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									Protect Your Company with SCS
 Employee Practice Insurance
                        by Anthony Charles

A business with only a few employees is still at risk of being sued by one of those workers.

The SCS Agency with Anthony Charles offers comprehensive insurance aimed at covering a
business from employee-driven legal complaints.

Charges of discrimination are on the rise in the workplace. Such complaints can be over sex,
handicap, age, race or a great number of other issues. SCS Insurance from Anthony Charles
can protect a business from the cost associated with defending these cases.

“You need to protect yourself and protect your business,” Mr. Charles said. “SCS Insurance
from Anthony Charles provides the peace of mind that allows you to sleep at night without
worrying what your employees may be trying to do to you.”

The Employment Practices Liability Endorsement from the SCS Agency with Anthony
Charles covers seven different federal anti-discrimination laws with state and local laws.
Each policy has a supplemental and deductible limit which the policy holder must choose.

“The SCS Agency with Anthony Charles will work closely with you to make sure you have
the right amount of coverage and the right out-of-pocket expense in event of a claim,” Mr.
Charles said. “It’s our business to make sure you are protected.”

This kind of policy does have a settlement clause. If the insurance offers to settle and the
policy holder rejects the decision, the SCS Anthony W Charles insurance only pays off the
amount offered.

For more information about SCS Anthony W Charles employee liability insurance, call 516-
466-6007 to speak with one of the agents.

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