock Desert, are really a jumble of contorted                 ning of each trip. If you would like to read the Liability
granite formations. Easy overnight backpack with                        Waiver before you choose to participate on an outing,
plenty of time to explore the formations. Water avail-                  please go to:
                                                                        ter/forms/, or contact the Outings Department at (415)
able on route. Total distance about 14 miles, total gain
                                                                        977-5528 for a printed version.
3000’. Area is a strong candidate for Wilderness desig-

  26 May/June 2007 • Hi Sierran • San Diego
California’s global warming law—
now the hard work begins
By Bill Magavern, Sierra Club California

    In 2006 California enacted landmark legislation          ductions will come from technology standards and
to cap our state’s emissions of global-warming pol-          incentive programs, and how many from market
lution—the first such law in the United States. The          mechanisms? Will the market mechanisms include a
Global Warming Solutions Act, AB 32, authored by             “cap-and-trade” program, as Gov. Schwarzenegger
Assembly Speaker Fabian Núñez and then-Assem-                has ordered? If so, will polluters be given permits to
blymember Fran Pavley, has garnered justifiable praise       emit greenhouse gases, or will they have to buy them?
around the country and even overseas as a demon-             Technology-based standards have a far better record
stration of California’s willingness to fill the leader-     of success than pollution-trading schemes, especially
ship vacuum left by the Bush administration on global        when the right to emit is granted to polluters for free.
warming.                                                          This implementation process will be a high prior-
    Now the hard work begins—the long and difficult          ity for Sierra Club California this year and for years to
process of implementing policies to bring California’s       come.
greenhouse gas emissions down to their 1990 level by              For more information, go to:
2020. The legislature has set this goal, and has wisely 
assigned the state’s Air Resources Board to make it     
happen. The ARB, the nation’s premier guardian of                 At this last site, in particular, see the fascinating
air quality, now takes on the additional challenge of        set of fact sheets on “Stopping Our Addiction to Oil,”
addressing global warming. Industry lobbyists are al-        which discuss how we can reduce our use of petro-
ready flocking to the workshops and seminars on the          leum products in the transportation sector, moving to
topic, hoping to shape the eventual rules to benefit         cleaner alternative fuels and more efficient vehicles.
their narrow interests.
    The ARB’s first task, perhaps as early as its April
meeting, is to publish a list of “early action measures,”
regulations that could be put in place before 2010 to
start bringing down greenhouse pollution. ARB staff
have indicated their inclination to put forward only
two such measures: the Low-Carbon Fuels Standard
announced by the governor in a January executive
order, and restrictions on hydrofluorocarbon refriger-
ants with their high global-warming potential. The
Low-Carbon Fuels Standard will require a 10% reduc-
tion in the carbon intensity of transportation fuels by
2020, stimulating deployment of alternatives to gaso-
    Environmental groups, including Sierra Club Cali-
fornia, urge a bolder approach with additional early
measures to reduce emissions from passenger vehi-
cles, heavy-duty vehicles, cement factories, landfills,
and marine vessels.
    The ARB is also determining the “baseline” level                                         3820 Ray Street
of emissions from 1990, and establishing a system for                                        San Diego, CA 92104
large emitters of greenhouse pollution to report their
emissions. Advisory committees have been chartered
on environmental justice, markets, and technology.
    Key questions remain. How many emission re-

                                                            May/June 2007 • Hi Sierran • San Diego 27
Chapter Seeks New Members for ExCom
By Richard Miller

    The Nominating            tive Group comprise the           The Nominating            signatures of at least 50
Committee is seeking          Executive Committee.          Committee is tasked to        Chapter members in good
the names of Sierra Club          Executive Committee       consider the names of         standing.
members who are inter-        members are elected by        members who have been             Anyone interested in
ested in serving on the       the Chapter members for       submitted for nomination      serving on the Executive
Chapter’s Executive Com-      terms of two years. This      and who have agreed to        Committee, nominating
mittee. The Executive         year there are five mem-      be candidates for election.   a candidate, or obtaining
Committee is responsible      ber seats up for election.    Any Chapter member            more information should
for the management of         Any member in good            may nominate a member         contact the Nominating
the affairs and activi-       standing and who has          for election. Members         Committee Chair, Richard
ties of the Chapter. Nine     given their consent is        may also be nominated         Miller, at 619-291-3061 or
elected members and a         qualified to run for elec-    by petition by giving con-    at lostyourmarblestoo@-
representative of each ac-    tion.                         sent and obtaining the

Video Professional Needed
By Bob McDowell

    Hello, I am the Chair     come involved. So, what       – 15 minute
of the Membership Com-        I would like to do is have    production
mittee. Every month the       a video production that       with music,
Chapter provides a New        would provide a more          voiceovers,
Member Orientation to         entertaining and engag-       and videos
help new members and          ing way to really give an     of club ac-
other interested people       idea of our Chapter and       tivities and
learn about the Sierra        what opportunities for        our mem-
Club, our local Chapter,      fun and volunteering are      bers would
and how they can become       available. I have very lim-   cost. Then
involved. Currently, this     ited skills or expertise in   I can take
involves me and members       the area of video produc-     this to the
from sections and groups      tion and currently there is   Executive                     and a ball park figure as
in the Chapter meeting        no one on the committee       Committee and see about       to what it would cost.
with the new members.         that does. However, out       getting the money to do       You can send it to me by
While I think it is impor-    there in Sierra Club land     it. The estimate does not     email: rmcdowell@san.
tant for current members      I know there is somebody      have to be detailed as I or by regular mail
to be there and welcome       that has all of the skills    am only trying to get an      care of the Ray Street of-
and engage the guests,        and access to all of the      idea of what the costs        fice. Thank you in ad-
I don’t think it always       equipment necessary to        would be. I think the best    vance for your interest
gives a good idea of the      do this. What I would like    way to do this is for you     and I look forward to
full range of possibilities   to have that somebody do      to send me some infor-        hearing from you.
that our Chapter provides     is contact me and give me     mation about yourself or
for a new member to be-       an idea of what a short 10    your production company

  28 May/June 2007 • Hi Sierran • San Diego
                                                            Creative Corner
On the Video Shelf:                                         The Twisted Ape
Global Warming–
What’s Up With
                                                            By Joe Torricelli

the Weather                                                 Man gone, the Earth returned to what it was before the
                                                            Cunning brute used, mangled, poisoned every living
                                                            Thing. If life is to go on, alas, we’d better leave.

     Deadly flooding in Africa. Catastrophic hurricanes     Pure air twinkles in the twilight Endless forest sprawl
in the U.S. Record high temperatures worldwide. Are         To nurture guileless things. Oceans boil alive with fish—
these natural, temporary glitches in our global climate,    Spiny, clawed, shelled, creatures crawl the sea-beds,
or is the devastation the result of global warming? The     Live to procreate, die content in their allotted time.
weather is different now–but why? Find out when             Species, come and go. Most stay on in changing climes
NOVA and Frontline join forces to determine What’s          Deserts parched, the floods, in falling snow the struggle
Up With the Weather?                                        To survive, Dame Nature’s only show.
     Man-made carbon dioxide has overloaded the
earth’s atmosphere. With demand for fossil fuels in-        The Earth, a haven for all life. Small wonder, all
creasing daily, experts predict emissions levels will       Creation hastens our depart. Weeds already crack our
triple in the next 100 years. Yet the greenhouse effect     Street our walls. Fouled air spews acid rain, disease.
remains the subject of heated debate among scientists,      She hurries us to leave ere we make the Earth another
climatologists and futurists. Some believe the earth’s      Ghastly sphere. A million turns around the stars to make
temperature will rise nearly 10 degrees, melting arc-       The wreck Eden that it was.
tic ice caps and, paradoxically, bringing about a new
Ice Age. Others believe the weather will stay relatively    Find another living planet. What, for us to ruin?
normal. Who’s right? Decide for yourself as this rivet-     She shook no, threw open wide the gate of lie, pointed,
ing two-hour special gives you the fascinating–and oc-      Shouted, “Go.”
casionally frightening–forecast for the future.             Our offer—That she lie with us, bring forth our new
                                                            Bastard species, let us amend her plan. Lie with a mere
                                                            Creature, further its insane destruction, murder wars.
                                                            She spurned our bed, laughed, “You are only man.”
                                                            Revenge, end all life in fire. Witless things to feed the
                                                            Flames, change air to lethal fumes. Plant wither into
                                                            Tinder, life’s last refuge fetid water, rivers, lakes, seas.
                                                            Her plan—Life goes on without us and we go quick and
                                                            Soon. And who to do the job? The twisted Ape—The most
                                                            Artful of assassins—Man.

                               GOT AN OLD CAR?
            Do you have a vehicle you want to get rid of, but you don’t want to hassle with selling it?
             DONATE IT to the San Diego Chapter of the Sierra Club! You can do this by visiting
                        or calling 800-766-2273 or sending an e-mail to Be sure to tell them that the information is for the Sierra Club Foundation,
                            San Diego Chapter so we receive the funds.
                                             Thank you!

                                     For information, please call
                                      Martha at 619-299-1741
                                                           May/June 2007 • Hi Sierran • San Diego 29
                                                              Wishlist and
Classifieds...                                                Volunteers Needed:
                                                              Our chapter has many volunteer opportunities in ad-
                                                              dition to those included in the wishlist below. Please
SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE INVESTING Learn how                      don’t hesitate to call Cheryl 619-299-1741 if you want
to align your personal values with your investment            to help out in any way. (Even if you don’t know what
portfolio. Contact Justin Martello for a free consulta-       you can do for us. We have many and varied needs!)
tion at 619-698-4330 or
FOSTER LODGE CABIN Group events at the Sierra
                                                              ~ Hi Sierran Ad sellers
Club’s Foster Lodge in the beautiful Laguna Mountains.
Rustic accomodations up to 60 people. Available for
                                                              ~ Hi Sierran Committee Secretary
holistic and church retreats, clubs, family celebrations,     ~ Legal Interns for the Land Use Committee
weddings. Rate of $240 per night (includes the first 20        ~ COLs to lead Wed in the Mts hikes
people). For information call Steve Rotchstein. 619-          ~ Maintenance and Repair Person for the office and
461-2919.                    bookstore
                                                              ~ Housekeeper
MAGIC SHOWS and fun, with memories to last a                  ~ Bookstore and Office Volunteers
lifetime from San Diego’s Entertainer of the Year,            ~ Foster Lodge Committee Secretary
Magician Michael E. Johnson. 760-747-4627.                    ~ Chapter Program Assistant
                                                              ~ Individual with experience designing/building out
SPRUCE UP FOR SUMMER! Conmtact George for all
landscaping needs–regular maintenance, tree trimming,
                                                                office space (call Joe Zechman, 619-709-6268).
design, irrigation, sodwork, fencing, etc. CALL 619-743-
4467 for free estimate.                                       Things:
                                                              ~ 5 Flat Monitors for our Computer Network(so
MUSIC LOVERS! Enjoy acoustic music concerts of na-              we can have some desk space)
tional acts, with tickets priced at $15-20, in an intimate,   ~ New (Healthy) Office Space in North Park
centrally located venue with excellent acoustics. www.        ~ Hepa Air Filter                                     ~ Refrigerator (Energy Star) (ours is dying)
                                                              ~ Air Conditioner/Heater (Energy
MAMMOTH CONDO Skiing, biking, fishing, hiking—                   Star) (ours is dead)
just getting away for the weekend. 3BD, 2BA, full             ~ Electric Hole Puncher
kitchen, fireplace, pool, spa, sauna. $75 summer, $160
winter. CALL Brad: 619-804-5616.

party ad of 25 words or less costs $10 for Sierra Club
members and $15 for nonmembers. Additional words
cost $.50 each. Business classifieds of 25 words or less
cost $15 for members and $20 for non-members plus
$.50 for each additional word. Please make checks pay-
able to “The HiSierran.”

Send ad copy and payment with your Sierra Club mem-
bership number to Sierra Club Classifieds, 3820 Ray
Street, San Diego, CA 92104-3623, or e-mail ad copy to:


                JUNE 1, 2007

30 May/June 2007 • Hi Sierran • San Diego
                                                                                                             On Sale Now!

Nat   io                                                                                                     National
P ar k                                                                                                       PassesBookstore
  atio nal                                                                                                   at the Chapter

N                                                                                                            2007-2008 Annual Pass $30

  ar k
                                                                                                             Good for 12 months from date of purchase.

                                                                                                             Day Pass $5
                                                                                                             Good for any single day.

   atio nal                                                                                                  Limited quantities

                                                                                                             Come and get your pass soon.

                                                                                                             San Diego Chapter Bookstore
                                                                                                             3820 Ray Street (North Park)
                                                                                                             San Diego

                                                                                                                        MEMBERSHIP CATEGORIES              INDIVIDUAL          JOINT

   JOIN THE       DAY !
                     !                                                                                                  Introductory                       ❑ $25

               TO                                                                                                       Regular                            ❑ $39               ❑ $47

                                                                                                                        Supporting                         ❑ $75               ❑$100
                                                                                                                        Contributing                       ❑ $150              ❑ $175
                                                                                                                        Life                               ❑ $1,000            ❑ $1,250
                                                                                                                        Senior/Student                     ❑ $24               ❑$32
   ❑ Yes, I want to be a member of Sierra Club
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   ❑Yes, I want to give a gift of membership
   I understand that a gift announcement card will be sent for my use. I’ve entered my name and address above and the   ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––
    recipients name and address below.                                                                                  Card Number
                                                                                                                        _______________________ FRUOF94QW05001
   Gift recipient’s name             __________________________________________________________
                                                                                                                        Expiration Date
   Address        ___________________________________________________________________
                                                                                                                        Contribution, gifts and dues to the Sierra Club are not tax-deductable;
                                                                                                                        they support our effective, citizen-based advocacy and lobbying efforts.
   City   ________________________________         State     _____________    Zip   _______________
                                                                                                                        Your dues indclude $7.50 for a subscription to Sierra Magazine and $1
                                                                                                                        for the Hi Sierran (chapter newsletter).
   Telephone         ___________________________       E-mail      _______________________________

   You can also join via the web: http//
   Send your address changes to: Sierra Club Member Services, PO Box 52968, Boulder, CO 80322-2968
                                                          San Diego Chapter                                                                                   COMPLIMENTARY COPY
                                                          3820 Ray Street
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                                                          San Diego, CA 92104-3623                                                                            MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION INSIDE
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                                                          OFFICE & BOOKSTORE HOURS: Monday-Friday 12-5 P.M. (PLEASE CALL AHEAD)
                                                          CHAPTER COORDINATOR            Cheryl Reiff • 619-299-1741 • E-MAIL
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                                                                    C O M M I T T E E & C O N TA C T I N F O R M AT I O N
EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE                                                             CONSERVATION COMMITTEE                                                        OUTINGS COMMITTEE
THE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE meets                                                   meets 2nd Tuesday, 6:30pm                                                     CHAIR Jim Matlock . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .858-748-4634
the 3rd Wednesday of every month at 6:30pm                                      CHAIR Linda Briggs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .619-528-8545                Bus Trips
CHAIR Joe Zechman (2008) . . . . . . . . . . .619-709-6268                                                                     Mike Fry . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .858-748-5166                                                         Canyons • Call for mtg info                                                   COL Training
VICE CHAIR Bob McDowell (2007) . . .858-565-1005                                  Carrie Schneider . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 619-282-3645     Tom Markel . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .619-994-4106                                                                                        
SECRETARY Jim Ricker (2007) . . . . . . . 619-574-7515                            Larry Klaasen . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .619-582-7407         Leadership Review & Safety Committee                                                                                                             Marty Stevens. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .858-673-0891
TREASURER Rusanne Anthony (2007) . 619-920-8604                                   Coastal • call for meeting info                                        
                                                                                  Joanne Pearson . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .858-459-7041          Mountaineering
                                                                                                                               Byron Cook . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .619-888-2831
Skip Forsht (2007). . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .858-272-4495
                                                                                  Conservation Action Network (CAN) • 2nd Wed., 7pm                      
                                                                                  John Hartley . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .619-299-8870        Pacific Crest Trail • Occasional work parties
Dave Grubb (2007) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .760-753-0273                                                                                           Rob Langsdorf . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .858-459-1726                                                
                                                                                  Desert • 4th Tuesday, 7pm                                                     Ski • 2nd Tuesday, 6pm (November through April)
Devon Marlowe (2008) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 858-775-4951                                                                                               Mike Fry . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .858-748-5166                                                        Larry Klaasen . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .619-582-7407
                                                                                                                                    Wednesday in the Mountains
Richard Miller (2008) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .619-291-3061                                                                                           Lois Day . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .619-280-1747                                               Forest • 1st Wednesday, 7pm
                                                                                  David Voss . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .760-717-8823        Wilderness Basics (WBC)
Chris Schmidt (2007) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 858-794-8919                                                                                           WBC Info Line . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .858-467-5074                                                       
Martin Stevens (2008) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 858-673-0891              Jack Paxton . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .760-744-3282
                                                                                                                                                                Jeff Marchand (WBC North County) . . . . . . . 760-728-8220                                                     
                                                                                  Global Warming/Energy • 1st\ Monday, 6pm
                                                                                  Sofia Gidlund . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .619-299-1797       STANDING & SPECIAL COMS.
CHAIR Jennifer O’Leary                                                            International • 3rd Monday, 6:30pm                                          Larry Klaasen . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .619-582-7407                                                 Jean Costa . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .619-463-0721
North County Coastal Group • 3rd Tuesday, 7pm,                                    Land Use • 4th Monday, 7pm                                                  Foster Lodge • 3rd Tuesday, 5:30pm
Encinitas Community Center                                                        Jeanette Hartman . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .619-318-6634             Large Cabin Reservations
Dave Grubb (2006) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .760-753-0273                                                         Steve Rotchstein . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .619-461-2919                                                        Parks                                                                          Small Cabin Information
                                                                                  Devore Smith . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .619-286-8905           Susan Parrish . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .619-478-5188
INNER CITY OUTINGS                                                                                                                    Friends of San Diego Chapter • 2nd Thursday, 4:30pm
call or check website for meeting info                                            Seals Campaign • call for meeting info                                      Steve Mather . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .619-437-8757
CHAIR Jim Davis . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .760-739-8407               Ellen Shively. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .619-479-3412                                                                                                     Hi Sierran • 2nd Monday, 6pm • see page 2 for more info                                                Water                                                                       Pauline Jimenez . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .619-660-9898
                                                                                  Ed Kimura. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .858-569-2025
SECTIONS                                                                                                                      Legal • Call for meeting info
20’s & 30’s Single Sierrans                                                                                                                                   Peter Lind . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .619-757-5712
                                                                                  Water Transfer
Voice Mailbox . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .619-544-6124                                                                              
                                                                                  Fred Cagle. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .619-297-0931                                                                                                                         Librarian
Bicycle • 1st Monday, 6pm                                                                                                                                     Bobbi Weaver (leave message at chapter office) . . . 619-299-1743
                                                                                  Webmaster (ConsCom)
Neil Brooks . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .858-452-3905                                                                                     Mapping Team
                                                                                  Dave George
Terry Fry . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .619-282-0425                                                                                 Brian Bradshaw . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .858-270-5770
Photography • 3rd Thursday, 7pm                                                   Wildlife • call for meeting info
Jonathan Fennell                                                                                                                                              Membership/Orientation • 1st Monday, 6:30pm
                                                                                  Renee Owens . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .619-447-4979         Bob McDowell . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 858-565-1005                                                                                                                                                                 
Singles Section • 3rd Monday, 6:30pm                                                                                                                          Monthly Programs
Call for location . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 619-708-8111                                                                                  Mannie Kugler. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .619-585-3773                                                                                                                        Nature Knowledge Workshop
                                                                                                                                                              Lee Siegel . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 619-583-3261
                                                                                                                                                              Barry Hite (Assistant)
                                                                                                                                                              Political • call for meeting info
                                                                                                                                                              Richard Miller . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .619-291-3061

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