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					                                                                               77 Wigwam Ln                    (732) 544-8339
                                                                               Tinton Falls, NJ 07724

Sandeep H. Mittal

   Over ten years of experience in Software design and development using Java/CORBA, Oracle 7.x/8.0 on Windows NT/98
    and UNIX and Clipper/Fox Pro/C++/C on Windows NT/98/95/3.1 and DOS environment. More than four years in
    PL/SQL programming. More than one year using CASE tool Designer 2000 on Windows NT 4.0. More than two years
    on Developer 2000. Eight months experience in Java/JDBC/CORBA with Oracle for middle ware applications.
   Full Life Cycle development of several commercial application - Designed, developed, documented, tested, debugged and
    deployed over twenty-five commercial database applications.
   Managed a team of two-three developers on various projects for over seven years.
   Full Client Support - Interacted with clients on a regular basis to first assess their needs, developed the systems, modified
    as per their changing needs, documented the system, deployed them and trained the clients.
   Proficient in Oracle/Clipper Forms design, Report generation, Repository Management.
   Physical Design of Database and writing of server/client side stored procedures & triggers.
   Good programming skills in PL/SQL, Developer2000, Clipper, Fox Pro, C++, Java and C.
   Successful Installation of Oracle 8.x/7.x/Clipper Database. Defined the user security for the access of the database.
   Installed and supported various operating systems, including Windows, Unix, DOS and Windows NT/Novell networks.
   Designed and developed turn key solution for various industries, including but not limited to Client management System
    for Wireless Communication Dealers (Mobile and Pagers), Portfolio Management System for Stock Brokers, Financial
    Accounting System for Traders and Commission agents in various industries, Couriers, Transportation Industries, Pest
    Control etc, Quote Request System for Electrical/Electronics Components Dealers, Wireless Communication Dealers,
    Water Purifying Company, Computer Software/Hardware Traders etc, Cash register and Inventory System for large scale
    retail super stores etc, Organizational Effectiveness and Problem Sensing Opinion Survey System for Human and
    resources Department in a medium to large scale organization, Executive Planner and Information Management System
    for Executives and individuals, Annual Maintenance Contract System for Water Purifier, Pest Control, Air Conditioning
    Service Companies, Schedule Finder System for Train and Air travel Agents etc.

Languages         : PL/SQL, SQL, Clipper, JAVA, C++, C, PASCAL, Prolog.
CORBA             : Visigenic/Visibroker Version 3.3
Databases         : Oracle 7.x/8.x, Clipper/Visual Objects, FoxPro, dBase
Front End         : Developer 2000 (Forms 4.5/5.0, Reports 2.5/3.0)
CASE Tool         : Designer 2000
Connectivity      : DAO, ADO, ODBC, JDBC
Systems           : Windows NT 4.0/3.51,Windows 98/95, Windows3.1, Linux, SVR4 UNIX, Novell, DOS
Hardware          : IBM Compatible PCs, Digital VAX/VMS
Software          : Visual C++, Visual J++, Sun JDK 1.2, Java 3D/VRML


Present - October 98                                                                          Mittal Technologies, Inc.
Java/CORBA-Visigenic/Developer 2000/Designer2000/Oracle 8/Windows NT

   Portfolio Management System

Maintaining and enhancing an equity based portfolio management software developed in Oracle 8.0. The software keeps track of
investment for individual and a group of clients for Financial Consultants. Enhancements include stock splits and mergers and
buyouts. The important enhancement include generating reports based on Cost Inflation Index, gain over Savings/CD rates, long
term and short term capital gain/loss.

Created a CORBA server using Visigenic's Visibroker Version 3.3 which connects to the Portfolio Management database
developed in Oracle above. The server has the capabilities to get portfolio information for a given client and update a buy or a
sale for that client. It handles the multiple client lookups such that if one client is connected twice, say the client himself and his
broker, and a transaction is entered by one login, the other login gets that information dynamically. Then a client application was
developed using Java such that it connects to the CORBA server, logs in and gets and updates the portfolio information for the
specified client. It then generates the information which can then based upon an html template be shown to the user in a browser.

September 98 - August 89                                                                     ShantiHans Computers.
Oracle/Developer 2000/Designer2000/Clipper/Visual Objects/FoxPro/Visual C++

Designed, developed, documented, tested, debugged and deployed over twenty-five commercial database application for various
clients as follows. Most all projects included direct client interaction, understanding the requirements, and training them upon
the completion of the system. Most systems were developed using data modeling, defining Entity Relationship Diagrams (ERDs)
with normalization, Data Flow Diagrams (DFDs) and Functional Hierarchy Diagrams (FHDs). Online and context sensitive help
facilities provided for all systems.

            Portfolio Management System for Portfolio Managers for Non Resident Indians
         September 1998 - November 1997 - The software NRI Portfolio Manager figures out and indicates: The scripts whose
         allotment and/or refund are due. Allotment received but certificates not received. Scripts in which, Power of Attorney
         registration letter is to be applied. List of scripts to apply for TS-4 to Reserve Bank of India. List of scripts in hand and
         those that are ready for sale. Reminders of outstanding deliveries and payments. Shows profit/loss in NRE/NRO
         accounts with short term/long term gain including tax liabilities. Upon entering current stock prices, generate various
         analysis reports showing scripts in loss, incurring profit with user defined profit margin with percentage. Ready
         application formats for Power of Attorney registration, TS4 to Reserve Bank of India, Statement of sold shares to Bank,
         Income tax clearance certificate. Financial accounting system: Bankbook, Cashbook, and Journal Vouchers. Including,
         Interest/Dividend received and Tax Deducted at source, Saving Bank Interest, Bank commission and other charges,
         Fixed Deposit Interest, Reconciliation of Bank Statement, Latest Fixed Deposit Position (Stock Invest Accounts only).
         All types of reports including Final Balance and Profit and Loss Account. This project was developed for Ahmedabad
         Stock Exchange Members/ Portfolio Managers/ Individuals using Oracle 8.0, Designer 2000, Developer 2000 (Forms
         4.5, Reports 3.0) on Windows NT.

            Cash register and Inventory System
         October 1997 - December 1996 - The main aim of the project was to maintain and automate purchase, sales, inventory,
         re-order alerts, usage alerts and generate related reports in a networked environment with multiple cash register and
         administration stations of over thousand items carried by the club super store, a la Price Club or BJ’s. The budget
         constraints warranted the use of IBM PCs and Novell Netware based system. Implemented locks for maintaining the
         consistency of the database as used by multiple operators generating bills, reports, re-orders etc. Maintains a list of
         clients authorized to make purchases and generate reports accordingly. Each client has a pre-fix purchase limit against
         which he/she can buy items. The data entry screens include Item Master, Client Master, Item Receipts, Sales and
         Refunds. The daily reports include Sales summary by Items, Bills, Operator and Client. The weekly/monthly/yearly
         reports include Sales summary by Items, Bills, Operator and Client for the specified period. The other reports generated
         were Daily Closing Inventory, Monthly Closing Inventory, Daily Cash summary, Re-order levels report, Demand Sheet
         etc. This project was developed for Indian Army’s Super Store for Consumer Items using Clipper/Visual Objects and

            Client Management System for Wireless Communication Dealers (Pagers)
         November 1996 - October 1996 - The system includes maintaining inventory of Pagers provided by the Dalmia,
         Sunkyong and Samsung Group - DSS Mobile Communications Ltd., known as “Mobilink”
         ( Very similar to the project developed for AT&T Wireless Communication dealers
         group below. The modifications include keeping track of payments made to Mobilink by the type of pager and
         activation, computing the profit made per sale of the pager and activation, generating reports giving records by agents,
         calculating incentives on sales of pagers from Mobilink to the dealer and the agents etc. This project was developed for
         Sunkyong, Samsung, Korea - Wireless Communication Dealers using Oracle 7.1, Developer 2000 on Windows NT.

            Dealer Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) Card and Client Management System
         September 1996 - April 1996 - Maintains inventory of SIM Cards and Mobile Phone Numbers provided by AT&T to
         the dealers. Keeps track of SIMs and Phone numbers allocated to and used by each agent, for the dealer and overall.
         Keeps track of subscribers, an individual or a corporation, and the SIMs and Phone Numbers allocated to them. Keeps
track of various calling plans offered by AT&T. Creates Welcome Kit describing the features of the calling plans and
billing information for a new subscriber. Supports mail merge for mails to all or selected subscribers. Generates reports
of used and unused SIMs and Phone Numbers by dealers, agents, location or overall. Generates reports for the SIM
activations for the specified period by the agent and/or location specified or overall. Generates reports showing the
usage and allocation of SIMs and phone numbers in the format required by AT&T. Generates reports and forms for re-
ordering of SIMs and phone numbers. Generates reports to support the accounting programs used by a dealer. This
project was developed for AT&T Wireless Communication (GSM) Dealers using Oracle 7.1, Developer 2000 on
Windows NT.

   Annual Maintenance Contract System (Work Management)
May 1996 - January 1996 - The package was designed to keep track of annual maintenance jobs, their scheduling, and
reminding. A good solution with the flexibility of changing schedules and on-time reminders was required. The system
is capable of inserting records of fix scheduling provided by their clients. The system helps the users monitor the dates
on which schedules were booked so that they never over-book the schedule. Scheduling of maintenance works by area,
type of job and operator could be done. Workload is scheduled in such a way that all operators are assigned same hours
of work over a week and the assigned jobs to any one operator are in the close vicinity of each other. A Work
Satisfaction data sheet at the end of each maintenance work is then fed into the system to see each operator's
performance. Cost factor per contract, billing, report card, contract card are generated with minimal keystrokes. The
project was developed generically and then customized for Thermax Culligan Water Technologies Ltd., Pest Control
Enterprise, Air Conditioning Service Company etc using Clipper, C and Windows 95.

   Quote Request System (Quote Editor)
December 1995 - March 1995 - Mohta Electric & Engg. Co. Ltd. is involved in selling number of electric and
electronic components. They send quotations to their corporate clients with technical bid. Each electric and electronic
item has its own technical detail which is very cumbersome to write and needs lots of accuracy, since, a minor technical
change leads to different item, with different terms and conditions. Moreover, same type of item-quotation is send to
various clients. Therefore they needed an application which can perform quotation management, by Group, Item,
Salesman or Company with full follow-up with clients. They showed us 15-20 different formats of quotations. The
program is designed in such a way that it can be used to quote for any item one can sell which may either be a physical
item or a service contract item. Quotes can be generated using very few keys-strokes or mouse clicks. It generates
reminder after a follow-up date. Generate reports based on success rate of quotes by product, company as well as
salesman. One can see the reason for quote being rejected for the next quotation to helps for a successful bid. Software
generates follow-up letter assuring best rates and services. Proforma Invoice can be generated based on the quote
provided. Helps monitor success rate of quotes. This project was developed generically and then customized for
Xenolink India, Mohta Electric & Engg. Co. Ltd., Thermax Culligan Water Technologies Ltd., Mittal Infotech etc.
using Clipper, C and Windows NT/95.

   Schedule Finder System
February 1995 – January 1995 - This software is used to obtain the schedule of trains/flights running between two
stations with option of stops for Indian Railways and Indian Airlines. Shows complete printable arrival-departure
details. Records can be added/modified/deleted as per the requirement. This is a generic package sold to various
corporations, Human Resource Departments, Travel Agents and individuals. This was developed using Visual C++,
DAO, MS Access, Windows 95/NT.

   Executive Planner and Information Management System
December 1994 - August 1994 - This software manages daily plans and general information, which works like a
Personal Assistant. In the Planner section, it provides Appointment Scheduler, Calls to make, While you were out,
Meetings, Functions, Simple Reminders, Birth dates & Anniversary dates, Important dates, Travel plan, Follow-ups,
Inter-office Messages, Message Broadcasting. In Information Kit, it provides information for STD Codes (inter-city
telephone codes), ISD Codes (International telephone codes), Greeting telegrams, Calories chart, Unit converter,
International/Domestic Flights schedule, On-line calculator, Exhaustive Calendar with user rights, cut & paste utility
with built-in file editor. Provided upgrades with better and new ideas after every few months till April 1998. Developed
in DOS/LAN/Windows Version. This was a generic package sold to hundreds of clients and was developed using
Clipper, C, C++, Novell Netware and Windows 3.1.
           Business Card Management System
        July 1994 - March 1994 - This software manages address and phones. It sores Complete Communication details of a
        Person/Company. Each Person/Company can be defined in various User-defined Groups. Provides facilities for address
        label printing on Stickers/Stationery/Envelopes, Correspondence (Mail merge) letter printing, On-line Telephone Diary
        and its printing, Detailed list printing (Complete Information) etc. Data Import facility from many database in Microsoft
        Access/Xbase format. Utility for change in telephone numbers, searching on Name, Phone numbers, Cut & Paste utility,
        File editor with Mail merge format creator, On-line Calculator and Calendar. Provided upgrades with better and new
        ideas after every few months till April 1998. Developed in DOS/LAN/Windows Version. This was a generic package
        sold to hundreds of clients and was developed using Clipper, C, C++, Novell Netware and Windows 3.1.

           Financial Accounting Systems
        February 1994 - May 1990 - This project included building a complete and comprehensive financial accounting
        system. The components include General Ledger, Account Receivable, Account payable, Sales order, Invoicing,
        Inventory Control, Bank Reconciliation, Petty Cash and Financial Snapshot. The system includes comprehensive
        Bankbook, Cashbook, and Journal Vouchers. An extensive reporting system include reports like All books (Financial
        Accounting), Bank Reconciliation, Trading Interest, Accounts payable, Accounts Receivables, Party-wise/Item-wise
        Profit/Loss, Balance sheet, Profit and Loss etc. This package was first developed using basic accounting principals and
        then customized to fit the needs of various industries. The impressive list of clients include Cost and Freight Agents,
        Wholesale Cloth Merchants, Cloth Manufacturing Companies, Cloth Commission Agents, Cloth Processing Houses,
        Transporters, Resellers, Traders, Computer Hardware/Software Dealers/Agents etc. This package was developed using
        Clipper, C, C++, ODBC, DAO, MS Access, MS-DOS and then ported later to Windows NT/95.

           Courier Service Management System
        December 1989 - April 1990 - Software to maintain complete details of consignment booked by a courier company
        including, city file maintenance, rate contracts with individuals and corporate accounts, consignment-note (c-note)
        printing, invoice printing, manifestation etc. This project was developed for Corporate Couriers Ltd. using Clipper, C,
        MS-DOS and Novell Netware.

           Time & Motion Flow Tracking System
        November 1989 – August 1989 - Software to maintain inward/outward register. All items which come in the company
        are noted in the inward register and which go out are noted in outward register to maintain the movements of the items
        in a company. This project was developed for Byte Interface Private Ltd. using Clipper, C, MS-DOS and Novell

           Miscellaneous
        The following is a list of various other commercial projects done for various clients at different times during August 89
        to September 98 using Oracle, Clipper, Visual Objects, C, C++, ODBC, DAO, MS Access under Windows NT/98/95.
         Speech Processing – Speech parameters extraction through digital methods. A speech sample is first extracted
            using ADDA card. This sample is then used to extract various speech parameters. The results are shown
            graphically illustrating speech sample distortion, filtered data, LPC Spectrum, Par-Cor LPC, Peak value etc.
            Developed for Indian Space Research Organization.
         UniData Maintenance System – Software to create a database, design the screens and request the contents of those
            on a user-defined screen format. In UNIX/C/CURSES
         Teaching Information System – Software to maintain timetable and attendance records of each course offered in
            the college.
         Print Merge - Software to maintain documentation of quotations and confirmation of the contracts for various pest
            control treatments.
         Management of documents of Fumigation done on containers exported
         Stock Management of chemicals used in Pest control Treatments
         Software Manager to manage batch files processing and various applications
         Document tracing system to manage and trace inflow and outflow of documents in courier business

   M.S. Computer Science (MCA), Gujarat University, India, 1993
   B. S. Electronics, Gujarat University, India, 1990

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