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Larson Douglas Hudson, ACT- Compassion International by LarsonDHudson


Larson Douglas Hudson, ACT- Compassion International

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									Compassion International is a faith-based organization and ministry that
advocates for children around the world. The goal of the organization is to help
children grow into responsible adults by relieving economic, spiritual, physical,
and social poverty.

Established in South Korea by American evangelist Everett Swanson, the
organization initially assisted children who were left orphaned as a result of the
Korean conflict. Since then, Compassion International has expanded through the
years and now benefits more than one million children around the world.

The organization achieves its goals via a comprehensive child-development
model. The Child Sponsorship Program, an important aspect of the
organization’s outreach, allows individuals to sponsor children for a small
monthly donation A Child Survival Program promotes maternal and infant care; it
includes prenatal education, breastfeeding, family planning, and literacy
programs for mothers, and growth monitoring, immunizations, socialization, and
food for infants. A Leadership Development Program supports young men and
women who want to become Christian leaders.

Compassion International is supported by private donations, churches, and a
variety of fundraising efforts. Donations are tax-deductible.

Larson Douglas Hudson, ACT, is CEO of Simplex Healthcare, the United States’
third largest supplier of diabetic supplies. He supports Compassion International.

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