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					                            Making Money with Myspace

I. Overview

Unless you've been living under a rock these past few years, you know all about the

internet sensation that is Myspace. With its millions of users, Myspace represents not

only the largest social networking site, but also an incredible money making opportunity.

In this report, I will outline various ways to make money on Myspace.

II. What is Needed?

To be successful in these various methods, you'll need a few basic things.

A. The first thing you'll need is a way to add lots of friends to your Myspace

account. This can be done easily by purchasing an adder program. The two most

popular programs are Adder Robot and Badder Adder. Adder Robot is cheaper,
but lacks the useful account chaining feature that Badder Adder has. Why does

this matter to you? It basically means, if you plan to have a few accounts go with

Adder Robot, but if you're going to have 10+ accounts go with Badder Adder.

B. The second thing you'll need is good old hard work. While making money on

Myspace is simple, it still requires you to put in the man-hours to make yourself


C. The last thing you'll need is a few Myspace accounts. I'd recommend you make

these right away, as you'll want to let them site idle for a few days/weeks before

you start adding friends en masse.

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III. The Basics

A. Accounts - Your Myspace accounts will be one of, if not the most important

aspect of making money on Myspace. When creating an account, it is best to take

the time to make a profile that looks as if it is a real person. Make your pictures

look natural, fill out lots of info about yourself, in short, make it look like an

average Myspace user's profile.

B. Adding Friends - Now that you have your Myspace adder program and

accounts, it's time to start adding friends. It's best to slowly build up the amount

you add each day. My method is to let the account sit untouched for two weeks,

then the first week add 50 friends per day, the second week 150, and the third and

every other week I add ~300 per day, although I never go above 300. It is
important to remember that Myspace limits the number of actions (comments,

friend requests, etc.) you do each day.

C. Sending Bulletins - As with accounts, when you send a bulletin you want it to

look natural and not like an advertisement. Don't sound stuck-up, make it seem

like you're recommending a service you enjoy to a friend, not advertising to them.

D. Other Promotion Methods - Bulletins are not the be all and end all of Myspace

advertising. Another great way to advertise is to leave comments on other users

page with a link back to the site you are promoting, or to inform them about a new

product you're selling. You can also write a blog about your site/product, more

people read these than you would expect. For example, if you have a MSRS site,

update the blog when you add new layouts. People will read this and become

interested, which gives your site more traffic.
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Now, on to the important things, actually making money.

IV. The Myspace Resource Site (MSRS)

A. Overview - Despite the fact that there are hundreds, if not thousands of MSRS,

there is still a great opportunity to make money. Below I will outline the steps to

creating your own MSRS.

B. Scripts - There are numerous scripts for making a MSRS. The prices range

anywhere from free to $300, and, as with anything, you get what you pay for. The

$300 price tag may be hard to handle at first, but in the long run it will do better

than a free script. Below is a list of some popular scripts:

C. Domain - When choosing a domain for a MSRS, I believe it's more important to

get a nice brandable domain rather than a domain stuffed with keywords. This is

important because you want people to remember your URL and return to your site

at a later date.

D. Accounts - While not a necessary part of a MSRS, having some accounts can

help you get the traffic started. Just send out some non-spammy bulletins to your

friends and you can get a nice traffic boost. An alternative method is to buy some
bulletins on a forum like Digital Point.

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E. Traffic - While traffic from bulletins and profiles is nice to have, what will truly

make your site is good, targeted traffic from search engines. Make sure you add

lots of layouts and tools to your site, as these can help you pick up some nice long

searches, ie. "Terrell Owens Myspace Layout" or "Red Supercar Myspace

Layout". This brings me to my next point...

F. SEO - It is important that you do basic SEO (ie. Unique titles, H1 tags, etc.) on

each of your layout pages. Make sure to get the name/category of the layout in the

title. While this is very time consuming, it will help you get a good position in the

SERPs and bring in lots of targeted traffic.
G. Monetizing - The most effective way of monetizing a MSRS is using a program

like Adsense or YPN. However, be creative here, if you find a product that your

visitors love you can make some major money. A good, but overused, example of

this is ringtones.

V. Bulletin Selling

A. Overview - This is by far the easiest and most simple method of monetizing

Myspace. It won't make you big bucks, but it can pay for a daily meal out while

taking very little effort. Its not complicated, you simply sell bulletins on your

accounts you've started (using the methods outline above.)

B. Pricing - Pricing depends on how you run your bulletins. If you sell quality
bulletins, ie, you only post 2-3 bulletins per day, you can get around $1 per 3,000

friends. If you spam bulletins (which I don't recommend), you can get about $1

per 8,000 friends. Don't view these as set prices, they are just what I have

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witnessed during my time selling bulletins.

VI. The Entertainment Site

A. Overview - This is a lot like the MSRS, however, here we will be providing a

mainstream site or product that the average Myspace user will enjoy.

Examples of this are video sites, joke sites, ringtones, etc. You'll want to

follow the exact same steps outline for the MSRS site, however, in this case

you won't be relying on search engine traffic (although getting good SERPs

certainly wont hurt you), instead you will rely on traffic from your profile or

B. Affiliates - Some good affiliates for this type of method are Azoogle Ads for

ringtones, and Adsense and YPN for placing on video/joke sites. Another

possibility is, if you have no moral qualms about it, Zangocash. Zangocash

requires users to download a plugin in order to watch movies. You get $.45

per install. The benefit of this is that they host the videos, so you can save a

lot of bandwidth.

VII. Sell a Product or Affiliate Product

A. Overview - This method involves creating a product (ie. ebook) or signing up

as an affiliate to a product. You will then promote this product using

B. Niche - It is important to choose a niche for this type of monetization. A good

way is to look through the various Myspace groups. Try to find one where

people are dedicated to their hobby. This means they will be more likely to

spend money. Also ask yourself, "Can I provide a service that people in this

niche need/will use?". If the answer is yes, you may have found yourself a

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good niche.

C. Adding Friends - The simplest way to add friends is to find a group that

focuses on your target niche. Go through the group and add as many friends as

possible (never going above 300 per day of course).

D. Accounts - When marketing to a niche, your accounts need to take on a much
more personal feel. Login daily to your accounts and actually converse with

your friends. Talk with them about your niche and make your profile reflect

your interest in that niche.

E. Don't Spam - It is important not to spam with this method, never post

multiple bulletins without waiting at least one day in between. Try to send

personal comments and messages that look like you're recommending your

friend try out this product.

F. The Sell - If you chose an affiliate product, this part is quite easy. Just link

them to the affiliate page, and let the website handle everything for you. If you

wrote your own product, you have a few options open to you. One option is, if

you have the necessary skills, to create your own site selling your product.
Another option is to create an Ebay auction (works best if you're selling an ebook).

VIII. Conclusion

Marketing on Myspace offers many opportunities for making money. This report only

outlines a few of them. The greatest catalyst to success is finding a new idea that

Myspace users will love and tell their friends about.

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