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Concrete learning processes and practices


									Research Results for P4
  Prepared by Nikolay Filinov, Alexander
Settles, Nadezda Bek and Nina Vladimirova
of the Department of General and Strategic
   Management, Faculty of Management,
            SU-HSE, Moscow
     4.1 The Evaluation of
   Perceptions of Finnish and
Russian Managers Regarding the
 Organization Learning Potential
         of Their Firms

     Professor Alexander Settles
           Research Question
• Business Culture as a Variable to Determine
  whether a Learning Organization will be
  – Is there significant variation in the shaping of learning
    organizations based on the country business culture?
  – Will the firm’s supportive learning environment vary
    with country location?
  – Will there be variation in the development of a
    concrete learning environment based on country
  – Will be a significant variation in the management
    support and leadership in creation of learning
    environment based on country of operations?
What is a Learning Organization
• Psychological safety to implement these
• Allow for the appreciation of differences
• Openness to new ideas
Hofstede's Cultural Estimates for
      Finland and Russia
           PDI   IDV   MAS   UAI

Finland    33    63    26    59
Russia     93    39    36    95
US         40    91    62    46
World      55    43    50    64
     Survey Concerning Learning
     Organization - Building Blocks
• Survey components
1. A supportive learning environment
2. Concrete learning processes and
3. Leadership that reinforces learning
A Supportive Learning Environment
•   Psychological safety
•   Appreciation of differences
•   Openness to new ideas
•   Time for reflection
          Time for Reflection
• People in this unit are overly stressed.
• Despite the workload, people in this unit
  find time to review how the work is going.
• In this unit, schedule pressure gets in the
  way of doing a good job.
• In this unit, people are too busy to invest
  time in improvement.
• There is simply no time for reflection in this
   Concrete learning processes
          and practices
• Learning processes involve the generation,
  collection, interpretation, and dissemination of
• Knowledge must be shared in systematic and
  clearly defined ways
   – Knowledge sharing can take place among individuals,
     groups, or whole organizations
   – Knowledge can move laterally or vertically within a
   – Knowledge sharing can be externally oriented
           Information Collection
• This unit systematically collects information on:
   –   Competitors
   –   Customers
   –   Economic and social trends
   –   Technological trends
• This unit frequently compares its performance
   –   Competitors
   –   Customers
   –   Competitors
   –   Best-in-class organizations
• This unit engages in productive conflict and
  debate during discussions.
• This unit seeks out dissenting views during
• This unit never revisits well-established
  perspectives during discussions.
• In this unit, we frequently identify and discuss
  underlying assumptions that might affect key
• This unit never pays attention to different views
  during discussions.
             Leadership Score
• My manager(s) invite(s) input from others in discussions.
• My manager(s) acknowledge(s) his/her own limitations
  with respect to knowledge, information, or expertise.
• My manager(s) ask(s) probing questions.
• My manager(s) listen(s) attentively.
• My manager(s) encourage(s) multiple points of view.
• My manager(s) establish(es) forums for and provide(s)
  time and resources for identifying problems and
  organizational challenges.
• My manager(s) establish(es) forums for and provide(s)
  time and resources for reflecting and improving on past
• My manager(s) criticize(s) views different from his/her
                             Psychological Safety

         Leadership              90
                                                    Appreciation of Differences


                                                               Openness to New Ideas
Information                      50

                                                            Time for Reflection
    Education                                                                 Finland
    Training                                                                  Russia

                      Analysis              Information Collection
• Russian respondents rated the Appreciation of
  Differences on average more than 8 points
  higher than Finnish respondents
• Firm practice of Education and Training Finnish
  respondents rated their firms nearly 14 points
  higher on their practices.
• In Russian business culture leadership is crucial
  for all decisions including creating a learning
Leadership that reinforces learning
• Organizational learning is strongly
  influenced by the behavior of leaders
• If leaders signal the importance of
  spending time on problem identification,
  knowledge transfer, and reflective post-
  audits, these activities are likely to flourish
• Employees feel emboldened to offer new
  ideas and options
Leadership that reinforces learning

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