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                          2010              Chicago
                                            Center, LLC
                                            Stacie D.
                                            McClane, MD
                                            680 N. Lake Shore Dr., Ste. 930
                                            Chicago, IL 60611


                              Creating Beauty

                              Combining artistry with surgical skill, Dr. Stacie
                              D. McClane tailors each treatment to meet her
                              patients’ individual goals and needs. She is sought
                              both for her “natural” results and for her down-to-
                              earth and comprehensive approach.

                              “Dr. McClane was able to remove 20 tired years
                              from my life. She is an amazingly talented profes-
                              sional with an innate sense of compassion and
                              understanding that treats the whole person,”said
                              Mary, a long-term patient of Dr. McClane’s.

                              Dr. McClane is one of a very limited number of
                              female cosmetic surgeons in the Midwest who is
                              certified by The American Board of Facial Plastic
                              and Reconstructive Surgery. This specialization
                              enables her to use her experience and vision to
                              provide the highest level of expertise in rejuvenat-
                              ing and improving the face. Her specialties include
                              facelifts, rhinoplasty, minilifts, blepharoplasty, fat
                              transfers to augment and “lift” the face, Botox,
                              and facial and lip augmentation with temporary
                              and permanent injectables.

                              The on-site, fully accredited surgical facility pro-
                              vides privacy, safety, and convenience.

                              Her philosophy is simple. “I provide my patients
                              with the best possible results and experience
                              every time I see them. Safety and excellence are
                              always the highest priorities. I love what I do. So,
                              it’s natural for me to be a perfectionist with every

                              We invite you to learn more about Dr. McClane at

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