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					Gloucestershire Police Authority - Register of Members' Personal Interests

                                                                                                                                                                (6) The name of any                                                                                   (10) The address or
                                                                                                                                                               person(s) or body/ies                                                                                   other description
                                                                                                                                                                  having a place or                                                                                  (sufficient to identify
                                                                                                                                                              business or land in the      (7) Any contract for                                                       the location) of any
                                                                                                                                                              authority's area and in       goods, services or                                                           land where the
                                                                                                                                     (5) The name of any      which the member has        works made between                                                             landlord is the
                                                2 Notification of his/her membership of                                             person(s) or body(ies)   a beneficial interest in a      the authority and     (8) Details of the                                authority and he/she,     (11) the address or other
                                                    or position of general control or                                                other than a relevant     class of securities of      him/her or a firm in       person from                                      or a firm in which      description (sufficient to
                    (1) Notification of his/her   management in body/ies exercising                                                   authority, who has     that person or body that        which he/she is a       whom he/she          (9) The address or other he/she is a partner, a       identify the location) of
                   Membership of or position functions of a public nature; directed to                                                made a payment to        exceeds the nominal        partner, a company of     has received a       description (sufficient to    company of which               any land in the
                      of general control or        charitable purposes; one of whose                                                 him/her in respect of    value of £25,000 or one        which he/she is a     gift or hospitality identify the location) of any       he/she is a             authority's areas in
                   management in body/ies to        principal purposes includes the                                                  your election or any      hundredth of the total     remunerated director,          with an        land in which he/she has a remunerated director             which he/she has
                     which he/she has been        influence of public opinion or policy (3) Any employment (4) Any person or body   expenses incurred by        issued share capital      or a person or body of   estimated value         beneficial interest and    or a person or body       licence (alone or jointly                  Notice of revisions
                   appointed or nominated by (including any political party or trade or business carried     who employs or has       him/her in carrying         (which ever is the          the description          of at least       which is in the area of the   of the description        with others) to occupy        Date form    to the Register -
Name of Member            the Authority                          union).                   out by him/her.   appointed him/her.       out his/her duties.              lower).                specified in (6)           £25.00.                  authority.            specified in (6).         for 28 days or longer.       completed     date received
Councillor R Allen Gloucestershire Health     Gloucestershire County Council         Elected Member of    Appointed to              Election expenses        Director of a                Winchcombe Day        None                  Home address as               None.                      None                         09.07.09
                   Overview & Scrutiny        Gloucestershire Police Authority        Gloucestershire     Gloucestershire           are partly paid for by   registered charity           Care Foundation                             advised to the Police         Winchcombe Day
                   Committee (HOSC)           Gloucestershire Health Overview &        County Council     County Council by a       the consortium of        known as the                 receives annual                             Authority.                    Care Centre's
                   LEA Governor of Isbourne   Scrutiny Committee, a statutory        Elected Member of    majority of electors in   Conservative             Winchcombe Day               revenue funding                                                           premises are
                   Valley Primary School      body                                      Tewkesbury        the Winchcombe            Constituency             Care Foundation, a           partly from                                                               owned by the
                   Gloucestershire Police     Isbourne Valley Primary School          Borough Council     Division in June 2009     Associations in          corporate body limited       Gloucestershire                                                           Severn Vale
                   Authority                  South West Councils                                         Appointed to              Gloucestershire and      by guarantee. The            County Council's                                                          Housing Society.
                                              Tewkesbury Borough Council                                  Tewkesbury Borough        partly by myself         Foundation operates          Community & Adult
                                              Winchcombe Day Care Foundation                              Council as one of the     Gloucestershire          Winchcombe Day               Care directorate and
                                              Winchcombe Day Care Centre                                  three councillors         County Council,          Care Centre in               partly from the
                                              Management Committee                                        sharing the ward by a     Tewkesbury               Gloucestershire. On          Gloucestershire
                                              Winchcombe Sports & Recreation                              majority of electors in   Borough Council          appointment,                 Primary Care Trust.
                                              Foundation                                                  May 2007                  and Gloucestershire      directors are required       The 'contract' is for
                                              Gloucestershire Playing Fields                              Appointed as a            Police Authority pay     to take up single            day care services
                                              Association                                                 trustee of                for mileage properly     share nominally              supplied to elderly
                                              The Conservative Party                                      Winchcombe day            accounted for in the     valued at £1. As             people in the greater
                                              The Conservative Councillors'                               Care Foundation by        execution of duties      there are fewer than         Winchcombe area.
                                              Association                                                 its Board of Directors.   for each respective      100 directors this           The centre has also
                                              Tewkesbury Conservative                                                               body.                    holding amounts to           received capital
                                              Association                                                                                                    more than 1/100 of           funding from Glos
                                              Gloucestershire Police Authority                                                                               the issued shares.           County Council's
                                              Gloucestershire Health Overview &                                                                              The directorship is          Community and Adult
                                              Scrutiny Committee, a statutory                                                                                unremunerated and            Care directorate
                                              body                                                                                                           the shares have no           towards the cost of a
                                              The Local Government Association                                                                               actual value.                replacement.
                                              South West Councils                                                                                                                         Gloucestershire
                                              Gloucestershire Playing Fields                                                                                                              County Council and
                                              Association                                                                                                                                 Tewkesbury Borough
                                              Winchcombe Sports & Recreation                                                                                                              Council contribute
                                              Foundation                                                                                                                                  grants to the
                                                                                                                                                                                          Playing Fields

Councillor P      Gloucestershire County      Lower Severn Drainage Board                   None                  None                      None                      None                        None                   None                    None                        None                       None                   22.09.08
Awford            Council                     National Flood Forum
                  Tewkesbury Borough          Conservative Party
                  Council                     Gloucestershire Action Against
                  Lead Member for             Flooding
                  Equalities at               Tewkesbury Swimming Baths Trust
                  Gloucestershire County
Councillor P      Cotswold AONB               Cirencester Town Council               Director of Kirthia Employee of I-Vocom Conservative Party  Home address as                   None           None                 Home address as                None          Home address as            21.06.10
Braidwood         Gloucestershire Police      Cotswold District Council                     Ltd                 Ltd                             advised to the Police                                                        advised                                      advised
                  Authority                   Gloucestershire County Council           Employee of                                                    Authority                                                      to the Police Authority                      to the Police Authority
                  Cotswold LSP                Conservative Party                        I-Vocom Ltd                                                  Krithia Ltd
                                              Gloucestershire RAYNET (charity)
                                              North Wiltshire RAYNET (charity)
                                              Justice of the Peace

Mrs V Clouston    Association of Police       Bisley Blue Coat School Governor None                       None                    Citizen's Advice           None                  None                None            Home address as                None                None                 12.09.07
                  Authorities -               Bisley-with-Lypiatt Twinning                                                             Bureau                                                                                advised
                  Performance                 Association                                                                                                                                                            to the Police Authority
                  Management Policy           Bisley WI Village Hall (Trustee)                                                                                                                                                 and
                  Group                       Liberal Democrats Member                                                                                                                                                a second property in
                  Safer Cotswolds             NAS/UWT (National Association of                                                                                                                                               Stroud.
                  (Cotswold CDRP)             Schoolmasters/Union of Women
                                              Teachers) Member
                                              Women's Institute Member
                                              National Trust Member
                                              Citizen's Advice Bureau - Volunteer

Councillor B      Vice Chair and Director of ALDC                                          None           N/A                   Gloucester Liberal None                    None                   None              Home address as            None               None                      11.09.07
Crowther          Gloucestershire Airport    MCIPS                                                                                 Democrats                                                                        advised
                  Company                    MIET                                                                                                                                                                   to the Police Authority
                  (Nominee of Gloucester
                  City Council)

Councillor B Dare Gloucestershire County      Gloucestershire County Council        Greengrow Limited     Greengrow Limited      None                Please contact Police Please contact Police Please contact     Home address as            Please contact     Archive Storage at    20.09.10          08.06.10
                  Council                     Gloucestershire Police Authority      B.S.D. Holdings       B.S.D. Holdings                            Authority office for  Authority office for  Police             advised to the Police      Police Authority   Arena Construction
                  Gloucestershire Police      Cotswolds and Malverns Transport      Limited               Limited                                    information           information           Authority office   Authority and a second     office for         Ltd, Moreton in Marsh
                  Authority                   Partnership                           Cecil & Larter        Cecil & Larter Limited                                                                 for information    property in Cambridge      information
                  Cotswolds and Malverns      Cotswold District Council             Limited and Cecil &   and Cecil & Larter
                  Transport Partnership       University of Gloucestershire         Larter Properties     Properties Ltd
                  Cotswold District Council   The Carlton Club                      Ltd                   Odin Estates Limited
                  University of               Gloucester Conservative Club          Odin Estates          Mill Dene Garden
                  Gloucestershire             The Marylebone Cricket Club           Limited               University of
                                              Gloucestershire County Cricket Club   Mill Dene Garden      Gloucestershire
                                              Colets                                University of
                                              Fathers and Sons Ramblers Cricket     Gloucestershire
                                              Chipping Norton Cricket Club
                                              Broadway Golf Club
                                              The Countryside Alliance
                                              The National Trust
                                              The Old Mallian Association
                                              The Old Pauline Club
                                              The Cambridge University Rugby
                                              Football Union Club
                                              Cotswold Conservative Association
                                              (The Conservative Party)
                                              Royal Horticultural Society
                                              Remnants Cricket Club
                                              Stow on the Wold and District
                                              Rugby Football Club
                                              Cotswold Line Promotion Group
                                              The Royal British Legion (Morton in
                                              Marsh Branch)
                                              Conservative Councillors
                                              Moreton in Marsh and District
                                              Agricultural and Horse Show
                                              Gloucester Historic Churches
                                              Charitable Trust
                                              The Lady Northwick Memorial
Mr T Fitzgibbon   None                        None                                          None          None                  None                 None                  None               None              Home address as           None   None   24.09.07
                                                                                                                                                                                                                to the Police Authority

Ms R FitzJohn     None                        Chair of NHS Gloucestershire     Company                    Company Secretary     None                 None                  None               None              Half share of two        None    None
                                              Trustee of Cheltenham Town Sport Secretary of               of Filestar Ltd                                                                                       properties in Cheltenham
                                              and Educational Trust            Filestar Ltd
                                              Trustee of Gloucestershire GP
                                              Educational Trust
                                              Chair and Trustee of NHS
                                              Gloucestershire Charitable Funds
                                              Member of the Board of the
                                              Midcounties Co-operative

Councillor R      Attend meetings of the      Gloucestershire County Councillor      Director of          Director of Mediation Conservative Party   Mediation in Planning LPossibly          Royal Air Force   Home address as           None   None   30.09.07   01.02.10
Garnham           Association                 Cheltenham Borough Councillor          Mediation in         in Planning Limited                                               Gloucestershire   Charitable        advised
                  of Police Authorities       Governor of Gloucestershire            Planning Limited     Senior Invigilator and                                            College           Trust             to the Police Authority
                                              College                                Senior Invigilator   Senior Assessor -                                                                   Enterprises -     and
                                              Governor of Belmont School,            and Senior           NPIA                                                                                July 2009         second property in
                                              Cheltenham                             Assessor - NPIA      Independent                                                                                           Cheltenham
                                              Honorary Vice President of             Independent          Assessor for NHS
                                              Cheltenham YMCA                        Assessor for NHS     Appointments
                                              Member of the Conservative Party       Appointments         Commission
                                              Member of the P.C.S. Trade Union       Commission           Board Member of the
                                              Member of Gloucestershire              Board Member of      APA
                                              Partnership NHS Foundation Trust       the APA              Board Member of the
                                              Member of the RNLI                     Board Member of      NPIA
                                              Member of the National Trust           the NPIA

Mrs M Gibbs       None                        Hillesley Jubilee Field Management Director -               NHS South             N/A                  Goldstone Consulting None                None              Home address as           None   None   19.06.09   19.03.10
                                              Committee                          Goldstone                Gloucestershire                            Ltd                                                        advised to the Police
                                              Hawkesbury and Horton Women's Consulting Ltd                Dorset,                                                                                               Authority and a second
                                              Institute                                                   Gloucestershire and                                                                                   property in Cheltenham
                                              Chair of NHS South Gloucestershire                          Wiltshire Courts

Mr I Ginwalla     None                        Director of Tamkeencom                  TESOL - Training None                     None                 None                  None               None              Home address as           None   None   21.09.07   12.10.10
                                              Community Governor Widden              Teaching English to                                                                                                        advised to the Police
                                              Primary School                          speakers of other                                                                                                         Authority
                                              Trustee - Fluck Fund                       languages
                                              Director - Barton Tredworth
                                              Development Ltd
                                              Trustee - Interpal - charity working
                                              in humanitarian work
                                              Trustee - Gymnation
                                              Member of the Gloucestershire
                                              Advisory Committee

Councillor S      Gloucester United           Chairman of Trustees Forest       None                      Civil Servant         None                 None                  None               None              Home address as           None   None   06.06.10
McMillan          Schools Charity             Fitness Centre Cinderford                                   Welsh Assembly                                                                                        advised to the Police
                  Standing Advisory Council   Chairman of Governors High School                           Government, Cardiff                                                                                   Authority.
                  on Religious Education      for Girls, Gloucester
                  Gloucestershire Health      Chairman - Forest of Dean
                  Overview and Scrutiny       Conservative Association
                                              Member of the Conservative Party
Mrs S Naydorf      None                         Member of Cheltenham Open                       None        None               None                None                 None    None           None                       None   None   24.10.08
                                                Studios - a group of local artists who
                                                exhibit in the Cheltenham Area.
                                                The group raises funds and obtains
                                                grants locally and nationally to fund
                                                Support the following charities on a
                                                regular basis:
                                                Karuna Trust
                                                Brooke Hospital
                                                The Royal Marsden
                                                LINC (Cheltenham Hospital)

Mr A Read          None                         National Union of Journalists            Andy Read Media                                                                                       Home address as                          08.09.07
                                                Stroud Community Land Trust              Services (Media)                                                                                      advised to the Police
                                                Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust                                                                                                                 Authority and a property
                                                Stroud Town Council                                                                                                                            in Nailsworth
                                                National Trust
                                                Stroud Concordat

Mr G Wareing       Member of the Institute of   Governor Bournside School and             Communications    PA                 Min of Justice      Nil                  Nil     Nil            Nil                        Nil    Nil    10.09.07
                   Personnel and                Sixth Form Centre - Cheltenham              Consultant                         (Judicial Studies
                   Development                  Trustee St Luke's Hospital - Oxford                                            Board)
                   APA - HR                     Conservative Party
                   Senior Assessor - NPIA       Magistrate
                   Assessor - Summerfield

Councillor B       Board Member of Severn       Member of Gloucestershire County Ace Administration - Gloucestershire    Liberal Democrat          Home address as       None   None           Home address as            None   None   15.07.09
Whelan             Vale Housing Society Ltd     Councillor                            proprietor of   County Council     Party                     advised to the Police                       advised to the Police
                   Chairman of Horizons         Member of Tewkesbury Borough          commercial      Tewkesbury Borough                           Authority                                   Authority
                   Youth Centre                 Council                            property business, Council                                      Business,
                   Management Committee         Member of Churchdown Parish           Cheltenham                                                   Cheltenham
                   Member of Executive          Council
                   Committee                    Member of Innsworth Parish Council
                   Churchdown Community         Member of Tewkesbury Swimming
                   Centre                       Baths Trust
                   Member of Churchdown         Member of Liberal Democrat Party
                   Sports Hall Council          Member of Federation of Small

Councillor Mrs L   Gloucestershire County       Governor - Maidenhill School,            Toranda Ltd        None               Gloucestershire     None                 None    Book - 'Diverse None                      None   None   14.09.07
Williams           Council                      Stonehouse                               12 High Street                        County Council                                   Britain' given
                                                Labour and Co-op Party                   Stonehouse                                                                             by Glos
                                                Member of Kings Stanley Parish           Glos                                                                                   Constabulary
                                                Council                                  GL10 3JY                                                                               July 2007

Independent Members of Standards Committee
Mr D Chittenden N/A                   Cheltenham Borough Council           Civil Servant                    Civil Service      None                None                 None    None           Home address as            None   None
                                      Standards Committee Independent                                                                                                                          advised to the Police
                                      Member                                                                                                                                                   Authority
                                      National Training Awards (UK Skills)
Mr C Marshall      Independent Member           Chair Stroud District Council            Land Agent         Michael Tuck New   None                None                 None    None           Two properties in          None   None   14.12.09
                   Police Authority             Standards Committee                                         Homes                                                                              Gloucester
                   Standards Committee          Board Member - Gloucester City
Mrs M Robinson   None   Chair of Governors, Cam Hopton     Self employed as     Not directly employed   Independent           None   None   None   Home address as         None   None   15.12.09
                        Primary School                     management           but regular             Monitoring Board                           advised to the Police
                        Member of Independent Monitoring   consultant working   consultancy clients     Secretariat (Ministry                      Authority
                        Board, HMP Gloucester (Ordinary    in non-profit and    are:                    of Justice) pays
                        Member from Jan 2010)              voluntary sector     Oak Foundation -        expenses incurred
                        Member of Chartered Management     specialising in      Geneva                  as IMB Member.
                        Institute                          project evaluation   Unicef UK
                        Governor of Rednock School,        Independent Public   Welsh Assembly
                        Dursley (from July 2010)           Appointments         Government
                        Lay Chair, NHS Education South     Assessor appointed   Evaluation Trust
                        West (Severn Deanery) from Sept    by Commissioner      (Reading)
                        2010.                              for public           Bristol Care and
                                                           appointments and     Repair
                                                           Welsh Assembly
                                                           Evaluation Trust

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