The Dore Program- Identifying Points of Struggle

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					Many people take their physical abilities and mental acumen for granted and are
often able to learn without much outside help. For some children and young
adults, mastering skills such as reading or writing, concentrating on a task, using
coordination in physical activities, or even relating to their peers may prove
difficult. The Dore Program seeks to assist families in Mississippi and Texas with
identifying, then managing these challenges. Below are some typical signs that
children may be struggling with basic tasks.

While the majority of children are able to learn reading and writing skills with
relative ease in the classroom, there are a number of students who struggle with
words. Signs of these problems may include confusion with sounding out words
on paper or recognizing them without context, difficulty with reading
comprehension, and an inability to retain information.

Encouraging children to do their work is challenging in itself. However, asking a
child with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD, to concentrate opens
up a world of other problems. ADHD creates frustration for children who cannot
seem to focus on a particular activity. Being easily distracted by sights and
sounds, making careless mistakes, or struggling to follow directions are all signs
a child may have ADHD.

Difficulty with coordination creates problems for children both inside the
classroom and on the playground, and can result in a lack of confidence when
participating in organized activities. In addition, a lack of coordination can make
everyday tasks seem daunting.

Any and all of these factors can also result in a lack of social skills. The inability
to express oneself may hinder the ability to create friendships and can ultimately
isolate a child from others.

To learn more about how the Dore Program helps children overcome these
issues and more, visit

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