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					Earn money from writing articles
You can earn money with writing articles, that is easy way to earn money but you
must have a skills for that,
I will explain little bit skills must be in you to start earning money online and you can
find other skills must be .
Skils for writing articles
First skill: ability
You must have ability to write article, that is mean you must know how to write
article and you like writing.

Second skill: subject
You must decide in which subject you will write because you must write in a subject
you know it and understand it to have good article to get more traffics.

After your skills then you will go to have an account in website offer publishing
articles then you will register in that website then you will start write and publish in
your account.
After that you will write articles, you must know every article have a price not all the
same price. So you must think in which subject you will write to earn money.

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