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Unit-Sponsored Experiential Learning Programs


									                                 Off-Campus Locations

The University does not have branch campuses, although there are multiple additional
instructional sites. Some international sites could be construed as either contractual
arrangements or affiliated providers. In addition, the University participates in an area
and USM consortia.

                        Campus-Wide Study Abroad Programs

Maryland- in-London
The Maryland-in-London program is the University’s oldest study abroad program. The
program offers two types of courses focused on London and Britain that are taught by
University of Maryland adjunct professors. Students also enroll directly at London
Metropolitan University for one to three courses.

The Maryland-in-Nice program is one of the University’s oldest study abroad programs.
Based at the Études Françaises pour l'Étranger (E.F.E.) at the Université de Nice, students
on the program enroll in language, civilization and literature courses at the E.F.E., in
addition to one intensive language training course during orientation and one semester-
long course with Maryland's Resident Faculty Director.

Additional Study Abroad Programs
   • Maryland-in-Australia
   • Maryland-in-Alcalá (Spain)
   • Maryland-in-Sevilla (Spain)
   • Maryland-in-Genoa (Italy)
   • Maryland-in-Leiden (The Netherlands)

                         A. James Clark School of Engineering

   •   The Frostburg State University Collaborative Program offers University of
       Maryland (College Park) degree programs in Mechanical Engineering and
       Electrical Engineering.

   •   The University of Maryland Eastern Shore/Salisbury University
       Collaborative Program offers a University of Maryland (College Park)
       Electrical Engineering degree program.

   At both locations, students take the first two years of the engineering degree program,
   with courses such as mathematics, physics, basic engineering sciences, and the first
   courses in the engineering discipline. These courses are taught on-site by FSU and
   UMES/SU faculty. The junior/senior year courses are a combination of courses
   taught on-site, such as the capstone design course, and courses that are taught via
   interactive video from the College Park campus.

                 School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation

Urban Studies and Planning offers several summer studios overseas. A summer studio
(presently given in St. Petersburg, Russia, and Cape Town, South Africa) satisfies the
Planning Studio requirement. Students spend about one month in the city, working on a
project and learning about the country and about issues associated with urbanization.
They spend the remainder of the summer in College Park, completing a final report.

                      College of Behavioral and Social Sciences

   •   The University of Maryland and Nanjing Normal University of China offer a
       Master's degree in Criminal Justice. The coursework and degree requirements
       for the PMA in China are the same as those on site. Required courses are taught
       by University of Maryland faculty on site in Nanjing over an intensive three week
       period. Elective courses for the program are taught on a regular meeting schedule
       by Law School faculty at Nanjing Normal University.

   •   University of Maryland Field School in Urban Archaeology is a summer
       program of onsite archaeological excavation and research in Annapolis. The six-
       week intensive program devotes eight hours daily to supervised archaeological
       fieldwork, laboratory work, stratigraphic analysis, technical drawing, writing and

   •   The New Philadelphia Program is a cooperative project between the University
       of Maryland, University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign, Illinois State Museum,
       the New Philadelphia Association, and the University of Central Florida. The
       program is conducted in Illinois, sponsored by the National Science Foundation,
       will help enhance undergraduate education in scientific methods and analyses in
       an ongoing long-term project at New Philadelphia.

   •   A joint M.A./J.D. degree is offered in cooperation with the School of Law at
       the Baltimore campus. The Graduate program in Criminology and Criminal
       Justice at the University of Maryland College Park, and the University of
       Maryland School of Law (located in Baltimore) offers a joint program of studies
       leading to a MA/JD degree. Under the terms of this program, a student may earn
       both degrees in four academic years.

                                 College of Education
•   The Master’s program in Special Education in Heidelberg, Germany is
    offered for teachers and professional staff of the Department of Defense
    Dependents Schools. This cohort-based master’s program is the same program as
    offered on campus. Each cohort takes three years to complete and is taught by
    department faculty in five-week course sessions.

•   A cohort master’s program in Human Development in Montgomery County,
    MD Public Schools is offered for pre-certified teachers. Cohorts of Middle
    School teachers committing to a two year and one summer program.

•   A cohort Doctor of Education program is offered on site at McDaniel College
    for teachers in the western part of Maryland.

•   The College of Education provides clinical sites for student teachers,
    counselors, and psychologists throughout area school districts.

                     Philip Merrill College of Journalism

•   The Salzburg (Austria) Academy Program on Media and Global Change is a
    joint program between The International Center for Media and the Public Agenda
    and the University of Maryland’s Philip Merrill College of Journalism. The
    program is a 3-week-long summer session for rising sophomore, junior and senior
    undergraduate students and for graduate students still in course work.

                      Robert H. Smith School of Business

•   The M.S. Program in Tunisia is a proposed strategic collaboration between the
    Smith School and the South Mediterranean University’s Mediterranean School of
    Business (MSB) in Tunisia, offering a MS in Business with a focus in Information
    Systems and Technology.

•   The China Executive MBA (offering locations in both Beijing and Shanghai) is
    a 54-credit program (same at the University of Maryland’s domestic MBA and
    EMBA) that provides China’s current and future business leaders with a unique
    opportunity to learn from the Smith School’s world-class business management
    faculty. Graduates receive an MBA degree from the University of Maryland's
    Robert H. Smith School of Business.

•   Smith-GSBA Global Executive MBA The Smith School and the Graduate
    School of Business Administration Zürich (GSBA) in Switzerland have partnered
    to deliver a global executive MBA (Executive Track) program.
   •   The Part-time MBA Program offers classes on weekday evenings or weekends
       at three locations throughout the Greater Baltimore-Washington DC Area:
       Washington, DC, the Universities at Shady Grove, and Baltimore. The academic
       content of the part-time and full-time programs are essentially identical. The
       programs have the same number of credits, the same core courses, and identical
       course listings for core and elective courses.

                                School of Public Policy

   •   The Executive Master of Public Management Program is for working
       professionals with five years of public management and policy-related experience.
       Students attend evening classes which are held twice a week at the facilities of the
       Council for Excellence in Government in Washington, D.C.

   •   Courses at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency headquarters and at
       the offices of the Council for Excellence in Government, both located in
       downtown Washington, D.C. can be taken by students in the regular degree

   •   The Office of Executive Programs offers courses for credit at the U.S. Central
       Intelligence Agency (as part of an MBA program offered by the University of
       Baltimore’s Merrick School of Business), the Council for Excellence in
       Government, and the U.S. Department of Housing and Community Development.

   •   The Cooperative Ph.D. program between the Joint Military Intelligence College
       (JMIC) and the Center for International Security Studies at the UM School of
       Public Policy offers course both at JMIC and onsite. Students in the program will
       be US Government civilian or military service intelligence officers.


The campus participates in intercampus registration consortia, the Consortium of
Universities with Washington DC area universities, as well as with other University
System of Maryland institutions ( This consortium
enable students to take a limited number of courses towards their degrees that not
available at their home institutions, at area universities. According to the consortium
agreement, students pay the home university tuition. The University System of Maryland
also has a policy that facilitates inter-institutional registration

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