Stage Performers by dffhrtcv3


									Stage Performers

  The Craft of Acting
    Who are your favorite actors?
   Why?
     What actors do you dislike?
   Why?
             In the Past…
 Greek and Asian Theatre stressed formal
 Greeks wore masks; Asian theatre artists
  wore heavy and stylized makeup
 Western theatre: from the Renaissance
  through the 19th Century, acting was
     Studying acting: differing methods

 College theatre, Graduate School
 Hollywood, Chicago, New York
         Physical demands
 Movement
 Dance
 Combat/Fencing/Melee
           Vocal Demands
 Projection
 Mastering Shakespearian and other
 Enunciation
         Constantine Stanislavski
   “The Method” of realistic acting: a more
    believable system
   Relaxation
   Concentration and observation
   Importance of specifics
   Given Circumstances
   Inner truth
   Through line of a role: The Super-objective
       Additional Techniques
 The Group Theatre: 1931
 Lee Strasberg: The Actor’s Studio
  (Emotional Recall) Paul Newman, Dustin
  Hoffman, Robert DeNiro, Marilyn Monroe
 Sanford Meisner: The Neighborhood
  Playhouse (Emotional Preparation) Jeff
  Goldblum, Robert Duvall, Mary
 Headshot and Resume
 4-5 Monologues (“Period” and
 16 bars of a song (the part of the song
  that shows off one’s voice)
 Cold readings
     Knowing character types
 Ingenue (female) or boy-next-door
 Femme Fatale or Homme Fatale
 Leading Man/Lady
 “Character” Actors
 “typecasting”
 Casting against type
 Triple Threat

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