Collaborations among TCs for GFCS Implementation from the by zCcBpI7


									       WMO PTC Meeting, 30 January-1 February 2012, Geneva.

  Collaborations among TCs
   for GFCS Implementation
from the perspective of CAgM

         Byong-Lyol LEE

         President of CAgM
        Objectives & Expectations
• To share impending issues within CAgM for future
collaborations in GFCS implementations with TCs, RAs and

• To invite suggestions/recommendations from PTC for efficient
GFCS implementations by TCs under limited resource
availability while reflecting WMO requirements including
strategic plan. (human, financial, infrastructure & governance)

• To report recent progresses having been made with obstacles
confronted or expected during implementation processes

• To bring up any necessity of re-structuring of CAgM for better
management and operation in order to meet user requirements
from member countries under GFCS umbrella
                     WMO Requirements to CAgM
1. Strategic Plan : GSN 3 – ST 5 – ER 8
   Enhanced Capabilities for High Quality resources , Risk Management,
   better information service, earth system monitoring, ST developments,
   for emerging members through better partnerships and cooperations

2. WMO Reform
   a. Improved Documentation & communication between TCs and Ras
   b. Orientate the constituent bodies of WMO to deliver the Strategic Plan
   c. Reduce the intergovernmental part of constituent body sessions

3. GFCS Implementation
  a. Internal working methods, …deciding on implementation priorities,
  b. Mechanisms to strengthen the global cooperative system
  c. Projects for the needs of developing countries
  d. External communications, resource mobilisation and capacity development

4. WIS Implementation - Agronomy data sharing beyond WMO
5. WIGOS Implementation – LDAS, Carbon Tracker supports
     GFCS Implementation Priorities by WMO

1.   Capacity building in developing countries (CB)
      Linking climate service users and providers.
      Building national capacity for climate services.
2. Strengthening the Climate Services Information System (CSIS)
      Standardizing products; promoting WIS; facilitating access to, use of
       GPC products
      Strengthening regional climate capabilities through establishing
       and promoting RCCs and RCOFs
3. Building capacity to implement the User Interface Platform (UIP)

4. Improving climate observations in data sparse areas (OM)

5. Building the capacity of the climate research sector (RMP)
GFCS Structure vs CAgM Legacy

                          GFCS              CAgM

                      Monitoring        Communications

               User Interface   Products/Applications
Legacy Service Components of CAgM

• WAMIS (CSIS , UIP, ..)
 - Web portal of World AgroMeteorological Information Service
• INSAM (CB, RMP, ..)
 - on-line International Society of Agricultural Meteorology
• NASNET (OM, ..)
 - National Agricultural Meteorological Station Network
• RTC (CB, ..)
 - Education/Training, Roving seminar, Field school, etc.
• TECO (RMP, ..)
 - prior to Congress, ET meetings jointly with RA events/symposium
• Pilot projects (CSIS, UIP, RMP, OB, ..)
 - regional/sub-regional research/operational programmes
 - WIS, WIGOS related pilot proposals

            WMO PTC Meeting, 30 January-1 February 2012, Geneva.
    Global Initiatives in AgMet

Global Federation of AgMet Society (GFAMS)
Global Center of Research, Excellency in AgMet (CREAM)
Global AgMet Pilot Projects (GAMPP)
Global AgMet Outlook System (GAMOS)
WAMIS next phase (WAMIS II)
Service Enhancement Scheme by CAgM
• WAMIS (CSIS , UIP, ..) -> WAMIS Grid portal
 - Web portal to Grid Portal for resource sharing
• INSAM (CB, RMP, ..) -> INSAM off-line
 - Global Federation of AgroMeteorological Society (GFAMS)
• NASNET (OM, ..) -> Core AgMet Station
 - Crop Phenology, Ground truth information, flux monitoring, etc.
 - Global AgMet Outlook System (GAMOS) – drought, land use, etc
• RTC (CB, ..) -> Global Center of Excellency in AgMet
 - Center of Research, Excellency in AgroMeteorology(CREAM)
 - including Graduate courses in AgMet. and Outreach
• Pilot projects (CSIS, UIP, RMP, OB, ..) -> 1~3 in each RA
 - Global AgMet Pilot Projects (GAMPP)
• TECO (RMP, ..) -> Regional/Global AgMet society meetings
 - prior to or in parallel with CAgM Congress or ET meetings
 - together with GFAMS, CREAMs, GAMPP, etc.
     GFCS : Observation & Monitoring

GAMOS(Global AgroMeteorogical Outlook System)
     - GDEWS(Global Drought Early Warning System)
     - GLUMS(Global Land Use Monitoring System)
     - GWHAS (Global Weather Hazard Assessment System )
     - GPPON(Global Plant Phenology Observation Network)


                                GPPON    GAMOS     GLUMS

                                           NASNET Pilot Sites
                                  Core AgMet Station
                                                   Climate Change Monitoring

                                                                              Global WIGOS
                                                  Tall Tower Observation

                                                  Water Cycle Monitoring

                                                Boundary Layor Monitoring
                                                GHG Background Monitoring
                                                Climate Change Landmark

                                                             - Data standardization at global scale
                                                             - GEOSS supporting hub
                                                             - WIGOS regional center
                                                             - GEOSS demonstration site

New Governance for enhanced AgMet National Service
  - Strengthening multi-institutional governance within a nation
  - High level education system for next generation AgMet experts
  - Core AgMet Station (national reference site for AgMet)
GFCS : Research, Modeling, Prediction

        Global Federation

           of AgMet Society                                  E.Asia-
                              Europe-/                      an/China
                              Italy + EU
    -USA                                         S.Asia -

                                     Africa-                      Australia/
           L.America                                                   NZ
           -Brazil + ?
Global Federation of AgMet Society(GFAMS)

  Mission :
      to strengthen INSAM for complementing with WAMIS,
     to consider simultaneous/parallel meeting
         with CAgM session

  Issues : How to establish regional associations,
               Who will take care (Federica, Shiv)
     - RAI : jointly help subregional AgMet society meetings when exists.
              (Sue, All)
     - RAII : China/Japan/Korea, India, Central Asia (Byong, Rathore)
     - RAIII : Already exists (Brunini)
     - RAIV : North A. MS A. Caribbean (Ray, Adrian)
     - RAV : SE Asia, Oceania (Roger)
     - RA VI : Europe, Eastern E (Simone, Sasha)
      * at least 2 persons needed : one from CAgM MG,
                                        another from Societies
          Global AgMet Pilot Projects (GAMPP)

 Mission : to develop reg. specific operational applications
 Issues : How to identify then,
               who will take care? (MG members)
 - RA I : (Sue, John)
 - RA II : (Zhou, Rathore )
 - RA III : (Brunini , Jose)
 - RA IV: (Ray, John, Adrian )
 - RA V : (Roger, Azhar)
 - RA V : (Simone, Federica,
             Sasha )
    GFCS : Capacity Development

                        Cream-                Cream-
                         Italy                Korea
                         (UFL)       Cream-   (SNU)
                         Cream-                Australia
   Cream-                                       (SQU)
                         S. Africa
                            Global Center of Excellency

  CREAM : Center of Research & Excellency in AgroMeteorology
             Candidates for CREAMs

RA I : South Africa – Free State University (Sue)
RA II: S. Korea – Seoul National University (Byong)
      China - Nanjing RTC / ST University (Caifang)
       India – Pune Agric. University (Lathore)
RA III : Brazil – Federal University (Paulo, Brunini)
RA IV : USA – George Mason University (John)
RA V : Australia – Southern Queensland University (Roger)
RA VI : Italy – University of Florence (Simone)

* Scholarships for Graduate Course : Rob Masters, Bob Stefanski
* Joint Graduated Course in AgroMet at global scale
GFCS : User Interface Platform

      ◎ uWAMIS - RS/GIS, Global Climate/weather info, NWPS,
                GISC/(DCPC), CAMI, DSSAT, JAWF, E/T, GFCS
      ◎ kWAMIS - IT/GIS, IT Resource, NWPs, Downscaling,
                GISC/(DCPC), Russia/FSU-DM, Interface, E/T, GFCS
      ◎ iWAMIS - Model/GIS, INSAM, Reg. projects, Phenology
                GISC/(DCPC)(DWD), COST, Education/Training
      ◎ bWAMIS - *Region-specific Information
                   GISC/(DCPC) Argentina/Peru for Spanish
      ◎ aWAMIS -                〃
      ◎ sWAMIS -                〃
   WAMIS next phase for resource sharing

Web Portal            information sharing

   XML-based service : standard schema development
   Machine translation : multi-lingual interfaces
   Operational applications based on Web service architecture
   Tutorial interfaces for real practices

GRID Portal          Resource
   Forecast-based AgMet Services for researcher / extension
   Benchmarking on AMBER (DWD), expanding with DSAT
   NCAR (GDAS, MM5), DWD (GME, LM) as NWPs
   Super ensemble of Seasonal Forecasts (APCC / KMA, etc.)
   GISC / DCPC dedicated to WAMIS will be established (NCAR, DWD)
   LIS (NASA) as a framework for LSM (GDS / LAS + GRID)
GFCS : Climate Service Information System

                                               Data Grid
                                                                         GRID                         K*GRID
 GISC                               WAMIS                       Computing • Data • Access            eScience
                      DCPC             NCAR
 UNIDAT                                NCDC                      Computation • Research
  Data Broker                          TIGGE

        GDS                                                                         User Interface     END-
                       Climate Projection                  WAMIS Grid Portal
        LAS                                                                                           USERS
                       GDAPS / GME                                      AMBER
                       RDAPS / GME : WRF                                DSSAT
                       Mesoscale model
                                                                       GIS     RS
                       Historical (Legacy) data
                       Non-Meteorological Data
                                                                       Flux, GHG
                          Surface Flux
                          Soil Profile

  Emerging Needs & Requirements
 Urgent Needs : High quality, Value-added, Feasible,
    Diverse Applications at Farmer’s site (Quantitative)
    Value-added Operational Service (Qualitative)
    Feasible Communication Networks (Timely)
 Impending Requirements :
    High-resolution information production
    Feedback Mechanism from Users (bidirectional
    ICT Resource Sharing Platform
 Future Considerations
    Contribution to NWP models (as information provider)
    Multi-lingual Translation (efficient sharing of
  Implementation of Requirements
                   Advanced Services

 High-resolution information production (data processing)
 - Downscaling of climate/observation/forecast/projection data
 - GIS-based micrometeorological downscaling technology

 NWP-based Forecast services (AgMet forecasting)
 - Linking NWP outputs to AgModels for value-added forecasts
 - Short-, medium-, long-range, sub-seasonal to seasonal, CC scenario
 - Various AgModels : DSSAT, AMBER, etc.

 ICT resource sharing platform (ICT infrastructure)
 - Computing resources for NWP/AgModel with GIS/RS technology
 - User communication interface as information provider and feedback
Advanced service based on ICT sharing
       ICT Resource Sharing Platform
• Region-specific Service Platforms
   – Currently 3 to at least 6 servers with differentiated functions

• Computing resources for
   –   NWPs operation on user domain on time
   –   NWP output downscaling to high spatial resolutions
   –   User-specific AgModel operation on time
   –   GIS S/W operation
   –   RS data processing
   –   Derived products processing

• Large volume of data storage for
   – NWP and AgModel outputs
   – RS/GIS raw and processed data
   – Ground truth data (vegetation, weather, soil)
Summary of GFCS Implementation by CAgM
 1. WAMIS Next Phase
    - WAMIS mirrors in each RAs
    - WAMIS implementation : contents, tools, resources, infrastructure, interface, service
    - new Governance : collaboration/operation, feedbacks, resource sharing, - NCAM
 2. Regional Pilot Projects
    - Identification of existing/candidate projects (1-3 per RA)
    - Collaborating mechanisms with RAs/TCs

 3. Global Federation of AgMet Society (INSAM next phase)
     - Regional federations (existing/potential)
     - Governing mechanism including joint society meetings with CAgM session
 4. Education/Training/Outreach : Global CoE - NCAM
     - Strengthening current system
     - Accommodation of emerging user requirements
     - Collaborations among centers now/future (center of excellency in AgMet)

 5. Global Monitoring Networks : crop, phenology, drought, etc.
    - Collaboration with global efforts : GEOSS AG-0702 (crop monitoring/risk management)
    - Joint networks : ISBM/CBD (tree/bird/insect/germs/coral phenolgy)
    - Integration of existing/potential domestic/regional networks : WAOB (crop status)
 6. Collaborations with relevant international programs/institutions
    - INFITA/WCCA : Informatics in Agriculture
    - FluxNet : GHG/Energy flux monitoring, Caron tracker, LDAS
    - Geant/Tein2/APAN/Gloriad : high performance networks
Climate Service Schematics of CAgM

                                                             Data Grid
   GTS/WIS        GISC                             WAMIS                     Computing • Data • Access
                                       DCPC          NCAR
                  UNIDAT                                                      Computation • Research
                                                     NCDC                          KMA/KISTI
 (Joint)GISC       Data Broker                       TIGGE
                     GDS                                                                          User Interface
   SIMDAT                               Climate Projection               WAMIS Grid Portal
                     LAS                                                                           GridSphere
                                 MME    SIP
 Pilot Projects                         GDAPS / GME                                  AMBER
    SIMDAT                                                                           DSSAT
                                        RDAPS / GME : WRF
    UNIDAT                              Mesoscale model                              GIS     RS
        .                               Historical (Legacy) data
        .                                                                            LDAS/LIS
                                        Non-Meteorological Data
                                                                                     Flux, GHG
                                          Surface Flux
                                          Soil Profile
WMO Information System                                                                Applied
                WMO Integrated GOS
CAgM Implementation Components
                       for GFCS
    Global Center
    of Excellency
     in AgroMet

                     Lecturer               Expert
     Federation of
     AgM Society

     AgMet Pilot     Manager

       Projects                  Policy-

    Global AgMet
                   Partnerships among TCs/RAs

Primary           ICT                     WIS                  Models
User                                                                       CAgM

User                  Global Federation of AgMet Society
(RA/NMHS)    Regional Associations                  Regional Federation
             (operation)                            (R & D)
GFCS                     Regional Pilot Projects (1~3/RA)
End User
(Farming            AgModel, IT Resource, Tools, Storage, DBMS, Server, Interface
                  Feedback                                          Feedback
             (Ground Truth Information)                 (Land Surface Information)
End-User     +     Service Provider

           = uSERvicer

           You Servicer!


    Thank for Your Attention!

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