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					Spectrum Management
  the Need for Next

  Digital Decade
              Friday 23, July 2010
Outline : Company Preface
  Loop Mobile (India) Limited
    One of the oldest Mobile Service Provider in Mumbai.

    Subscriber base around 3 Million.

  Loop Telecom Limited
    Holding UAS License across 21 Service Areas .

    Having Initial Start-up Spectrum of 4.4 MHz in 20 Service
    Areas (except in Delhi and 64 Districts of 12 Service Areas).
Digital Decade
Current Scenario
Current 2G and 3G Allocations in Frequency Bands
  CDMA800   GSM900       GSM1800   3G 2100

800 MHz Band         -   CDMA
900 MHz Band         –   GSM
1800 MHz Band –          GSM
2100 MHz Band –          3G
Spectrum Management

 Presently frequency is allocated as per National
 Frequency Allocation Plan (NFAP).

 4.4 MHz as Startup Spectrum.

 Additional Spectrum allocated based on subscriber
 base, over and above the contracted spectrum.

 Higher spectrum charge for more spectrum.
Spectrum Charging Scenario
Spectrum Charges : Based on quantum of Spectrum allocated
as a percentage of AGR.

Matter Subjudiced
Digital Decade
Spectrum Management : Next
Digit Decade
Wireless services will undergo a major expansion in the next decade &
will provoke an increased need for radio spectrum.

Major technological changes are under way as well, which might help in
improving its efficient use, but also warrant savvier management

Mobile broadband is entering a golden age of development, bringing
human society to a new height of ubiquity.

Dimensions of Spectrum Management:

o    Allocation: Service harmonization or Service Flexibility,
o    Technology: Standardization or Technology Flexibility
Considerations for Next
Digital Decade

Technology and/or Services


 Considerations for Next
 Digital Decade

  Value Added Services.

  Financial Services Inclusion.



  Digital Learning [E-Learning]
  Considerations for Next
  Digital Decade
  Effective and efficient management of Spectrum.
  Flexible but Stable Spectrum Allocation Policy(ies).
     Need to clearly define the spectrum eligibility at the
     time of grant of License and not after years of allocation
     of spectrum
     Charge for different bands of spectrum be determined
     And the charge determined at a particular time need not
     be applied to spectrum allocated 8-10 years earlier.
     Effective for at least 5 years..
 Considerations for Next
 Digital Decade

  Regulations for effective Spectrum Sharing.

     Sharing to be allowed to all operators
     Artificial barrier for sharing of certain amount of
     spectrum not required.

  Spectrum – Upon Merger and Acquisition.
     Market share of the Resultant entity should be so
     as to encourage M&A
     Similarly spectrum held by the Resultant entity
     should be so as to encourage M&A
             Hence, at the
    Dawn of the Digital Decade
a very transparent, robust and stable
   Spectrum Management Policy
     is very eagerly awaited…!!!
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